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Family Fun | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 18, 2021 7:00 am

Family Fun | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 18, 2021 7:00 am

One of the signs that God has blessed our homes is the presence of laughter, which is why we should get serious about having fun with our families. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three reasons why we should prioritize family fun.

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Where should our children learn to have fun. Listen to Adrian Rogers and all we need to have some fun and not take ourselves all something about raising children being firm be fair be fun and just almost put it all just right there should be firm fire. Be honest about me. That's what the Bible says welcome to mom finding featuring the timeless truth of the gospel presented by Adrian Rogers God created families to satisfy the deepest longings of our heart to give and receive love families were designed to provide a safe and secure environment in which to nurture, teach, and love her children. One of the marks that God has blessed our homes with is laughter, which is why we should get serious about having family fun.

If you have your Bible turn to Psalm 128 as Adrian Rogers concludes a powerful message. Family fun. I want to talk to you about a part of the family.

I will talk to about some family fun. I want us today to get serious about why I want us to learn about laughter and I want us to see that laughter is a gift from God. Measuring Psalm 128 just look in Psalm 126 and verse two, when God's people got right. Notice what it says then was our mouth feel with laughter and our tongue with singing, then said they among the even the Lord has done great things for them. I would like for your home to be such a happy place that your neighbors who don't know the Lord your pagan neighbors. If you have some will look at you and see the laughter and the joy that is in your home and say I love you. The Lord's done great things for them and one of the marks that God is done something great for us is that our mouths are filled with laughter about laughter is a gift from God. Sarah said God has made me laugh. If you're one of those who think that laughter and faith are contradictory. You need to get your Bible out and study Bible, God has made me the last we need to learn something about family fun. We need to learn how to celebrate human know what I'm talking about family fun. I'm not talking about silly mindless frivolity. I am not talking about irresponsibility. I'm not talking about failing to do what you ought to do because you are careless. As a matter fact I found out that fun and efficiency go together to matter fact, if you learn how to have fun. You will probably be more efficient and in my studies for this particular message. I found what I already suspected that people who have an unusual capacity for laughter also have an unusual capacity for seriousness, but to go to get out to something else that I learned laughter with all well-rounded sense of humor. Psychologist Ellis is one of the hallmarks of high intelligence. It is people have a well-rounded sense of humor that have one of the sure signs of being an intelligent person. Now I'm talking to you about family fun. I'm talking to you about not merely laughter and games. I include joy, happiness, games, humor, spore's leisure vacation meals party's celebration, entertainment, and much much more. Now don't get the idea that our Savior that we love and we said because he lives I can face tomorrow. Don't get the idea that Jesus was some pale religious sanctimonious recluse if you study the life of the Lord Jesus. One of the things that they crucified him for was a city with the wind to bring a glutton that he was. But Jesus went to Barnes.

He worked his first miracle at a wedding feast and their Jesus was the life of the party and Jesus was a friendly person and he called himself a friend of satisfactory. One thing about Jesus, little children, lipid the little children love it, but little children wanted to come and sit in the lap of the Lord Jesus Christ and I want to tell you something about the Lord Jesus Christ, who was a man of great gladness as a matter fact the Bible says concerning the Lord Jesus, thou hast anointed him with the oil of gladness above his fellows. Jesus knew joy and Jesus knew happens now Satan would love to distort things. Of course there's a time to weep and there's a time delay, but Satan wants to get us out of balance. Satan wants to turn us into grim people. I would mention three things three things that family fun will do. Are you ready for them. Number one family fun refreshes family fun refreshes look in verse two of this Psalm for thou shalt eat the labor of thine hands happy. Shalt thou be and it shall be well with the now we have to work and sometimes work is difficult. We come in and we eat.

However, the labor of our hands and God refreshes us now work is necessary, but it can't be all work and no play you in Psalm 128 look over in Psalm 127 verse two. Look at it.

These Psalms are linked together is vain for you to rise up early to set up late to eat the bread of sorrows for so he giveth his beloved sleep. Now what he thought about the man who rises up early and stays up ladies talking about the man who is more interested in his finances than is his fun.

He's more interested in his labor that he is in his laughter. And God says that is vanity that is vanity. There's a time to work. There is also a time to rest and don't be so busy what he saying is don't be so busy making a living that you forget so many people are doing that as I've already said it is better to leverage that it is to die rich bring.

What does family fun, family fun refreshes. Why don't you say pastor Rogers by God's grace we put some fun in my weenie some refreshment in a home weep into grim way been too much grinding out this thing called life. Jesus came to give us abundant life is a second thing that family fun will do. Not only will family fun refreshes the family fun repairs. It repairs look again in this Psalm verse two for thou shall eat the labor by man happy, shall not be, that is, it refreshes and he shall be well with the better it will put things back together. It will be well with the big you know that laughter is a medicine joy is a medicine happiness is a medicine Proverbs 17 verse 22. Put it in your margin. A merry heart with good like a medicine, a merry heart with good like a medicine but a broken spirit dry off the bone. If you have an grim in a solemn spirit is going to break your help to break the help of an individual and it will break the help of the family, but this verse in your margin. Proverbs chapter 12 in verse 25. Happiness in the heart of man make it that stupid but a good word. Make glad you need to learn how to give some good words in your house. Happiness just house down the heart. I was reading these verses from Proverbs 15 verses 13 through 15. A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance but my sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken, the heart of him that hath understanding speak of knowledge, but the mouth of fools feed his own foolishness. All the days of the afflicted are evil. But he that is of a merry heart has a continual feast. I let that when you have a continual feast. It doesn't matter whether it's hamburger helper or file you have a feast. If you have a merry heart. I've seen those people with a broken spirit disasters known.

The spark is gone.

The enthusiasm is gone is gone really thing that is left is the shell of an individual of the shell of that home I tell you, folks, Mr. was stressed today is too much stress ulcers and high blood pressure, migraine headache strokes and cancer are some of the symptoms of stress are attitudes are very a motion controls I help if you think that attitude has a lot to do with it. You think how many times people are too sick to go to work but seldom are they too sick to take vacation. It's our motions that control our physical body. So often I have in my files a story of something that took place after World War II in Germany. There were a lot of orphans and they took 100 children and put 50 of them in one group and 50 of them in another group and one group of children were given everything that they need to physically food, bedding and clothing care and they were also given a lot of attention and a lot of love.

They took the other 50 children in the orphanage and gave them all the same physical material benefits, but gave them no human interaction and gave them no love and after you both groups were tested and those children who are raised in the orphanage where there was joy and happiness. Listen to this were an average of 2 inches tall several pounds heavier. The other group where there was no love, no happiness, no personal interaction had more diseases and more sickness.

Did you know that laughter is a miracle medicine. A merry heart, and with good like a medicine. It reduces tensions it exercises vital organs and this goes on to say, even if the laughter is parsed. It replaces bad emotions and produces its own thing I said in the introduction is that laughter is a gift from God. Think about man is the only creature we knew three things he's the only one who can we use the only one who can blush and he's the only one who can laugh that is a gift of God.

God made us that way. There's a project by some researchers Yoder and Goodman in New York. I talked about the fact that laughter can have just to repair to restore and I will quote now, the positive effect that it has on a person's attitude, coping skills, relationships and creativity in the way that humor can enhance motivation and morale is backed up not just by common sense and anecdotes, but by research. They even have a a magazine entitled laughing matters. It does matter.

Laughter has a way of releasing tension whether it is a broken spirit, broken body or broken whole. We seen in our home. Sometimes when there's tension in the home and we can just learn to smile just learn to laugh that tension disappears and found that you I made told about time we got in the car with my son David is no missionary got in the backseat of the car. We started out in the back window was down there commissioning automobile was on the message David would you put up when the sun is a roaring sound in the back of the car as I put up the women were driving long after while he hear that roaring sound again when the status of David, son went up and leave it and it went back up and then after while it was down the third time I turn around I said David. I go to my voice. I said David if that window goes down one more time there's going to be some serious trouble in this card you understand yesterday so were driving along and a friend. I'm telling we were going out.

Have a good time, but the air was just the and then I looked over there on my side, and there was the controls were I could lower his window were going along I push the button and his window went down one more time.

Joyce's head snapped around and she said, and then everybody realized that they had it done for glad the tension was going.

That's what laughter will in the home. We need to have some fun and not to take ourselves all that seriously. Something about raising children being firm be fair be fun. You just almost put it all just right there should be firm rules be fair, be honest but brief on your face shalt thou be.

That's what the Bible said here's the third and final thing that I want to mention the day of many things I could mention a family fun remains, it will linger, it will echo through your life. Look, if you will here in the last part of the Psalm verse four behold, that thus shall the man be blessed, for the Lord. The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion, and also see the good of Jerusalem, all the days of my life VA and thou shall see, like children's children, and peace upon Israel, no focus.

We are building our children the Museum of memories where building far children and our children's children, a museum memories I will the memories that my children have been my grandchildren have. I want them to be memories of a happy home all metal rings with laughter is a memories are landmarks that keep us from getting lost memories bring a sense of security and belonging the child's life memories are anchors of the soul when we remember primarily those of you are adults. What you remember primarily about your home.

Well, you may remember many things, sorrows pains deep vibration victories.

What kind of car you that he had walked out of the house he lived in the happy times that you had at home.

My daddy died and we had a family gathering down in Fort Lauderdale and the kidneys and the grandkids from all of our family and there were four of us in all Rogers seem to have four more children and men. We had a herd of folks are. I mean they were all around. We're sitting in my sister's living room talking about my daddy. You have to know my daddy my daddy never got over being a little boy. He was a man but he was a man filled with fun and we laughed and talked and laughed and Paul and laughed and laughed. Not a word of remorse.

Not a word of regret but just memories of good times of fun.

You see, friend, family fun remains. It goes on and all and on many read to you something with him about fun and laughter. Let me read to something said many of you remember the name Christian Benard. He was a South African heart surgeon. He created the aortic heart valve and artificial valve's name was famous because he did the first heart transplant before heart transplants were common and known he was a leader. He was on the cutting age in that area.

Dr. Bernard wrote a book with part of the book 1 life and in the midst of all this great success in the midst of all that he did Christian Benard lost his home and he lost his family that here it is in his own words. Listen to what he said quote. It was a bright April morning when I drove out of Minneapolis may see he had been to Minneapolis to do this work. He literally lived in South Africa and that's where his family was.

It was a bright April morning when I drove out of Minneapolis. It seemed like a century since I first arrived there on time longer than all the years before in New York. I put the car on the boat and caught a plane for Cape Town on northwest wind was blowing when we came over to see with the waves close below my wife was there with the children. I've not written much in the last two months, yet I was unprepared for her greeting. Why did you come back. There was no longer smiling, her eyes I made the most terrible mistake of my life.

Don't look so surprised. She said we gave you we decided you were never coming back, but it was only a little delay I chew April 1 know you wrote wants to say you weren't coming home, but we were building the house aortic heart valves.

I answered no, you were building a family that is until you dumped it in my lap she said bitterly. We have ceased to exist for you. I wanted to say I came home because I love my children and I thought I loved her. I wanted to because I felt, but what can I say now that didn't sound meaningless. It began to rain. The city was gray under a gray sky.

It was winter and Cape Town but in Minneapolis the trees were splashing green color. How was it possible to lose a whole springtime. Well, I want to save you for him.

Don't lose the springtime boneless spring its vein, its vein to rise up early to stay up late the bread of songs I want to call our family and your family to some fun folks.

It is our legacy is our necessity. I call you to let folks if you are having fun and laughing your way to hell that also is pathetic because I remind you that no funny games in a crisis gray and if you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what kind of time you have with your children.

If you know Jesus. One of these days going to kiss them all goodbye. Blessed is the man that fear will you know him. The fear of the Lord is level.

Its me. Have you ever bowed your head humbled your heart, and said, Lord Jesus come into my heart into my life and save me, would you bow your heads right now it's about, eyes closed, and if you're not certain what you say I want to leave you in a prayer, and in this prayer today. Now, this moment you can receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Would you pray like this dear God, I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me. I need to be saved.

My sin deserves judgment, but I need and want mercy. Jesus, you paid for my sin with your blood on the cross. Thank you for dying for me. I'm sorry for my sin. I turn from my sin to you, I am now.

Right now yield my heart, my life to you I receive you by faith as my Lord and Savior. Forgive my sin save me Jesus. Would you pray that from your heart. Pray from your heart.

Save me Jesus page asking then by faith, think and say thank you Jesus for saving me. I receive it by faith, and that settles it.

Now, my Lord, my Savior, my God, my friend Lord Jesus because you have forgiven me. I will live for you and follow you all of my life, my Lord and my master. I will not follow you in order to be saved. I am following you, because I am saved by your grace, but I will never be ashamed of you in your name I pray, if you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now we want to celebrate with you and we invite you to our discovery, Jesus page. The website will find answers, you may need about your newfound faith.

There's a response section. You can share your testimony, tell us how this message is impacted you go to and click the tab that says Discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from you if you like to order a copy of today's message.

Call us at 1877 love God mentioned the title family fun way to get in touch. This message is also part of the powerful and convicting series. It takes a family for the complete collection all seven powerful messages: 1877 love God or order online it or you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for studying God's word with us today is your home marked with laughter and your leisure time, full of family fun. Remember, Adrian Rogers said we are building for our children.

The Museum of memories and memories are our landmarks. They keep us from getting lost. We hope to tune in next time for more profound truth. Simply stated by Adrian Rogers right on love worth fine Lister reached out to us on Facebook recently and said because Adrian Rogers messages are rooted in Scripture. They are still relevant today. I feel convicted and responsible for sharing them with my family knowing God's word doesn't change. Even today, thank you for continuing past Rogers ministry.

We are honored to equip you with the timeless truth of the gospel through the messages of Adrian Rogers and love worth finding.

We believe it's more important now than ever before to keep Christ at the center of our homes and that's why we want to send you our it takes a family booklet collection when you give to the ministry right now you want to send you for powerful booklets that deal with family matters from a godly perspective so that you and yours can honor God in these gloriously dark days. Request the bundle when you called with a gifted 1877 love God will give online it

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