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Family Finances | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 15, 2021 7:00 am

Family Finances | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 15, 2021 7:00 am

It could be said that money is the root of a majority of the problems in our homes. The enemy’s plan is to keep families in financial bondage. In this message, Adrian Rogers provides wisdom regarding family finances.

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Today's program Adrian Rogers reveals something money can't buy. I'm telling you there's a false god of the lab today and that is the God of credit who will give us ladies that God is not necessarily supply bran I want to tell you, there isn't one thing that money cannot buy. And that is poverty and giving credit cards for the Milken to love worth finding featuring the dynamic insights of beloved pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers.

It could be said that money is at the root of a majority of the problems in our household.

The enemy's plan is to keep families in financial bondage. First Timothy six provides wisdom regarding her finances. If you have your Bible turn there now is Adrian Rogers reveals four key things about wealth and success in part one of family finances. Take your Bible five first Timothy chapter 6 talk to her little bit about your family and the finances of your family. I can say without a shot of about our equivocation, that money is a root of all kinds of family problems bears was a perfect marriage but for one feminine flaw. He was quick on the deposit but she was faster on the draw. That happens many times in marriages and sometimes, however, it is not the woman who is the spendthrift. It is the man. Many families, many families, many of our best families are in financial bondage. Would you like to take a little test before we get into the word of God and find out whether or not you are in financial bondage just began to count and see how many of these 11 factors are true in your life.

Factor number one.

Find out whether or not you are charging daily expenditures because of a lack of funds. Factor number two.

Have you put off paying a bill that is due until next month. Factor number three do you borrow to pay fixed expenses such as taxes or insurance factor number four. Does your annual debt retirement on a long-term bed exceed 20% of your annual income next are you even unaware of how much you owe. Next are creditors and bill collectors writing you about past due bills next are you having to take from savings to pay current bills next are you making new loans to pay off old blooms next. Have you even thought about being dishonest concerning money next are you having difficulty returning your ties to Almighty God. Next to you and your wife ever argue over money who have less work in the word of God here. First Timothy chapter 6 and I'm going to break into a thought in verse five, perverse disputing's of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness from such withdraw thyself but godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out and having food and raiment boys and girls that means food and close lettuce there with be content, but they that will be rich. That is they who determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts which drowned man in destruction and perdition for the love of money is the root of all evil, which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows, and then go down to verse 17, charge them that are rich in this world, that they may not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy that they do good and that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate, laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come that they may lay hold on eternal life.

Now it is the devils plan to keep families in financial bondage. We going to look right here in the word of God and find out what God's word has to say about your money problems is a pastor. Mine is not a money problem.

It is a lack of money problem whatever kind of a problem is. It may not be truly a lack of money problem and you think it is for words. I want to write upon your heart and the word lacked the word lost the word love in the word luxury there all right here. First of all I want us to say something about the lack of well the lack of wealth and I want to learn this the lack of wealth, the lack of wealth cannot take away genuine commitment like if you will, in verses six through eight of this passage again but godliness with contentment is great gain.

For we brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. I watch this and having food and raiment close lab must be content. One of the greatest things that most families need to learn is the difference between these and walls.

Many of us have lots that are not genuine. These Madison Avenue is built upon this premise that they can create in us needs and desires so that we will go out and buy things Americans want something newer bigger better shinier and so we are constantly reading the catalogs floating through them all and and the people are generating in us things that we feel somehow our needs and they are really only wants they are not necessities, and the children have become victims of these things as they watch television and those masterminds of Madison Avenue know how to sow seeds of discontent in the hearts and minds of our children and make them see that they will not be happy unless they have the latest product that they saw on television and so we have all of these perceive me having on top of that, they tell us what you do you need it, you won't be happy without it. The truth of the matter is that the desire for more and more is not making us happy is truly making us unhappy and surveys of married couples find out that a major, major, major problem in homes is not sex. It is not children. It is not in-laws it is finances and so many of our young couples today get married and they think they have to have been three years what it took the parents 30 years to accumulate and they can go out and get it with the false god of credit. Now, the Scripture tells us here that we only have two basic needs food goes and simplifies it. That's all you that's what God says that's all you need.

That's all I need is food and close and the Bible says if you have that be content now what is content contentment is an inner sufficiency that keeps us at peace and spite of outward circumstances and inner sufficiency that keeps us in peace and spite of outward circumstances that if you depend upon natural material things for contentment. You will never have it put down this verse in your margin.

Ecclesiastes chapter 5 and verse 10.

The Bible says he that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with the way you think. If you could just get more and it would satisfy you. The Bible teaches just the opposite. Sometimes people get all my wrath in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean of the Pacific Ocean and they have not enough water in there surrounded by water and they think will maybe just a little drink of salt water would be better than the water at all but if you drink saltwater what happens.

It makes you thirstier messily material goods are high, is like trying to satisfy your thirst with saltwater worn where to be told of an old Quaker who was in his house and next door was a new family moving in and they were just unloading everything that they had given all the stuff that we gather that we accumulate and they were putting all of the toys and all of the tools and all the finery in all of the gimmick and all of the furniture all these things they were bringing it into the house and this old Quaker was Daniel there watching all of this stuff go into this house and they learn what the Bible says having food and clothing be content. Finally, when I got it all in there. He went over there and said friend, if thou dost ever have anything that thou thinkest thou meanest come and see me and I will tell me how to get along without it all over him. That's what we need to learn the difference between our needs and wants not to want something is even better than to own it. You don't have to take care of. I'm telling you there's a false God in the land today and that is the God of credit who will give us things that God is not necessarily supply friend. I want to tell you there is one thing that money cannot buy. And that is poverty you need credit cards for that they do know that a lot of people are making, looking around for good investment pay off your credit card debts and you be making about 20%. Where else can you get investment like that.

I mean think about it. Why should you pay about 20% more. Why should you cut your family income like that because you carry those little credit cards. I'm not going back for convenient I'm talking about so you can have more.

Many of our young couples today need to learn what God's word says food and clothes be content something to get those cards that have little plastic surgery. I'm very serious about that.

Where is contentment found look in the word of God, look at it verse six but godliness with contentment is great gain that if you are godly your well I say this, that your personal value is revealed not by money but by godliness. Your personal value. So many times we look at Manley stocks, bonds, real estate, scars, homes, etc. we say well he's worth this or is worth that you cannot measure worth by money godliness is worth more than a bank account. That's what God's word says and so when you ask, what is an individual worth what an insult, Almighty God. If you say he's worth what he thinks he owns. If you want to know what any item is worth you how to find out what an item is worth. Find out what somebody will pay for.

I don't care how much you think all that stuff is worth try to sell it and you know what is worth what someone will pay for any appraisal tell you that is not true about what you worth Jesus for you your vitamin eye me with his precious blood, people not as rich red royal blood for you and you are valuable and don't you ever ever ever measure your worth by your bank account don't you do that I'm telling you friend that your personal value is revealed by God in this your personal virtue is revealed by godliness.

You think that God measures how good you are, by how much money you made. That's exactly what Paul was warning about in verse five. There are those with perverse minds who say that gain is godliness. That is if you make a lot of money then somehow you are more virtuous than somebody else. That is not so. Your value is not measured by your money, your virtue is not measured by your money.

That's an incorrect barometer of your worth, and your virtue, and not a something else your victory, your victory is not measured by your bank account. You think that the most successful persons person has the most money less. What about else is a successful man. She's a successful woman. Look what he or she has accumulated success is not measured by the amount of money that you have in the bank and I'm telling you that your value your furniture and your victory is not measured by money you let people put the stuff on you. You around. Sitting in the corner, perhaps walking with Jesus and loving God with all your heart and thinking you are a failure.

The devil told you that the Bible say that condiments with contentment is great gain. Now you can be successful and have money and you can be successful and not have money, but success is not measured by the amount of money that you have.

David says the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. That is little girl said she misquoted it was recorded by the Lord is my shepherd, I got all I want godliness godliness with contentment is great gain and what we need to do is get our families together to have a family conference.

One of the very first things we need to do is to confess the sin of discontent Junior made confess the sin of discontent.

Another thing that we need to do is to have a Thanksgiving and appraised service. We need to think about what Jesus Christ is done for families and we need to add up everything that we know that money cannot buy and that death cannot take away and then we need to praise God for that image to be a family affair get your children together have appraised service and then what I would like you to do is to honestly children included. Let them in on take a Frank look at all of your bed look at and write it down. It will be as painful as getting on the scales after New Year's, but I want to I want you to. I want you to write it all down how much you will pay on interest and then as a family. Set a goal say we will get out every bit as a family we don't have to have a new coat.

Our car will go 20,000 more miles we'll have to have the latest gadget or gizmo or whatever and we as a family again to get ourselves out and in and then we go to celebrate when we do when I be a wonderful thing for family to do together it take a lot of pain, some of you are trying to hide from your wife, your husband from your children what the family situation is like how wonderful. When a family comes together as a team and says together with it as a team and we can celebrate as a family is a family you how to unify anybody. Give them all working on the same problem that bring unity in your family when you get all the members of your family working on the same problem you will find a family unity that money cannot buy just say hey kids, we got a problem wife husband. We have a problem. Now here's the very first thing I want you to understand, listen to what we said the lack of wealth cannot take away genuine contentment.

If you have God in your family, your rich your rich RMA as a second language you learn the loss of wealth is inevitable. Look, if you will, in verse seven for we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out now.

But a lot of people don't believe that they somehow think they don't take it with them. The Bible says we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we going to carry nothing out. Now we need to understand this if you want to know how much you all really add up everything that you have the money cannot buy and that death cannot take away because money talks.

It says goodbye and if it is a goodbye to you, you're going to say goodbye to it. Now the Bible says this, Proverbs chapter 23 verses four through six.

The Bible says labor not to be rich sees from line on wisdom will thou set thine eyes upon that which is not that is even keep looking at nothing for riches certainly make themselves waiting. They fly away as an eagle toward heaven and then put down what old Joe said in the book of Job 1 verse 21, make it came out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither, the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord folks were you born your boy make it and when you go you're going to go's read all of this worlds goods and so you don't mean well to give you contentment and number two what you do accumulate, you're not going to be able to keep this now.

Sooner or later we going to die and they don't have our funerals.

If Jesus then come first when you're done you will have a few I want you to imagine your funeral here you are right here in the casket and here's everybody coming by to look at you know what I want to say about your well he he really did spend long hours at the office.

He really was a good business manager. He really move the stocks in the bonds. He was a shrewd operators out what you want them to say about you what you want your children, your grandchildren, your wife, your husband what you want them to say about you. You are Jim Dobson is a personal friend of Jim was telling some of us in the small meeting about a time when he was up with his family play monopoly. Do you ever play Monopoly well this great gain by way I enjoy play monopoly. My grandkids and Jim Dobson was playing monopoly ball he was killing everybody. I mean, he had all the green ones he had in Boardwalk and Park Place.

He had everything at that and hotels all he owned the railroads he owned it all. You could get around the board without paying old Dobson boy.

He was raking in the money making everybody in the family man. After a while, he had all stacked up there and finally just wiped out. They were so mad at him got up and went to bed. He sat there looking at that pile of play money all those hotels. Everybody been peeping with the bid.

There was the winner. Jim said I had to put it all back in the box is that I thought to myself in that like life isn't that like we spend our lives getting away from it when it's all over they'll like us and we put it all back in the box. One these days folks will put them all, right back in the ball's will, and bring anything in this world where not going to take anything out. We need to understand this, you know what prosperity is limited. In other words sound like posterity. Prosperity is posterity. What are you leaving behind in the hearts and lives of your children what are they going to say when they come and look into that casket will not go to be talking primarily about your bank again.

Listen, you can take it with you.

When will families learn this. That's a convicting question that we leave with you today. What will we leave behind in the hearts and lives of our loved ones afterward gone coming up tomorrow.

Part two of family finances. Do you have prayer requests that you like to share.

Maybe about your financial situation and love worth finding. We are proud to be a prayer ministry and we call on fellow prayer warriors to lift each other up spiritually so if you can go to our website homepage and scroll down you'll find our prayer wall will find the option to either submit a request for pray for others right there again and find our prayer wall today after like to order a copy of this message. Call 1877 love God and mention the title family finances. This message is also part of the powerful and convicting series. It takes a family for the complete collection all seven powerful messages. Call 1877 love God or you can order online it or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for studying in God's word with us today member as Adrian Rogers said success is not measured by wealth or poverty is measured by godliness. Make sure you tune in next time for part two of family finances right on love worth Alyssa Road, not long ago with this quick testimony. I have listened. Adrian Rogers messages on the radio and television, and now on the love worth finding at his anointed messages help to bring me through many trials. We are so blessed to hear how these timeless teachings have affected your life and your family and trying times and love worth finding. We believe it's important now more than ever to keep Christ at the center of our lives and in our homes and when you give to the ministry right now we want to send you art it takes a family will click collection's bundle features for powerful booklets that deal with family matters from a godly perspective so that you and yours can honor God in the home. Request a bundle when you call the gift right now at 1877 love God or you can give online it again thanks for your generous support of love worth finding

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