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A Christian Response to the Orlando Massacre

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 13, 2016 4:20 pm

A Christian Response to the Orlando Massacre

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 13, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/13/16.

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An absolute tragedy in Orlando, a massacre how we respond as followers of Jesus stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown or anything for those watching at home, the millions that are watching this that want to help. Is there anything that you want to tell them anything you want to tell the world right now.

Anything that you need to get through this prayer not a very negative person, or whatever whatever religion you are, no matter what you send it. Whatever our way.

We are obediently owed something to me that hope. Keep praying for all D-Day for that's that's heartbreaking to hear that brings it home gyms of hearing that voice man who is at the nightclub, presumably a gay man who is at the nightclub when the massacre took place, this is Michael Brown. Today's broadcast in the aftermath of this tragedy is a very important broadcast many important things want to share with each of you and conveyed to you. I'll be taking some calls at some point the number to call away and 866-34-TRUTH 8663 for eight 784 if you're listening in your part of the LGBT community or consider yourself a straight ally and feel that Christians are somehow complicit in this, that Christians standing against redefining marriage or things like that that Christians have somehow created an atmosphere that gave way to this massacre. Feel free to call categorically different with that but I want to hear from you. I want my listening audience to hear from you the number to call 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH 30 minutes from now. I know that all of you will be able to listen but 30 minutes from now to bring a young woman on the air with us. She's part of our fire school of ministry team. She is involved in worship and music. She's married to one of the students in our school of ministry and Tammy that will be joining me in a little under 30 minutes live for years in that very community I live, the lesbian bisexual lifestyle.

Before she knew the Lord and before the Lord delivered her out of that and she used to perform in that very club when when she got the word. As we all did early Sunday when she got word as to what happened.

She texted me she was in a state of shock because she she felt certain that friends of hers, old friends of hers were there and were killed and if if you're unable to listen on the radio. You can listen on the website asked Dr. Brown a SK DR on your cell phone your tablet, your computer, just click on listen live, and you'll be able to continue to listen to Tammy when she comes on a few minutes from now.

27 or so minutes from now you'll be able listen later on the website but it's important you hear her perspective as someone who lived in that community and performed in that very nightclub and presumably knew some of the people who were killed.

I also want to play, click in a moment from a pastor in Arizona who is saying it's good news that these people were killed because it's that many less pedophiles and perverts out there on on every level. We need to distance herself from that type of rhetoric distance ourselves from that type of horrific, unchristian, ungodly, uncompassionate, un-Christlike rhetoric continue to set a Christlike example for the world. We also know what's coming, friends.

We know what's coming. Christians will be blamed. This is often happen in history. Calamity happens Christians get blamed were seeing it already. If you didn't read my article on this good asked Dr. Brown a SK DR see it in the latest article right and wrong reactions to the Orlando massacre a lot to share a lot to talk about today on the line of fire your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends, one of fire, as we talk about a Christian response to the Orlando massacre there so many issues here.

First, there's the tragic loss of life that the lives affected forever.

The families affected forever. That's that's the first and foremost issue will be grieved with those who grieve secularly, there's the issue of Islamic terrorism, something that cannot be denied something that cannot be downplayed, something that cannot be minimized.

Let's just step back and think. Let's look right now in America since 9/11. Let's think about major attacks.

Where have they occurred when have they occurred, and this common thread of Islamic terror. Oh yeah, we have different shootings, tragic shootings that take place that can't be attributed to specific religion or ideology even trying to to connect Timothy McVeigh your club city Bonnie Christianity is completely misguided. There is nothing Christian about him so yet. We had we had other shootings but this is the worst mass shooting in our history that you look back to San Bernardino. Now you look back to the Boston Marathon. We see this steady pattern of the terrorist attacks and in France ongoing in Israel. Other parts of the world. It's Muslims killing others.

In this case Muslims killing gays and lesbians in other cases, Muslims killing Christians in other cases, Muslims killing other Muslims and on and on it goes. Whether this is the attitude of Islam worldwide will will play some clips that deny that it cannot be denied that this is the mindset of radical Islam quite consistently we have that issue.

We have the issue of well they were homosexual does not mean they deserve to die and and we should have a different reaction than say if it was children killed in a school that will let me say this on a come back to each of these points over the course of the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH if you want to weigh in for sure if I heard about the slaughter of civilians not tomato an act of war the midst of a war, conflict, or something like that. But if I heard about any slaughter if it was the adults at a baseball game. Adults in in in a business meeting. Adults at a heterosexual strip club adults at a gay club if I compared my reaction to that versus my reaction say to Sandy Hook when elementary school students were massacred by a gunman. I think all of us are taught up even more when it's little children, but when it comes to human beings as human beings and and did you go asking when you heard about San Bernardino.

What was anyone there living in adultery because according to the Bible, there should be a death penalty will was anyone there may be in a her new idol worshiper and I should know know know because those were human beings who died the same attitude the same reaction we have gone for good we have any different reaction. The fact it was gays and lesbians in a gay club but sadly there are some voices and they have some following on the Internet.

People see what they have to say and I'm ready being sent.

These clips will what about people like this, you have the fanatical Westborough Baptist folks, I mean professing churches on 2030 people. Maybe I'll know absently tiny and their their voice is really out there there ready celebrating this and and and they are there singing a mock song shooters keep coming around his body still in club and and use the Fagg word God sent the shooter to Orlando fag club and they've got a I mean these horrific posts and people that will let's Christianity assist another Jewish Christianity is none to do with the gospel. Some of the do with Jesus whatsoever than pastor Stephen Anderson in Phoenix. Now he he's got a militant anti-Jewish video that's gone viral that at some point I think I'm gonna respond to. He is a radical King James version only proponent you may love the King James great. I deeply admire it and you may love the King James news that's fine, but there is this radical, almost cultlike King James only group and he's part of that of that. Listen to what he had to say. Joey click number eight. I just brace yourself. These are ugly words. Some of what he says about gun control, hate speech, I understand was coming from and agree with some of it but listen to what he has to say. Click number eight. Here's the good news and bad news about this. You know the good news is that there's 50 less pedophiles in this world because you know these homosexuals are bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles.

That's who was a victim here are a bunch of just discussing homosexuals at a gay bar. Okay, but that the bad news is that this is now going to be used. I'm sure to push for gun control where you know law-abiding normal Americans are not to be allowed to have guns for self-defense and then I'm sure it's also can be used to push an agenda against so-called hate speech. So Bible believing Christian preachers who preach what the Bible actually says about homosexuality that it's Violet it's disgusting that the reprobates you know working to be blamed.

Like all it's it's it's all extremism.

It's not just the Muslims of the Christians.

I'm sure that that's coming. I'm sure the people are going to start attacking in a Bible believing Christians. Now, because what is guided yeah he's correct that Bible believing Christians will be attacked but he is not one of them will. God knows his soul where he stands.

But he is not representing Bible believing Christianity with those horrific comments and this is right that this can be politicized to gun control issues are ready to presidents brought that up and vote will play some clips for you but I utterly repudiate his ugly statements and sentiments utterly to the core repudiate what he had to say was good news because it's a 50 less pedophiles and perv is nonetheless not the heart of God is not the heart of God.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost those of the very people Jesus would be looking for an end and by the way, the vast majority of gays and lesbians are not pedophiles and every gay man I've ever discussed the issue with were talking about standards of morality or things like that. They were utterly repulsed by the idea of pedophilia as well. I'm aware that percentagewise you have more same-sex pedophilia than opposite sex. But if you percentagewise. If you compare the homosexual population to heterosexual. But in terms of numerically terms of numerically you've got far far far far more heterosexuals who are pedophiles and and what about the adulterers in the church is and what about the people committing other sin in the in the churches.

Come on about the manager pornography in the churches committing adultery in the hearts the boy at Wisconsin. Ezekiel 18 and Ezekiel 33. He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather they repent That's God's heart. God is grieved over human sin and he sent Jesus to save us from our sins and had mercy on us and our sins and because of the mercy extended to us. Jesus died for me when he foresaw me as a heroin shooting LSD using proud rebel full of lust full of pride stole money for my own father. That's when Jesus died for me because he lay down his life for us. We laid our lives one for another, and we lay down our lives to to reach a lost and dying world. One more click clip number nine Stephen Anderson with facility south I will ever take things in my own hands become a vigilante, but I will say this, you know the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death. In Leviticus 2013. Obviously, it's not right for somebody to do this, you know, shoot up the place because that's not going to the proper channels.

But these people all should have been killed anyway.

But they should have been killed through the proper channels as an patient executed by a righteous government that would have you know, try them convicted them and saw them executed because in Leviticus 2013 God's perfect law. He put the death penalty on murder, and he also but the death penalty on homosexuality.

That's what the Bible says plain and simple, plain and simple pastor. He put the death penalty on adultery. He put the death penalty on Sabbath breaking, he put the death penalty under the Sinai covenant on rebellious, disobedient children, or someone who would curse their mother and father and and and what is Jesus teaches about adultery can be in the heart as well as in the act, and in the most part. Romans one. He gives a list of sins that he says are worthy of death, and included no sins or envy and gossip and first Peter foretells his judgment begins with the house of the Lord be big on our faces. Repent of our own sin. Yes, homosexual practice is sinful in God's sight. The plenty of other things sinful in God's sight and plenty of them go on in the church.

We need to repent and ask God for mercy. If we show every one be glad to be glad that a shooter shot up a gay club look out churches because a lot of sugars come our way, wake up, wake up. I know you repudiate those comments but I need to do it as loudly and clearly as I can. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you have to be straight with the American people. When you see an active war like this, committed against us.

Don't tell me about gun control. Tell me about how were going to defeat the people who are motivating these tears to kill innocent Americans on our own soil to begin light that was John Bolton speaking. And yeah, he's right. When you see an active war. Don't tell me about gun control. Listen to what Pres. Obama had to say will go to clip number three is Pres. Obama immediately as expected, draws attention to the issue of guns. Today marks the most deadly shooting in American history. Shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle master is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school on a house of worship or a movie theater or in a nightclub and we have to decide about the kind of country to actively do nothing is a decision as well. Ha ha. I do believe on a certain level.

We have a gun problem in America but not the way the president set so we knew the moment we all heard the news of this for me. It was late morning Sunday had not had a free day or rest day for some time so I was afraid late Saturday night, as I normally do my writing a prayer, study, very late at night and I slept in Sunday morning when I woke up this was the first thing that I saw mid mid morning that it happened and of course your shocked and and you want to immediately put yourself in a position of empathy and identification with with those attacked and with the pain and grief. People experiencing which immediately.

This, play out in different ways, are going to get these crazy voices, ostensibly Christian, who say well they deserved it and and again I want to categorically repudiate those voices and and then you're going to have those that are going to use this to stop people like me from from speaking out against redefining marriage and things like that and they're going to make these ridiculous claims that somehow we created an atmosphere to make this happen such a thing of it.

Christians loving their neighbors, Christians, walking and integrity Christians showing genuine care for those who identify as LGBT, but saying hey look, your neighbors or friends but we don't believe redefining marriage would not believe God made a man to be with a man that never really blamed for creating an atmosphere in which a radical Muslim those radical Muslims do kills gays and lesbians, among others. What what kind of logic is that senior that's going to come up and enter the gun control issues going to come up before I come back to issues about guns and things like that and and will do a whole show we talk about that let me to say briefly. The reason I say we do have a gun problem is because this guy, although he had been investigated by the FBI twice or maybe three times was still able to go and purchase guns legally there's not something is wrong with the system somewhere, and when our founding fathers wanted to assure our right to bear arms and be able to to form a militia and things like that. The questioners were they envisioning and have things gone out of control of the fact this is happening gun free zone and if it had been a gun free zone. The that the murderer might not of tried it there and he probably would if he did he would have been shot down a lot quicker. And one of my colleagues pointed out that if you take out that the three cities. What is it may be LA, New York and Chicago, I think that have some of the strictest gun control laws take those cities out that there are gun violence drops dramatically dramatically dramatically so that's a whole other issue but you know this is going to be politicized and you also know that it's can be politicized between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and probably my mind. Donald trouble get a boost from it because of his strong line about Muslim immigration and his willingness to head on confront radical Islamic terrorism at least verbally. Thus far, but but listen to the perceptions about how were being looked at will.

Great clip number 10. This is one of the young Turks a janky sugar and listen to what he has to say because he is speaking for many Americans who see things in the same very dangerous way. Listen to him is that says no it wasn't as a religion, it was because he saw two gay guys kissing in Miami and he hated yeah why did he hate.

He hated them because his religion told so. Unfortunately, all the religions, the book that man shall not lie with a man, etc. so Chris is a turnaround going on. Yeah, we hate days, but don't kill them all. How quick and merciful of you know it is the culture that's a promise of the what the data is missing is insulin is what he saying is worse because we we taught him that culture so our culture, others Christian, Muslim, Jewish people to book etc. we said don't tolerate gays don't tolerate and what were to be surprise was on act out violently know we said going to discriminate against them. But in other ways, so let them get married, don't do this don't do that so Nono you get to say we don't like gays, but we like them in.

Not until you do that you do other things.

Okay I understand his perspective. I understand where he's coming from. I genuinely do understand how he sees things, but when you practice the faith that does not advocate violence when you practice of faith that advocates following the example of Jesus who laid his life down for sinners. When you practice of faith that says overcome evil with good overcome hatred with love.

Bless those who curse you listening to that faith that teaching for a million years. You will never think all I should therefore go out and kill homosexuals know now listen to radical Islam.

You better believe you think you should kill them, and a whole lot of other people.

Radical Islam kills all a whole lot more Christians than it does gays because it kills a whole lot more Muslims echoes Christians the these realities. It's it's murderous worse for anyone. Listen anybody who's listen to me over any length of time read my three books that relate to these issues. Queer thing happened to America out list in the gay revolution. Can you begin Christian and even if a collection of articles in the life and light a fire. I deal with a lot of these issues in reading the articles other articles hundreds of articles of written and then listen to radio archives of these I've addressed these are listen to messages are preached and you will come away with a greater love for those who identify as LGBT.

You will come away with a greater heart to see them come into the knowledge of God and the freedom of God and the wholeness of God and and you will absolutely be one of those who would give your life to save them physically if souls try to kill them so so to confuse these two things is to fundamentally misunderstand the complete difference between these two faiths between the gospel, faith and at least radical Islamic faith if not Islam in general the cliff.

I played right at the beginning of the broadcast boil boy.

Here's someone hurting morning that a religious person but is not repudiating God in all religions and to send prayers away because we need help and hope what it's time for the love of God to shine through Christians for community that is hurting a lot of pain right now it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown will ultimately not a massacre statistic were smashed shooting in American history were dealing with with people whose lives were cut short people loved by God created the image of God and yet fallen in need of the redemption and hope that comes through Jesus needed the forgiveness that comes to Jesus were talking about family members, friends from people who terribly wounded and others wounded and traumatized by the loss of family members and friends and we need to bring things back to Michael Brown so glad you could join me today on the line of fire of sitting with Tammy Shea and Tammy, but you remember when we first met in Orlando what Europe was a man I believe it was 2012. Maybe the I think so, as I think about the events run at the current 2012 and you had just started putting out testimonies on video. Yeah, there was one young man that was part of the ministry there.

Then come out of homosexuality is video from homosexuality to holiness and so that you were getting death threats and all the company sues this crazy reaction and then I found out that there were a number of people that he come out of homosexuality or bisexuality that were part of that ministry is just part of salvation and and discipleship, and that includes you so so Tammy is there. You are in Orlando you directly connected with the club where the shooting took place the first your own story.

How is it that you you went that direction in life and have the Lord bring you out of it like up in a Christian home lot loved by my parents love the Lord had real encounters with Jesus at a really young age that my age of 18 I really struggled with sin. I struggled with wanting sin and wanting Jesus and I never heard a radical message. I never heard that I could really give myself to Jesus.

And honestly I didn't feel it a sense of community within the church. I always felt like an outsider. So by the time I was 18 I got introduced to the gay community and fell in love with these people why they brought me and I finally felt for the first time since I had moved here when I was seven years old from the Philippines, like I finally had a community again. Which is crazy to me at.

I spent 11 years looking for community and never found it in the church or even outside the church.

I only found it within the gay community. What what is it that makes those that refer to quick the gay community was diverse as add-on gay community right but what is it that gives that special sense of community.

Somehow I think there's just this camaraderie bit between each other that this you know we are all dealing with something that the world doesn't understand and were joining them together. I mean even though there were so many things wrong with the community and, you know. Looking back now, it wasn't like there was this beauty around the community. There was a lot of backstabbing.

There's a lot of hurt. There was a lot of pain, but there is still this feeling of acceptance that I never found anywhere that you found it as a heterosexual I did and I it was pretty crazy because I know I didn't claim to be gay, but someone I want my best friends actually said to me he said you know you're going to be gay he was. He was on the sexual he is and I and I was like no I won't and I were in the vehicle with another female who is a lesbian and she said will, you're just like me. I came into this thinking I was straight and look at me now and she was a total much lesbian and I said no way. There's no way and within a very short period of time.

My heart began to really turn saying okay I'm bisexual, and then to the point where there were things that happened within that journey being really hurt by by someone where I finally said okay I am gay and I embrace that lifestyle. I know fully gave myself to that lifestyle and how long it was several years on that wasn't long because the Lord broke in quite early, which is attempted thankful for because I know had I stayed in that lifestyle and not because of homosexuality. But for other reasons. I would've been dead or in jail. I want to hear the other side of the story and then what connection directly with a club shooting took place with right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown or anything watching at home, the millions that are watching that want to help. Is there anything that you want to tell them anything you want to tell the world right now.

Anything that you need to get through this prayer person or whatever you are watching send it. Whatever our way. We all something you will be better hope the this is Michael Brown we played that clip the beginning of the broadcast wanted to play it again because I'm sitting here with with Tammy Shea who knows intimately what happened in that gay bar in Orlando and for a couple years of her life.

Identify fully is is a lesbian was part of that whole night scene as part of a group that performs their now happily married to a students in our in our ministry school and serving the Lord with all our heart. Be a great blessing toward community, but Tammy I don't know that individual and I have no connection with the gay subculture or by clubs or anything like that.

I know city are tearing up listening to it.

What strikes you and you hear those words desperation. Honestly, I think right now more than ever. There is an open door, and I'm reaching out to my gay friends right now and I'm seeing the. The opening there. You know, I haven't talked to some of them in years and the door is is just being flung wide open so honestly I think there's desperation and and the need for help and he said in there, which is seen help you now what what strikes me is this is the perfect time for him to renounce all religion is the perfect time for him to say look at what Muslims have done to us and you Christians are not much better. You hate us instead he saying we need help and send up a prayer, so I may not that that's that's humanity that's hurting him and being so so Tammy you you found what he felt was community the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, identify community, your singer, you been singing since you are you young girl talented musically. You go to become bisexual men fully identify as lesbian, do you think their other women from your own experience.

Just don't mean statistically, or what you read, but the people that you knew.

During those years, there other women say who identifies lesbian a large part of it is being hurt in a heterosexual relationship or abuse by man or something.

I'll absolutely I think there's a lot of men and women who you know.

I think we can in this is just this is totally off the record. This is just my feeling. I feel like a lot of people say I was born this way because maybe after some sort of trauma they can fill themselves to believe this is who I really am. Now I ask is I really am, because if I were to look back at my childhood.

I could look at different things at my child and say will maybe I was born gay because I remember having this. I remember having these feelings and I was thinking about that on the way here and I was like I could say that I could say I was born gay because there were little things as a young kid that I remember thinking, and I thought that's odd that I would think that so I think that's yes there are a lot of people that I feel go towards that way after her. After a pain whether it's a relationship or a father or mother, but I also think that there's a lot of people who take those things and link them to their childhood based on how they feel, so before we talk about how the Lord transform your life. Want to talk about the involvement that you had an and before we go any further government know she's going to listen to this and and what formats this is going to get out but but speak to those that you know you try to reach out you put a blog out and you try to reach out individually. Find out the name of your old friends get get killed or wounded or anything like that but just just speak openly from your heart to those that we identify with with the gay community and that are especially grieving all over America today just speak from your heart to them. You know through the years. I can't tell you how many people have come to me through me preaching or singing and sharing my testimony and to come to me and said I am struggling or I have struggled and I want to come out of this. What what can you tell me what can you say to me, and the one thing I would say is just be so accountable.

I know that seems so weird and just happening.

How do I do that for me when I came out of them a sexual lifestyle.

When I wanted freedom. I had to find a group of people. Really, they found me and pursued my heart that those people is just coming after me and love changed me. So I would say to you I understand the pain. I understand that the hurt that you're going through. I really do and I want to encourage you to go after people that you can be accountable to that you can relate to that. You can just share your struggles with in a continual manner because that is what has set apart the ones that I know have succeeded in this journey and the ones that happened the ones that haven't are the ones that stayed silent in their struggle. Do not stay silent yet accountable get involved it will change and let's put Jesus in the middle of this. I'll absolutely take Jesus out of this and got people trying and getting frustrated of reality getting more discouraged, but the larger issue is not heterosexuality or homosexuality.

If that were lost and separated from from God what happened when you reconnected to Jesus, but in a deeper way than you had as a child will have in terms of hope, forgiveness, freedom. What happened on the inside of you.

How man I the month before I gave my life to Jesus. I broke up with my girlfriend. I just knew that something was shifting and when I gave my life to Jesus. That night I actually went to different friends houses that I was when I was leaving the community and have them write me these letters I still having to this day I was talking to one of them. Yesterday I said you remember that letter you wrote me and she said yes absolutely. You know I love you and all those different things that they in those letters.

You can see the desperation for something that would address them to write goodbye letters to me.

I knew I was given my life to GOL that now and they wrote me letters and this one in particular the things that she wrote she just wanted someone to to know her to see her to be notice to be loved and to this day. I know that that that cry of her heart is not for sale but when I gave my life to Jesus everything that I had been looking for in a man in a woman that completely satisfied I was able to not only come out of homosexuality, but quit math cold turkey. I mean like change for me in an instant. Was it difficult after that. Absolutely it was a hard, hard journey.

It was not easy for me. It was not but it was so rewarding it was so rewarding.

I finally found a place where I belong. A place where I fit, even though yes in the community.

I found a sense of camaraderie and I love it wasn't.

It was completely different than this.

This light, this this piece is a joy and hope. Hope for my future hope that I had never known before, and something that I had looked for since I was a little girl went when you so you had kind of the instant deliverance and freedom and then the struggles of walking it out at what point the death become an old way of life and you are now thoroughly enjoying the new way of life and the struggles were a thing of the past.

Well, you know, I really struggled with when I would see certain things that I've been attracted to in effect in the in the past that was a struggle for me as I would see someone and it would trigger something you and I would really have to just died in those things and say Jesus I submit my mind to you I give you my mind that I would say it was July 2007 I gave my life to Jesus and September 2006 and I cried out to the Lord. Exit. Heal me, heal me for my drug addiction from desiring to use drugs from just all the longings that I was having. And it was a radical radical day and in July 2007 where I had a dream and I woke up and had never been the same and some I can relate. You have that that breakthrough and that it's almost like reality hits again.

But then you discover Jesus greater than drug addiction. Yeah greater than sexual desires. Absolutely the romantic attractions you happily married now just got a minute.

I'm sure he could talk for hours. How is this different than a relationship. You have before. I don't even know where if you can. Hi, I just I'm so in love with my husband. He man. I just feel overwhelmed thinking about it. He has just I'm done.

My heart with every belief I've had of what it means to be loved by someone he loves so selfish. Selflessly he loves continuously and you know even in me working through different struggles. He's just so forgiving and so gentle with me and Christ is the center of it all. Our decisions are future and honestly, it's such an adventure know it's not like our focus is so unjust each other.

It's on so many other things which you know, advancing his kingdom and making him known and it's just it's completely different. Christ being the center Christ in the center man and woman coming together is one of God intended. My friends were to focus right back Orlando but there is hope in a dark day day of pain in Jesus is always hope for the Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a city tearing up interviews as as we relate to the pain of those killed, wounded, losing family members and friends in the massacre to get a nightclub in Orlando talk about life in Jesus. So Tammy I had tithing correctly said you performed in that very club your group performed but you missed the performance you performed in another gay club there but so had you been to the club yourself. Oh yeah, I mean I probably spent two or three nights a week at that club really laughed.

Alright, so you can you can give an insight that nobody else I know it can give what was when you talk about the broader community yourself like that I was there into the clubbing scene because I got saved 16 of the heavy drug use right it's a bit 16 shows never in the clubs son even know what the clubbing scene is like being straight club or hang out at the bar or heterosexual strip club, let alone a gay club but what would you say was kind of the what made more than just a place either to to get hired to pick someone up like might happen at all the clubs what what made it unique for the gay community. Orlando has its because the cake the gay community is not as large as you know heterosexual community here whenever someone you would go to a gay club and you were very involved in the gay club you knew so many people you just knew everyone so it felt like a homecoming. Every time you went so I think that was the big thing that everybody just felt so close, because when you walked in, knew each other, and went when you when you got word when you heard what happened you, stay shock only. I I can't even begin to express. I felt my body lose its way I felt shocked.

I texted you right away that I just I don't even know what to do right now I just I felt like I should.

I fly to Orlando. Should I what should I do and I started researching my friends trying to see it hasn't even been shot. Has anyone been killed. I just I was. It was as I was in a state of panic. Yeah boy so Tammy, when the group used to perform with what would you do what the group is made up of mostly drag queens and club kids and out with the club. A club is it's it's some addresses that as extravagantly as a drag queen except a lot of times they use their unit drag queens typically dress up just as women club kids have just this crazy way of dressing up. They dress up in all kinds of it's really hard to excite so that you know I was just a female but I guess you can call me a female club kid that yeah I didn't dress up as a man I just dressed is extreme, like a drag queen.

Okay, so you can wrap my mind around around this so your group performed. There you you perform with the group elsewhere within you had an injury and you end up missing your performance. There I miss my performance at different club. I actually broke my foot right before my first performance which I believe is the mercy of God, and I was in a wheelchair wheelchair for several months after that and then how is it then you are at that point.

Heavy drug user. You are listening relationship at this point, you fully identified as lesbian identifies bisexual anymore. That's how much are your mindset and ideology had had shifted up but you had known Jesus as a child does not deeply enough.

How did he get hold of you. Well what happened was on February 14, 2006 I was a drug dealer at that time and I was raided by the DEA and it shook me up and it was it was right after I had dropped a friend off at the hospital he died within a month. I believe from complications with HIV pneumonia. All these different things and soon after that, everything kind of just was.

It was a mess and within those months I began to feel the Lord perceiving me, and August of that. That year I said Jesus if your real show me and from August to September. I I cannot explain to you the divine encounters.

I was having with the Lord in the middle of drug houses in the middle of just chatting with my gay friends about Jesus talking talking to Jesus and saying it's put your fire in me.

I was I was a foot full-blown attic.

I was a lesbian.

I would think that your fire not even know at that moment and I was saying that I have journal entry saying put your fire in me and I did that language I didn't. I was like, what is that even mean and so insect on September 2, 2006 was when I gave my life to Jesus in a small prayer room with two ladies and I was just ready I just knew that I was can say yes to Jesus on that day in our member before God saved my wife Nancy hard-core Jewish atheist been atheists run a minute she was 19, but right before she got saved she broke up with the guys to do with your long-term relationship to stop doing drugs to stop smoking cigarettes like outwardly got cleaned up and then God saved her and somehow this divine preparation and in the heart.

Tammy, do you feel that with with the stance Christians have taken saying that we don't believe marriage should be redefined.

Marriage is a union of one man one woman and that gays and lesbians often look at us as haters.

Nothing is just rhetoric. I think many for we actually hate them as we don't honor and respect the relationships in their eyes. Is there room for us to come of the message of the love of God, absolutely. I believe that as much as I think were being faced with homosexuals, hate Christians, there are homosexuals that don't feel that way and my friends are some of those people you know I was very clear with a friend of mine who I was just chatting with this morning and am and I told her don't get married to this woman, I just express this thing with her and even now were still friends.

She's texting the art messaging me online and were talking so absolutely I think that there look if we care them without putting on an act. Express the care and someone cuts us we should bleed love and I know there will be hostility towards us outwardly. Also, one of gay activist and Charlotte, North Carolina, and whose sinner Franklin Graham and Richard land presence in evangelical seminary F. Your prayers and you just change your view something so that I know those reason to be out there but will overcome that hatred towards us in that feeling that the police that we had eight others demonstrating the love of God and tell me your life testimony try to many other words to a song that specifically express your heart of love for God or his love for you the come to mind. I mean, the first son that comes to mind is a larger beautiful because just just sing it.

We got a few minutes to seconds left with just the singer to the Lord of all your love. The full Gila Fay's and so I see for your eyes on his chest to me hi Prensa, beautiful Lord. That's the one we focus on those listening hurting in pain right now. Mostly community look to Jesus is your hope for salvation. You need found in him. My bottom line today, America is hurting America toys divided pain is our hope and absolute tragedy in Orlando, a massacre how we respond as followers of Jesus stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Rice. Environment you won't want will not fear turn against each other and we will spend United as Americans protect our people and defend our nation goes direct those of the words of our president, which I appreciate and you have some very serious questions about this is Michael Brown. I know many of you just turning in now, but the last half-hour had an extraordinary interview with Tammy Shea whose group performed at the tree bore that was shot up by the Islamic terrorist early Sunday morning. She used to go there to three nights a week. She is friends that went there. Perhaps at least one of whom was killed sure her own story of how the Lord took her out and transformed her life a bit later today that'll be our website Esther to were actually just got a lot of fire on afar click on that for the latest broadcaster be able to listen to all of it when I got word about this. Normally I'd be up and and watching what's happening in the news and things that you note to three in the in the morning I am and watch the news, but I'm often at my computer writing late at night so I'll see breaking news or sometimes my producer matters of Layton Hill semi breaking news, but somehow I just just wasn't paying attention to that and I slept in Sunday morning so I got up it was midmorning. That's when I saw the news and began to process my own thoughts. So I got on my knees and I asked the Lord for wisdom and sensitivity to respond because another tragedy but one that was Doug and have so many different dimensions to it. So I wrote an article you can read it by going Esther to to see it is the latest article right and wrong reactions to the tragic nightclub in Orlando and I made four basic points number one our first response Cody shock, grief and outrage does manage these people at a gay club in office building their fellow human beings were murdered in cold blood whether there emerged in a straight bar sports stadium report.

There were murdered. Nonetheless, without any justification of that's the first point. The second point we must take Muslim terrorism even more seriously without condemning all Muslims the three we must renounce all rhetoric that leads to violence. But we shouldn't restrict restricts freedom of speech or label every critical remark is hate speech and talk about these things more in depth in this next hour and we have an obvious gun problem in America become free zones are not the solution by which I say that there are types of weapons that are too easily accessible to too many people, including someone like this man who was investigated by the FBI and yet able. After that, even after he had a known association with an Isys member. He was able to get it gone so something needs to be fixed in the system but the firearms are the problem mentalities, not the solution. That's my fourth point and meant to be the fourth point that I'm happy to talk about gun control issues and the moment I saw this I thought how to be gun free zone, but obviously because it was a gun free zone. Then somebody would've shot him earlier that the killer himself would've been killed along the way. The murder would've been shot along the way, if it had not been a gun free zone that could well be specifically why it was targeted as well, but a lot to talk about and we pray for the grace of God to flood hearts today and for hurting men and women turn Jesus who is the one and only file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for Brown glad to be with you on this day that has many over America really let me lay out quickly a few of the key things that need to be heard from my perspective at this moment. Somehow in the midst of the pain and in the midst of gay and lesbian Americans feeling many of them feeling very hostile to religion in general and feeling hostile to Christianity, believing somehow that Christians are complicit in this radical Islamic active terror.

It is important for us to remember that we do have the message of Jesus and we do have the message of hope and we do have the message of eternal life. It's also important to remember that this message will come under direct attack in the coming days here just just a sampling of some headlines here reports NBC quote law enforcement expert blamed Orlando terror shooting on anti-gay wife hate groups that's before they had the information that this was a radical Muslim who swore allegiance to Isys by the way his father, the father of the shooter, Omar Martin says oh no this is nothing to do with religion just to saw two men kissing each other and he was upset over that had hundreds religion. It is father is a soup from what I've read is a supporter of the Taliban that is run for president of Afghanistan and he said is his own words about homosexuals and homosexuality from according to what I've read, but that here you have this alleged law enforcement expert may be previous but he was quite off the rails here into the she was probably Christian and a member of a white hate group you're going to hear this over and over and over, the rights reports CNN liberal equates Christians today murdering Isys supporter, why not. Let's just see here is a gay website like a psychic and skill of pretty hostile junk on it but LGBT groups react Orlando massacre and you read the comments there of the Southern poverty Law Center and they say it's not surprising that the LGBT community was targeted. This community has long been vilified by those opposed LGBT rights is to offer the target of violent hate crimes. You know where that's going so and probably also the ready has as been demonstrably guilty of of targeting Christian groups are people like me pure like Ben Carson and calling as haters or leaders of the radical right or things like that. You've got groups like activist groups like lambda legal and they they make it very very clear here that that this is this is an issue that is is much broader than just the shooting. We will continue to stand up for the dignity and equality of every member of the communities we represent to demand fair and effective responses from police the criminal justice systems to fight for laws that prohibit discrimination not encourage required to expect public officials and leaders across the country to unite in justice. What we all stand for justice.

We all repudiate all people of conscience repudiate the murderous acts 100% the Christian response. If there would've been to try to shield those who were being killed to give our lives to save them. That would've been a Christian response. If unable to take down the shooter himself than than obviously that's what you try to do. Following that, the selflessness example of the son of God, but you know what lambda legal's thinking also that its Christian groups and those who oppose redefining marriage. We are part of the larger problem of on the lessee, the friendly atheist sight of him Annetta. He quotes American family Association leader Brian Fisher and he paraphrases to say we don't want gay people didn't want them cured. Brian had that sent this message out on twitter muscle mass. Current Orlando difference between Islam, Christianity, homosexuality homosexuals want them helped.

They want them dead. So somehow he finds it is slamming gay people in the process, which is obviously not Brian Fisher's intent here is an article from Canada that was sent to me by some of our grads. There and this is in let's see after suit. CBC news after Orlando time to recognize that anti-gay bigotry is not religious freedom from Neil MacDonald will target nightclub should begin and overdue conversations about religions attitude towards gays. This is where it's going. This is where it is going so and, in point of fact, in point of fact, yeah, of course, the, the, the shooter was praising Allah call looking called 9112 before the massacre to the pledges. His us solidarity to Isys this this as absolutely absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the gospel absolutely listen. There are tens of millions of Christians and God knows how in America and God knows how many of them have firearms there not go around shooting up gay bars there.

Not listen there not go around shooting up abortion clinics we been involved in the pro-life work. Conservative Christians in America for decades now and have been in front of abortion mills for for decades sharing the gospel and urging people that there's a better way and that there's hope and and every so often you've heard of an aberration where fanatic goes and tries to hurt someone, but because were pro-life, we don't do that we don't do that you have crazies and fanatics in every group be an atheist be a professing Christian bid professing Muslim Vita professing whoever you can you can't be responsible for what every crazy fact is, but you can be responsible for what the masses do in the masses understand when you follow Jesus you don't go around shooting up the people you perceive to be sinners. People were not living according to the Bible you don't go doing that, you know, there is there is a there is a store that sold was called the testaments of Abraham. So this is literature that goes back a couple thousand years and in this one story. It's it's not accurate that's its traditions. Interesting traditions one story. Abraham is caught up with an angel and begins to survey the world and he sees a couple committing adultery and he says to the angel, my Lord, smite them in touch. There there killed.

Then they go further in the season and stealing my Lord, smite them and push their killed they see someone else whatever worshiping an idol and my Lord smite seven and their killed. Suddenly, a voice from heaven, Abraham, Abraham, you're killing my creation. In other words, if if we were to play God and pronounce the death sentence and death penalty on every human being worthy of it. This is the human race that is the end of the human race.

Stan understand that that was to happen during the week and God was to judge us on the thoughts that we thought were the attitudes of our heart or or the places we fell short.

Release sand and fell short of his glory all know not not the man having sex with another man. But how, how about a man having lustful thoughts about a woman is not married to Rob, how about some some pastor struggling with pornography the day before he preaches or how about some some woman engaging in gossip or cement his heart that a man's heart is filled. Bolivia made these. These are all things are the deadly sins according to the Bible about pride and on and on it. If God started judging us on Monday and put to death.

Everyone worthy of of death and sought word or deed, come Sunday are our our church services would be a whole lot less populated so friends we need to be very very careful on the one hand, on the one hand, there is an all-out attack coming against our freedoms plan out markets out now as much as a lot of Donald Trump supporter. I believe if he was elected. There's a good chance that attack would with lesson in a filler client was elected it would worsen us. I think that's the direction you could expect things to go. I don't look at Donald Trump is a Christian. I don't look at Donald Trump as reliable or trustworthy. What he says but there certain things he said consistently enough that that I tend to expect that he would go in that direction hello who in the world ultimately knows the let's just say these coming months before the change in elections or ongoing if Hillary Clinton selected but believe this can be a chilling effect on our freedoms and if we simply say, look, we love everybody we love our neighbor, but reluctant to redefine marriage but we still feel that we should bake a cake and participate in it indicate when it is what recognizes wedding but we lived our lives to say that person will be Brenda haters all the more so the one hand walk in love, demonstrate love the Jesus shine through you for the other hand, speak the truth, truth and love chips fall within the number by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is right with this got a little problem with the clip that we were playing this is Michael Brown will come back to the line of fire.

This was a Muslim scholar who was invited to speak and Orlando area mosque just weeks ago and he said that gay people should be exterminated out of quote compassion so his name is Farooq.

Let's see a secularist far for the pronunciation British-born Dr. was invited to speak at the Husseini Islamic center on March 29. The multicellular controversial sermon at University of Michigan in 2013, claiming that death is the sentence for homosexuality right.

Let's try to get let's listen to what he said is asked about his descendents. Yeah, we have to have that compassion for people with homosexuals. It's the same that of compassion. Let's get rid of them now when he was asked about some list of the Orlando attack. He denounced the court barbaric act quote I'm totally against barbaric act of violence.

This happened in the way all concentrically be justified Islamic holy that's so hard to reconcile with out of compassion. Let's get rid of them now, and death is the sentence lets the Cisco little further here. All right Joey grip clips number 12 and 13. This was a gathering in the UK and these Muslim speakers had hundreds of Muslims in the audience and the Muslims identified as just normal Muslims that we might call them radical or devout, but they simply identified as Muslims, so the the Muslim leaders are speaking about these things and say this is just normal Islam and death penalties and things like that.

So let's begin with.

Clip number 12. Given this camera focusing on all the audience are every now and then every time you have a conference every time you invite a speaker.

They always can come with the same accusations.

This speaker supports death penalty for sexual knows this speakers death penalty for this crime of this crime that he is being conveyed subjugated women, etc. etc. etc. it's the same old stuff coming all the time.

I always try to tell them that it's not that speaker that we and wiping will have these extreme radical views as you say these are general views that every Muslim extra has every Muslim beliefs in this thing just because they're not telling you about it.

Just because the not out there in the media doesn't mean they don't believe in the series and this is not just a select speaker now.

Didn't say going to take him start murdering people, but that yes under Islam.

The penalty for homosexual practices death. Yes, this is that's what we teach and believe, and this is normal.

Islam, a cook, number 13.

They continue to. I would ask everyone in the room.

How many of you all normal Muslims do not extremist radical normal Sunni Muslims please raise your hands. Everybody must get to go unanswered. How many of you agree that the punishments described and in the sooner whether it is death, whether it is stoning for adultery. What ever it is. If it is from a law and his Messenger. That is the best punishment ever possible for humankind that is what we should apply in the world who agrees with that. A lot of what are you all the logical extremist so all of you are saying that you are common Muslims. You all go to the different massages know it or is it next a specific sect activated Islam that sect or anything like that. I like that not I like that there is a please raise your hand if you like Islam expect anything but no one hello how many of you just both of his normal month massages ignore every normal student, he must please raise your hands.

So what what the politicians gonna say no was immediate and thing out all extremist all the radicals need to deport all of us from this country sweetie saying is that normative Islam is what most of us call radical extremist Islam that normative Islam affirms sharia law now there's a name that we put up on our Facebook page and here's what I say if you're Muslim and you disagree with this, by all means tell us why it's a picture of the murder and is costs of the Quran and Islamic tradition books in front of him. Gaze should be stoned quote from the crawl to medical to lewdness punish them both quote from the Quran, the man was not married. He sees coming Sunday will be stoned to death Islamic tradition, the prophet cursed effeminate men Islamic tradition rivers from acting in the matter of the people of lost killed the Doer and the receiver so that would be not just insist receptive law but the people of lots Ottoman Gomorrah again. Islamic tradition Bella Courson who does what, lots people did it again Islamic tradition about something more. So Islam is been consistent on the snow.

Judaism and Christianity through the centuries have been consistent homosexual practice being sinful, but have never advocated acts of violence and Judaism as I had a death penalty for that for centuries and you can look at the New Testament and find nothing in support of the death penalty for adultery or death penalty for Sabbath observance of breaking the Sabbath or death penalty for homosexual practice or death penalty for for witchcraft or death penalty for a number of other sins that that were punishable by death.

In the Old Testament, so the idea that there's any possible way that you could go from the Christian Bible to acts of violence against the adulterers, or gaze, or Sabbath breakers in a number of other people. It there's no possible way that you can draw a line from the one to the other, nor can you get fuel for your hatred, your your your your fires of hatred so this is a critical time as Americans are really is a gay, lesbian community is only hurting but folks must be looking over the shoulders.

This is a time to reach out and build relationships. This is the time to say look I may be the last person you want to hear from but I do care about you. I've always cared about you. The fact that I don't believe that marriage is the union of two men or two women doesn't mean I don't care about you and you're in pain right now and I know someone who can heal that pain and who can give you a hold in life you know his name don't gun shy back from that prey is more open doors. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown the ideology I changed. That's an argument that said you can't fight Nazi-ism. You can't fight communism. Of course you can. And when these people are using their ideology to attack us the responses very clear except to the President of the United States, and we can change ideology and mindset. You suggest that we can certainly hope you now hope that we can shyly go back to politically and militarily. First, you have to understand the minds and hearts and minds. Look first you have to believe there is an ideology.

The president doesn't believe that he believes these are isolated acts. It's a low-grade infection that will continue for a long time yet. That is, former UN Amb. John Bolton and he is been outspoken on this. Yes, this is an ideology reviewing with yes it is murderous radical Islam and it must be mentioned by name Donald Trump is now called on the president to resign and for Hillary Clinton to drop out for refusing to name this Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of radically left in so many ways he's joined in the chorus of of not saying Islamic terror. He says I'm deeply shocked and saddened to learn today of some 70 people have been killed and injured following a mass shooting in Orlando Florida but he goes on without any without any point without any point mentioning radical Islam or Islamic terror and yet it's pointed out in this article by Harry Kshatriya on daily, the trio's Liberal government is currently spearheading an effort to strengthen ties with uranium Islamic regime that publicly executes homosexuals and out Hillary Clinton had to say. As we continue to talk about this national tragedy is it.

Listen to me.

Every Christian who says look. These were the gay club they were sending what they're doing is violent God site older people hang out with reporting intricate hives or some sexual stuff taken place like that happen at other clubs. Again, I sent Troy imagines good educated guess because as I said in early part of the broadcast from.

If you were able to and in that I can say that the age of 16. So is it heroin shooting hippie rock trauma went to rock conference was a reported club sink is that you have the older you get the clubs so I never knew happen in any clubs. Heterosexual clubs in strip clubs or or okay clubs or whatever, but it does it does not matter that these people in a gay club. They were fellow Americans. They were family members. They were friends. There were coworkers who were murdered in cold blood.

And remember, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death and all of us outside of God's grace or worthy of death one way or another for disobeying God and breaking his commandments.

So if you standby mercy. Don't go pointing to legalistic finger at others the old with a got with the desire of God with.

They deserve dangerous dangerous attitude to have at a time like this, not the Hillary Clinton clip is a bit long, a play that on the other side of the break God's care. The Council on American Islamic relations of pull together leaders of both groups to condemn the Orlando terrorist and tie their sympathies to the LGBT community of joy grip clip number six. Listen to what care had to sell respond.

On the other side of the break.

You will not speak for us. You present us to negotiate. You are an outlaw, or as we call it on how outage outlaws speak for hours.

This book, 1.7 billion people are united in rejecting that extremism, interpretation, and Eric's instances, the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us fire to really strongly encourage to listen to an earlier part of the broadcast reset with Tammy Shea coming out very very happily married to the point of tears to a student in our school of Ministry Andrew and shared her testimony how she got caught up in lesbian lifestyle and she went from heterosexual to thinking she was bisexual to be convinced she was a lesbian to being heavy drug user and drug dealer and then radically dramatically saved, but she used to hang out at the very gay nightclub in her group. He performed there just to hang out in that very club and was there to three nights a week before the Lord brought her to himself a very very powerful story moving interview that I believe will bring hope in life and insight and compassion to many. You can listen to it by going asked her to this little later today couple hours after the broadcaster team is very quick to get this off online.

Just click on line of fire on the website. A stricter branded or you'll be able to listen to that broadcast and it was in the second half hour over to our show. Also, I immediately wrote an article yesterday I got a couple more field to follow up with but one of them. The initial article I wrote immediately after hearing news of the massacre is called right and wrong reactions to the tragic nightclub massacre in Orlando. You can be that I go to my website Esther to and just clicking on what you see it right on the homepage.

The latest article right and wrong reactions to the tragic nightclub massacre in Orlando. Lemme come back to that statement. I played right before the break, but from utmost leaders, the Council of American Islamic relations.

Let me say first. If were going to call on Muslim leaders to renounce Islamic acts of terror and they do it then.

Then you you have to appreciate that you have to be positive audit you have to say okay look, don't say where all the Islamic leaders where all the Islamic leaders who who are renouncing these acts of terror and now they bring a group together they renounce them. Okay good I'm glad I'm glad you said that that you announce this utterly and completely. That's positive. My problem is that you did not acknowledge that this is absolutely that the death penalty for homosexual practice is taught in his law and and that the more devoutly Islamic country is the more they would advocate that and to save your 1.6 billion Muslims agree that this is wrong that's not true. There are radical groups like ISIS and others that rejoice in this kind of thing happening, especially during the month of Ramadan. As you see an increase in violence so I'm glad they made the statement. I'm glad they made sympathetic of civil Islam phobia and homophobia are both the similar parts of of of of the problem known on know this is this is now where there's rhetoric being used, to try to paint Muslims as victims the same way as those shot and killed and that in the gay nightclub and that's downright misleading.

Well Hillary Clinton here just standard stuff comes my way. You gentlemen a part of the problem the discrimination and hate directed toward gay and transgendered really here the day and night because were Christian views because we don't embrace Bruce Jenner's woman of the year because we we say that the Supreme Court ruled wrongly attitude to redefine marriage to be called part of the problem how to refute that by just living as Christians, real simple for the live artist liars are going to lie people to misunderstand or misunderstand people or misrepresent sincerely organ misrepresent that's going to happen and towards us haters going to hate what we do.

We don't change our message. We don't change our lifestyle we just live consistently. We speak the truth in love we demonstrate love for those we differ with. We demonstrate love like I'm a Jewish believer in Jesus. That means I believe Jews without Jesus are lost to history lesson. Take take kindly to that and appreciate that what what do I continue to preach Jesus and walk in love. Atheists are believer are lost without God. They don't appreciate that. What I do like to continue to preach what I preach and walk in love. I believe homosexual practice is wrong in God's sight, but I don't preach on a walk in love will overcome evil with good.

We will overcome hatred with love and people will be one to the Lord and others will hate us all the more right so it Hillary Clinton. She's been challenged by Donald Trump and he said that she should drop out because she wants Islamic terror and that Pres. Obama should resign because he won't say these words so let's listen to what Hillary Clinton had to say. Clip number seven Donald Trump, in particular because you had singled you out, as well as Pres. Obama for not using a certain term to describe these acts. The term radical Islam question is why not why wouldn't you describe it that way. I guess the criticism and in his on his part is that he resulting in ICs or political correctness over just calling something what it is a vicious vicious distortion of Exelon well look, I think Trump as usual is obsessed with name-calling and from my perspective, it matters what we do, not what we say.

It mattered that we got bin Laden not what name we called him but if he is somehow suggesting I don't call this for what it is you haven't been listening. I am clearly said that we face terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. We have to stop them and we will we have to defeat radical jihadist terrorism and we will and to me radical jihadist and radical Islamism. I think they mean the same thing.

I'm happy to say either. But that's not the point.

All this talk of demagoguery and out rhetoric is not going to solve the problem. I'm not going to demonize and demagogue and declare war on and talk on an entire religion that just plain dangerous, and it played into hypothesis and let's just say that people could tear them apart. I will sit. It's a step in the right direction to actually say the words radical Islamic terror jihadist terms that are used, but to say you don't have to name it.

You have to the people we got bin Laden metal.

We called him look were not just talking about shooting somebody or bombing someone register my drone taking out Islamic leaders somewhere. We are talking about recognizing the ideology behind the attack and and here's what's important to remember this was important to remember what ISIS did yesterday, assuming that it is correct as they are taking credit for it and as the that the murderer attributed allegiance to ISIS before his acts in his 911 call. As I understand the events make no mistake about it, this was an attack on all Americans. Make no mistake about this was an attack on all Americans.

Clip number 14, there have been some announcements a few days before the massacre that ISIS had released a hit list naming 8000 Americans that they were on their hit list to attack that they were going out launch attacks in the month of June and they had 600 on that list in Florida and of the list is not been made public, but this some say that this very attack was was being hinted at or pointed to already and it is to be told what attack was coming to Florida so just listen to this clip 14.0 and 600 people targeted live right here in Florida for the alarming thing about that threat is that it involves civilians many of whom are not prepared to protect themselves. United cyber caliphate that had US Central command, 54,000 twitter accounts and threatened Pres. Barack Obama is the same Pro license group that's reportedly created a candlelit with the names, addresses and emails of thousands of Americans.

Reports of the list coming to light online vocative reporting. It was shared by the encrypted at the telegram calling on supporters to kill yes so the whole idea that this murder was quote lone Wolf. But what if you have a pack of a thousand lone wolves across the country. That's not so much lone Wolf anymore is or what if one coordinating group is sending messages to the very slow motion don't even know each other. To what extent are they will mostly seem like that scares me lesson this people are dying every single day in car wrecks, people are dying and freak accidents every single day. People woke up one morning with no intention of dying that day and didn't live out the day. This a good time to really know the Lord and be secure in him live with wisdom could be secure in him because he's our ultimate defense against devices. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi Livia take these closing minutes dress several different issues.

Several different issues and just share my heart with you. I'm so blessed that some if you tune in and listen to get clarity to get equipped to sort out your own thinking and to whatever extent I can be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. I'm truly blessed to be able to articulate things that were dear your heart as well with the plan from Lord is given. So first two those who identify with the LGBT community that's either who you are. That's a community deeply identify with what to say in the loudest possible terms that the attack against you was an attack against all Americans that the attack against you must be repudiated by every human being of conscience that there's no possible religious or spiritual justification for this act. It must be utterly renounced in any so-called pastor Christian leader who celebrates this does not know the Lord any Christian so-called Christian leader who exalts this as a positive thing does not know the Lord and does not speak for Jesus is the first thing and is much as you may find it hard to think that we have a message of hope for you in the midst of hopelessness and and a message of life in the midst of the pain it it it is true. Jesus really is the way the truth and the life. Through him this forgiveness. This acceptance this freedom.

There's a new life that words cannot describe. And I urge you every find yourself call out to Jesus. This is, I mean I can't begin anymore. Anyone of us who want to follow Jesus is deny yourself, take up the cross of say God I unconditionally give you the whole of my life, trusting that you will do what's best with me and for me and you'll never be disappointed if you do. Secondly, let me speak to all Christians. Followers of Jesus that are listening if you truly know the Lord.

Let me speak to you for a moment, and some of you say hey I'm a Christian on in the gay and lesbian community will will's will that each of these things sort themselves out. Okay all of you know where I stand on these issues.

If you identify as a follower of Jesus, of giving life to him, hear me, there is pressure coming against us that will increase saying that we created a toxic environment for these murders saying that we are responsible we are complicit. Hearing that constantly. Shame on you. You are to blame me.

I knew it was The moment I the moment I saw the news you have to be a prophet to know this. This is coming immediately so somebody post this on my Facebook page.

Where is it. Let's see here. I blamed you and people like you for the treasury and Orlando's about 50 people get 5300 include at least one police officer due to homophobia and you and your expert your messages of hate daily directly contributed senseless tragedies like this. Shame on you. Of I respond that you're attacking one person I get death threats and death wishes on a regular basis from the LGBT community, but I will continue to preach the love of God under the unswerving in a message that says we love everyone we love our neighbor as ourselves. We give our lives to meet the needs of those who don't know the Lord and we stand for biblical morality.

You can follow that message for a million years and you will never pick up the gun to kill homosexual or pick up a gun to kill a Sabbath breaker or pick up a gun to kill an adulterer, or pick up a gun to kill some of the stuff part of your religious click never in a trillion lifetimes would you do that if you rightly heard that message so let us speak the truth and love, but trust me, opposition is coming and this is why we need to by all means. Look carefully at our tone carefully at the content of our words and make sure nothing can be misconstrued.

You are best to communicate with clarity's that nothing could be misconstrued by unstable people or by hateful people who will seek to misuse our words for their own ugly purposes and then to all who identifies Muslims look at your traditions and ask yourselves what you believe. Ask yourselves this is something that you stand for. If you recognize it's not then work with American law enforcement work with the government to expose and uproot terror let care and his other groups be thoroughly investigated. Let them make clear that under no circumstances would do they aid or abet any Muslim who holds to any ideology like this. And by the way, this can narrow their world greatly yet, let there be some inconvenience for American Muslims to help us approved Islamic terror because the solitaire is real and Islamic terror is not just of located in a couple people here and there is widespread and there are many who hates Americans hate the West and he Christians and hate homosexuals and hate others. The little right in our country just waiting for the green light for the open door to carry out the murderous acts.

So Moses America know some of deporting all Muslims are couldn't say no motions, country country, it's a matter of strengthening our law enforcement. It's a matter take this much more seriously into the extent that the reports I read that the reason that this guy got through the FBI was because the FBI's been so got it that different Muslim groups came to the Obama administration said you can use these terms in these terms in these terms in the training module so they just got all these things otherwise. Many, many more people could've been spotted before hand and Tara could have been stopped. We had been had we been warned about rush about the Boston Marathon brothers there that the bombers there.

Had we been warned about them and didn't pay sufficient attention to court what I've read so America get with it. Get with it, we we need to get away from his fear of offending Muslims without demonizing all Muslims. There is a good middle ground and then lastly, the issue of guns. Here's my big question how do we have a system where someone who twice was investigated by the FBI could go out and legally buy guns.

Someone from what I've read, who had a known connection to someone in Isys how he could go and legally get firearms. There is a way to protect our Second Amendment rights without going the way of gun free zones and naturally this master took place in the gun free zone. Okay it is that there must be a way that different sides could sit together without politicizing this case were taught about human lives and say what's wrong with our system and what can we do to improve on it without threatening our second amendment rights.

Those are my thoughts.

My latest article and asked her to Brown.Ord right and wrong reactions to the Orlando massacre. I have at least two more articles on my heart to write about these issues will be looking for them. If you and I connect with us on Facebook it's asked Dr. Brown on Facebook twitter it's Dr. that's DR Michael L. Brown on twitter notify uses the articles or how is this the website daily asked Dr. Rane escape your plan latest video and article about a month.

Today their hearts be broken.

Great tragedy for God turn America

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