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What's Going On: Questions About the End Times, Pt. 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 23, 2022 6:00 am

What's Going On: Questions About the End Times, Pt. 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 23, 2022 6:00 am

On this week's Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston continue their discussion with more questions about the end times. 

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One we can welcome back to this week's cast with my dear friend Jim Houston joins me as often as she can in these overcast gin I'm doing well thank you so much for having mediated will. Thanks, Jim. I hope that this is interesting for you as well because you often ask me the questions that I been asked by everybody else and so it's a nice synergy if you will, to be able to try to answer those questions that I'm being asked so much today, especially about goal prophecy. Let's review what we did last week because this is part two of last week and you began last week with what? Well, wondering if Peyton is the odd of Ezekiel 38 yeah it's a great question because in Ezekiel 38 one of the clearest prophecies about end times. There is a character by the name of Og, and it means prince or rumor or overseer of a particular area of the world called Magog MEG OG and if you look at that area of the world, then it's almost directly north of Jerusalem, to Moscow in present-day Russia.

So a lot of people, myself included, believe in end times prophecy. First of all that we believe as in time prophecies unfold that Ezekiel 38 is absolutely key in understanding it. So is prudent that Prince that leader. That overseer of Russia that will one day come against Israel, and invite the final conflict from God intervening on his behalf. We don't really know but we have some clues that are very interesting.

He is 70 years old, which means he's nearing the end of his life. He's a street fighter and a fog if you will, who thinks he's divinely inspired through the czars and the Roman families and Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible and all those different leaders of Russia through the centuries.

He thinks he is in that lineage, so he has the mixture of a divine calling.

Plus he's a street thug I he is a bully.

He is a Mafia member if you will, former KGB colonel and so those are a great mix for someone who wants to lead. He has power, he has authority. He is worth somewhere people think could be around $600 billion plus he could be worth $1 trillion.

We don't know and that's why a lot of people think these financial sanctions that people throughout the world are trying to impose on Russia are just water off his back. He doesn't care. It might cause the Russian people, some suffering, but he is well able to sustain himself through all of the sanctions and threats because he's just worth billions upon billions of dollars.

It's not going to affect him.

Indeed, he could probably finance a lot of the nation's ills himself for a season, so he's not a good guy, he has aspirations Russia right now is the 12th largest economy in the world. China's number two, the United States is number one. His desire is to put together the former Soviet Union.

It's called now Russia, not the Soviet Union, not the USSR it's called Russia which is the wash or the agog of Ezekiel 38. Interestingly, and as he put the whole motherland back together. I think he is an antichrist at least remember John said in the epistles of John, that there will be antichrist plural who preceded the Antichrist when he comes on the scene. I think prudent is at least one of those antichrist plural. Those who are against Christ to try to take the place of Christ.

As you've seen in others through history like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and others as well who are godless, reprobate of people who kill others just for their own power and their own glory. I think Putin is one of those kind of characters. So as he is in this stage of his life with great wealth. With great power has an antichrist kind of position and that there is this prophecy that Russia will come against Israel. One day in a partnership with Persia present-day Iran with two ball which is present-day Turkey with Libya, which is present-day Libya today and also some coalition of African nations which will come from the South not included within that are the United Arab Emirates and Qatar and other countries in that area who have made a peace agreement through Donald Trump's president number 45. In order for there to be peace. Interestingly, Ezekiel 38 those nations do not come against Israel a D Don is one of the names given to them. They just sit on the sidelines and go to Russia and the other nations, you shouldn't do this.

This isn't really right but in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 prophecy. They stay on the sidelines as well and you to see all of this happening right now and I believe the God is in control of everything. Daniel 221. He raises up leaders. The basis leaders Donald Trump number 45 was used for this purpose of the Abraham Accords energy and I believe that Joe Biden number 46 is a part of God's plan and he is the one is made to some terrible decisions to weaken American autonomy but also our economy, and he is the one that's week in the mid East to allow Russia to step into this leadership vacuum and the fulfill I think Ezekiel 38 prophecies all is overseen by our great God, who is overseeing everything so that's basically in a nutshell what we covered last week.

Now I know that's great Atlanta to make that turn likely promised our listeners at the end of last week where where is America in the entire fascinating question because after you read about D Don and the United Arab Emirates and the other nations there that are to the southeast of Israel basically saying to Russia and the world. You shouldn't do this kind of thing to Israel. You know, again, the UAE is investing $10 billion in Israel. They don't want it to fall because they want their nation to continue to expand financially and grow. But interestingly, you have a reference to the young lions there and some people think maybe that could be the United States and of Britain being kind of the lion that was in control of a lot of the world for about a century until its kingdom contracted and in then you have this reference again to the young lions. Could that be the United States and again if so both Britain and the United States are sitting on the sidelines and they're nowhere involved in gin what I think and this is not going to be great news for all of our people out there, but barring a serious huge revival among God's people and his church, which will bring back who we are as a people a sense of manifest destiny. If you will. God's original call upon our nation that our forefathers recognize they saw King George III as the Pharaoh of Egypt and they saw themselves as God's people leaving that and coming to the promised land America in this nation was formed on Judeo-Christian principles.

Yes, with an awful evil blight on us called slavery that I think our fathers intended to get solved through the Constitution over a brief period of time after it was received and accepted by the majority of the people, but then southern folk wanted to continue to keep black people enslaved for their own money, their own prosperity.

The love of money is the root of all evil. So we have that blight that's on our nation for sure, but the principles of equality and Judeo-Christian values from God's word were baked into our system from day one and that's why we had a war were 600,000 people gave their lives, at least partly, I think largely to set black people free because those principles were baked into our system and I think it's the greatest nation on the face of the earth with those calls to freedom that are given every citizen in our land.

So that's how we were formed, but what you've seen over the last years is a continual erosion of those values you have a group of people who don't want our Constitution to be that which guides us so you're seeing more and more people getting into power, making our military weaker and weaker. I think Obama did that a lot during his eight years. In fact, while he was in office.

Our Navy became a second grade Navy power throughout the world, and we saw other things as well. That made us weaker as a nation, not the least of which is our morality.

Interestingly, in second Thessalonians chapter 2, another in times prophecy says that there will be lawlessness under the word that could be used their confusion that will be all over the world. We see in America is a confused nation confused about sexuality confused about what power really is confused about gender confused about marriage confused about greed, confused about so many things.

So to answer your question Jen, where is America in end times prophecy. I just don't think they're going to be found. Whether we have imploded as a nation and have lost all of our power altogether, or whether we still exist, but just are neutral and don't have any influence worldwide. I'm not sure, but you know.

19 of the 21 great nations on the face of the earth have always imploded from within. They've always been destroyed from within, and the average length of a nation's existence is around 200 years this July 4 we will be in existence for 246 years now. Why have we been able to outlast the 200 year legacy. I think it's largely because our nation was built on Judeo-Christian values we have that in our framework, and it has sustained us and it still present at some level of salt and light in our culture, but it's getting less and less and less. So it looks to me like as we advanced toward the end times. America becomes a lesser power with lesser influence and were just unable to influence the mid East in any way as Hooton or whoever has this coalition of nations surrounding Israel and begin their attack upon God's people allow fascinating will you he said America could be like that that young lions and connected that to Great Britain turning that corner where you see Europe during our festival. That's a great question as well. Where is Europe and all of this will, in the last decades. What we have seen is kind of a sanctimonious idea of Europe toward the rest of the world. They have combined together they form the euro they think they are very prosperous they think they got the idea of never having to face war again. So Germany for example in other nations as well have lessened their military might and, interestingly, have become more and more dependent on Russian oil and gas in order to get what they need to keep them warm during the winter time and cold during the summer time and as they depend more and more on Russia and deplete more and more their military might.

They have become a group of people who are not influential. They have no sense of purpose themselves except to try to exist except to eat drink and be merry and enjoy the next day they are a group of nations that have formed together with no power or influence. That's why NATO itself does not have the punch that it needs right now to cause any problems because they're not united themselves regarding what they should do so, it looks to me like if indeed Britain could be one of those young lions that probably includes NATO itself. Europe itself has become lesser and lesser in power and importance and will be unable to stand up against this gift. This leader of Russia itself without one other nation. I like to have you chime in on is China where signing this well. China is the number two economically strong nation in the world behind the United States at this point what you have, though, is with people threatening sanctions against Putin Hooton is being driven to China to prop up his economy and to give him strength.

So China is now the number two economy the world the United States is really not what China wants to destroy the United States wants to be overcome by China so that China can say were number one. It's fascinating for me that Satan had five I wills in Isaiah 14 when he desired to become God himself five times. He said I will I will I will I will I will. He wanted Jesus position on the throne in heaven so that I will desire that pride to be number one is what drives so many China again doesn't want to devastate the United States. It just wants to become number one. So it's increasing its relationship with Russia propping up Russia with the one trying to make that the world's currency and Russia is willing to trade at rubles for the one in order to have what it needs in order to keep its own military might and I think I referred to Putin and Russia being the number 12 economy of the world. It really is a second rate economic power right now it's not even in the top five right now. But here's what I think. I think Hooton wants.

I will I will I will I will I will I don't think he wants to say were number 12 when drives. I think he wants to say were number one or two or three with pride. We want to be one of the superpowers at the top which they're not. Right now, in the way he gets there is by making relationships with China with India with Japan.

All those nations to the east that NATO doesn't have relationships with, that the United States does not have those kind of relationships with, and he can make himself stronger by having that as well. Interestingly, in Revelation chapter 9 there is a 200 million person army that will march from the east.

In the end times.

What is the only nation on the face of the earth that has that kind of numbers of people that could have that kind of army which China may be in relationship with India and Japan. As is prophesied by John the reveille tour in Revelation 9 that there will be this huge 200 million person army from the east, an army that is from the rising sun, the only two places that have ever been called the rising sun historically are China and Japan and they will come against Israel at some point in this last great battle as well, so where is China and all of this. So it is a player is becoming stronger and will be a part of this end time scenario in some way, though not mentioned by name only, and army from the rising sun is mentioned in Revelation 9 wow there is a lot to take in here, especially over the last two weeks sense of history and information that you have given to us and we are so grateful for your knowledge and for your leadership and really as we land this conversation, I'd really love to hear your thoughts on how to be as believers live our day-to-day lives in this and this time, so what is you heard for the last two weeks. All of this information so what will the apostle Paul, particularly in the Bible, but many of the New Testament writers, Jesus himself especially said this look up you don't predict the day or the hour. As you said you don't do it, but be ready. Look up, keep your eyes upward. It could happen any day it could happen this afternoon. It could happen today, it could happen tomorrow. We don't know but keep your eyes looking upward. Also, be ready if Jesus should return right now.

Will he find you living a life that he's pleased with be ready also use your spiritual gift for serving other people. That's what Peter says in first Peter make sure that your serving other people love God and love your neighbor, especially the poor and the needy, so that should today be that day Jesus will come back and you'll hear well done my good and faithful servant live to hear the well done. May I say that again everyone who follows Jesus live passionately to hear his well done. And if you're living every day knowing that that would bring his well done, well if today is the day you should be excited that he might return today. That's so beautiful think to some extent, everyone.

Thank you for listening.

I'll continue to try to answer your questions on this whole cast another places. God bless you and

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