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The Tough Questions About Faith

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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April 20, 2022 6:00 am

The Tough Questions About Faith

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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April 20, 2022 6:00 am

On this week's Hopecast, Jenn Houston asks David Chadwick tough questions that we all ask ourselves about the Christian faith. 

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David Chadwick welcome to this week's cast along with my dear friend Jim Houston jointly regularly on these gin again.

It's always wonderful having you today mediated genuine.

I have talked over the months about questions that people ask and they seem to be ones that folks occasionally keep coming back to, and you thought that we should do a hope cast answering some of those questions lies it yet. Let's do that when today so let me allow you to lead today's program with some of those questions now.

I appreciate that a lot actually asked some of my friends if you had 15 minutes with David Chadwick. What would you want to ask Ken and here's some of the questions that came to the surface and working it jumped into the deep end if you don't mind David right away. Let's do it. Okay well do babies and aborted babies go to heaven. And the answer in my opinion is absolutely yes for many different reasons.

One is Jesus said, let the little children come to me.

He loved little children, and of course I believe that life begins at the moment of conception. So whether a child is aborted or miscarried, or dies in infancy that child immediately goes into the presence of Jesus because his arms were open wide, he said, let the little children come to me.

I can well imagine that when he was preaching to the 5000+ that he occasionally might've been interrupted by a child's cry and instead of like some preachers would say take your kiddo that are sure to get out here that Jesus would have gone and welcome that child into his arms, walked around while continuing the breach because he would want the little children to come to him. I also believe that in Revelation chapter 5 where in the kingdom of heaven. God is going to have every possible ethnic group and national identity present around the throne room of grace worshiping him well in the history of the world. There have been ethnicities and national groups that have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. But those children who die in infancy or miscarriage or whatever in those cultures. I think immediately go into the presence of Jesus. And they're going to be among all of the different tribes and ethnic groups that have ever existed. Worshiping the Lord Jesus. Finally when David's child died. Remember in second Samuel chapter 10.

He said I must go to my child. My child cannot come back to me. The implication is that child in heaven, and David is certainly going to heaven so he must go to heaven to experience his child in life again. So those are three biblical reasons that I believe children immediately go to heaven. We should never use abortion as a way of saying I was going send my child to Jesus and that is on ethical.

It is an unholy choice. God would never want you to do that but if dear listener, you have gone through an abortion. Please know first of all, it's not the unforgivable sin. It's not beyond the grace of God and just confess it to Jesus, and you will be filled with his grace and forgiveness.

Then you can look forward to seeing your child in heaven. Do I believe you'll see your children who have died in heaven. Of course I do.

And I believe that anything that happens here must be better there. So somehow if the joy of raising children has been denied us here someway somehow in heaven, though marriage isn't going to exist will still be able to raise those children love those children that we have lost either through miscarriage, abortion, or child dying in infancy or early in life. I just believe God is that gracious and I believe Jesus said, let the little children come to me. They are in heaven. Wow some.

Let's hope thank you so much for answering that well you kinda gave a nod to this next question and I'd like to know what is the unforgivable sin. Well, the unforgivable sin is the continual denial of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is the refusal to acknowledge the Holy Spirit's continued knocks on your heart to confess your sin and receive Jesus if you continually do that. There comes a time in your heart, and only God knows where that time is where your heart has become so hardened that you cannot receive the grace that Jesus wants to give you a it's the first John five. That's called the send beyond redemption. If you will. And again, only God knows that point in your human heart, but when you resist the Holy Spirit's promptings over and over again. It's in Romans one language God gives you over to your passions to your flesh, and at that point, you're beyond being able to receive Jesus, grace and forgiveness. Now let me say this very clearly. It's much like the fish in the caves of mammoth Kentucky there are fish there that their optical nerves are in perfect operating order, but if you take them out of the darkness of those caves and place them in light they can't see everything is working properly, but they can't see they've just lived in darkness for so long they cannot see people choose to live in darkness for so long that at some point they are blind, they just cannot see here something I want to make clear gin. If anyone out there right now is worrying that they have committed the unpardonable sin they haven't, because the very fact you're concerned about. It proves that your heart is still pliable and sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. May I simply encourage you to go to the Lord.

Confess whatever you need to confess, repent of your sending of the word repent is the missing in action word in Christian vocabulary today but it's necessary.

It's the proof that your life is truly been changed. Confess your sins, receive God's grace, repent, change your life make decisions that honor Jesus, and you will be able to move forward with spiritual life in your heart not ever having to worry that you've committed the unpardonable sin wow I like that thinking David will one question I have coming up next is very interesting for us in this season and this time with our culture as believers, should we attend a gay wedding you want to get me in trouble don't know you know I've never shied away from giving what I think the word of God would want me to say first of all you need to know that marriage is not our idea. The old Birkenfeld decision in 2015 by the Supreme Court of the United States does not define marriage, there is no Supreme Court justice who has the right to say to the God of the universe. Here's what marriage is God define marriage and it's revealed in his word.

So we go back to the Garden of Eden freefall before sin entered the world.

The last verses that describe this beautiful original intent, the Godhead has to do with marriage and God makes it clear that a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh. And they were naked and unashamed.

What it says very clearly there that God's original intent for marriage that Jesus echoed in Matthew 19 verses four through 10 when Jesus was asked about marriage. He quoted Genesis 224, as did Paul in Ephesians 5, as did Peter. In one of his epistles as well. So Genesis 224 must be God's original design for marriage and he said marriage is one man and one woman in a committed heterosexual permanent monogamous relationship. That's God's design that we have afforded God's design. With so many different decisions that we make like polygamy light divorce like polyamory like pornography and other things as well. Never a part of God's original intent. That's what God decided he wanted marriage to be and when it operates well between a man and a woman raising healthy children in that environment where the man and the woman are committed to one another, you produce generally healthy kids who reproduce that same kind of marriage and allows the culture then to remain strong and whole. We've seen a complete denial and destruction of marriage over the last 70 or so years in American life, mostly because of selfishness. So we've moved from the 1960s where sexual promiscuity began to take over no-fault divorce begin to occur to cohabitation to the El Greco fell decision to the redefinition of marriage in our culture, but somehow we people of faith have just got to remain strong and say no this is God's original intent. This is what he meant marriage to be so what do we do when a gay couple that we are friends with. Maybe even our own children want us to attend a marriage between a same sex couple. I think gin we have to do as God's people speak the truth in love. That's what Paul said to do in Ephesians 415 is what Jesus taught us to do. For example, with the woman caught in adultery receive God's grace but go and sin no more he spoke the truth and love to her.

I don't think we should attend. I think by attending were making a statement that we not only think that what they're doing is right. But we hardly approve of it in Romans one, Paul makes a list of all of these different sins and he says not only are you committing them, but you are in verse 32 hardly approving of them and that's what's happening in our culture were not only calling good evil but evil good, and when we participate in that idea as God's children, we are participating in something that I don't think God would desire so I think with that couple we say I love you. I appreciate you I care for you. You are image bearers of God. I will always love you if you're hungry I'll give you food if you're thirsty I'll give you water if you're naked I'll give you clothes if you're in prison I'll visit you. I will care for you as an image bearer of God, but my presence says that what you're doing is right and I just can't do that.

Please know I love you but I cannot approve of what I think is not God's design for marriage. Thank you so much for that. That is a very clear and honest answer, and I appreciate that so much will this next question is a little bit more lighthearted and I've heard many children ask this actually recently to all dogs go to have it sound like a great title for a movie. But here's my answer on God puts his living breath and all of his creatures. Every single creature breathes and has God's breath and life in them, but human beings are unique, were created in the image of God, and we have the one ability that the other animals don't have. And that's to worship God. You know Jen, I joked about this dogs can bark, but they can't sing praises and God bears can growl, but they cannot sing praises to God. That's the unique part of our being image bearers of God. We can sing praises.

We can worship to our living God. Having said that though animals do die, they are a part of the fallenness of this world and I don't think that our present pets and animals go to heaven. There's a verse in the book of Ecclesiastes. This is when animals died they return to earth. When humans die they go to heaven but I do think there are animals in heaven because Jesus talks about in the prophetic literature that when he returns the lion will lie down with the lamb, children will be able to play in front of the whole of snakes that there will be animals in heaven, but there will be a perfect relationship between us and them. The purgatorial aspects of animals. No carnivorous natures within them to kill us and vice versa that will live harmoniously together as was God's original intent freefall in Genesis 1 and two so I can answer the question specifically. I don't think our present animals and our present pets go to heaven. Not all dogs today go to heaven.

Sorry about that, but there are pets and animals and dogs in heaven again going back to Jen this whole idea of something is really good here and people really love their animals and their pets hear what happens in heaven's going to be even more wonderful, more beautiful, so will have some kind of relationship with animals and pets in heaven that will be much more glorious than what we know today that's okay will thank you so much for taking on some of these common and practical questions. I really appreciate your your take on these will thank you Jen and let's do this occasionally on our hope cashless have a Q&A time for the tough questions that people are asking and want their hearts to know about.

I'm willing to answer them. Let me always say I could be wrong. I'm not perfect in my answers. I tried to approach everything in life through the lenses of not only faith and values. But God's word and when I see God's word speaking to something I will say that and nothing else. So anything that's asked of me. I'll try to answer in accordance with God's word. Hopefully to give people help and hope in their lives. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much stated thank you Jen and everyone, I'm David Chadwick I'm with Jim Houston and we are glad to be with you in this hope past next week will tackle yet another subject, I look forward

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