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May 14, 2020 12:19 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 14, 2020 12:19 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does Exodus 21-7-11 condone sex slavery---2- How do we address people who won't accept the Bible because they can't believe the age of the earth presented there---3- What does the word -day- mean before the sun was created---4- In Acts 9, did God sovereignly change Paul's heart or did he just redirect Paul's existing religious zeal in a positive direction---5- Who are the Nephalim in Genesis 6---6- Is Matthew 16-28 is a false prophecy of Jesus-


A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research Ministry found online at time for you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why you doing up there mats look awful.

Hey, I was off yesterday and the reason was because with technical difficulties was resolved and I'll be out.

I will be like Monday because some doctors appointment. One of those things typing something that's what Cushman you like okay so if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and as usual we could take calls discuss where you want to discuss and hopefully will have a good show today, so if orphan lines 877-207-2276.

This will let you know that if you go to the Karma website CRM.O are on the right side of any page you will see I modify the page there today was easier full-time trap.

The novella of a few stucco and check out the links there check them out if you want. If you're interested I could to write fiction as well as theology and enjoy try to communicate truth. So if your sticker is a novella to short novel and about an atheist billionaire who creates an atheist utopia on an island, and it goes really well for a while and then the solutions are so often just what it is you check it out if you're interested also with some schools online or the same website, CRM.RG the right hand side to find Carmine line schools is that little laptop right side click. We click on that. It'll take you to we need to be and that's for the school signature, took little in theology and apologetics, and critical thinking that's what you do and if you do sign up for them.

Please give it 24 hours for the password work. Sometimes it messes up a little bit usually get this knocked. We are building a new website will have that fixed as well just let me know you signed up, it usually works right away but doesn't will fix it and I think that's that. So again orphan lines 877-207-2276 is good all over from Maine over welcome your on their and we got for my question is on 21 the 11th like me to read it. I then sells his daughters a female slave. She's not to go freeze the male slaves do. If she's displeasing the eyes of her master who designator her for himself that he shall later be redeemed. He does not have authority to sell her to foreign people because of the unfairness of her. If he designates for her.

His son, he shall deal with her.

According to caucus with daughters. If he does if he takes to himself another woman. He may not reduce her food or clothing or conjugal rights. Okay, so my question is condone sexual slavery in Oakville know you like it or like only like a seven year gnosis is it in the first 10 conjugal rights and usually what was happening in the context there is understanding the context of the slickest culture methods make something okay this is how things were.

A woman who was not married by mid-20s was considered the help unfavored by God, and the often would not have anyone to marry, and a woman who was not married was at risk to some degree depending on the familial relationships so daughter will be protected by the brothers and the family had the father as well as as well as the extended family cousins and things like that.

If she were not to get married and the street life expectancy was shorter then than now for father were to die with the brothers were often with someone else married someplace else who's could take care of her become necessary for her to live with one of the of the family members with the mom. It just depending on variables go, people live, and I think like that and then she become will be called English in an old maid and in that culture was more serious issue.

So it looks like is a man sells his daughter is a female slave when I talk about Chattel slavery where their property and the don't have any rights. That's not how it was.

She's not to go free. It looks like what was happening is that the we talked about conjugal rights. It says it's look not looking for sex slavery.

That's not what it is a sex slave is someone who has no rights as there for that purpose within the juiciest ecosystem.

The biblical system of the Old Testament could not have relations with anybody is not your wife.

That was just that that's the law. So if a woman was to be sold by a father you to pay a debt or to ensure that she would become another wife of a particular person.

She began taking care of then she could not be set free from that because she's functionally married and even those that it was would call slavery here. It's not the contest is not the kind slavery if they can hundred in America, so it definitely looks like is going on there. She has rights as a wife and she is white rights and as it says if he takes himself another woman. He may not reduce her food.

Her clothing or her conjugal rights. Why would court conjugal rights will wife the slave life just became a slave, but not in the center to make sure people understand this, not in the chattel system. Slave had a lot of rights back then why would it talk about that well is because she would be expected to have children and for a woman not to have children was considered a shame and it was a lack of blessing of the Lord. So she so she would want to have children by him and show he could not deny her the conjugal rights, not reduce them.

So if we look at me to see you know it's not just the word slave you know it's not like that and there's different kinds of words in Hebrew words for slavery and there's a mom of the bed, and these have an arc length and they have different kinds of meanings and emphasis in their shift cause another one and so what we see is that there were rights and obligations of slaves they could go to war they can inherit property. They can be control of entire households considered a member of the.

The Masters household of the required arrest on the Sabbath and would be treated gently properly.

If fathers are. I forget exactly where but if a man beats a slave in the slave dies, he was to be punished and also if with chattel slavery is not like that is not like an unwilling woman is beings sold to a master who is just a mean guy and he's having his way with her and is not what's going most probably the context for the protection and or to pay a debt from the family which was what was done back that males and females all over the place and she was to be regarded as a member of the household with certain rights to be a wife as well and not not to be denied food, shelter, or conjugal rights.

Okay okay thank you very much Karen and God bless. It was all over from Maine that let's get to Carlton South Carolina Carl welcome you on your way governing left to around when Billy Graham was started by the name of Temple and he look at the Bible and here and there was a issue with the aging of the time of their and he walked away from it fate that he could not believe what time span of what they place in the Bible of the age of the our earth creation. When God created the earth and be able to witness to people you think Scripture passages I can give people love the Bible is only 20,000 years older whatnot but here I have a different time and other things well there any scriptures that say how old the earth is the best that people have done is to take genealogies and add them up and go backwards and it looks like Adam and Eve were created roughly 6000 years ago. Now there's a lot of legitimacy to that. However, sometimes genealogies are represented and not representative and not literal.

Sometimes missing is a case in any of these, but this is the fact with a look and and research.

Plus, how old, how long were Adam and Eve in the garden. We don't know how old was the earth before they were in the garden. We don't know and generally the answers of those things are wealth in the same day that were created in and I have no problem with that. So, though there are some ambiguities for the most part, the idea of the age of the earth is to be young and this is what the Bible teaches. It's not millions of years old, though I think a case could be made using herdsmen speak on a Christian I spoke on it and there's a theory out it's being worked on by some astrophysicist that the way the earth formed tournament as I talk with the earth formed was different in relationship to time as it was out there in the universe during the expansion of the universe and so that there can be a longer period outside but is shorter.

Insight, the solar system kind of thing is a serious serious theory, but I can do something. I talk about it comes back to me, but it's not honestly way as something else there so holds the earth.

I don't know but Templeton you know he he gave up because he wasn't regenerate. He wasn't really say to begin with. They went up from us because they never were of us if they had been of us that we remain for John to 19, so he was looking at something and judging judging the world by actually getting the Scriptures by the world. Now there are problems with a long age earth and one of them. For example, is there are trees that have been fossilized in rock strata the rock strata is like 600 million years old in a single trees fossilized vertically and all of can't have that in thing is Nebraska. There's other plates of the ground like 120 miles wide. Or something like this where the oldest rockers on the bottom of the newer is for the newer rocks on the bottom and the older rocket on the top.

How does that happen. There are issues with the, the rate of rain that washes mountains down into streams and if the earth were billions of years old then this would've happened years many many many years ago so that introduced 12 estates plate tectonics with plate tectonics hasn't sent doesn't seem to really answer the question a lot of areas.

Anderson Pacific there's some other 100 mental yellow window. The astronauts landed on the moon. They theorized that because the earth was that that many years old and the moon came from the earth. He theorized billions of years ago that the dust on the on the moon would be a inches 12 inches deep and it was only 2 inches or something like that.

Nancy, which was consistent with the age of a young earth. The rate of decay and fall of the dust.

Plus there's some cosmic dust that goes on the earth. They should slow their mass transfer present rate a lot slower to hold break and I okay voted right back after these messages, please why call 77077 Matt's leg back to show everyone. Carl puts the wrong one hold is it right when he got you with me when they brought the lunar landing on with the feet, that would actually it would be like feet got in there what that there is no way probably about actually dead correlate with more of a time like 15 or 20,000 years that date, the estimate, the moon, but I I've also stated that carbon dating is not accurate here and people you bring it up yet.

Well, that the Lord is not confined or constrained by time and it's time to be a completely different house to find out what we have on earthly time. Would that be a correct thing or would that be something that will our stretching and when we start talk about God's relationship to time.

I was kind of step back because I don't know what that is, estates different than once is the same like this I can't comment because we don't know and I want to speak out of ignorance know if I do say something like that. It's a wealth we don't know exactly, but here's a theory then you work from then that's okay but obviously I would say God relates to time different than we do, how it is. I don't know.

I would say is restricted to a way we are much more that I could ventured to speak more than so you probably hear thing very young because God could certainly created in six seconds or six hours or six days or six. Six years is making different try out. How would you grab it while like no no live for years, or what anything how will direct that how we witness people when they bring us a lot and I really old which will can't happen. How do you know that book out called genetic entropy is talking need to go through it, but I know the basics and its debts when week the genes are being copied our DNAs been copied. The copies aren't perfect and the theory is within roughly 200 to 250 generations. The human genome will be viable anymore, so I need to read through this and see this seems to be the evidence know that's the case, that means that's over getting worse not better align the reverse within did live a long time and plus, don't forget. After that, the year flood after the flood is when people's lifespans increased to one of the theories is that the canopy was protecting them from harmful cosmic rays and some other stuff into live a long time. Plus, I read an article assistant you will hear about this that some people did an experiment with the computer models of the subnormal skull human skull at different ages five years old, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 60, and they were able to mimic the development of the skull and pretty accurately represents what people look like in their agents, cults of skeletal lies so that what would happen if we just let it go for one, two, three, five, six, 700 years, and he started finding out that the skulls in the projections are looking like meaningful schools with that's was it funny because it Neanderthals plan member had a larger and larger brain capacity than we do is meaner, smarter, but you know the evolution is considered Neanderthals. Our ancestors not imply that there probably just cave dwellers and completely human and that which is interesting that the science that did this.

That's what they look like interesting and will go again, evolution, and I know the magic coughing information their problems within this industry to its furthering of genetic information and then predation and natural selection will allow certain modifications to increase or decrease the time I think of the issue of information theory and how that works with mathematics and that's why talk to lock some atheists about evolution that every that's what really shows the weakness of evolution but nevertheless got to go okay. What I appreciate your great but, okay, let's go with Russ from Ohio Russ welcome you on here you go in question a lot of follow-up question. The last conversation, I called but on nonetheless, young earth or what I do have a question about what are your thought on what the word they mean the first three day or there's any sort of the creation of the universe and in all the physics that would come into play that we were not overly define the day the earth revolution around it so that we don't know the commercials wasn't created until after the third is hasn't first nurse decreed the heavens and the earth and Jewish cosmologies were three heavens the first heaven was where the birds were the second in the clouds and the second was a star moon sun. The third was the presence of God. The doing price, place of God.

Now we would think that would heavens there would be dealing with the first two because God's presence is heaven. I don't know if it's created a negative system where he is so heavens or plurality would require at least this second first and second heavens, the stars and everything so that would mean that the they were created in the minutes as the earth was formless and void, and then B light so I don't have a problem with the sun being in existence, but the earth wasn't K people on earth were capable of seeing it. If anybody was there, they would not be able to see from the perspective because they're the earth was forming, but on date or B light level guide number eight in the night and let them find marked secret time, a and years and like a light level guide to give like other like making fun in the middle will be a cold on day four, making the fundamental department today and years and this is from the perspective of the earth are different ways of looking at this and when I was younger I read the Bible before the Christian read the first couple chapters fostered because it didn't make any sense.

You can have lights that a son, and you can have plans without sunlight. You need to submit for tossed and then a few years later main article from a secular scientist who said what would you see if you're on the face of the earth while the earth was developing. He said the sun would be out there but you would mill to see it because the atmosphere atmosphere and give the formulas in the recently cloudy but the. The action of the light in photosynthesis because the back of the Bible.

That's what say me right back after these messages, please. They like why call 770776 is Matt's way back to the Joe the Québec arrest while Russ there are so worry so I will on the word and less roughly 1 or on date or will have no problem with it being 24. Bonnie that that's fine and that's what I get out of most people and I'm not saying I have a problem with them object that the guy studied Hebrew Hebrew language. Whatever.

Why your guy literally write out the definition we need terms of Troy I don't term definition of day. I would say the amount of time for the earth revolved around and back and follow blog.if you want day before idiomatic. There is no real reason at all.

Back because of the gravitation of the sun. If it doesn't exist. Axis is different than the gravitational pull the sun because they're different, we could have the first second day. Generally speaking, your home and Hebrew. When this with ordinal numbers means 24 hours not normally except the seventh day, which doesn't have a setting discontinues on so this is why mobile home. Not always. There's an exception to this moment that the normal understanding of right morning and evening, but there's no there's no fun right in front 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