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Dr. Brown Is Live on July 4th

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 4, 2016 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Is Live on July 4th

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 4, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/04/16.

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It's July 4 is our 240th anniversary and we live today on the one the fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Well, I hope you're having a blessed and happy fourth of July. This is Michael Brown and were live on July 4. Why not, why not be live on here able to broadcast and glad to be with you maybe get a free day. Maybe you're off work. You can call in words you normally couldn't.

So here's what to do.

I got a bunch of things I want to talk to about today with a focus on the theme of freedom and liberty and independence and at the same time I want to open up the phone lines and give you an opportunity to call again.

We try to do this on special holidays, recognizing that some of you would love to call during the day which you're working or busy with other activities, so on the day like today. Maybe you've got a freer schedule. Here's a recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and you can call with any topic question whatsoever of any kind, and my faithful team today with Dennis and Betsy at the front lines here helping with the broadcast were here to serve you self anything under the sun. You want to talk to me about you want to raise to me you want to ask me, here's my request don't post on social media only debate you please debate me first. I can't debate on social media there is not time. Second, that's not the right setting for especially Twitter. What would you do have 140 character debate that takes about 10 years before you get any substance. No such way to do it but we got a live national radio show instead of just the two of us having a conversation we can have it for others to listen to for years to come in right now across the country. So if you like to debate me on the subject to differ with me on so the enemy we have a formal to our debate. They give me a call. Tell me why you differ 86634 is the number to call with any question under the sun, of any kind that you want to ask phone lines or open okay. A number of years ago I began to ask a question, in other countries.

I reflected here in America and I asked myself what value what what do we value most Americans. If there's one thing that we don't want taken away from us as Americans. Aside from life itself. What is and it is pretty obvious. The thing that we have cherish more than anything in our national history is freedom, independence, liberty, today we celebrate the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, a bold document that was written with with great circumspection and even trepidation because of the consequences of declaring independence from England because of the lives that could be lost. The blood that could be spilled that the new endeavor that was being undertaken, independence, liberty, freedom to be our number one value that the the words of Patrick Henry still rang in our corporate consciousness, give me liberty or give me death. We want to be able to self determine we want to be free, were not used to being enslaved by others or under the thumb of others could be liberty or give me death so many important movements our nation's history have been freedom movements and if you want to advance a movement in America. You make it a freedom movement whether it's right or wrong and that will attract attention.

I've asked this question in other countries. What what you most highly esteem and value what I asked extensively in a short trip to China. Consensus seemed to be social harmony with a country of that vastness social harmony of asked in other countries like India, the answer I got over our family. You commonly see families of India's little to get a multigenerational even here in America freedom is our number one American value, and right now our stronger salt. What you personally think is the greatest threat to freedom in America. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown may wish to of July a blessed Fourth of July Fourth of July enjoying true liberty in Jesus this is Michael Brown County we live 866-34-TRUTH 87884 okay I got a question for you and the phone lines are open for any question. When asked me whether it's Bible-based or politically-based or whatever else it is if I can be of help to which any area of expertise I have of it since he was very discuss them on fire. Anything we can discuss on Christian radio. It is fair game. The phone lines are open but I got a question for you.

Feel free to answer just driving your car and not, feel free to call in with your answer.

What is the greatest threat to our liberties in America today. If you have nail it down to a single greatest threat. The thing that most concerns you in terms of America's future thing that was concerns you in terms of our ability to truly be a free and liberated people. What is it that you believe is the greatest threat I I did a poll on Twitter, it's an ongoing pole.

Now it's what a couple hours in a note about four hours in, but on Twitter, you do a poll you can give four options. That's the limit. So I listed four things could have been five or 10 or 20 listed for that came to mind. And then on Facebook and RS Dr. Brown Facebook page.

I gave opportunity for folks to add in their own thoughts. So I asked this question on this July 4. What is the greatest threat to America's freedom. Today, radical Islam secularism LGBT activism national debt. I'll tell you a bit. The order of responses so far in the first few hundred votes that came in on Twitter what you think is something else that we haven't listed is it just our carnality is a complacent church. Is it Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump. I met him just curious to know what you're thinking is the greatest threat to America's freedom. Today 866-34-TRUTH of what one shall respond on Twitter and said you the Saha what what an honor to be to be that highly esteemed to be told that I am the greatest threat to America's freedom. Today evidence of what else is another critic posted it is radical right-wing fundamentalism by which he means fundamentally held Christian beliefs, biblically based beliefs which of course he would say are not biblical not let his words interest is with interest. There is tremendous hostility to the Scripture to the word of God today. There is tremendous hostility towards biblical beliefs.

Today in America.

In Europe and II see posts like this all the time. The Bible specifically, the Old Testament was written by a bunch of Bronze Age goat herders was penned by Bronze Age desert tribesmen so it's is irrelevant, socially and morally, as it is scientifically the thought being real, enlightened person would pay attention to such antiquated myths, little considered sacred, inspired and binding so posted this Sunday's back of my Facebook page. I like how you think your outdated Bronze Age mythology is relevant. That's too cute guy name Robert posted this on my YouTube channel. Rob is not aware the Christianity is been proven to be based on a myth. Have you again, I'm just reading the Sirota grandma wasn't perfect or setting it open for debate is been proven by every biblical scholar out there take your false religions get out of my secular country you keep posting videos about a person never existed. You're a liar now was fast that hear about that post is in America was always anything but a secular country American.

The days of the colonies was was closed with theocracy where each colony was seeking to to live in a way that was pleasing to God and were laws we would pass to make sure that there were schools that were established in the colony so that people would be able to read the Bible for themselves. That was the purpose of education because your people could read the Bible was the first purpose of making sure the people were literate America's anything with secular and then the days of the, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, 240 years ago when you had people that were deeply religious, along with those who are not as religious.

You still had a common theme of God-given rights.

You still have a common theme of a creator God who endowed us with certain rights in certain freedoms and certain dignity anything but secular. In fact, if it had been a secular country would not have endured it would not have lasted for the been a secular country. Aside from divine intervention. God's blessing for the been a secular country would not have established itself with the liberties and freedoms that it had fact there's no Possible Way, America could have been birthed as a secular country because the very first settlers here came for the for the purpose of religious liberty and freedom me. Let's let's not let let's not miss that so I'll go on reading what he said to be honest I see this essay to myself what an intellectually regressed person in plain English Christianity is dying because people are finding out the truth about its fake origins in the absolute evil, the church, and I mean any church with a pre-Christian Jewish was long. You're all very sick people and belonging an insane asylum. Every store in the Old Testament was stolen trying to hide the truth from the Samarian text. There is no truth in the book she people call sacred you're a moron for believing a magic man in the sky. Also, a psychologist will tell your God if he is real is a very mentally ill thing that I mean this this in one little post of my YouTube channel had at every classic bit of misinformation every classic bit of of untruth every classic bit of denial of reality mixed with all kinds of ignorance so we can come up with a post like that. But what's fascinating is that this is the exact opposite of the mentality of the founders of lit listen to what John Adams second president. One of the key founding fathers look at what John Adams wrote in 1809 he wrote this to a friend, and despite contrary views of men like Voltaire, he said, I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilized men than any other nation.

If I were an atheist, believed in blind, eternal faith, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilized nations firing atheist of the other sect who believe or pretend to believe that all was ordered by chance.

I should believe that chance had ordered the Jews to preserve and propagate all mankind. The doctrine of the supreme intelligent wise Almighty sovereign of the universe which I believe to be the greatest essential principle of all morality and consequently of all civilization. Civilization did you get that John Adams is is saying that what is been preserved for us. Speaking specifically of the Old Testament out of which the New Testament grows that that what is been preserved in this revelation of God is the great essential principle of all morality and consequently of all civilization. Our founders did not in envision a nation that was in moral and religious nation.

They knew that without a God-fearing foundation there would not be a sound morality and without that there could not be freedom social think of it like this. Think of it like this as your child grows and matures you entrust the child with more and more to the point that your 13-year-old daughter is now able to legally and responsibly to babysit her six-year-old and four-year-old siblings.

It would be illegal to leave her at home she was eight with the six-year-old and four-year-old and will also be on wise and a responsible because she's only eight, but if she's a mature 13-year-old, then by all means you can leave her home alone with two younger siblings and she is responsible enough, because she has matured and she is matured in her moral sense.

Her sense of right and wrong. Her sense of accountability. Her sense of respect for authority, and she's able to bring that to bear with her younger siblings, all things being equal other words, if they are normal healthy kids is supposed to be because that would have special or unusual situation or need in the same way that the founding of our country are Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. These were made as Adams another said were for a religious and moral people that these freedoms require certain moral character responsibility which come out of the fear of God. And if that is taken away the very foundation of our liberties and freedoms will fall apart. Fourth of July will live here on the line of fire for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown America the beautiful is American today. Yes, we've always had serious faults and blemishes. There are many amazing things about this nation and many amazing things we been able to do in our history as much as we spread bad things around the world. We've sprayed good things around the world present the gospel around the world with an humanitarian work around the world. We help the cause of justice around the world but were threatened in many ways today internally and externally. 866-34-TRUTH were live right here on July 4 know this is not a guesthouse yet recognize my voice it is me my joy to be live with you on the air today so my twitter pole.

I asked this question on this July 4 was the greatest threat to America's freedom. Today I asked about four hours ago first few hundred votes in 20 now I call you for choices, so you may have come up with a different list for these were my four might my list was radical Islam secularism LGBT activism, national death, and here's the response of the lowest was 12% said national debt that's interesting in that we we don't feel it on a daily basis right were not conscious of that.

But right now with our national debt be what's around $19 trillion, which is an inconceivably high number of that works out to something like 60,000 little and $60,000 per person and some like $160,000 per taxpayer.

I but anyway national debt that told Lois so far with with 12% then next 19% LGBT activists and I'll come back to that the moment in terms of why that's on the list and then 24% said radical Islam radical Islam. 24% and then 45% said secularism which is very interesting.

Secularism so we we need to ask okay that again. This is the opinion of several hundred people. And that's just the opinion of several hundred people who happen to be among the 27,000 fall mentors just a very small cross-section of a group of people. But the reason I have LGBT activism. There was because our most fundamental liberty and freedom is what freedom of religion with that freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of religion was among our most fundamental founding liberties liberty of which are our nation was based in its inception and I wrote an article earlier today. It's posted on the stream. Now this Fourth of July religious freedoms are under assault. Wake up, look, you haven't heard that much about this particular bill SB 1146 in California.

It looks like it's on its way to passage is David French described. It's a bill that requires Christian schools to disclose if they are seeking traditional religious exemptions from antidiscrimination laws and strips public funding from any school that imposes traditional Christian rules of morality and conduct amounted to sexual orientation and gender identity was schools that train pastors are exempt. The message is clear conform or close in other words, you will lose your funding you will lose your funding, your federal funding your public funding which all these universities need in order to operate and it's part of our national educational endowment. These are funds that all schools are using across the country. All all public universities, colleges, public schools are using one way or another and what they're saying is if if you hold to biblical morality. If you say for example that if your students in the school at senior faculty member that you can't be living with someone out of wedlock right can be committing fornication.

You can't be living in adultery or you can't be in a same-sex relationship just fundamental simple things that the church is always led by the Bible so was clearly stated that you hold to that because that last category, sexual orientation, the illusion funding there thereby be closed down effectively. A in single gender identity. If you say well in our policies are that that man identifies his woman is still a man and can't play on the women sports teams or can't share the women's locker room facilities and things like that you lose your funding this and this is one of many attacks on our religious liberties. It's very serious. It is very serious is growing more being told is you can even hold to these beliefs in private. That's what's coming next. That's what's really on the horizon is allegedly these beliefs lead to a toxic environment which then opens the door for radical Muslim to slaughter people in the gay voice it will hang on is a radical Muslim is undue with biblical was of course of course is nothing to do with it but that's not what the left to say. The left is ugly radical Islam that the leftists blaming Christians is reality friends on July 4. This is where we stand today in America, 86634 little phones in a moment, but if you listen today and don't really get to tune in G you know that we are taking our second ever tour to Israel. Second ever tour group to Israel next year. February 25 to March 6. That will be here before you know it defined about this trip of a lifetime of those that came on our first or two years ago were blown away. I was blown away by how wonderfully impacted they were and what an incredibly good deal. The entire tour was that that my team members set up so find out about this now is the time to get your deposit.

This will be here before you know it, so now's the time to get in your deposit go to ask Dr. Brown a SK DR check out our Israel tour, so check out our latest videos and articles, including the newest one written today for 4 July. This Fourth of July or religious freedoms are under assault wake up I will go to the phones Barbara and Baja California, Mexico welcomes line of fire (.

Dr. Brown from California air enjoying listening to you and 11 AM alarm goes off topic, tells me that Dr. Brown is going to be on the air though. I found what I'm doing. I do think you know like make the bad. Whenever I'm listening to you. I'm calling today because you act quite about what we feel is the greatest threat to our country today question yes I did and tell you what, stay right there right, Barbara. I am blessed that the alarm goes off to listen to me in Mexico. Literally Baja California in Mexico and I will give you time to express yourself.

What is the greatest threat to America to our freedom today. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire on this July Brown come your way, live 866-34-TRUTH with Barbara Sosa, Barbara, this is actually a place Baja California and Mexico, California. You have to go. I'm fine now.

You go across the border. I even going to be a lot because you use the route that you go that route. It goes from five to Mexico 1 You Dr. up the coat and to all beautiful that I thought Baja California now has a beautiful hotel start hotel and you drive on down the column and you end up getting if you want to go that far in my 30 minute count of 98. Got it fascinating all right back to you all right well you know I get one thing that I'm a retired commander, United States Navy. I retired in 2007, I came out of the Navy after 30 years because of cancer but you know the Lord coming through that five years of the chemo brain economic or data than last year I had chemo and I had colon cancer and with that, and day, the coma and I was asking you on the wire that� Acting out, getting responses like Denmark know or know I'm Jewish or not my call today, your point is well taken. When it comes to people just not knowing their history.

They don't know how US three. They don't know ancient history. They don't realize that three is here. Sorry it story straight.

Sorry foundation to build on. And of course they don't because they don't teach them anything in school anymore and you can't you can't pray in school, you can't read your Bible you If you can't back it has to do with my God I'm talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob people I'm talking about that guy any of the God mulching guy with a G argument sure I'm with you. You because you are the one that peaked me every day. Don't you every day me every day know what I'm going to leave that show knowing more about my God, whether it is cultural whether it my body or spirit. I know my theory is going to be fed by my doctor. Brown anyway but we have we have a lack of don't we have a foundation to build on phone and they don't believe that I'm not believing right and I don't believe it because you to find the calling you okay with side of the coin are you on if you know God, not of the calling on the wrong try.I really try to do it with a smile and that's what I have to learn 30 years Navy you know start structure that the data you share the truth and plant the in the Melissa Barbara as you keep listening. You keep helping you plant those seeds in love because that's in your heart you love God, love people and I'm so glad you're here as bouts with cancer still here among us and Barbara, thank you, thank you kind of inspiring words by God's grace even better job in the days of equipping all of you with that file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown genital minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on his life for his life here on the line of fire.

Wonder what our founding fathers would think of America today if they could see. Obviously, with instant understanding of technology and all the changes that have come, but the country are what we stand for. We are as a nation where values are certain things in this great experiments of this American democracy. This Democratic Republic certain things would be wonderful to our founding fathers to see the incredible growth the prosperity the development and some of the ways in which we lead the world but would they be glad to see that we lead the world in terms of total debt. I think not. They be glad to see how we lead the world in exporting pornography and carnality.

I think not.

With a be pleased to see the real threat to our religious liberties today. I think not.

Among other things, for sure, 866-348-7884 if you have a question for me. I'll take some questions today and my question to you. What do you think is the greatest threat to America's freedom today I posted on Facebook that question with options. Radical Islam, LGBT activism, secularism, national � and then other specify the limits got the most alike so far as a comment by Brian complacency and lukewarmness in the church makes the first four possible blog, can argue against that. Another one that got all not nearly as many likes, but never positive responses that of the above two greatest threats to our nation, our government operates proudly separated from submission to God and to a people who permit if let's see, John said secularism represents a society with a moral compass becomes your heart. When that happens, Satan's free reign to control your life. American freedom is God base that was by design is so number of people weighing in terms of turning away from God being the fundamental issue.

Sherry said ignorance, particularly superstition designed to control and divide people for power yet number of interesting comments, there� Go back for a moment to the freedom principles of Scripture to the liberating nature of the word of God, a Jewish scholar, Gabriel, Sue Vaughn said this ever since Sinai, the moral imperatives of the five books of Moses, reinforced by the thunderous indignation of the prophets have provided one of the greatest inspirations for social reformers and religious idealists motivating their perennial concern for man's physical and spiritual welfare and for the evolution of a more just and humane society's ribbing told constantly today that the Bible is the problem with the Bible is getting in the way the biblical morality and biblical views of family and sexuality with the things that are destroying our nation, and that her hate filled and bigoted and destructive.

Where is in reality it is biblical principles in the biblical way of life that have been at the foundation of our freedoms, and that guarantee our freedoms. Sue Vaughn also noted that quote it's no exaggeration that the Decalogue speak of the 10 Commandments has had a greater impact on man's moral thinking and endeavor than all other ethical formulations known to humanity.

Dennis Prager said this no documented world history. So change the world for the better, as did the 10 Commandments.

So now were not just look at the Old Testament that the Bible is the whole of the Old Testament is all but even focusing on the 10 Commandments.

No documented world history. So change the world for the better as to the 10 Commandments Western civilization. The civilization to develop universal human rights created women's equality ended slavery created parliamentary democracy, among other unique achievements would not have developed without them, and 18th century German philosopher manual concert this I believe the existence of the Bible is the greatest benefit to the human race. Any attempt to belittle it. I believe it is a crime against humanity. So this go back to founding father on this July 4.

Listen to what John Adams had to say about the potential impact of the Scriptures ready.

Suppose nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only logbook. Every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited no just jump in and say was understood. There are certain laws given for Israel a certain point in time now since time of the overall ethic of Scripture. Mr. Laub, every member would be obliged in conscience to temperance and frugality and industry to justice and kindness and charity towards his fellow man and to piety and love and reverence towards Almighty God in this Commonwealth. No man would impair his health by gluttony, drunkenness or lust. No man would sacrifice his most precious time to cards or any other trifling immune amusement.

No man would steal or while her anyway defraud his neighbor that would live in peace and good will with all men.

No man would blaspheme his maker prevents worship, but a rational and mentally sincere and unaffected piety and devotion a rental hearts what utopia, what a paradise with this region be in other words, very simply, if if people would simply live by the teaching of the Scriptures we wouldn't be in massive national debt. We wouldn't be one of the most obese major nations in the world we would be's morning so many deaths in the streets, we wouldn't be dealing in an ongoing basis with racial inequality and oppression and things like that. We wouldn't be dealing with an epidemic of divorce, we wouldn't be dealing with the blood of the unborn, sorted through abortion and on and on it goes. Gabriel Sue Vaughn again emphasizing the role of the Old Testament said this.

Millions of underprivileged persons in country after country have been rescued from squalor and misery.

Thanks to the humanitarian instincts and fellow threats philanthropic work of great idealists, for whom the reforming spirit of the Hebrew Bible was a lasting inspiration. In other words, world changers, people of help the poor who help the needy people who have stood for what was right.

People have stood against social injustice, they did what they did.

Inspired by the Scriptures they did. But they did.

Inspired by the example of the Hebrew Bible by the words of the prophets by the call for justice by the call to love God and love one's neighbor as oneself, which then becomes fully articulated through the message of Jesus and end as we go over to the message of Jesus. Listen to what Soren Kierkegaard said famous Danish theologian, the thought of Christianity was to want to change everything. 12 men United on being Christians have re-created the face of the world. Based on this skin is said indeed that transferring powers of the heart of the genius of the West in a direct gift of the gospel, with its emphasis on life-changing Christopher Dawson's words, Western civilization has been the great fermentative change in the world because the changing of the world became an integral part of its cultural I deal break that down. What's it saying that the great commission is a call to go and change the world that Jesus is saying to his disciples. Let's go change the world together.

I will back you with my authority and never leave you teach nations to observe what I have taught you to the extent that is done we have kindness and compassion to the extent that is done we have justice and freedom to the extent that is done we have morality and we have honor what I'm saying friends as if you want to see America walking and true freedom. We must get back to our biblical roots. So you try to impose the Bible and everyone and make everyone to a Christian ought love to win everyone to the Lord so that you believe as I do by free choice that you make without coercion or pressure from man simply respond to God dealing with you, but for sure I am saying that believers need to live by the Scriptures and we need to present to the world that God's ways are best if we really want to see liberty and freedom in America were going to have to demonstrate that God's ways are best and were going to have to recover them in a hurry. Otherwise, we will quickly lose our freedoms and liberties. Our most cherished freedoms are under attack come increasingly under attack, unless we return to God as believers turn ways of the word of God, the God of right back live on this July 4 learning plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown question on this Fourth of July, this is Michael Brown live on one of fire, are you free.

Are you free today are you really free your heart of hearts you know you can be in a prison cell, but be a liberated person you can be tracked in a prison cell and then you're able to listen to the broadcast can communicate much with the outside world but you come to know the Lord, your sins are forgiven, your conscience is clear. You are doing the time for your crime but you are a liberated person even while incarcerated, where there is where whereas there are hundreds of millions of Americans were not incarcerated but many of them are not free. Some of you listening to me right now, you're not free you're addicted to substance houses to condemn.

I say this to point be delivered. You're addicted to a substance, perhaps alcohol perhaps drugs, perhaps in a food substance I was addicted to chocolate for years.

God help me to radically change my lifestyle about two years ago. Maybe you're addicted to some form of sinful entertainment or indulgence is pornography.

Maybe some other unclean defiling degrading thing. Maybe you are addicted to fear you're bound by fear I should say you're not free of me right now, your torment, unless it is to condemn again.

I'm saying this to say there's a better way. There is a way out. Maybe you are addicted to jealousy or bound by, maybe it's money that has you.

You're in massive � and and every day of your life you're tormented by that year you have to make decisions based on okay can use this credit card cassettes maxed out cattle have I got a good quote when I get money for okay I got it okay and if I don't pay the rent. They were out here and you live with that and and may be that this was through no fault of your own. There is some medical emergency and one thing led to another, the loss of a job because of caring for a sick child and before you know it you're massively in debt and you don't know a way out. Your husband left you and saw, and in particular last thing I want to do and speak in a situation that is to condemn, I want to say this though, that there is a place of freedom in God and if you're a believer and you find yourself in a crisis.

If you cry out to God, he will make a way of deliverance. He set me free from drugs. In 1971, and it was a lasting and wonderful and glorious freedom.

I had one serious time of temptation about old two weeks after getting completely free from drugs and that was it just one time of temptation that was thousand of the story otherwise. When he set me free. He set me free and I mean from shooting heroin and other drugs and vehicle drug Baron Ironman because I was such a heavy drug user. He liberates Jesus said in John eight is the sunset you for your free indeed set me free from food addictions.

A couple of years ago visited controllably for decades still control many more by the grace of God is pretty deep controllably for decades of my life in terms of I was out walking and freedom from certain things he said.

Others of you free from sex addictions. He said others of you free from being tormented by fear.

He said others if you free from the concerns about what people say you lived as a slave to the praise of people. He said others of you free from massive debt when you cried out for help and he gave you a way of escape, and as you begin to live by his principles. Things are reversed. I'm not saying that we dig a hole and God is our our get out of jail quick heart and we could do that repeatedly you know that's like some people go to a meeting and this was in a pray for them.

For instant weight loss. Hey, if God decides to work a miracle and instantly abolish or debt wipe it out or instantly take 200 pounds of her body. Let God be God that the biblical way is discipline and grace to live a disciplined life semi-right now find yourself in a total mess. I mean you you are you are sweating right now because the situation got yourself you can't believe you're in it. You're a believer, but she started hanging with the wrong people you borrowed money because of Barnett money from the wrong people you now face a situation where you're obliged to them and you're gonna have to do what they want and break the law otherwise you're in big trouble and you see no way out this in friend, God can make away. There is no way from the depths of your heart you will cry out to God and say, God set me free.

What a day to be set free. July 4, 2016. You'll never forget it. God set me free. If there from the depths of your heart. You cry out and you mean it, because God can respond according to the depth of your sincerity. If you're playing games is responsible not be taken seriously. According to your hunger, to that degree. The response will come according to desperation, to that degree, the deliverance will come if you cry God, whatever the cost. Whatever the consequence deliver me, set me free so I can live for you. How do he'll do it. I mean for that situation I just described may be talking to the cop that's walking by your car right now it it it it could be a coming clean to a spouse.

It it it could be making that difficult decision that you've not wanted to make a could be supernatural grace in your heart where you have hope and you know there's a way it could be connecting to a team challenge that you know existed and find a place of liberty from substance abuse. It could be walking to that church that you grew up in that you've walked away from that and going into the past events and I need to get right with God today. Whatever the case is whatever the case is if the sun sets you free your free indeed. If the problem is that that massive mountain of debt. God will give you a plan and by the way, bankruptcy or foreclosure is not the end of the world. Even if you lose what you had, even if you have no credit rating for the next years your life. God can provide an God can make away God can turn hopeless situations around so I just felt prompted to share all of that with you if you're listening, and anything I said spoke to you then stop what you're doing if you can.

If you can. Otherwise, as soon as you get a break and get along and cry out to God's exotic I can't live like a slave anymore. I can't live bounds anymore. I can't live bound by these addictions account live down, but is less account live bound by these fears.

I can't live bound by what other people thought of me I can't live bound by by debt or the Lord. I I need a way out and he will make a way of escape, and even if you dog your own ditch God in his mercy will give you a way out. If you cooperate with.

So father I pray for freedom and deliverance on this July 4. I pray for liberty from the inside of this July 4. I pray for awakening to liberty in our nation in the name of Jesus in a listen. If God does something supernatural for you. You will cry out, let us know about it comes to my bottom line today. July 4 is all about liberty. There's no liberty if you're not free on the inside it's July 4. It is our 240th anniversary and were live today on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Did you know that American pre-teachers help lead the way to liberty and independence in America that they believe that there was an on just treatment of the colonists that they believed that the colonies were being subjected to tyrannical on fair, unjust rain by the king of England that the just and right thing to do was to break away and to call for freedom and liberty in their preaching helped lead the way they'd even been called the Black robed Regiment this is Michael Brown were live on July 4 I got some interesting things to share with you from history and even even beyond American history to say that it is the the preaching of the word of God and the practice of the word of God that is had a positive life transforming effect on different nations and lies at the very foundation of our American liberties. Also, here's what I want to do because July 4 instantly have the opportunity to call English normally wouldn't. It's a free day for you. Here's number to call with your questions. You've got questions, we've got answers anything you'd like to ask many things like to talk to me about biblical, theological, moral, cultural or otherwise. If you think my input would be useful if it's fit for Christian radio. Give me a call 866-348-7884 is the number to call. I assured some quotes in the first hour about the importance of Scripture the importance of biblical faith in the founding of our nation in the understanding that America was to be a moral and religious people.

If it was to enjoy the liberties and freedoms we had. My friend Tom Gilson has written article 25, choose essential to restoring our freedoms 25, choose essential to restoring our freedoms because many of our freedoms are under threat today and let me read some of these to you read. The minority wrote them a free people as a people free to govern themselves to Americans in the mid-18 century those of English descent least were under central government London they could legitimately call her all but they were not free. Three.

Therefore, even though America remains undercover with Carl. It does not in itself make us a free reason self-governing people for America's founders rightly recognize the human tendency to accumulate exercise power over others.

Five. America's Constitution is the world's most brilliant definition of the legitimate use of power and defense against the ailment that human tendency six. To the extent that power accumulates and is exercised by a small number of individuals to that same extent, the rest are not free. Seven.

The exercise of power at the federal level in US, especially administrative and judiciary branches is grown far beyond the intent of the Constitution's checks and balances. A Americans are therefore no longer free is the founder's or freedom to be nine the freedom of civil self-governance requires that the people generally have the capacity to govern themselves individually 10 to govern oneself. Well, simply to follow direction of a well-formed conscience that understands and pursues true virtue.

11. Human nature tends to drift away from virtue and toward self-centeredness and self-satisfaction. 12. History shows that the best corrective to the drift is a healthy belief in a good transcendent moral lawgiver God that is 13 well-formed conscience. This generally requires recognizing there is a good transcendent moral law and lawgiver. 14. Exceptions are possible in society with generally strong conscience. Individuals tend to have strong conscience is true regardless of their belief in God. 15. The society loses its overall awareness of God will also see its overall cost drift away from the pursuit of virtue. Therefore, 16 a truly self-governing society therefore must generally not lose sight of the reality of God, yeah. Bottom line on this July. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and life fire. I am proud to be American am ashamed to be American felt that way for years and so proud so much good in our nation so much that we produced so much good that we continue to do so ashamed of or shortcomings in of the the wrong and the things that we have exported.

We've exported good. We've explored it bad and it's a very chaotic time in the world. It's a very chaotic time in America right now.

Those of us who know the Lord find the stability beyond the state of the nation. Those of us who know the Lord find stability beyond the state of the current presidential elections. I asked on Twitter old couple days ago I did a little pole. I asked the questions you believe Hillary Clinton will be indicted and I gave three choices absolutely of course not and not sure of course knots. That was 68% not sure 25% 7% absolutely see you have the potential indictment of the presumptive Democratic candidate you have the Republican candidate being perhaps the most controversial Republican candidate in decades.

We are praying for God's best, and were praying for God to get hold of these individuals for his divine purposes, but it is a very tenuous time in our history of for so so many reasons. The onslaught of radical Islam with all of the terror that that brings the larger questions about immigration the uncertainty of our own economy and massive debt. The rise of an aggressive secularism and LGBT activism that wants to steal our freedom to believe with the Bible says and on and on it goes, but it's a time for great potential in God. It's a time for awakening. It's a time for God's people crying out to him repenting of our sin getting our house in order. Turning to the Lord so that freedom and liberty can truly come to our nation, 86634 before I go to your calls and I may answer some email questions as well, as were opening up the phone lines you got questions. We got answers on this live July 4 broadcast.

Let me step back a step back away from American history little world history historian John Richard Greene explain how and in the days of Queen Elizabeth I 1550 to 1603. He said Elizabeth might silencer true in the pulpits. It was impossible for her to silencer to the great preachers of justice and mercy and truth spoke from the book in the Bible with the Lord again opened to the people. How because it was translated into English. He said the effect of the Bible in this way was simply amazing. The whole temper of the nation was changed a new conception of life and man superseded the old and new moral and religious impulse spread through every class so as the Bible was being preached now that it was more widely available in the language of the people as it was being preached. It had an effect on the nation of England. The reality is that that the Bible is played a fundamental role in Western education, not least, American education.

What was Christians, who often led the way in medical and scientific advance through the centuries. So in the best sense of the word progressive is nothing that contributes more human progress than adhering to the wisdom of the word of Bible website.

See Ben Mitchell is Provost and VP for academic affairs and Graves Prof. of moral philosophy, union diversity, he pointed out that Christians have been leaders in medicine and the building of hospitals because there founder Jesus of Nazareth healed the sick during his ministry on earth.

The early church that only endorse medicine.

The champions care for the sick.

Another example.

Another example of how living by scriptural principles and living up biblical ethics has a positive effect on the world as a whole. I remind us of that because it is at the core of our nation's founding.

These beliefs these philosophies. It is at the core of our freedoms that biblical foundations call for a certain morality and social responsibility that then allow for these types of freedoms you think it's coincidental that the more atheistic a country becomes, I'm talking about from the top down like this philosophically but governmentally, the more it oppresses others and takes away freedoms and I don't mean so much freedom for people to commit all kinds of sins, but I'm just fundamental freedoms of existence and belief. Why does that tendency there HE Siegrist another medical historian, said it remained for Christianity to introduce the most revolutionary and decisive change in the attitude society for the sick.

Christianity came to the world is the religion of healing is the joyful gospel of the Redeemer and of redemption. It addressed itself to the disinherited to the sick and afflicted.

Promise them healing, restoration, both spiritual and physical us became the duty of the credit of the Christian to attend to the poor and the sick of the community you say okay but but why why you bring that up today on July 4 because I want us to have a more holistic appreciation of the positive effect on some of scriptural society and to realize that in the midst of this all-out attack on God and the Bible in our society today. It is God's ways in the in the following of God's ways and follow God's wisdom that leads to life that leads to health that leads to solid families that leads to solid education and on and on. Yesterday Mahon creation my dearest friends.

The world is upon them from India was here with his wife Monica.

Another dear friend and they were talking about is the gospel is preached in their estate, Andhra Pradesh and the tribal regions around the city of Visakhapatnam.

So with an hours drive in different direction.

Shuck apart and that is for various tribal regions that we ministered in a number of times was the scope of euros have been there 23 years now, and in 1993 during the tribal region about a 45 Hour Dr. from Visakhapatnam and they planted seven 8000 churches primarily in these troubled regions, and they said were ever the gospel goes it brings life and a healthy prosperity in. In other words, when you go to these places years after the gospel is been receive their and spread through the village you see that that much of the horrific poverty is gone old by American standards, the people still very poor but by the standards by which they are living before their thriving in the not living in these grass huts and and they have electricity and things like that them or they they have good hygiene with the water and things like that in here folks living there saying the gospel makes a difference brings life brings liberty, brings healing, brings health.

That's what we need so desperately here in America right will go to the phones in Charlotte, North Carolina, J. Welcome to light a fire during Dr. Brown long. Thank you. Some quick 9/11. What would you think about the possibility that the fact that we are having smaller families. Is there going to create the necessity for Aurora immigration that's coming into this country and looking at the problems that are happening in Europe, picking up.

They've also been caused because they no longer have a Christian no belief system or they think that that they should have large families.

Yeah, J.

Reason even families in all it's it's common in some countries for couples to not even have a child or at most to have one child somewhat later in life. Yet J this the demographics issue is is a massive one.

Mark Stein wrote a book about this a few years ago that popularize this book if I have my stats right, the, the normal childbearing years for woman, or roughly between the ages of 18 and 44 and for society to sustain itself. You need 2.1 children four per childbearing mother during that lifespan so that if you drop beneath that what happens is the society is unable to sustain itself is unable to provide care for the elderly is unable to sustain itself, and many countries in the world right now Japan, Russia, Italy, Greece, Spain.

Many countries are facing that right now that they have dropped to a dangerous level even try to encourage people have have more kids in an Japan New Hampshire line robots and things like that America is still okay, but it's primarily because of immigration policy, the Hispanic immigration is primarily because of immigration, but the larger issue that raise the biggest one we get away from a culture of life, then we have this very dangerous demographic will bring back the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown working friends to the podcast today on this July 4 Michael Brown coming away live 866-34-TRUTH 784 reopen the phones you got questions, we've got answers anything one asked me about Fritz fit for Christian radio. Give me a call so back to Jay's question about demographics.

Yes, right now in America. The birth rate of Americans if you take out immigrants say the last 10 years is getting beneath that 2.1 rate of save per if you have per family per married couple, but it doesn't always work out like that for so many people and kids out of wedlock, but for every woman during her childbearing years roughly 18 to 44, 2.1 children born is what sustains society so some are unable have children. Some choose not to have children. Some never have a relationship or they can have children. Others have big families with 10 or 12 children. But either way it balances out that you need 2.1 children so it's it's basically you're just reproducing right.

Few got in at two people now 2.1 born to them in your people die various things that you basically reproduce without the next-generation. The older generation can't be sustained. Who is it that is sustaining the older generation in.

For example, my mom applied by go to visit her go to get her things she needs and things like that. She's 93. She can't care for herself.

Some of their care for if not for that. Who would care for her.

My sister help before they when they live closer now. Now it's my joy to be able to to do that so even say with Social Security and things like that when you don't have another generation paying into things it it's just the way it is.

It's not going to be sustained for the long haul. There will be enough people paying him for the next generation. This is creating a crisis or potential crisis in nations like Japan where in in the coming generations without radical changes.

It threatens the actual existence of a society unless you come up with some type of technology so that the race is not yet seen and you haven't countries really think he's a big family countries Greece or Spain or Italy is not the case. These these all have our rates of reproduction of less than 2.1 of people per childbearing woman during her years of childbearing. So suffice it to say, Semites, and will, that means you just keep the doors wide open for immigration if if it is immigration that we rightly monitors and immigrants become part of our nation become assimilated into our culture and and then enhance America. That's wonderful. Relation of immigrants, but if it's an unhealthy immigration obviously than the last thing you want is unhealthy growth. The last thing you want say is is is what Europe could be struggling with, which is the most of the European countries with low birth rates and muscles coming in, some of whom are radical with high birth rates that the summer getting into more European when the been the family is getting smaller. But if you're going to have that the the high rate of birth among Muslim immigrants who don't share the values of the countries into which their moving and they have no desire to embrace those values or to assimilate into the culture and that culture is low birthrate what's gonna happen over the course of generation never radical change of demographics, but a lot of this goes back to the lack of a culture of life, the lack of a culture that values and esteems children and and that you would have children you would build a family and other things would be built around that was now children are our secondary date they get built-in if they fit.

It's a different mentality that leads to real challenges and issues absolutely so let me know. One more fascinating thing and that only go to some your email questions and calls I mentioned this in some weeks, months back, but is just too fast and got a mention again, so well known sociologist Rodney Stark Prof. Rodney Stark in his book the tries the triumph of faith mentions that where in countries in Europe were church attendance is especially low. The Christian faith is not been replaced by secularism.

It's been replaced by superstition.

It proves true. The old adage of GK Chesterton people stop believing in God. They don't believe in nothing.

They believe in anything, generalization, of course, so in Sweden. Stark points out, it which is almost always presented presented as exhibit a in the case for the triumph of secularization more than 20% of Swedes say they believe in reincarnation half believing mental telepathy and nearly one in five police and the power of Lucky charms.

Thirdly, the New Age medicine such as healing crystals, 20% would consider purchasing their personal horoscope 10% would consult the medium and nearly 2/5 leading ghosts. This is a supposedly secular suite in Russia. Stark points out, despite decades of the systematic teaching of atheism only 6.6% of the population identifies as atheist church attendance remains relatively well but there's rest of the story starts as two thirds of Russians.

We record supernatural forces suited many of those employed in the Soviet regime's instructors and atheism in the Communist Party's inner circle was common for Soviet leaders to consult psychics and fortunetellers.

Most of them visited occult healers within the Brezhnev group USSR from 1964, 1982 had a personal healer, 2006 report from the Russian Academy of sciences knowledge that there are more occult healers than conventional medical doctors practicing in Russia. According to one news account.

Russian newspapers are full of astral matter for urban witches and wizards scholar Holly DiMeo Stevens reports healers and psychics frequently appear in morning and evening talk shows and recount their visions and paranormal experiences. 2008. A national survey.

Russia from the 52% believed in faith healers and another 20% weren't sure so he saying atheism. Atheism. Atheism. Atheism does not fill the void, people end up leaving all these other things a sincere and American studies find that United States. The irreligious are far more likely than the religious to believe in a whole array of occult belief, such as Atlantis, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster and and in Iceland and Iceland, which is very very secular people believe in the these ancestral spirits. The that there there build the new road and and they can't build this new road because of the fear that they will disrupt these ancestral spirits living. This is a massively secular country ice. I kid you not. So again, as Chesterton said that that when people stop believing in God is not that they believe in nothing but in anything where St. turn away from the superstitions turn away from these bizarre traditions turn away from these other spiritual powers which are real demonic powers counterfeits substitutes turn to the one true God and true to the wisdom of the one true God and Jim turned to the word of the one true God.

You turn there you find the very keys that lead to our nation's greatness define the foundations for our liberties. We come back the questions we've got answers live on July 4. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66 report through here again is Dr. Michael Brown and never hope you have a good July this is Michael Brown coming to a live why not I'm here I'm free. We've got our team ready to broadcast the were alive today online a fire and we open the phone lines for anything under the sun.

You want to ask me about you on Fridays. You got questions. We got answers. I will do it on Memorial day will do it on July 4 because many times people are able to call the no we can't call so if you have any question of any kind that you opposed to me or anything you want to challenge beyond question. The honors laws and stricter Christian radio. Give me a call 86634 that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I wrote a new article earlier today on the real threat to our religious freedoms on this July 4. The real wake-up call to the nation so let me encourage you to go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown's our KSK DR just click on latest article you be able to read it there it's it's posted in full on the screen and were always doing our best to keep up with what's happening in society around us over the weekend more Islamic terror. This time, Muslims killing Muslims in Ramadan in Iraq. So out of all of the horrors in recent days. The Orlando massacre, the massacre in Bangladesh, others that were smaller, the massacre in Istanbul this one now the bloodiest of all believe over 200 killed, including women and children in the midst of Ramadan reminds us again of the murderous nature of radical Islam reminds us again to pray not just for the protection and safety of Christians in the Muslim world and for their courage and strength, but for the salvation of Muslims as well who have been slaughtered by fellow Muslims in droves slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands in the midst of regional conflicts and ideological conflicts.

Also over the weekend the passing of Ellie B cell review read his classic book night probably the most famous book about the Holocaust.

But I read the great article by one of his students. The past with the age of 87 where one of the point out that Ellie B cell was not just a Holocaust survivor, but that he lived and that he thrived that he called on the conscience of human beings around the world, the famous address to me. The thing I think of most interest of the spoken word where he challenged Ronald Reagan, himself a champion of justice not to participate in an event that would be at a funeral where there were Nazis buried that was known for that.

Ronald Reagan had previously been unaware of is he's getting an award presented by the president United States the appeals to him.

This is not the place for you at that cemetery. The Reagan went ahead and did it but it was one of those shining moments of the boldness and courage of elite we sell so he passes away over this weekend. I've got a stack of email questions to get to on the other side of the break, but if you'd like to ask me anything any area of expertise.

We have 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number on this July 4 and as I asked her earlier in our broadcast, as we are on for an hour and 1/2 are ready. Are you free personal. Are you free.

Maybe you're not incarcerated but are you free maybe are bound by an addiction. Maybe your down by bad financial choices and other life choices. I want to assure you that if you truly cry out to God from your heart. There is liberty there is freedom. Jesus can only set you free. Provides you with a viable way of escape for life a whole new way to live. Gain your freedom walk in it.

Joy. The rest your days will be right back here on the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let us pray in our nation on this 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Michael Brown, glad to be with you 866-34-TRUTH what I like to do.

Sometimes we have a holiday or an unusual day where work cycle workflows different is open up the phones and open up our subject matter, like we do on Fridays, you got questions regarding answer so I'm going to answer some email questions now begin with Vladimir hello Dr. Brown my question would be on the topic of the recension's of the nation letters your opinion on which one is authentic and also as to the reasons why thank you and may God bless you and your ministry Vladimir I want to be totally candid with you.

I have not studied this issue at all at all is never been in my focus whenever the church fathers. When I read the early letters and things like that. I've read the various standard additions sometimes have consulted the Greek if I'm looking at a particular doctrinal issue. Sometimes I've studied summaries of what the fathers of the early church leaders believed on various subjects, etc. but I have never gotten into any serious study of disputed letters or recension's or anything like that just haven't studied so I was tempted to look into the sum to give you my opinion that I thought you know that's you probably study them when I have so I can look into it and based on my understanding of critical scholarship and things like that of the able to make some evaluations but I don't feel it would be worth that much. So I simply will tell you I do not know never focused on the question alone made me think about the question that exists so sorry will be of help, but I don't want to do in the superficial way. If you say Lord I doctrinal care disappointment as sources of using speak to it with authority. What then of course we do that, but I would rather say pursue your studies in this look at with the major authority say come to your own conclusion.

Russell, I thank you so much for your ministry marriage, a messianic Jew and we have been with looking for ways to witness to her family.

I notice the time off the prescriptions just been a respectable version of the Bible has some differences. For example, Psalm 22 uses the word pierced and my Bible, but does not the time. I'm sure you're aware of the differences have this difference is the pierced example is a stumbling block and try to overcome. I'm pretty sure that some of the of the Masoretic text.

So how do I defend the pierced translation is retirement. God bless Russell I deal with a lot of these issues.

My series of books on answering Jewish objections to Jesus. So, for example, you'll see that in volume 3 I deal with all the objections major objections to the messianic prophecies and then volume 4 I deal with many issues having to do with the New Testament itself. You can find summaries of all of those objections of the objections themselves and in summaries. I should say of the answers on my Jewish outreach website, real that's real Messiah.calm when you go there. Just look at objections and you'll be able to find all of these. All of the alleged discrepancies and things like that when it comes to Psalm 22 of the pierced my hands and feet.

The Masoretic text with tradition, the vast majority of manuscripts read caveat die rug line which is literally like a lion.

My hands and my feet questions was that mean like a lion. My hands and my feet while the traditional Jewish answer would be like a lion they are mowing my hands and my feet. That works well for a picture of crucifixion.

In any event, doesn't the race is not like a lion there licking my hands and my feet. However, Russell. This is actually the question of pierced is not a Christian, quick question. It's a Jewish question why is the oldest manuscript we have Psalm 22 is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and their it does not read, read like a lion but rather, a route that is a small difference between the, the why and that the visit the EU or the the yard and evolve. There's a small difference between but in fact, Dead Sea Scrolls scholars say it's because a group which would be more like they dug through the forest through my hands and my feet now were talking very literally, crucifixion if you want them sent like that. So the oldest Hebrew manuscript, we have Jewish Hebrew manuscript predating the time of Jesus says they they dug through the they they bore through the Septuagint, which is the Greek translation by Jewish scholars before the time of Jesus that translates with the pierced that's how they understood and a number of Masoretic manuscripts also recover room or car roof so this is entirely a Jewish debate entirely. Is this not a Christian debate.

This is a Jewish debate. What do the Jewish text say the most ancient Hebrew text, the most ancient Jewish translation.

What do those texts say what are some of Masoretic manuscripts and some of them say pierced right. Some of them say pierced or dug through, or bore through so that's the issue there. Now the larger question of Psalm 22 Psalm 22 in itself is not a prophecy to some of the righteous suffer, who appears to be forsaken at the point of death is delivered from the jaws of death is deliverance is so great that all the ends of the earth. Praise the God of Israel question is who fulfills that it cannot have any fulfillment in life of David or any other Old Testament suffer, nor was there a picture of David's lifework where he suffered the way it's being painted in Psalm 22, but if this was truly spoken by inspiration of the spirit. It points to a situation that exactly would describe crucifixion and the humiliation and the abandonment and having all your bones out of joint and on about everything else involved in that and the deliverance of the Messiah from the jaws of death was so great that literally the ends of the earth have come to praise the God of Israel, right, let's let's grab a long here okay from Pierre to Dr. Brown what you think of UFO sightings. It is interesting a few years ago I got a some books on it from a Christian perspective. I I would explain this on several different levels but it has been pointed out.

Interestingly, that a large number of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens or who really follow UFO sightings and things like that are actually into New Age beliefs or other non-Christian or even anti-Christian superstitions.

Many of the leaders of the UFO movements and things like that.

Where is there are accounts of people who felt that their spirit was leaving the body. They felt that they were being sucked out. They began to cry out in the name of Jesus and suddenly the thing broke and they attributed to being demonic so my take is no there's not life and of the planets that is now traveling across these vast oceans of space ocean space beyond our ability to navigate normal time, noticing just about light-years and light-years and light-years so I don't believe another.

Maybe life of the planets Cognos but I don't believe that there is daily life that is coming in, sweeping down into subducting so for a few seconds and sweeping by unbelief. First snow recent scientific, factual, recent, and their many reasons to question it logically and scientifically. I do believe that there are sightings of some things that are probably just with governments doing note, imagine what stealth things and and the signs we have been missing. So, here and there. I think they're things that the military or experimenting with it that get seen in that's tribute. UFO sometimes is just some freak of nature like it's really tribute to UFO and I do believe there could be some types of demonic stations, demonic allusions, demonic abductions, things like that, why not saints a counterfeiter. Satan has real power. If human beings can come up with holograms and things like that. It looks like there's actually somebody there, then why couldn't demonic powers do similar things are even even more astounding caliphate signs, wonders and miracles. Analysis of the biggest issue the world to me.

Honestly, the only person ever met the claim to been abducted by an alien seem to have a whole lot other problems that were much deeper to be honest, I believe people have had some experiences but I would attribute them to demons rather than aliens. That's a forgiving story. We come back on the other side of the break. This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire of the time for a few more email questions right we come back, stay tuned on this July 4 you have a this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got a great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis.

For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as we go to some of the famous historic sites to join me as I do live radio broadcast night to sit and enjoy meals together to experience the land of Israel in a unique, life-changing, lasting way to email the store. February 25 to March 6 next year and the space is limited. We only have certain amount on a bus or on a couple buses, so by all means get your down payment and I will believe God with you for every need to be method you can come on this trip. It is money well spent his everyone is been on previous tours myself for my friend Scott Voelker helps put this together. They will attest to that. Gladly.

Okay, so a quick alien story. Years back pretty early in the broadcast.

Somehow the question of alien abductions came up and people started calling in with their experiences in the way and on aliens and there were there were were even Christiansen gets truer. I had an alien encounter or whatever. Okay so the phone lines lit up every every line was lit up and people want to talk about Susser I take to what I will take these costs because this is not the subject along a set I will take these calls when I'm done taking his call that the work was done with the subject and all of a sudden all fonts one after the group. They just want to look like we will do anything are with the hot not inviting us little effect because nothing spits suddenly latest group all what the Dogon exterior parent tucked in anyway I immediately came up with a theory, which is, it must be that these people were about to spill the beans on aliens and so they were all abducted at that moment. So that has become one of the in-house jokes that it was aliens that were be if something goes wrong versus minutes aliens and.

And then because there there can be well. It will be with there. We got more in-house jokes, but will believe that when there are.

Jeremy asks the question I'm currently pursuing a Master of arts degree in ministry is struggle with the amount of replacement theology found recommended biblical commentators assert scholarly biblical commentary that you recommend. I will obviously every series. Jeremy is going to have differences. Every series is going to have vines from different perspectives� Really strictly this with one perspective.

So for example if use the expositor's Bible commentary the revised edition of which are with Jeremiah commentary. Not that that's that's for pastors and serious students. It's not specifically for scholars.

The scholars can use it all. I don't know about all the theology of all the contributors but certainly many of us do not hold to replacement theology in that series so you don't you'll find that we don't but again it's gonna be volume for volume. So if you check new International commentary on old New Testament or the work of a commenter. Some of these major scholarly series of their evangelical among them. You find some that hold replacement theology, and some don't.

And it's gotta be looked at kind of on a commentary by commentary basis. If you look at an older Classics of the Old Testament, the Kyle and Dale, which that was not replacement theology in in in much of its thinking within, also, that was before the modern stubs from the state of Israel and in spite of recent scenes were different lands was knocked on the New Testament. So what I'd encourage you to do sick.

Get a book like Barry Horner's future Israel future Israel by Barry Horner and see this types of scholars that he quotes all right.

Barry Horner future Israel see the types of scholars that he quotes and were any of those of written commentaries where he calls them favorably.

You'll you'll find them to be nonreplacement theologians all right, meaning that they don't believe that the church has replaced or superseded Israel in God's purposes of salvation. Angelo S hi Dr. Brown I'm a huge fan of all your works and debates of what's in the debates initiatives Calvinism views of God's sovereignty in relation to man's free will, a 16-year-old Christian delivering classic Christian books such as Toshi Lewis and Spurgeon Moser friend of your friend of of a fan of your friend James White both you guys really help me amongst any of apologetics which are delivering books about anyway ever pretty clear and could grasp a biblical doctrine brought up in the great typically based evangelical Christian church that is unafraid to be countercultural, spreading God's love Angeles great to hear this church that is primarily Arminians teachings which I agree with my problems but a year ago. As with Romans must doublecross the ninth chapter as you know many people view this as a basis for Calvinism to start researching the issue for myself. I learned about Jacob Arminius and John, along with John Wesley also listened to both you and James White arguments on this issue from both extremely compelling that I was left even more confused and frustrated. I still loom Arminian as if your account is the least little distinction between evil actions in God's decree problem is so many amazing Christian seven Calvinists many commentaries a try using a blue letter Bible have, saloons, this may be for like a must in the wrong for moving towards Arminianism. By the way, Angelo. That's what helped push me over the Calvinism for five years to as I keep reading through the Bible. I also find many verses that could indicate God calling a man's exercise free will and repentance Elsie versus it's a very Calvinistic meaning. I just want to ask if you had any good Arminian book should recommend my vine.

If you know of any good Arminian commentaries or scholars, thank you for your help and thanks for the wonderful youth things you do for your ministry hey Angelo, thanks for the great words and thanks for sharing the great great foundation to have an great that we can learn from both� There verses that are going to emphasize God's sovereignty in a way that makes it so is the Calvinistic future.

But when you line it up with the right understanding of the sovereignty in my view and responsibly God is given to man. Then you say that you different with Calvinism. So I find the overwhelming testimony of Scripture against communism is like verses that could be argued for the course Calvinists would say it's the reverse.

From their viewpoint, but take what you do Angelo. Just type in society of evangelical Arminians right type in those words or just go to evangelical so society of evangelical Arminians or evangelical and you will find an abundance of articles and references. You'll find recommended commentaries.

You'll find classic books apologetics Bible study schools of Bible study tools, etc. so evangelical to find what you're looking for an innovative spirit as well. Make sure to visit the website aspect around the Lord friend the latest articles, videos, special resources to sign up for Israel tour live bottom line today. I am helping and hoping we can lead a revolution back to the word of God and the God of

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