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It Takes God to Make a Home | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 3, 2020 7:00 am

It Takes God to Make a Home | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 3, 2020 7:00 am

Our families cannot survive apart from a moral base, which is why it takes God to make a home. In this message, Adrian Rogers refers back to the timeless Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy 5, to reveal God’s plan for our homes in this morally corrupt world.

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We teach our children the 10 Commandments listen to Adrian Rogers. Your home is to be a loss law of God's commandments and the whole number one convincingly, they shall be by heart vote if you don't believe it. If you don't practice it.

Just hang it up, you'll never take it must be in your heart to love in part one of today's message pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers shared the first great revelation of the 10 Commandments which is, there is one more by Scripture in creation.

We have external evidence of our creator. By faith we have internal and the great response to this revelation is one love our love for God should be a sincere, selfless, strong love that our children learn more from than anything else.

How else can we teach our children to love the Lord our God and follow his commandments. If you have your Bible turn to Deuteronomy chapter 5 is Adrian Rogers shares part two it takes God to make a whole. If you are an informed individual you know that there is a cultural war going on in America.

It is the battle for the soul of America battleground is the whole and the issue is truth and Satan is aimed all of the artillery of hell at the homes of America and every shell and that artillery is a lie. Satan's chief weapon is deception. Satan had rather tell a lie been peddled out.

Satan had rather get you to believe a wrong thing than to do our own thing. A lie is the most dangerous thing on the face of this earth. It is antithetical to God who is the truth. His word is truth and so Satan is a pusher of lies because it is the fault that is the father of the B and if he can get a nation to move away from its proof. If the foundations be destroyed. Then what can the righteous do the pilot message today as we did with the first commandment. It takes God to make a home it takes God to make a home now read with me if you will, as what God says that fathers are to do and mothers to do in the home I'm going to Deuteronomy chapter 6 and verse four hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord is restating again the commandment that I just gave you on the Lord thy God shall have no other gods before me. Here oh Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord, and how shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might.

And these words which I command you this day, shall be in by heart about shall teach them diligently under thy children and shall talk of them when thou citizen thine house, and when I walk us. By the way, and when thou lies down and when thou rises up thou shall bind them for sign up online hand and they shall be as frontlets between my eyes, and thou shall write them upon the post of my house and owned by Gates and it shall be when the Lord thy God have brought the unto the land which he swear by Father's Day brand, Isaac and Jacob, to give the great and goodly cities which thou bill is not an houses full of all good things which thou bill is not an Wells date which thou big is not, and vineyards and olive trees which thou plan is not when thou shalt have eaten and be full. Then then Israel, listen, then America listens everywhere. Last thou forget the Lord which brought me forth out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Now this passage that I read to you the Jews consider to be the most important passage in the book of Deuteronomy, if not in the entire Bible is called the Shema. Orthodox Jews would repeat this at least twice a day. They repeated in the congregation here oh Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord, and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all thy soul, with all thy might and teach this father's to your children now. We complain that the 10 Commandments are not posted in public places today, but the question is how many parents here today know the 10 Commandments. The question is how many of us have the 10 Commandments posted in our home. God told Moses.

Moses tell them to put these laws upon the doorpost of their house and God said, father's it is your responsibility, not the government nor the school teachers to teach these commandments to your children father's it is your responsibility. It is the responsibility of the SKU is not the responsibility of the government it is the responsibility of dads to see that these commandments are handed down. This is God's priority plan. God says that the whole is to be so supercharged with spiritual truth and godliness that these things will go from one generation to another. For the most part, a juvenile delinquent as a child trying to act like his parents emigrated problem today is not brought about kids but brought about dad's and misguided mothers failed to hand down the street from one generation to another. Now listen, this is Deuteronomy chapter 6 here oh Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord that I call the great revelation Lord, the Scripture declares that Fran creation displays it and faith discovers discovers nobody ever argued and believing in God's people accuse us of being believers. They say you're a believer, Frank Ray body is a believe the atheist is a belief system. April there's a God. I said I can't pages laugh as I prove there is no God. He can't even base as well. I've I don't believe there's a God, is that make you believe you believe there is no God and you only by faith. There is no God. I believe there is a God.

I believe by faith. There is a God, but I believe with evidence.

I have the external evidence I have the internal evidence I have the creation and I have the witness of God in my heart and if you want to believe in God you can believe in God, the matter is not in your head is in your heart.

The fool has said in his there is no God even have intellectual problems. He has moral problems because he does not want this God to rule over him. You see, Fran God, so why do God's will made you got so created you that when your heart is right. Your heart will respond to the fact of God. Like my eye response to light when my eyes right like my ear response to sound when my ears right your heart will respond to God when your heart is right, the great revelation is this here oh Israel there is one God, the Lord our God is one Lord, now here's the second thing I want you to see not only the great revelation, but the great response.

What is the response to that revelation here oh Israel, the Lord our God is one more now here is the great response verse five and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all thy soul and with all my my friend is the great response the great revelation, one Lord, the great response. One.

Love you are to love him supremely measured allotted with a sincere love with all your heart. Jesus spoke of people who honored the Lord with their words but he said the heart is far from here what your children need to see in your home sincere love.

They need to see you a burning, passionate, emotional sincerity when it comes to things of God. Kids can spot a phony, a mile away and they know whether or not you love God with all of your heart and it is the phoniness of parents biologic turn kids off to the things of God was young Jewish boy's father lived in Germany. His father was a successful merchant.

They were practicing their Jewish faith, and they moved from Germany to England, and the boy was surprised to see that his father joined a Lutheran church boy said dad, why did you join the Lutheran Church. Father said something like this was on. We live in a different place now and so many Lutherans here in this particular place in this particular town. It would be good for business is good for business. That boy who had a deep interest in religion lost in all his main Karl Marx who wrote the Communist manifesto, in which he said religion is the OTHER people kids can spot a phony love God with a sincere mate something else not owe you to love him with a sincere love but folk you to love him with a selfless love, because the next word says with all of your soul, with all your soul, your soul is yourself. I want to strangle cell itself needs to be given over to God. There needs to be no area in your life that is off-limits to God to teach your children. There is one Lord, they are to see in you that one wall they are deceiving you a sincere love and a selfless love our Lord you know how I can measure every man, woman, boy, girl in this church pretty well. Just look at two books that are in your home, talk about this book I'm talking about your checkbook and your datebook your calendar and your bank account.

Where are you putting your time where you putting your money to love God selflessly there's to be a sincere love, a selfless love and there's to be a strong love because you the love God with all of your every inch every ounce every nerve & not just talking about physical strength is known about whatever strength you have emotional strength, financial strength, intellectual strength.

Now there is one Lord and one now, here's the third thing watch it very carefully because there is one Lord that's the great revelation, one that's a great response then friend there is a great responsibility. One wall, one Lord, one love and one on law look now if you will, in verse six and these words which I command thee this day. These are not 10 suggestions of voluntary initiatives.

These words which I command thee this day, shall be in mine heart, and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children and shall talk of them without sister in Limehouse and when the walk is by the way, and when that lies down and when thou rises up one wall. Now your home is to be law school to teach the law of God.

The professors in that home are to be mom and dad, but primarily dad go up back up to verse two, he says the dolomite is fear the Lord thy God, to keep all his statutes and his commandments which I command the vowel and my son and thy sons son. The emphasis is upon the father.

The great problem today. Frankly, as follows have abandoned their role dropout bands.

The father is God's person.Lynn stability in character and strength to the home we have dad today that interested in sports and business, and sex.

They forgotten their God given assignments to teach the 10 Commandments. The National fatherhood initiative has come out with a statement call father facts I've been studying that showing the effect of the absentee father in America in juvenile delinquency and absent father is the common denominator fatherlessness is the engine that is driving our social problems and David Blankenhorn in FI chairman and author of a book powerless America and I quote the data shows beyond any doubt that fatherlessness is the crisis of our day. The number of children living with only their mother grew from 5.1 million in 1960, 15.6 million in 1993 focus.

About 40% of children who live in fatherless homes see their fathers less than once a year. This book points out that adolescent girls reared without fathers are much more likely to be sexually active than girls reared in two-parent families 80% of adolescents in psychiatric hospitals come from broken home you say what is really just a problem of low income.

It is not a problem of low income children from low income, two-parent families outperform students from high income single-parent home from 1982 to 1991.

The arrest rates for juveniles increased 93% for murder hello listen, from 82 to 91. The arrest rates for juveniles increased 93% 72% for aggravated assault. 24% for forcible rape and 97% for car theft of all adolescent murderers, 72% grew up without fathers that if you are from a broken home, and if you are a precious, precious, single woman trying to raise her children. I am not here to discourage you because in this series of messages we're going to show you what you can do to make foreign to help and undergird what I'm telling you that something has to be done. There are powerful forces today that are trying to shape and mold the mentality of today's youth. Many of them come home shut the door, go to the bedroom and internal moral sewer called MTV they watch.

It summarizes what they say, does not affect them if you really want they seen on the fact that you got rooms to rent upstairs unfurnished.

Let me ask you a question with any company pay $1 million for 30 seconds time Super Bowl it what people see the effect they cannot sit there and watch that without it affecting them and our children are being systematically seduced.

I'm telling you that the professors in this loss to the dad, the students are the children look if you will, in verse seven thou shalt teach them diligently unto my children. The children need to be enrolled early Francis Xavier Roman Catholic leader said this quote give me the children until the seven and anyone can have them afterward begin early.

Isaiah 28 verses nine and 10, whom shall he teach knowledge and whom shall he make to understand doctrine them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breast for precept must be upon precept, line upon line here a little and bear a little about the professor is the father. The students, the children. The curriculum is God's 10 Commandments verse six and these words which I command thee this day, he's talking about 10 less.

That is the curriculum in the school about how to teach the 10 Commandments. Why are we having this series dictates bags to teach the 10 demands. Not that Abraham is going to go from the pulpit or with the job that I can show you your responsibility to teach the commandments in the home number one convincingly look, if you will, in verse six they shall be in line heart folks if you don't believe it. If you don't practice it. Just hang it up, you'll never teach don't send them out here to Sunday school. Don't send them to the public school don't send them to the Christians who think you have done your duty. It must be in your heart you teach it convincingly because your commands, teach it creatively.

Verse seven says that shall teach them diligently unto thy children shall talk of them when a citizen Limehouse and when I walk us.

By the way, we have four grown children, all of the love God, their teaching the children to love God enjoys teach these children. How do we teach them how to teach them Bible reading Bible stories Bible games Bible memory.

Christian books Charlie Jones a great motivator that a boy was 14 going to be 16 before long he sits on when you get to be 16. You don't want a car I would help you buy a car and he said that some books that I want you to read and give me a report on the house like the books you read the books, write me a report and for every book you read that I saw you, you get $10 for your car phone and he said if you read like a bomb you brought like a bomb is good but some incentive in this thing is out of leave and bribing kids is not a bribe as a reward he will difference when a bribe and reward a bride as an inducement to do evil reward is recognition for doing good God rewards parents should reward Christian music albums and tapes out those that fill income the word of God. It should be taught convincingly. It should be taught creatively, it should be taught consistently are diligently thou shalt teach them diligently, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little bear a little over and over and over again. Don't think will. I told him that now, what's next, it should be taught conversationally. Look, if you will, in verse seven thou shall talk of them when I citizen Limehouse and when I walk us. By the way, when thou lies down when thou rises up looking verse 20 and when my son asked if he from time to time say what mean these testimonies and the statutes and the judgments with the Lord our God has commanded you, then shalt thou say listen when the curiosity factor is high answer. It doesn't have to be all caught as well as taught not only should be taught conversationally, but it needs to be taught conspicuously look, if you will, in verse eight, and thou shalt bind them for sign up online head and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. What is that mean where the Jews took this so literally that they built little boxes they call alacrity's and put the Scripture in and would take a ribbon a piece of leather and with the Scripture that little box they would be tied around the head. I was on an airplane and I watched a Jewish Orthodox man. I was blessed watching it was time for him to have his quiet time with God.

He got out his Scripture and he began to read in the bow his head before you done that.

He took out his Novartis alacrity put it around his head and tied it own. Then he took the rest of the Scripture and wrapped it around his forearm bear on his right hand and then he not caring what I thought anybody else thought and frankly I was very blessed very blessed as I watch that man. Care what anybody thought was the word of God was the word of God. Did God mean to do it that way. Literally. Perhaps he did, but what I think you meant was between your eyes to show that all that you think is controlled by the word of God on your right hand to show all that you do is control by the word of God and then he said you take the Scripture and you put on the doorpost of the house they call and was and put that alacrity there and that Scripture there in the doorpost. What is he saying teach the word of God not only conversationally, but teach it conspicuously friend, how are we to teach the word of God where to teach the word of God conspicuously went to sort of got consistently witty sort of God creatively went to teach the word of God compellingly way to teach the word of God so that our Boys and Girls Club will know that we believe what we believe our friend, don't say it will work if you and Brian. These are God's laws for living in God's laws are not for punishment before welfare. He loves us and every time God says thou shalt be saying help yourself to have every time he says thou shall not a single yourself. Do you know the love of God that Adrian Rogers is talking about. If you responded with a great love for God and a desire to teach his word. You children if you have questions today about who Jesus is about what he means to you how to receive the love and forgiveness. He's freely offering you today go to where Discover Jesus you'll find resources and materials that will answer questions you may have about your faith again and click Discover Jesus nephew like to order a copy of today's message including part one and today's part 2:1877 love God, to order it takes God to make a home now.

This message is also part of the powerful series of perfect 10 for homes that win for the complete collection of all 10 insightful messages: number 1877 love God will go to to order or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for studying in God's word with us today as we begin teaching our children to follow God and his commandments, may we teach them convincingly, creatively, consistently, conversationally and conspicuously to the next time for more profound truth simply stay right on love worth. We are so encouraged by your messages to us at love worth finding this program is making a difference in your life. Listen to this. Listener wrote as I grew into an adult I knew I needed to know God met a young witness who always spoke of God like she knew him and I had to know more. She shared past Rogers messages with me and I ended up getting saved in my friend's living room during a Bible study and left new creation bless God, but we love hearing testimonies of hope and faith from listeners like you and we hope by sharing them here on the air. You'll be inspired to share your hope in Jesus with others this month for a gift of any amount we want to send you our 2020 Christmas cards featuring an original painting by local artist Lisa Hancock request to pack when you call with your gift at 1877 love God will give

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