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What's Going On: Control Issues in the Supreme Court

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 27, 2021 12:02 pm

What's Going On: Control Issues in the Supreme Court

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 27, 2021 12:02 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the issue of control as it pertains to the Supreme Court, and how we are called to have courage in these times. 

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David Chadwick welcome to this week's hope cast.

I hope it will be meaningful for you my friend and colleague in broadcasting. Jim Houston is with me Jen how are you today I'm fine how are you I'm well thank you and thanks again for joining me on this. Hope cast regularly weekly as we try to look at the world through a biblical lands and also try to address faith and values issues that are out there locally and nationally. Globally, again through biblical lenses and I just appreciate your perspective as well McGinnis, it's always an honor data will today I want to talk about control that there is something in the desire to control other people. That is in the hearts of so many people and we see that, especially in governments. Governments desire to control people and they often use fear as the means of doing it and might deal with this hope cast today.

Jan is simply to say to everyone we need to be aware of the control mechanisms, especially in our governor government that are evidenced and also be a people of courage who will stand up to cancel culture and say no more. We are a people who've been set free by Jesus we will walk in our courage we will be like our founding fathers who walked in courage and we will stand against tyranny in my own family heritage on my wife's side. We can trace back her lineage through the Hunt family that stood on the bridge at the with the Minutemen against the British when they were trying to tyrannize Americans during that time. We named our last son, Michael Hunt Chadwick because we want him to be a courageous man of God who would stand with those in his lineage who resisted tyranny at all costs. So this is dear to me and I want us to be a people who are free in America.

Though our Constitution and our living out that Constitution has been flawed over the last couple few hundred years, it still best understanding of government, the world has ever known a representative democracy, a Republic that has us the people giving power to people over us, but they work for us. We don't work for them and that's what I want to talk about today. Jen, especially as we think about what has happened over the last couple months with Pres. Biden appointing a commission to explore the possibilities of expanding the Supreme Court from 9 to 12 and when you really look at this, you see that it is a raw desire for power and control. Brief history of our founding fathers were mostly people of faith. They had a Judeo-Christian background that informed their worldview so they believed, like the Bible teaches Jeremiah 17 nine that the human heart is wicked beyond expression that all of us are bent toward selfishness. It's a part of the fall when Genesis 3 happened in God's good creation Genesis 1 and two was corrupted at every level. By the fall, that especially is the human heart engine. You know, one of my favorite phrases is the heart of the matter is matter of the higher matter the heart so the heart is what controls everything.

Proverbs 423 out of the heart is the wellspring of life and when the heart is healthy. You're healthy and society is healthy when the heart is wicked. The reverse happens and I'm seeing wickedness at the level of the human heart that is trying to control everything. Right now, so the reason that our founding fathers came up with this unique understanding of a three branch government, the executive, judicial, and legislative branches all holding each other accountable, though somewhat cumbersome for sure. Sometimes it takes longer to get things done. They knew that but the reason that that they came up with this balance of powers was to try to balance the wickedness of the human heart. So what you have today I think is with the liberal more progressive people believe the heart is basically good and that government can bring blessings to us if we just make everything right versus those who are more conservative you say no.

The human hearts basically pretty wicked. We need to have a balance of powers and as the progress is want to keep making the Constitution a new document for today.

There are those who say no. We are originalist.

There is a clear meaning of the Constitution and we need that balance of power. So back to the commission. This been appointed by Joe Biden. Interestingly, two things one is. It looks like they're not going to come back and ask for an expansion of the Supreme Court. The progressives know they presently control the legislative and executive branches, albeit very narrowly, but they don't control the Supreme Court is a 6 to 3 general conservative leaning on the Supreme Court, so the hope to pack the Supreme Court from 9 to 12 was to get control of all three of the branches of government, and there are many people like myself and I think you two Jen to go war. Oh, wait a minute.

The human heart is wicked beyond all else.

All three of those branches under the control of the progressive mindset that believes the Constitution is a fluid document and we can interpret for whatever cultural means we wanted to be interpreted, causes us pause and goes, wait a minute, because we also believe that the Constitution means what it says and says what it means there is an original is among understanding of what it the founding fathers desired to say that all of us need to follow and there are certain things that need to be conserved, i.e. conservatism member of the crew from GK Chesterton that I love so much that if you remove a fence from someplace you better first find out why it was put there to begin with, there are conservative values that inform and give health to every society and for those of us are conservatives, not because we don't want to look at ways we can help people and in greater ways today, but there are certain values like family, marriage, understanding of personal responsibility, generosity, humility, authenticity, all those things that were better rocks of our nation need to remain in place. We don't need those fences to be removed, so let's keep this balance in order that's important. We don't want the government to have all three branches of government under the progressive idea because at that point. At that point control is the natural outcome of the government's desire and it will continue to have overreach after overreach more taxation, more control, because that's the very nature of the human heart like that you said order.

You mentioned that word order and God is a God of order and us as believers, we recognize that his order, brings forth life and brings forth, abundance, and brings forth his team down, which is righteousness, peace and joy. So I live in a sad order and we need to operate as humans we actually crave order yeah interestingly I would say that we probably shouldn't call ourselves conservatives. Maybe we should call ourselves preservatives that were preserving the order that God intended in creation. That was his design in Genesis 1 and two, and for those of us who have Jesus living in our hearts we want to preserve this culture, that which is going on. We are salt and light. Both of those are preservatives. We know salt preserves a metes tastiness and health. We know that light brings us steps that we can take in the darkness, so we believe with all of our hearts. It's very important to continue in that very perspective. So I'm one who really does appreciate the new ideas that we need to have in order to help serve other people.

No question about that, but I believe the moment you deteriorate. For example, God's construction of the human family is the place where health and wholeness emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually begins and continues for life, you need to try to preserve that at all costs, because that is the health of our nation. I totally agree. And it takes courage. It takes courage when society is going down in opposite direction and does he want to preserve what truth is. Takes courage.

Keith already said that, let's do the hashtag courage is a part of our conversation today, we we need to take that stand no matter what it may be a we look at the health and wholeness of the prophets who spoke to the culture of the Israelites during their day. There are legends that Isaiah, for example, lost his life was solid into because he spoke prophetically truth to the culture.

Jeremiah was thrown into the bottom of a deep pit and had to rest and muddy Meyer income for days because he spoke the truth to culture. I think whenever you do so you will have opposition. The example in the New Testament that comes to mind twofold.

First of all, Peter and John when they were arrested by the Sanhedrin and said you keep quiet about this, Jesus. They said we cannot keep quiet about what we have seen and heard we will not be quiet and they continue to speak boldly for the Lord Jesus, but he himself is our example.

He stood steadfastly for the kingdom of God and ultimately cost him his life on the cross we have those two great words in the Bible, but God brought God on the third day, the father raised his son from the dead and gave him victory over all sin, death and the devil's wiles and we need to stand with Jesus. In that same courageous mindset today, no matter what the cost may be, and were going to see a challenge to the whole progressive agenda with the Mississippi and Texas laws coming to the Supreme Court.

Evidently November 1 to be heard now. That's quite unusual because usually the Supreme Court gets a request to hear something and then kicks it down the road for at least six months before they'll even hear it, but the progressives have asked the Supreme Court to hear this now because the Mississippi and Texas abortion heartbeat lost 15 weeks for Mississippi six weeks for Texas Florida doing a copycat law as well like Texas. I think the Supreme Court sees this is an immediate issue that needs to be addressed. So were going to see some interesting fireworks. I think in the next weeks, especially from progressives who are so afraid the Supreme Court will look at road in 1973 decision say that the Seri deceases that is a fancy legal term which means precedents and the liberals are arguing. You can't touch rotors are present south 60+ years. But, of course, conservatives are saying look at. Dred Scott Dred Scott decision that basically said Blacks are subhuman and should not have the right to vote later on.

Even though that present have been for decades. It was overturned by the Supreme Court and there's hope that the majority on the Supreme Court will say, you know that's a dreadful wall row versus Wade 1973 reaffirm somewhat with KC in 1992, and that there's nothing in the Constitution engine.

This is true.

There's nothing in the Constitution that supports a woman's right to take a baby's life.

Nothing there at all. So many are hoping that the Supreme Court will overturned up but that's that's the motivation of the Biden administration to court pack and have three more on the court so that again, the executive, judicial, and legislative branches are all controlled by a progressive agenda and the use of the Supreme Court to jam the social agenda down the throats of many Americans who just don't want it and it's going to be interesting to see what's going to happen in the days to come. So pray for wisdom for our Supreme Court justices, but I would also ask that everyone pray as well for courage to stand firm against these progressive winds that are changing what we've known to be Judeo-Christian values that have made our nation strong sense day one and that's my exhortation today. Again, hashtag courage, we need to have the courage of the Old Testament prophets. The New Testament apostles and Jesus himself because if we don't if we remain silent. There truly will be an overturn of our culture as we know it today when I like where you're going with this day that I feel like he educate us so much. I learned so much from you and what's going on in our culture, and I love to view the biblical view that you you look at the world to look at these decisions and what is trying to be pushed down the throats of the government and I get I get a little bit leery when things are rushed into action and do you see any reason to pause on this and this agenda or do you think it, the Lord is allowing the rushing of this to come before the Supreme Court will I think that for such a time as this. We need to address this now we can keep kicking this abortion example can down the road, it's going to have to be dealt with. It has divided our nation. There are people on both sides who are adamant in their beliefs. That is, it should either stay or it should go as a law, but the whole idea of court packing I think is rushed and it is by Biden administration that knows it has the midterms coming up in 2022.

It knows that decisions that are radicalized like this one need to happen now, and it's interesting that two conservatives who were a member of that 35 person commission have resigned. They have seen an agenda. They have said this thing is stacked and they have resigned in protest. So interestingly if they do come back and say no we don't think we should go to 12 members but we would think our judges need to have term limits that would demand a constitutional amendment because the Constitution says that that appointment to the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment so at that point you gotta go through the states through the Senate in order to amend the Constitution engine. I just can't see that happening anytime in the near future.

Though I do think the Lord is allowing all of this to bubble up to the surface so people can see the agenda.

I do believe the Lord wants all people in this nation to see the hardness of the human heart. The wickedness that's there. The desire to control from this progressive agenda and that we again would do hashtag courage that we would stand before the Lord in every possible way. That's okay. David will taking a turn. Here we as members of the kingdom of heaven and God's rule and reign. Where's the hope in this for us is that we very well. The hope is Isaiah 9 for the government shall be upon his shoulders. Now that's going to happen in his second coming. When he sets up his reign over all the world, but until that day happens, we have responsibilities ourselves, so I would encourage everyone to know the issues. Listen to this hope cast and other people who give great insights into what's going on. Make sure you're involved be like the parent at the Loudoun County school gathering just the other day, stood up, recognizing there were two sexual assaults hidden by the school board and this dad with his daughter next to him said you guys have hidden this.

You've covered it up and one of the members of the school board was a friend of his and he said you need to resign call them out by name and said you also plural.

All of you need resigned. It's going to take people like that. Dad like other moms who are standing up and saying no more than enough is enough.

So we wait for the government of Jesus to be on his shoulders in his second coming, but until then we are people of courage who demand oversight of the Constitution as it was written a balanced perspective that tries to guard the evil of the human heart from too much control and we the people say to our legislative doors. We elected you. We are your boss and we look forward to the 2022 election when we will elect people who will stand for we the people, and no one else think I think that's okay. I'm David Chadwick and this is this week's hope cast will come back next week with another one that will give insight on control and what we need to do against people who try to control us, but also governments that may try as well, I David Chadwick, Jim Houston with me. Thank you for listening today. I look forward to talking with you all

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