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Lordship of Christ | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 14, 2021 8:00 am

Lordship of Christ | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 14, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers describes the lordship of Christ, as identified in Romans 14.

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Rollover fighting Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, Byron Tyler with the CU of what were fighting. One. God wants us to live with kingdom authority, but there can be no rating in this life into. We confess three words, Jesus is Lord. That is true not examine this in my own life, you know, believing in God and then yielding to his Lordship are two different things and so I think when we reflect on this and I and I love this sermon.

You know is he the Lord of our faults. Is he the Lord of our tongue. You see, the Lord of our temper our time, our testimony, I mean that some of those questions are hard answers they really are and carry connecting the kingdom authority that we all long for. With the Lordship of Christ. Adrian Rogers says it best.

This way when I really believe without being simplistic that it is the it is the source of all true spiritual power and the secret to living victoriously. I say that after much thought, if you would just take this one statement. Jesus Christ is Lord, then the thing that follows as night follows day is kingdom authority that comes from him and is to be exercised by him through us and our Lord did not save us to make us helpless pawns of the world the flesh and the devil.

So there's not anything in the Christian life.

I mean absolutely nothing that does not find reference to kingdom authority and yet, having said that, I believe the world is saturated with ignorance on the subject of spiritual authority and even the church.

What about the statement, there can be no other king in our lives.

Only if you go to the word of God. Matthew chapter 6 it talks about. You cannot serve two masters. You will love one and hate the other. We've heard that many times, but think about that.

There can be no other king in our lives you know. We must ask yourself that question have we surrendered to the Lordship of Christ is he Lord of all that you have and do Lord of your thoughts your tongue your temper time and testimony all the saints are so very important. We talk about the Lordship of Christ in our lives. You know the best thing about our ministry are the people we hear from. We have a list in response the sit this way broadcast straw God teach me how and what is required of the Lord, you know if your servant Byron. You can never be a rebel. But Rogers talks about the kingdom authority is never given to rebels. If you rebel against the king. You'll never know the king's authority in your life. You and the way we discover the king's authority cure is staying in the word of God. That's why I love the new Adrian Rogers legacy Bible.

This being revised a little bit and it's available real soon for our listeners how it's our best resources. It's a beautiful leather Bible that has his commentary. It has Adrian isms treasure from the word you want a Bible for yourself but you also want it as a gift to hand off to somebody else so please go to fun at all the details and be a part of the new and improved Adrian Rogers legacy Bible what was today's message the Lordship of Christ. Part two here's Adrian Rogers that every child of God when he was born again was born to win.

And God wants you to live with authority kingdom authority the world, the flesh, the devil are not to have dominion over a child of God. God has made us kings and priests in the Bible says thanks again to God because of us always to try in Christ Jesus.

But there can be no dominion there can be no reining in this life until we submit to the authority that God has placed over us and that authority is summed up in these words.

Jesus is Lord. Amen. Jesus is Lord, what is the word Lord mean it means the one who had absolute power.

Absolute authority. The one who is the owner. The master and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. The foundational truth in the New Testament is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and understand that is the fundamental key to knowing and exercising kingdom authority ask you to questions. Question number one. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord question number two. Have you surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is he Lord of all that you have in all that you do not want us to think about three things. First of all I want you to think about the redeeming playing of his Lordship.

How does he claim to be Lord because he died for us. Look in verse nine, reported this in Christ both died and rose, and revived that he might be Lord both of the dead and the living Jesus died.

The claimants is Lord now, when he died for us. He was redeeming he was buying us. Why is he Lord. Verse nine says because he died for us. Like Calvary says that he is Lord. He has purchased you are not your own. He has redeemed you with the silver of his tears and the gold of his blood. Let this get into your heart.

Jesus Christ has just you may.

Here's the second thing I want you to notice not only the redeeming claim of his Lordship, but the resurrection conquest of his Lordship go back to our text again and look at it in verse nine this in Christ both died. He died the claimants is Lord and right he is risen to control this is Lord there is the redeeming claim and the resurrection conquest of his Lordship, he is shown to be the son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead. You see, when he died he gave himself for us, but when he rose he gave himself to us. And now he now lives in us as Lord know what is that mean to you one number one, it means your entire submission. There can be no other king in your life.

No man can serve two masters. Jesus will not be a moonlighting king a part-time king with a duplex for throne. It means that you are committed to Jesus Christ only somebody has said it well. He must be Lord of all of these to be Lord at all. Second thing it means it means is absolute ownership of all that you possess. When a man owns the slave. He owns all the slave owned and were slaves of Jesus Christ and by the way, I have noticed what a man does with his possession is a good mark as to whether or not Jesus Christ is Lord of this line, you say, what is Lord of my life by giving 10%. That is not Lord of 90% friend.

He is Lord of all, he got no 10% he owns every thing that you have now when you bring your time to God's house. When you get what God has laid on your heart, that's only a tangible expression of the fact that he owns it all. You know what you're giving is today when you give your saying, Lord, this gift is a tangible, visible expression of my total surrender to you. This gift represents my brain. It represents my blood. It represents my ability. It represents my time, my Amalek, that's what it took to get this and so when I am giving this when I'm returning this to you. It only illustrates that it all belongs to you and that I am Jon Stewart for Jesus Christů Control you means unquestioned obedience.

Jesus asked pertinent question in Luke chapter 6 verse 46 here's the question why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I say that's a contradiction in terms.

We are to yield to the Lord Jesus Christ are reading our recreation, our time, our friends are vacation all that we do is under his control. You say all pastor Rogers you just really like for me telling what he'll do to me if I say that you really mean. Listen to me. He wants for you what you would want for yourself if you had enough sense to want.

Suppose you had a son and that son comes to you and he's just entering into teenage and he says mom and dad. I have been doing some thinking in my prayer time in my quiet time. I realize several things number one.

I realize that you have far more experience and more maturity than I and also I know that you love me very much and I know that you would lay down their lives for me and I've been thinking about mom and dad because of your wisdom and your experience because of your love for me. I just want to say to you as an obedient son, God helping me. I want to obey you as best I know how and bring honor to you was about as he said that now would you and your wife going to the back room and say, did you hear what he said that we got him what can we do to make his life miserable. How can we make him suffer will I will you be sorry that he said he's going to yield everything's you think parents would do that know they go back in with her. That site thank God. Thank God. Mom, you know we were thinking about getting him that bicycle. I think we better do it. Don't you and you would like to show your love for this child but the father says like his father.

His children so. Payment for him. Don't you ever be afraid to trust your heart, your life to the one who loved you enough for you is Lord is absolute Lord. Now here's the third and final going. I want you to see not only is there the redemptive claim of his Lordship and not only is there the resurrection control of his Lordship, but there must be the regal confession of his Lordship. Paul goes on to say in this chapter that this coming a time when we all going to bow and confess to him look in verse 11, for it is written as I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me and tell shall confess to God, you are going to confess Christ as Lord. You if you don't do it in this world you will do it in another world.

Putting your margin Philippians 2 verses nine through 11. I love this it speaks of Jesus (walk the dusty shores of Galilee hung in agony upon the cross and then it says in verse nine wherefore wherefore and I listen to this God also hath highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, that's the Angels things in earth, that's the humans and things under the earth, that is, the devil and Beeman, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father is a fact of future history that every created being will one day announce him and confess him as Lord.

That doesn't mean they're going to be say, but one day they will confess him as Lord. The saints of all the ages will bow the knee to Jesus Christ know it will say Jesus is Lord Moses will say Jesus is Lord Abraham will say Jesus is Lord.

Isaac will say Jesus is Lord Jacob will say Jesus is Lord Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel will join the chorus and say Jesus is Lord. All of the kings and potentates to ever live will bow the knee and say he is King of King and Lord of lords. One day Satan himself will finally bow his head and say Jesus Christ is Lord, every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, but is a wonderful thing we don't have to wait till we die to say Jesus is Lord if they were going to perform an operational man's Adrian were going to cut out your tongue if you have anything to say.

You better say it now, you only have strength with three words before we cut out your tongue and you never say another word in this lifetime, I've already thought about what those three words would be. Jesus is Lord Jesus is Lord, if I could somehow broadcast all of the world just rework that's all I can say I would have to hesitate.

I would have to think about it, I would want to confess that Jesus is Lord what is this confession.

What does it do I tell you what confessing Christ Lord does not only does it seal salvation.

But what does it do listen to me very carefully. This confession of the Lordship of Christ will conquer Satan. Satan does not want you to say to me that Christ is Lord. The devil does not like you to say that openly and publicly to confess it with your mouth. I never shall forget the first time I met John Bramlett are been around for just a few moments.

That was back in 1972. John had just been saying you know John was one of the premier athletes in our modern society playing professional football was a stellar athlete at Memphis State but known for wild and wicked and lascivious lifestyle and and was a terror both on and off the football field and then Jesus found involving saving redeeming transforming.

But he was a brand-new Christian and I admitting their gait number four Libertyville Stadium. We were talking and I could just see the glow Jesus on this man's face that they call bull Bramlett about that time about five of his old friends came up bad whiskey bottles.

They had they had to the devil in liquid form in a bottle and and they looked at him and I said John John John May helmet that mounts a couple man I never will forget that day John turned to me said hey did I tell you what Jesus Christ is done for me. He began then to confess Jesus Christ is one in a crowd of people got that big voice he said, did I tell you what Jesus Christ is done for me.

Boy I saw the devil turn healed and Ron, I saw Satan defeated, why because of a bold testimony that Jesus Christ is Lord, confession and conquest are linked together keep saying it. When Satan gets on you. I am the Lord.

He is mine. I belong to Jesus Christ Satan Christ is Lord in my life. It conquer Satan, not anyone else at the comfort saints.

It confirms saints when you make a practice of confessing the Lordship of Christ didn't help your faith to grow confession strengthens faith and faith strengthens confession and you get a reciprocal thing going there. You see, the more we assert a thing to others. The stronger holding gets on my cell. Not only would it help your faith to grow as a saint, but it will help your love for the Lord Jesus to grow what we love.

We talk about and what we talk about Wheaton below it will help friend, your separation from the world. When you get into a habit of openly, boldly, publicly confessing Jesus Christ as Lord you're going to find out the things of this world are going to fall away from you. More and more people wondering what am I going to my old friend, you begin to confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

You will have to get rid of those old friends.

They get rid of you. Learn to confess Christ as Lord.

It will help your faith to grow to help your love to grow it will help your sanctified, separated life to grow when you openly, boldly, plainly, unashamedly, unapologetically, confess Christ as Lord confessing him as Lord in times of joy if joy comes. Remember, it's Jesus who is the source of your joy and say Jesus is Lord if sadness comes.

Remember that nothing comes to you, but what it comes to him first and in the midst of your sorrow.

Remember the joy cometh in the morning and that Jesus is Lord.

When a loved one dies and you go to the graveside. Remember that he's Lord. Both of the dead end of the living and say that Jesus is Lord and when somebody gives you an honor. You have some success and you get some award in the middle of it.

Take the crown from your head and put it on his head and say that Jesus Christ is Lord, and when you're faced with a decision and you don't know what way to go this are that say what would Jesus do, what would you have made to do and confess it and say it Jesus's law. He alone is worthy of they wanted to do.

Not only will it conquer Satan and not only will the comfort saints didn't convict seven when you say that Jesus Christ is Lord, what is the problem.

Many of us today. Many of us today say well I'm not going to be open, bold soul winner Dante. What I do want to do.

I want to so live that they'll see my life and when they see my life there want to be a Christian will come up close. I will tell you something friend and not saved by your life is saved by his death, and unless you tell them the gospel they not going to get saved as a matter fact that they see your life and don't understand why you living that life you are accepting praise under false pretenses and you're getting the glory rather than giving him the glory. But when you say your friends Jesus Christ is Lord and Jesus is the one who's transforming the secret of my life is Jesus Christ and me then friend people are going to come in a conviction copy what else to not, I will convict sinners and control service. So many of us are faced with decisions when you say that Jesus Christ is Lord, a lot of your decision-making is drastically narrowed drastically narrowed when I go to hotel room when I'm by myself on a trip. I don't have to keep asking myself, my go watch R-rated film or something. I have asked myself that why because Jesus is Lord and someone talking about pay for something that the Longmeadow have asked myself my go to take if not is not my Jesus is when you make that decision so many other decisions are made.

The best advice that anybody ever dated anybody was advised that Mary gave to the service that day. The wedding feast of Cana when they run out of wine and Mary said to those servants concerning Jesus. Whatever he saith unto you doing Jesus is Lord not now listen folks, do you want kingdom authority. Would you like for God to be pouring his life and his strength into you. I want to tell you that authority is not for rebels. You will never be over until you under and you must come under the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ and don't be ashamed of that. Don't be afraid of that and if one of these days every knee will bow and every tongue confess it, don't you think it's time right now that we confessing I don't you think it is time right now that we had a coronation service.

When you right now in your heart and in your life.

What about your knee bow your heart and say that Jesus Christ is Lord in every man's life. There's a throne itself is on the throne. Christ is on the cross itself is on the cross, Christ is on the throne what you like to have a coronation service today and say Jesus Christ is Lord of my life and then friend when you get sick and when it's time to die in those chilly waters of death start to come around your feet want to be wonderful to say Jesus Christ is Lord. When the trumpet sounds and the graves are giving up their dead and the skies split asunder the Lord Jesus comes in all of his glory want to be wonderful to rise in the resurrection and say Jesus Christ is Lord and then when the redeemed of all the ages are around that throne and angels and principalities and powers of bowing before him won't be wonderful want to be wonderful to join all of those redeemed and look up at the one with the nail prints in his hands and say he is Lord is Lord is risen from the dead, and he is Lord of all hail the power of Jesus name, but angels prostrate fall.

Let's all bring forth the royal dive. Let's crown him Lord you believe he is Lord he is Lord he died to claim us as Lord and control.

This is Lord, to be crowned as Lord.

He is indeed he is Lord. And today if you have questions about who Jesus is or what he means to you how to receive the forgiveness he's freely offering good or discover Jesus to find resources there and materials that will answer questions you may have about placing your faith in Jesus Christ.

Again, go to and click discover Jesus you surrendered to the Lordship of Christ is seen Lord of all that you have been due Lord of your thoughts, your time, your temper time and testimony. So glad you joined us for today steady sure to tune in next time for more real truth never changes on love worth find

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