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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 24, 2023 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 24, 2023 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/24/23.


The following program is recorded content created by Truth Network. Welcome to the broadcast.

Michael Brown delighted to be with you today. Here's the number to call with any question of any kind that relates to anything we have recovered on the line of fire, anything I've ever written about, talked about, anything my guests have talked about on the air with me. 866-348-7884.

86634truth. We do have phone lines open right now. Sometimes on Fridays we're jammed the entire broadcast, but we do have phone lines open, so now is a great time to call. If you watched the Hebrew Israelite debate last night, I may be making some comments on it during the show here. If you have a question, by all means give a call. But 15 minutes after the show is over, on our Ask Dr. Brown YouTube channel, Ask Dr. Brown, I'm going to be doing a live chat just related to last night's Hebrew Israelite debate, give a few overall reflections, and then take any questions you have. So if you yourself were Hebrew Israelite, if you watched the debate, if you had a particular opinion about it, by all means that's your time where you'll be able to type in your comments. You're welcome to call right now, of course, with anything to follow up or challenge me on or agree with me on.

It's perfectly fine. But a little bit later, we'll just devote some more time to it because it got a lot of attention, and even though I knew going in, and assumed even on the platform where it was, that there would be a majority of folks watching that would be of the one West Hebrew Israelite camp, and therefore in agreement with Al-Azhar, whom after the debate exchanged some friendly emails and reached out to him as a friend. I'd love to win him over to the truth, of course, and let his zeal and boldness be used to advance the kingdom of God, absolutely, but no personal animosity towards him or anything like that, I wish God's best for him. So this is not my time to bash him, but of course we'll both be taking one another's positions apart. But I knew going in there that the vast majority of the folks that would be watching live would be in his camp, which meant no matter what I said, I was going to get bombarded.

That's fine, that's perfectly fine. I'm very glad to go into hostile territory if we can deliver truth along the way, and it's a great learning, experiencing, and doing it in a certain environment, so may the Lord be glorified. All right, with that, let us go over to the phones.

We'll start with Jaylon in Springfield, Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello, Dr. Brown. This is my second time calling.

It's been a few months since I called, and really helped last time. I want to tell you I really honor you, really appreciate your ministry, and you've actually helped open my eyes with the timing of the rapture as well. I have a question about 1 Samuel chapter 9 verse 25, and then after that, if you have time, I have a second question that would be a simple one, but this one, it says, when they had come down from the high place into the city that Samuel spoke, and from my understanding, the high place usually talks about idolatry, and I know Samuel is one of the most honored prophets in the Bible. Right, so what you have here is, before the temple was built, yes, you did have the centralized tabernacle, but it was very widespread for the people to offer sacrifices to the Lord himself on these high places. So, high places were used, you know, a higher place up closer to the heavens and all of that, so through much of Israel's history, they were used for idolatry, but they were also used to sacrifice to the Lord, to sacrifice to Yahweh, and you'll see about a certain king, he did this and this and this, but he didn't move the high places, meaning the people were still worshiping Yahweh, but not according to the ordinance that it only should have been in one place. So, especially before the temple was built and things were really centralized with a king, there was a lot more worship in a lot different places, and Samuel just worked with what was, but it wasn't idolatrous, it was to the Lord, and that's why it was not ideal, but it was acceptable. Well, that's what, that helped me, because that really confused me, because Samuel's one of the few prophets that, from my understanding, has nothing bad spoken about him in the Bible.

Right, right, and yeah, so again, it was just, it was not ideal, but because it was worshiping the Lord and things were not fully centralized with a king and with a temple, etc., that that was a practice, and it was, as long as it was to the Lord, it was tolerable, and God worked with it, and Samuel worked with it. Yep. All right, so... That makes sense. Yeah, one more. We can do one more quick one. Go ahead.

Okay. So, I'm actually a minister of the gospel as well, and my question is, when you're asking for finances, for instance, I have a way for people to give to me and stuff, but what I struggle with, how to do that without coming across greedy or maybe even ways to use, I noticed a lot of ministers will have maybe a book or something they can give back, and I've had, you know, people give to me, but I struggle sometimes knowing how to bring it up, or how to, you know... Yeah, so this is, the first question was the easy one, this is the more complicated one. And I've struggled with that over the years because I'm so conscious of funds and where they go and them being used rightly. I so hate the gospel enterprise where people seem to get rich off the gospel or manipulate people that sometimes it's been a weakness of mine that I've had to overcome, and to this day, there are areas where I still have to overcome that because I'm so conscious of it, but the big thing is, it's not for you, it's for the work of the Lord. Now, let's say it's to support you, right, that you are ministering full-time and trying to work some extra hours to bring in some funds, and you just want to be able to minister to people full-time. This is not so you can buy a mansion, this is not so you can buy a Mercedes Benz, this is just so that you can be 24-7 ministering.

Well, Paul says it, Jesus says it, in Jesus' words, the laborer is worthy of his hire, and Paul's words, those who preach the gospel should live by the gospel. So if you know this is so that you can reach people, think of it like this, that you have medical supplies that must be delivered to a particular area, and you've got the courage to go into this difficult area in your vehicle, but you've got no gas in the car and no money. Well, when you say, hey, can you give me money for the gas in the car, it's got nothing to do with you, it's got to do with the mission.

So, for example, as we raise funds for line of fire expansion, if someone wrote us a million dollar check today, not a dime, literally, not a dime of it would go into my pocket or go into the pockets of our staff to enrich them, it would go 100% to expand our reach across the country. When we're raising, yeah, so I'm conscious that I'm not raising money from me so I can just be lazy and sit around, no, I'm raising money so we can reach more people. The one thing I, so what I normally do is toward the end of my message I'll say, hey, if you want to give, here's how you can do it, but I guess what I'm wanting to know is can I make that leap to straight up just telling people, hey, you know, I really want to ask you to give to the work of the Lord and maybe kind of here's what we're going to do with it.

Yeah, so here's the thing, don't be ashamed of it, don't try to be somebody else. I will never be as effective as some TV evangelists are in, you know, raising money their way, and I have friends that have raised mega funds in the most low-key way, so God can work with everyone, don't try to be someone you're not, but people want to know what they're giving towards. For example, if you said, you know, my house is leaking, I need to fix the roof, my car's kind of run down, can you help out, you're not going to get much support. If you say, you know, God's using us in the inner city, we're seeing young men getting saved and discipled, it's amazing, if we had funds we could reach more, now there's a vision people can get behind. So, Jalen, give them a vision of what's happening, give them a testimony, share something with them so they know, hey, I'm making an investment, I know that so many of you listening to this broadcast believe in what we're doing, and you so stand with us and pray for us, and because you know we're touching lives, so you know if we can reach many, many millions more than we're currently reaching, it can have a great impact, and that's why you stand with us, so whatever the vision is, don't exaggerate it, but real life testimony, let people know what they're getting behind, and encourage them, say hey, and realize as they give you're not hurting them, you're helping them, because God will bless them as they give.

Read the book The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, and as it opens up within you a spirit of greater generosity, I think you'll see even more fruit, and some of us have kind of a poverty mentality when it comes to money because of our ministry thinking, so it's God's funds for God's work, and for God's glory, but check out The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, 866-34-TRUTH, we go to Christian in Toledo, Ohio, welcome to the line of fire. How you doing, Dr. Breaux? I'm doing very well, sir. All right now, I must admit, I did tell the lady I wanted to ask one question, but as soon as I asked, you can switch, you can switch, man, that's fine. All right, so this one right here, you know, I kind of want to ask about, you know, the Bible does say no one has seen God, right, but then God is seen throughout the Bible, that confuses me, but also the ones that confuse me even more is when it seems like James and Paul is always at each other, so just for quick examples, Paul tells, I think, some, you know, a group of people that you guys should already been teachers already. James says it's better for you not to be teachers, then Paul says we stay by faith alone, but then James said we're not saved by only faith, but faith that works. So like, those two questions just confuse me. How does the Bible say no one has seen God within immortal times?

I'll tell you what, I'll do my best to answer big questions very simply. John 1 18, no one has seen God at any time, 1 Timothy 6 16, he dwells in unapproachable light, which no one has seen or can see, and yet, you're right, Exodus 24, 74 people, it says of them, and they saw the God of Israel. Isaiah 6, I saw the Lord high and lifted up, and on and on. Numbers 12, Moses sees the form of the Lord. So what we have to understand is no one has seen God in his unveiled glory, which I take to mean the Father. But Jesus says, John 14 elsewhere, if you've seen me, you've seen the Father. So any time that people see God in the Old Testament, they're actually seeing the Son, because Hebrews 1 tells us he's the exact representation of God's image, the very image of God, Colossians tells us in the first chapter.

So when people see God, they see the Son, he's the one who makes the Father known. As for James, Jacob, and Paul, people have thought that there's a conflict between them. When you quote in Hebrews, we don't know that Paul wrote Hebrews, but he is telling you should have been mature enough now, the end of Hebrews 5, you should have been mature enough to be teachers, but you're still just babes. Jacob, James 3, is saying not everyone should be a teacher.

So some of you shouldn't, you're mature enough, you should have been teachers already. And Jacob, James warning, don't just set yourself up as teachers. And as far as a contradiction, look at Acts 26, 20. Paul says his message was that people should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds. And that's what James, Jacob, is responding to, the idea that you can be right with God without real repentance and deeds. They agree on that. Real faith will produce real works. So fundamentally, there is harmony. I'll make a couple more comments on the other side of the break.

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So just a quick comment about the call. When you teach faith and grace, it's always possible for there to be an abuse, right? For people to think, well, I can do whatever I want to do.

Well, I'm not under the law, I can do whatever I want to do. And that's what Jacob James is dealing with. He's correcting any idea that you just say a prayer or say words. Because remember, he says, you believe in one God, great. Well, the demons believe also.

What does that mean? Unless there is saving faith, where you truly ask God to change you, to forgive you, to give you a new life, which will then be demonstrated by your works, then it's not real faith at all. So he says, you got faith?

Show me, show me by your works. Paul is dealing with the idea of a legalism. If I just do enough, if I work hard enough, if I keep the Sabbath enough, if I pray enough, if I fast enough, then God will forgive me. Or if I just add on, like circumcision or something else, then God will forgive me saying, no, no. To the contrary, you're justified by faith. God wants you to put your trust in him, not do all these works, but believe him, believe his goodness, believe his mercy. That's what will justify you. And then that life, what does Paul say in Ephesians 2? You are created to do good works. It will result in a life of good work. So there is ultimately harmony there.

866-34-TRUTH. I'm going to go back to the phones momentarily. So depending on which station you're listening or how you're listening to the broadcast, you may have just heard the same ad from our sponsor TriVita about nitric oxide. I get a kick out of listening to these ads because I use the products myself and found real, real benefit with it. So this is like, yeah, I agree. As I was working out, lifting the other day, it's like, yeah, I keep seeing the good results, you know, traveling to London and back in just a few days. And then even while they're an eight hour round trip commute to Manchester one day to minister a few messages and just, it was just, you know, along with my healthy lifestyle, these supplements have been great.

So I'm just listening like, yeah, I agree. So if, if you, if you just want free health consultation, just where you, you call and say, Hey, I'm this age and this is what I'm looking to do. 800-771-5584. 800-771-5584.

That's the number you call, ask about it. And remember a hundred percent of your first order goes to support the line of fire and a good portion of your subsequent orders as well. And just as I was talking to Jalen earlier in Springfield, Missouri, a hundred percent of what comes in is going to help us reach more people. Think of that teaming up together to reach more people and to make a greater impact and to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity and millions more people.

Thanks. Thanks to all those who pray for us and support us. We could not do this without you. It is a team effort. When I speak, I'm not just speaking for me, I'm speaking for us. I'm, I'm speaking to seek to be a representative of the Lord and us and to go into the difficult areas and the controversial topics and to, to unpack them from a biblical viewpoint, full of the Spirit, full of grace, full of truth, so that, that maybe I can articulate things for you and get a message out for you that then, then you can share with others and together as God's put you in so many different areas of, of life and in business and media and family and school and, and the world and church and ministry, that God will use you on the front lines, that we're here to equip you, strengthen you, infuse you with faith and truth and courage. So thank you for, for being part of our team. We're here for you. All right, let us go to Nancy in Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire.

Yes, Dr. Brown. I've never called in before and I don't know if you've ever heard of the chem lines. They are what they are. I saw them on somebody's cell phone and it's like vapor trails that jets would make. And the only problem is they, they're in countries that don't have jets, plus they crisscross so close to each other, their jets would crash.

And what they're supposed to be doing, then it's real pencil thin. And then as it goes down toward the ground, it gets wider and wider and wider. And it's supposed to be feeding the atmosphere to make it like if you live in the desert or something that all of a sudden the desert gets more water. Places that are really wet dry up and there's crop failures because the weather changes.

And it seems to be like the environmentalists are causing, they just are trying to control the population. And I didn't know if you heard anything about that or not. No, sadly it's outside of areas I would focus on, Nancy. We do our best to answer all questions. And sorry, your first call is when we really can't help you with, it doesn't pertain to anything we really ever talk about on the broadcast or anything I've ever studied, looked at. So my apologies there. I will say that there are things that have been done that work with nature and have really helped a lot of people. You know, in Israel, they've learned how to get more crop cycles out of land and they've helped different African countries in certain ways. So there's certain things that are positive that are done, but this I have zero knowledge of whatsoever. And there's no reason for me to comment because I have nothing that I can say specifically about this. So my apologies. We try to cover lots of ground, but there's only so much ground that we have here. So thank you for the call.

My apologies that I can't give you a better answer. All right, let's see. Okay, let me grab another call here.

David in California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, Dr. Brown. Hey. Pleasure to talk with you.

Well, thank you. What I wanted to talk to you about... Go, yeah, I was making sure my phone was kind of weird. What I wanted to talk to you about is, it seems a Reformed church has really taken a hold of the younger generation in the past. I was listening to this guy called Ruslan, I don't know if you're familiar with him. Yeah, I've been on his podcast a couple times and we're in touch behind the scenes.

Yeah. Okay, well then you know that he was a former hip-hop artist in the early 2000s and so forth, and I was kind of looking and seeing that today we have so much disconnect or deconstruction going on in his age group. And I'm just wondering, is it because of the strictness of the teachings from the Reformed church that they say, this is the way it is, and if you don't believe us, you're heretics, or you're going down the wrong road.

I won't mention some of the popular teachers, but I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. It just seemed to, you know, it's misinterpretation and there's no other way, and I just wanted to get your comments on it. Right, so I just reached over to get my newest book. The title is Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith, and the subtitle is Responding to the Deconstructionist Movement with Unshakeable, Timeless Truth. There are many, many different reasons that people leave the church.

Thankfully, many young people are flooding in to hear the gospel. There are many different reasons. One reason is that society has shifted so radically pro-LGBT, et cetera, that the church is perceived as anti-gay, so if gay is good, the church is bad. Another is so many leadership scandals have alienated people. Another is the politicizing of the gospel, and people are now confronted with politics as opposed to hearing just a message of Jesus where Christians are now perceived as being an appendage to a political party. That's another issue. Another issue is that a generation has grown up in many ways without the knowledge of God, and we take things for granted, so the Bible has certain authority that we point to, but for many young people, it doesn't have that authority.

We haven't often fully fractured that in. Many of the objections of the atheists have trickled down until the large majority of the society and larger attacks on scripture that the church often hasn't been ready for, so that influence of social media and how it's deteriorated things, but for sure, a gospel without life, and I'm not accusing any Reformed people this could happen anywhere, but a gospel without life, a gospel without joy, a gospel that's all about do's and don'ts, that's definitely going to push people away. You know, on the other side, the me-centered message, the message that it all comes down to me that God's here to make me feel good, that's been preached for years in America, and that's been very, very destructive, so those are just some of the different things that have happened, but if we come with the real message of Jesus and the life and power of the Spirit and live it out ourselves, we will see a massive harvest of souls. By the way, I'll tell you how to get this book and a free book with it when we come back on the other side of the break. Thanks for the call, David.

Hey friends, Michael Brown here. You know, it seems the whole country now is talking about revival. Could it be that a fresh wave of revival is here? Friends, I've said for decades without a fresh wave of revival in the church and awakening in society, it's over for America as we know it, and that's where I wrote the book, Revival or We Die.

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The time for revival is now. It's the Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on the Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Okay, my bad. If you want to get a copy of Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith, just go anywhere online and get it. Go to your local Christian bookstore or website, I confuse that with our current monthly offer, which is Revival or We Die, which will really stir you, light a fresh fire in your heart, give you a passion and vision of what can happen in Revival. When you get that, you get a free book with it, the Revival Answer book, which will answer tons of questions you've had about God moving and what's God, what isn't God. So find out about that. That's 800-538-5275. 800-538-5275.

I love to give away books. I got our things confused. That was last month together with this month. All right, so a reminder, 15 minutes after the broadcast ends, so 4.15 Eastern Time, I'll be doing a live YouTube chat with some reflections on the Hebrew Israelite debate last night, but taking your questions specifically about it. So you won't have to call in and just type in your question. You can be hostile towards me. I don't mind that.

It's perfectly fine. You may be 100% agreement with me or just have a general question, but that's what we're going to focus on during the YouTube chat. I'll give you some reflections. We'll take some questions. Everyone listening to the broadcast, you may be listening to it on a delay or podcast several days after, this will be up on our YouTube channel. Ask Dr. Brown, ASK DR Brown.

The chat will be archived so that everyone can look at it afterwards, so don't worry if you can't make it in live. It'll be up there for you later today. All right, back to the phones.

We start with Kenneth in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, Dr. Brown.

You're welcome. So, first off, before I ask my question, I just want to say I love that you have resistance as your intro song. I hope that's on the playlist during the second swimming in Jesus.

That is a sweet song for battle. So, I had a question about the pre-incarnate Christ from a Jewish perspective. So, I know that the pre-incarnate Christ was largely a mystery in the Old Testament, but I've recently heard some say that before Christ ever came on the scene in his earthly ministry, that there were actually some Jewish contemporaries, extra biblical sources, ancient writers, that had actually written about a possible Trinitarian type godhead for Yahweh, and I was wondering if you had known about any sources?

That's a highly exaggerated statement. You do not have intertestamental literature, so literature between the Old and New Testament, in Jewish sources that points to anything explicitly Trinitarian. You do have some rabbinic sources, even at the time or after the time of the New Testament, that are about, quote, two powers in heaven, so there's God, but then there's another god-like figure. But that's a separate thing, and traditional Jews would say that there's still the recognition of one supreme god and one god only. To me, I can make a very good case for God's triune nature, just using the Hebrew Bible.

The New Testament more fully fleshes it out, but in terms of the Father who is unseen, the Son who is seen, and the Spirit who works among us, I can make that case, and because we know there's only one God, then he must be triune, sitting enthroned in heaven, veiled in glory that no one can see, making himself known on earth at different times through his Son, and working among us by his Spirit all at one and the same time, while filling the universe with his presence, that's God. But yeah, there's a lot of popular stuff that's on the internet, and when you actually start poking the balloons, they start exploding because there's no substance behind them. Right. Yeah, I hadn't actually heard of any that I had seen that seemed legitimate to me, but they kept stressing this, and I'm like, I've never heard of it. Yeah, so ask for, say, okay, give me the original sources, right, and then try to look up the original sources. Sometimes, once you go look them up, you find the citations are completely bogus, you know? Right.

It's like going to an address that doesn't exist, and that's why your GPS can't find it. So some of the things are completely bogus, some are total misquotations, and some of them are just manufactured, somebody heard something, passed it on. Where there are legitimate sources, scholars already know about these things, it's not like some new discovery. Right, yeah, no, I believe that.

Yeah, I didn't think that I'd even seen any source material for, which I'd looked for when I was in Bible college, I couldn't find any source material. Yeah, if you ever discover anything that someone says is a source, feel free to give us a call and check on it, all right? I appreciate it, Dr. Brown.

You are very welcome. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Bob in Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi, Dr. Brown. This may not be a particularly profound question, but it's kind of important to me. Proverbs 18-16, about your gift making room for you. In Hebrew, can that mean actually like a vocational gift as we read the term today, or it really is talking about something more like a bribe? Yeah, okay, so in context, in Proverbs, it's definitely talking about a bribe. You know, we have this, a man's gift eases his way, gives him access to the great, even though it's just matan, matan adam, the gift that a man gives. So the word is matan, but elsewhere in Proverbs, it's similar to statements about a bribe, and it basically seems to be saying that if you pay the guy off, it'll open doors for you. Now, I used to hear it quoted in the church in which I was saved in terms of anointing and spiritual gifting, and I believe in the King James that the gift makes room for you, right? So if you have a certain gift, that that will open doors. Now, it's certainly a truth, right? It's certainly true that God's gifts in your life will open doors for you.

It's just not likely what that's talking about. However, that being said, where I would go if I were you is Proverbs 22 29, all right? Proverbs 22 29, see a man skilled at his work, he shall attend upon kings, he shall not attend upon obscure men. So that's one that's definitely vocational, right?

You're skilled at what you're doing, then that'll open doors for you. So the Proverbs 18 16 most likely does not point in that direction, but this verse certainly does. Right, okay, that's good. It's disappointing the other one, but. Yeah, but again, here's the deal. If you want to press it, strictly press it, it doesn't say bribe, it doesn't say shochad, or another word for bribe. It does say matan, which is gift. It is so parallel to the other bribe statements that it's normally understood that way.

However, it doesn't have to be. I'm not trying to dig something out of a verse, I'm just saying to be fair, right? That the word matan is just gift, but it's not so much the gift that you have received, but the gift that you're giving, right? And that's why we understand it to be speaking of a bribe. So it's not a complete heretical misinterpretation to say if you have a certain gift, it opens the door, but again, the context really in Proverbs, and even it's the gift you're giving, not the gift you have. So hey, listen, I've been disappointed with things as well as I thought something meant something else, but then normally, if it's a real truth, you find it elsewhere in Scripture.

That's why I pointed to Proverbs 22 29. Hey Bob, thank you so much for the call, I appreciate it. Let us go to Mark in Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown, it's nice to be on your show. Hey, thank you. Hey, before I start my question, I just want to say that you're a very important teacher to me, and that's kind of why this question is very important, because I've always had questions about this, deliverance ministry, can Christians have demons? And I've listened to you as a resource to get an understanding from that, mostly you and Dr. Sam Storms and people like that.

So I've just got some quotes, one of your quotes recently, and then I've got other quotes from you in the past, and I kind of want to compare the two and see how you put them together. Great, oh please, yes. So your most recent post on Facebook, you said, do I believe that genuine believers can come under demonic power and need to be delivered and set free? Absolutely yes. Do I believe that genuine believers can be indwelt by demons and need exorcism?

Absolutely not. Then you testified of one of your experiences, so just for time's sake I'm trying to be quick, but I have never need to have demons cast out of me, the spirit dwells inside of you, demons cannot dwell there with him. That's a very clear statement. Now I've listened to your sermons on from your Torchbearer access, believers in demon possession, quote one, the gospels have no problem speaking about driving demons out of people in terms of in terms of physical sickness, and they don't have to have a whole distinction to understand, well this person was a believer and this person wasn't a believer, even though you could say to me, but our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. Well if our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit how can we still sin? If our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit how can sin sometimes rule someone's life?

How can poor faith say to that person, don't use the members of your body as weapon of unrighteousness? Yes in the spirit that's our bodies, but we must therefore set them apart as holy and not think that there's some magic aura around our bodies because we are believers. No a demonic spirit can infiltrate a believer's body the same way you can infiltrate the body of an unbeliever, and I don't really think you can find anything in the scriptures that could argue against that in any way. Quote two, if you want to get technical I would agree that within a believer's innermost heart within the depths of the spirit where the Holy Spirit lives I'll accept a demon cannot dwell there together, but if you just say that a demon can dwell in someone's mind but not in their spirit you are missing the whole point.

There is not a clear separation that you can just slice open. There is a contamination of sorts that take place so that I would say yes a demonic spirit can, according to various scriptures about spirits being in people and leaving people, can actually dwell within an unbeliever on a level or within a believer on some level or another. And the final quote, when Jesus told us to go drive out demons demons out of people he didn't say that could only apply to unbelievers and we don't find that with all the healing ministry and all the miracle ministry and people who were bound and mentally confused and all that, God ever limited that to simply unbelievers.

And I would say even in your latest video you always refer back to the daughter of Abraham and say she's an object of salvation or an example for us new testament believers. Yeah thanks for taking the time to transcribe all those quotes from angels demons and deliverance series which was um what I guess late uh 1980s early 1990s right so 100% I agree with what I've said. The point I was making in the short Facebook tweet which I still hold to and as you just read from one of those quotes is that we cannot be indwelt by demons the way we're indwelt by the spirit. Can demons influence our mind or have a stronghold in our mind or in our physical body? Yeah that's not the issue and as I've said tell you what we'll come right back I'll finish but in short as I said when I was interviewing Pastor Greg Locke a couple weeks ago telling the enemy you don't belong here get out get out get out do I believe a demon can dwell in the same innermost part of our being where the Holy Spirit dwells absolutely not absolutely not all right right back chronic inflammation is the greatest health threat to humanity infections injuries toxins poor diet and chronic stress can attack your immune system and lead to chronic inflammation but now there's a solution you can fight this dangerous silent killer with nopalea made from the super fruit of the Nepal cactus containing a unique group of bioflavonoids clinically shown to reduce chronic inflammation in a random double-blind placebo-controlled study it showed a reduction of elevated at-risk c-reactive protein levels resulting in an improvement in range of motion in the back neck and joints and an overall 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on the line of fire by calling 866 34 truth here again is dr michael brown all right thanks friends for joining us if you don't have my app you gotta download it you'll be so blessed by all the material at your fingertips and search for hundreds thousands of different subjects and check out all the free resources we have it's ask dr brown ministries ask dr brown ministries download the app enjoy it if you enjoy it give it a good rating share it with others so so mark when i use the term exorcism i try to use a specific word which in in my mind is is someone who has been inhabited by demons in in in the sense of demon dwelling in their innermost being to me that that is an unsafe person that is going to need exorcism in that sense and and that's what we're dealing with but if as i said in in the series years ago and i've said again since as a human being maybe you're getting harassed from the outside maybe there's a voice in your head maybe there's something attached to your body maybe there's something inside of you whatever's going on it doesn't belong there so we say get out in jesus name i've i've rebuked sickness in the same way leave in jesus name even though it's a sickness it doesn't belong there and we speak with god's authority so it if there is still a contradiction in your mind with all those quotes then ask specifically what it is because as i hear it i'm trying to say the same thing in a couple of different ways one in a short ghost and another and longer messages but yeah my beliefs have stayed the same all these decades so how do you drive a demon out of a christian and say that's not an exorcism yeah so a great question perfect question in my mind i'm not driving a demon out of them i'm setting them free from some type of oppression or attack all right if i'm dry in my mind if i'm driving a demon if i'm saying leave you're somewhere where you don't belong around that person holding on to them in some way so so get out of here leave in my mind i'm not casting a spirit out from inside of them where the holy spirit dwells so i i in my mind it would be two completely different things dealing with someone who is fully demonized and indwelt by demons and needs to have them driven out of their spirit in which case they're they're not even believers yet or dealing with a believer that is under severe attack or maybe even has some demon clinging to their body when i say leave get out in jesus name to me they're two different get outs uh in in my mind in my thinking so obviously that could be confusing in terms of how that how that works out the thing i was trying to the point i was trying to make in the those messages many years ago is is we don't have to split hairs over it as long as we know that where the holy spirit dwells inside of us a demon cannot dwell then wherever a demon is in our lives they don't belong there get out in jesus name whether you're in my head whether you're in my mind whether you're in my body whether you're swirling around me whether you're in my house get out in jesus name that to me is different than an exorcism some might use the term interchangeably and perhaps next time i can be even more specific but that's how i understand it yep um could i also ask why did you quote second corinthians 7 1 about our spirits being contaminated and using that against those who say oh well demon can dwell and you know the body's soul but not our spirit but then you respond by saying but even our spirit needs to be cleansed do you remember ever using that scripture well i mean it's it's a relevant scripture right after the promises in second corinthians 6 second corinthians 7 1 having therefore these promises dearly beloved let us cleanse ourselves from everything that defiles flesh and spirit protecting perfecting holiness in the fear of god right it was to simply say don't think that the enemy can't mess with you don't think the enemy can't attack and mess with you in some very intimate ways things that will even defile your spirit but that again is very very different than having your innermost temple indwelt by demons and the holy spirit at the same time so again we're making fine lines of distinction that are real in god's sight but often our experience can feel like they overlap and that's why my general thing wherever they are get out of here in jesus name and a lot of the specula to me it's most important to be practical in other words what happens to the millions of people that never go through deliverance and get set free from all kinds of addictions and get set free from from all kinds of bondages and set free from all kinds of oppression they just meet with god the holy spirit falls on them and they're they didn't consciously have something leave them you know so we have to give room for all the different ways that god moves and not make everything into a matter of deliverance everything is a matter of driving demons out that's when we make a big mistake we also make a big mistake when we think nothing has to do with demons so to me being practical is the key thing in all of this and not trying to split hairs yep i i see where you're coming from i just want to just add one thing quickly the word demonized in scripture comes from the word dynamism which always entails indwelling being inhabited by demons how can you use that word specifically um in the context of christians being demonized when do you think it can be misleading when you're using the very word that always entails indwelling well it's because it's no it's it's traditionally translated demon possessed and we're trying to get away from that concept of being all-inclusive sam storms and his articles online says it always refers to someone that's into all i have to i have to look that up sam's a great scholar and a colleague and friend in fact god willing next weekend we'll be together talking with some some other brothers who have some some different views on things of the spirit uh jim osmond and justin peters having a good conversation god willing but um i i'm in my mind when i do a quick search in my mind for the times that it's used it doesn't always mention that they were indwelled by demons so i have to check that reference uh dr storms is reliable but i still have to check it for myself uh and then then i can respond to to your question when i do that but thank you sir for the gracious asking and i'm so glad that we can play a role in your life by all means keep coming with your questions all right let's get to as many more calls as we can we go to kate also in batten Rouge louisiana welcome to the broadcast thank you um uh your ministry is blessed to be very big and i have a ton of my friends very young high school college age to listen to you so just real quick on behalf of all young people who watch your show i want to say you're super based epic and lit if you don't get what that means that's fine all right man i'll take that i'll take that one to the bank thank you definitely so my question is about uh genesis six five i don't have a bible in front of me but you can uh i'm sure you know it my question is i'm i've never been a calvinist but my calvinist friends always throw this at me to show total depravity and it really really does sound like total depravity to me my question is are the people in here is it trying to say that all their thoughts 100 always were evil and if so uh what does that entail and why was noah special or any different ah yeah great great questions and and to all your your friends listening shout out to all you guys so so glad that you are you are connected with us all right so uh number one if you keep reading to the next verse and the lord regretted that he had made man on earth and his heart was saddened uh that's a verse i've used debating my friend dr james white on calvinism to suggest that's anything but calvinistic in terms of god's grief over making mankind because the choices he made whereas according to a calvinist ultimately the choices we're making are the choices we were predestined to make and could ultimately make no other choices so why would i be why would he be grieved over it if that's what he set up of course dr white had his answer i didn't agree with it but um this also is written after the flood in the eighth chapter that the thoughts of human hearts are evil continually even from their youth so it wasn't just pre-flood but then what about noah how did noah stand out why was he considered righteous and and why are there why are there others that will be singled out for for purity of heart or sensitivity of heart so number one it's a generalization about human beings and from earliest days we we've got sinful thoughts right and that's that's the direction that we go uh outside of god's grace outside of god's mercy but certainly uh either you have for example in genesis the the 20th chapter with king of bimelech when he takes in sarah and because god saw his heart and that he did it innocently and and and was a god-fearing man then god didn't let him sin because he saw what was in his heart so throughout scripture god commands say i see what's in your heart or i've taken notice of this or i've seen your tears or i see your humility so it doesn't mean that we can't respond to god and humble ourselves and have pure thoughts and righteous thoughts so human beings in themselves will never see god but god is constantly drawing us and and since the cross john 12 32 jesus says if i'm lifted up i'll draw all men to me so that drawing process has taken place which is why you can have psalm 14 psalm 53 saying there's none righteous none on the earth and then saying how the wicked are trying to destroy god's people right and the wicked are so so there is the general statement about humanity but then you always have the righteous remnant and you have god-fearing people and they find favor in god's sight god singles them out because they trust him because they believe him because they humble themselves before him because they choose to do good rather than evil so it's with his grace and help we do it but absolutely not all human beings 24 7 are only thinking depraved in wicked thoughts if that was the case we would all be gone the human race we've completely self-destructed a long time ago so it supports human depravity it doesn't say that god is not working on the earth and bringing people to himself who he considers righteous god-fearing what does it say about about uh zechariah elizabeth and luke one that they kept all the lord's commandments right and they were righteous according to the law so there is grace that draws us and we can respond in obedience i definitely know that helps clears it up yeah and again just say okay so if it means everybody just start with what about noah what about enoch right back it up and enoch walked with god and he was not for god took him and then he's he's hailed as a champion of the faith in hebrews 11 well he was predestined well now now you got to bring in theology and i thought we're just trying to let the text say what it says so all right friends thanks for the call cade we are out of time uh we'll get to as many calls as we can in the days ahead but join me 4 15 eastern time on the ask dr brown youtube channel ask dior brown on youtube and otherwise if you miss it if you're listening to the broadcast a little bit delayed just go there later today ask dr brown on youtube and you can watch our reflections on the hebrew israelite debate where i'll also be taking your questions another program powered by the truth network
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