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A Choice to Rejoice - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 17, 2021 6:07 am

A Choice to Rejoice - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 17, 2021 6:07 am

The dictionary says praise is defined as “an expression of approval” and “to glorify.” Rejoice means to “give joy” and to “feel great joy.” Is this how you experience Christmas? Part 2.

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Forgive your sins. This is merely an interest in the life and when you believe the folks there shouting their singing in this place. Here's the deal.

It's a choice to address certain accounting moments of hope with for the last couple of weeks in teaching us how to Christmas story is woven throughout the Bible.

If you missed any of these broadcasts you can hear them again on our website. Moments of hope church.for today data continues this theme with part two of the choice to rejoice. The next part of the story is after marriage child is conceived in the power the Holy Spirit. She goes and visits her cousin is a book is why when Mary walks in the room. Elizabeth, like around 3 to 4 months pregnant and Mary walks in newly conceived with Jesus. John, who's in Mary's womb, and Jesus whose name such by God.

What Jesus may mean Savior because our greatest need focus is to be forgiven of our sins, our greatest need is not a larger salary. Our greatest need is eternal life. The guarantee of victory over sin and death to Jesus name tells this mission. These the Savior of our sins. And when Jesus walks into the room with Mary John leaps in the womb of Elizabeth the menu. That's because he is why my so doggedly pro-life because I believe the book in one most powerful questions you gotta ask. If you're not, you don't believe life begins at conception and you believe that's just a mass of tissue and just a fetus, you got asked the question how can Amir fetus in a massive tissue leapt with joy in the presence of Jesus there some kind of Holy Spirit inspired movement that happened in the womb of Elizabeth. When John was in the presence of his Savior Jesus.

Next part of the story. John's born and it's interesting if you read the text closely.

Elizabeth right after that encounter, Mary stays quiet for five months and people have asked many times why she stayed quiet for five months and I and I can't help but think of Marilyn when, after years of waiting in and God supernaturally and miraculously gave us our first daughter Bethany.

I can remember so vividly with the first child and all three is God was so gracious to us.

Marilyn sitting in a chair with her tummy way out and she would just stroke the child in four months.

She didn't go hardly anywhere. She just spent that time holding that baby in her womb, singing, praising, shouting.

She took so seriously that gift of life and I think that's what Elizabeth did. She took so seriously this gift of life that she does set for five months. Praying over the child singing over this child, thanking God for the life that was in her so John is finally born they they present on the eighth day John to the high priest for circumcision. The best the Jewish custom on the eighth day and the priests ask Elizabeth because Zechariah can't say a word is still moot.

What's his name and she responds. John obviously Zechariah had written out what happened in that moment in the temple right. His name is John the people go, John. That is not in your family lineage. Surely his name is Zechariah Junior and Elizabeth give Zechariah a tablet and sis tell them so. He writes out JOH in an folks. The men he wrote out the names of his voice came because he completed the last act of faith, trusting that God's word to Gabriel was true. His name's John voice comes back and here's what happens immediately after his voice comes back.

What were the first words that came out of his mouth. It's called is varies as the Magnificat.

Zechariah's praise song case shouting and singing is called the Benedict what is that mean I'm about to tell you and listen to Zechariah's first words after nine months of silence. Luke the first chapter versus 67 through 79. Here's what happened and his father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied, saying a hymn over God's son and hear his first words Blessed be the Lord God of Israel you what I call that I called up praise I did for nine months they could say a word. And all he could do was think about God's glorious goodness and greatness in his life anyway did for nine months for his mouth to be opened again and what are the first words that come out of his mouth. Praise the Lord. I thought to myself, if God shut my mouth for nine months would be the first words came out of my mouth when they finally were open again to be some like what's on SportsCenter how the heels do or something stupid like that, but obviously the first response should be what singing, shouting and praising, which is what happened with Zechariah when he knew his son was going to lead Jesus message into the world. Praise the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited and redeemed his people and has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David as he spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from old that we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us to show the mercy promised to our fathers and to remember his holy covenant.

The oath that he swore to our father Abraham to grant us that we, being delivered from the hand of our enemies, might serve him without fear without fear. No fear in the heart of those who believe without fear and holiness and righteousness before him all our days and you child you, John will be called the prophet of the most high, for you will go before the Lord Jesus to prepare his ways to give knowledge of salvation to his people in the forgiveness of their sins because of the tender mercy of our God, whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high to give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. That's Zechariah's message.

That's the word of the Lord you want to give praise to God for that because that's a true hymn of praise and it's divided into two parts.

Zechariah song is first of all to God.

He praises God for continuing his promise to have a Messiah come through the Davidic line to continue his promise made to Abraham long ago that someone would come in through his seed and bless all the nations of the earth, he praised God but that he also praised his son John, who was called by God to be a forerunner of Jesus and give knowledge for this major purpose salvation to everyone in the forgiveness of their sin spoke Smith say again your greatest need is to get your guilt delivered your greatest need is the forgiveness of your sins, the greatest need. You have is victory over death and eternal life. John proclaimed that for Jesus and he comes into the world to give light to those who sit in darkness and who sit in the darkness, especially of the shadow of death, you worry about death party week goes by that we don't have someone in the church is at a death diagnosis believe in Jesus have him forgive your sins, and death is merely an interest in the life that's what Jesus came to do and when you believe it folks. There is shouting their singing and there's praising and here's the deal. It's a choice to rejoice amidst your weighting and your crazy negative feelings and your doubting.

You have a choice to rejoice looking for forces rejoice in the Lord, how often, always again I say rejoice. Look up the word always guess what it means always rejoice always. That means when times are good. That means when times are bad. You sing songs of praise and shouting and joy to the Lord, even when times are bad because or something that happens in the heavenly's when things are bad and you continue to shout and sing and praise Almighty God rejoice in the Lord always a choice, but there's something powerful you choose to do so with your lips instead of griping and complaining. If you complain you'll remain in your problems may say that again in that catchy if you complain you'll remain in your problems, but in your problems.

If you have the choice to rejoice your problems will lift and you know God's taking care of them when my favorite stories has to do with Corrie 10 boom and her sister Betsy.

They were in a Nazi concentration camp among women and their greatest fear that happened regularly was guards would come into the women's barracks, the Nazi soldiers would regularly abuse and Betsy look at first Thessalonians 518 says give thanks to God and everything she said we got give thanks for the score equivalent but she finally realizes what the word says is a choice to rejoice. They started giving thanks to God for the guards and interestingly, one of the major problems the women faced was fully infestation fleas were everywhere so they started giving thanks to God for the fleas that really was hard because of her awful will later when the Allied forces freed the 10 boom sisters and others from that Nazi concentration harder. They learn something amazing from one of the Nazi guard to become a Christian later the guard stopped coming in and abusing the women you know why because of the fleas they want to catch the fleas so I stopped coming in, but didn't stop coming in until Corey and Betsy another started giving thanks to God for the fleas folks God using the fleas in your life that are just irritating you beyond belief for his purposes, but the fleas will continue. I think until you choose to pray, shout and sing until you have the choice to rejoice in you give God thanks even for the best as your weighting as your dreams and desires seem to be on hold as God appears to be mute in hearing your cries. Praise God.

That's what Mary did have her Zechariah didn't got shut him up because there's power in praise, especially when can you do that today. Every biblical character the birth narrative who figured out who Jesus was, started praising singing and shouting and it all revolves around this question. What child is this who is this child in the manger.

Do you think you just another baby born of the world may be a good teacher. Good moral philosopher, but that's not the text says in last week's shepherd's angelic encounter. The angel said this, Jesus is the Savior of the world the Christ.

That means the anointed one, of God and the Lord over all of the universe. That means he is Lord over your fleas. When the most beloved Christmas hymns is called what child is this try to answer that question is put to him to call Greensleeves some very haunting eatery hymn tune that existed back into the 1500s by know she wrote it.

Legend says that Henry VIII wrote it in order to attract and Bolin to be one of his wives.

He could finally have a son is a mayor it's legend.

We don't really know in the late 1700s there was a man named William Chatterton Dix when he was born. His dad loved poetry and he prophesied over his son that he would one day be a poet, but you, dad's, but I did that overall three module. I asked God, what's your will for their lives are prophesied over them, but much like Zechariah did with John the Baptist. Even as a babysitter to be the forerunner of Jesus. A lot of those prophecies come true.

Folks you really seeking God and Dix's father said you be a great point when they what's interesting is Dix became really a Marine insurance salesman, but he loved poetry on the side and he kept writing poetry after poetry after poetry, until finally one came to his mind as a deeply committed Christian. He wrote one called what child is this, and here's how it goes.

What child is this on Mary's lap is sleeping whom angels greet and anthem suite, while shepherds watch are keeping this this this child is Christ the King, whom shepherds guard and angels saying haste, haste to bring him a law which is just another word for what you know. Praise haste, haste to bring appraisal on the bay, the son of Mary, while I see in such mean the state where ox and ass are feeding good Christian fear for sinners. Here the silent word is pleading nails spears shell appears him through the cross. He born for me for you, hail, hail the word made flesh, God becoming a human being. The babe the son of Mary Sue bring him incense, gold, and more all tongues and people own him. Jesus died for the world for all people everywhere. The King of Kings salvation brings let loving hearts enthroned.

It is Jesus your king in your heart. Is he enthroned as king of your heart. This this is Christ the King, whom shepherds guard and angels sing haste, haste to bring him law the babe the son of Mary. When Dix wrote that on, it became very popular and was even sent across the seas in 1865 where there was a nation called the United States of America terribly divided because of the Civil War and this poetry was red when union and Confederates would come together seeking a way to heal the divisions between and eventually at some point during that time. We don't know who someone married the old haunting tune of Greensleeves with William Chatterton Dix is poetry.

The result, one of most beloved Christmas tunes of all times called what child is this, and if you know who this child really is Jesus your Savior and Lord, you will sing shout and pray even while you wait. Even with your fleas because you know God loves you as faith in God moment.

Thanks for listening, coming joins me in a state out with some about where you often overlap really right. I am Tony Marciano residence in Europe.

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Join me in the studio is our pastor, David David, thank you so much for joining. I thank you, Jen. It's great being with you as well willing this morning's moment of hope, you wrote about something this world and this country in all of us need more peace. Yeah, it's another Christmas word that we emphasize during this time of year it hangs from baubles on our trees.

We have it written on our mantels during the Christmas time.

And I don't think we really understand what the word means in our understanding, we tend to think peace is the absence of conflict, but biblically that's not what peace is. Peace is the result of a life that's rooted in Jesus we see in Galatians 522. Some of the fruit of the Holy Spirit that flow from a life that is rooted in him, in fact, over the last couple of times we've seen two of those words in love and joy being fruit of the Holy Spirit will the third one is Lovejoy.

Peace. Peace comes to us when we are rooted in Jesus, but biblical peace is not the absence of conflict. We think in terms.

For example, of the Abraham accords right now the peace that Israel is trying to establish between itself and other surrounding nations, but those kind of calm and peace accords can be broken at the whim or fancy of a nation or its leaders.

Biblical peace has nothing to do with an outward reconciliation between two people or countries. Biblical peace is an inward reality of fruit of the Holy Spirit that comes by just knowing Jesus is in control of everything. Peace is not the absence of conflict peace could very well be a lot of conflict going on around you yet with those tribulations and trials, inwardly you feel the presence of Jesus you feel his promise that he's in control of everything you've yielded your life to him and you say no matter what comes my way.

I know that Jesus who lives in me is greater than the enemy who lives in the world and you're able to say, in the words of that great hymn of the faith.

When the author of the him it just lost some of his daughters in a tragic boating accident. He said it is well with my soul that's perfect biblical peace and it can only come by a life that is totally and completely rooted in Jesus. This is so beautiful and I've actually heard it said from another pastor that peace is the most often overlooked miracle and when we go after we went to see people healed in an experience miraculous miracles, we often overlook peace as the great miracle peace for ourselves and not more than half Arduino Jen all of us are going to die and we can see miracles around us. For example, that might raise somebody even from the dead. Marilyn met a woman in India. One time when we were visiting there and she was actually on the funeral pyre and she was dead and they were getting ready to light the pyre and she all of a sudden started twitching in her body and was raised back from the dead.

Marilyn talk to her about the like that she saw and all of that business, but that does happen, but the truth is she still gonna die again and only Jesus is the one who has been raised from the dead never to die again so were all going to die. That's a reality so the truth is, can we have something in us that allows us to face the worst in this life with peace and that answer is yes and it comes to Jesus is so beautiful and so encouraging press today. Thank you so much David Joy to the world listeners the Lord has, and when he has come, he gives us his perfect presence, which gives us his perfect peace. Another word to emphasize during this Christmas time. In moments of hope with senior pastor and moments of hope church we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM. You can find more information on our website.

Moments of hope church.more in line online.

Be sure to sign up for David's daily moment of hope every morning to your inbox. They're both free and available moments of hope church.the entire moments of hope church*meeting

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