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If God is Good, Why Is There Evil?

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 10, 2022 10:37 am

If God is Good, Why Is There Evil?

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 10, 2022 10:37 am

One of the most profound questions in the life of a Christian is: Why does God allow evil to happen? Today, David takes this question on during his conversation with Hopecast's host Jenn Houston.

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David Chadwick welcome to this week's with my friend Jim Houston joins me weekly for these overcast Jim thank you for your presence. Thank you for having me Jim last week we talked about the state of the union address and some of the disconnect that was the year.

The inability to relate to the issues of an ablation that surround us. The open orders situation. The continued covert discussion and ask for children, etc. but also we address the Ukraine situation where, when Pres. Biden addressed that in his State of the Union address. There was unity there was an uproarious standing ovation for him on both sides of the aisle. It quickly deteriorated as he started into the Democratic talking points, but there was unity about the Ukraine. I think largely because there's so much pain. There many people losing their lives. People who don't want to be under Russian bondage who are objecting revolting even picking up arms themselves and are also seeing some of the techniques of Hooton who is actually surrounding cities and doing a siege if you will, almost like the Old Testament examples of the Assyrian and Babylonian nations surrounding Jerusalem and starving it to death until it ultimately surrendered. It looks like Putin is doing that same kind of thing so as you look at the problems that exist in this world from co-vid to mask to the supply-side problem to the inflation issue to the war problems that exist not just in the Ukraine, but wars and rumors of wars, as Jesus predicted would happen before his second return on all around the world.

How do we begin to understand evil, suffering, and the problems that exist around us. Does that grab you as well. It is, and I want language to be able to turn and give my children I want to try today as best I can to answer that question that is repeatedly asked if God is good. Why is there suffering and evil in the world. Some critics and skeptics have said that that question is the Achilles' heel of the Christian faith. It is the Achilles' heel of even the existence of God of God is good.

How can we allow these bad things to happen. So let's take a swipe at it today in these 17 to 18 minutes that we have together in the hope cast just to help people understand what's going on. More specifically, what I get asked is this if God is good. Why did he create the angel Lucifer, who became the devil Satan, who is the author of evil and the one who has destroyed so much of God's once good creation. If God is good. Why would he create this creature who becomes evil. Second question. If God created Adam and Eve, why did he do so knowing that they would fall, and in their fall brings sin into this world. The sin that's caused all the issues that I just related to why would he do that and why would he allow Satan access to the garden in order to tempt Adam and Eve for their fall, those of the questions I get asked all the time and let me begin by answering it this way is part of the plan. It's just part of the plan is part of God's story that he is living out in our midst.

The thing we need to start with is the realization that God is timeless. God is not bound by time like we are.

God is in eternity, we get asked by our children all the time when they were especially young, will you know if God created us to know the next question who created God himself. And so the answer is no one created God. God is timeless. He's outside of our time and space, but in the beginning Genesis 11 God did create the heavens and the earth.

He created time and as there was a beginning of time there will be on the end of time. Revelation 18. Jesus, the second person of the Godhead is called the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of time.

The Bible teaches.

Jesus created everything in this world. Colossians 113. He's also the one who will end all time, but he exists outside of time and one of the things we need to ask as we begin this discussion does God exist. Presently outside of time, even though we were inside of time bound by those time measurements now if that's true, that means that after God began the world he created the Angels. Why did he create the Angels. I think because of love. God's love.

First John 31 he loves this world deeply and dearly, and the father son and Holy Spirit.

The three persons of the Godhead all inextricably loved one another and God wanted to create another concentric circle outward of creatures whom he could love and those are the angels so he created millions upon millions upon millions of angels probably in hierarchies of different commands that they would have at the top were certain ones like Lucifer, the angel of light who ultimately envied the position of Jesus and led a rebellion in heaven and took one third of the angels with him, who became his demons.

Those who want to kill, steal and destroy God's once perfect creation. All because of jealousy. All because of envy. All because of pride he led that rebellion so the questions asked why did God allow that free choice will love can only exist if you allow free choice and I love my wife Marilyn dearly but I live every day with the reality that I might awaken in the morning, and shall say to me I don't love you anymore. Praise God for 44 years. That hasn't happened, but I live with that reality, because love demands that she freely choose to love me.

Otherwise, she's a robot she's an automaton and you just why groveled as a doll every morning and she goes to David and me.

That's not a lot of love has to have choice of God gave the evil one choice and he chose to rebel from his position as an angel of light to Satan, the destroyer. The evil one. The divider now even comes to earth, and the next concentric circle outward is human beings Adam and Eve and Jen you and me and your children. My children our loved ones there all created in the image of God and what does that mean it means that we all have free choice. Just like God does. He's independent he's not demanding anyone tell him what to do and as he is independent so we are independent to make free choices just like God can make free choices himself. So Adam and Eve receive a temptation from the enemy whose allowed access to the garden and he tempts them to be God themselves to think God's a celestial killjoy and they take the same bait that he took in his rebellion, and they invited sin into this world and where there was harmony perfectly in the garden in Genesis 1 and two. There is now disharmony not only in the garden but in all of the world for all times until Jesus comes back and makes this world the way he intended it to be so again for them. The question is why did God give them free choices because he wanted them to love him and him to love them with the freedom of choice and they freely chose not to love him and invite sin into this world now sin is terrible. It's awful.

It's caused all kinds of pain and difficulty in this world. But here's the question. Is God using our free choice and even our rebellion against him including Satan's.

As a part of a bigger plan a part of a more important story and Jen. I believe he is. That's why I don't mean to be frivolous. When I answer the problem of suffering and evil. The way I do, but it's part of the plan. It is part of God's larger plan of what is the plan. I'm taking a stab here. I think this could be right in Revelation chapter 9 God is talking about the saints who love him. He's talking about those who have their names written in the Lamb's book of life before the foundations of the world. Now think about that for second. That means that everybody who loves Jesus, who is a part of his plan. Those people's names were written in God's eternal book of life before Genesis 11 so before time ever began God knew the people who would love him furiously and powerfully. He knew their names. Their names are written in his book of life. So if that is true God exists outside of our time and space.

God has an eternal time lists plan and that plan is to create a people who will love him passionately and never rebel against him again. So if that's true, that means that when Jesus comes back and ends time and makes this world even again paradise in original intent. He's going to have here. Only people in this new heaven and new earth who love him passionately in the book of Revelation chapter 22. There is no tree of the knowledge of good and evil which Adam and Eve ate of which caused the rebellion when they said I will be as God. I want to know I'll make decisions for myself. There's no tree called that in the new Jerusalem.

There is the tree of life that was also in the garden of Eden, so will eat of the tree of life forever. And here's what's so fascinating. I think we will have the memories of past sins evil sufferings, etc. and were going to go if I rebel against God will go there again.

I know how horrific that is how evil it is. I never want to go there again and so will always only choose love. So in timelessness in heaven in eternity, it will be a group of people whose names were written in the Lamb's book of life before the foundations of the earth who just love each other passionately will always choose to in Jesus language reducing all of the Bible and the two phrases always love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our minds, and all our might and also love our neighbors as we do ourselves.

It'll be perfect love in all creation for all of God's people forever and it will be a new place a new Jerusalem with a new people who love God passionately forever, but the only way we could get there is through the cross.

The only way we could get there is through freedom of choice that can invite sin into the world, but through that we become not just creatures that God created to love not just a little less than the angels soulmate which assess where we are. The angels were created first then us were a little less than the angels, but through the cross of Calvary.

Jesus resurrection through his shed blood. We receive him and are saved by grace we are elevated Jen above the Angels. We now our adopted sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of lords. We have royal blood pulsating through our veins, our big brother is named Jesus.

We have a rich Jewish big brother who takes care of all of our needs.

He promises to do that and because of the cross. Because of that suffering we been elevated from just creatures we been elevated to sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and the only way that could happen was to the cross. The only way that could've happened was the redemption and that's why the Bible says that the angels look at the whole idea of the cross and grace and they just cannot understand it and marvel.

It's just a mystery to them ago how could the father, whom we love so much.

Love those people the way he does. And yet in the end times those angels were going to be the one to come and help proclaim the gospel to all of the world is going to be a marvelous kind of thing. And they're going to love, to proclaim the gospel because they see what it's done to us as God's new creations.

The old has passed away in the new has come. I think there's an eternal timelessness. That's a part of this plan that we can't fully grasp and won't grasp until eternity, but it's what Paul meant.

I think in second Corinthians chapter 12 when he ascended to the third heaven and he said it's just so magnificent and so beautiful I can't find the words to describe it, it's so wondrous and glorious. I just don't know even how to describe it, and I think that's because were not going to fully understand everything until we get to heaven.

That's what Paul meant in first Corinthians 13 when he said we looked through a mirror dimly, now in the suffering and pain that surrounds us.

But soon we'll see face-to-face and will say the most often spoken word in heaven.

Oh, as God explains it all to us, but bottom line, Jen why the fall why Satan why pain-and-suffering of God is good. Why is there evil. It's part of a plan and it that plan can only be accomplished through pain-and-suffering can only be accomplished through the cross to make us into the Christ centered people that God wants us to be forever. This is an amazing, you have given me language to turn around in and give my children and I'd like to say I actually was in the car with them this week and I said you know David Chadwick says the most often overused word in heaven is going to be nice out. I thank you for that reminder. I would love to ask you another question at the in between time okay between the fall garden and Jesus's return us as believers and authority keys can you speak tonight a little that how we pray, what is it mean by we are seated now in heavenly places and how do we live out our story that might be another hope Altogether. So let's keep that in mind, because it's a great question. But here's what I believe that when adamant send. He had been given dominion and authority over creation and when he sinned, he handed the deed of creation over to Satan and Jesus even calls him the prince of this world.

Paul calls him the God of this world. So there's an authority that Satan has that was given to him by Adam that Adam was supposed to have in fact Satan he took Jesus up on top of the parapet said, look at all of the stations, all of them will bow down and worship you if you'll just worship me see the same temptation was in heaven he wanted Jesus he wanted Jesus to worship him.

What he has some kind of authority there but on the cross that authority was broken on the cross, God reclaimed that deed and in heaven. There's going to come a place where, and this is a study of Revelation will have to do it another time.

There are seven seals in that first one that's broken is the title deed of earth and Jesus is the one who breaks it people crowd in heaven who is worthy to break the seal. No one's worthy. John starts crying because he imagines a world is always going to be under sin and bondage. Then someone says no there's one newsworthy worthy is the Lamb who came to take away the sins of the world and Jesus breaks that title deed reclaims it, and I believe Jen in this very simple language. Jesus gives a lot of that authority back to us that this is my father's world and he will reclaim it as his own.

One day, totally, but until then I'm given on authority that was lost in the garden. I am seated with Christ in the heavenly's Ephesians 26 that is my reality and I can pray your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I think most Christians have really puny prayers. We can claim that authority live in that authority and see much more that were supposed to see in miracles and signs and wonders them are presently seeing now will create stinky Jen. I hope this helps make some sense for you and we can continue to explore the subject, but the bottom line why sin and suffering. Why did God create Adam and Eve knowing there were going to rebel. Why did God create the evil one, knowing he was going to rebel and I think the answer is a very simple, it's part of the plan. Our names were written in the Lamb's book of life. In Revelation 9, before the world was ever created.

The same idea by the way, is in Ephesians 1, Paul says that we were chosen by God before the world was ever created. He wanted us to be his children. Blood bought children be in an intimate relationship with him. That could not have happened had he not allowed sin rebellion to occur and then for Jesus to come into the world through the cross to forgive us of our sins give us a new blood, a new life in him that we now have forever and ever and ever and ever.

To him be glory for all times. He is Lord Jen, thanks for being with me today. Thank you for having me and hoaxers. Please listen next week I'll have another hope cast for you.

Until then trust Jesus is in control

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