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The Authority of the Holy Spirit | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 19, 2021 8:00 am

The Authority of the Holy Spirit | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 19, 2021 8:00 am

Adrian Rogers explores Romans 5 and explains the Holy Spirit’s role in providing kingdom authority in the life of the believer.

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We were meant to have authority listen to Adrian Rogers. God is not intended for you to live a life of defeat and desperation have a partner with the world, the flesh is not meant to be the devil started 25.

Not meant to be squeezed into motivated by this world.

You are not meant to obey every women passion of that old man called flesh. God has redeemed you to have kingdom are welcome to love and find trees.

Real truth never changes.

A Christian who is not discovered the tremendous power kingdom authority is living beneath his or her privileges. However, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said God will never place you over those things that he means to put under you. Until you get under those things that he is put over Romans chapter 5 reveals why we should be under the reign of the Holy Spirit. If you have your Bible turn there now as Adrian Rogers reveals more about the authority of the Holy Spirit by plays. Romans chapter 5 were talking today about kingdom authority and the RFA of the holy spirit bow so often we think of the Bible having a parking.

We certainly know that Jesus is Lord has authority but we need to think today about how that authority comes to us and it comes to us through the Holy Spirit. May I say that a church that is not living in and exercising kingdom authority has ceased to be a force, and it has become a farce, a Christian who is not living in an exercising kingdom authority is living beneath his privileges and he is living beneath the dignity that God expects for him to have as he lives with kingdom authority in this life and as such is the heartbreak of heaven and makes angels weep his mockery of demons is a stumbling block to the lost and a great disappointment to himself.

Many people wonder why is my Christian life in such shambles, why don't I have all of his glory does happen is this victory that has been spoken to see God is not intended for you to live a life of defeat. I desperation when God saved you, God endowed you with something called kingdom authority you have authority over the world, the flesh and the devil is not meant to be the devil's dirty plaything not meant to be squeezed into motivated by this world. You are not meant to obey every women passion of that old man called the flesh, God has redeemed you he is saved you.

He has equipped you and he has ordained you to have kingdom authority I can tell you that Satan does not want you to understand the import of this message. Look, if you will, in verse five the Bible says and hope maketh not ashamed.

That is, we don't have to live shameful lives because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us now. God gave us the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit sheds abroad in our hearts makes known to us about the assurance that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that's called the love of God. God's great love. God's mighty love to us, and then that love through us to others as the Holy Spirit of God that mediates that to us.

You see the Holy Spirit of God is the ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ Bible calls him the advocate now. Jesus is our advocate before the father. He represents us before the fall, but the Holy Spirit represents the Lord Jesus wants the Bible says, you take the things of Christ and you make them known to us. He is the authority for the Lord Jesus on this earth. He is to be Lord in our lives because he takes the place of Christ in our lives. Bible says in the book of Galatians where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty that may be translated where the spirit is Lord there is liberty. We only have liberty when we get under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit of God.

Now some people have the idea that there is some sort of a conflict between holy Scripture and the Holy Spirit. Some people say well I don't pay much attention to the pipe oranges led by the spirit of the sale will you folks are so foolish you better get under the authority of the word because being led by the spirit can be autosuggestion and you can just go off the reservation in any direction.

The truth of the matter is there is no conflict between the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit is one who wrote the Scriptures, and Holy Spirit is the one who interprets the Scriptures to us is not the Scriptures on the spirit of the spirit of the Scriptures as the Scriptures and the spirit as the Holy Spirit of God takes the Scriptures and applies them to us and makes known the will and the way of the Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts and analyze where the spirit is Lord there is liberty.

That's what we will liberty that's just another way of saying kingdom authority now fast-forward. November 17 I like in verse 17, which is the key verse that we going to be looking at for by one man's offense death reigned Circle award one by one man's offense death reigned circle the word reigned by one man's offense death reigned by one, much more. Circle the phrase much more they which receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Christ Jesus.

Now, without trying understand it yet. Let me just tell you that the key to everything is not right in this verse. They are three key words or phrases that are found in this one verse one is the word 10 NE if you read this chapter, you find that word.

One is used 11 times over and over again. He uses the phrase one 11111 got it. Got it. Then the next thing you find is is another word that is being repeated over and over again is the word reign Re: IGN is talking about authority, ruling, raining and then another phrase that is used over and over again five times as the phrase much more that you understand that you don't understand all that were talking about today. Now, first of all, let's look at the word reign Re: IGN and what we going to discover is there to kingdom one is a kingdom of darkness and death. The other is a kingdom of light and life where you find out that everybody here is in one of those kingdom. I.e. if you are in the kingdom of darkness and death, then you are under the subjugation of the world flesh and the literature in the kingdom of light and life in Christ as your Lord and liberty is your legacy because you have stepped out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light into the kingdom of God's dear son is less reason he's using the word reign.

So many times is talking about kingdom kingdoms now.

The second thing is this, he uses the word one over and over again because he saying that two men, one heads one kingdom, one heads and other kingdom. One man is Adam, the first man to ever live.

The other man is Jesus. So one man is the head of one kingdom.

The other man is the head of another king and both of them center and one man has arisen use of the word one. So many times that here is the blessed part. He uses the word much more. Many times what is he going to say to us.

Are you ready for this.

He's going to say to us. Listen that we lost much in Adam, but we gain much more in Jesus now want us to think what we receive from one man, Adam, look in verse 19.

Now, for as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners. One man's disobedience. Who is that one man who disobeyed his name was Adam. Many were made sinners was that just writing you Bible me know right neighbor. Just put your name and hearts. Many were made.

Sadness all right now look again. So by the obedience of one who is that one Jesus. Many were made righteous.

If you're saving put your name thereto hi been made righteous. In Adam we lost it in Christ. We got much more back than we ever lost in Adam.

So what we going to see is what we lost in Adam, then the legacy that we receive in the Lord Jesus and then how the Holy Spirit of God makes that real in our hearts and our lives. What did we received from Adam. What is the legacy of Adam. Now, by the way, let me say this that you were born in Adam me that's your nature you say well I didn't vote for Adam.

I didn't have anything to do with Adam or should it. I mean, if Adam had died before having children. Would you be here today but you say we are linked to Adam in a very special way and so many of us have the idea that we are in the image of God but I will disabuse you of that idea you are not in the image of God. Adam was made in the image of God, you are in the image of Adam the image of God was marred and defaced in Adam. The Bible says God said, let us make man in our image, and, after our likeness, and made me within Adam and Eve sin in the Bible says that God brought forth a son in his likeness and in his image in Adam's likeness in Adam's image and that likeness, that image is marked. You see, if you think that we today are in image of God.

Look around you think God's initiate. I like it like everything. This is not the image of God. This is the image of Adam busy. We never seen a man as God intended for us to be. And as we will be one day we were made in the likeness of the Lord Jesus as the psalmist that I should be satisfied when I wake in my likeness. Suppose you never seen a railroad train in your life never seen one MMI. Suppose there is a train that wrecks and this twisted steel and smoke and steam and and that just mayhem everywhere, and the cars are all tumbled up and the locomotive is upside down and you never seen a train and I take you and show you the train wreck and I say there is a railroad train? Have you seen a train.

Not exactly what you seen is a train wreck in that right now. Let's take over here. Bernie look at him. You think that's a man is not a manager at high he's not a man, he is not as God wanted man to me all creation has been ranked in the person next to you is a wreck and you are right, go look in the mirror now.

We are in the image of Adam Melanie show you what we lost anatomy and Romans chapter 5, but let me show you what to Adam gave to us. He gave us weakness rather than power look in verse six for when we were yet without strength was to stop there without Jesus, where without strength is I will I have strength with the program physical strength is a will I get one without putting the financial strength you say will outsmart without talking about intellectual strength is a will have a sound mind when I buy my emotional strength regarding that spiritual strength you do not have spiritual strength to be what God wants you to be and do what God wants you to do. You can try as much as you want but you do not have what it takes.

Nor do I in Adam we lost that strength and in the place of it. We have been given spiritual weakness you may have the power to do you think as you want but you don't have the power to lose you all without the Lord Jesus.

So what I get from Adam.

I got weakness from Adam because I am without strength. No one else could I get from Adam. I got godliness rather than godliness. If you will again in verse six for when we were yet without strength. Christ died for the God.

Now, what did God make Adam to be godly like God. What did Satan make him godly on like God's will follow many of us, we are measuring ourselves by the wrong measure with say well I am better than those folks down there that church once I got to do with it. So I said, I'm just as good as those folks down there that your I'm looking for man honest nuts. I'm just as bad as those folks down there that your I mean after all, the church is nothing but a society of sinners who finally realized inventiveness of together do something about in the right we measure ourselves by ourselves with so I think I'm all right. Was I got to do it. Bible says you are those who measure cells by yourself. Do not why. But the worst thing we do we find some old hypocrite and we stretch ourselves out the gutter alongside him and say I'm a little longer than he is. We measure ourselves by people who are inferior to us and therefore think that we all right but God standard is godliness. Beulah sin is giving definition sin. Romans three verse 23 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

The distance between the glory of God and where we are right now that sin is sin with sin and come short of the glory of God.

Why did we get from Adam.

We got weakness from Adam. When we get from Adam. We got godliness on God likeness in Adam and me were bank robbers just simply means that we have come short of the glory of God. Melanie Taylor third thing we got from Adam. We got sinfulness rather than righteousness. Look you in verses seven and eight for scarcely for a righteous man will one die get peradventure for good man. Some would even dare to die. But God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet senators, Christ died for us.

Now we sit in church. Many times dressed up Bibles in our hands and those biocide and we look so good my friend in Adam we sinners listen Bible says sin is the transgression of the law, but you may not think that your sentiment you awesome. Is anybody here who would say I have not seen women asking questions anybody here who is ever told a lie. With his white lie black or technicolor ever in your life there one time that total line is anybody here who has ever taken anything that did not belong to you when it was a toy having a neighbor's yard when you were child whether you cheated in school began trust somebody else's paper carry materials home from a job whether you did not pay her proper taxes when you stole some money off your mom's dresser when he robbed a bank and what we have here today we have a congregation of liars and thieves never as kind of funny when we do it that way. But it's really not funny because you see a man is not alive because it tells lies, he tells lies because he's a liar, a man is not a thief because he stays, he steals because he thing I some course are terrible thieves and terrible lies. Others may be on not in that category when talking about degree regarding that kind. The Bible says that we send this in the Bible says observers give along everything at one point, the same is guilty of all what we gain from Adam again weakness from Adam.

What we gave Matt we gain ungodliness from out of the distance between us and the glory of God. What we gave her my Wii game sinfulness from Adam rather than righteousness limiting what else we gain from Adam we gain the wrath of Mme. rather than approval look in verse nine, much more than being now justified by his blood, we should be saved from wrath through him you know what we are when we're in Adam window the wrath of God. The wrath of God now know people like you about the wrath of God. Somehow, the preacher preaches on the wrath of God that preacher supposed not to be preaching as he ought to preach were supposed to live by the God's love. God's love is perfect love and infinite love.

The Bible says God commended his love toward us in the wall were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

With this verse also speaks of the wrath of God doesn't.

If you preach the love of God, to the exclusion of the wrath of God. Do not preach the whole truth, and when you preach part of the crew that Bob fruit becomes an unproved if you embrace the hope that is the wrath of God.

Some people have the idea that God is going overlook our sins, he will not easily God.

Some people have the idea that will be reincarnated will get another chance you will not want a man must die, and after this the judgment. Some people have the idea that the God is going to save everybody sort of universalism. He is not. He is not. The Bible says that that if a man dies, that Christ is forever eternally lost and there only two categories of people the world was saved and the law Bible does not teach universalism. Some people think well when I die I'll just annihilate. I just go back the ground I Rod I decay I evaporate. I I'm no longer about the Bible teaches that you live forever and ever and ever and ever. And God sent me here to tell you and I will say this plainly slightly as lovingly as I can in Adam you under the wrath of God, you die with Jesus you die and go to hell not missing it. Be smart, delicate.

I'm certainly not saying that the crew sometimes you get the idea. The preacher preaches about hell is cruel preacher does not want people to flee from hell is cruel man because he is not telling people the truth.

What it we receive from Adam.

We received a weakness from Adam. What we receive amount we received ungodliness from Adam, what did we receive from Adam. We received folks sinfulness from Adam what that we received from Adam.

We received wrath from Adam and what do we received from Adam. We received warfare from Adam. Look, if you will hear in the same passage of Scripture in verse 10 for if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of a son. Just look at the word enemies you know what you are. If you're not a child of God. You're an enemy of God is in a minute.

I am not a Christian but I'm not an enemy of God.

When Yeshua is here in Adam you an enemy of God.

Jesus said Matthew chapter 12 in verse 30, he that is not with me is against me and he that Dell is not with me scatters abroad, you cannot be neutral not to be for Christ is to be out and out against the Lord Jesus. You see, if you are in another kingdom, then you are guilty of high treason against heavens King high treason is A crime. So get the idea that you can be neutral you, if you and the kingdom of darkness. You are in opposition to the king of like Jesus said, he that is not with me is against me and he that Dell is not with me scatters abroad. Either you for Christ. Yes Christ either working for Christ. Are you working against the Lord Jesus and you are not neutral what you are when you are in Adam is you are an individual with a clinched fist in the face of God. You may not understand that. But the Bible says that we are enemies. So put it down big plaintiffs right in Adam we are in trouble and that right. I mean it by one man, when trouble I know what you think saying out past that is not fair that is not just why should I be in all of that difficulty because of Adam for him. I didn't choose him. Is that fair is not just friend.

Not only is it fair.

It is one you better.

Thank God for it shows that God not only is Josh, but he is kind, why well number one of Adam that Sandy would've anyway if you been put the same test you would send number two you already send sewer about Adam send you if you don't take care of right. But here's the good part because we can be condemned by one man. We can also be saved by one man. See, that's thank God that he deals with that one man, thank God because of one man's disobedience many were made sinners verse 19 by one man's obedience by one man's obedience Lord Jesus, many are made righteous. Thank God that those are in Adam one man can also be in Christ. One man coming up tomorrow. The important conclusion of this message from Adrian Rogers. Maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is about what he means to you how to received forgiveness.

He's offering you right now were discovered.

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Listen to this.

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