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The Truth About Islam, More on Black Hebrews, and Your Jewish Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 30, 2016 4:30 pm

The Truth About Islam, More on Black Hebrews, and Your Jewish Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 30, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/30/16.

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You want to see what the face of Palestinian terror looks like we'll talk about it right here on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown paramedics in the West Bank try feverishly to revive the 13-year-old girl allegedly stabbed in her own bedroom by a young Palestinian inside her home in a Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba.

Israeli security forces find us enough lunch. They say guards shot to death.

The statement 17-year-old Palestinian from a nearby village.

The girl was rushed to a Jerusalem hospital that was soon pronounced dead. The latest victim in eight months of heightened violence between Palestinians and Israelis 13 years old sleeping in her bed at home of your parents all of you grandparents with kids that age just think about little girl 13 years old sleeping in her own bed stabbed to death by a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist and Palestinian leadership is celebrating this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. It is through the Jewish Thursday and we must report on this horrific event, we must remind you that this is the face of Palestinian terror and this is the mindset that many Palestinians have which is the Israelis must be killed. The Israelis or guilty Israelis need to die, especially if they're living in a settlement, even if your 13-year-old girl sleeping in her own bed, tragic friends, tragic 866-34-TRUTH the number to call if you believe that Israel is the guilty party that Israel is somehow the evil occupier that Israel is an apartheid state that Israel is guilty of genocide, go ahead, give me a call and prove your point on a day like today, go ahead and argue your point of daylight today.

Those of you who refuse to recognize the evils of Palestinian terrorism and the fact that that this will not accept some peaceful solution for everyone to coexist side-by-side with this ultimately wants the extermination of the Jewish people, or at the very least the expelling of the Jewish people from all of the land of Israel. Nothing less is the ultimate goal. Go ahead and give me a call on a day like today. The young girl Halal Yaphet REL. Our oldest granddaughter, 15, two grandsons, 12 granddaughter nine so or grandkids are all around that 13 year age on either side of it. Some of you right now. Driving back from school with a 13-year-old sitting next to you in the car about to pick them up of this is the madness is the horror that Israel deals with every day and if not for the heightened security that is relived by its it's perfectly safe walking around Israel. In fact it's far safer than that enough just get in the car and driving to work in terms of potential casualty, but that's only because of Dan I vigilance that is only because Israel stops the potential onslaught of hundreds and hundreds of attacks on a monthly basis and is reported on pal PA and thought talk quick to honor the murderer who killed the 13-year-old in her sleep of the mother of the terrorist told local febrile news network that her son was a hero who made her proud what kind of mother what kind of mother is proud of the 17-year-old boy that kills a 13-year-old girl in cold blood in her sleep.

What kind of mother.

She said my son is a hero. He may be proud of my son died as a martyr defending Jerusalem the Al-Aqsa mosque. Praise be to allow Lord of the world's PA my son is drawing the Mars reform and he is not better than them leveling all of them will fall this path all the use of Palestine all be praise and course.

Of course this myth. This myth that this is about defending the ox, a mosque, which was in danger. The same lie get circulated and Israelis die file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why you will if you don't understand Arabic and I don't follow smoking Arabic and have to read it to understand the imagery is absolutely shocking. I've seen the footage of it there and it comes from October of last year in Gaza and E mom preaching in the mosque with knife in hand calling for the stabbing of the Jewish people of the world most here, he said. View these comments via the Internet. This is because of this is the place of trenches and guns. This is the West Bank. This is the place of bombs and daggers, this is Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the cold world. The soldiers of the prophet Mohammed are here brothers.

This is why we were called today what Allah did to the Jews.

Recall what he did to them and sky bar. He said, invoking the slaughter of the Jewish residents of high bar by the marauding armies of the founder of Islam, Mohammed, and on he goes my brother in the West Bank stab my brother in the West Bank stab the miss of the Talmud in their minds. My brother in the West Bank stab the myths about the temple in their hearts. Today we have declared a curfew in Israel he gloated, listens with the Jews are saying to one another stay at home or go outside your death that have no alternative moment of the West Bank. The first phase of the operation requires stabbing in order to bring about a curfew. This is the knife into father. This is the method has been used random stabbing of Jewish people this morning, a 13-year-old girl asleep in her bed. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

If you have any Jewish related question of any kind. Any Israel related question of any kind whatsoever in the Hebrew related question. The messianic prophecy type question anything along those lines, you want to ask the phone lines are always open on thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866-348-7884. Even Islamic related questions were glad to take your calls. You might say Mike.

It's terrible, it's tragic it's it's absolutely horrific.

No question whatsoever. This is evil but it's a vicious cycle. Israelis kill Palestinians. Palestinians kill Israelis. That's just the reality. No no no, please don't paint a picture like that at a time like this is certainly not accurate. What I would say that because this hatred of the Jewish people in Islam predates predates the establishment of the modern state of Israel when Jews and Arabs living side-by-side in the 1930s and there was plenty of room for everyone and there was no modern state of Israel yet established and the Jews were developing the land and more Arabs were moving back to take advantage of that land development and other Arabs had lived there before the Jews in lesser numbers had lived there before as well.

It was it was then that intifada is relaunched against the Jews. It was then that the attacks came against the Jewish people and and Hitler was able to draw on some of the Jew hatred that was already found in Islamic traditions by way of the grand mostly of Jerusalem, the one who lost intifada's against the Jewish people in the 1930s.

So these sentiments have existed before a famous hadith's authoritative Islamic traditions.

In the end will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews. Meeting fight against them and destroy them and when Mohammed was rejected as the last great profit by the Jewish tribes that he encountered by the Jewish people he encountered that bred some of the hostility towards the Jews that is found in Islam.

So let's not just make the cycle tit-for-tat know let's let's recognize that even this recent incitement of violence is based on complete falsehoods based on the idea that the ox Al-Aqsa Mosque was going to be defiled. It's a lie that's put out over and over, and then Palestinians and in honor of Islam are outraged and they're now going to go on a killing spree. It's absolutely absolutely horrific.

I hope you can join me in Israel next your first or towards her perfectly safe course this is not that you going to some risky areas that you are to defy death or something like that is again let me save you if you get your car to drive to work, you risk an accident, more than you risk a problem happening on the tours were together. Israel but a great way to show solidarity with Israel is to go on one of these tours and then more importantly to get a heart for the Jews and the Palestinians by being on one of our tours.

I really do hope you could make it. It is life changing and life impacting and you don't know as you go again to find out more go to the website asked Dr. Brown asked Kate your Let's sure solidarity with the people of Israel. Let's pray for the bereaved family.

Let's pray for the shock Israelis.

Let's pray for mercy on the Palestinians. They are fed lies they have elected corrupt leaders, corrupt leaders have made things will be worse for them if they were living at peace with Israel. Their standard of living would be night and day different, so in that sense it's a vicious cycle and Israel is far from perfect in its dealings with the Palestinians, but I can assure you that their intention is national government or to work out ways to peacefully coexist as opposed to how can we exterminate the Palestinians were say of Hamas the leadership of Gaza. Their goal remains the same to exterminate the Jewish people out of the land of Israel and the Palestinian Authority does not lag much behind in terms of its anti-Israel sentiment. So, as reported on power today of both the Palestinian Authority and fought off called the murder of the 13-year-old girl today, and Israel killed her sleep by 70 Palestinian terrorists, they have branded him ready a Shahid Ahmad or Marta could see was he was shot to death. Following the attack and early this week, Palestinian media watch reported that a boss is marked with the buses advisor Sultan Abu Ali nine said everyplace you find this really cut off his head. God have mercy.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's let's take some calls right now will start in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Josiah, welcome to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown and I went back to about the dietary I have been talking them if they have it did when I talked that I they often fell below 98 at that park that act out found that those BRCA one of the night. He felt sure thing asked 10 is a vision that God gave to Peter using food to illustrate that he could bring the message to the Gentiles was not telling him to go and eat nonkosher food, but Seventh-day Adventists have real problems with number of things Jesus cooks fish for his disciples and in the Gospel of John.

The last chapter of the Gospel of John, which is problematic if the room is only vegetarian out we know that Abraham was, it was a meat eater and is Israelites were were meat eaters. It's just that they they wouldn't eat certain certain foods or some some of Seventh-day Adventists are complete vegetarian, so just go by the dietary laws, but the other problem is why just those laws. Why do they keep those laws and not of the laws of of the purity what they keep the 10 Commandments and the dietary laws, but they don't observe the biblical calendar out why this observe those laws and other civil laws so it's it's really a breakdown is no logic behind it whatsoever and with the New Testament does indicate to us. Josiah, is that no food in and of itself defiles with the files is what comes out of our heart is Matthew 15:7 so what comes out of our heart evil and tense and thoughts. That's what makes us unclean, but the food whether eating with wash drum washed hands are the particular food beat that doesn't defile our interbeing and that's why that's reiterated Romans 14 first Corinthians the eighth chapter, indicating that it was it was fine for these Gentile believers to eat food that was sold in the marketplace, a meat that was sold in the marketplace was probably offered to an idol at some point and then after that is the item actually eat it.

Then it sold in the marketplace could possibly give you don't know.

It doesn't matter if you don't know what I don't make an issue out of it.

If someone says say this was offered to an idol then then deleted for the sake of that person of the basically what we need to say is number one. Why do you keep this these laws and not all the others.

Where does the tour make that distinction number two for those who are totally vegetarian when you do with Jesus cooking fish for his disciples.

Number three will you deal with the New Testament teaching that nothing that you eat in and of itself defiles you II live in. I don't I don't eat pork or any any foods that are forbidden in the Torah, but there is no mandate in the New Testament for believers to do that. In particular, for Gentile believers. This also if you go to my website. Asked Dr. SKU around the Lord to search a digital library for dietary laws and you see I address that in online teaching video as well get a break.

Thank you sir for the call. Hey this is Michael Brown.

I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience.

Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer.

We've got great price on a trip and if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to asked Dr.

Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and NBC news is suspected terrorist Palestinian terrorists 17 years old, murders a 13-year-old girl sleeping in her bed. NBC says suspected terrorist immediately hailed by Palestinian leadership as a martyr's mother hailing him as a martyr. Shahid proud of him for his murderous act in BC's initial report suspected terrorist and the voice that little girl. You heard this little girl holding a knife to talk about how she wants to stab a Jew as her father commends her these little children are being polluted with anti-Israel anti-Jewish hatred there being polluted with lies from their earliest days and they get so angry and upset. They just want to go kill a Jew how demonic, how ugly a despicable 86634 let's go to Burke, Virginia Matthew welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown. Yeah, you have anybody out of view that Israel's all Israel's government all that this happened they came into the land.

They didn't clear up the land like God had commanded him to do in the Torah, they allowed the evil to exist. They allow these wicked evil religion to be preached among their population out on loudspeakers every day. They allow the radio station to play this propaganda TV station the play. This propaganda from Ramallah and from Gaza and when you invite people in your country and you allow it to their Arbor Day. This is what you're going to get here in the United States are fitted Matthew hang on for second, God did not command Israel today to murder Palestinians to murder the Muslims. Eating commands to deliver to wipe them out. It was a one-time thing with the Canaanites. It waited centuries and centuries because God said in Genesis 50 in the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet come reach its full measure all right and and when it out when it did. Then God said, exterminate them, men, women and children was an extreme act, but that was the one time in history that Israel was called to good Israel. Israel let him exit horrid. Then in the Torah. Doctors pray that your to put this wickedness so out out of your Arm out from among you.

That was my leg that was paying Matthew that was when the that was when the Israelites had sin in their own midst. The Israelites had sin in their own midst when Israelites were guilty of sin, they were to deal with it radically, but they were not to go to the surrounding nations and try to wipe them out once they were established in the land. And you have to remember also Matthew Israel was expelled from the land because of its own sin and Israel crept back into the land by the mercy of God. There were a lot of atheists and secular editors that were at all mean that you're keeping evil among you, but that Matthew. It's not up to Israel to go wipe out the Palestinians and you know better than Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, you know better than them. You're saying wipe them all out your ear and drive higher than what they're saying wipe them out. I removed them from the land's okay driving force of the lay of the land up to them or allow them to propagate that mentoring is required. TV station in Gaza being allowed to broadcast discarded because it's under Hamas. Gaza is is run by Hamas and its their choice to do what they want to do drugs, the consequences Israel is not going to allow for Hamas to prosper doing that, but that Matthew.

It's not up to Israel. Now to drive out every Arab from the land. The goal is to live peacefully side-by-side and and if if there is a necessity for Worthen youth. You fight and then if you have to take territory.

You take territory, but I guess everything okay where the Mathematica business is not Matthew Matthew listening for one second right. Israel is not a nation that is righteous in God's sight today. Okay Israel cannot say that they are going to expel the evil when Israel has its own evil when Israel has its own problems and sins and issues.

Israel is in the land today by the mercy of God, and it is not God's will for Israel to destroy all the Palestinians to drive out every Arab that that there was the conquest under Joshua, it does not say you repeat that through the generations and and I can guarantee this if Israel was to do what you wanted Israel to do Israel will become a complete pariah, rightly so, to the whole world and Israel.

It would be the end of Israel, not even America would stand with Israel if it were to do that and I would not stand with Israel for doing that either. What can you have with a people whose religion says kill every single Jew and when the laughter was alive.

The rocks of the trees will cry out, kill there it there very resurrection and salvation is based on the disclosure of the Jewish people understood, though, how shall you have peace with that when their very religion and their very to the core if stating to kill every single Jew because not every Muslim believes that in there plenty of more secular Muslims that don't believe that and for the most part they with a there are others who dismiss the younger generation basically just wants to live peacefully, but Matthew here's the deal. Of course there will not be a true, lasting peace before the Messiah comes, but the idea that they want exterminate also will exterminate them or they want to drive us out so will drive them out.

All that's going to do is exasperate, exacerbate the war, it's gonna make things worse and worse and worse. But hey, I asked for phone calls and you call then I appreciate the fact that radical Islam is radical and is murderous, and under no circumstances will dwell in a lasting peaceful way with Israel and it's a massive problem that the solution is not to drive out the Arabs and the Muslims.

That's not the solution. But Matthew thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH only keep taking calls for the next 90 minutes and in the second hour can have a guest on it's a good talk about reaching Muslims with the gospel. A friends website*around the Lord make plans to join me in Israel next year and check out our special resource offer and my latest article on this theme. I'm actually rooting for Donald Trump one. Read it. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to her any Jewish related question of any kind that you have by all means give me a call will do our best to give you a solid scriptural answer 866-34-TRUTH let's go back to the phones in Brooklyn. Yvonne, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown thinking I'm not really sure, but I was thinking that you're all wondering people want to get one month.

Get kind of monic I did a good book club because I mean anything and okay how good it would over and beyond, you know the perfect weapon to defend him without and then back the woman on the morning that mother went up 191 in 1900 right now I'm looking and he didn't say he would amend the family because I don't think he had a content railway and then I'm looking, you know, even within that that only the woman everywhere you go, blogger, woman, wearing their comfort. Note the woman objected and do whatever that man that I don't talk yeah the woman on pain and that the children but I think they like. They don't want it birthday really yet will you Yvonne. Let me let me give you a few responses certainly it's demonic and satanic.

Any time someone murders another person, cold-blooded murder there something demonic about that Satan is is the father of lies and is been a murderer since the beginning.

So for sure for sure.

There's always something demonic about it.

There is something demonic but a 17-year-old just killing a 13-year-old girl and in her bed just because she's an Israeli but and and for the mother to react like that. There may be some level of shock, but genuinely they are so brainwashed that they believe that this is the path to martyrdom that this is doing a good thing. They have so much hatred for the Israelis. There is so much demonizing of the Israelis in their minds. You have to remember once you dehumanize another people. Once you look at them as less than human.

Once you look at them as the sons of monkeys and pigs. This is chronic thought does about the Jewish people. Once you have then suffers some level of hardship and you attributed to them.

It's at their expense. There were there were Nazi murderers who went home and played with their children, and if if their little girl cut her hurt her knee. All they were so tender and they were gentle towards their wives and then they they go to the concentration camps and slaughtered Jews. It's what happens when you dehumanize went when whites dehumanize Blacks and and and bought them and in slave trade and well there you know they're just different, and they're not on the same level. This is a horrific thing that happens in history, and it leads to brutality and bloodshed in the most despicable way.

It's just when it when it happens like this.

It tears more deeply. All of our hearts and Prime Minister Netanyahu is rightly calling for the world to outright condemn this unconditionally and for Palestinian leadership to unconditionally condemn it.

Will it happen in a true way from Palestinian leadership. I say no because I say that there behind the incitement that leads to this is no question that there behind the larger incitement that leads to this when you glorify these people. When you turn them into martyrs when you give the families of stipends for life or cash bonus family member kills Jews no way condemn it from the heart like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown to Lititz with you, 86634.

Truth is the recall on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

Go to Larry on Long Island. Thanks for calling the line of fire. All the background. Hey, looking I'm not really that girl out rate and the Bible tells me that God says that you are the apple of the guy.

He loves them and he never divorced.

Now we going to the New Testament impulses were grafted in, and were part of the road so therefore we have a direct fellowship and love, supposedly the Jews.

If that be the case.

Biblically unmasking rather than nonviolence as you say we shouldn't go. How do or where does our preachers tell their congregations to scream out in outrage, whether with telegrams or whatever. To these people worldwide, not just from the United States because his Christian and every part of the world in the deepest darkest likeness of Africa as Christians and how do we get the message out that we have to support them if not my arms because I'm willing to pick up on.

At this point where biblically dubbed his we should defend them yet. Will Larry first. I appreciate your sentiments. Of course, and share your your outrage and the pain we feel this submissive fraction of what people is really feeling them in the family is the spoon again who can imagine these things and Israel is glad to say that although they receive a hefty amount of financial help United States for its defense that Israel is not asking anyone to come in and die on its soil to defend them, but for sure we are all called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that means for God's intervention in the Muslim world as well and infer for repentance and mercy to be poured out in the Muslim world's wealth for sure we when it comes time to vote. We vote for leaders who will stand strongly for Israel. I have a grid before all consider voting for a candidate in a major office. I have a grid that I'm looking at and just for me. There are three things a look at first the first of the pro-life circulate the pro-marriage and family and third are they pro-Israel number being pro-life you care about the mothers that are going abort their babies as well. But because you pro-life you you stand for the life of the child and to help that mother over pro-marriage and family. We don't hate the homosexual community but we will not redefine marriage and things like that pro-Israel. We want the good of the Palestinians as well, but we we recognize the goddess for the Jewish people back to the land. Recognize that there are number one ally in the Middle East in the truest democracy in the Middle East and the one that's really wanting peace with its neighbors.

Also we can vote accordingly. Vote for candidates that will stand with Israel when Pres. Obama was running for president I went to Sen. Obama. I warned then that he would be the most radically pro-abortion, pro-homosexual candidate we had I had grave concerns about where he stood with Israel silly.

Those concerns have proved true. He's up in an enemy of Israel, but this is been the coldest relationship between Pres. Prime Minister in in my memory. We got to do better with the next election. It may God help us there but let us pray. Let us show solidarity. Let's go over to Israel. It's a great way to show solidarity. Trust me, it makes a difference to the people of Israel to the nation of Israel, when you go over there on tours when you when you spend time in the land. When you understand the people and the culture the background even more and we we call on our elected officials to do what's right when it comes to Israel and pray for Christians worldwide to stand together. Thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday we go to Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Bill welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hello Dr. Brown yes sir I you about the Aramaic controversy.

The original manuscript of the Gospels were in Aramaic where the epistles were in Aramaic under one manager translating the Bible new translation and he is very strong on the Aramaic controversy and said that recent scholarship. The last 5 to 10 years as come down on the side of Aramaic yes that's so let's let's sort that out.

A lot of that is very much overstated.

Just what we do know we know that all of the early manuscripts we have the New Testament every single one of them. The earliest manuscripts are in Greek, as we do have number one we do know that the great bulk of the New Testament was originally written in Greek. For example, when Paul was writing his letters to Greek speaking people. He was writing in Greek. When other letters are being written to to those were Greek is that the lingua franca of the University's language there written in Greek, from everything we can tell all of the Gospels, as we have them originally written in Greek, although it's possible that there is an original composition of Matthew of the sayings of Jesus and though sayings of Jesus were originally in Hebrew or Aramaic. There are scholars the whole camp that says you have to go back to Hebrew original, they would point to statements by some of the church fathers that speak of a compilation of the sayings of Jesus by Matthew in Hebrew that would speak of the letter of Hebrews being written in Hebrew is latest to Rome, there is a reference to. There is a reference to him actually seeing some of these documents written in in Hebrew so we have that evidence then there are others who say no whenever it's his Hebrew actually means Aramaic and there's an argument that can be made for that. That was the language that was spoken by the Jewish people at that time which which would've been Aramaic more likely than Hebrew is the more commonly spoken language and we do have the translation from the Greek into Aramaic called the push into this is a translation says that the original Aramaic. This is a translation, perhaps a century or two after the New Testament of the Greek New Testament translated into Aramaic just as the Hebrew Old Testament was translated into Aramaic. The sheet is the old and New Testament together.

Pres. Aramaic there is a new movement emphasizing in Aramaic original claiming that well look the disciples.

Jesus was all taught Aramaic so the original documents were in Aramaic. There's a strong movement that remain, say, no, no, it was originally Hebrew Hebrews, much more widely used than people think. There is a reference in the Talmud to some Hebrew Gospels, and that would most likely mean Hebrew they're not Aramaic but again we have no attestation of this we have nothing in our hands. Any Hebrew Matthew we have as many many centuries later, a Brian Simmons and his passion. Translation is relying on the Aramaic a lot and feeling that scholars didn't use it adequately. I studied this and in great depth. Bill some years ago and what we do know is that there is a strong Semitic background to the Greek New Testament. For example, the phraseology of the book of Revelation that the Greek grammar resembles very much Hebrew grammar of the Old Testament of we know that some of the teachings of Jesus. If you reconstruct them in Hebrew or Aramaic may have word plays, or may have certain nuances that you don't get in the Greek, so scholars are aware of that and and top New Testament scholars look at these issues, but what has been preserved for us, or is in Greek, and from what we know.

The great bulk if not virtually all the New Testament was originally written in Greek F. We if we found ancient Hebrew manuscripts or ancient Aramaic manuscripts of parts of St. Matthew or the sayings of Jesus there in Hebrew there in Aramaic and this was an original. That would be an awesome fine right now we have nothing was been preserved this in Greek so we look at we certainly look at the, the Aramaic for insight, but not the primary way and I discussed this in brief in my book.

60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. I have a question was New Testament originally written in Hebrew, was New Testament written written Aramaic give the arguments I link to some lengthy academic paper I wrote on this years ago an article I wrote on this and that since 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. So right now the best thing that we still work with is the Greek New Testament looking to the Hebrew and looking to the Aramaic for background and insight, but not in a primary way of again I answer that as well, and 60 questions Christians ask about usually some practices I got a break right here. I gotta wonder thank you sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. That is the audio from a children's presentation, a childhood festival, an Israeli soldier is captured. This is a con Eunice childhood festival so someone dressed up as an Israeli soldier and that young Palestinian girl, which he saying is hurry up my child and join the battle die as a martyr and pull of the enemies Palestine an Arab clasping victory in one hand and stones of fire and the other and are filled with challenge pride and resolve die as a martyr blow up the enemies little children or curing of and and this is the call for a knife revolution, a knife revolution, joy grab clip number two, this is Corey Gill Schuster's YouTube channel. Ask and he's talking with Palestinians about stabbing soldiers and civilians will start with number two, that number are the heroes and if they kill someone who's civilian or settler is also good web development. The these people stole the land the narrative, and understanding the stole land significant civilian is a good thing. Let's let's hear from small play one more cliff.

This is an extended clip clip number three next to die for their lands are heroes. Often they defend their children's episodes out of the sons of the most element. How do you know the, the, the soldier that you stab is the same one who did something to you and you know the primary but the because he's Jewish you know we as Muslim and no Jewish conflict with the 30th.

How do Nozick Harrison is not because he kept on Dick 150. My aunt Dick my length. But how do you know he did. If I if I live in Tel Aviv or in Haifa and I'm Israeli and a Jew or Zionist and I didn't take anything from anybody. Why should I be killed because of my length when one is undecided he can find his roots is nothing from this event so he did he know he knows that that he is not from the start that the visit to become. He knows that if okay I think so any any is really an Israeli humming that's that's the view. Tragically, that's that's the view and your guilty you came to confiscate my land, the supposed we can't all live together in the land and we helped develop the land so that everyone could prosper in this room enough for everyone to live together very very sad. 86634 on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday will go to Fort Mill, South Carolina John walking to the line of fire. Yet how you have 33 really quick questions with your good name Palestine. Palestine come from and for the first inhabitants and when did the Jews first come to Palestine. Sure thing, appreciate a question Yep okay number number one number one. The name Palestine came from the name Philistines and will create with the second Jewish revolt under bar cocoa 132 135 of this error. When that revolt was put down and Jewish people of exile out of Jerusalem. The Roman Emperor to mock the Jewish people and to make this field even more foreign to them, renamed it Palestine based on philistine so hot based on a foreign enemy that's that's how it was renamed as it was renamed to mock and disparage the Jewish people and to further say this is not your land.

And that's how it was known through the centuries Palestine, but that's where it started on the original inhabitants of of the land. If you go back to the days of of Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob.

You have Amorites you have Hittites you had different peoples living their Canaanites.

Different peoples living will and Arabs do not come until centuries later, and the so Abraham about 2000 BC's a little over 4000 years ago comes to settle land and God promises to give it to his offspring and then generations later when under Moses and Joshua. The children of Israel conquered the land a drive out and destroy the Canaanites and the Hittites and the girder cites the others that were living there.

Those that are called Palestinians today come along much much much much much later in history. They they did not exist as a people back at that earliest time are ordered as a people living in the land.

They come much later in history, and so the Jewish people have the much earlier claim. Of course, before the house is actually a country or was it a country like what they would know it was territory under Rome territory to Rome. It was never just an independent ruled country that had its own flag in its own currency or anything like that during during times of Muslim rule. It was considered part of Syria that it was it was under different rule over periods of time and once the Jewish people were exiled from it.

There was no sense of nationhood like we are the Palestinian people. That concept arose after Israel recovered the land. That's when the idea of this being a palace. It is all in the Palestinian people.

As we came up to their Arabs were living there for generations, some for centuries, and in small, and there were there were Jews were living there for centuries.

There's always a Jewish presence through the centuries, but it gives us a Palestinian people.

That is, that's a modern myth their Arabs were living there but they will either consider themselves part of greater Syria or had the relations more in and what would be Jordan today and it wasn't until some say the Six-Day War and 67, the people began to actively talk about a Palestinian people. That was really a propaganda ploy to work against Israel. Yes, Arabs living there but they were not identified as a Palestinian people hate John were at a time to thank you for the question. Much appreciated friends. You'll find a lot of answers to a lot of questions on the website ask Dr. KSK DR videos and articles that deal with lots of these issues a link to our Jewish outreach website link or line of fire archives all it asked her to Brown SKU or and be sure to go to the stream stream dollar check out my latest article you read it. Don't just go by the the time together. Read it out while actually rooting for Donald Trump. Maybe, just maybe, the words of the godly Christian leaders, Trump surrounded himself with will sink in just a little bit sure to check out the special resource off exclusive from us at*around the bottom line today. Pray living in the land. Pray for mercy returned to the societal outpouring about to get some fascinating insights on Islam on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome to this thoroughly Thursday on the line of fire. We spent a good part of the last hour talking about horrific active Palestinian terror this morning, 17-year-old Palestinian boy murdering a 13-year-old Israeli girl in cold blood while she slept in her bed. I encourage you to listen to some, the discussion some the things we talked about some of the clips we played ago to modify later today and you can listen to the first hours will be archived if you subscribe, I podcast you will be getting it automatically will be changing subjects in the second hour. I'm to be speaking with Christian apologist and scholar Jonathan McClatchey about Islam and about evangelizing Muslims. I will be talking about that, among other things, and taking your calls never call 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 866-34-TRUTH, but I want to go straight to the phones and take one call before guitar guess so.

Paul in Braintree, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire broke a record number. Sure thing.

I just want to mention working on for a variety of folks out there about what happened this morning and I will pray for the girl and her family. Pray for the personal debt or whatever all but one thing that jumped out at me on the palace. Remember talking audio was all about wanting to jump out of it was my land, my land, all land, all what I gather from the bowl the gospel about God and the claimant to be there yet but it's it's it's out, it's understandable, yet it's understandable but that's I can be there perspective knows this and this is their ancestral heritage in their mind is near their families lived there for generations so that then backs up as if it's always been theirs and you look if if someone breaks into your house and say hey this is my house. No, we don't touch my family there. Selling it in in that same way as is my land, but it's that Smith though that they've always lived there.

You know they they say they predate the Israelites and it's his complete reconstruction of history for sure.

They suffered upheaval with the with the establishment of the modern state of Israel. But the appeal was only suffered because a decades earlier, or years earlier, they had refused very generous arrangement was used come back in the land. Many people moving and they were developing the landlord many more Arabs then moving in consequently and the population growing that there was in the two state solution with the great majority line going to the Arabs and they said no, no sidebar.

I remember you yeah and so so that was that was then refused and then the that second arrangement was not as good for them that the partition plan in 1947 the Jews again said firemen acidifying to the first one is confined to the second one and and even with that, there could have been 1948 the beginning not just of of an Israeli state that a Palestinian state, and if that's what it would've been called. He knows what would be called at that point but there be side-by-side there. They exist if not for the fact that Muslim leadership said no to the Jews in the land.

That's the fundamental issue is not in Israel's perfect means the great issue is Muslims saying no to a Jewish presence in the land, and to a Jewish Jerusalem that meant war that was an affront to all law that was an affront to Islam that remains an affront to Islam and affront to all law in Islamic thinking. Hence the perpetual war against Israel and tragedies like this morning right will be right back with Jonathan McClatchey focus on Islam in this thoroughly. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us today. I've had some great interaction with Jonathan McClatchey's been on the line of fire. Previously, I joined him on apologetics broadcast. He does from England and out of touch but miss any profits ended up having some interesting interaction with the Muslim apologist Jonathan is a Christian writer, international speaker and debater holds a bachelors degree with honors in forensic biology, a Masters degree in evolutionary biology.

The second Masters degree in medical and molecular bioscience. Currently Jonathan is a PhD student in cell biology I can guarantee you in the very first class that Jonathan had in college is very first-class in forensic biology. He really knew more biology than I note today though. I guarantee that hate Jonathan welcome back to the line of fire so so someone with academic focus like this and and PhD student cell biology immune obviously a very very specific focus in your work.

How do you end up dealing with issues like Islam?

I did my undergraduate degree at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. I got interact more so than before with people of the Muslim faith as well as people of other religious traditions bend and worldly persuasion and began to retain the various data quality Islamic awareness week back and call it the discovery of lime week but effectively every university campus in UK pretty much as a an annual beach of Islamic awareness to ethical the discomfort of lime week where they basically try to promote the Islamic religion and try to clarify stereotypes about Islam and Muslims, and so I made a habit of attending those of the great university unattended of the Canada University academic and just getting into interactions with Muslims and encountering the common objections they have to the Christian faith as well as the common polemic that they could hide in favor of the Muslim world.

Such as the note on the probably let Mohammed in the Bible, or the fact that no one produced anything like the literary quality of the Koran, the text by divine origin or the numerous I find categorical in the Koran or am I and and so forth. But I'm used to support other lemmings even on the portly make our challenges to the Christian faith as well, such as questioning the doctrine of the Trinity questioning the deity of Christ and the packaging of the fire to the liability of Scripture, and so on, so I became convicted that negative something that we need to really engage with. Because honestly, Islamic, something which is the religion which is growing in in them in number of followers of urine and also growing in influence in the world and so I have been thought to become acquainted with the Muslim sources and and the common Islamic polemics and unapologetic and activated in various debate with Muslims over the years my interest has grown and in fact getting acquainted with after my university years I still Jonathan, in your view, what would be the weakest arguments that the Islamic apologists bring and what would be their strongest arguments on their weakest argument" are so many week argument yeah 170 probably I know you from inventor webinar be part of the paper than the polemic that Mohammed defined in the Bible which got the probably younger weakest argument. Unfortunately for Muslim. They are actually forced to adopt that position because the Koran interested in verse 157 counselor that Mohammed is actually found in the pages of the Bible and the Christians can read about. Mohammed prophesied in the Bible, and the fact that the real challenge, because it really commits you to finding him somewhere what the text of the Koran. Those are: messenger the unlettered profit in the final written warranty, the Torah and the gospel enjoined upon the what is right with them.

What is wrong. Make lawful for them to get things around them evil and the Lisle of the burden, the Shackelford work on them. So on but effectively find the unlettered profit written in what they have a tour of the gospel, and to Christians and Jews should be able to look back at the Torah ended, and indeed to congeal back is the gospel and find Mohammed in the month of the third high and low. The 14th century, find Mohammed in the Bible and unfortunately for them, they have not been anything that even remotely them and having the by one common popular example that like it was in John 14 right and that their inner force to use this text and indeed abusive fact because it is the only an example in the Gospels were do you like the predicament to come after him and him and threw it at Mohammed, and in the gospel has to be this one really and what effect gardening in John 14 M@we read, verse 15: if you love me and keep my commandments.

The father and he will give you another helper to be with you forever, even the spirit of truth in the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows thing you know him, for he dwells with you and will be in the time and the mother. The Muslim argument is that speaking about Mohammed and and the earth. To the Holy Spirit of the traditional Christian interpretation which seems to be the natural interpretation of this passage. The problem with with the enemy argument. What Paraclete and partly to the corruption of particle to live the first of the exalted one which is Mohammed rather than to the Nativity, the helper or the comforter and the problem without argument. Of course back at the audience to whom Jesus is communicating is the definable defense of the dwells with you and with Michael not people living in in Arabia and the country later and he will be in you, back in Macon expansion letter. Rather than a human being, but Mohammed that I sent a follow and also Geva according to them, and John John for drunk working that yeah the father and he sent another helper on we read in Jane John 16 bit in in verse seven, never left your advantage. The ideal way for if I do not go away, the helper will not come to you, but I feel I will send them to you. You're not a problem if we are quitting the Paraclete with Mohammed and according to Islam and Mohammed offended by a law according to John's Gospel Paraclete offended by dealers to demonic dealers make them a lot right fell preferentially repeating our claim because of you actually use the piping flippantly than you end up with you being God's got you by the end of the one thing helper… The problem with that and replace one of the other popular Muslim like you either a meeting with one of the classic ones in the Old Testament. We regret that the prophet pleasant emotive and the government to write out the larger bodily document prophet like me from among your brother and you listen and Muslims argue this is referring to Mohammed and brothers 1/4 per traditional activation with the brother Isaac at a problem with the brothers actually defined in the same package of the earlier rebirth 100 run anything but nickel Creek all the preop title we might live. No portion or inheritance of Israel between the Lords good offering that their inheritances shall have no inheritance among the brothers and brothers there clearly refers to fellow kinsman fellow Israelites rather additional life and I finally am just them but the nail in the coffin for this one.

I am a Muslim and typically try to argument John one and went to court. Their interpretation is in John one average unit approached John the Baptist and the inquirer at the right after his identity by many who are you, in fact, verse 20 John one in fact did not deny that I'm not the Christ, and asked him what are you alive that I not only the prophet answered no to the Muslim apologist argues locally that you start with English between the crime and the prophet is not an individual.

The problem is Weiner are the Jews acting John the Baptist analgesia as to whether he is the prophet economically for the Muslim argument work yet to be an additional line and the Muslim come back and play well. There is McCormick thinking about that made a mistake. Well then why can I understand the Jews made a mistake about distinguishing between the Christ and the prophet got hundred technique about point yet. In fact, I don't want to mention is the gentleman's name because he's not here to defend himself, but one Muslim apologist begin to interact in. In the webinar and raise questions about Isaiah 42, trying to point to Mohammed and I agreed to debate a monetized really.

I think you may want to take a different subject is it's really not a fair debate and and we've we've agreed to to it to do wonders another most likely to debate is as well on stun similar issues but he said okay we debate Isaiah 42 we debate. Deuteronomy 18 I thought, why in the world would you want to debate these you know it it almost be like, like me, you got your British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua son of a challenge until boxing match her life.

Take take suddenly a little better shot at. I will be right back with Jonathan McClatchey for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is. It is brown with my guest. Christian apologist Jonathan McClatchey Johnson. I've I've debated rabbis, missionaries over the years about God's tri-unity and the deity of Yeshua deity of Jesus and in doing so. What I can do is rely on the the Hebrew Bible and drum arguments from there and say hey we can limit it entirely to the Hebrew Scriptures and I could also draw on rabbinic tradition to build a bridge some of the concepts obviously debating a Muslim on it would be very different because they wouldn't be accepting the authority of the Hebrew Scriptures as we have them.

And of course rabbinic literature would be of no use. So when you're debating subs like that.

That to me would be a a more challenging when the debating Mohammed in the Old Testament simply because we don't have as much common ground and they can disable the Trinity is confusing or something like that.

So what you feel is the best approach when debating these issues, the Trinity deity of Jesus with a Muslim while one might want to highlight the ongoing representations, or rather misrepresentation of the doctrine of the Trinity. For example, 411 in the car and not play three stop that is good for you.

A lot. If the only one God is particular to Agathon and thoroughly explain how it affects not play three veritable fighting off a Trinity which is what some translation, but the delete translation, render it, but I don't play three because only one. What are you doing according to the category and obviously we medical and Trinitarian monotheists do not believe that that we do not think the directory God but is one divine being three divine person after the grant actually misrepresent document printed document point M 3601 will protect the originator of the heavens and the earth, having had a son. We never had a wife he created everything and he knows everything that honestly, as Christians, we don't believe that a lot of thinking to himself a wife and begotten son, Jesus, but not the Christian belief that what the grammar and representatives and thing and 43 573. Surely the flames of those they allot the 33 while there is no God but one God honestly again equating the doctrine of the Trinity with tritheism which is not what the doctor the burning pain and birth of defined vaccine chapters that Agathon, Maryland no more than a messenger of imatinib before him. His mother was very critical part of any city. Look how we explain finds them in fear for their turn away and then back up with the right of the question, why would it say that Mary would eat. Surely that should be obvious to meet you continue reading the contact me at 415 minutes that a lot and I went a lot better in each other's Jesus in American people take me and my mother adopted by Allah effect you are not going to say what is not right for me had a thought it would have known it noted in my heart and I do not know what is yours.

You alone through knowledge of all that is on scene and so I me that the Koran seems to have this confused notion of the Christian concept of the Trinity would equate with the launching of the Mary.

This actually alluded to explicitly expressly M equate the Trinity with a logical Mary that figure. Verse actually land the earliest that biographer of Mohammed evidence, and if there is a long limited entry to the Queen. The Trinity explicitly with the law. She is a Mary I'm speaking of the Christian faith that the Army, the third of three in the gauntlets we have done we have recommended we have created we have decreed anything. If you are one. With that I have done I the one he is he and Jesus and Mary internally deserves the Koran in the event that you have an insight into how the early Muslim understood the Christian doctrine of the Trinity on. You can also exist today. In other words, just make sure listeners have this that there perception based on this understanding of Christian doctrine, and perhaps some of the iconography of the of the of Catholics or others that would've run into was that the Trinity was father-son and Mary. That's basically how they conceived it, and that's what they were combating in the Koran exactly you also got the conflict about hockey. I mean Islam is interesting because the, typically in a Congress Trinity debate in which I participated in Federalist debate with Muslim and typically the Muslim will come equipped and prepared to talk about the doctrine of the Trinity and highlight current problems with the Trinity correctly.

Rarely, prepared and equipped to defend the Islamic concept of talking and in fact there are numerous problems that band for the concert. The talking and one philosophical problem is that new love in the event of quality of.right.adventure loving is not eventually great and irresponsible to God by not breaking my really is not great but. Eventually loving for that. I was the right of the question as to who he was gone. With the. The object of God love the corporation with the doctor talk he wouldn't anybody not depending upon his creation and modeling politically respondent they will surely and mercy of an event of quality as well.

God be merciful to the other members of the Trinity. What I would argue that it mercy – an expression of love logically essential quality rack is an expression of righteousness, rather than the essential quality felt armor over Richard Swinburne Ackerson philosopher has argued that M4 Emperor God is and met that greatest of people being if anything anthems over the net is a unique best action.must be that action is unique best quality or kind of action, through inaction about quality or kind introducing 1/3 divine person injured his knee quality of getting them the cooperation and sharing my happiness with another where introducing a divine person infusion in the fundamental quality of the three of the best number for maximizing the bond rating on the person will be sparkling by vanilla beginning three being is also corralling challenges to talk. He couldn't occur actually never earned Unitarianism from monotheism that never actually affirms Unitarianism on May 3 that the doctrine of them.

The crimes that we cannot expect partners to a lot of talking shirt and get thicker and also empty to the time it seems to contradict with them on occasion. For example, amp 13, the doctrine of the of the of the divine earth and Islam throughout allot and create the greater life beautiful greater life. For example, Sir 23,000 could leave the law and only we could get life bring back I we are the ultimate inheritor and read a lot reflect by a certain mechanism, namely breathing. His spirit and answer at 2191. For example, remember her to protect either partially blooming her to our spirit meet her in her spine fine for all the world orthographic the 12th of anything allot Christ Jesus. The reading of the spirit we resistor in 19 Sir Miriam named after the Virgin Mary that The Holy Spirit actually took upon himself the form of a perfect human being and a Nancy he was going to bestow upon her point and and for that I am quite a problem because you have a lot craving that reading your spirit and the spirit turned that your personal agent who actually speak to Mary and Ashley and he is going to the Hon. using our boardwalk topologies to grant despair to prevent Santa and get a jump in here. This is fascinating stuff is many listening brand-new information and asked Jonathan to stay over with us into this next half hour. Give us some practical guidelines on sharing the gospel must it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I have a special guest with the understeer of the Jonathan McClatchey is engaged in many debates dialogues with Muslims in England. Jonathan great to have you today on the line of fire.

Let me ask you a quick question. We did a webinar a few weeks back for me Saturday afternoon. If you Saturday night right talk for while a messianic prophecy and then fielded questions and ended up that an Islamic apologist joined in and raise questions in we interacted further what kind of feedback have you got to that.

This is a neat thing you do with different apologists and folks from different backgrounds can join and asked her questions. What kind of feedback did you get to that event.

People were very much enjoy your weapon directly after I heard a number of people say that it was that about webinars that we have so far and I know Dr. James White commented on it.

On the dividing line program, and there is certainly more the presentation and we were much appreciated having you on in the interaction that you had with others you have any of the McCauley audit Academy basically working on different scholars and apologist personalities at each Saturday at 8 PM UK time, which is 3 PM Eastern and we haven't basically & on a topic of interest to Christians critically on topics pertinent to question what is Christianity actually true, and we also cross-examine and evaluate otherworldly and monitoring on Christian scholars. I also often bring on atheist or sometimes even Muslim scholars than we have been present the argument and give a short opening presentation and then field questions from the floor to get opportunity for Christians to practice their debate before talking to a non-Christian skeptic or similar to a real a real life situation, or alternatively we we can have them.

Christians and weeping of Christians access to a scholar or apologist after the daughter might have acted even if you get a question directly, have one-on-one interaction with them I'm mimicking them on to someone else and until really analyzing the impact of initiating a lot of that and we reposted the video, which again was an online substitute of Skype kind of think we posted on our YouTube channel asked her to run a skid your Brown of the entire whatever was to have our s'mores of material reposted Jonathan a folks want to find out about this or potentially get involved where they go to get my website which is apologetic-Academy.or and click on online apologetic screening. I'm working you go to – training that will take each TBM the upcoming schedule for the stickers that we have at this coming Saturday and we have better at living the group coming on and that within the group and talked with about underlined coincidences in the gospel and act as a religion toward having her on all right get one minute to answer this, and then then I want to ask you some questions about practical tips for sharing the gospel with Muslims but one minute or less. Are you ever afraid that bringing skeptics on bringing nonbelievers on will raise doubts and questions. Are you confident that we have the truth.

To answer these. I'm confident we have been tricked onto the limit.

I operate with the philosophy that Christianity is true that we do nothing to fear from honest inquiry and critical scrutiny by drawing for example, in the past that it is David Fitzgerald who that is because it can we then we have been presented with a why think you never existed, and then in the audience. We had some really talk scholars by Dr. Timothy McGriff, for example with Aaron and others and we had some really great arm interaction. I think that we really demonstrated that webinars of how difficult it directly depend the achievement of that position.

I look at the epidural is really on the back.] Webinar, have met gallantly on the path of Ararat on another atheist is excellent I say is apologetics-Academy.or get there stick on the online training if it's not, to the right site will be right back file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is an and Islam as well on the thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

This is something that I've looked at more in terms of Muslim outreach.

We have grads for ministry school serving in Muslim nations someplace I can even say where they are because of the dangerous situations in which they find themselves spinning a heart for many years to reach the Muslim world of technical right in the heart of it. One of our fire missionary serving in Nigeria with the children.

School was is constantly teaching Muslim children and sharing the love of Jesus with Muslim families in a region not far from Boca hurrah comes with a courageous folks out there at the same time, we continue to sound the alarm against radical Islam and urge America and the West to recognize the dangers so it's both on for us in speaking with Jonathan McClatchey's website. Apologetics – and if you just scroll down on the page you'll see online apologetics training click on that to find out about the Saturday seminars. Jonathan before we get to some practical thoughts in terms of reaching Muslims with the gospel and obviously the purpose of debate is not simply to defend our views but to reach others to get others to think practically all and I know you can go on at length, but will will just get kind of soundbite answers. Now that you have a Muslim Mayor of London did just that did to set speak of radical changes in your country that speak of Islam incrementally seeking to take over the nation, or is that an alarmist mentality, I don't always so there must rely without I turned up and give them all Muslims remove Muslims. There were about mentality as early as I was on the rise in the UK aperture in an environment is steadily increasing, and I'm becoming more and more influential in the UK arm near his nursery. A lot of

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