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The Father - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 8, 2021 6:52 am

The Father - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 8, 2021 6:52 am

The Father - Part 2

Today we take a look at the Trinity, with a message from David on “The Father.” Part 2. 

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The father's love and justice of our sin is now the very presence of the Holy Spirit indwells us. The father indwells us and that we become law machines that will work for nobody but God the father is not keen to learn.

Having welcome to moments of hope with Dana Chadwick. God is perfect/it's hard to get her mind around the fact that perfect love comes in three forms. The father the son and the Holy Spirit. Today Dana continues our look at the Trinity in the second part of the message called the father, God is talk about his father over and over again.

Matthew 68 from the words of Jesus read this with me. Do not be like Bill this the Pharisees who pretend to be religious but the really not. Do not be like them, for your what father knows what you need before you ask him. Isn't that a great prayer.

Verse for some of you say oh I just didn't pray long enough, I didn't pray hard enough and that's why God didn't give me the answer. God knew what you needed before any word was uttered from your lips.your name in your heart before you ever spoke because he's a father in heaven. Matthew 711 Jesus said if you then, who are evil. Keep that in mind were evil. Every single one of us because of sin is selfish seeking our own way. If you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children read the rest with me.

How much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him what a wonderful understanding of God in heaven. Jesus said that you daddies out there are basically selfish what the world revolve around you, but when your kids come to you and ask you for something for Christmas your hearts, mood, and you do anything and everything to give your children what they desire not to view earthly fathers want to give good gifts to your children and your basically selfish.

How much more the father in heaven is perfect love wants to give good gifts to you who are his children and in the garden of Gethsemane right before Jesus faced the cross. He said these words and he said read with me. Father, all things are possible for you remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will but what you will and I wish Jesus experiencing in the garden. He's realizing that as the perfect God man who live the life we could not live the ghost of the cross to take our sins upon himself. He knew at that moment that his life could no longer be inseparable with the five he knew that when he took sin upon himself our sin, that he would be separated from the father in the thought of not having a union life with his loving daddy in heaven us with the term that means it's an Aramaic colloquialism, which means daddy when a kid in Jesus day would see his father. After long days work you call not father but daddy he cried out daddy in there another way in there another way than that moment I have to be separated from your course. The father said, you know, so this is my will for you and for all people everywhere to receive my grace and forget and Jesus, but he called God daddy God the father, not enough for some of you need to take a moment give a parenthesis in the message.

For some of you this is a heart for some of you had bad earthly dad's who didn't care for.

You didn't love you. Some were even abusive. Some of you saw your dad beat up your mom so you saw your dad leave your mom you're saying man if my daddy on earth is a reflection of the daddy in heaven. I don't want anything to do with I get. I understand she had a greater earthly dad who love my mom 63 years. Even when she had Alzheimer's in the last 10 years of data love me he was there for me so I have that kind earthly dad who reflected an image of the heavenly daddy that's God's will. Dad Scott it just a moment. Speak to you that's God's will you be the first line of defense for your children to see the love of the heavenly daddy through and that means that you normally just give them presents PRE a CMTS. Can you give them your greatest gift presents PR ESE and C. E. Five said it once and I'll say it over and over again how to spell love TIME spell love by you being with the committed to your wise guys like Terry stay committed, love your wives, even if it gets tough, especially to get stuff and give your kids an image of what it means for the father to be committed us and love your wives and love your kids that's what God desired for earthly dance to be and that's why Jesus chose that image of God the father, but you need to know God the father in heaven got the daddy in heaven is perfect love.

Look at first John chapter 4 verses eight and six read with me.

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him so the Bible teaches that God's major characteristic is love back to my secular atheist friends. They say we have trouble believing in you being one God in three persons that seems polytheistic and always it will. He's a daddy is a father with his father's also perfect love and that's essential for understanding the Trinity is my point. I say to them.

Love demands an object doesn't love demands an object I've been married my wife for 36 years. She's the love of my life my love can exist unless there's an object of my love in the Islamic faith there 99 characteristics of God listed in the Koran, not one of them is father and not one of them is love, why because love demands an object in the crime teaches the God Allah is all sufficient.

He doesn't need anyone else. So therefore, love can't be his primary characteristic. What is power is the all-powerful one Allah Akbar.

He's the great one and love can exist in his heart until he created humanity because love demands an object as opposed to the Christian faith, which believes that there is one God in three persons, and among those three persons, father, son and Holy Spirit all equal in the Godhead. What existed before this world was ever created. Was there perfect law of for one another. They just loved one another perfectly, selflessly giving themselves to one another. Holy how many of you ever asked the question why was I ever created, raise your hand. You never asked the question rest you raise your hands. Liar liar pants on fire all of us. If you're honest in your breathing. You asked the question why was I created. Let me tell you why you were created. It's found in the heart of the Trinity. You were created so that God could share his love with you.

He loves so much. In the Trinity.

He wanted to create others who can enter in that perfect triangle off. You were created to love and be loved. He started with Adam and Eve they love one another. He walked with them in the garden anyone to create a whole world of millions, billions of people invited and was love, and the more people he created was because he wanted to love even more. He wanted to create more and more and more and more because of his love in his heart. You were created to love and the beloved by the father that course in Genesis 3 we read about an evil one coming attempting Adam and Eve and their perfect love toward one another toward God being broken apart, sin coming into this world in the Christmas hymn Joy to the world. There's this phrase far as the curse is found, everything's been cursed in creation creation itself. Our hearts, our ability love now selfless love has been turned into selfishness and we want the world revolve around us were no longer connected and that perfect love relationship with God when I think about that love the Godhead among the father-son Holy Spirit.

Think of two illustrations. Once in Dublin Ireland where someone was born to people but they were connected and the parents had to make the agonizing decision whether to try to disconnect them so that both could live apart or keep them connect the funding side of the doctors advised to try to disconnect them one live and one died. You know when one died because the common heart they were sharing cannot be shared will connect to the father-son Holy Spirit was the common heart of love. You take that away and and one can't live.

I think two of an elderly couple that when all of you lacks the both were taken to the hospital. They rolled in the gurneys life is a little stronger than the husband with her in the gurneys. They both took each other's hand and even though the husband was on death's door. As long as he held his wife's hand, his wife of 75 years. His heartbeat the moment the doctors force that hand let go. He died.

Interestingly, his wife, whom they thought would make it an hour later died. When you disconnect the heart of love doesn't work and we were disconnected from the heart of love from God because of sin and rebellion. Because the terms that here's God's dilemma for God is perfect love, just solve it. But God is also perfectly holy.

The only adjective that she used in triplicate three times to describe God is Isaiah 6, were the angels of heaven, worshiping him and call him holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. So here's God's deal because of his holiness. He's offended by rebellion and his justice demands that the punisher sin the wrath of God should be poured out on us because of a rebellion against him are selfishness are denying of his love. Please also perfect love. So what does God do, what does the father do this perfect love and perfect holy. Here's what he does when they he turns to his son, who existed with him in all eternity in their perfect love relationship he turned was sunset. Would you go. Would you go into a cradle and put on human flesh and would you live the perfect life. There are incapable of living because of the curse and then go to the cross, and allow me to pour out all of my wrath all my punishment upon you and not them. And then I can offer them forgiveness by grace through faith, not of the works you done it all for them. Would you do that in Philippians 2 language. Listen to this word from Paul, he says, and Jesus who did not think equality with God something to be grasped in think power was something to be grasped. All of us grasp it in think equality with God something to be grasped, but humbled himself in obedience to God putting on human flesh taking on the role of a servant and dying place so that if we now receive Jesus, our sins are forgiven and were born again. The Holy Spirit lives in our hearts, and were reconnected to the father folks were reconnected to his love in word 11. Perfect love all of your depression. All of your marriage problems all of your discouragements are rooted somehow in the fact you don't believe in the perfect love of God is in your hearts, and I believe every single problem in your life could be solved if you would begin to believe the father loves you powerfully and significantly is the cradle and the cross. As you can give God the glory for that is so truth that is the heart of the gospel young woman went to a pastor I know and said to him, you know, I've come to receive Jesus, but I still feel so much depression and he would do the whole thing. Don't you understand you're no child of God are adopted into the father's family are deeply loved by him.

You're an air of everything he owns.

As you listen to all of those facts that the Bible teaches we are born again. What you receive in Jesus, but she looked at him and said you know what, but that doesn't make any difference if guys don't think I'm attractive she didn't get it. If you know how much God loves you the things of this earth grow strangely dim the father's law. John 17 verses 24 through 26, when he read these words to you father Jesus word right before he went to the cross. I desire that they use the day there is the disciples, but who else is well visit. It's us it's us this works for us.

I desire that they whom you have given me, may be with me where I am to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before when guys before the world was ever created. The father and the son perfectly loved each other all righteous.

What father. Daddy even though the world does not know you. I know you and these know that you have sent me. I made known to them your name and I will continue to make it known that the what the love with which you have loved me may be what in them and I in the that I came to put your love father back hearts.

That means you can now love your spouse who just absolutely driven you crazy because that's what Jesus is as loved you as you drove Jesus crazy. Now you can love your boss that irascible boss who drives you crazy. Why, because God has loved you and you drove God crazy and he still loves you. You can now love your enemies, Jesus said, you can forgive why because you were once an enemy of the father will rebel and a traitor against the father get he still came the proof of his love is the cradle came to look at Romans 55 with me. Paul writes this and hope does not put us to shame, because God's what love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

You see the father's love, through the son forgives us of our sins and now the very presence of the Holy Spirit.

The third person of the Godhead indwells us the perfect love of the father indwells us and that we become love machines and will work for nobody but God the father and that Christmas began in the father's heart of love. Let me read to you. Ephesians 3 verses 14 through 19 are referred to earlier and look at the Trinity here. For this reason, Paul said, I bow my knees before the father. The father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory. He may grant you to be strengthened with power through his spirits have father's Spirit in your inner being in your heart so that who Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. You receive Christ through faith to the father of the spirit in Christ one God three persons here.

No mention of the Trinity, but one God three persons clearly outline here but so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you now read this with me, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all this saints what is the rent and the lien and the height and the depth read with me and to know the law of the fullness of God.

The fullness I pray that we have abused selfless love father's will begin some thanks for listening. Coming out. David joins me in the studio with thoughts on today's moment of hope. The ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community. I Mark McManus and with me today is Bart Noonan with West Boulevard ministry bar. Tell us about West Boulevard ministry of think about this opportunity speak about was for ministry and more poorly about Jesus Christ was Boulevard ministry, social, spiritual, physical news, the families and communes with the was Boulevard, to the glory of Jesus Christ. Whether were doing neighborhood outreach cookouts gatherings will bring people outside of their apartments their homes into fellowship with one another forward doing Bible study bingo the first Wednesday of every month Little Rock apartments and we gather anywhere from 50 to 70 children that we share the gospel with play bingo after our Bible study portion of the night and couple weeks ago young man walked without close to three years who came in if he forgot something. Like a lot of young kids do. Forgot some in the space came back in the end up praying out myself and all the other volunteers for the West Boulevard ministry to gather there for that night, and let us all imprint closeout fishermen particular church every every Sunday for the past year and 1/2 and that's what it's all about us, about providing opportunity for Jesus Christ working side someone's heart. Encourage them along the way that sounds right now but if any of our listeners want to get in contact with you how they do that the best way to do is either myself and parked at West Bard ministry.board boarding call me straight up and myself and it always enzymes like a doctor.

The phones always on. That's not a 029890270 encourage folks to also get our website which is West Boulevard ministry.ordinary consumer photo galleries and system of logs, things we do throughout the West Boulevard, to the glory Jesus Christ.

It is great having you with us today.

Thank you very much standing with me today is our Pastor David, thanks for being with us today hi Jim, great to be with you as well in this morning's moment of hope about the value as humility yeah humility while we don't think much about that word in relationship to Christmas, but it should be.

It's a very important word to think about as we think about Christmas as well.

You know Jennifer I had been in charge. I would had Jesus born in Rome in the Emperor's Palace with all the great people of that world around him worshiping him, lifting him up. But God chose to birth his son God in human flesh and a smelly manure filled straw driven stable. It could not have been a more humble surrounding now why because I think God was trying to make very clear that in the trappings of this world that we quest after we don't really find true life we find true life and humbling ourselves before other people.

There is an interesting verse in the Bible that says humble yourselves in the side of the Lord and he will lift you up. Notice that's a choice and I think if we don't humble ourselves. The Lord will humble us in that process and I'd much rather humble myself and have the Lord humble me and I just think God wanted to say in the whole Christmas narrative that how he does things is not how we do things. The first will be last in the last will be first one of Jesus teachings that the King of Kings and Lord of lords would be born in a smelly stable I think God's making a statement from the very beginning. It is the meek who inherit the earth. It is the humble who are lifted up, and I think God wanted us to realize that from day one in the Christmas narrative. I really haven't thought about this before, but since you paint such a clear picture of how he came. I'm also thinking about how he laughed and one of his very last acts was an act of humility and washing the disciples feet. So you've got these book and markers in Jesus's life as humility. Yeah, you think about the book of Job where Job says we come into this world they can we leave this world naked.

Jesus came wrapped in swaddling clothes, and basically those are strips of cloth that basically were put around Jesus to keep him warm. Now think about this when he was buried there were strips of cloth that were wrapped around him in his burial mode that the women came and did so with spices in between each cloth to make sure that he didn't rot too soon. What's so interesting is the term that she was there for those cloths in his gravestone or swaddling clothes as a baby he was wrapped in swaddling clothes as a dead person off the cross he was wrapped in swaddling clothes.

He came into this world with nothing. He left this world with nothing and yet, through his humility on the cross he is lifted up, and one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord he is Lord, but it's so interesting that it started out in the greatest of humble settings.

A stable filled with manure with cattle and goats and other kinds of animals surrounding him. The King of Kings and Lord of lords born in a stable while now I don't even know if to say that wow will folks I can say this to you remain humble, you're not as great as you think you are, the more you give, honor and glory to the King of Kings and Lord of lords you are recognizing your own humility that he created you he is great, you're not, and worship should be that which fills your heart during this Christmas season and beyond that says thank you so much data to everyone.

If you'd like to receive these daily written moments of hope from me, especially during this Christmas time. Go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there free of charge. Every morning in your inbox at 7 AM for my heart to yours. A moment of hope moments and health with the senior pastor of moments of hope charts we love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning cleaning problem day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM. You can find more information on our website again.

Come join us Sunday morning problem day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte just moments and the entire moments of hope charts James Easton

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