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Q & A with David: What Happens to Our Prayers?

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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June 29, 2022 6:00 am

Q & A with David: What Happens to Our Prayers?

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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June 29, 2022 6:00 am

On this week's Hopecast, David Chadwick answers your questions about prayer with the help of Jenn Houston. 

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One. I'm David Chadwick and welcome to this week's WITH my friend Jean Houston, Jim, thank you again for joining me all these hope cats every week. Thank you so much for having me David this week Jen, it's your time to shine. We have offered listeners and we continue to do so. A chance to ask us questions and if you would like to do so, please go to moments of hope church.Oregon you can go to info there and send us a question will be more than happy to try to answer it, or if you know Jim personally. You can let her know your question and I'll try to answer it as best I can. So today's coat cast is devoted to some questions Jen that listeners have actually ask you about. Yes, it's very trail and our first line I have the honor and privilege of sharing a question from my own sign. He would love to have you answer this question as pastor. What happens to our prayers. When we pray, while every prayer is heard by the father in heaven just like every child's request to an earthly dad is heard by him. The point is, though, what does God do with those prayers and Jim. We talked about it so often on our own program. We believe that there are three ways God answers prayers. He first of all can say yes and that's the immediate answer to a request and we all go wow that was wonderful. We get excited when that happens as we should.

Secondly, God says wait and sometimes he does not give us what we want when we wanted any forces us to wait during that waiting time. He does some of his most extraordinary face development as we can't see the answer, but we still cling to the request to believe that God's going to honor that. But thirdly, we believe that God says not know.

I don't believe God says no to any prayer. I think you says I got a better plan. And that's when we trust him with the request. It might not happen the way we wanted to. Or when we wanted to, God still knows what's best for us and answers in a way that's best for his glory and our good, so my answer to: would be what we just said that God hears every prayer just like a loving earthly parent. Here's our request but just remember he answers in three ways. Yes, immediately we get the answer wait we gotta wait upon the Lord, or third, I got a better plan. But here's every single prayer we just got to be ready to allow him to answer as he wills in his sovereign plan that is such a great answer and I can't wait for him to listen to this and I know that we've also talked about God collects our tears.

He collects our prayers and we talk just a moment just about this visual and this experience with now as well. Yeah, the book of Revelation says that the prayers of the saints are like incense rising to heaven and when you think about that. First of all it implies that every prayer goes to heaven. God hears them, but also every prayer has a beautiful smell to God because God knows what's going on in our hearts, in accordance with the Psalms he captures every one of our tears in a bottle. Again, the prayers of the saints are all heard by him and captured by him and have a sweet smelling aroma. To him because he knows our heart, he knows what's going on. He also knows what's best so we can rest assured that our prayers are good there heard by God.

He loves it when we come to him. We just need to be willing to submit like any good child does to a loving daddy here on earth. Thank you so much David, our second question has to do with family and were coming from Mother's Day and rice recently Father's Day and so I felt like this is an appropriate question for now it is how do we honor our father and mother in the midst of trials were paying the cost. Wow, it's a tough one because it's a clear commandment in one of the Big Ten.

Honor your mother and your father. People ask me as they have. You obviously Jen. What happens though with my mom and dad were very good and in fact they were evil or abusive. In some ways and you know the command is still the command so we are called to honor them.

How do you honor a bad dad or mom, and I think it is by refusing to speak ill of them as we are commanded to do about anybody and everybody were not supposed to ever slander or gossip I think. Secondly, we are to put them in the position of our mom and dad and God did that allowed that to happen so we wouldn't be in this world if it wasn't for that dad or that mom so that's a way of honoring them as well. Though Jen I think Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies to bless those who persecute us. Lime asked all the time by people who say how can I ask for a blessing for somebody who really deeply hurt me. I mean when I be asking for blessing for them then to go hurt somebody else in the answer is no, you best. Bless somebody when you give them to God and you say Lord you know what a blessing would look like for this person. You know what would be best for them. I refuse bitterness. I refuse to harbor hatred I give them to you. I ask you to bless them you to take care of them in the way you need to do so I am turning them over to you. If vengeance is needed. Lord, I'm going to let you do that. Vengeance Romans 1219. Not me because I don't do vengeance well I'll do vengeance to their complete and utter destruction, and that might not be your will.

Lord, you might want to save them and allow us when they do have a beautiful relationship as mom and dad. So I turned them over to you I give them to you. And I think that is honoring your mother and father. Your refusing slander your refusing gossip your refusing bitterness and you're turning them over to God's and God. You bless them take care of them you're praying for your persecutors. You know what's best.

Lord I don't and I give them to you.

And I said that it makes me think of that old phrase. If you don't have anything nice to say parents have taught all of their kids through the years.

As you will know yeah that is really insightful thinking Semites.

Our third question comes then and it is does God still perform miracles today will I can give an emphatic yes to them and let's move on to the next question story.

Well let me unpack a little bit of what's going on ever since the Enlightenment, which began in the 1800s where we replaced understandings of God and his miraculous power with human reasoning.

We've had this war going on in our culture, and other Western civilizations regarding how much we should depend upon the miraculous, but also just try to depend upon human reasoning. So over the decades. What has happened is human reasoning has replaced the whole idea of the supernatural, miraculous acts of God, and an understanding of God doing miracles has become less and less in our culture. But you know Jim, we go back to that verse in second Timothy chapter 3 it says there is a form of godliness but without the power. That's where people go through religious motions without the power and I think that is the evidence of an enlightenment mindset that has everything figured out theologically, but there's no depth of the power of the Spirit that does the very miracles were talking about. Jesus said that when the spirit comes upon you. You're going to be my witnesses, and that power that comes upon you is going to be like dynamite.

In fact, the word power comes from the Greek word do not me's, which means dynamite is going to explode upon the scene and advance the kingdom. Now we see around the world. Miracles happening in great proportion and power seminary professor in Tennessee by the name of Craig Keener has written a four volume work of the different miracles that he went around the world to authenticate talking to people who had limbs grow from nowhere.

Sight restored from blindness people who could not walk. Suddenly being able to walk folks who were dead actually dead being raised from the dead. Now Craig Keener is a PhD thoughtful theologian.

He's well respected around the world and he pulled together, these four volumes of all of these miracles that he perfectly researched himself to prove that the miraculous still exist.

I think what happens in Western culture is were so enlightenment driven were so influenced by the mind and if you can't prove it with reason I'm not going to believe it that we fail to realize the do not miss power that Jesus promised all of us. Dr. Craig Keener proves it. My wife had an infertile womb, and the doctor said will never have any babies and she got prayed for and something happened some warmth came over her and the very next time we could try. We got pregnant when the doctors said you'll never be able to have babies.

In fact, went into her to try to save 12.

They opened her up and found the evidence beforehand. It said shall never have a baby to the tubes being quote unquote from my doctor perfect.

So we've experienced that kind of miracle, and I think many other of our listeners have as well.

It really is an issue you believe do you really think that God's power through the Holy Spirit. And faith is still available to us today and enlightenment thinking does not dominate my thought, God's word and his promises dominate my thoughts now that is so amazing. It reminds me as when I was a child my favorite thing at bedtime is when my dad would crack open this old Reader's Digest book called his mysterious ways current guideposts.

Pardon me, and it was story after story of miraculous things that God would deal on in the midst of different people's lives and my son now loves it when I read a story. There's a hunger in each of the last hit to now be assured, you really are real and you're involved in our lives. In the Old Testament the miracle that were supposed to remember was the parting of the Red Sea.

It was to remind us of God did it once you can do it again in the New Testament is the resurrection and all the other miracles that Jesus and others did as well. In fact, if you read the spiritual gifts in first Corinthians 12 and 14.

There are all kinds of supernatural miraculous gifts that are given to the body of Christ, the church, but they operate through faith, not enlightenment thinking, but you and remember that's not to say that we should use our mind is not to say that were not to be thoughtful, intelligent people.

We are were supposed to understand intellect, but worse also supposed to let our intellect work alongside the power of the Holy Spirit. I'm so glad you said that. That's so glad David think you will our last question working to turn towards you know looking towards July for everything.

We've got some cool questions that are coming through the lighthouses information is being displayed to all of America about you in the world is going on with you at well there's been all kinds of questions ask about UFOs for decades, and we still have that area 51 in New Mexico where some people believe there is stored there evidence of extraterrestrial life. You know Jin, no one really knows other other beings in the universe.

Paul in Romans 820 talks about nothing being able to separate us from God's love even includes a little phrase that says and any other created thing almost implying if there's anything out there in the universe, God still loves them as well and there under the redemption of Christ, but I personally and I could be wrong.

I don't know for sure, but I really wonder if those UFOs aren't demonic agencies. They aren't appearances of the demonic from the dark world to try to create with in us, fear, and all kinds of anxieties, I could be wrong again but I just wonder because they aren't explainable they aren't in the Scripture, but we do know there is an invisible eternal world where demonic agencies do exist, they can manifest themselves here on this side of eternity and I can't help but wonder if that's not what they are. Interestingly, when those who don't believe in the Bible's understanding of first of all, the rapture, that God might take out of this world before the second coming of Jesus millions upon millions upon millions of believers in Jesus. There are those who think well. How's that going to be explained by those left behind by the intelligentsia if you will were trying to say hey millions upon millions of Christians of disappeared.

Some people think that one of the excuses that Satan himself has thought up is that what's going to be said is all of those millions were transported immediately into UFOs. And as we've heard stories of different people who were abducted by aliens and experimented upon in space machines that that's what's going to happen and that these UFOs are going to suddenly come upon the world and are going to take these millions upon millions of people into their space machines is going to be a UFO experienced golf course that's ludicrous to me. And for those of us who believe in Jesus know what's really going on, but I find it interesting that maybe Satan has demonically inspired an explanation for how to explain to the world that Christians around the world by the millions are suddenly gone, when it reminds me of the verse that says don't believe that when someone says that Christ has returned. How is not tied into death they could very well be the explanation that some will try to offer when Christians are suddenly gone. Now, I am assuming that people might believe in a rapture where other people don't believe in a rapture and believe that only Jesus is coming back again and that the rapture is a way for Christians to try to explain away having to deal with all of the problems in the world. I'm going to let Jesus determine that.

But if the rapture is true. People have thought that maybe UFOs will be an explanation the world gives the intelligentsia of the world gives to people who say where the all these Christians go in there going to say all they were taken up by UFOs in their machines in order to explain what happened. Yeah, well, the Bible makes it clear that every Christian will know beyond a shadow of a doubt when Christ returns and don't believe the stories and the rumors that the UFO story comes about you last week, Jim. We talked about how there has been a slow but steady decline morally in our culture, probably the major difference in past ages were things were dark and bad that exist today are iPhones and that everyone has access to pornography of any age. For example immediately, but I think as well. When the Scriptures predict that the whole world is going to be able to see Jesus second coming.

What's going to allow that to happen. The iPhones and I have a friend who does a lot of ministry in Guatemala for example he'll go into the jungles of Guatemala and people there won't have enough food to eat.

They don't have electricity but they got iPhones in every single person. It just makes you pause and wonder Jesus is going to return. We are going to to know what and those who are left behind are going to try to come up with some very crazy explanations of what happened half and thank you so much for tackling these tough questions and really appreciate your perspective on everything here friend what's going on in the culture and how to develop our spiritual lives think he semi-thank you, Jim will deal with more questions in the months to come in please give them to us if you'd like to ask me something, let me say one more thing. We are moving toward independence day and I'm going to take a week off a going to go on vacation so will not have a hope cast next week. Happy Fourth of July to all of you, but we will be back that week afterwards and we will begin again to look at what's going on in our world and try to answer some of life's tough questions.

God bless you all

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