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The Blood Covenant | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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December 22, 2020 7:00 am

The Blood Covenant | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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December 22, 2020 7:00 am

Jonathan and David’s blood covenant in 1 Samuel 18-19 is a picture of the blood covenant God made with us, through Jesus. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the steadfast promise and saving power of the blood covenant Jesus made on our behalf.

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This Christmas we celebrate the leader in the king's family listen to Adrian Rogers.

I want you this Christmas season and understand the saving power of the blood covenant God was made flesh, that there might be a blood covenant with you. 2000 years ago Jesus entered into a blood covenant with God the father for the sons and daughters of Adam all the cross was made well to love worth finding featuring profound truth. Simply stated by pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers, a blood covenant is a biblical principle that unites two people together for life.

But the blood covenant is not just a biblical principle.

It's the subject of the Bible. It's the secret of our blessing and the source of our boldness, Jonathan and David's blood covenant in first Samuel chapters 18 and 19 is a picture of the blood covenant God made with us Jesus entered into a blood covenant with God the father on our behalf. We are in the king's family. When we feel are not our son ship is a matter of the blood covenant. If you have your Bible turned out of first Samuel chapter 18 as Adrian Rogers shares the powerful conclusion of the blood covenant background. Saul is okay. Jonathan is the king so therefore Jonathan is the heir to the throne very much like the crown prince of England, but Jonathan loves David he admires David Davis, fresh from Bethlehem over with a victory over Goliath's, fresh from the father has the oil threshold of anointing upon him, and Jonathan knows that David is God's anointed and appointed King.

He knows that David is really the rightful heir to the throne.

Even though Jonathan is the king's son and when Jonathan sees the beauty of David. He wants to yield his life over to David and he makes a blood covenant with David. When David received so much praise Saul became insane with jealousy and now Saul, the king wants to kill David and so there goes out a royal edict that David is to be killed. Now Jonathan hears about that, and Jonathan tells David he said David you find yourself my problems. And David now is playing for his life. But there is about an Saul and Jonathan are both slain, and David, who is God's anointed and appointed King comes to the kingdom now in the change of kingdom there's panic. I say in the royal household and there's a nurse there who sees Jonathan son. Now remember that David has made a covenant with Jonathan this nurse in the Royal nursery chamber sees this little baby boy. There is name is Jonathan son. This nurse all she knows is that it is another king is going to come and he's going to take vengeance, so she takes little baby out of the crib and begins to run the high pressure trips and falls, and her body falls on this and he is crippled, but she wants to hide him from David and from the vengeance that David would happen.

She goes out to place the name of that place is loaded bar hello DEB AR because she's trying to hide this little baby and this baby grows up quick.

And there he is growing up with this lesson.

Fear David hate David dear David David Mary is dragging his crippled limbs behind him eating dust breathing dust crafts in exile and David as king and then David says something extremely interesting.

And David said I'm reading second Samuel chapter 9 verse one. And David said, is there any yet that is left of the house of Saul is a keyword watching that I may show him kindness for Jonathan site and there was of the house of Saul a servant whose name was Ivo. And when they had called him on the David, the king said in him are about as I and he said by server to see and the king said, is there not yet any of the house of Saul would not listen to this that I may show the kindness of God on the him and was Ivo set under the king.

Jonathan had the other son, which is lame on his feet. Now David wants to show kindness the kindness of God ever said they never met him before but he is in covenant with the pivot shafts father Jonathan and so David says go fiction no-brainer. And so they send a royal entourage making horses. The kings men out to loaded bar is brought before King David. He cast his scratch a society he falls on his face and it is to tremble like a bird in the trap call. There is on the floor and David says to him with a note of love in his voice.

Look at the will and second Samuel nine verse seven. And David said to him.

Fry will surely show the kindness now watch this for Jonathan thy father's sake, and I will restore under the all the land of Saul by father, and thou shall eat bread at my table continually hears what he said this man is expecting that I will restore your inheritance. I want to dine at my table. I want you to be like my son. When the temperature hears this, they can hardly take it any can understand it. Look in verse eight, and he bowed himself and said, what is thy servant, that thou shouldest look upon such a dead dog is I all I why would you want to give me back mine. Why would you want meeting at your take. Why would you want me to be. Is your son. I can imagine David explaining it and saying them them at the sheriff I want you in the stand is not a matter of your word goodness. As a matter fact I'm not even doing this for your sake I am doing this for the sake of your father Jonathan. I am in a blood covenant with Jonathan, I am bound by a blood covenant that this moment fascia has a decision to make up at this point had seen David as an enemy and is a threat and he's been running from. Now he has a decision to make. If he wants to he can ratify the covenant. No longer is David and inmate. Now David is a friend. No longer is he out of fellowship with David is in fellowship with David no longer is he running from David. He is running to David he must change his mind about David and he must accept covenant by faith, memos he must change his mind about David and he must accept the covenant by faith knew what that is is the terms of salvation in the New Testament, repentance and faith, repentance means a change of mind when we change online. We take a new King into our lives, and his name is Jesus. Now of course my favorite chef ratify the company. Something he had to learn about once a ratify the covenant. There is a trans formation that takes place. I want you to see the transformation. Look you will and in the second Samuel chapter 9 beginning verse nine. Then the king calls Ivo Saul servant and set him him I have given under thy master's son that is all that pertained.

Saul and all his house that is on giving him all of the wealth that is grandfather. King had thou therefore, and my sons and thy servants, shall till the land for him, just take care of all of this land belongs to him now. Thou shall bring in the fruits that thy master's son may have food be, but that we share thy master's son shall eat bread all way at my table. Now Sieber had 15 sons and 20 servants. Can you imagine the transformation say what a babe wrongful yesterday he was living in.

Loaded bar Brian dust on the backside of nowhere, dragging his crippled limbs behind in eating and breathing dust and now this morning, he awakens on silken sheets. He's in the palace servants are coming saying to him would look for a chef like to awaken this morning is my Lord, whatever chef ready for his bath this morning Lord whatever chef like for breakfast this morning. The king and his sons are waiting for you breakfast in the palace look for a shift in how to take it. There is now the palace now king son, he comes down to breakfast and there's a cane he's sitting on the right hand of the king. The king sons. There's a table, groaning with food there is that white linen tablecloth is limbs on the tablecloth can be seen at all. He sitting there with the rest of my fitness at the psyche high Canada standards. I don't deserve this yet is because of what my father made with David. I can completely understand it but I can't deny, here I am past the biscuits and as David passes the bread should. There's a strong will baby's wrist. The mark of the company and it dawns on him. How about Bluffton company. What a transformation takes place. The next time, dear friend. We have the Lord's supper. You understand what Jesus said, likewise also the cup after supper safe this cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is shared for you is the third and final thing away upon your heart.

What I want you to do. I want you this Christmas season and understand the saving power of the blood covenant God was made flesh, that there might be a blood covenant with you, the Savior's picture. 2000 years ago Jesus entered into a blood covenant with God the father for the sons and daughters of Adam all that cross, God and man God and man. The blood of God and the blood of man were mingled on the cross is God doesn't have blood. They did when Jesus was on this or accept the 20 ball told the Ephesian elders of the church of God which if practiced with his own blood. With God's own blood blood that coursed through that infant in Mary's womb was the blood of God because he's a virgin born son of God. But Jesus was man also. He called himself the Son of Man. He was a human as fully human as if it were not got it all as fully God as if he were not human at all, and all that cross flow. There was a covenant being made between God and man. The blood of God and the blood of a human were mingled. There, upon the cross, the Savior's pictured here in the story.

But not only is the Savior pictured the centers fiction.

My favorite chef Brandon pictures you the pictures. Abraham think of him. He was to fall.

How was he to fall. It was crafted by all crippled by the fall with self we fell within my favorite chef was so cripple that he could not come here to be found. It had to be sought.

He had to be brought here to be taught. So all of us. Thank God that God sought us just as David saw that machete was the bull he was thrown he was there to a kingdom, but he lost his kingdom. God created man to rule and reign here upon this earth, we were meant to rule, but we lost our inheritance. Not only was he to form not only was he to thrown he was dead. It was as good as did the sentence of death was upon him voice and why should you look upon such a dog as I am blessed to me. My precious friend without Jesus you are dong.

Wages of sin is death the soul to send a picture showing God, but the machine home is Rome day and to see why was he to see where you fear day.

Dave David was his enemy when David was really his friend why because it was immigrants even understand the blood covenant. I was on an airplane. One time I sit down beside a man he got on with so a couple of alcoholic beverage, why the minimum point with. I could tell he was a loud little boy so I just thought I'd be quiet and wait for my moment. I was reading the book by Vance have McCall repent or else after Wiley start a conversation he said is that a is that approval is when you attribute what is that about repent or else I said well it's a book about God tells us it will repent of our sins on the God God Mr. he lifted his voice is and let me tell you what I think about God is a limit to what I think about the day when I think about everybody else. By this time, thereby the planes looking to me says God said I hate him. He said the data I don't care for him was different about his peers my God) held up a couple was.

That's my God, he said as far as he is concerned about God he can go to and I'm going to finish the sentence because the two and he said as far as the devil is concerned, he go the same place any citizen bars always make concerned that I could go to the same place where I'm going. I thought I would be quite poor. I waited to settle down. His name was Montoya and I said you don't hate God.

He said yes I do this and review said how do you know I don't hate Jonathan. You don't know enough about them. So what happened was Manny told me his wife got into a false cult members but told her told him because he was not a member that bolts cult, but she should leave him and take the children also and that was the God, the caricature of a God that he knew which one we got the Bible.

I said Mr. you don't hate God, you hate your idea of God. Let me draw a picture of you and I got a yellow pad began to do and make some circles and talk about body soul and spirit meant talk about how Jesus died in so forth full gallop appointed brightness Christ and his heart. We got all airport the family put a bear hug only said Mr. I love you I love you because the time Christ bound the Savior I thought so much of the story. Lefevre said there was a man God. God was his enemy that people like this will come to church and they listen to preacher preach and find themselves running from God and fearing God and afraid of God. God is love. God loves you. God is made with his son the Lord Jesus. A blood covenant on your behalf. Now let me show you one other thing.

Remember friend that our salvation is because what Jesus did memoir David said his name is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness. Noticing this for Jonathan sake.

Remember that, but I may show him kindness for Jonathan sake, what does Ephesians chapter 4 verse 32 Telus be kind tenderhearted, forgiving one another, not listen, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you seek are you getting that even as God for Christ's sake. You God. But God is with us some Lord Jesus and God for Christ's sake has forgiven us is not a matter of our world noticed what my favorite chef had now he had the Kings forgiveness rather than judgment. He has a fortune restored here, the Kings Fellowship babe with a person's most intimate fellowship that human beings can have and he said here that he shall eat at my table continually is one of the kings's continual and implement. We have the Kings fortune he says restored to him everything out of his rightful inheritance. Ladies and gentlemen because of the blood covenant, the meek shall inherit the earth. God gave Adam. Adam lost it. Jesus has restarted, where heirs of God and joint heirs with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only do we have the Kings forgiveness.

Not only do we have the Kings fortune. Not only do we have the Kings Fellowship with friend where the Kings family. David said Lefevre said I want you to be like one of my son behold what manner of love the father episode one us that we should be called the sons of God nor the devil tell you sometime the devil will tell you, you are not worthy. Don't argue with you lose the argument you're not working, pointing to the blood covenant and back out of the argument related to His argument with Almighty God and the blood covenant is a will. I don't feel it is not a matter of your feelings the matter of the blood covenant we say. Sometimes I fail we all do come with the blood covenant and remind God of his lovingkindness, have mercy upon me according him to buy lovingkindness friend when you're in the blood covenant.

Enjoy the fellowship of his person, share the wealth of his possessions and rest in the shadow of his protection. Aren't you glad for the blood covenant on civil and why why why Christmas why Christmas because friend Jesus came to this shed is to make a blood covenant that we might enjoy what we have with our Lord, remember me for a share.

When he was faced with the love of God. He had to believe and ratify the covenant he had to take David as his king now was a change of Kings yeah you today but are you willing to you Jesus. That's called repentance and faith turn from your sin. Put your faith in Jesus.

Do it now. Let me lead you in prayer. You pray this prayer dear God I am a sinner and I'm lost and I need to be saved.

Father God, I'm so grateful that Jesus shed his blood for me and I know God that you will forgive me for Jesus sake because of his shed blood. Because of the covenant made it count. Now, Lord Jesus, just as I am.

I come on man. If you just prayed to receive Jesus Christ into your life today to celebrate with you and invite you to our discovered Jesus page on the website to find answers there that you may need about your newfound faith. There's a response section.

You can share your testimony with us.

Let us know how this message has impacted your life go to and click on the tab that says Discover Jesus welcome to God for ever family we can't wait to hear from you after you like a copy of today's message in its entirety. Call us at 1877 love God in order. The blood covenant. This message is also part of the powerful Christmas series God in human flesh that complete collection all for dynamic messages: number 1877 love God or order or you can write us at Leavenworth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183.

As you go about your day today. Remember these words from Adrian Rogers. Jesus came to earth to make a blood covenant that we might enjoy what we have with our Lord, share the wealth of his possessions and rest in the shadow's protection. Thanks for joining us in the Scriptures today and be sure to tune in next time for more timeless truth online. Find I like what a friend on Facebook said about these messages from Adrian Rogers, instructive and encouraging. I'm also grateful they always end with an invitation for people to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We are honored to invite people into a relationship.

Jesus at such a time as this 2020 has shown us through the Cova 19 pandemic and social unrest. The political division that we've seen that the days are growing gloriously dark. That's why we believe this is one of the best times ever to make a difference for the kingdom of our ministry, friends, is given a generous gift with the hope of encouraging you to give above and beyond here at the year-end. Thank you for your generosity and love to send you our brand-new names of God cards set call the gift right now. 1877 love God will send you the names of God cards set

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