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Resilient - It's Practical, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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November 27, 2020 5:00 am

Resilient - It's Practical, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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November 27, 2020 5:00 am

In this program, Chip asks, “Is being a follower of Jesus more than wearing a t-shirt with a slogan on it? or posting what’s wrong with everything and everyone on social media?" Join us, as we get on the solution side of what it looks like to follow Jesus in a broken world, desperate for light and love.

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Living on the Edge
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Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram

Is being a follower of Christ more than wearing a T-shirt with the slogan posting. What's wrong on social media or living in a little Christian bubble criticizing world what is following Jesus really look like in a broken world desperate light and love.

That's today. Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge drip drip survival to international discipleship program. This program will wrapping up our series called resilience standing the storms of life for the past couple weeks we've been studying for the first chapter. Take a look at what it takes to stand strong difficult circumstances and hardship rash all around.

We've learned how not to give up and not to give it no matter what's going if you missed any of these messages along the way.

You can hear them on the chip and remap for online any time by going to Living on the Edge.Margie just click the broadcast staff chips teaming up with her son Ryan will be with us after the teaching to share some additional thoughts so futuristic.

Okay let's get going and join Ryan out for part two of his talk. It's practical.

James chapter 1.

Resilience don't simply look in and try to figure out how to we just make it through what they have the ability to do is there gonna roll up their sleeves and look out go. Who can we live who can we live, who are the people that God is put along our past to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

This word look after means to go see a person with helpful intent. It's actually proactive.

I'm going to go see a person I'm going to go out of my way and my heart and my intent is how can I help you in what ways can I bring a and hope and that to you by the apostle Paul would say it this way in Galatians 56 only thing that counts. Think about this some big statements. The only thing that counts is faith based. The confidence that God is who he said he is and he'll do what he said he is you will do faith, your worship with God expressing itself through that we are fundamentally regardless of what the circumstances are to be a people of love marked by love.

She dismisses just what it means to be a follower of Jesus. No matter what season the vulnerable ostracize in the invisible people we don't see the people that we can tend to overlook, think in this season.

The invisible is often the homeless and what they're going through invisible might be a neighbor that you just really had no idea what they're going through because you because we often don't ask.

Maybe that deeper question and know what's really going on in their life and their struggles says roll up your sleeves and love and I think really it's just what Andy Stanley said so many years ago. Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. See we get overwhelmed by the needs we get overwhelmed by the pain around us. And so, unfortunately, what happens is we end up not doing anything at all and so you can't do everything for everyone, but you can and I can do something for someone and if we would lean into that and go, I'm going to do something one specific thing and I'm going to go and get my hands dirty.

I'm gonna roll up my sleeves and began to laugh people.

Maybe it's a phone call. Maybe it's checking in. Maybe it's beginning to pray specifically for your neighbors, or people that you're gone got open my eyes to the needs around me. You're not gonna go far until you run and tripped over and God's going to put people along your path to love three spiritual practices of the resilient of the spiritual mature. There's this there's this restraining of our words. There's this rolling up our sleeves and loving, and finally there's an engagement of a spiritual detox spiritually mature people, resilient people engage in a spiritual detox.

I was training for a triathlon is going to be two different triathlons, one that was shorter spent one that was a 41 as I was getting into the you know rhythm with that working on my diet.

Working on my exercise all the sort of things and then shelter in place. It and I gotta let you know that everything fell apart. My diet fell apart, my workout regimen fell apart and I also like will live and try, I mean the guy were probably not going to be hell to do the triathlon and now I know we are going to be able to do the trap on and literally for a number of weeks and maybe you found this to be true as well is I began to engage in coping or numbing activities that were not actually nourishing my soul nourishing my mind or nursing my body. It had to do with just numbing out TV and it's just one of those things like your now home in the fridge is there all the time and I just found myself just got a go on and on Justin when I was bored and all the sort of things and it was only a couple weeks ago I got alike, and just because this is not healthy and we have to do that spiritually as well.

We got engage in a spiritual detox. Notice what he says about this true religion that God our father accepts the AA looks after the orphans and widows and then knows what assess and keeps oneself from being polluted by the world like there is this active keeping or abstaining to keep yourself from being polluted or tainted. Abide the world know when James is talking about the world. He's not talking about the world the way we kinda think about the world like we think about the people in the world. He's actually addressing what is in different biblical authors talk about this in the New Testament and the use the word cosmos as the world system. If the value and beliefs underneath this world that are opposed to God and his ways. One author said it this way is the total system of evil that pervades every sphere of human existence and he saying there is this pro active keeping your self from being polluted by that world system and I thought well there in Jesus's day actually just prior to Jesus. There is this big undertaking to take the Hebrew Scriptures and translated into Greek. Because so many people spoke Greek and that date is called the Septuagint and size curious. Was this the actual Greek word that the writers then used to translate the Hebrew word here guard and it is in fact. And so it says above all else, but guard your heart for everything you do flows from just keep oneself.

James is making this clear connection between problems. 423 and right here. Guard your heart keep oneself from being polluted. There's things that want to contaminate and that will actually kill your joy that will kill your peace that will kill your life keep yourself from being polluted by those things. The question is will how do we engage in a spiritual detox. First, we gotta identify the toxins in your world. What are the things that are contaminated water things that are polluting John would say it this way, if you want to flip over just a few pages at the first John first John two verse 15 says do not love the world that that world system or anything in the world.

If anyone loves the world, love for the father is not in his like you can either love what's going on in the world and the things of this world or love God. There's there's not like this in between Ryan and so many of us try to live in and beat.

He says you can't think of everything in the world and he gives three areas. The last of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life comes not from the father but from the world, the world and its desires will pass away at but whoever does the will of God lives forever and he begins to unpack this lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life that there are these things that are that are like the sirens calling saying these will provide happiness. These will provide meaning diesel provide significance and security and is calling you and drawing you away from your purpose and your relationship with your heavenly father and the lust of the flesh is the site in this call, and the siren of possessions is if materialism and consumerism and we get so consumed with keeping up with the Joneses with driving just right. Think of wearing just the right things looking and being in shape and making sure we post at the Instagram work so envious of how everyone else is living in looking at their you know travel things going like why don't get that the lust of the eyes in this whole idea of pleasure or autonomy or your freedom to do and be whatever you want to be in the boastful pride of life as we pursue power we pursue platforms and prestige.

Now we talk about it being an influencer and you have to identify the toxins. Just like you would if you want to do a detox with food. What are the toxins that I'm going to take out and then what am I going to put in and so identify the toxins your world and begin a daily habit of clean thinking begin a daily habit of clean thinking the apostle Paul in Romans chapter 12 would say it this way do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world same work here. The world system. The values that were conformal literally means to be molded or shape. Don't allow the world systems and values and ideology to mold you and compress you and to form you. Instead, he says, but be transformed that that the Greek word med annoy out where it literally is that metamorphosis reality. Allow yourself to be transformed. How by the renewing of your mind, see what you put into your mind is of principal importance every day you have a decision. What will I put into my mind and whatever you put into your mind, you become eventually and we have to be so careful as parents we have to be so careful of guarding what we allow our kids put into our minds and as parents we have to be so careful what we put into our mind as young adults and not so young adults, you never grow out of this says would you begin a daily habit of clean thinking and frankly I get really nervous when I hear what I followers of Jesus to say I'm a follower Jesus, but I'm watching this show like you know what the that the violence and the sacks and the over there's another one that was over, the language doesn't bother me will, maybe it doesn't bother you, but could it be because you've allowed those things to form you now you know we get used to pollution that we don't even notice it and we just accepted as a normal reality says not to know.

Do not conform and begin to get God's word in your mind so that you can understand what is true and what is good.

He says, and then you'll be able to test this is Romans 12 the end and part of two then you will be able to test and approve what your life will experience and be able to demonstrate God's will, what is God's will is good, pleasing and perfect will seek one of the great lies when were talking about this is that God is somehow trying to keep you from fun and holding out and there's all these other areas, and you know it.

If you dive into those areas, that's real life Nono got trying to keep you from harm and he wants the very best for you. You know when is a boy we went to visit my my aunt and uncle in Kentucky and they had an Atari and we didn't grow up with videogames and so this Atari was like the coolest thing ever and I remember seeing the Atari and is like oh my goodness. I started playing my brothers were playing on this and then the whole family was going to go out and I didn't really know where they're going or what they were doing and they just said hey were going to go out would work. Want to come with Mike on love and planned Atari. I just let me know. I'm just going to stay here and I remembered the time they're gone I'm just playing all the different games that they had and then they walk in the door and someone like Candace really big stuffed animal and I looked up on-site words.

You guys go. Oh we went to a carnival carnival yeah and then they begin to tell me about all the things in the funnel cake and the rides and all the stuff that they experienced and I was like oh my goodness, had I known I was missing out on the carnival I would've said no to the Atari because the carnival was way cooler and the stories there. Johnny like man I don't want to miss out on that and that's how we live. We settle for things because that's what we know and yet the reality is, is God says I have something so much better for you here. CS Lewis picks up on this in his quote in the weight of glory. He writes we are halfhearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in the Islam because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at sea, we are far too easily pleased. I God allows you he wants the very best for you. He's not holding out and so would you engage in a spiritual detox where you go you know what I've been watching movies. I should be watching. I been on social media and it's just contaminating factors and friendships that are actually polluting right now and engaging in conversations that aren't there and you begin to experience and be renewed and experience his good and pleasing and perfect will see, this is what resilient or mature people do. This is this is how they respond. They the biker tongue that they love people. Well they engage in the spiritual detox and you don't like, well, where do I begin. How does that help me today, and here's what I'd say take that in reverse order. Take that and reverse the order and so today would you begin a spiritual detox this week where you'd begin to go okay what am I going to stop allowing into my mind and into my heart. There is a stopping and end up going to begin to get into God's word on when to start playing worship music and get my heart and mind that there and then roll up your sleeves and love someone spiritual detox and then roll up your sleeves and allow someone, and here's what you'll find. Here's what you find is your time will be an indicator of the condition of your heart and you'll begin to see all you know is able to hold that I you know what I'm able to see these things and God's beginning to form and change me and I'll be an indicator of you seen how God, you're actually changing my heart because I would've responded this way and and look I was able to withhold that got I just asked that in this moment as we respond to your word. We wouldn't just be hearers of the word like we talked about last week but we would be doers that I asked that there would be a specific next step for each person to take that you would give them the courage to do it no matter how hard it is and that you would make us mature and complete, you'd make us resilient so that we could love people that we can be your hands and feet hurting Jesus with us to talk about the message just heard, but in case you jumped in late August. Teacher today was Ryan Ingram with a message from his series, resilient standing. The storms of life. Navigating life's storms is never easy, which is why Chip asked Ryan to come and share this message that brings such practical applications of the daily challenges culture is a powerful voice that influences our attitudes and our thinking so Ryan's fresh perspective on James chapter 1 provides the tools we may need to make a few course corrections for limited time resources for resilient are discounted and the MP3s are always free to order your copy or to send it to a friend visit Special offers all the out or give us a call a triple late. 333-6003 that's triple late. 333-6003, which I know you got a great application for today but before you get to that your latest book is taken off like we've never seen happen before both here in the US and literally around the world would you talk for just a minute about what you think that's happening I be glad to Dave we all get stuck. We don't know what to do. I mean, should my kids go to discord that school should I relocate should I sell my house. Should I try and stay with this job.

Find a new job. I mean people right now are living in unbelievable confusion and they need answers to specific things that there is no Bible verses right there is not an absolute right or wrong, but God promises to give super natural wisdom that's the skill and the ability to know exactly what to do when to do it and how to do it in your specific situation, and he promises to give it 100% of the time if you will fulfill one condition and in the art of survival. We explain what that condition is and how every believer can experience it. It's called the art of survival. Art is an acronym ART a is the attitude that helps us navigate adversity are is the resource God offers in adversity and T is the theology guides our perspective in adversity in a world of chaos and confusion. Chip explains there's an art to survival skills honed by practice that lead to joyful endurance. No matter what. If you're looking for pastor perspective and peace. You need to read Chip's new book, the art of survival. Get your discounted with the chipping roadmap or by calling us a triple late. 333-6003 that's triple late. 333-6003. I hope you'll do it today as we wrap up today and actually this entire series on resilience. I think it's important that you don't get overwhelmed with lots and lots of material actually Ryan put it pretty simply. He said number one, spiritually detox number two roll up your sleeves and love someone, and number three bite your tongue well were all struggling with the grind.

The discouragement of what's happening in our world of economic issues, political issues, social issues, racial divide, I mean there are so many things that build such tension, we can get overwhelmed and discouraged to let me encourage you just to apply those three little principles number one spiritually detox please stop the amount of news that you're watching stop. The amount of time on social media. To me, would you consider like 357 days of a media fast and it would be wonderful if you could absolutely shut off.

It'll just cleanse your mind, but if not at least reduce things, maybe five or 10 minutes just to stay up with the news but your mind is feeding your emotions division bad news anchor pictures of violence and hatred toward one another that will destroy your heart and not allow you to be the Christian God want you to be second is roll up your sleeves.

Let's not get frustrated with what's not happening out there. I love the line macro change starts with micro change. In other words, if we want to see racism change if we want to see the poor helped. If we want to see Christians like Christians you and me individually need to take individual steps help someone and especially someone that you know others don't care about it doesn't have to be big, you don't have to posted on social media just love some people roll up your sleeves and you'll find your perspective changes in their life will get better and then finally bite your tongue or better. Maybe get your fingers off of your keyboard and your thumbs off of your phone and stop saying and posting and interacting in ways that really aren't helpful for you and art helpful for other people. Let's be Christians who live like Christians. Let's be resilient. Let's be the kind of people that people would look to and say you know I don't agree with everything they believe, but I sure like the way those Christians love other people. Let's be those kind of people in a world that needs us a lot right now. Just before we close. I want to thank each of you was making this program possible through your generous giving 100% of your gifts are going directly to the ministry to help Christians really look like Christians.

A few found chips teaching helpful, but you're not yet on the team. Would you consider doing that today to donate.

Just go to Donate on the app or give us a call at triple late. 333-6003, let me thank you in advance for whatever the Lord leads you to do well. Until next time for everyone this is Dave really saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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