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Loneliness - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 1, 2021 6:49 am

Loneliness - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 1, 2021 6:49 am

The recent pandemic has accelerated the trend towards loneliness in startling ways. So how does loneliness affect us spiritually?

Part 2.

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Overcoming loneliness folks to receive Jesus's needs, and the only place in the presence of all have to say about loneliness, moments of helpless black from Genesis to Revelation.

God reveals how he created us for connection today. David walks us through Scripture to present God's ultimate desire is for us to never be allowing getting practical ways to overcome the feeling of being alone. Here's part two of David's message called loneliness of the Israelites and committed sins against God, and he was getting ready to send them into a 70 year captivity in Babylon.

He was displeased with their behavior but notice his promises as their Savior. I give Egypt as a ransom Kush and see Bob in exchange for you because you are what folks precious in my eyes. Have you ever thought about this the God looks at you and he thinks you're beautiful. You think you're gorgeous your precious in his eyes, and are honored was a me to be honored to be lifted up in the sight of God.

You are in his Hall of Fame. If you believe in him and I love you. I was meeting this week with Tony Marciano, the head of the Charlotte rescue mission, and he deals daily with alcoholic addicts and those who are caught in the quagmire of difficult drug problems and Tony said to be someone ask him one time or two. Fearful that you'll start behaving like those you're serving.

You said actually not in the person is why they said because I know I'm wildly loved by my daddy in heaven. That's my identity, not in drugs, alcohol, or anything else. My identity is in the back. I will wildly loved by my daddy in heaven. That's what got thing here. I love you. I give men in return for you peoples in exchange for your life. Fear not for I am with you. I will bring your offspring from the East and the West. I will gather you, what's that promise. God says you're going to spend 70 years in the Babylonian captivity.

One day, one damn good exchange relies for all these other nations and I'm going to bring your children back to this land and I'm going to plant them back into this land and I'm going to redeem them. I'm going to rebuild. I'm going to restore them so here's what I believe folks if you trust this God is present with us in our lives as he promised the Israelites not only will he take your lives that are broken and repair them 50 will take your lives and redeem them and restore them to times and blessing. What you previously had. That's what I believe that's my God that's my daddy that's the God of the Bible.

He promised to bring the people of Israel back to the land and replant them in his life. So that's the Old Testament respect God promises to be with his people. He doesn't promise to stay with them permanently because of their sin, but he promises to be with them.

Then comes the New Testament and through Jesus, God comes to us again and he dies on the cross to forgive us of our sins. And here's the promise Jesus is I'm going to live within you, and you're going to live in me forever. The closest physical relationship we have on earth. Folks are supposed to be with our spouses to this whole understanding of abiding in Christ than when Marilyn and I committed our lives to one another and are enjoying the together that we have a permanent oneness, the two become one, as the Bible said similarly when you give your life to Jesus Christ. What happens is your life is now totally enmeshed in his and his life is totally enmeshed in yours. You are interconnected in the deepest most personal way. And here's the promise of the New Testament.

This Holy Spirit who lives within you will never be taken from you, never, ever, here's the problem though if you do sin with the Holy Spirit living within you. You grieve the Holy Spirit deliver department, but you grieve him. I love you and you know this experience when I have sinned against the Lord, when I literally feel like is the weeping Jesus inside my heart.

I literally experienced the Holy Spirit crying grieved because I invited something unholy into his present. Here's the good news that in first John 19 us as we confess our sins he is faithful and just and forgives us of all unrighteousness.

All you have to do is confess that sin to the Lord and is wiped clean and some of you say to me sometimes that's too easy. It's too easy for us to cost God's own wife to make it that easy for us. Nice presence lives within us forever look at first John 413. Read this with me. By this we know that we abide in him and he in us because he has given us a spirit. We abide in him.

He abides in us, that would abide means rests remains then look at John 1418, a promise from Jesus. I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you through the Holy Spirit. He said it would even be better for him to leave them in their locale, and ascend to heaven because at that moment. He's not limited to one situation. A few people but when he ascends to heaven, the Holy Spirit can be poured out on all people in all times and everywhere. His abiding presence will come to us. John 1426 but the helper, the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said Hebrews 13, five.

Read this one with me. Keep your life free from the love of money. There it is again materialism will strangle the presence of God, like nothing else and be content with what you have, for he has said what folks I will never leave you nor forsake never, never, never permanent, and then Jesus last words before he ascended into heaven, you know, when I visited my dad right when he was dying. My last conversation with him is indelibly etched into my mind because those were his last words to his son Jesus. Last word should be indelibly etched in our minds before he ascended into heaven, and here's what he said teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you how often always.

How often to the end of the age always. Until this world lives its last-second so the first step in overcoming loneliness folks is to abide in Christ to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If you've not done that you need to and that will permanently place the very presence of God within you, but there's other steps you can take here they are, have a continual conversation with God throughout your day continually practice the presence of Christ. The Bible says Jesus is my friend. My closest friend. So here's what I do throughout the day I met John on a park bench and Jesus is sitting room close to me and turns me and says will how are things going I go have a tough time work will tell me about you really want me to. Of course I want you to have your closest friend.

I'm your lifelong eternal companion. What's going on.

Lord, I'm really having a hard time with these issues over here and I just don't know what to do with them and will just talk all day long and what's so interesting I can be in the meeting and I'm in constant conversation with God is issues are raised in constant conversation with we talk all day long.

Next to each other, engaging one another encouraging one another.

My closest friend, and also throughout the day. The Holy Spirit will prompt my heart to pray for certain things. Marilyn does something wonderful at 12 o'clock noon. She sits on her phone to be pray for pastor say they are rainy and Christian has been thrown in jail because he loved Jesus. Been there, not to 1/2 years.

Do you think he is to practice the presence of Christ. You think he lives in continual conversation with the God of this universe. Of course he does and that people Marilyn's phone reminds her to pray for sigh. Pray for his release soon.

Oh Lord, and if you are connected to Christ.

He will prompt your heart to pray for different things throughout the day, look for prayer triggers something in the world that will remind you to pray for somebody else. Marilyn does this for me with geese and some your thinking why geese I'm glad you asked.

Let me tell you. Did you know that geese fly 74% farther in the V formation than they do alone. That's because they play off the updraft of the goose in front of and therefore they don't have to flap as furiously if one of the geese gets shot or tired and goes to the ground to other will fall to the ground with that goose until that goose is healed and able to fly again or dies.

That's because they know they need three to fly in the V formation when those geese fly over you and start talking. Do you know why it's because the hidden goose faces the most furious part of the headwind in the head is can't turn around to see if the geese are behind him. If he does his neck snapped so the geese are flying behind playing off each other's updraft and honking to tell the hidden goose there still there there encouraging the head goose so Marilyn knows that I am the consummate cheerleader in the church you've Artie heard. I believe all things are possible with Christ. I believe that nothing is impossible with Jesus.

I believe that he is the rebuilder Redeemer and restorer of our lives. I believe all things work together for good, and I encourage you over and over again with those realities.

That's a part of how I'm wired. So she has made the connection with me and geese as they honk and encourage one another. That's me. So every time she sees a goose or she hears the honking going on. It's a prayer trigger for her to pray for me and I'm so appreciative. My guess is you got people in your lives that something will remind you of them. Whatever it is it will remind you of. And when you see that through the day you will engage in continual conversation and prayer with the father about that person. Also, I think you can talk to the Angels.

Did you know there are millions upon millions of Angel armies Randy to come to your aid.

Hebrews the first chapter says they are ministering spirits ready to help dots choose. I think they're the most underutilized powerful spiritual force in the universe and yet we hardly ever refer to them.

We hardly ever call upon their aid and I think and I may be entering into some biblical dangers territory here. Not sure I think we can ask the Angels to pray for us.

I really do.

I mean they are eternally perfect creatures, and they do whatever God tells them to do. In one part of the Bible says they look at you and me in the mess we've made of things in this world and our personal lives, and they are absolutely amazed that God loves us. They stand in all that the Lord God of this universe would send his son to die on a cross to forgive us our sins when were such a mess but the father and if the Angels are at the father's back in command to help us anytime we cry out for their need. Does it not make sense that they would be in intercessory prayer for us so during the continual conversation with God.

We should ask the Angels to come help us.

We shift the Angels to pray for us. Also in the continual conversation.

I think we should ask the saints gone ahead before us to pray for us. The Bible says the prayers of the saints ascend to the Lord regularly is that just the saints here on this side of eternity. Why doesn't include the saints have gone on to heaven.

I think it does so that means if Hebrews 12 is correct. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses that those witnesses might include the saints have gone before Skinner cheering us on to finish this race of faith faithfully. That means my mom and my dad and other loved ones are cheering me and my family my kids their grandkids on the victory in Christ.

So if that's the case, why can't I regularly ask mom and dad to pray for their grandkids to pray for me. That's one of the things I believe folks one with the prayers of the saints ascend to the Lord and are used by him.

Why can't we ask the saints to pray for us in that continual conversation with the Lord folks either that's true or that's the worst lie that's ever been perpetrated on the face of this or let's move on. That will. How then do we live out not only our relationship to the Lord our relation with one another meeting for the old story.

The little girl who is geared during the lightning and thunderstorms and her mama kept coming in, over and over again and she was later honey. I just don't fear. Jesus is with you and the little daughter finally said, I believe that but I want Jesus with some Scannell how do you get Jesus with some skin on his in groups of 8 to 12 to 15 where you're in community with one another.

Looking at each other's eyes touching each other as you pray, seeing the body language as your living out biblical community with one another. Then you move from acquaintances to close friends. Next, reach out to others. Go serve somebody else go on a missions trip. There's nothing the build closer relationships and being with other people for two weeks on a missions trip infecting singles. I send you all the time you really want to meet somebody and get married. Go serve the poor with people already have.

The foundation is necessary for a strong relationship as you serve together volunteer here in the church and the different things we got going on. You'll soon build friendships and be a team with other people send the card to somebody an email and Instagram just right HONK! Okay, give them encouragement call them on the phone go visit them be Jesus with skin on to other people and I am convinced if you go serve somebody who's worse off than you are your own depression will lift your own loneliness will live in the Lord will start working in powerful ways. Go read in the public schools with these kids don't have a mom or dad to read to them. Go serve at a food kitchen getting hungry to those who don't have food. Above all, folks just don't bowl alone, and if your loneliness is leading you to destructive behavior. More specifically, if your loneliness is causing you to medicate with drugs or alcohol or porno kind of an intimate relationship to have with celluloid model really, if that's moving you in those directions to sit down and find out what's going on in your heart and move you health and wholeness clean heart and finally look forward to eternal community. Look forward to eternal community. There's no loneliness in heaven. None.

And as your fearful may be of death and moving into eternity. Think of it this way. Think of yourself as a baby in your mother's womb in your fearful, what, what's on the other side of this womb with what's this world I'm entering into, but how the fear would evaporate if you knew you had several hands excitedly awaiting entrance into this world. If you knew you'd be hugged and loved and cared for. Similarly, as you're in the womb of death in the darkness of your soul facing the next life imagined as a new birth, and as you move into this new world. There are all those whom you've loved my mom, my dad, aunts, uncles, family, friends, whose hands are out ready to receive. Doesn't that is because there's no listening to moments of how Damon joins me in this deal yet.

David is called to compare will be right. This is the ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community on Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte hello my name is Jimbo and Bowen direct minute tell you guys. Thank you mama. Suppose David and Marilyn Chadwick all of you there being no real number for us. You been there since OA starting Kings and grew into the dream Center the middle of the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 55,000 where's the Masons in the city of reason is you is one of the work that with the meals going out so, world rebar doors that never come out as well is the meals and know the first collimated side go this route and provide you a phone call you so you everything you and not only is now visibly producing meals there will dream Center with you as you got last week is see Stan thanks for listening today joining the DM is our pastor dated blank dated. Thanks so much for being with great being with you, Jim, thanks so much for your presence. Well, you've recently began to share with essence of wisdom that you called David exams.

Can you tell us where these came from. Specifically, and can you talk with us today about the line you call avoid the snare to compare yet you in these David isms as they are affectionately called are simple phrases that I've learned through the years from my mom, my dad, coaches, mentors, influential people in my life and people of asked me to write them down so were writing them down right now and also broadcasting them. Now this one.

Avoid the snare to compare is for my dad used to say to me all the time and here's what he was trying to say listeners what's the most frequent negative emotion experienced by those scrolling through social media. It's jealousy every single study says so how do we steer clear of this problem. I know of only one solution. Avoid the snare to compare when you compare your life to others lives you're comparing the totality of your life to someone else's highlight reel.

You are also comparing your insides to their outsides. People only post their successes. But you don't know what's happening in their hearts they'd never shared that on social media, but when you continue to compare yourself with others, only two things can happen, neither of which are good.

Indeed, they are both deadly one you'll become jealous because the other person has more than you do or you become prideful because you have more than the other person. There's only one way to experience true contentment in life it's in God and God alone is through him and only him that you'll find contentment in your lives. First Timothy 66 godliness with contentment is great gain in him alone, can you celebrate this special unique you. He has created. Recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of your life today dear listeners, there is no one in the world like you claim that reality today and always avoid the snare to compare when you do, so it's absolutely deadly. That's okay, David and cell applicable to all of us think you will thank you, Jen, and honestly, my dad told me this phrase in response to when I was in high school and I was a pretty good basketball player. I had said the county scoring record in my senior year will the next year, there came another kid who was 610 taller than I was, who was breaking all my records and dad's all envy and jealousy starting to eat my soul.

Honestly Jim that's something I've had to struggle with practically all my life as I compare myself to other people. I start feeling envious if they're successful. Interestingly, as I've read through the Bible repeatedly.

I see the theme of envy and jealousy being the sources of problems over and over again in people's lives so this particular lesson today from my dad has been especially helpful for me as I'm reminded that envy and jealousy are never admitted by believers in Jesus we never do that. It's too ugly a thing to admit, but it's within us all. And the way you fight it is by the unique you that God created you to be and to avoid the snare to compare that so powerful. Thank you so much jealous nerves. I hope this is helped you today these daily moments of hope are available to you in written form, go to moments of hope church.orc subscribed there free of charge from my heart to yours. Every morning you can receive from me a moment of hope and moments of charming senior pastor and moments of her parents. Today's message is from a series called heartbeat from our online where since I can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock going to moments of hope your online every dated daily moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox and also free and available through our website, moments of health insurance.for dated the entire moments of hope church change the name or

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