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Eternal Security: a Scriptural Defense | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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January 11, 2021 7:00 am

Eternal Security: a Scriptural Defense | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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January 11, 2021 7:00 am

It is good for our spiritual health and productivity as Christians to know we are eternally secure. In this message, Adrian Rogers gives a Scriptural defense for our eternal security.

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Our eternal security is not a license to sin. Listen carefully to Adrian Rogers. Nothing would make me happier than to know I would never send a some sort of a contract that I could sign the safe and be impossible from our own free & Napoli@I don't want to say and if you have the idea that somehow it eternal security is a license to sin. You need to get your water fixed know you need a brand-new one. You need to be born again welcome to love worth finding between the powerful and convicting less pastor teacher and author Adrian Rogers. Do you know that you know you know you saved if you been born again. Does your life reveal a new nature and a disdain for your sin.

It's good for our spiritual health and productivity as Christians to know that we are eternally secure. This is why we must have a scriptural defense for eternal security.

You have your Bible turn to the book of John chapter 10 will begin in verse 27.

Listen now as Adrian Rogers presents a scriptural defense for our eternal security. Say, then you may get saved in certain. But if you are saved in certain that also your save certain and secure, and just by way of review reasons I gave you in order to help you remember why a child of God, who has been twice born.

That's the only kind of child of God. There is been twice born who has been regenerated is become a partaker of the divine nature. I gave you eight reasons why someone like this can never ever again be a lost soul and I told you so very important to your spiritual equilibrium to know. Thank God you're saved and no matter if you do fail and stumble. You're still in the family that's good for your spiritual help with toad also is good for your productivity when your future is secure. You can concentrate on the present and then I told you all so that it is necessary that we tell people about eternal security because that helps us in evangelism. So many people fail to get a heart to Christ because they just don't think they can stick it out.

They don't think that they're going to be able to hang on and because of that they just failed to give the hearts and lives to Jesus Christ afraid to make a false profession and then fall away. I gave you those eight reasons remember what they were. First of all, the promise of God. God clearly promises neo-Tibetan Angels, principalities, nothing can separate us from God. In Romans eight verses 38 and 39. First of all the promise and and we talked about the perseverance. Philippians 16 he who had begun a good work in you will perform that God completes what he started.

God started with you. He's gonna finish with you the gifts and calling of God are without repentance and then we talked about predestination that we are predestined according to Romans eight to be like the Lord Jesus, and if we predestined nothing can stop that we talking about perfection in full by one offering forever.

We made perfect in the sight of God and then we talked about our position and we said that we are in Christ Jesus, just as Noah was, and that are what ever happens to Christ happens to us. We are part of his body for us to ever die eternally a part of the body of Christ would have to be activated and severed from him. We talked about our possession that we now have eternal life is not something we're going to get is something we already had. When did you get eternal life. You got eternal life. When you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. John 524 he that has the son has life is not something I'm going to get. I got it the minute I received Jesus. Then we talked about the principle of prayer, Jesus is praying for us. He is interceding for us and Hebrews 725. He's able to save unto the uttermost those who come to God by him, seeing he ever lives to make intercession for them.

He is afraid that we would be From the evil one in John chapter 17. His prayers are always answered and then the last reason was power.

The power of God here says with By the power of God. It's not a matter of holding on to God.

It's a matter of God holding on to ask some people would say yes pastor that is true, but what about the Scripture.

What about that Scripture not obviously we can be with all of the Scriptures that might tend to indicate otherwise. But may I say that will be with a few of them and perhaps they'll be illustrative of the rest. When you look at a supposing contradiction in the Bible, then you have to find out that the contradiction is only in your mind maybe taken a text out of context, maybe not examine it carefully and so we want to look at some of these text and find out what they really say that seem to indicate some that we might be able to follow way. For example, during the second Peter if you will let me give you a classic illustration that someone will bring up to you if you say that you believe in the eternal security of the believer second Peter chapter 2 in God's word and I'm begin reading in verse 20, Peter says, for if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled Aryan and overcome the latter end is worse for them than the beginning, for it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered under them, but it is happening to them according to the true proverb dog is turned to his own vomit again and the sow that was lost to her wallowing in the mire someone says they're pastor you you see that it teaches that a person can be saved and be lost again. Well, look, if you will hear a description with me a little more carefully and I think you understand that it does not teach that say person can ever be lost again, but it teaches really just the opposite in verse 20 it says this practice I have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That is, here is a person who has been living in sin and they free themselves.

They hear about Jesus. They turn over a new leaf, but they never receive as we go to show you a new life. They have escaped the pollutions of the world doesn't say they're saying doesn't say they're on their way to heaven. They have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is, they have heard the gospel. They know about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But they are again in entangled Aryan.

I look at the word entangled the word entangled literally means to leave something into a pattern and what happens is this that these people are leaving themselves deeper and deeper into bondage by following certain false teachers and all that Peter is talking about here in second Peter hinges on the area and in the arena of false teachers.

They never really learn what it is to be saved to be born again and they get themselves a mesh day. We ended our hearts and minds, certain philosophies, certain false truths. They never know the gospel of grace they get themselves deeper and deeper into bondage through false teachers and when they do their worse off than they were before they ever even heard anything about Jesus look in verse 21, for it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they had known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them as a principal listen to those who live by truth, get more and more freedom. Those who do not live by truth. Those who live by lies experience more and more bondage now, here's the state Reformation without transformation leads to greater degradation and final condemnation Reformation without transformation leads to greater degradation and final condemnation. It's better for you not to have known the way of proof than to reform your life without meeting the Lord Jesus Christ. A classic example of that is Judas. Jesus said of Judas. It had been better for him that he had never been born. Judas heard the truth.

Judas reformed his life.

Judas was a disciple of the Lord Jesus escaped the pollutions of the world for a while but his ladder in was worse than his. Jesus said it had been better for him that he had never been born sinful desires do not disappear by Reformation. They only hibernate and wake up stronger. That's what Peter is saying in been better for them not to have known the way of truth that after they've heard the holy commandment returned from salvation. On the other hand, gives you a new nature Reformation doesn't give you nature doesn't change anything, and in a moment when we get to illustration about the dog in the hall.

It will be very, very clear to now somebody says you know Pastor Rogers.

If I believe in eternal security. I get saved and I sent all I want to activate because I would have to worry about it.

I have a ticket to heaven. I could never lose my salvation. So I just get saved may not have a blast.

I just sent all I want to. I sent all I wanted. Did you know that I sent all I wanted.

I don't I don't want to see. Nothing would make me happier than to know I would never send again if there's some sort of a contract that I could sign the safe and be impossible for Mel and for you to say and I believe@I don't want to see and if you have the idea that somehow in eternal security is a license to sin. You know your problem. You probably need to be saying to see you need to get your water fixed know you need a brand-new one. You need to be born again, these people that Peter is talking about Pat Reformation, but they never had regeneration and then he gives to classic examples in case somebody thinks that he is talking about somebody was saved or lost. The salvation he gives the example in the example makes it so very very clear example number one is an example of a dog.

Example number two is example of a hauled I put this down big and plain straight. God never called any of his children either a dog or hauled in that right.

She let matter and all all and then he gives the example of a dog who vomits and then hastily the warm meal on the ground and so he goes back to the scene of the crime and elapse it up is a pastor. That's disgusting. Peter wanted to be disgusting. I mean that's the reason Peter used on me. That's Peter's illustration, not mine unto culture be use an illustration like that.

That's Peter's illustration here is this is all goes back to his vomit and eats it again. Now he has great graduation, but he doesn't have regeneration that is something that upset his stomach and he got rid of it and when he regurgitated he felt matter, but he was still and all, he was not change why you go back to Islamic primitive dog break.

Dogs are noted for that and is happened to him. According to the true proverb. The dog's return Islamic and then pay less. Look at it again.

Here Peter illustrates the dog is turned to his own vomit again and the sound that was awash to her wallowing in the mire you can take a pay sow scrub until his pain. I will take this about a. A pig will only stay clean so long now here's a classic teacher here the dog feels better.

The piglets better.

The dog is cleaned out the pig is going to but neither are change. God never calls one of his children, all Toradol neither has been essentially are eternally change. Remember the story of the prodigal son one of you ever heard the story of the prodigal. Now the story of the prodigal son is in the Bible story. The prodigal pig is not, but I will tell it to you not remember this is a labor analogy here, but when the prodigal son was down in the hope in the prodigal son said to himself. I'm sick and tired of this pin. I was made to live here with these logs I will arise and go to my father and one of the pigs and what is that he said I'm going to go to my follies.

What is your father always have my father's house is beautiful. He said we got servants in my mother's a wonderful cook and we live in a big house. I got a place to bathe.

I got a bad I'm going to arise and my father and the pig said hey that sounds good. Mind if I go with you prodigal son says, let's go answer the prodigal son and the prodigal pig begin to go home again. May you understand is not in the Bible. Okay this is a great knowledge. And so the prodigal pig in the prodigal son. They go there back to the father's house and the father sees the sun coming always is son is a role here's a ring here shoes as the One full-time love that I brought a friend of mine with me. Here's a pay he wants to come and live in our house that says okay bring them in and the prodigal son's mother says the way the minute he can come in like that. We got to scrub you up.

And so this page is scrubbed and then says that we got to teach you manners you can eat out of the trough anymore. Didn't have to talk a napkin of your chin you have to sit at the table. The nap use a knife and fork a lot a knife and fork. We have manners here. You just can't stick your snout down and began to eat. And by the way, you can go outside in the mire anymore and in the mud. You can't lie down with the stench of the flies go to sleep on a clean bed, but you're not going to sleep on my bed but you take a bath every night. How long you think that people do that well for a while and then you know what the pig will say pictures. I just believe I will arise and go to my father, I know He doesn't he belongs in all pin the child of God and long hoping he belongs over there in the father's house is just that plane is just that simple.

But sow. That is why is return to the mire. Well, that's one Scripture that someone would use but just remember here that is talking about Reformation without regeneration and Reformation without regeneration makes a person worse off than they were before I bless turned another Scripture turn with me to Matthew chapter 24 here is another Scripture that people will frequently use the track and try to prove it. Once we are saved that we can lose our salvation. Matthew chapter 24 and verse 11 and many false prophets shall rise and deceive many.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold by he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved and someone will put that verse on the nose and say don't you see that in order for you to be saved.

You have to endure to the end. But God teaches here that in order for you to endure to the end you have to be saved.

As always say you want to know say those who in our the ones who say they not say because they endure they endure because they are say you see in is the mark of reality and the life of a human soul. I've been saved. Now, but will for decades and I'm so grateful that I'm saying I have endured you think I'm safe because I am new of course not been alive have endured, because God put something in my heart because God worked a miracle in my life and is not that I've held only Hammes but he held onto me as a classic story of how to father was crossing the road with the sun and the traffic was pretty heavy and so the father said to the little boy son hold onto daddy's hand as they start across and he gave his daddy's big index finger, which is a handful for little boys job. If this little boy got his daddy by the fingers and they started across the road, but dad saw the light change and he saw the oncoming traffic coming faster than he had anticipated. He took his finger out a little boys this and what that little boy's hand in the middle of his hand and brought the little boy across the street with his toes just turned over being drug across that way when I got to the other side little fellows that I held on daddy now actually it was the day at holding only him. He that endures to the end. Those are they that are saved.

Now you can see that so wonderful if you turn to Luke chapter 22 Luke 22 verse 31 and the Lord said to Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as we but notice verse 32 but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not. And when thou art converted as me when you say the word converted means when you turn, strengthen thy brethren, that is, Peter. I am praying for you because I'm praying for you.

Your faith will not fail, you're going to know Peter who did tremble. Peter, who was frightened Peter who did curse and swear and I the Lord Jesus Christ never ultimately forsook the Lord Jesus Christ.

Eternal security is like a strong rubber band that God puts around when you get saved you may stray away, but he just keeps drawing you back. That's the love of God because he's pray for Peter that his faith will not pay before Judas betrayed Christ, if you put Simon Peter up there.

Put Judas up there which one would you say say I daresay almost everyone of us would say was Judas and the people, almost everyone of us. We just look and was a well rounded me Judas certainly not Peter I Peter was a mess that don't time Peter ever open his mouth was just a change fee is always putting his foot in his mouth is always impetuous is always blustery, always this and that, said Peter please not say probably not a big old fisherman, but now Judas would say say what you think we would say the Jews were say. Who do you make the treasurer the person you trust the most and that right.

The person you trust the most. Judas was the one who had the bag the money bag. They trusted him.

When Jesus said what is going to betray me mellow and said what I must be Judas then suspected Judas well Judas and/or of course he didn't endure he fell away, cursed me and he betrayed the Lord Jesus committed suicide died and went to hell when Outlook if you will. In John chapter 6 and verse 64 Jesus said, but there are some of you that believe not.

He's talking to. Those are standing around, but there are some of you that believe not for Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believe not and who should betray him. You think it took Jesus by surprise, do you think she said what a revolting development.

This is all well and I have chosen this is a man that I was trusting and now he's betrayed no friend, Jesus chose Judas with his eyes wide open. Jesus knew that Judas never believed in him. Look in the same six chapter diverse is 70 and 71 Jesus answered them, have I not chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil he's making Judas Iscariot the sum assignment for he it was they should betray him, being one of the 12. Nothing got out of hand. Jesus said in another place I've chosen Judas that the scripture might be fulfilled.

What's the point. The point is, Peter endured Judas did why Peter endure to the end and why did you does not endure very simple. Peter had faith Peter. I pray for you at your faith fail not. Judas didn't have any. Jesus knew from the beginning who they were. The believe not Judas never believed Simon Peter did in coming up tomorrow will hear part two of this important message but maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is about what he means to you about how to receive the forgiveness from him today and begin a relationship with God.

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