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Is the Bible Reliable - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 27, 2021 6:44 am

Is the Bible Reliable - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 27, 2021 6:44 am

Why should we believe the Bible? For many generations, people have asked if the Bible is truly the inerrant Word of God. So is the Bible reliable, and can we trust it? Part 2.

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You have any questions about anything your wife, your marriage, your sexuality, you will whatever you go first to the word of God. I believe you can't really call yourself a follower of Jesus and not completely place yourself under following along on our broadcast you know we're in a series of messages that answer critical questions about the Bible to church and the Christian faith. All of these programs can be found on our website.

Moments of hope today will pick up right where David left off in a message called is the Bible reliable different one of the most precious liberties we have in Western civilization is the liberty of free speech and the moment we are terrorized not to be able to say whatever we want to say, even if it's satirical.

God help us all because at that moment.

What will be the next liberty that we lose so therefore want to apply for that call for the truth cannot be there for our nation has always existed under the premise that we have a marketplace of ideas and anyone and everyone can come to that marketplace of ideas and share whatever they want to believe how outlandish it may be and then we give each other the right to agree to disagree agreeably what is happening right now in our culture in the name of tolerance's is people are afraid to speak because it might hurt somebody else is feeling and so there's an attempt even by the government right now to mute people's ability to speak what they really feel, dear friends, some of you don't agree with what I have to say about the Bible's perspective on marriage and sexuality, etc. first policy to you. Show me in the word wearable, I will repent. I promise this. But secondly, I might not agree with you but I promise I'll be willing to die for your right to disagree with me I will die for that right and all I ask is that you give me that right myself to enter the free marketplace of ideas and say, thus saith the Lord is best as I understand the word of God will Hugh Ross looked at the Quran. He saw discrepancies in places and times so therefore if there discrepancies. How could it be the word of God, then for thought. You look at the manuscript evidence is so powerful. There are 20 to 25,000 New Testament pieces manuscripts alone. The word manuscript means script writing menu means hand written by hand.

So there are fragments or larger sections of New Testament work that go to within 200 years of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Please keep that figure 20 to 25,000 in mind. Interestingly, I called my dear friend hit latke shoe who's in Beirut Lebanon.

I emailed him saying is there anything new in New Testament manuscript evidence today because he's probably the leading Arab New Testament manuscript person in the Mideast. He wrote me back. I can almost feel his rear end dancing off his seat as he wrote me these words he said within the last months there has been yet published a discovery of 18 new manuscripts from the New Testament, and he said the most exciting one purportedly is a part of the gospel of Mark which, if the dating experts are right could place this manuscript within 25 years of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, but you may not think that's cool that's got me jumping out of my seat why because it means that there are eyewitnesses who are within 25 years of Jesus life, death and resurrection writing this down and it means you can go check it out with those who are living during the time, and then he set up those 18. Interestingly, it gives you 43% of the New Testament in its entirety within 100 years of Jesus life, death and resurrection that moves the 200 years back 200 years, maybe back to 25 years, which is extraordinary.

Now why is that important on how many of you ever read Homer the Gilly in the Odyssey you're in school you I did two here's what's interesting there only 634 manuscripts of Homer and the earliest one we have is within 1300 years. How many of you read Plato. I did Plato we have 10 manuscripts within 1200 years of the first one. And yet there is no scholar today know his geography or who doubts the veracity of Homer or Plato. And yet we have 20 to 25,000 manuscripts now potentially dated within 25 years of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and people are doubting the veracity of the Scripture.

Looks to me like a liberal bias. And what's even more interesting as you look at these manuscripts, how they're consistent with her saying okay I know and somebody went to my alma mater, the University North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and you have heard professors there and other places say yeah but did you know and were paying these professors hundreds of thousand dollars to teach our children. This diabolical drivel.

Did you know there are over 200,000 errors in those manuscripts. Therefore, your Bible can't be the word of God. Have you heard that argument only give you the counterargument. Yes, there are 200,000, not errors, but variance and when those scribes through the centuries painstakingly tried to copy the manuscript from generation to generation. They were not illiterate people. They were committed to this cause and expended their entire day writing down the translations the manuscript evidence in the ninth century we had Old Testament manuscripts that had a 900 year gap to the ear of Jesus and many scholars that we can't really rely upon those manuscript until the Dead Sea Scrolls, but does Dead Sea Scrolls put the Old Testament many script evidence 200 BC, which means folks as you looked at the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 900 year old cousin managed they were almost identical, almost identical, which proves the scribes were painstakingly careful in trying to copy every word, but there were variance.

There were some places where they didn't get the word right so if you have 20 to 25,000 manuscripts and let's say in one of them ascribe rights in a instead of in an and he gets translated over and over and over again for the next couple hundred thousand a couple hundred years and then take long to get to 200,000 at all, but as you look at these variance they have absolutely no effect upon the truth of the doctrines that are outlined in the Scripture, not one. It's almost like when when you might send me a text.

You have AutoCorrect on your tax drives me nuts you send me something fast and I get toward ago. What does that mean well look at the whole text that I can quickly figure out what you're trying to say. That's what happened is the scribe may have wrongly to the variant in here there, but it doesn't make any difference on the New Testament text will quickly three places in the New Testament Mark 16 in the whole handling of snakes in the drinking poison. John ate the woman caught in adultery and first John five some verses about the Trinity that are disputed whether they should be there there added later on. Like the 8/19 century and made people say they should be included in your Bibles either for your Bibles untrue couple statements. First of all, there was an oral tradition that existed during the day. The stories were told and scholars concluded they were consistent with the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament is whether at it but tell you what, I'll give you Mark 16 and the stakes in the poison. I'll give you John a Norma got adult rugby first John five. We now believe we now believe so often people skepticism is not a question of authentic seeking is a question of the will. It's a question I don't want even when the evidence is before me and what's interesting if you look at these 20 25,000 New Testament manuscripts and you put even that there are five you could put together that would give you Mark, Luke, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, first and second Thessalonians. In Revelation, just in those five alone in its entirety and why don't you believe the Bible is true.

The manuscript evidence is profound. If you're willing to study it, sixth, the eyewitnesses, for those of you who love academic studies back in your book, Richard Baucom, Richard Baucom, BLU, COM, Jesus and the eyewitnesses on given the marketer within 15 years of Jesus that is powerful.

Let's say we just take what we are today that 100 to 200 years.

We got evidences of the writings of the New Testament to the original events. If you look closely at the Scriptures you will see that there are named eyewitnesses there and and if the vessels which are first and second Corinthians in Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, all those books are really dated within 15 within 15 years of the event of Jesus and some people even think first 2015 could be within three years of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus by the statements that are made, there is a listing of all the eyewitnesses by name. There are basically ways of the writer saying if you don't believe this happened here, names of people go talk to them there still living today, these miracles that happened here the name of the lady who happened to years later the man to whom it happened here.

The names of people who saw Jesus raising the debt talk to them. It'd be like me riding in 2000 I was raised from the dead. And if you knew that I had written that you do you go talk to my wife Marilyn and you say is this true and she could tell you whether it's true or not, because he's an eyewitness to the event. Go look at the eyewitnesses also Mark is really Peter's words for someone to wipe the New Testament book Matthew. The revelation they had to have seen Jesus raising the dead.

They also had to walk with Jesus in some way or another. So you have Mark, who's not a disciple of Jesus.

Technically what he's hearing the words of Peter. Most scholars believe and I believe it to the Peter's the one who wrote the book of Mark, and Mark is merely writing down Peter's words in the book of Mark, you have embarrassing details about the life of Peter. He is a liar he's a trader he's a coward and Jesus restores him but here's the point.

No one writing her autobiography, who writes embarrassing details of their life would do so unless the really road what you gonna do with all these eyewitness accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and seventh Jesus believe the Bible was the word of God. This is really next week's message so you gotta come back here greater detail, but next week is looking at the exclusivity of Jesus the Jesus is God in human flesh. He said I am the way, I am the truth I am the life. If you believe that Jesus is God under over Evans next week. The believe that Jesus is God, then you gotta have God's view toward the Old Testament. He quoted over and over again. We sought earlier in Matthew four for he quoted you on the A320 was confronting the devil. So Jesus quotes from the Old Testament. He's got the belief that God spoke to those profits.

They wrote it down and it is the word of God. Why because he is God. They set out the apostles is 12 and John 1613. He said the Holy Spirit can come upon you and bring to your members.

Everything that I've taught you in these apostles believe that when they wrote down their letters to the churches. What we have in all those epistles those letters they believe they were writing the word of God.

That's what Paul and John and James. Others would begin that works with. I call an apostle of Jesus Christ, because these words I'm writing down are literally the words of Jesus poking through me to you. The church is what you can say that Paul's opinion is John's opinion, whatever you got to say that's the word of God, because Jesus was speaking through that apostle Jesus is God. You gotta have his view toward the Old Testament's view toward the apostles of the New Testament all unfold in greater detail next week when you do with that if Jesus truly is who he said he is and will quickly let me talk about something else that I need to talk about the early church and the canon. The word canon. The can on this at the of the Bible were Canada and begun that I shoot you up with every week.

Okay, the work can come from the Latin word which means little measurement. The Bible is the measurement for all truth and all faith in all practice so we have these 66 books and we believe that the Old Testament came together in those 39 books evidenced by the Dead Sea Scrolls and at a Council called Chamblee in 91 A.D. was actually signifying those 39 as the Jewish Old Testament Scripture those 39 books were what Jesus read what his disciples read what they believed and what they obey is constantly in the narratives of the gospel accounts the New Testament letters were formed over a period of several hundred years, but you have RNA us in one 6080 whose early church father who said there are four Gospels and four Gospels alone. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You also see in those first couple hundred years of the early church forming which letters they knew were absolutely authoritative and they concluded those four Gospels plus the other epistles based on people who had seen Jesus raising the dead and who had walked with him and they finally in 323 A.D. at the Council of Nicaea confirm later Chalcedon some hundred years later that this Bible these 39 books.

These 27 books is the word of God you can do some further study about the formation of the canon, but you got to believe the Holy Spirit is working through all those people through the years through the decades through the centuries to form together, these 66 books as the word of God.

Quick statement about the Apocrypha. The Apocrypha were books outside the Old Testament canon that were used to inform information about the Old Testament but the Jews never thought the Apocrypha was a part of their Old Testament canon.

You see that through the Dead Sea Scrolls. You look at the life of Jesus and his apostles.

They obeyed the Old Testament Scripture, they never obey the Apocrypha so Jesus looked at the Old Testament Scripture as his words. Moreover, in the New Testament the Apocrypha was never considered authoritative. But then Jerome in the fifth century, wrote what's called the Vulgate, he translated the Bible from Greek into Latin to make it more accessible to a number of people August, and when the great theologians of the church came to Jerome and said, you gotta make sure you also translate the Apocrypha inlet just to have it will as it always is the church at some point will you know how place the Apocrypha in the Old Testament canon and they did not those 39 books with several others and nobody ever objected to it because in the Catholic tradition, the church has authority over the word of God and happen the Protestant Reformation were the Protestant reformers reversed and said no know the Bible is authoritative, solar Scripture, only the Scripture. That's what informs the church that was the whole schism that happened. So to this day the Roman Catholic still have the Apocrypha in their Bible, and they talk to us Protestant say, why don't you and here's the answer. Jesus didn't. Jesus didn't look at the Old Testament those 39 books alone is the authoritative word of God.

He has read the Apocrypha learn from it gives insights but is not considered the authoritative word of God. First of all to those of you who are spiritual skeptics here today. Let me ask you these questions do you disbelieve the word of God, because you've actually studied it historically, manuscript wise and all the other evidence is given to have you looked at it and rejected, but more importantly, as Paul said to Timothy do you obey the word. When you have any question about anything in your life, your marriage, your sexuality, your whatever, do you go first to the word of God. I believe you can't really call yourself a follower of Jesus and not completely place yourself under. Thanks for listening. Cunning data joins me in the studio with encouragement to continue for God immunity countless people at the intersection of homelessness and addiction, Tony Marciano, Pres. and CEO of Charlotte risk commission over the years we have been helping these men and women who struggle with addiction. You probably see the individuals who stand at the interstate ramp holding a sign this is hungry work for food and maybe you felt the skepticism of are they going to use any money that I give them one of those individuals truly but Charlotte risk commission, we are all about transformation at our men's campus which is called rebound in a women's campus which is called deafness.

We uniquely work inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness.

The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who would otherwise not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ. The missions 120 day program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community whose lives have unraveled due to an addiction.

Charlotte risk commission is so grateful for the financial partnership. Moments of church making this transformational ministry is standing with me today is our pastor dated Saturday dated, thank you for being with us today. Thank you, Jen. It's great being with you as well will in this morning's moment of hope you very David is an called all God asks of you is do you yeah you know we sees off yesterday's moment of hope. We talked about how God's love for us is not performance-based. While we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us so he gives us his love, not based on our performance. But the truth is, once we receive that unconditional love. We know God's eternal forgiveness for our sins, he does ask us to do our best to live in this world to serve him as best as we can. Romans 1412 says that every single one of us will appear before God one day and be held accountable for our lives and works. Now we are saved by grace, not of our works, but if we've been saved by grace we do good works, and it's the result of salvation, not the cause of salvation. So I want to adjure all our listeners today to keep doing your best for Jesus serve the poor give food to the hungry, clothe the naked, bring water to the thirsty, go visit the prisoners be Matthew 25 Christians were Jesus gives an outline of those of us who believe in Jesus and how we should live our lives for him, but all we can do is do our best were not going to be held accountable for other people's works, how they lived just our own, and indeed their peers in the Scripture to be some justification for the fact that they were saved by grace. Once we get into heaven, there is going to be a judgment of works and were going to receive crowns of rewards for how well we have been faithful with our works to the Lord.

So we need to concentrate on doing those good works, every single day not to earn God's favor that's already been given to us through Christ, but simply to reflect our thank you to the Lord for that favor that we have received is to please God and God alone. So listeners please remember, you are only responsible for you but do what God has commanded you to do today. Do your best. Give God the rest for his glory alone. This is so powerful in that Scripture that he talked about with having a crown you now and that in eternity. Somebody said one time he will currency can lay it at Jesus's feet.

What else can you get hand except for what you've done and that represents what you've done, on earth for him. There's a great illustration that I heard once we get into heaven by grace alone, we receive the crown from God for our reward of good works and then we cast the crown at the feet of Jesus.

Because if everything is by grace. If salvation is by grace.

Even the ability to have done good works for him is by grace, and I think that's what the old hymn of the faith.

Holy, holy, holy means when it says, casting down our golden crowns around the glassy sea that is the work of grace that allowed us to do good works. We get God's crowns that we cast them at the feet of Jesus as a way of saying it was all about you. Even my ability to do good works for you was because of your grace.

This is so gay and so inspiring. I just want to say to our listeners. Gauguin and you are able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond. You could ever hope for, or imagine through the strength of Jesus in your heart. Thank you so much, state, and you thank you Jen and listeners.

Please continue to trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Don't lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.

If you'd like to receive from me daily in your inbox at 7 AM. A written moment of hope. Just go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there. They are free of charge from my heart to yours to begin each day with a moment of hope and moments of helping make senior pastor of moments of hope charts. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We need that problem stay school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte at 10 AM. You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope charts.more and well your online sign up for David's daily moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox and also they're both free and available at moments of hope charts.learn dated any entire moments of hope charts. James asking you to pray for spiritual strength in our local church

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