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Best Of MSL 2020 9: To God Be The Glory

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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March 2, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 9: To God Be The Glory

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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March 2, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt discusses Islam, The Bible being unified and inspired, the 2nd Amendment and more.

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Why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia one her percent of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation or see chickens and other animals campaigned on this is Truth Network why is found online car. John from New Jersey. John welcome around here about Islam. I basically was wrong with the couple broke my heart. Exact word that I could check but I think you did in the hadith or executive duties, and he cleared himself what you believe in Mohammed and a lot so he cleared himself with basically so yeah okay so we did that for that I am a prophet.

I think I was good question and not what is called the hadith so if you the deeds of the sayings of Mohammed so I can do is take a look in the hadith find it. But anyway, why which which a question about the word will like me and the Koran were words that I and he is says in various places like that a lot exalted Mohammed. The holy Prophet Mohammed's was called a prophet. There right right but that that's not what I'm saying it's not hollow God while me coming back when I heard what where did Mohammed were I am a current I can look into it said, but he did not say it in the Quran does not say I am a prophet looking at that right now doesn't say that there right now as far as I did okay. You know just a matter a matter of simply searching through it and then the thing is that we have different hadith's difference different translations of the hadith, so you might have statement one another's as I'm prophet so it becomes a little bit of an issue.

Just as there are different translations of the Quran in English, but at least it's a prophet and nothing comes up in the hadith says those words. I'm a prophet course the one I'm searching on me not be able to search in the phrase but to seek work that way anyway so let me know the research that will but I can give you yeah I was trying to turn the argument around and put it on them like you when they say there's no place in the in the Bible where it says Jesus as I am God with the Nazca doesn't say you believe he's a prophet yes or no place in the Bible where Jesus says I am a prophet either. But yet you believe is Apollo so if that's the case then do you why do you require a certain a certain sentence. Why is that certain sentence. The thing that has to be the case because he certainly calls himself God when he says before brim was, I am. That is the divine name is it your eye to the muzzle to your problem is you demand something outside of the culture, according to what you say it needs to be and then you judge the Bible in Christ based on what you say it has to be but nothing requires what you say has to be the. The methodology and what I'll do is I'll quote John 10 3234 Jesus is our new father won the pick up stones again to throw at him and he said many good works, the father of showing you for which of these are used mainly sent for good work we do not stone you, but you being a man blasphemed by saying that you are God and finished so you see I'm setting them up. They don't know what I say you see the Pharisees even understood that he was God and if they stop there then that's fine because that's what Jesus was claiming but if they say no is most of them do this you know Matt, you're getting your theology from the Pharisees because the Pharisees were thinking that your same thing the same thing of the Pharisees and now I've got to say when the Pharisees believe that he was God's will know when you agree with the Pharisees, don't you, that he's not God you're like the pharisaical Jews. You deny that Jesus is God you agree with the Jews. All they do not like what the New Testament had been corrupted so they will accept rent yet they say that the problem with that is that there is no evidence that the New Testament is been corrupted. They just say it's corrupted because they need to say that is corrupted. They do say things like this and I tried asking I often show me and showing works corrupted. Show me this corrupt but they can't and they might say his contradictions well if this is a conviction.

That's a problem for them because I got convicted of the Quran very clearly labeled pulsation a contradiction with the law often do we just go to the website usually done by atheists, lovely atheists, and the Lucite things from usually from the atheistic sex ledge contradictions in the Bible. And when you read the context of each one of these things you find out that is not a contradiction and so you go to server 33 in the Quran says it is he who was said on the book the Quran to you Mohammed the check with the truth confirming came before it. That's the Torah and the NG over the gospel so Quran confirms that the law the Old Testament and the gospel is what sets Alaska. Why is it confirming it and insert 1094 if you Mohammed are in doubt concerning that which we have revealed to you and that is written in the Torah and the NG will then ask those who are reading the book and the, the Torah and in jail it means along the gospel before you ask him the question is why do certain 94 say to them Muslim to Mohammed. If you're in doubt about what the Quran is saying the words from a law and why does a loss a go. Lastly, the Jews and Christians if it's if not if it's Bible been corrupted. Why is Allah telling Mohammed to go and ask the other Jews and Christians what it says in the Bible's 634 says none can alter the words of the law are Jesus words from a law yes can anyone alter them. The cross is not so the very least, you disable all the words of Jesus are true Arctic PC really good ways to counter this. Okay, there are other ways to counteract that argument, not a real quick over the radio. But what what file. Well depends how you define pedophile peace. Addressing women's clothing and humored a nine-year-old girl would not listen to never get my patients are Aisha for a couple three years like to yet humored a nine-year-old so that he taught some weird things in the Quran, but did he actually can't run a consummated America was that consummation means to form the go to what the marriage bed, but he was nine years old correct turnover yes but it wasn't consummated out right away so I hear your your cause probably the pedophile is not a good way to start a conversation with because what it does is it immediately puts them on the defensive, and there's no need to do that is no driving right and started consulting with whom they considered to be sacred is like it would be online now right so if it is it actual fact it's like saying to them it's to 7%. The, the emotional effect is like a Muslim or somebody can officer Jesus was a and said something really bad about what immediately. The doors closed immediately to work talk to and so that's all I I will allow you back that up words or proof word.

Where's the proof that what you're saying. I shut down automatically. I got you. I'm just trying to tell you you don't want to start with that kind of an approach with the muscle we just don't do that.

It's not a good thing to do if it's a bad approach.

Now I want I want I want it. I was true, and if they start going on about Jesus would know that you went that way and and a good rate and I get really raises Solomon thank they steamrolling like they won't even let you get a word in Mantua, yet muscles are very often like that's on their very demanding much like the Roman Catholics of dealing with lately. There are ways to witness to them and the idea is to hopefully be respectful and to communicate with them. You don't want to start off swinging and insulting their profit. Okay, no later down the road when it comes up.

I have no problem doing that. I have no problem tackling them when it comes to the issue of what the Quran says with a hadith says Mohammed said, and gradually work into that issue convert everything to the boys to be sensitive about everything you do. We sent fireman thanks I appreciate you and your wife. Thank you. We just let you know that we stand nearby your support information. We ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based on some of Africa's so less effort is Matt slick away. Matt now will go over to Sean from North Carolina, Sean.

Welcome here. A man calling we will go out Monday follow-up. I read the article report or you on the label, which I think and great idea and I had a follow-up phone conversation and feedback.I like the table I want a note. The irony is that timeline.

Thank I got I I'm thinking I'll get it. The like would gladly when I realized it when I realized what with volcanic come down to how do I how do you define terms and you might not be of the event occurred and I died I would argue it was an get out with any delete item is that the day of the Lord thousand year millennium note versus before versus the Fort Peck and Peter chapter 2 verse eight and that date yet, like development are always problem with that and on the right understanding on the same day the rapture happened on same day that you know that elements are destroyed but I know men that much. Scripture happened to open the if I don't believe in the literal millennium known when I learned that I don't have to know try to pick one or the other and the day of the Lord is to versus before Peter you lubricate the we know a day is like a thousand years or sets about leaving it, you know, a swing on it. It might get the gears that I believe I'm online course now I would be biblically on it, you know, the tribulation happened Jesus on but on earth yet, but we meet in the air yet. The last trumpet and then in the air.

We have the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Now, different places and while the Angels of going up the boulder got on the third of your destroyed may not third two 3030 black and then after that you help me come back with Christ and nobody the rule and reign with my little war: Ryan will get Angels, you know, and an back on the earth and Zechariah stick and burst chapter's experts like sixth-graders that no branch being cried in doubt. Basically workers to build the temple will visit the temple and other not an chapters of Ezekiel that seems so out of fight so hard to understand and typically body as the pilot popped out a general view that the Internet thousand year that ended that day. The other elements are destroyed and then with energizing the great judgment and then then begin the age now, you can log all they are the earth first aid. Okay that's intriguing and I'm liking is that you are trying to harmonize various things and you're looking at the word and make it make sense. I I plot what you do with when it is available. Comes like a thief in the night if that's the millennium the day the Lord's, the millennium than the millennium is a thousand years. That wouldn't be something that comes like a thief in the night to be a thousand years right so wildly. The wicked are returned, but their take on the ticket before the Christians are recorded in Matthew 1330 now yet being being married again you define terms important ecology. One other thing where all the word about the project that like a bunch of other people might my job. It not liking together in the most in and the different pictures that I got the harmonize that you plan as evil and that's why I don't believe you, so you know have a good time agreeing in this agreement. Through these things. As we look in and see you look at that as an option as an option of the day the Lord is a thousand is a thousand years.

I don't think it's warranted. But you know I like being an intriguing challenge by things like that so you know I think it's good.

I applaud you yeah think it might my mentor and I-year-old man none none. Like the word sort of person I I'm 63 about their own variables. Great aid in getting ordered and went right, that's for sure is. My wife is a mentor that but it's true. But anyway thought start with the right, the lead of the wicked being yelled, running as religion is a run to the cave.

Once the rock Jan from Christ in the air. Meeting with Army well harmonize a lot solidly what they can mean when you die right you help me help you little bit about interpretation. You be careful of illegitimate totality transfer word has a semantic domain is a series of meetings in a series of context, you can't take the meeting from one context and transferred over to the other idea. Be careful about this assignment.

Be wary of what I suggest you do is to go find day the Lord find every instance of its occurrence in the entire Bible and see what God says about it and see. Ask questions about that doesn't is a long period of time or does it imply a short period of time and you just assess question is what I do know I don't. And then you go through an Anda harmonizing with the the trumpets the last day the judgment the end of this age and had all kind of partners together to the Rt. Rev. William what I've done I'd like but yelling one thought as well.

As well, if you look at all of creation.

I believe there's been about a cloud in years are six day you now as we enter in the day of the rest.

Millennium Philip day and then you have a sound except that we careful typology because of something and Genesis in the thousand year reign test millennium does it be better to say that this young thing that made no dates that I expect it make.

I understand that the state does during the ghost God created in six days and rested the seventh so be 6000 years of history the seventh day is the thousand year millennium reign. The problem with that is that right and Genesis the seventh.

They did not count them and whatnot when I'm not okay: everything that that is what one of the arguments is some way So long because we just talk about of you and Anna users for questions that out there for you to one of you heard that you have or you felt. Think about it and look in and say yeah okay well I'll follow up here if you want to be thinking about how another lot. I know you don't.

We need to be with less money shot a moment with Matt's leak Bible says, for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all godliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth is suppressed, what is the truth. The truth is that the mind of God and the absolute is if God is absent sense reveals to us is absolutely true truth is revealed when he says don't mind.

So don't lie until right lies trying to spare somebody by lying.

This has been a moment with Matt's leak is maximally general way. Matt created Catholic welcome here nice to be on the show. So what I want you only telling others into America you I'm a Roman Catholic Christian question that I wanted to ask you is a reformed Christian yourself I have here is not her congregant but swung up, put it up there. How do you know that the Bible teaches anything right so that my questioning the Bible is a collection of books. So, we Catholics assume that God inspired history that we call tradition brought together, these books have a single message. If you deny sacred tradition. How do you know that the Bible teaches anything unified. Your questions a good question for reasonable think you are aware of it deals with epistemological and ontological issues.

Epistemology is the issue in the study of knowledge and now we know things in the justification of that ontological ontology deals with the nature of things than the transit so the nature of the essence of the inspired word of God is that it is without error comes from God's the new stuff such that God breathed, so that's what we would say by its nature, but how do we know that this epistemological issue I would know that it's inspired well for one thing it says it is well we could say well this fallacy of circular reasoning is says is true, therefore it's true this and make something true is logically valid. Not really. Not my question is what how do you know that he even hesitated inspired because you would have to assume that the books were meant to be to get it right and rescue historical inspiration of history would not see the death-defying turn when you get into discussions like this. Definitions become very necessary when you say histories inspired what you mean by that. This God only inspire certain aspects of history dealing with the Canon. Does he inspire infallibly certain things because in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will so we can say that every event in history is now inspired by God in the sense if we mean that it's from God in us by his will will then everything's inspired but if everything's inspired the nothing is inspired. Nothing rises above anything else as being valid. It's the written word that is different when Jesus came to the earth, and he spoke because he's the creator of the universe. Colossians 115 through 17 and and John 1123 when he speaks because of the nature of him being God.

We know that whatever he speaks will be authoritative and true, and we would naturally say that that speech is above the the generic will of God. Throughout history, when no little boy skin Disney we say that his skinning of his knee is within the sovereign will of God which we could loosely say is inspired but doesn't care re-inspiration the way Scripture does, which is prescriptive. So inspiration is we could save prescriptive as well as descriptive as he said it is not an easy things will try to get into the issue was ontology versus epistemology, and you have to learn how to relate these two indicated that the issue of what God decrees its it's good question, but is nothing to the answer just to clarify something.

I am not an eight point of view of how can you prove that the Bible was the point of view I was trying to use the kind of you I you the contrasting hour. I mean our standings because Catholic and require the kind of close. But there are differences. So one thing is for example what we believe that the Bible it felt like is a part of the book we call Catholic faith. So this is why.

Naturally, we presuppose that the Bible has to be interpreted in a certain way, as it was a good faith, but my question was if you do not presuppose this. Why do you presuppose that the Bible is the single book and is to be interpreted with a single message rather than the clothing.

There are many books with different many books with different messages as well as one getting it's what we call the one in the many there's a concept dealing in theological, philosophical thought, the one and the many and it's only in the introduction in the Trinitarian communion can the one in the many be justified. So the one that would be something like darkness.

The concept of quality of darkness. But you see four ducks on the pond. There's instances many of the instance of the one darkness, save one, and many relationship you have the issue in the Scriptures of the one flow of God's inspiration through the many separate books.

So what we would see say is that the Bible ultimately is about Jesus because Jesus says it was John 539 and to claim that the Roman Catholic Church is the proper authority of interpretation. How would you know that because there's a problem if you say what the Catholic Church says so doesn't make it so if you go to the Scripture to see what the Bible says it has the authority, then you're putting the Bible up over the church and your interpretation of the Bible over your church because you're the one with would then be saying the Bible says so that means you're interpreting it and then you're the one giving authority for Roman Catholic Church.

She was all kind of problems in your truck would agree that ultimately when I talk about what matters is the correct teaching. I have an area on the letter teaching think you would agree. Every Christian yourself that ultimately what matters is that correct teaching you a quick example. I ran on the Internet that study the Bible being night and they told me very straightforward that they studied as a good mythical like an bait. They studied as mythology and stop and on the other hand, what really have the Bible, they have the same Bible as you have and they studied in Greek everything and they studied interesting story pages. On the other hand, could have no access to the Bible but had correct doctrine drawn from the Bible and that person would have more chances of being picked up what stops you from calling this correct doctrine drawn from the Bible, Catholic doctrine and distinguishing get on the non-correct one, should you not want to say this, the Roman Catholic Church is false and it does not interpret the Bible properly. In the essentials. We got a hold on the second, folks. Please stay two more to this issue of the church. The colors waiting to get you to think that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel and we got some better for you. My pillow towels mean some bath towels just don't absorb water others. You know you feel like you're drying off with sandpaper about 20 years ago, the textile manufacturers came up with a not so brilliant idea to make towel softer by adding chemicals.

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I believe it would last week I heard a bring up how you are part order second amendment yes and I had a question that we've kind of been bound up and around around here that I know a lot of people that like to say the thing they can have my gun may prompt Michael and I was wondering how it that, is that biblical Christian have, or because I think you know that the argument is once they take your gun and they can get the not right can't do anything about it. But if they're not actually telling you did not cry, then is it okay to fight the Revolutionary war was fought by 15%. The population was over the issue of taxation with representation and so they fought and many times what would happen is that ministers of the gospel preached a sermon minister. The people then go get their guns and go out and fight against the oppressors will expend more social right that we have three open lines 877207 Immensely General Way. Matt will come back to the show script back on the air with weight from West Virginia weight welcome alright yes I'm a staunch believer in the Second Amendment because it ensures the First Amendment will stay in place.

The as I was saying, the Revolutionary war was fought over taxation and the Boston tea party is over 2% increase or up to 2% of the revolted.

We here are so conditioned that basically half of our income is taken by the state.

There will come a time and I was saying that certainly come a time when the secularist anti-Christian government will turn against the Christians within, and I believe that I'm not a prophet but having having lived in all 63 years and having seen various things happen and having understood the, the increase of oppression against Christians. That's in the world. Christians are now the one oppressed group religious group of the planet and more people.

Christians died for their faith in the 1900s. Then all of history combined point we here in America are reaping the benefits of the blood shed by so many early on in our country's history where the truths of God's word were interwoven into our culture, society and even more politics but has the unbelievers called good evil and evil good is warned about in Isaiah 520 will happen is we can become oppressed even more, more, and it's happening in the news media does not allow oppression of Christians to be promoted to be covered because they don't want sympathy for the Christians.

Sympathy is for the Muslims sympathies for the gaze sympathy is for the illegals and things like that. My guess immigration folks come in legally mental and so I believe and I happens also that some studies that there are FEMA camps ready to house, many thousands of people in different areas of the country school looking up on the web and so I believe that what Jesus is Luke 2236 yes, disciples says whoever has a money belt is taken along, likewise also back lever has no sword is to sell his coat and by one Luke 2236. Why would Jesus say to sell his cloak and buy a sword. Jesus said this will we basically understand to mean that he talk about self-defense. You have the right of self-defense and the sword was a means of self-defense. It was a means of enforcement of truth in the law and so this is not a very commonly known verse.

But this would Jesus.

So, do we have the obligation and the fight oppressors. Yes we do as Christians and during a break and went through and look up verses and just in one or two minute time with talks about in Jeremiah 1221 12,000 David thus says the Lord, administer justice every morning to deliver the person who is been robbed from the power of the press we have an obligation to deliver to the house of David, the oppressors and within this country were to do that and our government. Unfortunately does not always do that equitably and is actually turning to press the Christians were supposed to have the freedom of religious expression, but is being suppressed and our right to bear arms is also being suppressed with gets me is these politicians concerned. Great many of them are just flat-out liars, liars, because they will take raise their hand with her hand in the Bible raise her right hand and swear to uphold before God's word uphold the Constitution and then the work against, for example, the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. They don't have any compulsion about my opinion, lying because that say one thing to do another hypocrisy in the line we as Christians need to stand up to move forward nonviolently, but we have the right to defend ourselves.the obligation.

In this vicinity to make known have the right to defend ourselves, not the obligation, to so we have the right to gather in groups.

In March, and politely and publicly according to the law lawfully engage in public address and make unknown our needs known and we need to do this but unfortunately the church in my opinion is too busy trying to pocket its lightest pockets with the health and wealth gospel and not the gospel pick up the cross after me. Follow want to be healthy and wealthy. That becomes the phytoliths sought to many in the church is that of expanding the kingdom of God. The promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ and do whatever can be done to ensure our right to be able to promote him, whether it be done by voting or by petitioning or by marching lawfully. We need to do those kind of things with far too many Christians are going to churches in these nice pews is nice songs and the pastels and the great message of how God loves you so much. They want to be wealthy and healthy that our our desire and our focus is moved away from the truth of spreading that gospel that saving message to everybody even if it cost us to let's get a bigger better car.

Things like that and so the Christians because they're distracted by wealth and the desires of possessions and their covetous attitudes and not the sacrificial attitude of giving and tithing and witnessing and sharing and supporting those who do. Because of this losing ground, losing rights, so we need to defend the Second Amendment, which makes sure that the First Amendment states in place and we got a standup fight against the oppressors within our system. I think it violent sing to a revolution.

But when we stand up against him is like voting by calling my writing my going out publicly and gathering lawfully and we need to do it as it is a Christian nation cross denominationally as a Christian nation and move and I've had this idea to get going here, but I've had this idea spoke about for a few months when I think a good idea would be someone who is nationally known as a bigwig is a Christian and got an organization together where people in America could donate say five dollars a month. They signed up and all the money went into a national thing work. It was for the purpose of hiring lawyers and we fought for our faith and writing up bills and writing out what with the petitions excused that we can present to our governmental officials and I would like to see, for example it on any particular month say September. This matter on September 1 that everybody with the last name starts with a ghost to the church Church capital, the state capital loss on this or close it has been all be prearranged. They go to the state capital in their state and they have the petitions in their hands and they want to be heard and every every single capital in America. This happened on that day and the next day, people whose last income with the and so want to the alphabet and this happened for weeks and thousands upon thousands all over the country were doing this, then I think we could start to get things going again. But first we need to be praying and pray for pastor start preaching the truth pick up the crossing letter get that gospel spread. Once you have the desire to have that gospel spread the can want to start doing whatever is necessary to ensure that it is possible not just to get a bank account bigger than another house that gospel

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