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The Secret of Satisfaction | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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March 1, 2021 7:00 am

The Secret of Satisfaction | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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March 1, 2021 7:00 am

We can have all the things of this world and yet still be dissatisfied in our lives. Wealth, fame, and fortune do not fulfill a longing only God can satisfy. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the secret of satisfaction found in Psalm 23.

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What is the secret to satisfaction. Listen to Adrian Rogers so many people think that the secret of satisfaction is having a God who can give you everything that is not the secret of satisfaction.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. You will never ever ever ever ever even on lockable satisfaction and you can say mean it. The Lord is my shepherd is only when you can say that that you can say I shall not want.

Welcome to love truly profound truth. Simply stated by Adrian Rogers. We can have all the things of this world and yet still be dissatisfied in our lives as we just heard secret of satisfaction is found in Psalm 23 verse one which says the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. This short verse is packed full of promises that when correctly understood can change your perspective. If you have your Bible turn there now as Adrian Rogers shares more in part one of the secret of satisfaction. I will ask the question how many truly truly satisfied people do you know people can have all the things of this world and not be satisfied. John Muir, the great naturalist was speaking to Mr. Harriman.

Mr. Harriman was a railroad magnate and industrialist, a man of great wealth and great influence and John Muro said to Mr. Harriman.

I am richer than you are. He said well how is that he said because you don't have all you want, and I do so I am richer than you and well indeed.

The Bible says he that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver but is not just money that can truly satisfy there's nothing really that can satisfy part from our Lord.

I heard about little boy love pancakes.

So, my teeth sometimes made a glutton of himself or pancakes, and his mother thought that she would cure him one day. She said John I'm would fix you all the pancakes you can eat only thought that was a day when she got the griddle out and began to fix pancakes, and he ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate the finally she said John you want another pancake. He said no ma'am not all the ones I've already had. Now that so well illustrates what I'm talking about is that in the deepest recesses, whether it be in the stomach are in the heart are in the mind. There are hungers that people are seeking to satisfy that they can never ever really satisfied even when they think their satisfied even that satisfaction is a dissatisfaction. What I'm trying to say to you, dear friend, is that there is a secret of satisfaction that is more than just a play on words and is found here in this wonderful 23rd Psalm. Now there's a danger here is the danger that when we get into the 23rd Psalm will such familiar ground was so I know that and the proverb familiarity breeds contempt may never be more prudent because we are all familiar with the 23rd Psalm describes the best-known passage of Scripture in all of the Bible and well, it ought to be, because it is such a gem of literature I believe is one of the seven wonders of the literary world about that is given by divine inspiration and not only is it beautiful is magnificently true. It is no wonder that is been quoted in the nursery school and on the battlefield is no wonder that it has been quoted at weddings and funerals.

It is no wonder that a sweet little child and yet perplexing to a scholar.

It was said of the word of God that the word of God is deep enough that the scholars can come and see him without ever touching bottom and yet shallow enough that a little child can come and bring without fear of drowning. That is certainly true of the 23rd Psalm. A magnificent a wonderful, wonderful passage of Scripture and we know it by heart.

Many of us it says the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy wrong and by staff they comfort me.

Thou prepares the table before me in the presence of mine enemies.

Thou anoint disc my head with oil my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. A beautiful Psalm were only going to look at the first verse and it will be a marble really if we even touch on the truth that's in the first verse we could take every word in the first verse and and just emphasize each word.

The Lord, not a Lord but the Lord when David wrote this Egyptians had 360 primary gods one for every day of the week. The Canaanites, in whose land the Israeli came to live. They had many gods but David knew there is but one God, the Lord, we could put emphasis on the word Lord, the great sovereignty eat eternal God, the one who rules over all the Lord is we could put an emphasis on the word is when I was in Florida about 20 years ago I heard a great preacher, SM Lockridge breach on the Lordship of Christ, and he quoted this verse and he stopped right there when he said the Lord is and he began to talk about that little word is and he said this, the Lord always has been, is in the Lord always will be is that he was talking about a personality. The fund changeability. The immutability of our great God. He said you can keep the tensile strength when you talk about our God, the Lord is my and then we could just pull over in parking talk a long time about that little word my shepherd, not the shepherd. Not a great Shepherd a good shepherd is all that but my shepherd, and we could talk about the personal relationship with our Lord. We could talk about the word shepherd and put emphasis upon the Lord is my shepherd and how he is the one who is responsible for every care that the sheet might have. We're going to look in this first verse and find the secret of satisfaction. First of all I want you to notice that phrase the Lord and I want you to think of our sovereign God, the Lord our sovereign God made you notice if you have a King James version of the Bible that the word Lord LRD is in all capital letters. You see, the reason it is there is to tell us that this word that is translated Lord is a translation of a Old Testament name for God. That is the most sacred name for deity that the Jews had and it is the word Jehovah Jehovah and every time you see it and IT means Jehovah, and you can say Jehovah is my shepherd, and the name Jehovah was such a sacred name. It was it was the self existing one, the one who never had a beginning, the one who never has an ending the great I am Jehovah is my shepherd. That name was so sacred to the Jewish people that some Bible historians say it was only pronounced one time a year and was pronounced at that time. Only one time a year when the high priest would go into the holy of holies and whisper the name Jehovah. The Jews never spoke that name audibly when a Jewish scribe was writing the Scripture when he would come to the word Jehovah he would put down that pin and get a brand-new pin just to write the name Jehovah a great awesome covenant keeping God's self existing one. The great Lord will Lord's motion may have to understand what David is saying when he saying Jeff, the great one is my shepherd evangelist Angel Martinez. He has a way with words.

I want to hear what he said about Jehovah. He said the Lord one who made the world and everything that is in it, the one who lit the taper of the son and put the stars in their places. That's my shepherd, the one who threw a carpet of green grass upon the earth and attacked it down with the flowers, the one who scooped up the valleys and piled up the hills, the one who took the song of the seraph and rope it with feathers and gave it to the Nightingale one who took the rainbow and wove it into a scarf and threw it about the shoulders of a dying storm my shepherd at evening time. He pulls down the shade of the night and shoots it through a sunset fire my shepherd, so first of all, as we look at verse one we see what I medical the sovereign God Jehovah the great great great I am the one who rules the universe. Now notice in contradistinction what David is saying Jehovah is my shepherd.

Now we move from the sovereign to the ship learn this, that the Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New Testament.

When we say Jehovah we speak of is the one with a shepherd. We speak of his humanity.

In John chapter 10 the Lord Jesus, unlock the mystery of the 23rd Psalm when he said I the good Shepherd you want to know. David was talking about. I am the good shepherd. The sovereign Bishop is deity. His humanity. You see in the Lord Jesus overhears a wonderful thing about our salvation in the Lord Jesus we have sovereignty and sympathy.

I came in the ship sovereignty and sentencing a God who is able shepherd who is available by God in the heavens and the shepherd in our hearts will Jehovah is my shepherd three times in the New Testament the Lord Jesus is described as a shepherd. He is described first of all, as the good Shepherd back in John chapter 10 verse 11 Jesus said I am the good shepherd. The good Shepherd the good shepherd laid down his life for the sheet now any shepherd may lose his life. A machine that is why Jesus said Jesus at the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. Did you know that there's only been one person who ever chose to die only one all you say no suicide pilots choose to die other people choose to die. People who die by their own hand choose to die people's lives give themselves, for others they one is ever chose in the diabetes because he was the only one who didn't have to.

All the rest of us are going to die sooner or later. Some people may just choose to die will soon but nobody has chosen to die except and that was Jesus laid down his life for the sheep.

He said no man take of my life.

For me, no man can kill me. I lay it down was in nails that held into the tree. It was the silver records of love and the golden bonds of redemption that held Jesus Christ to that cross now. We've often heard of sheep dying for the shepherd when he wants mutton when he wants food, but whoever heard of a shepherd dying for sheet. Jesus said I am the good shepherd that lays down his life as she is a is unthinkable that a shepherd would die for sheet more unthinkable that God would die for man, Jesus is the good Shepherd file that is likely sheet.

Now listen when asked good shepherd. He lay down his life for the sheep. He dealt with the penalty of sin. For the wages of sin is death and that's why Jesus Christ paid and USM will be pardoned in Christ are punished in hell but it will never be overlooked unless there's a good shepherd who died for your sins use are you lady are you going to have to face the wrath of an angry God at the judgment with your sins on a tone he's the good Shepherd, but no way to mow.

Not only is he showing the Bible is the good Shepherd in John 10 is also shown in the Bible as the great Shepherd look, if you will, in Hebrews 13 verses 20 and 21 now the God of peace, the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ. What is that mean that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ and raised him from the daily speaking of the resurrection.

Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheet through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect, that is mature in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Now in John 10.

He's called good Shepherd.

He died for the sheet. Hebrews 13 is called the great Shepherd he rose for the sheet I mean listen. It speaks now of the resurrection. Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus the great Shepherd of the sheet.

What good is a dead shepherd.

He's no good at all except that he pays the penalty for the sheep. Sin all we like sheep have gone astray would turn everyone was awake and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. Yes, he carried our sense of the cross. Therefore he took care of empty of sin, but when he rose from the dead.

He now deals with the power of sin. He not only is the good Shepherd. He had to be good to die for our sins, but he's a great chef. He rose from the date that makes him a great Shepherd and the Bible says. Now he's able to lead us in the paths of righteousness for his namesake, not just that he died for me, dear friend.

He lives for me and that is with the power sin, but wait a minute is also called the chief Shepherd now in first Peter chapter 5 in verse four the Bible says and when the chief Shepherd shall appear, you shall receive a crown of glory that fate if not away, and there you have the ministry of our dear Lord, as the good Shepherd.

He had to be good to do it. He died for our sins as the great Shepherd.

He had to be great to do it. He rose to take care not only of the penalty of our sin, but the power of our sin and then as the chief Shepherd one day he's coming to take us from the presence of sin. One day he's coming to take us out folks and I take you the more I read the papers, the more I listen the more I look around, the more I believe it must be soon. I believe our Lord is at the door and I believe that the chief Shepherd is about to appear. I believe he's about to call the sheep up.

I believe he's about to say to us all.

Now I am the chief Shepherd, follow me and you see he my dear friend is King of Kings and Lord of lords is our shepherd. He is the chief Shepherd of the things that is so beautiful about the Bible are the little signs of inspiration that you find the really great signs when you see them. For example you have your Psalm 2223 and 24 back to back right. I thought it's okay is not profound .35 22 okay and 24 follows 23 you have a trend to solve. But in Psalm 22. What you find in Psalm 22, you find the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In Psalm 22 Psalm 22 is written as if a man was standing at the foot of the cross for gambling for his garments.

The words that he was sailing across the piercing of his hands and his feet. The words of his enemies.

All of this is found in Psalm 22 back in Psalm 22. What you see. Therefore, the good Shepherd dying for the sheet, but in Psalm 23.

What if I you find the great Shepherd leading a sheet, the one who is alive risen from the dead and then in Psalm 24 what you find. You find the chief Shepherd coming for his sheep. You see in Psalm 24 this is the Lord coming in. Look, if you're willing verse seven. Lift up your hands. Are you gay to be lifted up, the everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in is this King of glory the Lord strong and mighty blow Lord mighty in battle, lift up your heads oh ye gates even lift them up, the everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory Jehovah of hosts, he is the King of glory in that beautiful in these three Psalms you see the good Shepherd the great Shepherd, the chief Shepherd, the good Shepherd. He died to pay for the penalty of sin, the great Shepherd he rose to take care about the power sin, and the chief Shepherd who is coming again to appear in glory take us away from the very presence of sin. I love this, as we see this wonderful wonderful Shepherd King that we had, but now wait a minute I said I was going to talk to you about the secret of satisfaction.

That's what this verse is about and this verse is the key to all the rest of the song you see every passage of Scripture has a keen understanding and in Psalm 23.

The key is hanging right on the front door.

The key is in this verse the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

You have the solver and that's Jehovah you have the Shepherd that's Jesus, and Jesus is the Jehovah Shepherd of our lives, and that my friend the sovereign plus the Shepherd leads to the satisfaction of the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. That's the only way that anyone will ever have satisfaction you will never ever ever ever ever have even a modicum of satisfaction until you can say it mean it. The Lord is my shepherd is only when you can say that that you can say I shall not want.

So many people think that the secret of satisfaction is having a God who can give you everything that is not the secret of satisfaction. The secret of satisfaction is the Lord himself.

Jehovah is my shepherd, you see your needs will never be met until they met in him, things will never satisfy you. Things will never satisfy you. So many people misunderstand Psalm 37, which says delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart may think that means if I love Jesus I have a pink Cadillac. That is what that means.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desire of your heart. What that means is when you delight in the Lord of the deepest needs of your heart will be met.

The desire of your heart is Jesus. That's what your heart is full. That's what you were made for the Bible says it is that we live and move and have our being in him you never be satisfied apart from him, you can say the Lord is my shepherd, not what he gives me but he himself wanted God like a fish to do the swim in the sea. Why did God make a bird to do the fly in the sky that you take a fish out of the sea, including ministry he will be an unhappy fish you take a bird out of the sky including in the sea and he will be an unhappy bird because both are out of their element. What is the element that you were created for God himself and until you know him, you will be like a fish in a tree like a bird in the sea you be out of your element to be like a square peg in a round hole friends all around trying to find what the heart yearns for by sin undermined. I have the secret I know which is found only true pleasures in Jesus abound. Jesus is always world needs today blindly men strive for sin darkens their way all the grim cartons of my Ganges and all will be when a man can say it in meaning the Lord is my I shall not want. One look at Jesus all will be like what wonderful promised in today's program and will hear part two of this message coming up tomorrow. I hope you can join us then maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is about what he means to you about how to receive the forgiveness he's offering right now to our discovery, Jesus you find resources and materials there that can answer questions you may have about your faith again go to and click discover Jesus at the top of the page you like a copy of today's message.

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Call that number 877 love God or you can order or write to order at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 Adrian Rogers said the word of God is deep enough that the scholars can come and swim without ever touching bottom and yet shallow and a little child can come and drink without fear of drowning explore God's word today and join us tomorrow for part two of the secret of satisfaction with a listener reached out on Facebook recently with this word of encouragement.

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He was a great minister and teacher and I'm still being blessed by his teachings.

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