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Valor - Part 3

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 18, 2021 6:55 am

Valor - Part 3

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 18, 2021 6:55 am

What does it mean to be a person of valor? Today we look at the life of Gideon and Esther.

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The part of valor. The heart of this term.

Bauer has been changed through the centuries, x-rays, and I think we need to reclaim its intentional fruitage mean to be a person of valor as moments help with the lack last broadcast.

We begin a new series simply called valor.

If you missed this broadcast. You can find on our website. Moments of Hope but today David and his wife Marilyn, give us insight into two people of valor from the Old Testament getting them and asked her to let me ask this of a definition about what is a simple dictionary definition.

If you want one is courage in the face of danger, even if you don't quite know how to define valor.

I think we all know it when we see it and I think that word valor again usually connotes a lot of courage and strength and self-sacrifice. But sometimes the world tosses us a different viewpoint, and so to find out just what people thought of when they thought of the words courage and bravery. So I googled a man and a woman showing courage. Okay, so let's look and see what the first image is that, policy would a woman showing courage to face out she's climate is as rock climbing and climbing the side of a mountain looks pretty intense to me. I don't think I'll try that one. But then the next one as specific as it was a man showing courage. I'm not sure that's courage is that so it when you get a draft to me when you Google courage and bravery.

A lot of it's extreme sports are daredevil staff unit and very little of what you get tossed you know by the world is that whole idea of self-sacrifice and the courage that really lays down your life to help somebody out. So that's why we were so really captivated by the biblical example and an understanding of the word valor. The whole idea of courage to challenge all about yourself and myself included a married, single, young and old to this call of God that he evidently gives his most precious things in the Bible regarding courage, regarding valor, so would like to look at two biblical examples of valor encouraged to people actually were called people of valor or people who expressed courage. The first one is Gideon I in the book of Judges. Now if you don't understand the book of Judges, they were the darkest days in Israel's life and history of my daddy used to say all the time that every great civilization goes through C3 cycles. First sin, then it endures sin, then it embraces sin and when it starts calling good evil and evil good, and that embracing of sin. That's one of civilization really isn't decadence. Will Israel went through those same cycles and when they fell into the bottom of accepting sin. God would raise up a judge who would be his leader to free them from the oppression of another nation will in Judges 6, the Midianites, Israel's enemies had overtaken them and so God raised a man named Gideon as his judge to overthrow the Midianites but was so fascinating. Gideon is from the smallest family. The most insignificant person in the family and didn't have any notoriety whatsoever is actually hiding from the Midianites in the winepress, and what so fascinating in Judges 612 the angel of the Lord appeared to him to Gideon and said to him, the Lord is with you, O mighty man off of valor of courage when the guy is hiding out. He's aware and God comes to him to an angel and says you mighty men of valor, because any great guys and gals, the God does not look at who we are, that through his strength. He looks at who we can become message that again, that through his strength. He does not look at who we are. He looks at who we can become. And so God and said the committee to Gideon and the Lord turned to him and said go in this Mike of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian do not. I send you. When God gives you a call. You gotta go, don't you, and what's interesting is Gideon is he then gave him the fleeced experiment in Gideon then saw that was really gotta call them and then Gideon assembled 30,000 Israelites to fight against the Midianites and some may remember the story got little the 30,000 down to 300 so the dogs a Gideon it's not in your strength, not in you worldwide, but in my power that you will be able to face the Midianites with courage so Gideon fights the battle and becomes a great hero.

His daddy even remains him as a part of his memory among the Israelites of Gideon is a man valor, a man of courage, that's what his story expresses and and there's a woman that you want to talk about now that's all alumina valor in the Old Testament named Esther before we can end asked… Pause a minute to just stop on that word valor again because it's not one that we use a lot and in the Hebrew it's spelled. The actual Hebrew word is CH a YIL which is pronounced heil and most often when you see Hyo in the Old Testament.

It is translated valor just about 100 times, but is used to describe everything from Gideon mighty man of valor thinking David was called Amana valor all of his mighty men of valor were his years, but it's also used to describe God was the God of the Angel armies and they used the word used for Angel armies.

This Hyo sits very strongly, any kind of slaves in the Hebrew dictionary because it strength, bravery, honor, capability, skill, valor can even mean well Troop army and warrior, but within that word is a real strong feeling of self-sacrifice. So let's go back into Esther and other woman of valor and he Donahue in this room is under 20 but we've had a lot of young people coming up to us afterwards because just about everybody that are in these examples of valor was a teenager I think Gideon was probably teenage I know Esther was when her story first opens up and you don't even see the word teenager in the Bible it is called men and women in that. I mean if you're a young person in here today. I want you to understand even if you're not yet attained that you can still show valor even as a child and I think all of us and we know that fear is contagious right but isn't it amazing how when we see examples of men, women, teenagers and children, showing valor, courage is contagious as well is in the book of Esther the whole book of Esther. You can read it in one setting to me as an example of such courage that it should make we should feel courageous is a rating at the Israelites been taken in the Babylonian captivity and the Babylonians were the power of the day and after some time the Persians became the power the date over the Babylonians. But the Jews have been taken into exile still remained in that area, but now they're under the control of the Persians, the king of Persia had a wife to take them off and he said I'm done with usually older, beauty pageant and choose a new wife and its Esther and did during the time that she's in the harem as a team. Suddenly there comes in the heart of Haman, a desire to exterminate the Jews. Most of you know the Jewish people are the most oppressed people in the history of the world and in this time Haman actually erected gallows to hang all the Jews throughout the world and Esther had an uncle named Mordechai who raised her in the captivity and Mordechai seeing this extermination was going to happen. Decided to go to his knees and to try to plead with her as a part of the king's harem to go to him and try to save the lives of the Jews, save them from extinction.

Since she's an orphan teenager writing what Gideon she's not exactly put in the Hall of Fame I face even and don't romanticize her role in the here. My writing is. Oh she was married to the King that she was just one of many and if you actually went to approach the king when you are unbidden. He had a right to put you to death. So here's Esther there in the palace. Mordechai finds out about this plot since he gets word to Esther to go and intercede on behalf of the Jews. She's like oh my gosh this could get me killed, and could very likely would he says to her these words if you keep silent. This is Esther four verse 13. If you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this. So in Esther has a lot to think about and she throws herself on the mercy of God, and she goes to God in prayer and she tells all the Jews to assemble and fast and pray for her for three days and then she says this then I will go to the king, though it is against the law and if the parents perished parents perished to look at the heart of valor. The heart of courage that someone says I'm willing to give my life even for other people to live that's the true biblical definition of gallows that's that's Gideon going on, giving my wife to be free from the Midianites.

Esther I'm giving my life free from the Persian domination potential extinction of the Jewish Pokey. David and I think you and I would agree with this because we've looked at Christians all over the world that are giving their lives in such amazing ways. And you guys might agree with me on this. Deep down inside don't you all feel a desire to be a world changer everybody deep down inside just knows were made for something more ever made to make a difference in the more broken and hurting. This world gets nothing. All of us have been so moved by what we've seen at these recent tragedies and it just gives you a desire to give her to go or to do something and you know the millennial generation is so funny because we raised three, and depending on which studies you read it somewhere from around 15 to 16 at about 36 and I know that millennial Stanley.

We don't want to become a millennial's, so I know what else to call and want to be studied. No law which which it is. I love that generation. I love this generation because I think it's richer and the pew research group, which is a secular research group does phenomenal studies have they been the most conclusive study ever of this generation. It's called content connected and open to change.

You can get online and find it but there were three of the top findings that they found stirred the heart of the millennial generation and again. Remember, this is not a Christian, study, nor is it just looking at church people and that is a very wide reaching study marriage and the family.

Believe it or not, with the top two concerns. A millennial's, even at a waiting longer to get married and have children.

Those were still the top two concerns the third one was a way to serve the needy and give their life away and I think that that just goes to show us that even if we don't think we're religious. If we're honest with ourselves.

God is woven into us a desire, noble desire to give a life with others. One of the other places we want to turn in this series the world covers in the book woman of valor is the Proverbs 31 woman who's absolutely fascinating in looking at her life in Proverbs 3110 it says in that term you use in the Hebrew exit hi hi uncle is a woman of valor who can find so the search for a true woman or person of our God is looking for that kind of person talk some about the Proverbs 31 woman well and if you are familiar at all with Proverbs 31.

You're probably looking at that verse: I don't think that was the translation and that's not the way have always read it, usually when you read in an English Bible. It says an excellent why competent wife Eugene Peterson said a good woman get in there to some very interesting translations of the term asset will but in the Hebrew it's woman of Marler estimating you're like me, I was going a lot and I know that actually researched about 21 versions of the Bible until I came to that when and when I got to the Orthodox Jewish Bible I saw a woman of valor will assist in all my life so I googled it could have a newly begin to use Google as a verb, but anyway and there are hundreds of references to the woman of valor, all of them overseas, mostly in the Middle East, mostly in Israel because it's the Jewish term, but it's also their way of recognizing the worth of womanhood have woman about conferences woman of valor, plaques, and even on Shabbat the night before their sadness. Jewish men either recite Hebrews 30 Proverbs 31 verses 10 through 31, which is the second portion of that early but actually singing that you like me to do, but that but the same.

The verses because they're not making a list of all the things she does, which is kind of how the Western church has interpreted this OC no cells close she makes on her own dresses she you know defends her family from enemies.

He rates his kids have smelled like a job has now adopted such a long list of people read that chapter and their kind of exhausted. But in the Jewish mindset really what they're trying to do is just honor the woman that is given her life to come into that family. So we found that when we were doing our studies on marriage for the previous books that we were just as fascinated that line has pretty much the Western church just kinda glossed over this whole concept of the woman of valor and reduced it to say that it's not a good thing to be a virtuous woman that virtue without valor is to say she's currently you look back over 700 years of church history and biblical interpretation, and this term valor has been changed through the centuries and centuries and I think we need to reclaim its intended intentional fruitage, which is what you did went back to the 1300, which is kind of ironic because back in the 70s when I became a Christian I got from being about seven years of an atheist age 59, Vita got out of my life and I pretty much was convinced he didn't exist for about seven years. Thankfully I met him a year before I met you that I left yeah but as Sally said I was never to become a Christian. I was never ever get a Mary Minister sent. It's funny how we end up chokes on the added bonus point and tell you that as I was also very strongly that pretty much second wave of feminism in the 70s.

You know in a glace the world and hyper ambitious and all that so it's interesting to me that I'm the one looking back to the centuries to find out how to release this woman of valor and when you couple to 1300s and you see that the first person to really bring the Bible into the language of the common man was a guy named John Wycliffe any hand translated from the Latin to the English the common English of the day, the whole Bible.

Can you imagine how long that took and so he found exit when he found hi all, first of all to be the term that it was translated as virtuous as met interesting here to there excuse me 300 times the word virtuous is used as the translation for heil and Wycliffe's Bible and so I went back and found out what virtuous meant back in the 1300s when little John Wycliffe was sitting there by hand writing on this and virtuous in the 1300s was characterized by vigor or strength having qualities befitting and 98 nights most often called virtuous. It meant valiant hardy courageous. It was from a Latin word virtue… Which was good and moral strength hi characters, he did have a high character aspect of it. Manliness, vigor, bravery, courage in war and all this excellence in work and it was from the Latin word dear VI are from which we get Vero so is alien strong and courageous and worthwhile in and go out to save the day and fight the wars so virtuous was powerful that he didn't actually call the Proverbs 31 woman virtuous woman at that point he called her a strong woman, which is pretty close to what you're looking for here, but by the time you get up to the 1600s in the King James version of the Bible that word virtuous, which is still in the language of that day.

Virtuous Millie might meant moral excellence, chastity and religious devotion, and has lost completely. The whole idea of Marler or courage of bravery or warlike service or self-sacrifice. When you see in the King James version to look it up. It's a virtuous woman. She pretty much had been emptied of all of her strength and courage and I don't quite know why you know a lot of people try to say that it was because of gender bias in all these kinds of things but wonder if he didn't just because words change.

I was cleaning out the closet with my little six year old granddaughter, Anna Grace, and she caused a man marriage. He said nightmare that I was: something out of the closet and throw away. She said what's that and I said what.

That's a phone book and she said well, but not to myself.

You know it's just interesting how words lose their meaning is why the word virtuous got water down.

I don't know what I do know is that virtue without valor is really empty listening to moments of hope.

Thanks for listening, coming up dated joins me in the studio. In a conversation about how friends are like elevators statement that I am Tony Marciano Presidents in Europe. Charlotte rescue mission ask you a question will you do when you sit at the intersection of homelessness and addiction to thin the person's shoes for just the second one is that you really need. You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end of interesting holding the sign just said hungry will work for food, whichever use the money for food and booze and drugs with the most likely you hate your life, your addiction has stolen every aspect of hope. You want to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning, your addiction screams and you surrender to it.

There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rescue mission Charlotte rescue mission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness. The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation in a love for Christ missions 120 program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership name James Easton. Thanks for listening today.

Joining me in the studio is our pastor David Chadwick dated. Thanks so much for being with us today hi Jim, great being with you as well will in this morning's moment of hope. You quoted your God dang friends are like elevators linking me. I can still hear dad saying here's the complete phrase friends are like elevators will either take you up or the bring you down and it's so true. The Scripture says it this way.

Do not be deceived. Bad company corrupts good morals. That's from first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 33 wise words from the apostle Paul. Bad company corrupts morals Solomon the wisest man in the world, said the same thing.

He cautioned others not to associate with those who partake in intentional sin. Proverbs 2320. He knew that at some point you will become like the people you hang around why is choosing our friends wisely so important because people take on the traits, characteristics and personalities of those with whom they spend time, including their habits language, but especially their actions. It's a great lesson for anyone, but it's especially impactful for our kids and we parents need to make sure that we teach our kids these truths and you parents have every right to intervene when appropriate with kids that you think are wrongly impacting your kids to the kind of person you want them to be. That's a responsibility clearly that parents are given by God in his word. So Solomon again said it this way, if you want to be wise, hang around wise people. That's Proverbs 1320. That's because your friends are like elevators, though either take you up or the bring you down.

While this is so insightful and it reminds me of when I was in middle school and I lived this out to you know I got I got involved with the wrong crowd in middle school and I got involved in stealing and could have gone down into that that road of alcoholism.

I I got sent by God and went to the survival service and got convicted and asked my parents midway through the year to take me out of public school and put me in a private school because I was desperate to just get out of that crowd in the tent while my life is changed because of you really know that at age birds of a feather flock together and started taking on the habits, lifestyle and actions of the people you hung around with right and we need to understand the power that not just for teens. It's something true even for adults, we need to choose our friends wisely because they can influence us to become somebody.

We don't want to become.

Because of this, in a desire so many of us half to be accepted, for those of us were people pleasers, especially the hands are and we have a danger sign going off in our minds that are that's even louder and more red than ever because we know were in danger peril of becoming like those people who might take us down the wrong path that says guide in the flipside of that is I would encourage our listeners to get around people who are hungry for more of God and you are on fire in their luck for Jesus. That's a great point, Jim. That's the converse reality that as bad morals growth company. If you're around good people. They will bring good morals to you and especially those who are passionate about Jesus. That's an infectious disease and can make us better people as well. I know moments of hope is a great place to find people like that is so inspiring. Thank you.

Thank you Janet.

I appreciate your comments and everybody if you'd like to receive a daily written moment of hope for me please go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there for my heart to yours free of charge. Every morning at 7 AM in your inbox work for me to give you a moment of hope and moments of childlike senior pastor of moments of hope church we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning.

We meet at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte at 10 AM. You can find more information on our website.

Moments of hope church.Lord again join us Sunday morning at 10 AM at province day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte. It just isn't moments of hope for dated and the entire moments of hope church.

This is James Easton

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