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What's Going On: September 11th & Afghanistan

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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September 8, 2021 12:42 pm

What's Going On: September 11th & Afghanistan

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 8, 2021 12:42 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the upcoming 20th anniversary of September 11th and the current state of Afghanistan. 

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David Chadwick welcome to this week's cast with my friends in Houston.

Great having you with me gently.

It's great to be here and the purpose of these hope casts is to try to give our listeners an understanding of different issues in our culture through the lenses of a biblical worldview through a focus of faith and values, and I hope all of you listeners enjoy this on a weekly basis to inform you and help you grow from a biblical perspective, how to look at life these days. Jen crazy times, aren't they crazy time of payment. I don't know if I've seen things be quite so intense, like they've been over the last several weeks. I mean, we've moved from the strangling a painful earthquake in Haiti to the enormously powerful hurricane item that came in 16 years to the day Hurricane Katrina, but alongside all of that was what's going on in Afghanistan that incredibly quick withdrawal that caused all kinds of chaos. Jen, as you look at Afghanistan. What goes on in your heart.

My heart is is rats and I'm finding that it's hard to take it all in.

It's just in this day and age we have all sorts of sources of information and the same time I don't want to be like an ostrich with my hanging my head in the sand so I am trying to taking this information in this Chaos and reconcile like as a believer. What do I do with the first thing I wanted to mention today is there is an important piece in the Christian's life called prayer and we should pray for those people who are still in Afghanistan, especially US citizens who want to escape but also those who helped us along the way. Those who adopted a more Western or Americanized style of life that the Taliban feels desirous off completely eliminating them from their new culture that they are establishing or maybe even reestablishing their American citizens are at risk they could be held as hostages for the years to come.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the hostage crisis in Iran in 1979 under Jimmy Carter's presidency that was his defining moment those pictures are what people remember about him and it was disastrous. We pray that that won't be the case here, but we also know the Taliban hates America and could very well hold those folks, hostages, and might even kill them in some kind of regular basis to extort some kind of financial or military weaponry compensation from America to them. We pray not. We hope not, but that could happen and that those people they catch who were interpreters, or aided the American soldiers and military arsenal that was there. They too are in harm's way and could have that same kind of thing happen to them. Also, the Taliban and sharia law's treatment of women causes most of us inside to tremble with concern for our sisters who are there who might be misused and abused physically by the Taliban soldiers might be forced in the marriages at young ages. Like 10 or even 11 years of age that makes our heart cry out in sadness as well. As we realize that could happen in that land when I heard something from that the underground church in Afghanistan and the Taliban is making me put an ax on your house if you had a daughter between a certain age that they can come in and and steal your daughter and this is come from two different sources from the underground church that this is real.

This is happening and we know that to practice Christianity in a predominantly strict Muslim sharia law driven culture is dangerous and the Christians can and will be put to death if discovered practicing their faith in that culture. So that's another reason to continue to pray and ask that our government somehow have some kind of say in that culture, especially protecting young girls young women in the think that women can no longer go to school and be educated and forced to wear burqas publicly that they can go out in public without some kind of male escort, it doesn't really seem like a step back into Neanderthal living with women's being disrespected and unloved and appreciated in a culture and I know that makes your heart sad as it does mine as well.

It really dies and you know David and I found earlier this week like what can I do how can I really be effective in what I can offer to the Lord and I just I just felt like the Holy Spirit to just give me your heart and give me some time and I sat on my couch and I just felt I just felt the reality of what was going on and just I began to understand just and minuscule. And out of this this terror that is being unleashed and I whacked and I prayed through the tears and it it wasn't just an emotional experience.

It was united just in obedience to the Lord. That's what I could offer to give right now. And another thing that the Lord showed me in a time of prayer is practice crash attitude freedoms you have today and I say often to my children. Let's have an attitude of gratitude and that's what the Lord is saying to me right now like this is this is a spiritual war is a spiritual war, and he's given us the tools that we need to find that so these are just a little practices that the Lord is showing me this week with such heaviness going on right now will that's a good springboard for what I wanted to talk about next Thanksgiving for this great nation in which we live. It seems impossible but this Saturday on 911 is 20 years since 911 2001 occurred when Islamic terrorists who live by sharia law saw the giving of their lives in the killing of the infidel as their way of entering into heaven and having 73 virgins at their disposal for all eternity. That was their way of gaining heaven. We now look at the 20 years that have passed by in America and we have been on high alert over those 20 years to keep another kind of 9/11 from occurring here and although I understand from my friends who are in homeland security and things like that that there have been those kind of attempts upon our land.

They have all been particularly thwarted though. There have been smaller ones like Fort Hood, Texas, and the pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida and and some other places. They are small in comparison to the large attack on September 11, 2001 that took around 3000 of Americans lives. So I wanted to make a point here today in giving thanks for our country and its freedoms. The fact that were not under that kind of sharia law. The fact that women can generally continue to progress and grow in accordance with their desires and dreams which I thinks a beautiful thing in the church as Jesus established it there is not male or female Jew or Greek were all one in Jesus Christ and I think that's an important distinction to make that men and women are created equally in the sight of God and women are called by God to pursue the life that he wants for them to have, but nevertheless we've lived for 20 years without one of those attacks and I think what Afghanistan did for me was reawakened my understanding that we have enemies in this world and will get a look at one next week.

The enemy of socialism and communism that has as its desire, the destruction of the American Republic of the constitutional republic we know. We also have another enemy in Islam, and we are foolish if we don't recognize that the same Taliban, Al Qaeda, now ISIS K Muslim brotherhood that existed in the mid East years ago and caused all kinds of havoc though gone quiet for a while there stealth NIST now does not mean they don't still have an aggressive behavior toward un-American ideology of freedom. We are foolish if we don't recognize those enemies still exist. I am concerned that over 100,000 Afghanis were exported from Afghanistan to different places all around the world.

Some here in America, though, I want to be a nation that welcomes refugees that gives us a chance to love the tired and the poor from all over the world. I do want to stay clearly though no nation in the history of the world has ever remained strong with open borders and unless we control those who do come in.

We are a nation. Most to be pitied to think that there aren't aggressive sharia law driven radical Muslims coming in from our border in the south, and maybe even coming in on planes being redistributed from Afghanistan, who then have as their desire, the ultimate dismantling of our constitutional Republic and the replacement of that with a callow font leader who then places us under sharia law is foolish.

That is an enemy of our Republic. It is something that people still want to impose upon us. We need to recognize that. Be aware of it be on strict high alert, and I think we need to not only know that ideology that it does exist, but also to vote accordingly.

That would prevent that from ever happening in our nation to vote to have border laws that allow proper entrances into our nation but also to keep that kind of ideology from ever replacing our constitutional republic and I especially pray that for my sisters for women for listening right now and beyond because this is a nation for you as well. And if you have any kind of a feminist ideology that supports and raises up women. You should be very concerned about this potentially happening and biblically as we look at a biblical worldview and the problem of Islamic terrorism. We need to realize it is for freedom that Christ came to set us free.

Jesus yearns for a country where people can freely choose to follow him and the difference between the Islamic idea of wanting a caliphate under sharia law and a worldwide and Christianity wanting that same idea is that in Islam, it is forced upon a people in Christianity they make the choice to decide to follow Jesus or not we we have the same as Christians worldwide evangelism desire.

It's just we give it to people and it's their choice with Islam.

It is imposed upon a culture saying from top down we know better. This is how you should live. And of course we who follow Jesus know that life change does not happen from the outside in.

It happens from the inside out. When he changes individual human hearts and we then desire to seek and follow him. That's okay again and I'm just getting memories and I spent some time in the Middle East and in 1999 today that Ernest 2000 you know in the world dispensed end in years, and at time and analyzed to Jay Allen as a throwback that yeah it just just meeting meeting Muslim friends. They became friends. And when they heard the gospel never heard anything like it before. And so I just think he said something earlier about welcoming refugees enclosing hand in helping them because they're tired and taking care of the nothing we do as we do as believers in my prayer right now just been over there.

I just like to have a different perspective and this compassion rises at the need for the Lord to interrupt their lives with even dreams in the night at Jesus and having gin that is being recorded and it is happening and that's one way we can agree with having in our prayers blurred with shallot and save these people there's no human law that can keep God from giving a vision of Jesus to people around the world. The fastest growing church right now in the world is Iran. Guess who's leaving it. The women and interestingly they are receiving extraordinary and frequent visions from God the father showing Jesus his son to them.

And Jesus is saying oftentimes to them, follow me.

I am the way the truth and the life and is causing massive numbers of conversion and it's interesting Islam can't keep that from happening. You can make no law going to name God from doing what he wants to do that, we heard someone on line actually in Afghanistan say we want the callow font and we will worldwide dominion and see what we don't realize in America in our constitutional republic. We were influenced by Judeo-Christian values. It is clear and we can talk more about that next week we talk about socialism's threat, but there were Judeo-Christian values biblical worldview values built into our culture and what's happening now is the continued secularization of American culture. The elimination from God entirely from any conversation whatsoever. Interestingly, and we'll talk about that this may be more a couple of weeks but Harvard University founded by committed Christians for the purpose of training ministers for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now recently appointed an atheist as its chaplain is an oxymoron guy I heard of a church once were. The pastor said some of our best members are atheists and I scratched my head with what it means to join the church to be a member of the church.

You have to be a follower of Jesus, a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. But it makes no sense to me but I think it reflects the secularization of our culture that anybody who ever wants to believe anything is okay and the continuing dismissal of Judeo-Christian biblical values in the formation of our culture, but such is not the case with sharia. It is a worldview that has as its root image. A theocracy where God is at the center of what they believe and God is the one supposedly Allah who imposes this sharia law upon his people.

So we have a clash of worldviews that's happening right now with the understanding of the colophon and sharia law mandated for worldwide domination and an increasingly secularized American Republic that not only doesn't acknowledge God continues to invite him out off any kind of historical past, we've known him to have. So it's going to be interesting. From this day onward. My point today is to say to anyone listening, be aware that in our beautiful nation which is gratefully free. As you mentioned earlier gin getting with your kids and having an attitude of gratitude with them. We need to continue that. In fact, if I could mention this. A moments of hope church is going to have at Hope Farm on 911 from 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock. A celebration of 9/11. It's called remember and honor. We want to remember all of those lives that were lost but we also want to honor first responders have a flyover at around 6 o'clock when you paint red white and blue in the sky. There's going to be a bagpiper food, fun for the family. Please any listener who wants to come free of charge 4 to 8 it will be a worship service around six-ish or so and we will worship the Lord but also have a memory service for those who gave their lives and also honor first responder forgot to give gifts to our first responders as well and we just think the Lord will be pleased with that.

If anyone would like to come please do come because we want to remember this great nation that we have, though flawed, it has some difficulties it still the greatest nation on the face of the earth, mostly because it allows people individuals male and female, young or old, to pursue their dreams to have liberties and freedoms God given to us. It is for freedom that Christ set us free.

Galatians 51 and as we practice those freedoms we can become the four persons that God desires created in his image for his glory. May God bless America. This is been so kind to him and told him thank you Jen and thank you listeners for joining me today again next week, will look at the second danger. We need to realize in our beautiful constitutional republic. That's the danger of communism and socialism. It's not going to go away both Islam and radical socialism want to destroy the very foundations of our Judeo-Christian biblical Republic that God formed and less always remember Benjamin Franklin's words as he walked out of the hall after the Constitution had been crafted and approved. A lady went up to him and ask him. Mr. Franklin do we have a Republic and Franklin answered Mme. yes we do. Then he said if we can keep it if we can keep it.

Dear friends, let's keep this beautiful Republic that God helped form for his glory and his glory alone for liberty and justice for all. God bless you all.

Talk with you next week in our next time David Chadwick with Jim Houston are

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