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Whats Going On: Understanding Congress' Abortion Vote

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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September 29, 2021 1:01 pm

Whats Going On: Understanding Congress' Abortion Vote

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 29, 2021 1:01 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss what's going on with congress' recent abortion vote and what that means for us as followers of Jesus. 


David Chadwick welcome to this week's cash with my friend Jim Houston generally to have you with great to be here thinking David wanted to talk today about this whole issue of life, again partly because the church I pastor moments of Hope Church is dealing these next two weeks with the issue of life with an organization here in Charlotte that now has become nationwide called love life. It is a way for people of faith to express their conviction that life begins at conception.

We want children to be born into this world and we think kids should be valued at every possible age and stage of life from the womb to the tomb, but also, I was struck last Friday on September 24, 2021 with something that happened in our nation of huge consequence in my opinion, the House of Representatives, which is the body that most represents the people in the United States representatives elected every two years because it was a way our founders thought would be best for the people to be able to control what happens in government. They made a decision to try to codify life and abortion into our governmental rules and regulations.

This has never been done before.

Even Roe versus Wade. The decision made in 1973 has not been codified, or there would not be continued. Expressions of objection to the Supreme Court. Even to this moment. It was a radical stark attempt by the Democratic Party to make legal the ability to terminate a pregnancy from conception to the moment the child is born it will reflect the laws that already exist in Illinois and Rhode Island and New York State and other places. It is again radical and has caused a great deal of consternation for me. What struck me the most was the vote. The vote was 218 to 212, just a few votes. Being able to turn that whole decision in the house. There was only one Democrat who voted with the Republicans 211 Republicans voted against it, along with one Democrat versus 218 in the Democratic Party who voted for codifying this particular law now the good news is for those of us who call ourselves pro-life is that it will be dead upon arrival in the Senate for the Senate even to vote upon it. They will need to pass a 60 vote.

Sen. line in order for that to be approved and it simply will not happen because the filibuster rules of the Senate will prevent that from ever coming to the floor but nevertheless I think it expresses the huge divide that is in our nation right now and it has become starkly political. There is no question about that. The Democratic Party is pro-choice, pro-abortion, the Republican Party is pro-life and life beginning at conception and being protected in the womb, and there beyond. So I just wanted to spend some time gin with you today and with our listeners talking about this issue, how it's not going away how people in 1973 with Roe versus Wade thought it was settled law interesting (there. I do a weekly radio program on news talk. 1110 WBT 11:10 AM 99.3 FM and some years ago, before she passed away. I actually had Norma McCorvey on the show normal was Jane Doe in the Roe versus Wade decision and she was talking about her conversion to Jesus and how she regrets having been used by the left and the Democratic Party to do what was done in row versus Wade. But again, people thought the law had been settled, but nothing could be farther from the truth. A lot of things have occurred to keep that in the minds of people all over our nation and not the least of which over the last several weeks has been Mississippi, which has been passed a 15 week abortion bill, which means that anything after 15 weeks of abortion quality cannot happen in a mother's womb.

That's going to ago before our Supreme Court in the next six months or so, and the decision to be made, but even more so Texas came up with a more radical view of an abortion bill which will not allow abortion after six weeks and to add to the inflammation of this problem in the American cultural mindset is that Florida has passed now a law that's very similar to Texas. What we have here Jen and listeners is a collision of worldviews for those who have a worldview that is informed by Judeo-Christian values. It looks like being held more by the Republican Party. They are trying to protect life from the moment of conception onwards for those with a more secularized worldview expressed. I think in the Democratic Party.

They want to codify abortion in the laws of the land making it a federal regulation were no state like Mississippi Texas or Florida or any others who want to follow a similar vein of legalese will be allowed to do so.

So we have a collision of worldviews going on right now in our culture. It's happening along the faultlines of life, and I think every person listening right now every person that lives in our world has to make a decision regarding what they believe your seeing nations taking stands that are more pro-abortion little tiny nation of San Marino surrounded by Italy and the Vatican and the Catholic Church has recently taken a pro choice legal perspective in Argentina this past summer, you saw the Argentines doing the same thing and literally there were tens of thousands of women in the streets, weeping and dancing with joy because the government said that abortion is legal now so it's become an issue that is going to continue to divide people not only in our nation but around the world and every one of us has to understand what are the issues involved.

Know what I want to do in today's hope cast is just talk about the issue and then next week I want to look at the issue through the lenses of faith and values through the lenses of a biblical worldview. But gin let's just today just talk about the issue itself. It's been in existence since 1973 I'm older than you are. I remember when that was passed and I have heard and seen the battles over the last 60 years or so and indeed they are becoming more intense in our nation. They're not going away anytime soon. I remember as a child and that in the 80s standing along the streets. I don't think they need as much anymore about along our church. We stayed out, you know@Xena pro-life Tina life begins in the wound, and so I was marked early on nine on nine to pro-life Newsnight, and even as an adult as a mom, I just want to say, having to explain what an abortion is to my children is chilling it it is chilling" nightmare. Even I was raised in the pro-life needs net conversation right near as I heard the words come out of my mouth to my children and the horror on their faces like said I couldn't intend to me.

You know like it just is chilling and Montserrat solidified in my heart and in my mind and my being is this is Eva is an evil thing will in 1973 when Roe versus Wade was passed again. Many people thought it was settled law and one of the arguments is even advanced today to the Supreme Court is, it's already been decided we don't need to bring this up again. Of course if we had that attitude with slavery. We would've never overturned the Dred Scott decision when that was made and wrongly made of the Supreme Court level, later to be overturned, but I think what's happened since 1973 is several fold a first of all, I think there's been just a general mall as an discomfort in the hearts of many people. Whether the Muslims, Jews, Christians or atheists that the womb should be the safest place in the world like when you try to explain this to your children, their horrified. How could that be. Again, I think that mall. As has always been there over the last 60 years and people have continued to question is this the right thing to do.I think also, there has been the advent of sonograms in the early 1980s. My wife worked in the crisis pregnancy center here in Charlotte before we could have children. We waited eight years for God to bless us and thought we would be able to have the doctors never gave us a positive report by God's grace we finally were able have not one but two, but three when Maryland worked in the crisis pregnancy center.

She would have to take one of those models and show it to people what was really going on in the womb. She actually change the mind of a United States congressman who came through the center and she showed the model and he change from pro-choice to pro-life when he saw what actually goes on in the womb.

She actually change the mind of a young OPG who was in training in Charlotte at that point, who has now become one of the leading pro-life doctors living in Missouri and has presented before the Supreme Court himself. Marilyn persuaded him by just showing him that model but now not only do we have the models we have sonograms where people can actually look inside the womb and see fetal development and it's caused a lot of people, even some who are people of faith to say this isn't right. That's a life in that womb, and I think also the third thing this happened. Jen is the number of women who been traumatized by abortion you. They say it in their spiel on the left that this is safe and effective, and you'll have no trauma from it.

Now certainly, there are women out there who have callused hearts and don't feel like it's traumatized them.

They going on with their careers and they come out and said I'm glad I had my abortion. We have some women have actually done that today are some who are in athletics and say if I had been forced to carry this baby to full term.

I could've never had the acclaim I have now in sports which is a real reflection upon the worship of self autonomy that we have in our culture.

The idolization of self and how we believe that success is more important than anything else, even having the blessed gift of children, but there are numbers thousands upon thousands of women who have been traumatized by abortion who do realize they took the life of a child. Many have received the grace of Jesus and forgiveness. Praise God for that. But others are taking a strong pro-life stand because they know it's just not right.

So this issue is not going away anytime soon that I can see and even though women keep advancing all of their arguments like it's my right to choose. Well it is until there's another person that's in your womb, and every piece of science that we are discovering now says that fertilization is the beginning of life were crying out all the time now follow the science with the coven problem lies. They follow the science with the whole abortion question every part of who you are, exists at the moment of fertilization. The decision for the color of your hair for the rest of your life has been decided at the moment of fertilization. At the moment of conception and when else could life begin, for at that moment, the number of years you live on this planet is decided and I of course we believe in eternity.

That's what happened as well and will talk about that more next week.

So the right to choose is only a right if it's not another life that's living within you. Others say that pro-lifers want to control women. Well, many women are the ones who want to have abortion made illegal because they know what has gone on many women are the ones leading the whole pro-life movement. I would even argue that more women are leading the pro-life movement today than are men, and many of them are millennial's because of sonograms they can see.

Actually, what's going on in the womb. Others say that pro-lifers only probe birth, they don't care about children outside the womb. All I can say that that's ludicrous. And there are many of us who are pro-life in the womb, who believe in adoption who believe in fostering a who believe in feeding hungry children who believe in caring for them in every possible way.

That's just an overstatement, and exaggeration in every way are some say the fetus is just a clump of cells we've Artie talked about that.

It may be initially but that clump of cells is forming into a human being and it can't become a human being less its first accomplice Celso is not life beginning at that very moment when those clumps of cells are forming in the life and plus we don't even know that it's life in a clump of cells until later, we see there's a heartbeat, and brain waves at probably around six weeks. Thus, the Texas and Florida laws. Realizing that if a baby can have a heartbeat, and brain waves at six weeks.

That must be a baby.

Some people say the fetus is not a person or potential person again. Science just doesn't allow that position to be held. Some people say that women have reproductive rights, you do you have the right to choose if you want to have a baby, but the minute you have intercourse with a person you have decided the possibility of having a baby and if you do have conception in your womb, that's a child certainly dependent upon your womb, but that's a separate person with a separate body with separate feelings with separate bank brain waves with separate heartbeats and you got to take seriously the question how do I care for that life inside of me are some say the problems with all of this is against women again that women are the ones were leading mostly the pro-life movement today and just the whole idea of unwanted children in the world. We don't need to bring in more children who be born into poverty. How do we know that we haven't afforded a child in the last 5060 years who had the cure for cancer who had the cure for ALS.

We don't know the right to give and take life belongs only to God and for those who say their unwanted children.

All I know is there are more people who are ready to adopt today. Then there are children available for strings.

Another issue that is a huge problem, but there are many Christians, especially trying to step into the fostering issue as well. The bottom line gin is it is an issue that is not going away. It's an issue that can be addressed without even bringing in Christian biblical religious arguments which we will do next week, but it is an issue that we must address.

We've got to be courageous about. We can't remain silent. Life is what God is all about. This is so good and so compelling and one thing I'd like for you to speak on is let out that very very small percentage of those who have been assaulted or raped in one of the words that comes to mind is that moment wasn't innocent at the child conceived is innocent.

What would you have to say to those situations will as painful as rape is that conceives it's less than 1% of all of the conceptions out there. I have great pain for the woman who's caught in that difficult position. But, you know, Ethel Waters, the great gospel singer was conceived in a rate she said repeatedly. I'm so glad my mom chose to give me life and if you have that life within you. Jesus is no greater love does a person have the to give up their life for a friend are you giving up your life for that baby to be born. Maybe then given away in adoption, but then to be raised, and that child could be the very child that finds the cure for cancer and your love for that child. Even though inconveniencing you terribly for nine months is a gift to this world and also the only one I struggle with Jenna's the death of the mother, potentially, and if I was told you got to decide between bringing Marilyn back that baby back.

I would say bring Marilyn back and that's the only one I would struggle with. But that is less than .01% of all the conceptions that are out there, I don't let that would be the issue that informs me on the other 99.9% of the life that's out there in the wingless not let the .01% be the red herring that keeps us from dealing with the real issue on this very important problem in the world that's really beautiful and you also have a special message to people who have had in a person before I do, gin, and it is the grace of God is the forgiving healing balm of our Lord and that healing balm not only forgives abortion and forgives my pride and arrogance of some of the mistakes I have made in my life which are every bit as bad as those that have had an abortion. I would even say that the the sin of pride. That's the sin that send you to hell, that's not the abortion difficulty, so give it to the Lord. Let him heal you. He can he will heal you and I know so many women that I've counseled through the years who had abortions not to come to the cross of Calvary. They receive Jesus love, grace and forgiveness and they are now in the forefront of the pro-life movement because they been healed by the grace of Jesus themselves. Not so beautiful so beautiful and lots to think about today. Thank you so much for your thoughts. Dave and will thank you, Jen and I appreciate yours as well a listener.

Thank you for listening to us talk about a very sensitive issue. I hope we've done it faithfully.

Next week will look at the biblical perspective on abortion and for those of us who follow Jesus.

We can't deny what the Bible clearly says. Again, this is a worldview issue is how do you look at the world you look at it through a secularized worldview where you have the right and autonomy to make your life's decisions or do you submit to God who is the giver of all life and do it his way. According to his will even know.

Especially if I'm David Chadwick. Thank you for listening to this hope cast gin Houston and I look forward to our

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