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At Home - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 14, 2021 6:19 am

At Home - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 14, 2021 6:19 am

Marilynn Chadwick joins her husband David, in a series about how to develop strength to endure life's trials .Part 1.

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My greatest fear is that you'll him by this godless American culture and think like this world thinks about things like Jesus we want to be courageous of personal valor.

As you face the world and give your life away in ministry moments and help. The dictionary defines the word valor as strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness or personal bravery. So how does this apply our Christian life today. Marilyn side McEwing stated in his series about developing strength to enjoy life's trials in a message called home. We want to move into this lower message of trying to recapture this word valor.

The Christian community. What is the word valor me, which is the simple that dictionary definition of valor is selling courage in the face of danger. But even if you don't know the definition I think everybody knows valor and courage when you see it and use the word valor actually the Hebrew word in the Old Testament for valor is spelled CHA YIL and its pronounced meal and it's a military term, as I said earlier, and means everything from warrior to troop Army. Sometimes it's used for God's angel armies it when you read about David's mighty men of valor is how you will is just as strong, powerful term is used three times in the entire Old Testament is speaking specifically about a woman and I just found it curious to discover this accident when we were doing our book on marriage. But when you get to the Proverbs 31 woman in some of you know about her. She's got this long list of accomplishments and most people feel tired when they read about her and think that's a perfect woman and it's usually translated competent woman virtuous why excellent life. But when I went back to the Hebrew.

It's actually ship which means woman of high heel valor woman of valor and that some awesome woman of valor and the crazy thing is, the only translations that I found it translated to the English as woman of valor where the Orthodox Jewish Bible and a really old Jewish Bible written back at the turn-of-the-century. So I began to be curious about this and learned that women all over the world today there Jewish messianic Jews love this term so much.

Partially because their husbands the night before Shabbat would either recite or sing the verses out of Proverbs 31 telling what an awesome woman she is, but woman of valor is just a great concept and so we thought. Valor is kind of lost art. Today we wanted to reclaim it and would last week we looked at a personal valor in their own individual lives we challenged you to be courageous as you live for Christ, especially in this culture, I greatest fear, dear friends, is not that you will be persecuted for your faith in Jesus is not that I would be persecuted for my faith in Jesus. On my greatest fear because the church is always thrived in its pursuit, always because it really reads out, because I committed news not been those who are committed will take it to a new level.

My greatest fear for you is that you become American you'll him by this godless American culture and think like this world thinks about think like Jesus want you to think so. We want to be courageous.

A person of valor as you face the world and give your life away in ministry. But today we want to talk about being valorous as a person and relationship and want to look first of all, the character in the Old Testament named Ruth yeah and we talk about valor at home today as we unpack that you'll see that home means many different things for many different people just singles will be included in the everybody well all ages and stages that Ruth is one of only two women in the Bible to have about a book named after her and she was an outsider. In fact, she was living in sort of the backside of nowhere in that area of Moab and David talk more about the Moabites later, but they were not nice people. I was a pretty rough try but here she is this woman and we find her because a woman named Naomi and her husband from the tribe of Israel had the left and gone to Moab when it was severe famine in Israel. Naomi was married to a guy named a Lim. Alexi had two sons and famine had, and cause them to flee, Marilyn.

I've been all over the world with different ministries that we've seen in Sudan, for example, the extraordinary pain that is caused by people losing their homes because of famine or because of persecution. Whatever the reason may be reducing Syrian refugees.

Here is different in a hunger in America's wrath you get of these areas.

We've got displaced people groups that famine hunger. You can see the faces it's grinding so Naomi a little liquid going through famine and they said we gotta find food for so they wanted to Moab which was the enemy of Israel. If you read the biblical prophecies about different nations will see that God pronounces severe judgment through the prophets on the web just to get like Marilyn so the godless people, but they had to have food so they ran there and live there, and the two boys eventually over 10 years time. Met tomorrow by this girls and married the and one of them was named Ruth and so after some period of time a Lim electing the two sons die and Naomi yearns for her homeland turns to her two daughters in law and says look I'm going home with you to stay here. You can perhaps remarry, but I've got to go home. One of them did stay but the second one named Ruth decide to go with Naomi back to Israel and says something extraordinary in the Scripture, Marilyn, would you read those verses that Ruth said and this is Ruth saying this to Naomi do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you from where you go I will go and where you live. I will lives. Your people shall be my people and your God will be my God, where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts me from you and that's from Ruth chapter 1 in those verses are often rated weddings and people asked me sometimes like to officiate weddings if I would have those verses written always go will shall be more than happy to. You just need to know they won't speak spoken between a husband and wife were spoken from a daughter-in-law to her mother-in-law, imagine that my daughters-in-law like me that much but great words of covenant love covenant love and I want to emphasize that term today. Covenant love because throughout the Bible is the kind of love that God has for us.

Covenant love is unconditional love.

Another definition of covenant love that I love youse. I'm not going anywhere. It's mostly expression of God's love for us forceful through Israel that he made a covenant relationship with Israel through Abraham basically said I'm not going anywhere. I love you and the covenant love that God made with Israel, a continued even after Jesus came to the world. Paul says that Israel was set aside for a season, until the fullness of the Gentiles comes into God's kingdom and then the going to have a massive numbers of Jews will come to faith in Jesus and that covenant love the God made with Abraham is a revocable, I'm not going anywhere and still in place just until the fullness of all Gentiles come into the kingdom of God. That covenant love is expressed between Ruth and Naomi in a powerful way it is. But you know it's interesting because we said think covenant live is what holds all believers together once people are in the body of Christ. We love each other with a covenant love. Certainly, starting obviously with marriage and your love for your children.

But it's also the love we all have for each other and I think Ruth's demonstration of this covenant love with says standing really, because again she'd been a Moabitess, she was outside the community of faith when she made that pronouncement that covenant to Naomi. She basically was accepting God as her guide to you again which was stunning, so that by the time they made their way back to Israel and ended in the tribal village there. Her reputation somehow had preceded her and they were blown away so that one of the men comes up to her and basically says this, everybody in town knows that you are a woman of valor.

Ruth is the only person in the entire Bible. The only woman to be called by name. A woman of valor and this was what they use is determined to like on her for this covenant live in case you don't know the rest of the story Ruth comes back and starts to work in order to supply for her. Naomi Amanda Boaz was a good bit older than she is. Looks at her and is attracted to her finds out that a Lim electives in his lineage and in what's called the kinsman redeemer process and Israel's law that the next person in line to someone who had died could married the wife. Boaz realizes he's next in line and works with the elders of the city goes… Me. I have the kinsman redeemer for Ruth and they agree and so he ends up marrying her and the rest of the story is just a style of extending because first divorce, he was called a woman of valor before she was even married some woman of valor can be anybody.

Just remember, she was an outsider and I can impress upon you how disdains the Moabites were so it's just amazing to me that here she is now married to Boaz and I have a son named Oved will embed ends up being the grandfather of King David, which many of you are familiar with. Because that's in the lineage of Jesus. And when you get to them first chapter of the book of Matthew way to do the whole genealogy. Ruth is right in their one of the very few women whose names are listed in the actual lineage of Jesus. So part of what I wanted to see all of you this morning. As you may feel like an outsider like a broken, hopeless, despairing person. God couldn't possibly use someone like me, remember, remember, Ruth, an outsider from a godless nation that God chose to come be a part of this covenant love family and through her brought in King David and those going out Romans one and through King David comes into the world in his lineage who our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So Ruth is in the lineage of the birthing of Jesus in the world. So don't think you're ever useless. Don't think you're ever worthless. Don't think you're beyond God's love and covenant mercies all know, dear friends, you are right in the plan of God trusted you might see your life being used to change the world in decades and generations to come. So wonderful store. It is in this concept of covenant love again we keep saying this over and over and over. It's God's love for you.

So that's the most thing that we can find it threaded throughout different passages of Scripture. And when you get back to Proverbs 31 let's go back there because the Proverbs 31 woman as she is known demonstrates covenant live in her family to her children and then we'll find out next week how she does this with the rest of the world around her, but there's an interesting sentence in those 10 verses in next week.

We need to bring the point taken a second then you really want me to point the stations my girls are like that with no you don't have to turn into a family, but you can say these verses if you want to next week to your wives and those in your families. But anyway it says here that the heart of her husband. Trust in her.

This is Proverbs 3111 and 12 the heart of her has interests in her and he'll have no lack of gain.

She does in good and not harm the days of her life to hear the covenant theme coming through there and it's there in such a powerful way to express for Christians the covenant love we know through Jesus. For those of you who know what happens at the Lord's table that we celebrate here Jesus said as he gave it to his disciples, behold, I give you a new covenant through my blood through my death, to you and that new covenant basically is when we have a relationship with Jesus. He abides in us and we abide in him.

There's a glue in our lives and what Jesus is saying to us is I'm not going I'm not going anywhere. I will never leave you or forsake you or his last words before he ascended into heaven, low I'll be with you when always, even to the close of the age of his life is in us, our life is in him.

That's the use of a personal relationship with Jesus and folks, I don't know what you were taught the Christian faith is all about, but it's not rules and regulations is not toxic. You must you should you order God's gonna get you.

It is a personal living, dynamic relationship with the God of this universe through his son Jesus that melts our lives into his his life into us and we know personally. Every single second of every single day. His covenant love deeply and abiding within us and anything maybe and I think this is what's coming through to me as I study this concept more takes farmer to love somebody with a covenant love you takes valor in relationships when you see a minute that it takes valor in marriage, but I bet many of you right now I talk. I think talking to yourself saying you know the way I'm rubbing XYZ this person in my life.

Sometimes I have to draw on valor to stay true to go toward marriage. This is what God would intend and remind yourselves that in your vowels. The take with your spouse that you say to them for better for worse, rich or poor.

Sickness and health, and then you're supposed to say least I leave my couples that I marry with these words and I do promise and covenant before God and these witnesses and recognize we had a millennial friend of ours tell us that a lot of the millennial folks have never been taught the meaning of covenant in marriage, and you still think it's a contract.

It's not a contract. A contract is based on the performance of the other end of the other doesn't perform well, you can break the contract. Folks, that's not covenant is not the covenant we have with Jesus is not the covenant he intended there to be in marriage covenant means I'm not going anywhere. Covenant means I am committed forever.

This probably hits for some of you as well. Maybe year caring for somebody. Maybe you're watching somebody, but I think what a powerful demonstration of man and a woman of valor. So in in marriage. This was supposed to look like, and Christians. Marriages are simply different than the world's work is not contract. It's a covenant and I somehow think most of us yearn for that going. We really are deep down inside, we all yearn for that.

That's what Jesus desires and if it didn't work in the first marriage and make it work for you is about lugging that word again back through the covenant love of Jesus through you to another person.

And interestingly, we think children watch the and they see it and it makes them want to honor one expressing the kind of covenant love. In fact, with the Proverbs 31 woman practices that kind of valor and what happens with her children when it's interesting because again I encourage you to go back and read the verses that another little section of Scripture describing her since this strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her time. She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness and it says this her children rise up and call her blessed and that word rise that is more than just standing to your feet.

It it means in the actual Hebrew to be strengthened, to be established to be successful since a very powerful term life rising up and we want to emphasize that in in parenting as well and also Merlot was that you need to know our marriage is a perfect I mean there a lot of times I'm a jerk in the name of Jesus. Of course, but I do some really bad things and I have to say, please forgive me I'm sorry through stuff just like you do.

But what binds us together is our common covenant love Jesus and I think that combined with the intentional parenting.

We had a mom come up to us that raised her children as a single mom and she said I believe everything that you're saying and added shoes for my husband only that I practiced that kind of covenant left for my children and they saw that his turned out really well it turned out really well and I looked at her and I said truly a woman of valor, but that's part of what made this. Proverbs 31 woman to know she was part nurture. We've always kind of gotten that that's what those verses are mostly interpreted as today is series. Just think she was earning 10 moments coming out dated joins me in a studio conversation about this morning's moment of hope.

This is the ministry moment focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community.

Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte Bowen to thank you moments about David Chadwick, all of you there being no real gross you been there since OA starting Kings and grew into the dream Center will last eight weeks, probably exceeding 50,000 words that you made to the city is as were the meals was so, never amount as well. The meals no and you all you everything you and not only is now this is all with you so you God bless and we just see. Thanks for listening to moments of time. James Easton and Pastor David Chadwick thanks for joining us today. Hello Jen, it's great to be with you as well.

This morning's moment of hope is a big topic for people you wrote about becoming better listeners. What are your thoughts on this. Well, the exact maxim is listen to all sides and it really is relevant for today's culture. Because we don't want to hear both sides and in fact with the big tech oligarchies especially situated on the West Coast. They are silencing voices so that the more conservative voices can't even be heard today and everybody knows that when you do that in a culture you have groupthink and everybody is forced to believe the same thing and you don't have a healthy culture at all.

In fact, in classical liberalism, though I would not call myself a liberal of the word liberal comes from the Latin word for freedom and that means basically trying to get rid of all previous thought that seems restrictive to my personal freedoms liberalism just tries to eradicate conservative views that have held the happiness and health of a culture intact while in classic liberalism, though even the liberals would allow a conservative voice to the table. They would then debate and believe that in the debate ultimately would find the best solution. What you have today is not. Classic liberalism you have liberalism you have the left now silencing the voices of people on the right threatening them to lose their jobs or incomes or whatever because they don't buy into the groupthink and it's a very dangerous situation in which to be so I just want to encourage everyone to continue to be bold continued to be courageous continue to speak the truth in love because real truth can't happen until both sides are spoken both sides need to be listened to and I love that proverb in Proverbs 18, 19, that everybody thinks they got the truth until they've heard the other side. It's important that we continue to speak the truth in love. Listen, but also give the other side and let it be heard. This is said that and it reminds me of you know when you hear about the stories. Their story ain't their story B and there's the tree and angle all yeah you know that he gaily and thought.

Some may remember studying philosophy way back when in college or even high school and Hagel was one of the great philosophers of all times. He talked about the synthesis, the antithesis, then reaching the common synthesis and that's what is a good mindset for all of us to have that usually the truth lies somewhere in between. And when you are debating with someone allow that other side to be heard. If you squelch it. Your side is the only one that's hurting who makes that judgment that you're the truth of all the universe that's not the way truth is best arrived at what I feel like these days it.

You can't even come to the point where you agree to disagree agreement would agree with you on that, Jen. That's the whole idea that you silence the voice that you don't like, and in the history of the world. If you look at any government that did not allow the other side to speak and only allowed one side to be heard that ultimately led to a totalitarianism which destroys the country over time. Human freedom is a gift from God when it's not allowed to be expressed. People will ultimately revolt and then you have a nation in disarray that sounded such a good reminder for us and to also share the truth in love, exactly the way you say something is even more important maybe that what you say but continue the dialogue your friends out there stand courageously for Christian truth speak what the word of God says, and then allow the other side to be heard and I promise you the truth will ultimately come out. Thank you so much stated thank you listeners thank you Jen and if you'd like to receive these daily written moments of hope, please go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe their daily bill arrive every morning in your inbox at 7 AM for my heart to yours to start your day with a moment of hope in moments of helpless senior pastor has moments of hope church league. Glad to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet at problem state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte.

You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope church.more again. Come join us in the morning at Providence day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd., Charlotte just is moments of health insurance.more dated the entire moments of hope church James Easton covering

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