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Valuing Labor Day: The Purpose of Rest

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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August 31, 2022 5:30 am

Valuing Labor Day: The Purpose of Rest

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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August 31, 2022 5:30 am

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston celebrate Labor Day and discuss what the Bible says about work and rest. 

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David Chadwick welcome to this week's cash with my friend Jim Houston, Jen, I hope you're doing well. I'm doing very well, thank you for having me David. It's wonderful to share this time with you 15 or so minutes of us looking at either the end times.

The signs of the time and next week we will have a hope Regarding the issue of famine, which is something Jesus mentioned as one of the signs of the time before he returns in frequency and intensity like a woman giving birth to a child.

We need to look at the small tea tribulations like famine and that's going on in our world today. Again, that's next week's hope cast but today in a pre-labor date moment I thought it would be important to do a hope cast on the importance of rest.

I think it's an often overlooked subject in our world and you know God created the world in six days. But on that seventh day he looked at all of his created order, and he declared good, but he took a day off something called Shabbat or the Sabbath. It is a holy day.

The word holy in the Bible means different. It's a different kind of day. And as the first six days are for labor and God values laborer you see in Genesis 1 into the God put Adam and Eve in the garden and he said, first of all I want you to do some mental labor. I want you to name all of the animals.

But secondly, I want you to do some manual labor to dress till and keep the land so God in his original intent in creation a valued work and be valued, manual and mental work both important in his sight, but he also knew that were not machines and that we need rest, so he took a Sabbath day. Not because he needed no God neither slumbers nor sleeps, but he knew we needed and a phrase that I've often used that people laugh at now because I used it so often, but it's so true. If you don't come apart you'll come apart again if you don't come apart you'll come apart in another phrase actually uses well the people laugh at, but says the same thing if you burn the candle at both ends. You're not as bright as you think you will both suggests the same truth that the work is valuable and work is a good thing. They were not supposed to find our identity in our work but also our bodies have limits and we need at least one day a week that's a different kind of day that we can go rest, relax, sleep, it's a day of worship coming together with other people in faith and having our hearts renewed and just spending time doing other things than simply work now my job is on Sunday I have to work hard on Sunday so Marilyn and I take Friday but that is our Shabbat. It is our Sabbath and interestingly, as God gave the command for the Sabbath, even in the Big Ten.

It's one of the Big Ten honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. As you see it interpreted in the New Testament there is a bit of flexibility there that Jesus gives like you can do acts of mercy and kindness on the Sabbath, but I think he also realizes there are some people like me and others who have to work on the actual Sabbath day so you can choose another day to take your break girl and I do that on Friday.

It is a special day set apart for us to get together, have a cuppa coffee. We prayed together we talk together. I asked her how is your heart. She asked me how your heart. We then have that special spiritual time together and then we just rest. The rest of the day and have that time together is so the importance of working hard but resting hard is obvious in God's plan and the whole idea of Labor Day has both of those built in Labor Day was formed by our government to honor the value of work. It is an important day to look at the value of work in Proverbs 6, for example, the writer of that book Solomon in all of his wisdom says to people hey look at the ant you humans look at the ant and look how hard the ant works and how the ant works with other ants to supply their every need.

In community you should be as smart as the ants. In fact, Solomon says don't be a sluggard I love that word sluggard you know, in the Catholic tradition.

There are seven deadly sins that are listed and they are powerful they are the root of so many of our problems, but people often fail to realize one of those is sloth or slothfulness which means laziness and and Paul said actually if you don't work you will not eat so the importance of hard work in order to supply food for yourself and again we get off into the government giving stimulus money to people not to work in America today is only going to invite more inflation and more disaster Jen. We talked a little bit about how in the fall of the Roman Empire. One of the reasons it fell was because it began to give the free circus to its people that they could now no longer have to work and receive money from the government. That was one of the reasons Rome fell, overseeing it here today but Colligan said if you don't work you don't eat hungers a great motivator for people to work again back to Solomon hey humans look at the ant you who are sluggard's especially they are a great example of the importance of hard work in our lives.

But again, that hard work needs to be balanced with times of rest. One day off every single week.

I Shabbat a time simply to be renewed. You know I love this conversation so much because there's I have so many questions for you as that at pastor and theologian, you know, because it talks and he reads about sister arriving to enter wrath and I wondered if he could talk about how do you strive to enter racks. Well, that's the spiritual part of the Sabbath that through Jesus and the cross of Calvary, and his resurrection. We no longer find our identity in what we do we find our identity and what's been done for us now our minds think in terms my worth is found in my work that my identity is found in what I do when you come to faith in Jesus.

There's a spiritual renewal of your heart and you realize that your identity is found solely in Jesus and Jesus alone is solely in his completed work on the cross of Calvary, and therefore we need to make every effort and it's hard Jen. It really is hard.

We need to work hard to find our identity in Jesus and not in our job, our identity in Jesus and not in what we do any other place. And when we do so when we work hard to make sure that that faith perspective is alive in our hearts. Then the Sabbath becomes everyday of our lives spiritually because we know our identity is in Jesus alone, and therefore we have rest from work. Finding ourselves in God's eyes, and that is indeed freedom.

Remember Galatians 5 what it is for freedom that Christ came to set us free. That we are loved in the beloved. Here's the example I have three children I love them dearly.

All three at one point had my name Chadwick.

My daughter has now changed her name to Carson but they all three know that there are loved by me simply because they're my children. There's nothing they can ever do to earn my love and that's the same with God the father in heaven through Jesus were now adopted children into his family and were loved not by anything we can do, which is because were children in his family. Now think of the freedom that causes my children can do anything even bad stuff. It's never going to keep me from loving them because they're my children that is the freedom of faith that is given to us in Jesus. And when we realize that we make every effort to enter into that faith so that we can rest and enjoy every single day to the full every single day is the Sabbath every single day's a day of rest because our identity is in Jesus and what he's done for us, not what we try to do for him to earn his favor. Thank you so much for delineating and it only has nixie. Think of your work as well. I get to do this work now and it's all done to the Lord because I'm harboring Sabbath rest continually. Here's the way I put it. We don't work for Jesus approval. We work from Jesus approve there's a huge demand between the two. You know, I know Jesus loves me love me no matter what the cross proves it and so I do good works because I'm so thankful for what he's done for me. But the good works.

Don't try to earn the his favor earn my identity in him. There's a huge difference as well.

So what we've been talking about as we lead up to Labor Day weekend.

Jen is first of all, the value of a Shabbat. The value of a Sabbath day.

The importance of taking a day off. I would add to that in the Jewish understanding the fees and the festivals you take your vacation times as well and enjoy the American holidays as well like this Labor Day weekend, but spiritually you make every effort to inner into the rest of faith with Jesus.

And when you combine those two you can really enjoy life to the full.

You should sleep as long as you need to allow your body to repair it self, get a little older you might need a little more sleep and rest becomes something that's value physically but is also valuable spiritually as well.

I love that satellites would you mind before we land. This conversation just talking a little bit about how God will move this into creation, and all of creation humans, animals and land wants everything to be able to experience wrath. Yeah it's very interesting in the Bible. For example, take the illustration of the land that God commanded the Israelites every seven years to give the land a whole year's rest, and he knew that the land needed to be replenished after six full years of sowing and reaping, and when they went into the promised land. That was a command from the holiness law and the Jews never did that I can really tell.

So we look at the length of time that they did not give the land rest.

It was basically 490 years and if you take the 1/7 years that they did not give the land rest. That's 70 years that's how long they were in the Babylonian captivity is like God said okay you guys you like and obey what I tell you do your going to timeout taking you to Babylon. And if you will give my land rest I'm going to give it rest, so it's just built into nature. We talked about seed time and harvest. There's a time when seeds are planted.

There's a time when plants are then brought in the harvest and is just all a part of God's oversight of his world and how when we operate within the flow of his world doing rest well also working well, we can enjoy life to the full. This is such a great encouragement for all of us today dated as we head into this Labor Day weekend. It reminds me, isn't there a story about Chick-fil-A Annette 96 Olympics. Yes there is Jen and one interesting illustration to his in 1996 at the Summer Olympics truant.

Kathy, the president of Chick-fil-A was told that he should keep his stores open on Sundays, the Sabbath, because he could earn so much more money they actually calculated the millions of dollars that he would earn should Kathy refused to do so he would not open up Chick-fil-A what interestingly happen is on the other six days that he sold Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

His profit was two times more than anyone had ever anticipated. It was like God said, like the Israelites, gathering up the manna don't do it on the seventh thing get enough on the day before. I'll supply your every need. When you're not working I am working for Truett Cathy and Chick-fil-A when he wasn't working.

God worked for him and gave him even more profit because he chose to rest in faith believing God would supply that is amazing. I'm glad you touched on sleep today because that is an area of attack that I've experienced personally that God is never sleeping and so we can rest. We can give ourselves permission to just check out and let our bodies restore themselves as God planned and it's beautiful when you look at what God does when you enter into that REM sleep hey folks, be careful with those devices, which put a blue glow out from them on your TVs on your phones or your iPads, whatever they do affect REM sleep, especially if you're watching a lot right before you try to go to bed if you're not sleeping well, look at that as a potential problem and when you sleep.

God is indeed not just restoring your body. He's restoring your soul sleep is important, and I'll mention it one more time.

When you are less than 60 you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

When you pass 60 you probably need 8 to 9 hours of sleep because your body gets a little more in need of restorative powers so sleep is beautiful. It too is a part of rest that we should acknowledge this Labor Day weekend. Thank you so Matt stated is also insightful will thank you Jen and thank you listeners. I hope you're all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend you're enjoying family you're enjoying food you're enjoying the start of the football season and I hope mostly you're enjoying just simply your relationship with God through Jesus has died on the cross to set you free from your sin, so that rest

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