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What's Going On: End Times Insights on Russia and Iran

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 18, 2022 6:00 am

What's Going On: End Times Insights on Russia and Iran

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 18, 2022 6:00 am

On this week's Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston offer biblical insights on the end times and what role Russia and Iran will have to play in biblical prophecy. 

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One I David Chadwick and welcome to this week's hope has to join me as she does every week is Jim Houston, my partner in this thank you Jim for joining me today. Thank you so much David for having me what I wanted to take the next step in looking at end times prophecies. Last week we looked at the formation of the nation of Israel that happened on May 14, 1948. Seeing that day, and go celebrating the 74th anniversary of Israel's existence of nation. The didn't existence suddenly and one day in fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 66 verses seven and eight that can a nation be born in one day and the answer is an absolute yes it was, but I also want to look today in a greater depth with this idea of when God called Abraham and gave him that land.

In Genesis 12 that promised land that holy land belong to God.

God said this is for you and your offspring that God promised Abram that the nations that bless you I will bless the nations that don't bless you all cursed and I wanted to give just a couple of other illustrations here today that are fascinating, taken from a book entitled, bless Israel be blessed and and I can't pronounce the author's name.

I'm sorry but the name again of the book is bless Israel be blessed and this man goes into literally dozens upon dozens of examples that when nations bless Israel they get blessed and when they don't vice versa. They get cursed and he gives a couple of illustrations that are absolutely fascinating. For example, in 2005 George W. Bush's administration tries to get Israel to give land to the Palestinians call the Golan Heights and when they do so they think peace will then come, well, Israel is forced to do that and five days later Hurricane Katrina blows through the New Orleans area and causes the greatest amount of disaster monetarily that's ever happened in the history of the United States we force Israel to give away God's land that he owns that he wants. For those people and said so clearly to Abraham and throughout all of history and we force them to give it up and we are the ones who get cursed, you just have to ask the question what in the world is happening there. Then we see that just a few months ago Joe Biden's administration tries to force Israel to abandon building homes in East Jerusalem and to give that to the Palestinians, thus declaring that East Jerusalem is Palestinian belong to and then at that point. What's so interesting is that huge tornado that went for what, 248 miles went all throughout the United States into Kentucky particularly and caused massive destruction that occurred right after the Biden administration forced Israel tried to force Israel to give to the Palestinians east Jerusalem and any was also fascinating engine.

I don't know what to do with all of this.

All I know the Bible says very clearly that to Abram and his descendents.

The nations that bless and we bless the nations that person will be cursed.

You look also at that.

The whole idea that years ago plus our president. Then Donald Trump moved to the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, noted that every president practically beforehand said they were going to do that but never did it. Trump did do that. It was a huge statement of honor and blessing to Israel and you know we were experiencing that time, the greatest economic blessing and Boone that we had known in our country ever so I'm just wondering I look at the facts. I look at the scenario and I asked the question what is going on here and then you read the book.

Bless Israel be blessed in all the examples that are there by this author, and you've just at least I think got to pause and ask the question is God's word. God's word that says in his black. I will bless those who bless you. He says that in his book. Well, that's what I'm trying to get at today is as we look at Jesus words that this generation will see the fig tree bear fruit and be a blessing to the world. Many people know that the fig tree is often symbolic of Israel and Jesus may well have been saying that this generation that sees the birth of the fruit bearing of Israel will be the generation that will see the second coming of Jesus and there are a couple of other nations that I think we need to glance at as we try to do this in times prophetic update if you will. The first is Russia and what really does stand out to me as this continual conflict with the Ukraine occurs and I'm not sure the Ukraine is an essential part of Jesus second coming, except that it is the breadbasket of the world. It supplies a large part of food for Africa itself and we are experiencing worldwide some shortages of food because of that, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus saying to be famines and I think food shortages that occur before his second coming, but what is really striking to me about Vladimir Putin and people ask me all the time.

Is he the auger of the Magog of Ezekiel 38 that will eventually lead Russia in an invasion of Israel and to cause a cataclysmic battle called Armageddon. One of those nations that's mentioned is me shock, which many people think is Moscow which is directly to the north of Jerusalem, as in Ezekiel 38 you have the prophecy that Magog and make shock will come down from the north, directly south to Jerusalem. While I don't know if Putin is that the word Ogg means Prince or leader. He certainly has antichrist qualities we think of what he's done in the Ukraine, for example, palming a Muslim place of worship with the people in there worshiping his gross treatment of the citizens of the Ukraine. His hideous way of dealing with this war and doing so with almost an autocratic goal. I want this because I want this to restore the motherland makes all of us pause and think. But I think what's most pausing for most of us today is his repeated threats to use nuclear weapons against whomever if this war continues.

Now many people just live in the idea that there is no way any nation today would use a nuclear weapon because that would then caused another nation that has nuclear weapons to come against that nation as well and then you have truly a disaster but Putin just may be crazy enough or demonically inspired to do that kind of thing. And as you look at Israel. You asked the question of why the world would Russia ever go south to invade Israel.

What's there in Israel that he might want and the truth is there are a lot of things that he might want like a 32,000,000,000,000 ft. of natural gas off the Mediterranean ocean that Israel now controls in every way. While Europe buys one third of its natural gas from Russia. If this war continues and NATO has more more pressure put upon it, not to buy Russia's oil or its natural gas.

Where does Russia turn then to control the supply that it may need in order to control the world's desire for natural gas that answer is obvious. They would have to attack Israel and get control of that billions of dollars of gas reserves off the coast you also look at the strategic advantage that Syria would have if it invaded Israel as well. Russia has a series of tanks and other military operations on the border of Syria right at Israel in order to invade at a moments drop off the hat. Would they dare use nuclear weapons against Israel.

Ezekiel 38 and 39. Describe some kind of war that has huge bursts of fire that happened in the warfare itself could that be an example of some kind of nuclear warfare.

It does cause all of us to at least cost, knowing as well that Israel has those nuclear weapons at its capability in its hands, and we know that that could happen now as I'm reflecting on all of this. I remember I was in that part of the world is 1999 turned into the year 2000 when we thought the world is going to hand and eyelids. I started and they read it and I ended injury. Signed Alessandra's in Israel for 24 hours and we did the craziest tour and you can actually tour the entire nation and 20 in in less than 24 hours.

If not, large zoning nation is New Jersey. It's mind blowing. When you think of all the prophecies on the importance that it's not really that much land in Israel has to have that land.

God's land holy land that he gave the Abram and his offspring in order a for Jesus to be born in that land which he was, and in order for Jesus to come back again to that land, which is the prophecy that he will. And as you look at the players on the world stage right now.

Jim, what else is fascinating not only Russia's aggressive nature. Right now it's desire to have more nations edits control and the more it has, the more people it will need the feed which means it has to have more more control of natural resources Israel being its greatest competitor, now with natural gas, its closest ally is Iran a nation with which Russia will ally in order to attack Israel. Interestingly, in Ezekiel 38 is not only Magog that Russia area that will invade Israel. It is Persia. It is Iran as we know it today. That will be in cooperation with Magog when that invasion occurs. What is the nation on the face of the earth right now that hates Israel more than any other one that answer would be. Iran is Shiite Muslim perspective, it hates Israel.

And what's so interesting as many people think that Iran is about eight weeks away from being able to fully develop all of its uranium capacity to have a bomb itself. That means that if there is some kind of invasion. Iran could have at its disposal, along with Russia nuclear capabilities to fight against Israel rods made it very clear. It has no desire for peace with Israel. It has every desire for Israel to be blown into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea it hates Israel in every possible way.

So it is receiving from Russia. The scientists necessary to develop nuclear weaponry and also the funding that's necessary for that to occur and what is so weird, so strange is we are now renegotiating with Iran to reestablish a relationship there. We are giving them billions of dollars, and that if you don't think those dollars are being used to develop nuclear capabilities. You are living on an island in the world and are uninformed about what's really going on. So that's just another aspect of end times prophecies that we look at what's going on with Iran and what's going on with Russia and the Ezekiel 38 prophecies and seeing that they would be the two major nations that would come against Israel at any moment at any time and what is also fascinating gin that I think all of our people need to know to that again. Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran. It's run by mullahs and others who are spiritually and control the nation. I need to make this very clear though that Irani and people. The Persian people are blessed, beautiful, wonderful people I got to know many through the years in my desire for that nation to come to know Jesus, by the way it is, along with Afghanistan, the fastest growing Christian nation in the world now mostly led by women who come to faith in Jesus. Another subject for another time we were leaving that movement. But interestingly, Iran is coming to faith in Jesus through dreams and visions. Jesus, bypassing the normal communication means to communicate to people who he is and the wonderful gospel of grace. But the leaders themselves are more mostly mullahs and ayatollahs and they are not good folks they do have as their desire the complete destruction of Israel and as you look at who they are. They believe that one day, the 12th Mahdi will return and he will be the fulfillment of Mohammed's second coming.

And when he returns these Muslims believe he will be accompanied by Jesus, and Jesus will declare to the world. Along with this 12th Mahdi that he is a Muslim and he will encourage all Christians to convert to Islam and become followers of Mohammed.

That is their belief. So, if they are ushering in the second coming of Jesus. They are helping the cause of the advancement of Islam worldwide. So that's yet another motivation among the spiritual leadership of Iran to get rid of Israel so that the 12th Mahdi can come back and Jesus accompany him declare that Jesus is a Muslim and in everybody who's a Christian, of the world convert to Islam and you will have been the mat vast majority of the world being Muslims who follow Mohammed.

While this makes me think that we really are not fighting against flesh and blood fat, and hence the rulers and the principalities and powers of darkness, and I think the way that you depicted that and what's going on there in the middle of so many people coming to faith in Jesus with his darkness and oppression in this nation. I just think it's striking and before Jesus returns to Paul made it clear in Romans chapter 11, there's going to be a vast number of Jews who start the come to faith in Jesus as well. There only about 30,000 messianic Jews in Israel today but interestingly there is a movement of the spirit among some who are coming to faith in Jesus and I think you'll see that happen as well before Jesus does return, but generally end up almost in the same position as we did last week. Okay, so what. So Israel now celebrates its 74th birthday. It's got to exist for Jesus to return those. Interesting insights given last week.

Also, today we look at Russia and Iran, their prime players before Jesus returns people go. That's interesting, but we end up with a so what and we have to always in this way whenever we look at prophetic updates. Hey everyone be spiritually alive.

The spiritually awake. Keep looking up be ready at any moment for Jesus. Second, return but please live in a way that's holy, set apart different live in a way that's pure and life-giving to other people. Please be a servant, not a superstar. Please use your gifts to serve the poor, the needy, the oppressed, please have a great heart for taking the gospel throughout all of the world. If Jesus should return the night, let him find all of us who love Jesus being faithful in every possible way doing what he's called us to do. No matter if his return is a year from now or tomorrow. We are faithful today ready for him to come back if he should come back right now. Yeah, not so good to share this one practical insight. If I may I hurt somebody teach recently in the parable of the 10 virgins, rather than hard oil reserves and five of them didn't they all represent that the bridal party waiting for Jesus's return. We need to buy our oil and how do we do not we get intimate with Jesus we pray we cultivate our relationship with God in the secret is how you felt your fat with oil, absolutely. And oil is always symbolic of the Holy Spirit in the Bible so you want to have your heart filled with Jesus oil and to always be ready with the fullness of his life in the Holy Spirit ready for him to return at any moment. And one thing I would add gin was fascinating. It was the five who didn't have the oil to try to go purchase it, you know, really, the oil, we get to the Holy Spirit is not purchased.

It's a gift given by Jesus the moment we receive him as Lord and Savior, dear friends. Just be ready. That's the essence of what I've been trying to teach last week and today will look at another hope cast next week.

I hope you're enjoying these with my friend Jim Houston, Jim, thank you for being with me again today. Thank you for having me David God bless you all soon

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