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June 19, 2020 1:29 am

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June 19, 2020 1:29 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I believe the gospel but am living in habitual sin, should I get baptized---2- Would you elaborate on why you oppose Beth Moore---3- Under what kind of government would God want us to live---4- Could a Christian government allow gay marriage---5- How would you respond to a pastor appointing a couple to leadership who are unmarried and sexually active---6- Caller uncomfortable with some of Matt's previous comments regarding George Floyd, riots, and protests.--7- What does it mean that some people will be saved as if by fire---8- What do people mean when they pray that God would be with someone since God is everywhere-

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The previously recorded net selection mats like why is the amount of knowledge is found online on that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine seven stuff the green screen down so yes, I know there's rejoicing, as well as tears, so the word go and if you want to watch the show you want to be sitting in a chair. It's really exciting news or the website CRM.RG and you find the right hand side. If a mission before watching the show please go to Facebook and type in cardboard or go to YouTube and type in cardboard so there you go. Yes, this is nothing celebrity on the right side of any page. Okay so we have no callers waiting and just tell you that we do stay on the year. Your support if you like what you hear will please consider supporting us.

You know, I asked five dollars a month if we can get a thousand people doing match that would help us stay in the black on a monthly basis.

The covert thing and other things be different.

But if you're interested in supporting this reluctance, you want the truth of God's word to go about please consider doing the Karma or CAR room.RG on the right-hand side to see how financial support thing. And also, since nobody's calling and calling folks home I got a couple of novels that are on the homepage and on the right-hand side one is called time trap. It is a science fiction novel and its 20% of the proceeds go to car forever advertising on card check it out. Also, a novella called atheist, but an atheist island that flaunts all of island that forms in the Pacific and the rich atheist guy buys it. One thing led to another and so what he does is Christian atheist nation and things worked out pretty well for a while so people read it in a city like it, they join so if you want to check it out you can. Is there tech audio audio audio says was going on off check on that work on so it should work. We have the audio right there and got a car coming and that's good. Turn this down and there we go so know why she should go right there and why didn't it's not going to work should go.

Yeah, I can't change it so it will change even like change it. It doesn't let me change it a leave and come back and so anyway if you want you to call you for guidelines folks 877-207-2276 hear from you and what we do on the show. If you're new to the show is on a Christian apologist I defend the Christian faith and what I do is work very hard to show that Christianity is true, and all other religious systems are not true. They are all false. Only Christianity is true. I'm just telling you that hopefully you'll want to participate in conversations on that topic, and other topics for further lines 877-207-2276 Go ahead and get on the phone with was going on with terror therefrom. I will hate are welcome on the high about when you know you're there. You might recall, I like people call you to let you know I take a long time ago in my heart but I wanted to eat cleaner and no more upright your fried like really get struggling to render making and well, now it's here and I really cannot type I need to get training to come came out and whenever you know how difficult it I think. But let me outline the next day and father again. I thought how my cash okay okay and I like Bill I still am I Sure I'll get back at him thinking about less about what I about looking back is not scared of my I'm going to happen that I am currently work out okay so that's the specifics of our what we know. If you're out murdering people on a daily basis due to baptism that I would course and if you're just struggling with bad thoughts here. You know the wrong you know things like that you're struggling you. You know it think that we move forward. Well, okay, nothing that hey that's okay to say that when you get baptized. There's is kind of an ambiguous kind of a gray area here and we all struggle will struggle with that right if you're in open defiance of God.

And when you have us seek it out. That's different then I'm struggling with something that I just struggling so you know, if that's what the case struggling with something, go baptized program. I well you if you're living with if you're living with something the opposite sex. You're not married to you, having relations, etc. yet because of the Christian right, and that really was.

I knew that I and I didn't want to okay I and we all share IQ can get like really talk with as little but why do I serve the cause of the Christian is not saying you're not a Christian, but barely.

It's a false witness, and if you living in a sinful relationship or having relations will maybe not a Christian. Maybe you're just pretending. But maybe you are the holy snacks really speaking to you and you know what's in this time to break that awful that's that's a good thing and so you know if your we do. This point is to be involved in the church you be talking and hampers and the elders know they are worth their salt and if they say will know if you were in my congregation of the pastor you came to me so I'm struggling with this issue living with the guy on asked questions right now are you having relations. He said my eye I I'm planning on moving I know I really knew was wrong. Anyway, nobody was financial thing and I'm looking right right right on it.

I make sure you have to trust the Lord. He owned and stores or do you open okay closes doors or do you clear and there's a little bit of that. You don't way go into a sinful situation because of convenience, right and I get I get back down and telling me okay I'm nervous about making a commitment to Lord when I not only upright my archive.

It is something you would recommend me okay in the work more. I love you all okay to realtors. The elders will ask you more details are going to be detailed over the air right but my you know when when I do marriage counseling like I performed the wedding couple weeks ago when I do marriage and I interview the people before they get married.

I do counseling with them all. Ask, are you fooling around and I sitting there trying to truth is, tell the truth and they still at this, I guess.

Also, here's how can work all perform the ceremony under this condition that you from now, this moment on, never. So if you get married, have it fall like that again.

If you do, then we postpone the marriage six months for more counseling of an insert they look at me like your series is absolutely legal fines will to marry you, this absolute white.

I'm very serious about marriage.

So anyway that's what I'm saying is that you have to walk with the Lord deliberately when you make when I struggled with it and you know what. Everything is that I not get me a card trick that I return quite and everything I II wanted it provided you a squeaky clean.

I did talk like that like it.

I think there are no going around that I would not fit with my answer and but I asked her pastor control and at that time I went accurately back okay okay since right so you have to you need to.

If I were you pastor I see not to baptize you until after you find the situation with C. The evidence of the work of the Lord in you and your commitment to him right in the right. That's the idea with people getting baptized quickly in the Bible.

These are people who saw what Christ had done believed what Christ had done and they repented of their sins quickly. The did this right away. This what they would naturally do so.

You need to build do that because it wouldn't be right for you to be participating in that kind of a sinful lifestyle and be baptized or you know or even take the right. I know now I know what day it going to help me out well and I am thinking much for talking me either and you are very special writer and I will be donating that's okay with the Lily for dinner. Okay we understand you being firm because you need to hear the truth. I'm assuming your pastor saying the same thing but on the other hand, I want you to know that the Lord Jesus is so inclined, and he wants you to from her soon and his arms are to confess your sin and stop in that area and what should there just go be baptized because that baptism is a public display that you are following Christ and try to people Turks say if you're living with one another and are not married in a sinful relationship look at the cause of the Christian. Don't be a bad with this and you might be thinking that a Christian because you were not convicted by the chitosan posters not in the not regenerate not saved. You have a lot so don't praise God. You know Chris got to meet you to work on this.

You get is such situation take care of thinking okay vote for five open line break right now over the break. 87707 max Y77077 show everybody up to open lines calling 777-2276 Brenda North Carolina is a can call sure why you brought A couple weeks ago more and earn thing. I think I wondered if you elaborate on that little glad to. She says things like God wills incomparably great power for those whose choose to believe really getting great power more than enough to break the yoke of bondage or belief, and clogs the pipe that invites the power to flow. Yes, thinking on the radio and you're on the fine that's fine from little sure. Alright, so Miss Beth Moore says that and the issue here is just a minor issue. Our belief and clogs the pipe it invites the power to flow with this kind of thinking does statement is it puts the responsibility of God's work on you and it's not trusting in God and being changed to be like with God's plan is. But no, it's you have this power you have this ability and you have to release that power got that kind of mentality that leads to errors she promotes contemplative prayer. She says this quote. A true lover of God once spoke about practicing God's presence to me that such a part of contemplative prayer, contemplative prayer is on Eastern mysticism methodology that's crept into the church and it's is not good going over briefly stop. She says that Catholicism is part of the Christian church and any preacher, teacher who says Catholicism as part of the Christian church does not know what the Catholic Church actually teaches with the Bible actually teaches an Allstate. Again, hundreds of times over the years in radio Roman Catholicism is not true Christianity. It violates at least one of the central doctrines of the Christian faith by adding works of salvation.

They say they don't like quote from her own official material. Yes, they do, and it is not a true Christian church in this apostate church, full of idolatry and works righteousness. Teachings God shows Beth Moore a vision of the church switch to such quote suspenseful document to my website.

I see God doing something huge in the body of Christ. I do not know why I have had the privilege to get to travel around and see one church after another, one group of believers after another interdenominational. He all over this country.

I've got to see something I think is huge and losses also suggest you look that I'm not the only wanted tonight I'm going to do my absolute best to illustrate to you something that God showed me sitting on my back porch. He put a picture. I've explained to you before, and very visual person, so he speaks to me very often putting a picture in my head and it was as if I was raised up, looking down on the community and I saw the church in a particular dimension. So when choosing a different dimension and God puts images in her mind and she's raised up and she can see things certainly not all dimensions, not even many, but to no we discussed about the church as Jesus sees it in the particular dimensions without you saying she sees the church would use the signature when you say this kind of thing you're elevating yourself up to a spiritual level, and people who are lessee, emotionally, mentally ready to follow somebody because they want that experience. They want that. Wow kind of thing they will fall victim to that kind of thing. She says whispers in the heart is revelations from God, check this out as we study, we may says we may see several examples of him. Christ posing a question that only he could answer Christ certainly uses that teaching method with me sometimes will cause me to dig deep through Scripture for question.

He seemed to initiate a problem there. Other times, the question may come as a personalized whisper in my heart.

Beth why are you acting that way. Often my answers.

I don't know Lord could tell me why if I really search his heart. Sooner or later he'll give me insight into my reactions so there's no. I can understand this with this is another one of those gray area things work shall talk about that, as though God is talking to her directly in L shall communicate to you. These are kind of the things that prophets did in the Old Testament.

We can be careful and dump.

She's also says this of you last one. What God began to say to me about five years ago, and I'm telling you it is in me on such a trick with him that my head is still whirling over to begin to say to me. I'm gonna say something right now. Beth and boy you write this one down and you say it as often as I give you utterance to say that my bride is paralyzed by unbelief. My bride is pure life and belief and he said quote starting with you. Now she's telling us what God literally is saying to her, to save the church because we can do a lot of finger-pointing around here about why we're revival is not happening here and there. Let me tell you something.

Revival will always have faith. So you see it's easiest kind of. These are a lot of warning flex when people don't know any better. The word of God and they go to a place they listen to someone like that speak and single. God told me this God spoke to me.

I had a vision, let me tell you how it is people walkway will shift visions, visions, and, and all the well the Bible so we can have those things in action 217 1819. The thing is, how is it done is done to bring attention to yourself and your authority or is it done, because the Lord Jesus Christ has given you something and you're very cautious about how you presented seat thing is if working to get something from the Lord, and I have before. I'm very reticent to talk about it do not flippantly and if I'm preaching and II talk about it on the site.

Look, I am not this. I'm not that I'm not saying this or that, but this happened one time. Don't think anything about me special.

You can happen you and go on like this because we don't want to draw any undue exaltation, self exaltation, and this is one of the psychological manipulation things can happen to a congregation when someone up there that they're just trusting has a good speaking voice and say things nice-looking has a big ministry is going to believe, and so there's a lot of things to be warned about with Beth Moore enters more eggs haven't had time to verify them and write on them and I'm absolutely swamped right now with stuff also can't do it right now. Hope that answers that question was good on the phone with John from Georgia, John, welcome you on the air like that.

All right, by God's grace. Thao found out late want to live well and the I can only tell you that there are there are issues of government that are recognizing Scripture one is represented of government are the Old Testament don't have exact verses like the Old Testament, the nation of Israel was told to 200 points. People who would be the representatives so representative government is one possible sale of the socialism is the biblical way know it's not when it enacted five and people gave what they owned to other people for the furthering of the ministry that was because they owned it. And they had the right to do with it as they desired. That's the form of private property that the Bible teaches with socialism is teach that. And so that's out and there's other stuff but on matters like why call 7707.

Here is Matt's late breakfast overboard with real lines 772072276 John from Georgia. Are you still there. Alright, so they just go through quickly representative form of government with self-governance and do the Scriptures for this private property rights. The principle of liberty and freedom capitalist principles that you have the right to earn money make money for what you do. Witnesses with a fair trial of contemporaries and of the right of self-defense so these are the biblical principles how the work out and also the principle is that men are fallen by nature and need laws and rules to keep them in line and so if you don't have those will be have is anarchy and tea from a black lives matter doing her stuff riots memo. Kindest would gay marriage a lot.

Gay marriage is sinful and I don't recognize gay marriage. I don't recognize as being valid. So don't let that plate with no merit. Of course, because homosexuality is a sin. Marriage is by definition God is established between a man and a woman.

That's how it is. So homosexuality is condemning the Old Testament as well as the New Testament doesn't mean we hate them to be one hurdle we want to have them fired from their jobs because they dared say that that they are homosexual and we don't approve of.

He'll have us fired for saying it, they can do it and if we disagree with the fire we don't do that to the homosexuals in the community at large.

When they get that liberal and that when they start turning against this and they start penalizing those who hold to goodness this was gonna happen, but nevertheless homosexual marriage is sinful and nobody should recognize as being true and valid. Okay go right.

All right, Georgia. We have four open lines.

It's a slow day today. While give me call folks for phone lines 877-207-2276 joint North Carolina hey Joanne how are you mom follow Bethany do you remember Bethany talk you and I think the answer, but we just need you to verify or Bethany and she realizes that she emotional the car seat and quarantined 10 things that are now, but they only trust her have an and other couple and they are extremely A/V and she would never hectic time. Bethany is in a church and the lady called you know earlier and she was talking about being together before marriage and there were two that were in church and thy were the preacher need you and I are not married Mary Gates preacher knew that they were not married and met Penny Pham and leadership. And I don't mean taken that might be a music ministry at any there's a couple living together male and female, married, flexing, and the pastor wants put them in leadership capacities that you follow anything can easily fired if he fired.

He's done to be a pastor if the elders are going there with the tar and feathers and get rid of them. Okay not elders and when not the money her eyes up to stop it when I come governor you need to leave you to stop you.

You're a pagan teacher if he is if this pastor is putting people in places of spiritual authority who are living in rebellion against God. He's not qualified to be a pastor. Everybody in the church. Just leave walk out like dust the feed off of her shoes but doesn't pursue it is what should happen. Okay, now I just Bethany know Bethany lent a church and pastor and fired.

Bethany had so dearly, so I was I going to do is see while they just did I while nice yes get out just because you like the pastor doesn't mean he's good to me should stay if a pastor knows that a couple is living in sin not married their fornicating and he puts them in place of spiritual authority. He is not qualified to be a pastor. I would say it to his face and the people who were in the church have the obligation to follow Christ, not their hearts, not their spouses, not their children to follow Christ above all, and to abandon such false things and walk out that what they ought to do and if it's a cry about it.

Little cry about it and walking out when to feel bad about it when feel better little by little cry out well okay I know it's hard to get it. We Christians a bit of real life. You put Jesus first, not her feelings that are convenient to pray in front of pastor Chad free will that going there that it not trying to make distorted to the point that he did not know which way to start supplying their church church. Ask God to reveal to her church to go to buy eitherher vision from heaven. Lord distribute to their church and she starts going to other churches and check things out and call up churches and that's what we do we get different Harry, my wife we call up churches and interviewed the pastors we teach about this and this and that and that is straight and waste my time know that the Vermont her pastor and tropic pop telling and talk well water balloons are always good idea water balloons and slingshots with so yeah you know it we have the false preachers and false teachers in the pulpits as well.

So anyone who would just say it's okay we put a spirits place of spiritual leadership a fire than a pastor who's absolutely the street are you saying and then he said you said okay I want to say right away you not qualify me a pastor. This would close the door, but I would say do you realize this is sin, not a member once I was in a church because ace the church allowed the facility to be used by a non-Christian cult to preach and teach their false new energy was Christian science that they were allowing to come in and I went minute appointment to the with the pastor. If you don't know that that's occult denies the senses of the Christian faith denies all whole of any said doesn't matter to preach Jesus possibly understand they don't preach Jesus is criticized Jesus as a citizen missile in the healthcare, the Scriptures paragraph five, line 8 Pacific member. This material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shutting on the cross than when it was flowing through his veins as he was going about daily to do his father's bidding work. No work if they would flat out denied the sacrifice of Christ blood so I told this to the guy and he said no it's okay, don't worry.

But if it did open and I just think of said are you even a Christian.

He said get out my left foot. There are false converts in the pulpit as well.

Christians in the world to take the Bible seriously and not worry about your own feelings of the feelings of others and be concerned. Pray you need to put the word of Christ first and follow the word of God says I need to abandon all churches that have wooden pastors and elders to abandon all churches were homosexuality is approved of you to abandon all churches when they don't teach that the Scriptures are sufficient you to abandon all churches that say that baptism is required for salvation. It abandon all churches, it says Roman Catholicism is Christian you to abandon the false teachings in the churches be purified in the minute you stand up right don't talk you later telling Joanne. Okay, sorry. All right, my man. Why call 77077 where Carl hi we got a lot of radio and on three days ago and you hear me yes about read/write value on when Not and I caught the tail end of your statement, but I don't know what the listener look at your date night part of your abatement. That day, and I'm quoting you a long 200 and Tumwater criminal and oh the left yeah the leftist agenda want to do that. I got that from Candace own watch of the more she was talking about negotiators but she's as phenomenal as a black woman and she was talking about how to much.

I was the left and often the Blacks in the community will will raise up criminals as is more, and I don't agree with Gail. I don't know you let George Floyd was criminal and in jail and drugs and he was high when he was home everything he would have. It was wrong and shouldn't the cop should not of done. Right.

Okay that's what I don't want fact when I didn't understand you know LA you work your your kind thing a group of people have no say want to earn their criminal event to moderate that's not it at all.

You want to leave feeling we want the police to killing people. I don't care what color they are unjustly killed somebody or what Batman did. You did not there could be killed like that though it it it through me. You know, I hear you baby, and now I agree with Tom Yap that he should not.Gelber, not Scott Hildreth love our neighbor got held to help the stranger talking about refugee and and a lot of people on the right. They know they don't preach the doing of which they do a lot of sick people and I do talk about helping people and as a people the right one to give. We want that we want refugees of the come in the country legally not illegally stuff like that right. I'm not the stranger guess that I was reading. Which would you accept strangers in your home. I believe totally you know that that bad different when you have a question on would you accept strangers into your home not going there when you hang out stranger coming into a country as a refugee. Thanks, Bob have to be followed and that government Donald Trump is a criminal, but you all okay. Looks like crap and I am so tired of the leftist people who are swayed by this. I didn't go for Donald Trump on the telly centers are: the present guns into criminal you don't talking about and you should stop once or criminals are the ones were writing and looting. Donald Trump is trying to stop at agree with everything you guys doesn't says they'll tell you he's not criminal. The criminals are the ones like Micah Pelosi and others in the FBI who done some bad stuff in this in our country were trying to bring this country down.

I not my thing is not politics folks. It is theology, but it bleeding over into it more and more you to pray for the present United States just I pray for Barack Obama, who I think is one of the worst presidents ever to sit in that office.

But you know what I pray for the guy and pray for the revival of this country and that's what needs to be done and don't say that Donald trumps a criminal that is just to say it. Stupid. Don't don't go there give facts and stop drinking the leftist Kool-Aid.

Let's get to Roger from North Carolina here. Sorry. Well, what is talking about.

There is a judgment test, everything to face judgment before God. The Christians will not face any judgment of condemnation, but the unbelievers will and what work interfaces.

Christians are the works that we do in the name of Christ, the talents that God is given us what we can do what have we done what might we do and so God's going to judge us on that of the probably a reward or loss of reward in heaven. Okay, I will be I will be paid. Rather, going to heaven, but is not because of the base of works, more Roman Catholics use these verses to suggest that your purgatory that the fire will purify you and in health, and intertidal context it over talking about and so this is an issue if any man's works which he built on the remains will receive a reward. Verse 14 if any man's work is burned up will suffer loss rewards and loss in heaven now in hell also the worst people that they are the more stripes it says in the Bible forgot verse they will receive the more that that thereupon that they did evil, the more there will be the punishment forever, so this would happen right I will be back in a little woke us all a little well thank you all right appreciate today. I got plus okay, let's get on the phone with Dave from Iowa I Dave junction hello Matt, thanks for taking my call again and I wanted to ask a question of the week which is no Matt, I hear people pray around me Lord to be with that person.

Which of the ninth. Prayer is nothing wrong with that but oftentimes I think I'd argue with them, like like a credit doesn't need to be prepared right and then there's also the birth to a more gathered though. How is that different the Lord with him in any way. What is people realize that prayer affects the one praying a lot more you pray more. You hear and feel so to speak that presence of God's word prayer is there.

But you're right technically think you know he's already there.

So I pray the Lord be with them what people are generally saying is be with them and protect them and guide them delete you some say that's correct shorthand way of stuff. So my wife and I pray pray nightly.

Then the Lord be with so-and-so and comfort them like I get into little more detail pray for health and name them and please heal them and things like that so I try to live a more specific, I think that's a good idea doing for some time used to get up and I think reveal yourself. Lord you're already there. Yes, that is a great example you're already there but avail yourself that you're there the kind of revelation, whether on their face and sobbing Lord to God for members of unclean lips incident really what you Christian and they will work two or more gathered like yeah is the only party here, and on that whole you know you have simple Matt, I'm not being critical of the, like tweaking it a little bit like what's really true about that. To be honest sure what that means tomorrow together, there am among them with them right. It seems to say that and I guess the context is in his name that he's there with you know he's always there with you but things reacted with you.

I remember I have here in Hexham. Okay I forgot I have.

I blew my years I was a kid so I don't really need them all that much, but I have and so that the lady Shelby forgot that she says she clicks this battery compartment that's off. Then she opened it all the way. That's really off. Both are off but never forgot that that's off really awful the bottle off and so I never forgot that a kick out of it. So God with you. But it's really what you know and sometimes build himself a special way.

No good need it be confirmation that are no all right well loaded with it we can just acknowledge him, and think of that you already happen. I wanted to be with us and really with us so okay so I think that all right with you two goblins all right was good to Melinda from Melinda.

Susan is what I would love to hear that call, especially about now because he thinks will you do you know I do get people emailing the reducing appreciate and you know it really does help really does minister to me because this is not an easy ministry to do and I'm not begging for compliments. I just think it is nice to have people show appreciation.

But I always like to give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ because he's the one who gave me the ability to do what I do. I'm not the one with the wisdom he is the one with the ability to use he's the one who takes broken vessels and uses them for his glory and the that's the slimmest jump on the here which I don't know who or what it's about. But Going there will I you are on Sierra, which first name Gary. Our target format. Okay. We got about two minutes to mess with somebody make a quick okay when you get a chance. I know you believe probably and probably am sure I've got the video the guy the born-again believer named Kim Clements. I think of the name servers and then I got video saved him from probably back to 0307 and 2013 and beyond even talk about different proxies about how God is using president go by the name, and he talked about impeachment and everything else and come to pass voting thing the mind blowing.

Have you ever think that guy know I have an email with information and click on the north disease Whittlesey sadist. I'm just curious what is blowing the heat everything he talked about. He talked about. They will impeach you they will come, but they will fail. Impeachment name is Donald and you will come like the trunking on the person of my work.

Talk about those work and I'm winging it right now, but he has all the different versus not like I like my job and gone while not that I doubted that the property, the power blew me away like I can know to check it out and I don't know if is any yeah I went to the Lincoln somata checking out all beautiful and have a problem with prophecies occurring okay. Got Concerta do stuff, why not talk about how the program will get a second term in a lamplight with the boat but I'm trusting God as well.

Only duple part don't vote for president to get law and order, but also truck got it well you could you imagine it or if Hillary you would be my mentor worry that one minute that you travel and why is it that the news media doesn't jump on that you don't because if if Trump were to do anything like that to be all over the front page news, but now I don't trust the media. I do not doubt the conservative chronicled folks check that out also but your phone pray for the phone at the conservative news app conservative news and one more thing Grover, go math okay thank you all right hey folks have a great weekend Ray, for this country. Christian Ray and asked God to raise up for this country. Job is Lord bless you have a great weekend

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