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The Triumphal Entry - Part 1 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 1, 2021 6:11 am

The Triumphal Entry - Part 1 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 1, 2021 6:11 am

Today we continue in John 12, as we look closer at “The Palm Sunday Story” and we deep dive into this very important passage. Part 1.

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Most often caused by jealousy and selfish ambition and money.

Those are the three major motivators they do and that's what the Pharisees were doing moments and help the radio teaching ministry of David's tarmac and moments of hope in today's broadcast data continues our deep dive into the gospel of John taking after the part of chapter 12 which is often referred to as the Palm Sunday story here stated that the first section of the message called the triumphal entry. Let's begin our study of the Gospel of John. Our journey through John by starting in the book of Daniel chapter 9 why the world stored in Daniel chapter 9 wall mixes in just a second.

Daniel is in the Babylonian captivity is about 90 years old at this point. He is a grizzled site loves the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and life, and as he's studying the book of Jeremiah that I'm convinced he had before him. He saw that the Israelites were going to be in the Babylonian captivity for 70 years and now he is in Daniel nine. At the end of those 70 years, and he seeking God with all his heart. He's praying and confessing his own sins. The sins of the nation, and he's basically asking God what are you going to do next.

How are you going to restore us to that land and the promises that you have made to us and as he's pouring out his heart in prayer, asking God to answer him. Gabriel one of the archangels of God. Biblically, we can see there are several archangels of God. Michael, Gabriel, we think that Lucifer was one of them who fail to become Satan, the angel writing three Angel of darkness is a very powerful archangels fallen into sin and he is the one who wants to kill, steal and destroy our lives, but there are other archangels available to God who did not rebel and Gabriel is one of them.

He's the same Gabriel who appeared to Mary during the birth narrative of Jesus, so Gabriel appears to Daniel in answer to his prayers and in Daniel nine verses 24 through 27. He says these words 70 weeks are deemed about your people and your holy city to finish the transgression, to put them in the sin and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and profit and to anoint the most holy place know therefore and understand, that from the going out of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there will be seven weeks then for 62 weeks. It shall be built again with squares and note that in the troubled time and after the 62 weeks and unwarranted one shall be cut off, and shall have nothing in the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. It's in shall come with a flood into the end, that there shall be room for desolation's are decreed and he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week and for half of the week he shall put an end to the sacrifices and offerings and all the reading of abominations shall come out who one who makes desolate until the decreed and is poured out on the desolate work, but in the world is this talking about from Gabriel Daniel. Here's a prophecy that over the next 490 years. There's going to be a something special that happens in the history of the restoration of Israel, and he says that there's going to be a decree where the people of God in the captivity will be restored to the promised land, Jerusalem reestablished as a major city in the world and as best scholars can behold this particular message that decree happened with Arctic Xerxes releasing Nehemiah to return to rebuild the walls in 445 BC then if you look at this 62 week time period times seven. You know, that's 483 years and what Daniel is hearing from Gabriel is a prophecy that from that moment 383 years later there's going to be a prince on anointed one who will come into Jerusalem and establish God's kingdom like never before. And that's going to be after those 62 weeks notice there's a minus of 87+1 that's their so if you look at 445 BC, and you extract out word that 483 years. According to the Julian calendar not our calendar that's 360 days per year. That takes you to April 30 two A.D. April 30 two A.D. that there will be one a prince on anointed one who will come in to the city of Jerusalem and reestablish God's kingdom as he desires now one of the reasons I love God's word is because of its specific prophetic truth that is coming forth over and over again as you read, especially the Old Testament, interpreting it with the new and this is one of those occasions. Now let's move to out verses in John right now and continue our study there with that background information in John XII chapter.

We will start with verses nine today and go through 26. I just want to cover what John covered last week in verses nine through 11.

Many thanks to John for his faithful exposition of God's word and setting it up for me to be able move forward. Today we see in verses nine through 11 that the religious leaders had had enough. When Lazarus was raised from the dead people with longing to follow Jesus and Lazarus became a celebrity.

As you can well imagine his people saw him knowing that he had been dead for four days and was now alive and walking in their midst. And so as Lazarus's popularity increased and pointed to Jesus as the Messiah.

And as the people started throwing to Jesus and following him the religious leaders make two decisions. One, they decided to kill Jesus. They made the plot behind-the-scenes secretively to kill Jesus.

Secondly, you see a 9/11. They also decided to kill Lazarus you know if you don't like a message silences and is one of my concerns with what's going on in American culture today is with a particular position regarding issues of there is an apparent marriage with those who hold that position with the tech oligarchies and those oligarchies are allowing the other side of the herd and that's always been an interest for a culture if you don't allow both sides three sides four sides to be heard and let people make their decisions by their own looking at the issues. Praying through the issues and deciding themselves when only one thought life is there when there's groupthink. It's dangerous for a culture and I've always believed that when people try to silence your opinion.

It shows how weak your opinion really is. That's what's going on in our culture and is what was going on. Then they didn't want Jesus to be heard. They didn't want Lazarus to be seen publicly as evidence of what Jesus taught to be true.

So what you do if you like the message you kill the messenger or jurors here plural so that's what happened that there was the plot to kill Jesus and the kill Lazarus by religious leaders outlet. Let's pick up the story as we move forward. Next verses, verse 12 next day know what's the next day so when Mary anointed Jesus feet with her royal that was worth a years worth of pay, the John again covered so well last week that happened on a Saturday, and on the next day Jesus was in Bethany with Mary Martha and Lazarus and others on the next day which is Sunday the first week of passion week or holy week as we call it today as Christians. On that Sunday. The next day the large crowd that had come to the feast know what feast is the feast of Passover windows that take place around April. So it was at this feast that Jesus makes a decision to come to Jerusalem from Bethany now let me give you some insights. First of all you need to know that the feast of Passover was like well if you can imagine Super Bowl in American city for a week. It is just festive sugarless celebrated singing, partying, just a great long week of celebrating the Passover, which is when God allowed a lamb, a perfect unblemished lamb to be shed the blood was painted over the political resolve the doers of faithful Jews during the Egyptian captivity and the angel of death passed over those boards with the blood, which is eerily similar to the cross we place it in a portal situation over delivers the angel of death passed over those Jews and then killed the firstborn sons of all the Egyptians.

You say that's cool that was God's ultimate judgment upon the Egyptians godlessness in their keeping his people in captivity for all of those hundreds of years and currently treating them in every possible way. So in celebration of the Passover and every year the Jews would celebrated remembering that through that blood of the perfect unblemished lamb angel of death did not kill them.

They had this celebration in Jerusalem. So estimated by Josephus, the early church historian, there were approximately 3 million people there that the population was 600,000. It swelled to three new people during this Passover celebration. One interesting insight is that on this Sunday, 265,000 lambs would come in during this Passover beginning of the week and Windows 265,000 would be shed throughout the week for the forgiveness of all the people's sins.

Families would buy them other people would get them and sacrifice them for the atonement of their sins already Passover, but one particular lamb would be picked out from those 265,000 and that one particular lamb had to be perfect, unblemished male in every possible way.

And then that lamb was picked out on Monday of that week and then on Friday at 3 PM that lamb would be sacrificed or known completely for the day of atonement for the sins of every body to last for another year until that next Passover.

Not keep that in mind, because that's so important. Remembering John 129 when John the Baptist looked at Jesus. He was Jesus cousin born six months before Jesus when he looked at Jesus before he baptized him. He said, behold, remember the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world in second Corinthians 5, Paul calls Jesus the Passover lamb. The Paschal Lamb died in our place so Jesus is the Lamb of God, the perfect unblemished male Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world just getting you. Yes 29th Friday at 3 PM in the afternoon at the exact moment the Paschal Passover lamb was being sacrificed on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement for the sins of the world. Now this is on Sunday during the feast. Most 265,000 lambs are coming into the city. They heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem so the crowds heard that Jesus was leaving Bethany and coming to Jerusalem.

Remember, Beth is only about 2 miles northeast of Jerusalem. They heard he was coming so they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him now branches of palm trees think in terms of the symbol of the Tar Heel pets. My school for the University North Carolina for think in terms of the Tiger Paul for you Clemson fans out there think in terms of a group level for you. Do fans out is that she was right there. The gods, not for the duties because who would want to root for a death located going to keep moving on. Remember, your school, and its insignia that signifies your schools a particular mascot okay that's basically what the branches of the paltry work they were insignias of Israel and the represented Israel itself.

That's why they were chosen to welcome Jesus into the city and they went out to meet Jesus, crying out, hosanna, okay some going to cry out from Psalm 118 versus 23 through 25 and the first word is hosanna which means sameness, the best with the means. Sameness doesn't mean prayers's praise God.

It means saving us there in Roman captivity, either under the oppression and bondage of Roman tyranny. So the people remember the days they were free, especially under King David thinking the Messiah is going to be a continuation of King and so when Jesus enters their thinking. He is the Messiah. He is King David type of person to free us from Roman oppression. So the route is hosanna saying Lynn. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the king of Israel, so that's what's happening with the people are singing. Psalm 118 23 through 25 hosanna blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. When the beauties of looking at the four Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John is they are three witnesses two different events in Jesus life. So if you look at Matthew Mark and Luke all of them have the triumphal entry as it's called. As a part of the gospel narratives and if you look at the others. You see there some other insights that happen here is one is the people were saying, you know, crying out in these were massive throngs waving voices united looking for victory. The religious leaders said to Jesus, quiet time to be quiet and another motivated folks by their jealousy by their loss of power, which means a loss of money.

If you want to know why people do what they do. Most often it's caused by jealousy, selfish ambition and money. Those are the three major motivators to make people do what they do and that's what the Pharisees were doing motivated by these particular greens are. They come to Jesus about the crowds quieted down and here's what so interesting. Jesus as the look if they stopped singing and crying out to me the rocks themselves would start crying out to me and praising me and what's so fascinating is as you think about that Jesus is saying if the people got quiet the little rocks would cry out the bedrock to cloud. Blessed is comes in the name of the Lord of concert Pharaoh seen them on the rocks, and some have joked and said this is the first biblical instance of a rock concert. I'm so sorry but maybe that makes the point okay that Jesus knew the power of praise and he knew that he was worthy of all praise of people do it creation itself will cry out that Jesus is Lord.

So the religious leaders didn't like this crowd trying this out now. It's interesting you have an insight into what happened. Maybe before Jesus came into Jerusalem in verse 14 and Jesus found a young donkey and sat on it, just as it is written, fear not, daughters of Zion, behold, your King is coming sitting on a donkey's colt now cut the fence here again you look at the other gospel narratives and can fill in some blanks.

Jesus had sent out two of his disciples before he came from Bethany into Jerusalem and they were to go to a certain man we don't know his name and say to him, the master has need of your cold and the guy who owns the coat just goes yeah okay.

Must've been a follower of Jesus, at some level. Another suite graciously gives colt to Jesus and that colt is now the Jesus is mounted on as he comes into the city not believe it was that whenever a conquering king would come into the city. He could ride on one of two animals he could ride on a clearly symbolized that he was just simply offering the city piece he wasn't going to press it traumatically. He was just offering that city piece and they would be under his protection.

It was a good thing if the king who conquered the city came in on the right players.

He was saying. I am the king you under my authority and you want to do whatever I tell you do not notice here that when Jesus into Jerusalem. He entered on cold listening to moments of help with David's army. Thanks for listening, coming out dated joins me in a studio in a conversation about biblical perspective on pain and suffering. What do you do when you begin drinking at ages 10 to 12 work in your life go when you started abusing drugs at ages 13 to 15.

You want to be part of the fabric of society, yet you mostly stop maturing the day your addiction took over your life at the tender age of 1220 Marciano Crescent city of Charlotte rescue mission, and we have served people who have stood at the intersection of homelessness and addiction for well over 80 years. What is it that they really need go beyond building a foundation of long-term sobriety in their life. How does one obtain the life skills they never learned the desperately need to thrive in society should of learned growing up, but now there were an adult. What do they do and where did they go tell you where they come community matters. Caf is more than just good food and house roasted coffee. It's an extension program Charlotte rescue mission that is transforming lives. The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community know and after men and women graduated from Charlotte rescue missions hundred 20 day rebound bends and denseness women's residential programs. They have the option to enroll in the life skills program at community matters Caf during the six-month program. Students learn a variety of critical skills in a restaurant setting that help them get and keep long-term employment community matters Caf is located directly opposite the path of practice fields at the corner of Cedar and Muster St., Charlotte, rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership of moments of hope.

It is important life changing ministry James Easton. Thanks for listening today. Joining me in the studio is our pastor David child lactated. Thanks for being with us today hi Jen it is wonderful to be with you this morning. See devotion you gave us an interesting twist on the phrase no pain no gain. Will Jen it's been used many times in the past and often times coaches with athletic teams use this phrase again. No pain, no gain maximum this been around for a long time. It's one again this been repeated repeatedly, but let's examine it though through a biblical lands a biblical worldview. We live in a world that teaches us that pain or suffering needs to be avoided at all costs. Nobody wants to go through any pain whatsoever. So most likely we try to medicate ourselves in the pain as an example of how to avoid it, but God's perspective on suffering is quite fascinating indeed different. He teaches us to rejoice in our suffering not only in Romans 53 but in James one, verse two, why will Paul gives us this insight. In Romans five verses three through five that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, so it seems like the highway to hope must first go through the problem of suffering. Suffering, endurance, character, then hope.

Notice the sequence. Something leads to something which leads to something which in the end is very good so what's the origin of a lot of hope in our lives. It can be suffering the resurrection was preceded by a cross.

The cross to a crown when pain happens. Notice I said when pain happens because nobody escapes it on this side of eternity. We must choose to learn from it grow from it be humbled by it.

It's one of life's best teachers if you will allow it to do so. So let me say it one more time where there is no pain there's no gain in this is so good and it reminds me of some counsel that I received one time where the counselor just looked at me after I just talked and talked and talked and he said I think your issue is your afraid of pain and I had never heard this before, like I really I think our operating system is a human is to be afraid of paying back with Christ we can do all things and face all things, and I also think of having going through childbirth. Oh yeah, there is a great hope at the end of all of that pain and biblically that image is given several times and that the pain of giving birth to a child is terrible, but once the baby is placed on your chest. Of course the Jen you know this better than I whatever that pain is minimized and you just rejoice in the child and don't remember the pain as much. I think this is a timely word, especially as we look around the world and see the earth Groningen and in pain as well. You know Jen, I am a Christian, largely because I have done the world's religions comparative study and the Christian faith is the only one with God on the cross is the only one that says God entered into our suffering understands our suffering does everything were going through, as were experiencing that suffering and is with us saying I'm not only with you but I'm working this together for good. Just trust me that through your cross.

There is a crown as well.

That's okay. Thank you so much stated thank you Jen and listeners. If you would like to receive this written daily moment of hope for me. Go to moments of you can subscribe there free of charge delivered in your inbox every morning at 7 o'clock to hopefully from my heart to yours. Begin your day with a moment of hope within moments of helpless senior pastor of moments of hope's. We would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM.

You can find more information on our website. Moments of again join us Sunday morning at 10 AM at prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte is moments of fluoridated the entire moments of hope church and he sent me to pray for unity in our state

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