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Angels of Hope

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 15, 2021 12:54 pm

Angels of Hope

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 15, 2021 12:54 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the importance of angels in the Christmas story and to our faith as a whole. 

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One. Welcome to this week's test during this Christmas holiday time season I want to give you something that will your heart and that use around the subject of.

I've asked my dear friend Jim Houston to be with me as we cohost this hope cast today in Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas stated it's an honor to be here. How's your family doing were doing well are very excited for the upcoming Christmas holiday. This just a special time of year is in so many memories. The warmth of the fires the glow of people's hearts shining brighter than ever before. During the season of people enjoying family and Fonda and fireplace and football. But I hope faith as well and today I wanted to emphasize part of the Christmas story that I think often times gets overlooked and that is the importance of angels. We love the topic of angels, and sometimes see them as these little Cupid characters with their bows and arrows fluttering around with their wings but Angels really are a significant part not only of the Christmas narrative, but the entire story of the Bible.

In fact, I believe that here is from where they came. God's perfect love. But in order for love to exist. It's got to have an object of its love. So when I hear people say, will God is one. How could there be one God in three persons, I would ask the question will do you believe that God is love and if someone says will, of course, I believe that God has to be love. I would then ask the question then will.

How can God only be mono theistic without three persons and also be love because love demands an object of love and God had no one whom he could love.

So therefore what we believe as Christians is God the father loved God the son God the Holy Spirit love God the father and that cross colonization of love existed among the three persons in the Godhead. It was that love then that God finally said in the uniqueness of the triune Godhead. Let's extend outward our love let's create more objects of our love and I believe the next concentric circle outward that God created was the angels that God created many different angels.

The Bible suggest there are millions upon millions of angels and in that angelic order God created a hierarchy of powers and principalities and evidently biblically there are several archangels one is named Gabriel. One is named Michael who is essential in the defeat of Satan will who Satan. The Bible seems to suggest he was an archangel originally who may well have been the worship leader of all the other angels we see in Isaiah 6 that one of the purposes of angels is to sit before the throne of God and saying regularly. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty that they love to worship and sing praises to God, it could well be that Satan was the one orchestrating that worship of God until he finally decided to lead a rebellion taking one third of the angelic order with him those angels becoming the demons and then this Satan, the destroyer has as his job description to kill, steal and destroy. Now the bad news is there are one third of those angels who have now fallen, led by a powerful archangel Satan, but there only one third of them the good news is two thirds of the Angels remained faithful to God and they continue to love God the father, son and Holy Spirit. They continue to love one another faithfully well in that continued narrative.

We have yet another concentric circle that was made outward and that's gin human beings. You and me that God created humanity beginning with Adam and Eve for the purpose of love. He wanted them to know his love, and he wanted to receive their love in return.

Not because because a megalomaniac but because God's just love he he loves to love. He loves to receive love and everybody knows that reality is true. Well, Satan came to this earth, and he tempted Adam and Eve to fall and they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil saying basically in rebellion. We want to be God. And when that happened this whole world became terribly corrupted but God in his holiness, knowing the sinfulness of humankind headed toward destruction and eventual eternal separation from him in hell. Matthew 2541 being God created hell for the devil and his angels who had rebelled against him, but also for anyone else who took on Satan's particular rebellion against God. The only way that rebellion could be overcome, was by the forgiveness of our sins so God the father said to God the son at some point in human history. Would you go. Would you go and the son said yes, and Jesus the son left the splendor of heaven and entered the squalor of humankind in this environment sustained and corrupted with sin entered into the Virgin Mary's womb created by the power of the Holy Spirit as the gospel of Luke tells us, and what's so fascinating gin as you look at the Christmas story which means God sending his son into the world of the incarnation, the father saying to the son, would you put on human flesh. Philippians 25 through 11 that the son did not think equality with God was something to be grasped, but humbled himself in obedience to the father sending his son into the world putting on the likeness of human flesh. But sin lists in human flesh and basically this child Jesus because he was created by the power of the Holy Spirit bypassed the whole way that sin is passed on into the world. This child being perfect God and perfect human in every possible way. He had to be in order to live the perfect life.

None of us can live so that he could go to the cross, and take the wrath of the father for our sin. His holiness being impugned by our unrighteousness. His wrath, the father's wrath poured out on his son, Jesus, and not on us so that we can be forgiven by grace through faith. The Christmas story is a rescue mission God rescuing us from our sin to give us eternal life. Now go back to Mary this, what, 13, 14-year-old virgin teen and the angel appears to her. Who is the angel. The Bible tells us Gabriel, one of the archangels. This Gabriel is essential to the Christmas narrative. Not only did he appear to Mary to tell her she's going to carry the Christ child, but he also appeared to Zechariah the priest in the temple who and he and his wife Elizabeth wanted a child so badly so desperately. He was praying in the temple, probably at that time asking God for his son and Gabriel comes and says God is heard your prayers and Elizabeth is going to conceive, even in her old age and of course, that child is John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus prophesied by Malachi in Malachi 3 and four and that prophecy fulfilled in this great gift of God to Zechariah and Elizabeth and actually Mary goes to visit Elizabeth her cousin and when she walks into the room. Mary has just recently learned of the conception of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit in her womb. Elizabeth had known for six months now that John was coming into the world and when Mary walked into Elizabeth's presence with Jesus in her womb created by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The child John in Elizabeth's womb now about six months old leaves for joy is an amazing narrative about what happens in the wounded children can reveal emotions or heel pain and interestingly the child in that text is the term that literally means a child, the same term that Jesus uses later on let the little children come to me. Same word and it's one of our pro-life arguments.

As you know gin of those of us who stand on biblical truth but it was again the angel Gabriel that came to Zechariah the angel Gabriel came to Mary Nellis take one more step. It's the angel Gabriel that came to Joseph. When Joseph went after receiving the news about Mary's pregnancy. How did this happen and he was in the betrothal time. That one year's time. Were they were getting ready to be officially married. Not married yet and Joseph's thinking how can I get out of this.

How can I get out of this and Gabriel appears to Joseph and says no, this child is by the Holy Spirit. This child is from God, you stay married to Mary and evidently he did and must've been a great father, don't you think gin a wonderful daddy to the son of God on this earth.

When you think of all the things we want for our children and what did God give Jesus, but a great mom and dad not power, not privileged, not possessions, but a great mom and dad to raise him in the nurture and admonition of God himself and that's what happened in the Christmas narrative.

Gabriel appeared all three of those major Christmas characters that we rejoice over every year and one other thought an angel appeared to the shepherds as well. We don't know if it was Gabriel or not. It just says in the text, an angel, but right after the angel informed the shepherds to go and worship this Christ child born in Bethlehem an angelic military choir came I love this part, dozens, maybe hundreds of angels. I think singing in a military chorus. Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth and goodwill gin angels. They are a part of the Christmas story and not only are is their purpose to worship the living God. In Isaiah 6. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. We see in Hebrews 114.

Their purpose also as well is to minister to God's elect. So I wonder this if Gabriel was so important in the Christmas narrative. If angels appear throughout the Bible to help God's people. Maybe one of the things we should do during this Christmas time.

Is ask God to send us an angel for all of us are going through stuff. We have problems in our lives. We have difficulties confronting us. Maybe we should take some time to say, Lord, send me an angel help me in the Old Testament, one angel came to free the Israelites from the onslaught of sumac rib the evil king of Assyria. One angel came and defeated hundred and 85,000 soldiers, Lord, send me a name and Lord. If you want to please send me Gabriel, I would mind that at all how you want to send me an Archangel Gabriel Michael or whomever, but yet one angel sent from God has more power than the most powerful person on the face of this earth engine. I just want us to recapture angels during this Christmas narrative not only Gabriel but all of the angels mentioned in the Bible and all those we could call upon in our times of need. I know there is a Scripture.

I know you know where it as I'm not gonna try to pretend like I know where it is that it talks about when we pray, it sends angels to flight.

Yeah, Psalm 91 and they cause us not to trip over those places in our lives.

We may not see, they protect us from the deadly pestilence during the covert continued problem. That's what been one of my prayers would send me angels who will protect me from contracting covert and I just think the Lord does that.

So in Psalm 91 if people have never read that read that chapter in the Bible and it will encourage you about the power off angelic forces that can come help us in our times of need and there's also another verse that talks about how we may have already in our lifetime, entertained angels unaware unawareness from the book of Hebrews chapter 13 and Marilyn and I have an interesting story when we were first starting out in ministry.

I had a weekly Bible study at the church. I used to pastor and only about 10 or 15 people showed up, but we were enjoying that fellowship as we were just starting out in ministry one evening to guy showed up off the street disheveled and they told us they were hungry so after the Bible study.

Marilyn and I took them up to a filling station. We bought them a bunch of food and drink and just said we wanted to do this for you in the name of Jesus, and right before one of them left. He looked at Marilyn and said, you have just entertained angels unaware he stops all this into this day she still sees his face.

He still knows the voice here. The accent and just wonders if indeed they weren't angels and God gave us a test whether we would entertain them care for them and love them and practice hospitality as he wants us to do so. That is amazing. At least my faith and it reminds me of one time I was in a prayer meeting and I remember being the one that was praying aloud at the time and I thought somebody had come up behind me and grabbed my arms and I turned around Madison is praying nobody was there and I felt like the Holy Spirit to said that was an angel to secure you to strengthen you in your intercession, all while gin wheel. I am convinced of this that the veil that separates this visible temporal world from the invisible eternal world is very, very thin and I wonder what is Hebrews 12 mean when it says were surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, cheering us on to the finish line saying you can make it.

You can make it in death. Just being the transition from this visible temporal world into the invisible eternal world and I just wonder if the Angels along with our loved ones who've gone on before us aren't that cloud of witnesses who are cheering us on sin keep going keep going and I've actually had mirror one time felt literally on angels weighing and its feathers tickle her face in a time of worship. Some years ago and just felt the presence of the angelic choir around Lincoln so my point this Christmas is hey listeners, why not reread the Christmas narrative with an appreciation for the angels who are throughout the story, especially Gabriel and realize again.

Hebrews 114 that angels are ministering spirits, creatures, spiritual creatures created by God for the purpose of love ask one to be sent to you to help minister love to you to help you overcome an issue to help you worship deeper like to help you love God more. He just might do it and if that happens, no gin when it happens. Let's make sure we praise God from whom all blessings flow. We never worship angels, they never want to be worship saying they keep pointing to Jesus, the one who indeed should be worship today and forever gin or Christmas to you Mary Christmas day then and Merry Christmas to all of you listeners and just ask God for an angel to help you just might send you one day and whatever my special Christmas

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