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What's Going On: A Prophecy Update

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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July 20, 2022 12:43 pm

What's Going On: A Prophecy Update

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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July 20, 2022 12:43 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss developements in the middle east that seem to demonstrate the fullfiling of Biblical prophecies. 

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Welcome to this week's cast is great to have all of you listening today along with my friend Jim Houston joins me for these overcast Jim.

I always appreciate your presence and your input as we engage our listeners. Always an honor to joining the anti-Semites I wanted to give another prophecy date if you will, as we live in times that seemingly are uncertain and were not sure exactly all that's going on. I thought a few insights that I have been able to glean from the news might be help for our listeners as we engage ourselves in constantly asking the question, Lord, when are you coming back. Is it soon and am I ready for the first place that I would go today is interestingly the collapse of the Israeli government on July 22 in just a few days. There's going to be a re-gathering of all of the Israeli parliamentary parties to try and determine where they go from here.

With the collapse of the previous government in Israel. We don't know where that may go, we don't know if Angela Netanyahu might recapture the leadership of that nation. We do know that it's in chaos and we need to simply make that a marker point in our lives. It is the fourth time in five years that Israel has had a new parliamentary election. It's just something to note as we realize that Israel this super piece of prophecy placing that we need to constantly watch is occurring right now on this is fascinating. I had honestly taken a break from the knees and so I am eager to learn what we need to look at Israel again.

It's the super sign biblically above all other prophetic signs.

The fact Israel exists since May 14, 1948 for our generation is the super sign that we have in biblical prophecy that no previous generation had so it's not to be overly alarmist. As we look at Israel. It is to be aware of what's happening with Israel. As we look at it now, here are some of the things we need to know about Israel that the Bible teaches us regarding it being a super sign. First of all we know from Ezekiel 38 that Israel is going to dwell in peace and security. Before Jesus comes back and as we look at Israel today, we see that it is in a place of peace and security unlike any other nation surrounding it.

It has nuclear capabilities. That's why Iran it's mortal enemy wants nuclear power and nuclear bombing capabilities to keep up with Israel. But right now Israel is the one nation in the mid East that a is a democracy and be has nuclear weaponry that allows it to dwell right now in peace and security. Again, biblically, prophetically, Israel must exist in that way before Jesus comes back again.

Secondly, we see that it must be economically prosperous if you look at Israel today. You know that it's inflation rate is around 4%, as opposed, for example, the United States, which is 9.1%. It basically has no unemployment whatsoever. It has great prosperity with all of its export and import industries and what's also fascinating. There's been a huge oil reserve that's been discovered in the eastern part of Israel, along with a huge gas reserve that exists along the coast of the Mediterranean ocean, Israel has actually made arrangements with the European Union to supply oil and gas to them that they had previously gotten from Russia. That's just another sign that exist within the super sign of Israel that the Bible says must occur, it must be economically prosperous. Thirdly, it's going to be hated by all the nations on the earth and we see a rapid rise of anti-Semitism occurring all over the world, the United Nations brought together by Woodrow Wilson and others in 1918, had as its purpose the elimination of hatred among the nations, but were seeing even in the UN today.

The exacerbation and enlargement of anti-Semitism hatred against Israel were even noting some of that in America as well.

We would think that's impossible, after the Holocaust, but Israel has been the most hated nation on the face of the earth since day one. It's been the most persecuted people on the face of the earth since day one sourcing that rise occur which the Bible says must happen before Jesus returns, but also it fourthly must be vulnerable to an attack from a powerful nation from the north. Again, in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Prophecy and that is increasing as we see pollutants, hatred of different nations surrounding him him going southward.

Just this week meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey.

Two of the nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38 in specificity that will come alongside this great nation from the north that one day will invade Israel engine it's been fascinating to hear different stories like how Mossad has taken out some of different Uranian people who have planned and plotted the assassination of different Israeli leaders that's occurred just within the last couple of weeks and also how there have been bombings on the Syrian border of different places that the Jews have considered to be needed as a preemptive strike where Russian armaments have gathered for a potential invasion one day so we see these four signs that the Bible says that must exist in Israel before the coming of Jesus. Now all existing and proliferating in importance as our days pass by well I know you said before that there have been these prophetic pauses in the fulfillment of the prophecies that we are kind of in notion a few well right now because of all of these things taking place, and most importantly, like he said that the founding of the nation in 1948.

That's the super sign and the were not supposed to predict the day or the hour is you and I talked so many times were not supposed to do that.

That is clearly taught by Jesus, but we are supposed to read the signs of the time in Jesus said, look at how all goes to winter winter to spring, spring to summer, we look at the seasons and how they flow in and out with one another. So look at the seasons of this time look at what's going on around you, and we must as people who take the Bible seriously. At least, note these signs within the super sign of Israel that the Bible says must happen before Jesus comes back because more than anything we want to be ready when he returns. Now let's use that as a springboard to look at what's going on in America today. I found an interesting insight this week. I've never known before the word auto Mobile comes from the two words auto and mobile, that the whole idea with the invention of the automobile given to people is that they would be mobile and be autonomous to choose where they wanted to go whenever they wanted to go someplace. Now people have asked me about the one world order, the world economic forum in Dallos Switzerland a couple of months ago and how we should look at that through the lenses of biblical prophecy. I think we need to note it.

It is interesting that the world leaders so to speak are coming together with how they think the world needs to come together with a one world government with a one world economy. All of those different ideas and then we think about the invention of the automobile, which was as its intention to allow every individual mobility wherever they wanted to go whenever they wanted to go someplace the world economic forum and what will come about in the final days before Jesus return with the antichrist will be a control over everyone will as you look at how gas prices have spiked. Now they come down a little bit over the last couple of weeks as crazily.

Pres. Biden has taken some of our oil reserves and given them to the different oil companies but also continues to send different oil reserves to Russia and the war in Ukraine and other things like that just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It seems to me that the whole idea behind the gasoline spike and what Biden himself has said. For example, were just going to have to go through some pain to get to where we need to be well. It is a green issue where the purpose is to make us less oil dependent. Get rid of cars so that we can buy electric cars which are terribly expensive which people will not be able to buy and what is defeated in all of this is the ability for most all people to own an auto Mobile where they are.

Auto self able to be mobile go wherever they want to go and not have a government that oversees them that demands they be where they want them to be whatever they want them to be in a place bottom line is what I see is as the ultimate desire of what's going on in our culture with the bringing in of different positions critical theories placements in all of the different ideas that are being brought forth. It seems to me like the issue is control. It is an issue of deconstructing our American culture so that the elites in the one world global order can control what's going on in our lives. So I would invite all of us to realize that that is at the heart of what's going on a lot in our culture is not letting us have the ability to control our own lives. We don't have the government send us you got to get this shot. You gotta wear that mask you can't go to that place.

We want our freedoms because we think they're so important and that is the warfare that is happening in America today.

As we look at what's happening globally, especially through the lenses of prophecy. Wow, this is also fascinating. One comment I'd like to make about these electric cars and all of this gas, and oil and such. As I heard somebody saying it may have been Charlie Kirk. He was a loud conservative voice and has sagging entities. These electric cars are not environmentally friendly at all. They actually get their juice and power from essentially if you trace out oil reserves is what's powering things that are powering the car sent this morning the battery is is that due to the environment as well. And when you talk about solar energy. For example, if you had the panels necessary to give all the energy that is needed for the northeastern part of the United States that would take up practically the whole state worth of solar panels. How does that work itself out, especially in states where there are cities and homes and people who know that they can't have solar panels that are in excess right next to them ad infinitum and what you do and they break Ellen out. I mean discard and I say it.

It is just seems like so much of this is an attempt for government to control large amounts of economy and be able to tell us what they want us to do. It just feels like it is an Orwellian kind of experience we are to trust big brother who knows better in the elitist world to tell us what to do and and we sit back and go well. Interestingly, the automobile is for us to have our freedom.

That was the whole idea behind the invention and now are having gas prices spike and other things happen which want to take away that freedom from us. It just looks like it is a deconstruction of our present understanding of how life should be lived. Then, if you deconstruct something you got to reconstruct something and that is the reconstruction of a supposed utopia that the government ushers in but if you look for example at South America. That is the place that we need to look more than any other place. If you look at South America. You see nation after nation becoming more and more socialist. Even most recently the nation of Columbia which was rather prosperous, but what brought it in young people thinking there are injustices in the world and government needs to control those injustices so we give the government the right to do so, but what ultimately occurs when the government comes in and controls everything is Venezuela and other nations in the South American rim. For example, that ultimately fall into huge and gross inflation, poverty, increasing and paying being like it's never been before.

It's just not the answer and we need to realize that whenever we give up a liberty whenever we give up a freedom, especially the government government will never give it back.

They will never give it back.

It is with in their whole nature to keep and control, but to destroy our freedoms. You must deconstruct what we already have in America.

In our priorities and reconstruct a control which I think invites into reality the whole world economic forum of a one world government and a one world economy which controls everything. How by the elitist of the world of the ultimate elite of the elite will be the antichrist who will convince the world that he knows best and will give him total and complete control. My prayer is that the rapture is true and the Christians are taken out, but if not we will be given God's grace and courage to be able to face that even in this world before Jesus does return, but look at the signs they are there, and as a nation, may I conclude with this gym today and our hope cast we need to engage culture. We need to realize the true battle is the spiritual world were not warring against flesh and blood, the powers and principalities of the darkness. Develop your relationship with Jesus practice the power of prayer.

Engage the culture and don't fear speak the truth but speak the truth in love. Love conquers everything.

Maybe I should put it this way simply be the church be the powerful church of Jesus filled with the spirit of God having miracles be a regular part of your life. Having strong families were divorced just doesn't happen and continuing to say we will not bend our need to the gods of this world, we will not bend our needs.

To the gods of this culture, we have one God and he's truly God and still believe that in the movement of the spirit God will draw people onto himself and one other challenge I would like to add is getting the word of God.

He said all of these things will take place, and I always find comfort in him saying this is going to happen and so we come into alignment and agreement even in our prayers along those lines, like he said this is happening I can have peace. In the next and that and I would add one more thing to Jim and engage politically as you see drag queens doing a story hour with kids, which is absolutely godless.

It's a grooming of our children as you see, politically correct stuff being taught your kids in school object loudly get involved vote. Don't be passive because your passivity will invite that control from a power outside yourself to take away your liberties and again once you lose them they'll never be given back to you again. Jim, thanks for being with me today.

Thanks for having and thank you all for listening to this hope cast will have another one next week or I deal with the question of the mystery of suffering and what is God trying to accomplish by David Chadwick with Jim Houston

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