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Endure - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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June 23, 2021 6:38 am

Endure - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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June 23, 2021 6:38 am

Endurance and hope go hand and hand -- and are essential for those that believe in Jesus. Today we look at Romans 5. Part 2.

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Is your dream.

How can you advance the kingdom of God looking, you know, don't make this world a better place in which to live your depression and your discouragement will live as you have a dream in your hearts help welcome to moments of hope, which date back. You've heard it said that you can live 40 days without food three days without water. In about eight minutes without air. Did you know that we can't live one second without help today. David shared some practical ways to prevent hope calendars from invading our lives. In part two of the message called into our my daughter Bethany around 15 years of age sitting with Marilyn looking her safe, what your life. We all laughed. You become more you go to college and go dream big know I want your life. That's my dream. That's a big drink today. Bethany is a mother, wife, and helping her husband build a strong church for the glory of Jesus Christ. She's living her dream is to dream God laid on her heart.

It's the right dream.

So what's your dream young people what's the dream for the advancement of the kingdom of God. The God called you to do this well beyond just simply trying to entertain yourself here your depression and your discouragement will lift as you have a redemptive dream in your hearts about. You have some great here. Well I'm nearing the end of my life. I will spend my life in retirement playing golf all that's a great dream. Let me share with you something.

God didn't give you pass because you get great here. Older people should have dreams and some of the greatest older people in the history of humankind have had huge dreams, Winston Churchill came Prime Minister of England at the age of 71. He basically saved Western civilization from Nazism, Ronald Reagan, some consider a great president, became president of the United States at the age of 70.

Interestingly, Harlan Sanders, the inventor of Kentucky fried chicken in a good home.

Me, I can eat it anymore and it's so good though while finger licking good.

That advertisement was paid for by finger licking good Kentucky fried chicken. Anyway, he began the whole franchise at the age of 6666 Ray croc began the McDonald's franchise work at 52. Grandma Moses consider one of the greatest painters in American history, painted her first picture at the age of 78 she painted into her 90s.

Doris Hood never heard of, or have you at 94 years of age. She didn't like all the laws that allowed client campaign-finance to be given big-box to political candidates. So she marched from Los Angeles to New York at 94 years of age asking for campaign finance reform, and she ran for House of Representatives office in 2004 at the age of 94. She didn't win, but she ran at least she pursued her dream. You can't get a pass just because your little bit older what your dream is you've now retired.

Maybe what your dream, how can you advance the kingdom of God. What can you do that would make this world a better place in which to live the secular world knows the importance of continuing to have personal hope and dreams.

Derek Jeter, the great shortstop for the New York Yankees when he was nine years old, wrote a paper in elementary school saying that his dream was to play shortstop for the New York Yankees and he began to feel guilty. I can't do that. That's too big a dream, so went to his parents and he said I'm supposed to write an essay on my dreams not want to be the shortstop for the New York Yankees one day but I'm just not sure now and interestingly his dad said to him, son, it's up to you if you want to change your essay but don't do it unless you change your dream.

Derek Jeter was ultimately drafted by the New York Yankees. Interestingly, in his first 47 games in the minor leagues. He was back in 202. For those of you who aren't baseball and fisting autos. That stinks, and in his first 49 chances at shortstop. He had approximately that many errors but he wouldn't give up. He wouldn't give up and he continued to work hard you continue to pursue his dream and many of you sports fans know the rest of that story in 2019.

He'll be a first ballot Hall of Famer in Cooperstown, New York George Lucas experienced failure after failure after failure, until finally the Star Wars idea came about.

He has exhorted so many people don't give up your dream keep dreaming, and by the way, have you if you heard the news that that may be Luke in the in the new movie turns evil.

Luke Skywalker turns evil.

Say it ain't so. I'll tell you after I see the seventh addition of Starwood children understand the hopes of dreams we should to dear friends, we can live 40 days without food.

We can live three days without water we can live approximately eight minutes without air, but we can't live one second without dreams. We can't live one second what's your hope today. What's your dream today.

Don't give up, and here are some hope killers in case you don't know for your personal dreams. Here's the first one feelings get feelings of discouragement or depression, or disappointment dear friends in first Thessalonians 58, Paul ensures all Christians to put on the helmet of hope left.

Don't you understand your feelings are responders what you think. If you're feel it filling your mind with depressed, discouraging, un-redemptive thoughts. That's what you feel so put on the helmet of hope and realize God is bigger than anything you may be facing, and also learn how to speak to your feelings in Psalm 42 verses five and six. David must've been going through a discouraging time and hear his words, why are you downcast my soul. You put your hope in God. Every single one of us all day long is experiencing self talk. Every single one of us were talking to ourselves and your filling your mind either with words of discouragement, depression, and hopelessness, or you're saying like David why are you so downcast all my soul. You sure hope in God, you gotta do that. I do it all the time I speak to my feelings. I so you quit feeling that soul because that's where your feelings come from. You put your hope in God because God is greater than any obstacle you may be facing second circumstances. Best example of that is Abraham and Sarah. He got into his 90s. She into her 80s.

No boy promise that happened. No boy in a decade.

No boy two decades, no boy and listen to these words in Romans four Abraham in hope he believed against hope that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been told so shall your offspring be. He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body, which was as good as dead since he was about 100 years old when he considered the barrenness of Sarah's womb. She was 90. At the time.

No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God he didn't focus on his feelings didn't focus on his bodies barrenness or Sarah's barrenness. He focused on the promise of God and folks of God is given you a promise. God cannot lie. Therefore your dream cannot die. If God has given you the promise. God cannot lie in your dream cannot die seek him and nobody's told you.

And don't look at your feelings and don't look at your circumstances. Waiting is the third problem. The third hope killer. We just wait and wait and wait and wait. Look at Habakkuk 234. Still, the vision awaits its appointed time it hastens to the end, it will not lie if it seems slow, wait for it did, will surely come, it will not delay if God is giving you a promise will come to you at his appointed time and all your whining and griping and complaining and given change God's appointed time you wait for it. You wait for it with hope. Listen to this God can change your hopeless despairing situation like that, Marilyn's and my son Michael had a dream to swim collegially, but for many years even into his middle school years, he just wasn't doing very well. He went into his junior year, and nobody was interested in. He did not not made a junior national cut, which is the big event that the good swimmers go to the get noticed by the colleges. He swam in his last hope event in it right before his junior year, hoping that somehow he can make a junior national cut.

Finally on the last event on his last swim. He made a junior national cut 5.25 seconds .25 seconds.

My son's entire life was changed by 2.5 seconds God can do the same thing for you. You have may have been waiting but when that appointed time comes. It may only be .25. It may only be .05 but when God is ready to move. He moves in. Our responsibility is to wait in hope, not despair. Next, hope killers, fear, it's the fear that we won't succeed. The fear of failure we hide ourselves from the world because we just don't want to fail in God than like it when we do that he's given every single one of us gifts. You're not responsible for my gifts.

I'm not responsible for years, but we all are responsible for what God is given us in the dream is called us to accomplish with his gifts he's given us.

But if we become paralyzing fear hiding ourselves away.

God becomes frustrated. He wants to use his gifts for his glory. There's an old legend about fear and plague going to Baghdad to kill 100,000 people. Someone met them on the road to Baghdad and they said the plague. Oh, are you going to kill all 100,000 pieces own though I'm only going to kill a few hundred fear will kill the rest.

There's nothing that destroys dreams more quickly than fear, fight fear with faith and hope, because God's dreams are bigger than your fears and the best way to conquer your fears is take one step folks just take one step toward your dream just one step is success. Don't be paralyzed by fear and also there is people is one of the faith, hope, killers, people ever been to the beach and had a bucket and dropped a bunch of crabs and it and one tries to call crawl out in the rest reach up and pull back down tries to crawl out again.

The rest reach up, pull back down is called the crab pot mentality. If you've ever been in New Zealand they call it the tall poppy syndrome if one copy is little taller than the others they lopped off, people can kill your dreams. I had the privilege of interviewing will I am one time. He's one the singers for the black-eyed peas think we got a picture of Mr. I am really William will I am okay.

I was interviewing him one time in front of hundreds of teens and I asked him to get bored by the way, tonight is going to be a good night anyway. Okay anyway.I assess it. Mr. I am if these kids out here have dreams, but they have friends who trying to destroy their dreams what you tell Paul's resilience and I tell them to get new friends. If you out there have discouraging people in your life fording your dreams with their words and their attitudes trying to drag you back into the crab pot you tell them where they need to go in the name of Jesus and crawl out of that crab pot and make your dreams come true and surround yourself with encouragers who will help your dreams come true. We all need personal hope.

But there's something else we need is called eternal hope. Let's go back to verse two. Remember I told you that some of the benefits of having a relationship with Jesus is were forgiven forever. We have peace with God and in our hearts we have access to the father now.

Through Jesus we can go to him anytime anyplace asked him anything. We stand firmly in our relationship with him and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

What is that mean we celebrate regularly daily. Were going to heaven if you want to deal with your fears deal with the forest when first the worst when is death.

So accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

The minute you do you realize that when you die is not death, you're really stepping into eternity. Christians never die, were merely translated into another kingdom is called eternal hope and a mass from time to time. Can you lose your salvation. Let me ask you this question. What sin can you commit that would cause God to take away his grace.

I mean, there was no sin you did beforehand that prevented God's grace and given been given to you was there, talk to me was there not of course not. If there was no sin you committed that God's grace from coming to you what sin can you commit for God's grace to be taken away from besides Jesus said so clearly in John 10. No one can snatch you out of my hands. No one and Paulson. Romans eight 3839 neither life or death, or angels, or principalities blob blocking ever separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. I looked up the word ever. It means ever. Nothing can ever separate us from nothing. So you have and I have trust in him eternal security and eternal hope.

What a great message that one more thing to say.

Paul said, really, is that this kind of hope does not put us to shame.

This kind of hope does not disappoint us.

It doesn't disappoint our personal dreams. I had a dream in high school to play in the NBA. One day, I never did, but I played in the European professional league for three years. My daddy always said to me, David.

Shoot for the stars. He said you might only land on the moon, but you've never been to the moon before folks shoot for the stars, so you might not get that I'll bet you were. You did end up was a place you've never been, and you can celebrate for the glory of God, and remember just starting is a success story just beginning. That first step toward your dream is a success story. And if God is giving you the promise. God cannot lie.

Therefore your dream cannot and finally, remember your eternal return, moments of hope. Thanks for listening. David joins me in the studio to talk about today. David is on the right.

The ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community. I Mark McManus and with me today is Bart Noonan with West Boulevard ministry part. Tell us about West Boulevard ministry of taking this opportunity to speak about was for ministry and more portly about Jesus Christ was Boulevard ministry serves the spiritual physical news that there was news within the was Boulevard, to the glory of Jesus Christ. Whether were doing neighborhood outreach cookouts galleries will bring people outside of their apartments their homes into fellowship with one another forward doing Bible study bingo the first Wednesday of every month Little Rock apartments and we gather anywhere from 50 to 70 children that we share the gospel with play bingo after our Bible study portion of the night and a couple weeks ago. The young man walked without close to three years came in if he forgot something. Like a lot of young kids do. He forgot some in the space it came back in the end up praying out myself and all the other volunteers for the West Boulevard ministry to gather there for that night, and let us all imprint closeout fishermen particular church every every Sunday for the past year and 1/2 and that's what it's all about us, about providing opportunity for Jesus Christ to work inside someone's heart. Encourage them along the way that sounds right now but if any of our listeners want to get in contact with you how they do that the best way to do is either myself and parked at West Bard ministry.board boarding call me straight up and myself and it always engines like a doctor. The phones always on.

That's not a 029890270 encourage folks to also get our website which is West Boulevard and there you can see some of her photo galleries and system of logs, things we do throughout the West Boulevard, to the glory Jesus Christ.

It is great having you with us today. Thank you very much.

James used in any with me today is our Pastor David sound like thank you for being with us today hi Jan I hope you're doing well and how are you fine thank you well in the mornings. He did so send David is on about how a true friend wants your kids to succeed you know what she and the Bible talks a lot about the need for close friends in our lives.

We see many different biblical characters who had close friends and how they were a blessing to them. I love that verse in Proverbs 1824 where it says we all need a friend is closer than a brother just somebody who really walks with us in life, cares for us, loves us no matter what will I get asked sometimes will.

How can I know when I have a friend is closer than a brother. What are some evidences of that what two things come to mind. First of all, a close friend wants you to succeed there not threatened when you have success in your life.

They don't have in the or jealous, either not constantly comparing their lives two years.

If you have someone in your life is jealous of you.

That's not a true friend is someone who will cause you pain later on. So a true friend wants you to succeed. But here's the key point today. A good friend wants your kids to succeed.

Yet we oftentimes are threatened by the success of other people's kids and when they succeed, we feel threatened because we think somehow our kids are going to succeed without realizing that God is gifted every individual in different ways and just because your friend's kid's has success in this area doesn't threaten your kids and not having success in that same area so a true friend really does want your kids to succeed and rejoices whenever that happens I know that whenever my kids have had a success when I get a text from a friend is his way to go.

So happy for you which whatever one of your kids had a success for their success. It touches my heart and I know that's a true friend who is closer than a brother. This is so glad this is something I'm actually realized I didn't know I was so competitive I really know had kids are starting to grow out and become athletic and and express themselves through sports and different things and one of the things last year I felt alert challenge me and was in this area and I felt like the counterattack was to me to start building at my friends. He might feel a little competitiveness with about our kids and start building up those kids inside take to heart.

Ephesians 429 and build the people around me even if I'm receiving from.

Then I can start and step in the direction of building them not to take counter that competitive spirit. What a great example Jan that what people can do is list out the friends they have and their children's names and when they hear of a child's success to tweet them or text them and say hey way to go really happy for your kids success. It defeats that competitiveness in your own heart and allows the joy of the Lord to consume you. That is so glad this is so practical. Sets rich advice for us right now.

Thank you so much for these thought yeah and you know the unconfessed hidden sin that few of us ever want to realized but is in all of our hearts is in fee.

It is there. It's ugly and causes all kinds of other things to happen.

How can you defeat envy by celebrating the joys and successes of your friends and especially your friends kids that really does defeat that in the in your heart that is so powerful. I think he so much state and thank you Jen, thank you listeners and I hope these David isms mean a lot to you. Please, if you'd like to have them in written form, go to moments of Hope you can subscribe there there free of charge for my heart to yours alive every morning in your inbox at 7 AM. All I want to do is to help you begin each day with a moment of hope and moments of hope lifting senior pastor and moments of hope charts, we would love to have you join us for where sent this Sunday morning.

We meet at prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte.

You can find more information on our website.

Moments of Hope again join us Sunday morning at Providence day school located 100 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte just moments of Hope the entire moments of hope charts to pray for me

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