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Jesus Cries Out - Part 1 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 5, 2021 6:36 am

Jesus Cries Out - Part 1 (reair)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 5, 2021 6:36 am

Today we continue our intensive look at the Gospel of John with a message that highlights the heart of the Christian faith. It's Jesus's last public message in John before He goes to the cross. In these verses, Jesus reiterates His purpose in the Father sending Him to earth. Part 1.


There's no question that Christians should be involved in trying to end racism.

For example, and to cause justice to occur, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, to give water to the thirsty, no question about that. But the gospel is the passion of the church moments and hopefully following along our broadcast then you know where in an intensive study of the gospel of John. This entire study of messages family discussion guides and radio programs can be found on our website. Moments of hope today.

Dana continues this study with a message called Jesus cries out, moving into the study of the gospel of John left it where Jesus had it himself and been the different religious leaders were divided over who Jesus was, in fact, some on the religious counsel called the San Pedro actually believed in Jesus we know Nicodemus did we know Joseph of Arimathea did I he is the one Joseph who gave Jesus the tomb in which he was buried.

Interestingly, though they didn't speak out about them. They were afraid to be excommunicated from the synagogue, the fear of going to cancel culture. The fear people not liking them are becoming unfollowed threatened them so that they wouldn't speak out and as I said last week, you cannot be a Secret Service Christian. You just cannot if you love Jesus, you got to speak out. You got to take bold stands for him. Dear friends, that's what's happening among many Christians worldwide. I would suggest to you today that we have an anemic American Christian church.

We have a church that understands about coming together, maybe even sing some songs together, going through liturgies and motions do not have people who understand the true power of Jesus Christ standing firmly for him. We have too many Christians who are more concerned about being canceled or being unfollowed or having a thumbs down there we do about people courageously and boldly standing for Jesus and I want to point to two churches right now in the world that I think emulates strong, forceful, dynamic churches that are faithful to Jesus it's first patrolled the church and Iran being led primarily by women who are standing forth in their faith and forming house churches the fastest growing church in the world is the church in Iran and again it's under possible persecution and imprisonment and even death. And yet these Christians led by women are saying no, we will stand for Jesus.

That's the kind of church Jesus painted when he said the pupils not greater than the master in John 1520. For example, as what they did to me.

They will do to you as well and he persecuted Jesus. He had to stand for truth, even to the point of dying a death on the cross of the second fastest growing church in the world.

Interestingly is Afghanistan and as you're seeing everything unfold there that will make some sense. At the end of my message when I share with you about our hope gift today, but the place I really wanted to point out today regarding the growth of the Christian church is in China. We don't know exactly how many Christians are there but it's in been estimated around 100 million now that may not seem exceedingly large in a nation it's over 1 billion people, but really it's grown so fast over the last years the 100 million persons is really an extraordinary number of Christians. Interestingly, the Christians there live under the threat of persecution, imprisonment and death as well. Just like in Iran that there standing boldly and firmly for Jesus, the love of Jesus has consumed so many Chinese Christians hearts that their living in peace amidst all the conflict amidst all the crises, including covert that surround them there. Living in peace and here's what is regularly happening in China, knowing that if you openly and avowedly admit you follow Jesus you could be killed or imprisoned person might be asked by an unbelieving neighbor. What's the source of your peace. Why do you have such calm amidst all the crises surrounding you and the Christian will often say I can't tell you and the other person was that you can't tell me why he said I just can't tell you the other person.

But that doesn't make any sense to me if you have the treasure of peace in your heart and I'm living in turmoil and I'm asking you to share with me why you have that piece. Why won't you tell me and then finally the Christian will say well if I tell you, you will be confronted with the choice and you'll have to choose whether to possess what I possess, which may cause extreme trial and turmoil in your life or you may choose to reject it, which means your eternal salvation might occur in a negative way before a holy God.

And of course the person might then ask.

No I want to know. And then the Chinese Christian feels free to share the gospel of Jesus Christ that we are sinners, we headed toward hell.

Jesus was sent by the father to come and rescue us from that destination died on the cross to forgive us of our sins and has Ray been raised from the dead to prove that he is God and give us the power inside of us now to live with peace amidst all of our conflict. That's the gospel of Jesus Christ and once it's understood you got a choice and if you choose to believe it. In China you will choose to be persecuted and that's why Chinese Christians pause before they share with their neighbors what they have inside their hearts that give them such peace. They live as a power filled church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is no anemia spiritually. There they are alive dynamic and growing. Then you look at the American church when I chose to follow Jesus in the ministry. In 1976 I went into seminary and I saw the mainline church skidding toward the left more and more, reducing the gospel to mere euphemisms and hackneyed phrases. The true unfiltered Gospels not being preached and so I identify myself. Upon graduation, and entering into my first church is what's called an evangelical of the word evangelical comes from the Greek word Mongol on which means the good news and we are called as preachers of the gospel to proclaim the good news via Van jail and that's why people are called evangelical the heart of their faith commitment is the gospel of the church has one offering that the world does not have, and it's the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church can mimic other organizations that serve the poor and care for justice and all of those issues which aren't unimportant for Christians are just not the main thing and as Stephen Covey, the famous writer once wrote the main thing is to make the main thing the main thing the main thing of the Christian church is the gospel. Then, once people are saved and have the gift of eternal life in the power the Holy Spirit living within them.

They are to care for the poor and the needy surrounding them.

There's no question that Christians should be involved in trying to end racism. For example, and to cause justice to occur for people who are treated unjustly and to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and give water to the thirsty, no question about that.

But the gospel is the passion of the church and I started seeing in the 1980s how the mainline church was slipping away from the gospel in getting involved in all these social causes, and I just took my stay then and still do today that the gospel is the unique part of the church's life and ministry, and it must be faithfully and regularly proclaimed. That's what Christians in Iran.

The gospel is the main thing that's what Christians in China know the gospel is the main thing and that's what Christians around the world, especially in persecuted context understand as well and I don't think the American church because we have the freedoms we have understands that and were seeing the mainline church and other churches just slipping in numbers slipping and influence in our culture and secularization rushing in.

All I can say to you is, I commit myself until I have no breath in my lungs to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and in fact in the evangelical church around 2016 is when I can best identify. It had what I call a felt line occur underneath the surface almost in a stealth way. The evangelical church started to shift and be more concerned about issues of racism and injustice, etc. and I found myself going all my evangelical church is following the same path as the mainline church in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, and I have a deep concern in my heart. You see that same slippage in the decades to come. With the church becoming less and less powerful. Now let me say this to very clearly in the Bible. The faithful believer, the faithful follower of Jesus, there's always been a remnant there's always been a group who will not yield to culture who will not give into the world who stand firmly on the word of God and what it teaches and the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells us that were not trying to just preach a gospel and a doctrine that tickles people's ears were trying to preach the gospel that literally transforms people's hearts from the inside out. Romans 829+ of the gospel conforms people to the image of Jesus when he gets inside of you.

It gets inside of every part of you and conforms you to being and acting and living like Jesus. It can transform any of you with sexual problems with alcohol problems with other addiction problems.

It can transform you as the power of God unto salvation and I really believe that we need to reclaim Romans 116 that Paul said I'm not ashamed of the gospel.

It is God's power and the salvation we need to understand. Galatians 110, where Paul said if I wanted the people please I wouldn't preacher believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ because the gospel will alienate people first. All the points out their sinful and secondly that they remain in their sin going to hell.

It's an offense to a culture that believes in self-sufficiency and secularization, but as you look at those people who said they love Jesus but never spoke out about him using the same phenomenon happening here people so I'm a Christian, but never tell anybody about their faith in Jesus.

Oh I'm a Christian, but I don't ever let anybody know the evangelism of my heart. The evangelical evangelical gospel that dwells within me. We are called to faithfully follow Jesus and all I can say for me and prayerfully for this church.

We will be committed to Jesus his word and the power of his Holy Spirit, and mostly committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ not to have people pleasing drive us not to have followers not to have a huge platform, but to be faithful to what he is called us to do and to be now why did I use that as a long introduction to the days versus John 12 verses 44 through 50 because after Jesus saw some people, especially high Jewish officials believe in him, but not willing to speak for him. He goes public for the last time these verses are the last public teaching of Jesus before he just dwells with the 12 disciples. John 13 through 17, and then ultimately goes to the cross. When Jesus does this teaching he is within several days of the cross.

This is probably done on Sunday.

Maybe Monday Jesus is to be arrested Thursday night at midnight and be placed on the cross, at 9 o'clock Friday morning, so he's within days. He's within hours of going through the horrific pain and death of the cross and so he gives this teaching to all of those who were now still listening to him. Folks, this is Jesus last public ministry and as I get ready. As stated by the way, one quick, funny thing.

I'm reminded of the mindset of the message real well on a man received from the IRS. I note that said final notice of taxes due and the man turned was his wife and set out in this wonderful the IRS is sending the final notice. Now they will send this anymore after this. This is Jesus final notice. This is Jesus final public warning to people look at what he says in verse 44 and Jesus cried out and said so in this public meeting he cries out is with a loud voice. It reminds you of John 739 when Jesus cried out in the public assembly, the feast of dedications and he said if anyone will drink of me. I will pour into them and out of them them will flow streams of living water that he cried out at that moment. Same idea he openly loudly with a great voice proclaims these truths. Whoever believes in me, so notice that whoever hears the gospel is for everyone. Whoever believes in Jesus not in me, but in him who sent me, not just in Jesus, but to know the gospel. What is the gospel. We are sinners were born that way. We've inherited the sin nature from Adam. The proof is we don't obey God's moral law. Have a rebellious heart with in us and our destination is hell.

But God so loved us in his holiness, he can't have a relationship with us because of sin. He's perfectly sinless.

He finds sin reprehensible.

He must cast it from his presence. That is hell he created hell originally for the devil and his angels, but for those who don't believe in him and him set to accept the gift of forgiveness from their sins. They will go there but God so loved the world as well that he doesn't want people to go to hell. So what do you do, he sent his son, one God in three persons, father, son and Holy Spirit, a mystery, for sure, but God the father said to the son go in the father sent the son of a sense of hierarchy there that ultimate authority is given to the father.

All of the father and the son are equal still a mystery. The father sent the son into the world. Jesus, the word means Savior known as the perfect God man in a Bethlehem stable live the perfect life. We can't live.

Went to the cross to take God's punishment upon himself so that we wouldn't have to have it, and then gives us the free gift of forgiveness. In order for us to appear before the father. One day as forgiven and have his fellowship in eternal life. That's the gospel now. If you believe in Jesus. You've also got to believe in the one who sent him the father.

That's the message of Bruce 4040 cries that out. Then he continues his teaching in verse 45. And whoever there's that whoever again. Anyone who believes in Jesus can receive this free gift. He dies on the cross for every person and who ever sees me, sees him who sent me, so I get asked all the time. What's God like give me an understanding of the character of God, and it always respond look at Jesus. Jesus is the earthly mirror of the eternal father that you need to know. There are two kingdoms there's an invisible eternal kingdom where God dwells.

There's this earthly temporal kingdom where we dwell, God the father sent his son from the eternal kingdom to this earthly kingdom and no one can look into the face of the father and live. It's impossible because he's sinless. So he sent his son clothed in human flesh, so that we can look into the face of God and still live and Jesus shows us the grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, love, etc. of God the father. So if you want to know who the father is look at the sun much like it is not a perfect analogy, but if you want to know who I Howard Chadwick is Ishmael Howard Chadwick.

That was my daddy will ask me, because in a way I am the mirror of my father born from him. Actually, people tell me I look some like him that I talk some like him. I asked him like him in a real way.

I know his teachings from living with him near him 4.70 or so years so if you want to know about my daddy asked me his son not in John's Gospel verse chapter 3 verse 16. The famous John freaks 360 verse for God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son.

The word begotten does not mean created. It does not mean that the father created the sun. The sun is preexistent in eternity.

He live forever. The word begotten means of the same nature. So Jesus is on the same nature as the father again. He's the mirror of who the father is. If you want to know about the love, grace, forgiveness, righteousness, holiness, etc. all the father, look at Jesus in his life, mirrors who the father really is. That's what Jesus is saying here in verse 45. Look at verse 46 Jesus, I have come into the world stop there. Whenever you see Jesus say I have come is talking about his job description is saying why he entered this world from eternity as a baby in Bethlehem in human flesh, and he says here, I have come into the world as light so the implication is this world is dark. Satan is the ruler of this world we see in Colossians 113. For example, that we have been delivered from the domain of darkness of the enemy and in first Peter week we been called out of darkness into God's marvelous light so the light of the world Jesus in John 812. The light of the world. Jesus said I am that light came to do two things to give us the next step how to live in this world and all of its darkness and also to give us the pathway listening to moments of hope we didn't sign that David joins me in a studio with great Maintaining a Great Team, I Am Tony Marciano Presidency in Your Charlotte Rescue Mission Would Ask You a Question Will You Do When You Stand at the Intersection of Homelessness and Addiction in the Person's Shoes for Just the Second What Is It That You Really Need. You Probably Been One of the Individuals Who Stood at the End of the Interstate Ramp Holderness I Miss That Hungry Will Work for Food, Whichever Use the Money for Food and Booze and Drugs with It Most Likely You Hate Your Life, Your Addiction Has Stolen Every Aspect of Hope.

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Charlotte Rescue Mission Is Grateful for the Financial Partnership. James Easton Thanks for Listening Today.

Doing Nina DDL Is Our Pastor David Chadwick Stated, Thank You so Much for Being That It's Great Being with You Jen, I Hope You're Doing Well Too. I Am Thinking Some Nights This Morning. The Devotion You Gave Us Chemical Verses That Really Encourage All of Us to Keep a Positive Attitude.

We Cities of Our Listeners.

Today I Will and the David-ism Is Actually Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude and in Explaining It. We Understand Once Again the Power of Positive Thinking That Our Minds Control Our Emotions so Let's Do This Again, As We've Done in Previous Moments of Hope Ask This Question in My Optimistic Do I Focus on the past or the Future. Do I Refuse to Be a Victim.

Do I Look for the Good Things in Life Am I Thankful.

Here's the Point. Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude in Life. How High You Will Rise up Not Only in Your Personal but Probably Business Success As Well. Scripture Says It This Way. Romans 12 to Be Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind.

Followers of Jesus Choose to Focus Our Minds All the Things That Are above, Colossians 3 to We Believe That God Is Using All Things for Good Using Even Evil for Good. Genesis 5020 That He Is Weaving Everything Together for Our Good and His Glory.

Romans 828, so Christians Should Therefore Refuse Steadfastly to Complain. We Will Not Dwell on the Negative, We Will Not Become the Victim. Conversely, We Trust That God Is Overseeing Our Lives. He's in Control of All Situations Using Everything for Our Good and His Glory. That's the Essence of Faith in Jesus. So Let's Learn from Our Failures Fail Forward. Don't Give up. Ever. Keep Trying.

Believing Good Days Are Still Ahead of Us for This Principle Is Absolutely True. Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude in Life. I Think This Is so Good at Such a Narrow Word for Ice and It Reminds Me of the Corrie 10 Boom Book That I'm Reading Right Now. The Hiding Place and How Even in Not Lice Infested Room. Her Sister Betsy Said Look Cory Leist Are Keeping the Officers Out Of Here and Letting Us Do Our Own Business and I I Just Love That Attitude Will There You Go Again, Jen. That's Another Bible Verse from First Thessalonians 5. Give Thanks in All Things, Not Some Things A Few Things Most Things, but in All Things, Because We Know If God Is Sovereign. He Has To Be in Everything. Somehow, Someway, Weaving It Together for Our Good and His Glory. And When We Become the Victim When We Start Playing the Blame Game Which Started in Genesis 3 with the Fall When God Confronted Adam and He Blamed Eve and Eve Blamed the Serpent and the Serpent Didn't Have a Leg to Stand on Some Bad Jokes Are the Blame Game Was Played There.

It Never Leads to Prosperity. It Only Furthers Deepens You in the Ditch. You've Got to Understand the Power of Your Attitude to Increase Your Altitude in Life's Successes. That Is so Great Great Insight Press Today Dated Thank You so Much.

Yeah, Thank You All for Listening Today and If You Would like to Receive These Daily Moments of Hope in Your Inbox, Please Go to Moments of Hope You Can Subscribe There. They Are Free of Charge from My Heart to Yours so That the One Thing I Want to Have Happen.

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