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Jewish Perspectives on This World and the World to Come, and an Interview with a Leading Israeli Evangelist

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 7, 2016 4:30 pm

Jewish Perspectives on This World and the World to Come, and an Interview with a Leading Israeli Evangelist

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 7, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/07/16.

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The Jews believe in heaven and hell. The Jews believe we need to be saved from hell will cover today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown all right just breaking news aside, looking at the news right before the broadcast regular focus on it because it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but one of these things that's got you shaking your head like what are you kidding me according to FBI director, when Hillary Clinton testified over this past weekend she was, not under oath and the testimony was not recorded.


You gotta be kidding me.

I.e. i.e. I write this is Michael Brown of this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Thanks for joining us today on the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is number to call any Jewish related question that you have any Jewish related topic you'd like to bring up a Hebrew question? Old Testament law or messianic prophecy? Israel today in the land question. Let us lawn your best to answer you 866-34-TRUTH a 7884. Okay I want to talk politics and anti-Semitism for minute all of you listen to this broadcast over the last year. No grave concerns I have about candidate trump. I am hopeful that he will listen to wise counsel and could potentially be a viable presidential candidate. I'd like for us to have at least one viable candidate. But you know the concerns that I have your aware of that but I personally don't believe Donald Trump is anti-Semitic. There was this whole controversy about the tweet that he retweeted Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician ever. And those words were written in a Jewish star which they suggest the sheriff*and anyway, the tweet ended up getting deleted but then he defended selectors that is not a meant to be Jewish star wasn't saying that your Jews are corrupt and that's why the Association was made in that regard. So his son-in-law, James Kushner has written an article about his father, Donald Trump and I remember James Kushner himself is Jewish. He has grandparents who are Holocaust survivors and his wife Donald Trump's daughter converted to Judaism to marry him. Donald Trump was supportive of that.

So he is written pretty passionately that his his father-in-law is not an anti-Semite.

II this is personal opinion, that's not my issue. I don't think that's that that the issue and even when it comes to the way he talks about women. I think these got the disparage if the fees doesn't like it is going to put in the category and disparage you residence company. Apparently Street it women well and raise the multi position, but will pull put that all aside.

To me this is a distraction. Let's let's focus on the real issues about who Donald Trump is who. Hillary Clinton is who. Other candidates are, what they stand for.

And let's not get distracted with these side issues so as one who has been a critic of Donald Trump. I personally don't think that he's anti-Semitic look. If you don't embrace a Jewish son-in-law and then have your daughter convert to Judaism which means the grandkids. They have will be Jewish. You don't embrace that if you're anti-Semite, so that's just my take on that you can weigh in if you like.

I just don't want that to be a major, major subject, but that being said that, things that I won't get to some things that Jewish people do believe I want to answer some questions. I've also been asked why is it that Jews primarily vote Democrat, liberal.

I'm not as high as black Americans but pretty close. Really close. Terms of heavily liberal Democratic voting. Why is that like that joined Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott multi for unique behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on a trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner four-color office at 704782370. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown walking to the line of fire, 866 the four truth. The recall on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday want to get your calls momentarily.

First let me comment on why the vast majority of American Jews vote Democratic vote liberally and do not vote Republican. For the most part even though Republicans have had a much stronger stand when it comes to the nation of Israel there a few factors. If I'm speaking in generalizations. There are a few factors. One is that the great majority of American Jews are not religious. They're not observant, they tend to be much more humanistic.

In other words, they would be much more pro-abortion they would be much more pro-homosexuality, they would be much more quote progressive than conservative because they're more humanistic and they are less religiously observant among the very, very religious Jews. They have been voting more Republican Ted Cruz had it a good support group among the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn and things like that so that's that's one reason.

Another reason is that most American Jews are not as devoted to the nation of Israel as evangelical Christians are the words Israel is important for them and were candidate stands on Israel is important for them but evangelical Christians put even more emphasis on them on that issue then does your average American Jew, which may surprise you to hear that the third thing is this that there is a fear and a concern of the religious right or of a right wing or religious totalitarian type of regime or imposing religion on a nation so there is a fear because Jews have suffered at the hands of professing Christians through the centuries and if suffered under various totalitarian regimes that when they perceive something in that in that model, even if their perception is wrong. They will be wary of it all. What happens if the Christian fundamentalists coming to power what they gonna put laws on Jews to restrict Jewish freedom is a recent light never happened. While it's happened before us have before you sit what would happen with godly Christian. I understand that and I agree. However, there is that concern so those would be several factors that humanistic progressive mentality among most American Jews and I put progressive." The fact that Israel is important but not as important as evangelical Christians would make it.

Another factor would be the concern about the right wing or religious totalitarian type of regime or something leading in that way. And then lastly in it which I am with the first there is the sense in the Jewish community that we are called to stand for justice and that we should have a social conscience and when that social conscience is more humanistic when it is more man centered in God centered. So God is our starting point. From there we love our neighbors a self versus manager starting point. From there we love our neighbor as ourselves.

The, the results of that will often be that that Jewish people get zealously involved in causes that are very contrary to conservative Christian causes. She'll find many of the ACLU or SPLC attorneys who fight so much against the things that we believe are important, and who oppose our religious freedoms and things like that. Of course they would sit very differently. Many of them are Jewish. Many of them are Jewish. So these are some of the reasons that American Jews primarily vote democratically right versus for Republicans 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Lisa and Fort Lee, New Jersey. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire ground for an addict on their Col. point out where probate yet anti-Israel and again not all felt and you got to get Bernie Sanders get Bernie Sanders is a Jew pushing that direction to start Wendy Sherman a liberal guilt, but the Iran deal. Israel anyway that the target Trump on again and never mentioned the terrible historic they get bombarded by radio for Democrats on the panel and all this week because nobody yelled at, and I think they are intimidated they never bring up that on everybody noted the democratically anti-that might data one that mostly voted for the Iran deal to members on the platform probate yet unbelievable but it targets are awful day there and take it with you and solicit equipment not at start date, but targets are awful and so the Republican are terrible defending defending them without whether it's proper anybody they can't pay for therapy.

Dr. Brown and take it when did the Democrats on the panel yelling. This is a dog with old racist anti-Semitism on Donald Propp and the Republican Party may never defend himself, but at least let you say you like but you still didn't one I haven't watched a lot of the news.

I get most of the things are reading online and the excerpt from the news but I I was not happy when it 100% reprint for Sen. Cruz to be the Republican candidate. I watched more of that. The debates than things like that is, those were going on and I was utterly unimpressed with most of the Trump surrogates out for the problems they had to defend a lot of things that he said and did that were not defensible that put them in a whole, but I think that probably they got they got more play and and Donald Trump got more favorable coverage before it was him against Hillary and ended the feeling was now the media of the boat. Most of me is going to turn on him that he sick the candidate conciliar Clint of the Democrats can turn on him but yet your your hundred percent right.

Lisa looked the Democratic platform four years ago there was a battle to eliminate the Jerusalem to limit God in certain ways anytime out of a radically liberal platform radically pro-abortion.

For example, in very very weak on Israel and and there were real protests about about having a any type of barely pro-Israel platform so great concern there, and yet your hundred percent right to repeat, you've got glaring major issues that could be challenged as anti-Semitic with the least strongly anti-Israel on the Democratic side entrance getting blasted for the silly thing which I think is was intentional, anti-Semitic at all. So thank you for raising that I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to rock Hill South Carolina James welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I wanted to weigh in on the whole thing about drumming and that they might from what I can create out of all the things a week on a dozen to be fairly strongly pro-Israel. I don't think that claims to be so any advantage primitive but even with that said, it is the week of the many other things like you know a week on abortion and on top of all the individual rights and the thing that I don't not planning on going and for him in the dinner collector. So yeah, I mean look at that it remains a major problem, not to major on the upcoming election. But it remains a major problem that that many many Americans. Under no circumstances could vote for Hillary Clinton and they'd like an excuse to vote for the Republican candidate with her struggle. There struggling and in doing so, and some say look at him and my conscience in my conscience I I I simply can't.

I simply can't say that I know if I vote with counsel for trumpets, vote for Hillary, you know the were not there.

It was still not there yet we ever got to the conventions, the factor that that she's not getting indicted for further email server that's another travesty. We shall see where things go in terms of the. The downside to this having been exposed for the other of the problems but not as far as as far as Donald trumping anti-Semitic don't see it look easy.

Has answered those questions. For the most part, aside from things going remain neutral so you can cut a deal with Palestinians for the most part is answer the strong enough and I just got a look at the family again if if you embrace a Jewish son-in-law and then your daughter converts to Judaism in your grandkids will be Jewish, hard to associate that with anti-Semitism in my thoughts. So that's the stuff problem and yes you want to look for real weakness in terms of Israel look at where Pres. Obama stood in the Democratic it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on a 7884 the number to call if it's Jewish related. If it's a general question. That's what will do on Fridays, you got questions, we've got answers. I do hope you'll be able to join me in Israel next year really.

It'll be the trip of a lifetime. It will be worth every dollar. And more so for more info go to website, asked Dr. Brown ask ADR see right on the homepage. Also check out my latest article I wrote last night about three theological errors three mindsets that paralyze us.

One is whatever is happening here we see people falling away. While that must be the last apostasy. This is the last great falling away which basely paralyzes us.

Another is well and tonsil got worse so why bother to bring about positive change again that paralyzes us.

And then, well, it's all predestined and plans other we can do about it that paralyzes us and none of those things are taught in Scripture and to the extent that the end times will be characterized by darkness also be characterized by light to the extent the end times will be characterized by apostasy. The also be characterized by harvest 86634. Truth is the number to call before go back to the phones. The question of afterlife Jews in the afterlife of traditional Jews do believe in the afterlife, but it does not have primary emphasis. It does not have primary emphasis appropriately get to that later in the broadcast. Let's say the greater emphasis is on obedience to God today and keeping his commandments today was much less of an emphasis in the world, although Jewish tradition does teach that this world is the vestibule to the world to come. The great emphasis is still on this world and secondarily on the world to come, and therefore there is less talk about quote heaven and hell are being saved from hell in Judaism for quite a few reasons 866-34-TRUTH we go back to the phones in New York know.

Look at the New York Jalisco Frank New Jersey Michael, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown waiting talk you for years, but if it can be detected.

I believe warm lawyers.

Okay, now you talk about the three paralyzing mindsets from the people have, and I agree with you optically incompletion feet are great enemies not to be encouraged and it is encouraging a Bible like you're selling oil so basically people think to come and save it again. Now, sir. I bet the Bible and God knows I've studied from the original Greek and Hebrew are not an object and got sent out of the path of the preaching Patterson purity bites stop at upper while I no longer endorse the Bible what it teaches because I see clearly that the teachers for slavery, both physical and spiritual silence. So you hand so you use to you so you still believe in the Bible really hard mind yeah right, but now you no longer believe in the Bible.

I don't anybody attribute God, and certainly think not worship them of court. I don't believe the Bible and the representation of God's heart or mind command Peter I how do you know who God is liars. I keenly through the Bible. I understand that you might by Richard God is a collective consciousness, basically a Christian just like… It be right or wrong, I'm not sure. I'm really not sure God is the note I noticed about altered and rank contradiction and leading toward evil and echoing about the Bible about how this is how to send him yeah how does it lead towards evil. Okay I'll talk to you, personable arm in the Old Testament Scripture Dr. Scripture condoning war and killing innocent people and even animals and in the New Testament is fixed at the Scripture, if it be a good slave, no matter how wicked your masters are just as business analyst.

Let's take the first month. How would you feel if if Isis terrorists are trying to destroy the neighborhood. They are encamped around it and they're ready to take it they're gonna rape the women's event can automatically hang on and we were we were able to take Isis out. Would that be a good thing I research like this. Will you forgot to copy because I believe that God told me to.

I got a country we can get it now. Are there are there. We are there any yet, Michael, Mike, are there any wicked people that it would be good if we could do war against them and wipe them out if they won't anchor our variation including our soul, not not all that are not not the guilty. Not the guilty people on the cross and I don't like equipping with money and with weapons.

My compartment is for your forget forget forget that I don't want to get distracted. Got allies attracted ongoing about 400, God waited 400 years.

Michael God waited 400 years because before he wiped out the Canaanites and he said he could not give Israel the land until their iniquity reached it's full so it was extreme, but not within my one time thing that was necessary. Basically the only one that God commanded the Israelites to kill very clearly. He couldn't do even better, even for my memory to cook and eat one of my children nation. Richard and Michael handle that's wrong. How do you know that since you thrown out the Bible and you just relying on the collective consciousness not even sure what makes right what what makes you think you're right.

Maybe one is a necessary thing like gangrene in the body where you had to amputate and it was radical interest in the New Testament teaching on slaves that was basically saying right now. That was the system because of the gospel because of Christianity. Slavery ended up getting eradicated and doctors nonanswer I resonate. I got my research I do not. I don't really have a Christian authority regarding Attorney and its truths are read only recently let what books silts in the house was not it William Wilberforce was not a Christian. I'm not sure it will be.

We will all be people 59th St. technology, the source of information gotten from you. I said United States us is William. We are at so so here is the problem Michael, your your existence something funny for a while, apparently from what you're saying okay and obviously you've got limited time here. I've got other callers and and I guess, but the bottom line is you are increasingly setting your own mind and heart up as a God you are the arbiter you alone can determine the truth this very dangerous or obviously you're very sincere and passionate.

Or you wouldn't put this time and effort in, but if you gonna talk about God how to even know what it's like how to even know who he is, ultimately created God in your own image, which is the ultimate idolatry. Remember, the same God that you're criticizing told the people of Israel. If you see your enemies donkey wandering you gotta bring it back the same God criticizes citizens hungry and feed him problems. I encourage you to humble yourself get on you. You say God I know very very little.

Please help me meet into the truth is otherwise very it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown some months back I had a very special guest on the line are he is well known as one of the most fearless evangelists in Israel native born Israeli and fearless preacher of the gospel and he has suffered his share of opposition. A movie has now come out a documentary about his life that is being shown in Israel with with large audiences watching and I want to hear about this, I will. I want to share some of his story with you and then talk about this documentary called the messenger. So without further ado I was thoroughly Jewish. There is that we bring back to the light afar Jacob Don Connie knuckle great to have you on the air again my care. What a great blessing really get back in speaking to you and being one that I do with you all aware that in America, finding God for such wave that can connect us over the ocean. That's amazing is that the colonnade measurements like rent in the same room and it felt good but so good to remedial program of been online for that than 15 minutes in the listening goal that the really great to be what God is doing with you and made the Lord keep blessing your efforts in opening the eyes of people in the hot depot and encouraging challenging blessing people on this glorious novel Pat. What time were leaving. What an hour while and I am so thankful that you given me that the time now with you on the radio yet with with joy never get heavy on the second hour worked out better for you to come on now, but we got we got a good half hour now to talk so I want to tell some of your story on the air, but let's just jump right in. We just got about three minutes now what has happened with this documentary about your life, called the messenger what we can talk about how it was produced how I can about the first. What has happened with the showing of the messenger in Israel went right to the point with what happened with the showing edges of the glorious power for great breakthrough in that work of splitting the gospel of evangelizing, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. The gospel truth, the gospel of grace to the people of Israel to really have a feeling of powerful feeling and I really don't want to brag my bracket my boasted in the Lord of the greedy, allow me to put together such a very what can I say a powerful feeling well, you know, you might have PPN you were not really go to the toilet you just sleep in the chair sleeping.

Many, and you would watch and you won't be able to get up. He just really have that done wonders in the senior minute Israel it's been for one month throughout the country in Israel and it's going to continue to get back into it.

It wasn't yet injured was a limb, but he was in Tel Aviv and Haifa in our lawn in Galilee, and soon it is going to go to Jerusalem and I can say that they, their response is great for thinkers is after 40 years of doing whatever effect opened as of Israel and with the millions of passing out literature is tractable. Countless conversations jumping up to complain of the campaign fall days for two years in the streets of Israel now to be able to really move a step further into this field production into movie. This is a really powerful and you know nothing yet about the next film, which I'm doing already finished shooting use. Which would be done in December and this new feeling would talk about as well. I know you want to break about spirit is like a fiction film. It's a really defendant the same, but the effect on the proclaiming.

Those of you will beloved of God. We don't know this is all to do with the book, why me that have been that really given out and led many many people at the fate and so now in use. It would act on with app stores very powerful disease and I'm very excited about that is why we come back really hear the story of Jacob Don Connie, one of the foremost front-line evangelists in Israel amend the story you need to know if the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is thoroughly Jewish. There is that this is Michael Brown with mice national guest Jacob Don Connie of four for many years Jacob stood out as a fearless street preacher in Israel. Israeli preaching to Israelis about Jesus issue going through the the opposition that he would face handing out literature sharing the gospel one-on-one, small crowds, larger crowds, now a documentary's come out about his life and Israelis are flocking to the movie theaters to watch it at that. These are these are nonbelievers that are coming to to watch this movie Jacob before we get into your your actual story. How do you explain the fact that these Israelis are coming to see this movie what's what's drawing them. We know the Holy Spirit at work but what what's what's interesting them in the movie when I think so much of it up to do away with the timing.

I got have a timetable and is been really maneuvering upon his people, step-by-step effect upon precept, getting them qualities for great promise of the kingdom which is that the "promised to Israel and they I really believed I wear is right. I forgot dealing with the people and the people have ready more and more the religious Jewish establishment is being exposed at more and more of the nation is really fed up with that and that people can focus on care and people are looking for a cognitive abilities the Israel seems to be recognition when people coming to visit for the nation.

They just seemed like it all. Things like you know in all of them and they'll get boogie-woogie and donkey punky and the people having that life but then if if there will be able to really get into the heart of the nation would really see that people really realize and recognize that become the Cornelius around the corner over lotion. The fact that the Arabs fighting among themselves. Now we will now that the four season. It's kind of grace. It's time for God really having gracious grace of these people but won't know and the prophet speaks of it very loud sound clear that all is coming and it's in the air and to develop and people are open and a motive that you have to do with the director, who is really the one who helped me to throughout this film was on… On a bond with that one of the leading character in the movie industry in Israel who have really made some 70 feeling some of them if they can, trophies, and so he's a very well known man and to wait really to sculpting. Begone, you can see how God is doing things because it was my dream was my dream for many years I always knew that writing is a big thing and I realize in the last number of years that become read this and you need to move the Internet that you need to move into field production.

It was that in my heart and I know I know my Lord so well in his the way in which he deals with me and work with me desires in my heart I love you like my filthy name IVs only and also my life. I do like myself and him. He put the idea would be me and then and he is that many spyware in his timing. He led the desires which he puts within me is a delight myself in aim to become a reality so that this whole story. Begone with the person was that kind of mild maybe some people knowing the lawyer in the man and he really wanted to welded a movie about the Masonic movement so the behemoth that a Masonic movement field to really express the key people in the government. What this movement is all about.

Because of the will know that is a whole lot over England on the part of the Israel of what is disfigured about believing in Yeshua, so he order this film and he located basement on Iran to really be day one would produce putting this film and give them a bunch of names to really interview and I just happen to be one of them.

Now he didn't come to shoot the camera. I didn't come to interview recently, man and this of the camera men have common really interview me a whole day in the streets of doubtful about this whole faith in the month the movement and what does it feel about and all the shooting of this, men came through the editing room and Doron were seeking to have the really powerful man well known person and it went through Israel.

Now he is really doing the editing to really produce film together and when he saw me on the screen that's out when my kill is about this man left them a couple just watching watching you know the interview that I was talking to about this man, fully have to be told, and so I got in touch with the moment he got in touch with me… We had that meeting we talked and that's how it all started to really would be the approach, which is but God.

God is in the God ordained and God really straight all of these and so the movie the messenger came together and for him. It was there no big need to get it into the movie theater so that it was an really fossil month is a long time for it to be in the movie theater throughout the country and I'm so thankful getting a lot of phone calls and people asking questions and become the congregation and I'm really expecting you know really. Time is 40 viability of time for this patient to which cop to realize issue did you and and and God is really laying such a powerful platform in the heart of the nation. The only thing that I'm crying for, and everyone addicted opportunity to really speak to our listeners. My heart cry at all with have been ever since Ali met the Lord with some 40 years ago away Debbie New Jersey, of all places that we can come out of New Jersey that I met the Lord and it was black elected speaks split second that I really received such a clear revelation of the intention of God of the plan of God.

The way in which God have really brought us the least competent people to stumble over… Which he laid in Zion to stumble over the promised new covenant on promised Messiah. In order to bring the Gentiles the in and to really make within frames and bring them into this glorious promised kingdom pictures of God promises trusted into this great olive tree, and that day that that the whole plan of God in making use of the saints of the nations to provoke Israel to jealousy is something rooted in the old covenant, which will know how close it altogether. Normal 11 verse 11 to 15 them for all your listeners very aware of this passage that we have stumbled in order to follow on stumbling if they can place an order to really there that that the same from the nations and Ella called them Gentiles okay for me, one we met the Lord no longer a Gentile, is now become a true saint and a better look at the St. docket of St. Louis by the St.the finished work of our God on their rivalry to really raise up himself that family of the redeemed of the Jew and the Gentile, so I will own it picked up pretty good to really encourage the people whom listening to us. Please understand this mission will reproduce the Stephen the messenger is on the streets of Israel.

For two years and our whole mission is to God of the saints of the nations teach them a quick them, encourage them, challenge them, help them to understand and realize how to relate the gospel to the Jewish people in a Jewish context and with them I couldn't go to far and according accomplish God accomplished all this much work that have been Donald Trump of salvation apart from the sin from the nations. The element holder with the stepmother and mama hand for all these many years and really I want to take the opportunity you to salute and to think and to praise God for the many many saints from across the globe with.

We live in about trumpet of salvation, become mutual friends to our work, and came and gave up their time to study 211 how to relate the gospel and traveled a lot with asked about the country into hourly camps and the beaches in the marketplaces and touching the lives that I would have come from Israel to really realize true Christianity in particular Judaism as opposed to what they're really feeding Jesus the Inquisition and Jesus the Crusaders and how we didn't know, but that if one would be out there sharing with them would love and humility of heart and boldness and great carriage and that's what it's regular about I want to take the opportunity to my kill. If you allow me to really invite the depot to look into the trumpet of salvation website adjust and if that wanting to fight at all that day. The messenger of the field, which is a committee throng in Hebrew and it's translated to think nine languages… That of course English is one of them about it in Hebrew with English subtitles if they can just write to me the trumpet of salvation that all audit be made.

The trumpet of salvation, will, and it says that says it is a DVD that will really be a blessing for making you feel he is a great help to understand… I say, what to stay right there need be right back, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, your your sitting there are Arkestra jogging missing in your headphones or earphones your your your pulled in by the story by this voice by this messenger, Jacob, Don, Connie, go to his website. Trumpet of on there right now trumpet of you can get his book the story of his life. Why me right there on the website of an earlier documentary that got a lot of attention the other side of the cross that's there and you can find out about this new movie, the messenger 80 minutes subtitles in English and again. It's being played in theaters of Israel and that means that secular Israelis nonbelieving Israelis non-messianic route Israelis, nontraditional Israelis, there going there and there watching this principle you sow in tears shall reap in joy Jacob. So for many, many, many years and done the hard things and on the unpopular things and done the things that are difficult and on the things we have to be in your face.

Praying in the funds. Now God favors the message getting it out to the nation's the trumpet of hate join me in Israel next year. We connect with messianic Jewish believers in the last one of the key things we do that many of the chores don't to Christian tours, don't you, we connect with believers in the land find that out at my website asked her to yuck of folks you have to order your book or order the video the messenger in order to get your full story but just speak from your heart. What's it been like in Israel sharing the gospel.

These many years when people must've looked at you like you were from another planet like you had lost your mind and I'm sure you've had your your share of opposition. What's it been like preaching the gospel sharing the gospel on the streets of Israel for decades, and what is it that drives you to keep going like you know that one of things we will have born of God. Receive from the Lord is caught on maintenance is hard to cry for the fancy to believe that would become a hot body is in tension would become mounting tension the things which you really want to accomplish is the things we want to accomplish and that when we come in touch with reality of such such a truth we know the day main thing is really in the heart of the Lord is the advancing of the kingdom of God and that we have walk up to the reality that that he does not have any more Jeremiah and that is no more a most and that is no more than Paula Peter Donna James and what he got is the fit for one for three wannabes out of history, God will always with the heaviest man and woman to carry out his task.

His job and it's the mother of choice.

I've chosen with all my oxen down with all my people ways with all my shortcomings. My heart was always leaving of David would just keep pressing forward folding rising up folding, repenting, rising up realizing I have nowhere to go but to be a vessel of honor than the end of my master men day. It really it really have been a great Junior for two years with all the shortcoming with all the failures is with great victories with the great harvest and great impact on Israelite Boston, the Lord, my pride is in the Lord about look to just the simple simple boy from Galilee, with not even finished high school, run away from home 16 years of age never really been a Bible school anything like these and but the heart was for the Lord the heartland when the love of God, and shined with my heart when the love of God, of common conch of this heart of mine and I realized this great salvation and I realized this great redemption and the promises of the prophets.

I have become on one side of my heart with a whole lot of love and compassion for my bill which oldest promises have been given to them and then a whole lot of anger about the religious system beat Christianity that pools so much sand and gravel implies I'm talking about so poor Christianity and then they because use establishment that led the entire nation astray. Although it was really in the plan of God to have a stumbled, we don't really have an answer for every bit of everything we know that God is involved, but for me it was a really loud sound and clear as the Lord God us back in the land of dry bones is hot cry is not the police. Upon them, and make use of the same from the nations to do that and again Paul is not putting out of the sleeve Roman 11 from verse 11 to 15 this whole idea is rooted in the book of Deuteronomy beginning in chapter 52 and will belong to the Psalms and said I thought that the counsel of God the mind of God. So what do you keep going. As you asked me what keep me going is the understanding of the concept of God is coming in touch with the mind of God, is the realization of the intention of God and a determination I'm going to be and unzipped my loading tension. I'm in the fee is done old for me. Just be. Likewise, they want is now 40 years of celebrating 40 years of faith.

Yet, if that's what the Lord is done for me coming to earth dying that for me and all that the really purchased me and give me attend the life and spent the meaning of life and removing my seamless thought is that you from the west and really giving me this glorious promise me will often use belief from Ezekiel and Jeremiah 9 is that pleasing to me in the power of the blood of the Lamb.

If he's done all this for me. My continuously echoing my heart.

The Lord, what can I do for you and you know my killed before theaters only know Mitchell is really understanding Jesus that you make sure Israel have really had no intention Jesus had no intention to bring a new religion just you just make sure you just proclaim I'm in. I cannot bring one faulty faith. Only God can take 1/2 of stone and give this glorious new hard things. I cannot convert anybody from sin unto and to everlasting life, and in the end idea is just to really make use of the leverage that to everything God given us with disinclination and I would encourage you Mike and I really want to encourage you with with your program is not just now but in any any opportunity you might have two encourage the Saints daily New York oil region you Josie.

Whatever your program is really going throughout the state is three to encourage them to many of them coming to Israel a number of time and understand first time coming. You want to have a tool when you want to go from I really seeing the land in which is that as legitimate and affiliated beautiful and powerful and necessary and good, but I know many of them coming many times over. I really want to encourage the saints, and I wanted really. If I can just impart this into your heart to really partner with this whole mission in every now and again whenever you can really encourage people within days of your life in common giving to the contents into the outreach of Israel, gifted 20th and you know at that 20 days 30 days as long as you can, for life changing experience know I'm not the trumpet of I will listen. We are we are as time but I will do that very thing. We will get this broadcast out as widely as we can take our interview that we did the audio posted on YouTube's friends go to trumpet Invest some time Jewish people with good news and issues. God bless you, my dear brother.

Great cast coworker in the Lord. My bottom line Jesus that you the message for Israel. Now hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today, torchbearer one of our regular monthly support as it enables us to broadcast a lot of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back in human many many different ways join our team become a torturer asked Brown a SK gone donate to Jews believe in heaven and hell.

The Jews believe we need to be saved from hell will cover today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, one of the joys of live radio is that you can make alive decisions in real time we had posted earlier today that in this, our second hour we be speaking with the special guest Ms. really carved on, he needed to come on earlier fabulous half hour that we had together really what you start hearing and you can listen to all day and some amazing news from Israel. So you build. Listen to that later is going to the website asked Dr. Brown's K dear and when you go there.

Just click on modifier for the latest broadcast and you'll be able to listen. We post within a few hours of the show limits for you don't have to have a special membership to listen to the show just in the way that we can minister to you. 86634 to you got Jewish related questions we've got Jewish answers for you if you want to ask about Israel. If you want to seasonally ask about the Hebrew language of the Old Testament law on the believer messianic prophecy in Islamic related questions for pretenses thoroughly Jewish Thursday were on 866-34-TRUTH 784 so Bill O'Reilly posted these pictures of Barack Obama attending out of waiting a family member, wedding, and the it's it's in Islamic wedding and he's dressed in Islamic garb Anna Riley's take was that Barack Obama is as deep emotional ties to Islamic that's that's been very evident for quite some time. Just hearing his famous or infamous space up in your take on it in Cairo early on in his presidency, speaking of the prophet of the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet speaking of the crime being revealed and things like that which is how Muslims speak.

I was clearly although I personally did not think he was a Muslim, that he had great sympathy for as long after they lived in Indonesia for the reviewers and was registered as a Muslim, he can quote the. The prayer call that the Arabic sound of the prayer call the Arabic words and thinks of the beauty of that.

So to him Isis these other groups they're not really Muslim and genuineness on the way he saw his beautiful etc. so that was just my take on it so I did a poll on twitter and let's see it's how many hours old so for four hours old almost 400 votes. So, for what he believed about Pres. Obama's religious faith, and I give four choices he's a Muslim is emotionally tied to Islam is a Christian. He has no deep faith, so we think the responses were right. I would imagine my Twitter followers are somewhat similar demographically to you my radio listeners what he believed about Pres. Obama's religious faith, four choices, he's a Muslim is mostly tied to Islam is a Christian. He has no deep faith before I get into the larger subject that I want to continue to speak about the show today Jews in the afterlife.

Beliefs about the world to come.

Before I take your calls on the line of fire and thoroughly Jewish Thursday what you think. The responses were the greatest number 44% said he has no deep faith, the next number said that he's emotionally tied to Islam. So is 44%.

They felt even more strongly is 31% said emotionally tied to Islam, 21% he's a Muslim, 4%, only 4%. He's a Christian just opinions interesting to write that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to his downline fire.

864 truth. Let's go to the phones, Vienna, Virginia Zach walking to the broadcast that Zion RSI relative to the broadcast think you have is when you're sure was talking to Nicodemus and he was telling them about being born again and Nicodemus question. The middle letter what what you mean by born-again and in the nearshore response to but he says you know you're a teacher of the law, you don't understand this somewhere in the law of the prophet is being at that he's holding Nicodemus to account for not knowing yet that's that's a fair question to ask. The assumption would be there something right. In other words, if there was nothing whatsoever, then the account would make no sense to Jewish reader right it would be like me saying what you're an American and you don't know that we all follow the writings of Chairman Mao like what so that you know it wouldn't resonate him. In short, in short, the, the words of the prophets.

For example, in Ezekiel 36 and end. By the way that the Greeks were born again to me, born from above. Some would rather translate born a new, but the theme that you have in the Torah this and taken up in the prophets, for example, you have a theme of and in Deuteronomy 10 were Israel's call to circumcise their own hearts and then Deuteronomy 30 where after time of exile with repentance that God will then circumcise the hearts of his people. You have the new covenant prophecy in Jeremiah 31 where he put his laws in the people's hearts.

Then you have specific in Ezekiel 36 and this is the original context as the return from exile that in that context. God says it will take the stony heart out of their flesh and put a new heart within them and put his laws in their hearts, and these are the passages that are then quoted in the New Testament in terms of the new birth that we experience and enjoy. So I think I love you Emily are doing one question and also in Scripture and the prophet that he's going to do a new thing on the earth that a woman shall encompass a man. Isn't that kind of reference to being reborn because a woman the only way she can encompass a man is if a man goes truly inside completely. Not just not just part of them, but completely like being born back up into the low so with data i.e. the reference studies talking about now it's it's actually a verse in Jeremiah in the Hebrew is tremendously difficult, as some say it's a prophecy of the virgin birth.

Some say it's talking about women overtaking that it did to say that that's IME, but with the new birth because it doesn't doesn't work in Heber is working hereby what one virgin birth, no different than our normal birth, except for no man thing with artifact in the fat I only check that I don't hang on and I don't interpret it like that myself. It's very difficult. He runs just how can I run, to ensure my side arrest with the first. I'm just telling you that that doesn't work that's all it instantly. That doesn't work as an argument of Craig Keener points out his Bible background commentary that Jewish teacher spoke of Gentile converts to Judaism. The starting life and new like newborn children, so that Nicodemus should have understood that Jesus meant conversion but the question is why would a Jew need to convert and this is where he would then say you're missing something. You see, even and even and in the prophets, for example, in Ezekiel, you need a new heart and new spirit so it bear in mind that it wouldn't be a surface thing he would be pointing to.

But something deeper he would be pointing to. And the deeper thing would be like Israel, has failed time and time and time again we need that part. We need that new covenant. Don't you see that, don't you understand that and that would've been the point of it this and I I really appreciate you digging into the Scriptures and asking this question, and even look in the verse in Jeremiah, and I don't mean to to rain on your parade by saying it doesn't work that is when we can say that that interpretation could work with the. The Hebrew words there and it it it is a difficult passage. I'd be quite sure that that would not be what you sure was pointing to their and to me it would be more the imagery of new heart, new spirit, so it's not just a Gentile cover coming to Judaism. He needs a new start, but a Jew himself would need a new start because of our failures in our sins, but Zach thank you for the call.

I have to say you're the first Zechariah who is goes by Zach for short. So glad to make your acquaintance. It comes from the Hebrew word or meaning to remember that you okay so from right know that that we know, but you're saying it short for Zechariah right was a generous excellent. The core yeah yeah remember yet is a car yet exactly exactly right. Just like any of these names you have. Like Elijah, and he was Ellie yahoo. Jeremiah your Yahoo Hezekiah Fisk Yahoo Zechariah is a sorry I was at her Yahoo if it's just a car yard short for scar Yahoo. That being the form of the divine name Yahweh at the end hate appreciate the call 86634 we go to Chicago gel welcome to modifier Dr. Brown always honored showed you doing, sir. Good that the listen friends you and how social media works as I'm doing my show and just checking some news updates looking at some other things I see a note sent to me via social media inviting me to join Dr. White on his dividing line shouldest only be a good time to call in from someone in such can't do it during radio analysis. During a break, intelligences can I call you so sure so I saw the name of the let's get your right arm and so here we here we go. Using all of our tools together quality broadcast which under my body.

Well, you know, I've been keeping up with the elbow Alone and Dr. James White dialogue with Hebrew Israelite, have you been keeping up with that as well.

James has been filling me in some I haven't been able listen to the show ship that I plan on catching up and then hopefully imaging system really encouraging me to just because of my Hebrew background and everything to utterly demolish some of their errors. So were I keep gathering information it's it's the key thing Joe is not to convince us because we know that the arguments are poor and some are complete rubbish and some really dangerous.

The goal is how to convince those in error of the because like if if I say that your name is not Joe. Your name is Jerry and you're lying to everybody.

Well, how does anyone know the truth just based on that, and if they like me and don't like you or if there my color skin and not your color skin or my ethnicity and not yours they like my city and not yours, why, why should they listen to you. So, because I would be perceived as a white man as an outsider and especially as a Jew you know that that I'm not a real GM of the synagogue of Satan, the way they would see all these are very very deceived wrong views. How can I help them see the truth because not all of them are absolute militant hard-core unreasonable. You gotta have some that are that are open and that's the goal to try to reach those that are more open and and pray for the stride wants to be delivered from error yet so that's that's what were applicant were on the front lines in Chicago were dealing with them. The debate that James Ackley had without a car and just the very fact, I wonder show mentioning that if I guarantee you they will find it in gear about it so I'm going to honor them as well as we talk about them to try to open up more dialogue. But then I had very limited dialogue with with a few callers here and there and I did watch just a portion short portion of the court debate between Dr. White and Elder there and many, many years ago, early 90s had some brief very intense interaction with Hebrew Israelites in the streets of Manhattan that was that was quite a scene.

Yeah, I can only imagine. I've dealt with through but now they're starting to band together. This has somehow invigorated them so they're knocking down there dividing walls for this play in their calling you out on their media, which I know were not intimidated by bully tactic.

One of the questions I want to bring up maybe you could just speak you on your girly Jewish Thursday is this idea of the pale yellow Hebrew language which a lot of them like you appeal to you and then where we got Street ministers Rhonda Street, ministering to that we don't even know where they're coming from so they'll say there was no eyes or even the name of God, and I have another line of argument I go with them. I want talk about being born again, etc. but if they get into this and we don't have the answer we get a little bit intimidated sometimes because we don't even know what they're talking about. So the bottom line is that they say the name is Jacob Wolcott why a H a W a is God and the why age a Y a H a W a SHI Yahoo washing of sorry throughout. Our Yahoo Sheila anyone of all the other doing just and candor. Having studied the language for decades and of course you learn the pallor. He restricts of hell. Hebrew language is that the ancient script which sexy parts of the Phoenicians was an original Hebrew script restarted from the Phoenicians. All they're doing is shouting out to the whole world, what they're saying is I don't know he was. That's what they are saying they are saying they do not know. He relying anyone who knows and understands. He was special attention is know what to say is 100% all guests be right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown in my book. Six.

The question is asked about Jewish beliefs and practices I deal with some of these issues about the name of Jesus or the Hebrew name Yeshua or the name of God, Yahweh, deal with those in that book.

Also, if you got my website asked her to ASK DR If you go there and just type in Yahweh retyping Yeshua will find articles there right deal with these issues.

We also have some YouTube videos right deal with them. In brief, I have one on the pronunciation of the name Yeshua and Associates Santa my caller Joe before the break, when Hebrew Israelites or others as is with the called black Americans. Primarily, so super Israelites when they say this is the real name of God or this is how the name of Jesus was originally pronounced with their busy shouting out to the holes that they don't know Heber. It's based on complete misinformation and secondary sources, and if they were reading the Hebrew fluently, and if they had then background into the ancient Semitic languages and could you comparison and could read inscriptions and things like that they would they would not come up with these errors and most importantly, they understand that's not the issue to divide over so Joe interweave that the problem again is is when you give factual answers that doesn't necessarily mean anything to someone who's not basing things on facts. That's a great problem here. For example, I have a video that I did just a short video with the ancient Hebrews black and answer as they work like they were white. They were Middle East. I may have had some in a black blood among women and black skin among them. But for the most part they would if they would've looked Middle Eastern and of course were total. None of the Egyptians are all black and and Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian actually, and this is something that you have to, show, and that's okay. Look at this unit, you have paintings from ancient Egypt where you have the Egyptians who are dark skin like Middle Eastern people eczema like Anwar Sadat was her Hosni Mubarak and of the swallow Egyptian leaders and then you have their Nubian slaves. The black slaves were black and anyone can see that the difference and yet there there also things through the centuries were the painting of different skin colors can have different significance in ancient Egypt and could be heightened one way or another, but listen if all the Israelites, originally black Soviet who cares if there are Caucasian if they are all Asian if they were Native Americans about how they looked.

I could care less if if Jesus was a black man as opposed to Middle Eastern man.

Every was a white man that's of no consequence to me whatsoever. He is the Savior of the world and and and God transcends color so to make color the issue.

Yeah, I object to the pictures that make Jesus into a white European. And that is to separate him from being a Jew and a Middle Eastern Jew, but it's in and and and and some of the medieval depictions and and later Renaissance paintings that the Jews in the picture they got these hook noses and the they they look evil. I mean just despicable and then you got this beautiful Jesus with blonde hair, blue eyes, of course, I object to that, but not because it was originally black, but because he was originally a Middle Eastern Jew and that's that's issue but whatever skin color was fine, and of all these rods are black find the fact that Moses matters in Ethiopian, a black woman and and and and and his brother sister upset with him over that would indicate himself is not like the fact that God says in Jeremiah 13. Can Ethiopian change his skin speak of a black man. He's used as an illustration because his color was different, but again it's it's all the material to me. Whatever color wants obedience. It's the last thing that I be concerned about your manuscript question Shirley would we have any ancient manuscript and Kaleo Hebrew of the pillars of pellet. He was 100% material to this. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the discussion this year understand that pillar Hebrew script.

Is it wit was without vowels okay so this whole argument is about the vowels and you didn't have vowels in pillar Hebrew script writes that the vowel points come in much later right so you do have some manuscripts among the Dead Sea Scrolls where parts of them are written in pellet. He would just eat the older Hebrew form. The form that we use today is the phone this news from a 2500 years, which is based on Aramaic script that Jews picked up when they were in Babylon and the king bangs in the Aramaic script before that they use the Phoenician script which is also called Palio Heber all right. Also, we have ancient inscriptions like the ancient guess air inscription. For example, service 303,000 years old. That's in what we call Palio Heber script. They would be similar to say if you look at the Moabite inscription for maybe 2800 years ago on the Moabite language that would be written in a similar script that that comes from the Phoenician script but there's a biblical character historical writing just to start historical writings here so you don't you don't actually have texts of the Bible and the older script. You may have some some portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls written out like that and of of of of a portion of Scripture written out like that.

But the fact is, even if you had them what is approved because they don't have vowels walking in another words, Yahweh would be written. Why HWH you have of hay.

That's how Yahweh would be written out and all with Septuagint absurd or we get to the Septuagint. This would improve any kind of conspiracy because the Jews had no problem translating the Scriptures and other languages correct as I was one of the high-risk event the wrist up. There is debate over it.

There is debate over the Greek translation in the later rabbinic view was that the five books of Moses were inspired, but the rest wasn't that we have. It's called the targums and and these were used in the synagogues and you you have of for example targeted Job target Mrs. Aramaic word for translation. So in the synagogue because many Jews no longer understood Hebrew or biblical Hebrew that you'd need to translate. It was blue red. So let's say you read Genesis 11 pray she throttle him at the sum of torrents, then the Aramaic Targum would be read to to follow the Codling bra deny action ivory out our all sorts of the Aramaic would be right afterwards and then the Aramaic was ultimately put in writing so yet to translate and then some of the medieval Jews translated the sacred literature into Arabic so that other Jews could understand it. So yeah translating the Bible into the languages was was never an issue that what what what their pointy about finding a Palio manuscript of of the Bible.

I will use you got here and there in ancient discovery.

We've got sick part of the you know maybe a tab of line from the Bible and that but it was what was the point of what, what with the discovery mean just to let you know what I'm doing right on getting might be band doctors administered paternity of a pastor with almost 20 years experience in deeply impacted by the browser of the Bible is on very spirit letting things about your partner apologetic and still looking into the topic. Sometimes it's really laughable. I listed the doctor, why try to keep his composure but you can be in the debate on spatial depression. It is so far out there yet but I can understand the massive is that is that it elicits all this. It's all one lie on another upon another, that these are people for whom Jesus died with tremendous zeal and they want we identify with Israel is health thanks for the comment. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown about you that I am having of last day in the service of the Lord, this is Michael Brown.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday that some great calls in the last hour and 1/2.

We had a great guest. Also earlier in the broadcast dock of Don Conley with an amazing story from Israel and where you master you can catch later on the website asked her to just click on the line of fire, and within a few hours the broadcast being over. Then you'll get the entire two hours. Listen to your satisfaction now for all of you just joining the we've got 1/2 hour to run and Sprint and enjoyed thoroughly Jewish Thursday together as we move towards the finish line. Any Jewish related Hebrew related question. You have maybe heard something taught you want to find that. Is it accurate is it true by all means give me a call question about Israel today. I would love to hear from you any questions on Islam and the Middle East will do our best to answer as much as were able to 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so did Jews believe in heaven and hell did. Jews believe in an afterlife. Yes, if their traditional Jews if their secular Jews.

They might not believe in an afterlife anymore than any other person would.

Without strong religious faith or they may have all types of speculation and and mingling together of various other views, but if you will go to a funeral say for a famous Rabbi on the throngs of his followers are there, it's a time of wailing and morning because of the loss of this great leader. There's not the joy that you might have some gospel funeral from some saintly leader that dies maybe some godly woman who dies in her mid-90s and they're all celebrating. They miss her but she's with the Lord. She's enjoying her reward.

She seen the Savior face-to-face.

She's jumping and dancing and no that would be the concept that the greater consciousness would be what a terrible loss for our generation even rending of garments and wailing. If you went to a secular Jewish funeral outlook with with funerals. Generally it's a time of sadness and in pain and in the morning, but there would not be a sense of strong sense of we know he's in a better place. We know she's in a better place there with the Lord that that is that is not the primary mindset of ultra-Orthodox Jewish website answers the question what happens after we die. And this is one of the fundamental beliefs of Judaism is that life does not begin with birth, nor is it and with death is that is taught in Judaism by but it is not taught with the same emphasis that we we teach on eternity with the gospel is not emphasized as much.

Rather, it's kind of the the ongoing journey of the soul and then the ultimate goal.

The resurrection of the dead, and a whole new world.

But even there the emphasis is on keeping the commandments and living in obedience and the lawyer being subjugated by the nations, and no more war and things like that. So the emphasis is almost more on tour observance and being faithful to commandments in this world and enjoying that life in the world to come. As as opposed to the way that greater contrast would be laid out in the New Testament writings and the kebab website answers the question to Jews believe in hell. I say we do believe in a type of hell, not the one found in cartoons and joke books hell is not a punishment. The conventional sense. It is in fact the expression of a great kindness Jewish mystics describe the spiritual place called baking gnome testing this Gehenna. This is usually translated as hell but a better translation of the supernal washing that which is believe will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Mrs. Michael Brown for truth. If you'd like answers to the most common questions about Jewish beliefs Jewish practices Christians and the law. The background of the New Testament, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. get my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish policing practices. I highly recommend it, even though I wrote it I highly recommend you find it super practical fascinating investing just pick whatever you're interested enough to read the book cover to cover read it in any order. Each answer is standalone, divided into four parts.

The first part being with Jewish beliefs and practices.

The second part being doomed Jewish history, the third Jewish background New Testament the fourth Christians and the law. That's 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish policing practices you get it online at major particulars, or through our website.

Asked Dr. before I go to your calls any Jewish lady question. You have 866-34-TRUTH so traditional Jews believe that unless you are perfectly righteous, which would be the rarest of rare prayer prayer. Prayer that you do suffer for a time in what's called gay he gnome and it is a place of purging for sin, a place of cleansing. So as the kebab website says the way our soul is cleansed and get he gnome similar to her closer, cleansed in the washing machine.

Put yourself in your sock shoe so to speak for you to be thrown to boiling hot water flowing around for half an hour. You might start to feel that some of his like you.

However, the fact it is only after going through wash cycle of the suction.

We want to get we don't put our socks in the wash machine to punish that we put them through it seem like a rough and painful procedure only to make them clean wearable again. The intense heat of the water loosens the dirt and the force of being swirled around, shakes it off completely far from hurting your sock shoe doing them a favor by putting them through this process. So too with the soul so it's believed that you go through this purging process of no longer than 11 months, and then you are basically promoted to the next level and then bigger still not in the resurrected phase that that awaits the future resurrection of the dead Brittany Dalby and paste the above blissful positive place and there are some who are absolutely, totally, completely 100% wicket which again would be the rare rare rare and and they they go down according to the Talmud and don't come back up. But the idea that people will go to eternal hell that is normally not reserved for masses of people, but perhaps for the the incorrigibility wicket. Anything that is not primarily emphasized within Judaism 86634. Let's go over to Jeremy and Gastonia. Welcome to the line of fire very well, thank you so you're on the validity of the book of this or if you to my website.

I have a video that I did on this recently. In fact, I was surprised sir that it attracted as much controversy as it did.

It was a more more watch than most of my recent teaching videos.

But if you go to asked Dr. Brown a SK dear and just where we see the search icon just-Enoch it'll take you to my video on that and on YouTube. We got 07 7000 views pretty quick, which for sure. Teaching video was. It was a quick response and I was surprised with the people who were really upset with me for saying was not part of the canon of Scripture, and it was, not to be accepted as the word of God. They were upset the sum completely misunderstood my my reasons for saying it, but here's what we do know we do know that fragments of Enoch are found in Aramaic among the Dead Sea Scrolls. The complete copy we have of Enoch is an easy optic language. The ancient language called gay as ancient Semitic dialect, but in terms of the earlier manuscripts of the whole book we just have fragments from one part in the book of Enoch and really it is several different books altogether and there is there is no way in an academic or scholarly level to argue that the whole thing goes back to Enoch. It would be called suit up a graphical literature that pseudo-part tell you something false. It is literature falsely attributed to a certain person and and in this case falsely attributed to Enoch that doesn't mean that it doesn't have some traditions that could go back to Enoch, and when Jude says that Enoch says thus and such Enoch, the seventh from Adam prophesies about what the ungodly wicket will do things like that.

There two possibilities. One possibility is that those words were actually spoken by Enoch and were were passed down in writing or orally through the centuries, or both, and they they are accurate words of Enoch that Judas quoted the other option is he's quoting from the book of Enoch and Enoch was the seventh from answers that actually stake his life on it that Enoch said these words with brothers from the book of Enoch. Either way, we know that the book of Enoch was highly esteemed by early Jews and early followers of Jesus, we know that, but it was not quoted anywhere in the New Testament as Scripture says, or as other ways that Scripture would be quoted in the New Testament as it is written. It's not quoted in that regard. Aside from the easy optic canon which does come later. Of course they would claim to have the original one is not part of any ancient cannon's license, not her. The kind of Scripture I'm I meant it was never universally accepted as Scripture, either among Jews or followers of Jesus, so it's interesting to read.

It has some mystical odd things and it is well, it may give us some information that we wouldn't have otherwise. That's accurate but it's to be read with interest and appreciation but not to be ready.

Scripture well. I really appreciate your answer and one to say that I am God and this is the only radio station in my vehicle that I'll change it will Jeremy. We are glad to be on that radio station and impersonally blessed to be part of your day on a regular basis, and God bless you man and keep growing in the Lord, thank you so much I hate that confirms what we know that in the car as many many many many young people listen to radio still still not just the older ones. Many young people of course many of you listen to me on your cell phone and an and then get so much through social media and podcasts and things like that so that's where were costly communicating in those ways as well.

We are Thomasville, North Carolina relate welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, thank you for your program. Very informative) flattered thank you Chris currently understand that final atonement sacrifice part and that the Jewish world at what point did they stop the animal sacrifice. To my knowledge they no longer do that yet.

When the temple was destroyed with a they understood that the sacrifices could only be offered up in the place that God intended. And that's why when they were in exile in Babylon in the sixth century BC that they didn't offer up animal sacrifices. There they prayed for the rebuilding of the temple. They prayed for their return from exile, and since the temple has been destroyed. So from the year 70. They have been unable to offer sacrifices.

According to the law.

Now there are some traditions that have been enacted over the years to try to take the place of that and there are religious Jews who leading up to the day of atonement will take a chicken or ham and kill it and wave it around their heads and say this is my substitute. This is my atonement. Other Jews frown on that. But that's not considered to be a sacrifice in the traditional way and then others would say what we simply give money to take the place sorts are repentance and study of the law of sacrifices that takes the place so traditional Jews recognize that there is a lack they believe they can be forgiven through repentance and things like that but that's why they pray traditional Jews on a daily basis for the rebuilding of the temple and for the restoration of animal sacrifices.

They're looking forward to doing that again of what they can't do it without the temple, so it wasn't their choices watches the choice of history and the choice of God. When you hear back pocket card or debit temple yet that that you you need a spotless red heifer in order to have the waters of cleansing and things like that and speculation has been found or not, but for the most part, traditional Jews are not focused on that too much because they're expecting when the Messiah is revealed and fights the wars of the Lord and re-gathers the exiles back to the land that he will rebuild the temple, so the vast majority traditional Jews worldwide are focused on keeping the commandments of God and on the revealing of the Messiah, the coming of the Messiah so that when he arises that he can then rebuild the temple and establish peace on the assessor they're looking for the looking for the Messiah to do it is supposed to. They're going to be the ones I will be right back for in the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown those virtues here, so will my dear friend Paul over from the Monday and Creed I believe in perfect faith, and the coming of the Messiah. Traditional Jews recite that daily way for him to come rebuild the temple, by the way to my many listeners all over North Carolina this weekend. Sunday and Monday actually a series of special meetings together with my dear friend and colleague Alex McFarland is also guest hosted for me on the line of fire was recently couple weeks back when I was in Australia. Alex and I will be team teaching team preaching at Jamestown in Jamestown, North Carolina this Sunday and Monday. This will be at life Community Church. The conference standing with courage, compassion and clarity will be addressing the difficult moral cultural issues of the day Sunday morning 1030 Sunday night at six Monday night at 730 right. Maybe you're busy growing church services Sunday morning join us Sunday night at six and or Monday night. 730. That's life Community Church on W. Wendover Ave. in Jamestown, NC, Lisa, Mike, I didn't get all that, no problem. It's all my website ask Dr. Brown a SK D or Brown Don Borg just go there you see it right on the side of the page itinerary easy to spot and hopefully you can join me if you're one of our listeners. Make sure you come up to me and greet me at the book table. As were able to see you and just let let me know that you listen to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH.

All right, John in Greensboro. Welcome to the line of fire got grounded relate garlic are liquid on a workday… A great great anyway, thank you for your ministry in your care are collected you're talking about what you believe about I, biblically correct where did that come from and Mark are quite similar to what Catholics believe you that when they die off, yet there are similarities, but I would dare say that if someone was raised in Catholicism, they would find Jewish teaching different and vice versa.

Okay, so in short, similar but slightly different based on Scripture, no you, you do have references and Maccabees, which of course would be part of the Septuagint part of the Catholic canon that could potentially point in this direction your prayer for the dead or something like that and it makes good human sense. John, in other words, okay most people are not totally good but totally bad.

Most people are kind of a mixture and we would think okay even the bad people don't deserve to go to hell. India tortured forever and and I think that's a misconception of hell as well. In any case, the previous can be tortured forever and that's what I was about but in any case, it skews me to the human mind, this makes sense. So yeah, it would be like okay in the Bible you send, you commit certain crimes and there's a penalty for her Israel would go into exile or Israel would would pay for its sins and exile concerts.

In Leviticus 26 or Isaiah 40 comforting the people of Israel are they paid double for their sin. So in that sense someone could then potentially extrapolate this right in and in that sense they could now take that into the world condescend that the Bible itself gives us no such indication. Daniel 12 which is the most explicit verse verse two about the world to come, or the afterlife. In the Old Testament says that many sleep in the dust years will rise not meaning only some of those sleep, but those who sleep in the dusty earth are many. So many those who sleep in the spirit will arise some to everlasting life, and some to everlasting shame and contempt, and and when you think of in the Bible you have blessing or curse you have obedience, disobedience so you don't have this middleground but human psychology. It makes sense and in this desire to do something when somebody dies you ever hear. Maybe someone killed in a car wreck in the rest of the family injured and you say were were praying for the victim in the note for the for the deceased and the families we can pray for the deceased, but you want to do something and because you want to do something, there's this great appeal for it for okay we can pray and in Catholicism.

Obviously that ties in and even some of the abuses that Luther fought against the indulgences. If you give a certain amount that is the coin drops in the in the path aerosol come flying out to hell. Judaism has no such concept like that.

But the traditional view will have a family member Singh was called the more the Scottish for them daily for it for 11 months after they die and the prayer says nothing about them. It doesn't mention the dead.

It's just a prayer exalting exalting God and extolling his greatness. It's a beautiful prayer even some of it.

Traditions would go some of that prayer would even go back to the time of Jesus of these parts of it are even even the Lord's prayer.

Some of the wording is is similar. So it's not an interceding for the dead, that the concept is. This will help someone get through the time of purging more quickly in the world to come. There are some traditional Jews actually believe in some type of reincarnation that all Jewish souls were at Mount Sinai 3500 years ago and that even as the Jewish population is growing somehow just the reincarnating of of Jewish souls.

There are some mystical Jews who believe in that that that's not something that would be considered a mainstream concept that at least is is focused on so yeah it's it's really without scriptural foundation, but you can understand why people would get into hey John, since were not going to be far from Greensboro.

Maybe we'll get to see you over the weekend. So friends again, thanks for the call.

Thanks for the question again.

Alex McFarlane, I every service. I believe both of us are speaking some of both bringing shorter messages, which probably means better messages from both of us does it be really to the point Sunday morning 1030 Sunday night six Monday night. 730. This is in Jamestown life Community Church 4900 W. Wendover Ave.'s really hope you can see Alex and me there and looked greet you face-to-face and will be bringing some relevant materials for the conference as well. Hey, I am out of time, but if you haven't yet checked out our Israel tour, please go to the website asked Dr. find out about it.

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Truly my bottom line today Israel salvation. It's important to God. Is it important for you

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