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What is Love?

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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August 19, 2020 2:22 pm

What is Love?

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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August 19, 2020 2:22 pm

The definition of love is found only once in the Bible: “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). 

On this Hopecast, David Chadwick gives us a deep dive into 1 Corinthians 13.

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Welcome to this hope cast. I hope it gives you because we need hope, like we've never needed it before in our own family lives in our culture, but especially for you personally as you walk with our Lord every single day in studio with me is Jim Houston. My friend also helps me with my radio broadcast. Jim's going to be with me on this podcast. Thanks for your time Jen, thank you so much for letting me today. Let's talk about love.

We've done on our radio broadcast two weeks worth of trying to give people an understanding of what love is the only biblical definition of love is found in first Corinthians 13 verses four through seven, and that word love is often misunderstood.

In our culture it can mean anything from a team to being in the backseat of a car with someone saying I love you and they really don't mean it to another person just got a deep friendship with somebody or like my mom and dad who were married for 63 years before my mom passed and my dad passed about five years after that.

That's the depth I think Jesus kind of love that will talk about. I want to give people an insight into what that typical agape love looks like this is good, I'm glad you're doing this when my husband was a youth pastor years ago, he would say anywhere current object in the English language with one word for a lot and we could say I love my sweatshirt just like I love my mom or dad but it's totally different Internet. It is indeed in the Welsh language. As I understand it has over 200 ways of saying I love you but let's look specifically at the Greek form of love in the original Greek language.

There were four different words for love each one very important. Each one a part of God's created order. I believe with all my heart that all truth is God's truth and if it works. It's true God created it. So let's examine each one of these four laws and especially at the end. Look at the kind of love that Jesus gives us that Paul outlines in first Corinthians 13 verses four through seven, and challenge all of our listeners to have these four kinds of love in their lives as God intends them to be used when you start gin I'm writing. Here's the first one. Eros EROS it's the word from which we get erotic but it's physical love and its sexual love. I need to keep reminding everyone that God thought up this it was not our idea. The question is not if it should be use.

The question is how it should be used. I had a seminary profit right when I met my wife Marilyn over four decades ago who said to me well you liger and I went yeah I really do and he said this, there's got to be some for is in the physical I've ever forgotten that there's gotta be some fears in the physical of the physical attraction to another person that begins the relationship of potential marriage is a good thing you one of my friends once said it this way that that for is that you feel toward another person is the spark that gets the engine running, but it's covenant commitment that keeps the engine running thrilling as so we need to have eros in our relationships. We need to have that physical attraction to another person that leads to marriage and that really after 42 years of marriage, I can tell everyone that that feeling that I first had toward Maryland that fills in the physical that my seminary profit joked about is much deeper and richer than you can possibly imagine. It moves and all the other stages of love that we need to have but let me say this very clearly, biblically sexual love is only supposed to be practiced within the confines of a committed heterosexual, monogamous relationship. Now I say that lovingly not trying to condemn anyone I know of different attractions. The people feel I been in ministry for four decades.

I understand that fully, but feelings don't define truth, nor do circumstances. Truth defines truth and I believe that people can submit their will to the will of God. And as Paul said in first Corinthians 6 when he lists a whole bunch of different behaviors practices that were contrary to God's kingdom such were some of you. I just believe in the power of the Holy Spirit that God can change anything he can move anyone toward wholeness and righteousness. So in our culture. We have a lot of people practicing sexual relations eroticism outside of God's boundaries. And we've seen the difficulties and problems that brings to our culture. So I say to people all the time. If you look at God's original intent for sex within marriage in Genesis 224, first the mom and dad allow their children to leave their family. Then clear even to themselves. That's the commitment they make with one another. The covenant vows they make to one another. Then comes the one flesh which is the sexual term if we just would do it God's way we leave then have the marriage service then practice sexual intimacy which allows two people to become one.

Think how many problems would go away if we just did it God's way. Amazing. That's beautiful and would be a beautiful world.

That's what Jesus means. We talked about the kingdom of God. It's God's rule in our hearts then ruled outwardly in our relationships and if we just did things God's way. How many problems would be solved. So again, eros is a good gift but it's to be used as God intended to be used, but when it's a part of a loving marriage. It makes the marriage even stronger and I would even say after the marriage ceremony when two people have intimacy with one another.

They are restating their vowels every time they have intimacy is a beautiful restatement of the cleaving of your till death do us part no better or worse, rich or poor sickness and in health, forsaking all others, it's a restatement of those covenant vowels. That's what makes two people become one. So that's the first one gin eros a good kind of love. The second one is store gay STO RGE it's family kind of love I be curious what kind of family do you come from in your own nuclear family. Your mom and your dad did you have brothers and sisters, yes I have a brother he's 13 years younger than me.

Oh wow you got me mom I and I had a sister who is five years older than me, so I kind of have this weird dynamic of I'm kind of the youngest, because I was the youngest for 13 years that I'm on say the middle and Senate that it's an interesting dynamic.

So think about your love toward your mom and dad right now not only huge in Houston but every listener I think about the love you have toward your brother, brothers, sisters, sisters, I and extended outward because God created the nuclear family under we have a lot of debate right now in our present culture about Marxism and one of Marxism's goals is to establish the nuclear family. We do that at our own harm. The strength of a culture is that nuclear family relationship is also extended outward to our aunts and uncles. Our cousins that extended nuclear family that allows us to love it. A greater level that's store gay love. That's the kind of love God wants us to have as well. It is wrong it makes the nation stronger when that family unit is strong, store gay is a great love that we need to have continue to pursue that's so powerful and the kingdom is a kingdom of family and we have brothers and sisters in Christ and just preferring one another and and all that is entailed in that the nuclear family. We get to live that out with our brothers and sisters, and every day when we meet with one another in battle settings.

That is an important one. Thank you Jim for bringing that up because that is important.

Another metaphor for the church and the Bible is the family of God.

So we have God as our daddy.

Jesus is our big brother, and then we have bunches of brothers and sisters in the church, the family of God, you know, we may not like the church, but Jesus loves the church and it's a way of extending family and practicing store day love. So the third one is filet pH ILEA.

The word Idell flows in the Greek means brother filet means friendship love.

So when you put filet and Adele flows together. You have the city Philadelphia the city of brotherly love. That's what its meaning is filet.

Love is an important love as well is the kind of love toward those people who are our closest friends and companions. Now I believe with all my heart, my wife Marilyn is my best friend and I said, throughout the years that it's easy to leave your spouse. It's impossible to leave your best friend. So in marriage.

You're supposed to have eros you're supposed to have store gay and your in-laws even become a part of your family as well. I teasingly say to couples all the time you're marrying your in-laws and you're supposed to leave, but you're getting the genetic code of that person through the laws you're also getting cave years that your spouse is going to copy because of the way they were raised you to marry your in-laws, but that's a good kind of love, and it extends your ability to do store gay but with the layout love it should begin with your spouse you know it. Again, you want to be each other's best friends want to be able to spend time together and enjoy each other and during those times when the fizz isn't as physical as it should be you can enjoy that depth of that filet love and I think that's what Marilyn and I know it an extreme level after 42 years of close personal friendship gin. What about you talk about your best friend so my goodness I said before on here that I feel like the richest person in the world because God is gifted me with that's beautiful friends and we really we bear one another's burdens, and we dearly we deal walk in love with each other and in good times and in bad times and not just in marriage and essay for better or for worse, that when you can have a rich, deep friendship with somebody my running partner.

We love to pray together and share the hard times and last year they gained tons both of our children started school today and we got to share each other's burdens with anxieties and pray with one another so rich because of these friendships.

That's a filet love you're right on target. It should be with your spouse.

It can also be with other friends in your immediate sphere of influence will need them. Sometimes you can't go to your spouse and share everything that's going on in your life. Sometimes your spouse is so burdened he or she can't take on anymore so that's when you need the outlet of a close friend to practice filet love it so necessary in the body of Christ. Jesus said, no longer do I call you my servants, I now call you my friends, that's filet, love, and he wants us to extend that outward to a group of people that we could call in the middle of the night with any problem any time and they'd be there for us that bear our burden.

I think city and I love that Jesus because it just makes you feel more comfortable just approaching him with all of your burdens. You know when you can look at him as if they like you sent big brother. I asked just so much more comforting and an easy related to propaganda, talk to him. God called Abraham his friend Moses his friend to me is just so cool to think of Bible that the creator of the universe through Jesus is our close abiding friend filet.

I love the fourth love those agape again. There's eros physical love their store gay family love. There's filet friendship love. But then there's agape and agape means the total unconditional acceptance of another person, just the way he or she is is the kind of love Jesus has for us. Romans 58 that while we were still yet sinners, while ungodly, while rebels he still came and died on the cross for us gin and that good news.

It is so they wait for us and in our performance mentality to try to become perfect that would be impossible. He knew we could never be perfectly new in our own works. We would fall far short of his glory. So he took the initiative became one of us died on the cross to forgive us of our sins.

And that's what agape love is he pours out that love in our hearts. Romans 55 it's a rain shower kind of verb and then poured out.

He pours out his love into the hearts of reprobate, godless centers, and then were filled with that love and now we can love one another with the love of Jesus, because the way he had God bade us we can now agape one another. That's what he meant.

In John 1334, 35, as I have loved you. Maybe the most important words in the Bible as I have loved you unconditionally with agape now love one another unconditionally with agape. I mean, can you beat me and I read somewhere recently that said, agape is the highest form of life. Maybe he said that and I read that somewhere that you wrote that it to think of this that God has done this for eyes. I mean it's freeing it breaks off performance and fear. It's like you did nothing for you and then we can love others with that same kind of love. You know people say, love like Jesus, you can't your own strength you can't. But when you are born again and the power of his love is Holy Spirit is in your hearts he supernaturally loves through you to other people who so desperately need that love and you know there's an old song during my era. You may have heard of it. What the world needs now is love sweet love. It was true then it's true now to overcome all the hostility, anger, hatred, destruction in our culture today. We've got to have the love of Jesus poured out in our hearts and we love one another. All of the racial divides all the other things that are keeping us apart. We need to learn how to love one another and when we do we seek justice for people we want equality we know that's important and we want everything to operate in accordance with God's laws in his kingdom, not based on the color of our skin not based on our socioeconomic factors, but based merely and solely on the love of Jesus that dwells in us so gentle and in this hope cast today with these words from first Corinthians 13 verses four through seven. The only biblical definition of love that's found in the Bible. Listen to this agape love is patient and kind. Agape love does not envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude. Agape love does not insist on its own way. It is not irritable or resentful.

Agape love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And then let's go to verse eight just to make sure we complete the thought agape love never ends. And then there are three things that will last forever. Verse 13 faith, hope and love. They all abide, these three then Paul writes, but the greatest of these is love. The highest virtue of the three things that will last forever is love and Jen didn't get it for me. Also called from the Holy Spirit and Jesus himself, dear friends, the greatest of these is love.

Love is God's love you and when you do so, this world will be a better place in which the thanks for listening on this hope cast.

I hope it's given you

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