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He Holds Me Forever - How Great a Love, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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April 21, 2021 6:00 am

He Holds Me Forever - How Great a Love, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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April 21, 2021 6:00 am

How many times have you said to yourself, “If I’d only known -” Knowing changes our conversations. It changes our attitudes. Knowing changes our priorities. In this program, Theresa Ingram talks about one of those priceless, “If I’d only known -” revelations about the greatest love we can ever know.

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How many times have you said to yourself, or even someone else. If I'd only known knowing changes or conversations changes or attitudes knowing changes our priorities today will talk about one of those priceless if I'd only known revelations that could change those things for you. From this point forward. I'm handing the mic over to my wife Teresa today to share a story of hope and healing for all of us stay with. Thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge with shipping survival to draw this international discipleship ministry focused on helping Christians live what Christians over the next several programs were in for a real treat as chips wife Teresa brings us her series forever.

Focus on the power of God and how we can more intimately experience it in our everyday lives.

Guys, we naturally shy away from more emotional topics, but let me encourage you to stay with us for the series. There's a lot for us to learn about the general side of God's nature.

With that, here's Teresa Ingram with her message. How great a love story just to start off taxes and low church where the pastor 12-year-old girl and her family began to church where we were and I hand her class to have this little girl. My heart was just drawn to her in a real special way she was going very dysfunctional family.

She had some other siblings in her home to her that all her children had already been taken out of the home because of abuse, and many times I heard that the discipline that she was given he was told that if she didn't listen and they would put her away someplace and she didn't know what is like to meet to be wanted by anyone but God. During my heart to this little girl and do something for her and wanted to help her in some way and class. I thought well, you know, I know that there are some problems here but maybe I can teach her how to read and so I started meeting with her once a week and we started with very basics of the ABCs and we started writing ABCs and learning the sounds of ladders and and learning how to read and every way. When I'm with her I would give her a hard and I would tell her Encouraging Word and tell her how much she meant to me that she didn't respond to the house that I gave her and to my expressions of love a long time by Hiding Her Every Week and One Day She Put Her Arms around Me, She Gave a Kind in Her Life Begin to Change. She Did Learn How to Read and She Was Married and She Had a Little Girl Her and She's 11.

Very Good Life Because She Learned How to Receive and How to Express Love to Others Is How Long Is a Very Powerful Thing. It's a Powerful Thing and Every Day God Puts His Arms around He Wants to Tell Us How Much He Wants to Give Us a Great Big I Too Many Times We Miss the Signs We Realize That He's There and It's Hard for Us to Remain in the Realization of His Love, and How Many Times Does He Hold His Arms for Us to Learn Another Way, or How Many Times This Last Task with Material Things in Our Lives and We Get Enamored with the and Forget the One Who Gave It to Us and How Many Times in Our Lives We Go through Our Daily Lives Day by Day of Islam, Talk about How God Loves Us and Our Heavenly Father's Love Is A Lot Different. It's Greater Love That We Receive from Earthly Fathers.

Many of Us Were Raised in Homes Where Our Fathers Didn't Know the Lord. They Didn't Have a Relationship with the Lord Said They Didn't Know How to Love Us in the Way That a Father Who Knew the Lord and Maybe They They Were Unable to Express That They Didn't Know How to Express It. Or Maybe They Were Neglectful or Abusive or Demanding to Strict and They Didn't Know How to Show Love to You As You Were Growing up. Or Maybe You Were Raised in a Home with a Godly Father Know Some of Us Had Very Godly Fathers, and They Followed after the Lord with All Their Hearts, and They Showed Us Their Love That Even the Love of a Godly Father Even Though It's a Picture of the Kind of Love That God Has for Us That Love Is so Much Smaller Than the Love of God for His Children Because God's Love Is Perfect. His Love Is Greater and Better Than Any Earthly Father Could Ever Get. It's the Kind of Love That Can Change a Person's Life. The Powerful Love Says within an Talk about How He Puts His Arms around Us and He Shows Us His Love Succulent Open up Your Notes to the First Lesson Here How Great a Love When a Look at How Much God Loves Us in First John 31 It Says How Great Is the Love the Father Has Lavished on Us That We Should Be Called the Children of God, and That Is What We Are. It Says How Great Is Islam. This This Love Is a Unique Kind of Love. It's It's a Love That It's beyond What We Can Even Imagine. It's an Out Of This World Kind of Love, It's Love.

As We Talked about This Greater and Earthly Father Has Her Child.

It Says How Great Is the Love the Father Has Lavished on Us. He Calls Himself. Our Father, Affectionate Term As a Father to a Child and Says He Lavishes His Marvelous He Pours It out on Its Given Generously to Us That We Should Be Called Children of God in This This Children God Is the Title for Believers Who We Are If We Had Trusted in Christ As Our Savior Were Children of God.

God Is Brought Believers into a Loving, Intimate Relationship As Children with Their Father Anything Amazing Thing about That the God of the Universe Would Adopt God As His Children and Allow Us to Call Him Father. In Fact, Our Self Identity. Who We Are Is Is Based on the Very Act That Were Children of God, We Belong to Him.

We Are Daughters of the King's Daughters of the King Will Our Prayers We Inherit All the Blessings of Heaven. Everything That Happened to Again Is Our Inheritance and It Says and That Is What We Are. It Repeats the Packets.

In Fact, We Are Children of God and He Loves Us.

He Pours His Love upon Us What Kind of Love Is This Thing Comes from God. If It's so Great in It so Different.

What Kind of Love Is It Therefore Kinds of Love in the Greek Language and One of Those Is Eros and That Means Sexual Passion It's It's a It's a Need Kind of Love.

It's Based on the Physical Attraction and Fulfillment.

And Then There's Storage, Which Is a Family Devotion to One Another and Then Fly out Which Is Friendship. It's Brotherly Love and Companionship Kind of Love Is Agape. It's the Divine Love. It's It's a Giving Love. It's Used Exclusively to Characterize the Love of God. Agape Love and Agape Love Is a Part of the Very Nature, and Dana, It's a Part of Who He Is Agape Love Is Giving Unselfish It's It's a Love That DS Even When the Object of Its Love Doesn't Respond, That's Divine. It's It Doesn't Come Naturally to Us As Believers but We Can't Experience the Slot in Our Lives and We Can Give That Kind of Love to Others As God Gives That to Us As He Pours Them out in Our Hearts so the Definition of Divine Love Is That Highest and Noblest Form of Love That Sees Something Infinitely Precious Object and That You Are That's What He's Saying to You That When He Looks at You. You Are Precious to Hand How Much She Will Divine Love Is Defined by the Way It Is Expressed by the Waves Expressed to Those Who Look at How Is It Expressed How Does God Express His Love Will First of All God's Love for Me Isn't Giving Love Getting in over and Look at Two Ways That He Gives Us His Love. First of All, It's Given Sacrificially. John 316 for God so Loved the World That He Gave His Only Son, That Whoever Believes in Him Should Not Perish but Have Eternal Life.

You Know It's It's Hard to Imagine Why the Creator of the Universe. Desire a Relationship with Us so Much He Would Sacrifice His Own Son on the Cross to Die for Us to Bring Us into Relationship with Him. It's Hard to Leave Ancient He Would Do That That He Exposed Jesus to Rejection and to Physical Suffering Obvious Things on the Wrath of God Was Poured out upon Jesus for Our Sins, and It Can Only Be Because You Let the Summer That He Would Do That and If We Ever Doubt That God Loves Us All We Have To Do Is Remember Jesus Life and His Death on the Cross and If We Want a Symbol If We Ever When Assembling Her Mind to Remember How Much God Wants Us Symbol Would Be the Cross.

He Is Proven to Us His Love by Dying on the Cross. He Painted the Greatest Price He Could Ever Pay to Give Us the Greatest Gift He Could Ever Gambit to Love so Great to Love so Great That on His Way to the Cross. He Knew He Was Thinking about Wasn't Thinking about Himself. He Was Thinking about You and Me on His Way to the Cross That How Much He Loves Us. Nestl Cato Says He Chose the Nails Because He Couldn't Bear in Eternity without You, and Because He Chose the Nails He Has Opened the Door Happened after My Wonderful Promise. So God's Love Is Given Sacrificially. He Sacrificed His Son and It's Given with Us in Mind to Give Us the Very Best He Can Ever Give Us in, and Secondly It's Given Unconditionally in Romans 58 It Says That God Showed His Great Love for Us by Sending Christ to Die for Us While We Were Still Sinners, God Showed Us His Love by Sending His Son to Die for Us While We Were Good and Godly While We Were Undeserving. While We Were His Enemies. He Died for Us.

While There Was Nothing in Us That Could Ever Merit That Kind of a Love and He Died for Us When We Were Minority.

Islam and All We Had to Do Was Receive All We Had to Think before We Accepted Christ.

There Was Paint There Was Nothing We Could Averaging to Make Ourselves Right with God Working in Ourselves to Ever Make Make Us in His Favor Make You More but There Was Nothing We Could Do but the Scripture Says That He Loved Us First before We before We Ever Knew Him up before We Ever Loved Him and I Thought about and a Newborn Baby How the Parents When Baby Is Born and When They're Really Small Child so Much at the Child at the Time When Their Parents without His Help, God Loved Us to Do so Much before We Even Knew Him before We Were Even Aware That He Loved Us in First John Four, Nine and 10 It Says God Showed How Much He Loved Us by Sending His Son into the World to Die on the Cross, That We Might Have Eternal Life through Him.

This Is Real Love Is Not That We Loved God but That He Loved Us and Sent His Sacrifice to Take Away Our Sins, and Then in Deuteronomy 77. The Lord Did Not Choose You, and Lavishes Love on You Because You Were Larger or Greater That Other Nations for You with the Smallest Abominations. He Was Talking to the Nation of Israel Here in Israel with This Was the Smallest Abominations. There Wasn't Anything Great about These People Said It's Just Because You Simply Because She so He Doesn't Love Us Because Were Good People.

She Doesn't Love Us Because Were Kind Others. He Doesn't Love Us Because We Come from a Good Family. He Doesn't Want Us Because Were Great Anyway.

But He Says It Simply Because She Wants You to Give an Tolerance to It and so He Loves You Unconditionally and It's a Gift That Was Purchased at Great Cost by the Cross of Christ and the Only Response That We Have Is Either Receive the Gift Reject the Gift Only Responsible so Simple and so Then God Loved Me so Unconditionally, for I Became a Christian. That's What He Still Loves You Today Unconditionally after Your Christian Thinking That It Seems like for Many People It's Easy for Them to Accept the Unconditional Love of God. At the Time of Their Salvation and They Live the Rest of Their Lives As Children of God, Trying to Earn God's Love. How Many of Us Do That He Loves Me When I Read My Bible When I Go to Nuance Me When I'm in a Good Mood and When I'm in a Bank Made and He Loves Me When I Fail When I Succeed. He Loves Me He Loves Me When I See Her in Disappointment and Let Him down and He Loves Me When a Real Band and Just Doing Great and Live in Such a Righteous Life. He Loves Me All the Time and He Doesn't Love Me Because I'm Good.

He Learns Me Because I'm His Child.

He Loves You Because You're His Child and You Belong to Him and His Weight on Faith, Received the Gift of God's Love and Forgiveness at the Moment of Salvation. And We Need to Live Our Christian Lives in the Fact That in That It's Unconditional Every Moment of Every Day the Rest of Our How Many of You Believe It. We Need to Take That the Heart Is the Fact and We Might Look at Our Lives and in All We See Are the Failures in Our Lives. We See How We Must Stop and See All the Things We Need to Change but Conducts an Online to the Clean Food Lab Christ on the Cross of His Son and He Looks at Us and Sees a Person Who Is in Process and Is Going to Fall down Sometimes. I Know I Do. Turning That He Sees His Precious Child.

He Looks at You and He Loves You More Than You Can Ever Imagine and Never Stop Wanting You No Matter What the Matter What You Averaging Four God's Love for Us Isn't Giving, but His Love for Us Is Also a Boundless Love Has No Boundaries. Ephesians 314 through 19.

When I Think of the Wisdom and Scope of God's Plan Fall to My Knees and Pray to the Father the Creator of Everything in Heaven and on Earth. I Pray That from the Glorious Unlimited Resources. He Will Give You My Inner Strength through His Holy Spirit.

And I Pray That Christ Will Be More Important Home in Your Hearts As You Trust in Him. May Your Roots Go down Deep into the Soil of God's Marvelous Love and They Had the Power to Understand All God's People Should How, Why, How Long, How High and How Deep His Love Really Is. May You Experience the Love of Christ, Though It Is so Great He Will Never Fully Understand It, Then You Will Be Filled with the Fullness of Life and Power Comes from, the Apostle Paul Was Writing This, He Was in House Arrest in Rome at the Time Writing This Letter to the Ephesians Church and Paul Obviously Had Rasped in His Life of God's Love for Him and He Also Had an Understanding of How Important It Is That the Church That Believers Have a Grasp and Understanding of How Much God Loves Them. So He Prayed This Prayer. He Prayed and Asked That Believers Would Have a Solid Foundation for Their Lives and Even in the Midst of Great Persecution and Suffering That These People Were Going through, They Would Have the Foundation Understand God's Love Life Because It Would Make All the Difference in That They Would Be Able to Say at All Times No Matter What They Were Going through. She Asked Me Know He Wants Me and He Says, May You Have the Power to Understand All God's People Should How Wide, How Long, How High Will Delete His Love Really Is All Encompassing and If You Look at Your Notes There. How Wide Is His Love. How Wide Is It What's Whining to Reach Every Person in the Whole World That Why There's Not a Single Person on This Earth That God Does Not Love and That He Does Not Desire for Them to Come into Relationship with Him. Not a Single Person. God Loves the Man Dying of AIDS in Africa. He Loves the Homeless Child in Romania. He Loves the People in India and China. El Salvador and Mexico.

He Loves Everyone. There's No Person in This Earth. God, That's Why We Send Missionaries to All the Lands of the World Because Guidelines That's Why We Share about Christ with Our Neighbors and Friends and Her Family That Don't Know the Lord Because Governments See His Mother's Line to Reach Every Person's Whole World Is Love Always Persists Done with It. He Keeps Searching for That One Machine to Come into His Phone and He Doesn't Stop Searching until Everyone Has Had an Opportunity to Come into This Followed. It Makes It so Happy We Can Sell Happy When His People Come Back to Him and He Says in the Scriptures That He Turned Party When One of Them Come to Know Him. Can You Remember the Day That You Ask Christ to Come into Your Life. While There Was a Party in Heaven Noted That There Was a Celebration of the Angels Any Time One of His People Come Back to Him and Become His Children. The Children of God When He Continues As You Have Become His Children. He Continues to Rejoice over You. The Rest of Your Learning in Her Pursuit.

The Rest of Your Life.

Something Whining to Cover Every Person the Whole World, but How Long It Is Love, Then, Well It Stands All Religious past and All the Ages to Come. Is Love Stands the Length of Our Lives and into Eternity.

It's That Long Goes with Us into the Future and He Never Stopped Loving and Isaiah 43 Three It Says I Love You with an Everlasting Everlasting Love and Eternal Love, and with Loving Kindness I Have Drawn You in His Love Is so Long That It Goes with You the Entire Length of Your Life and into the Future, but It's Also so Long That It Will Never Fail. It Will Never Fail. Nothing Can Ever Exhaust the Love of God Thing and over and over in the Scriptures We Read about God's Unfailing about His Mom Endures Forever Never Runs on Never Exhausted. There's More Than Enough Time Average Listening to the First to Receive Low Groceries Beholds Me Forever.

She'll Chipper Your Note Will Be Back in Just A Few Minutes to Talk about Which Insured Today. The Ideas to Reese's Tackling in the Series Are Fundamental to Understanding God's Loving Nature.

So Believe There Are A Lot Of People Who Don't Know What That Feels like Regular Struggling with Self-Worth for Feeling Spiritually Lost Them.

God Is Cold and Distant. Our Desire with These Messages Is to Help You Understand God Deeply Cares and Loves Each and Every One of Us.

If You're Still Wrestling with That Idea That's Okay. Let Me Encourage You to Get Plugged in with the Series and Find the Hope You're Missing Check out the Resources for Beholds Me Forever or by Calling AAA to 333-6003 Helpless Nurse Simply Tap Special Offers Chip As We Begin the Series from Teresa Talk for a Minute about What You Think It's Important Right Now. Will Dave You Know Were Living in a Season. I Mean We Said No We Thought Was Going to Be for A Few Months and Was a Year and That All the Implications Were in a Season of Crisis, Anxiety, Fear of People Concerned about Their Health, about Money, about the Future. It's a Season of Role Conflict within Churches within Families, and What I Know for Sure Is That As We Struggle with Things. What We Need Is the Anchor and the Greatest Anchor in the World That Never Changes Is the Love of God, in Effect, First John Would Tell Us That Perfect Love Casts out All Fear and My Wife and I Have Very Different Strengths, but One of the Qualities I Love about Her and Part of It Is Her Journey. I Think She Grass and Experiences God's Love like Few People I've Ever Known. She Hangs onto It Tenaciously and Has Not Just Intellectual or Spiritual. But an Emotional Connection with God's Love That the Quite Honestly at Times like I Will Look over and Think, Oh God, I Want More of That. I Think Right Now the Greatest Thing We Can Do Living on the Edge When I See All the Needs of the World Is to Help Them Grass Experience and Understand How Much God Actually Loves Us so Stick with This for the Next Several Programs If You Need like I Do to Experience God's Love like Never before, or Do Hope You Lick Time to Be with Us for This Entire Series. And If You Happen to Miss a Message. Along the Way. Catch up Anytime on the Chip and Room up or without Her Stripping Teresa with a Final Word.

As We Wrap up Today. I Wonder Teresa If You Cheer How God's Love Became Real to You. I Have To Say First of All, That It Was His Bid Process and I Really Grown in That over the Years That I've Been a Believer but When I First When I Was a Young Believer and Just Getting to Know God.

I Have To Say That I Experienced at First through Other People I Didn't Know How to Get in the Word. At That Time and I Didn't Know the Lord Very Well, but Other People Showed Me Just through Their Lives and How They Cared for Me and My Children. I Saw God's Love and Dam and Demand That I Worked for at the Time That I Worked at a State College in West Virginia. He Was a Great Man of God and I Would Go in His Office and He Would Begin to Tell Me Every Day When I Went in There. How Much God Loved Me, and I'd Never Heard Those Words before on Never Thought about God Loving Me in Mind, I Knew the Jesus Who Died on the Cross but I Didn't Really Think about Him Loving Me so I Can I Experience God's Love. I Experienced It through People Caring for Me and Not Just the Compassion They Showed to Me As a Single Mom and Then I Began to Get in the Bible and I Came to Personally Understand God's Word and Have That Intimate Relationship with Him and It Was through the Bible and through Prayer Talking with Him That I I Just Began to Experience His Love in My Own Life for Myself I Would Hear What He Says I Want to Believe What He Says and I Want to Live What He Says and and so I Just Begin to Feel His Love and Comfort.

As I Prayed As I Talked with Him and He Just Kept Showing up All over the Place in My Life Unexpectedly and I and I Just Have To Say That That That's How I Begin to First Experience God, We Come Out Of a Really Challenging Time Where People Have To Probably Be More Intentional Than Ever before to Get Connected Other People. Let Me Encourage You No Matter Where You're at, to Reach out and Extend God's Love to Others and Put Yourself in a Position Where Other People Can Love You Just before We Close What to Say Thanks to Those of You Who Are Giving Regularly to the Ministry of Living on the Edge You're Making a Huge Difference Helping Other Christians Live What Christians Have You Enjoyed the Benefits of Building on the Edge but Aren't yet on the Team Would You Do That Today. You Can Set up a Recurring Donation by Visiting Our Website or by Giving Us a Call at Triple Late.


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