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Dr. Brown Declares that All Lives Matter (and Takes Your Calls)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 8, 2016 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Declares that All Lives Matter (and Takes Your Calls)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 8, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/08/16.

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The phone lines are open today on the line of fire, and I wanted to clear to you plainly. All lives matter for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It's a very sober day today in America. It's a very sobering week here in America, this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire to give you hope.

We want to give you clarity.

We want to give you courage on the Lord and do the right thing today on the modifier to get in the conversation. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Now, Friday is you got questions. We got answers. We can call and ask me about anything under the sun any year of expertise I have and I do hope to get to number of your calls today and to respond to your questions, but first we need to bring a Christian perspective to what's happening in the world and society today and I will hear from you. I want to get your perspective as well. So the number to call 866-34-TRUTH but give me a moment to lay out what's on my heart and then you can respond last night Nancy and I finished a major editing project. The new book that we've written together on breaking the stronghold food and then I want to do some of the writing an article that resumes can come out today, but will put out over the weekend about charges that Donald Trump is an anti-Semite and then read the word and become a chill go to sleep. It was 140 in the morning on a late night person and I had not been following the news and I went to check something on the stream are often right contribute screamed out Oregon.

To my absolute shock saw the news from Dallas about the sniper attack ultimately killing five police officers and wounding seven others and it inattentive and absolute intent to kill police.

Well, I wrote an article thought I've got to. I've got to get a got a get word out and to share my heart so I wrote an article called all lives matter, because of course we saw headlines early in the week black lives matter with the police killing of two black men, one in Louisiana one in Minnesota was his cold-blooded was it unprovoked. Was it unnecessary again stirring up deep emotions in the African-American community around America and when I posted the video for Minnesota.

The woman oddly but narrating what's happening as her boyfriend bleeds to death. Next after being shot by a police officer, whom I believe was Hispanic. The police officer shot from correct when I say oddly, just the apparent calmness with which is narrating some psychologists. It was shock, but I posted that on Facebook so this just awful and I noticed some some of my black friends on Facebook saying I'm so glad you're posting this and in other words, that that why Christians don't seem to to realize how horrific this is.

I'm glad you posted that's what they would say.

And then of course the intentional murder a policeman by Blacks last night and the organizers of the black like matters protest were mortified by what happened. Obviously there the last thing in their minds that they wanted Cyprus to start shooting. Police officers but other question is what we do right.

What we do. We are in a situation of massive social unrest of potential racial Civil War of things getting hellishly ugly minutes horrific where things are right now. What we do we have to do is determine first and foremost as believers and as leaders in the body to hear one another out is me and for each side to sit down with every different size perspectives are in the safe. Please share your perspective. Tell me how you view the events that have happened. Please tell me your perspective.

Here is my perspective where we miss each other where we misunderstanding the issues where missing out on justice file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 74 before I take your questions on anything you want to ask me morally, culturally, scripturally or how we approach the deep divide were facing our society today. I I asked this question on Twitter who or what is primarily responsible for today's racial tensions who or what is primarily responsible for today's racial tensions and on twitter. I can only give four choices, so I put white police brutality.

The Obama administration black lives matter or systemic USA racism who or what is primarily responsible for today's racial tensions what you think again.

The four choices I put on twitter white police brutality. The Obama administration black lives matter or systemic USA racism what you think what your take here are the questions that I posed in my article all lives matter again. You can read it by going to ask Dr. and click on latest article here questions I pose. There is a true that black males are discriminated against in the courts and are unfairly targeted by police.

Is there still systemic racism in America. As many have argued, conversely, is the hypocrisy of the black lives matter movement is prominent like athlete Ray Lewis is argued, since the vast majority black deaths are at the hands of other Blacks.

Is it true that some police officers are trigger-happy, especially when dealing with Blacks or do these officers have just cause to fear for their lives. What about the charge that there's only concern there is white on black violence as opposed to black on white violence. Is there any truth to this. And what about each of us. Do we respond publicly only when someone of her own skin color or ethnicity or religion, or affiliation suffers an apparent injustice or do we respond equally to all empowered injustices where the victims might be what biases lurk within our own souls.

These are the questions that we must put on the table. Of course, of course, we understand that no one is thinking or very few are think that a white policeman went to work the other day thinking to himself on the look for an opportunity to kill a black man look for that opportunity that that's mate maybe maybe someone thinks like that.

Maybe someone actually believes that there people out there that are doing that but that is not the case. The case is though, is there a disproportionate use of force against black. The question is if it was a white person with a be treated the same way. These are fair questions to ask about the courts or the courts fair for the courts evenhanded or is there racism in the courts and sentences that are handed out things like that. We have to ask the questions, don't we. We have to put them on the table is not out of chronic kiss up to one side or the other. It's talking about justice. It would be one thing if the only ones protesting were criminals and hooligans and troublemakers. It's another thing when you have upstanding citizens and find moms and dads and God-fearing people and believers saying we have a problem we need to look at that at the same time we need to we need to look at all relevant issues here and we need to say once again as followers of Jesus, how can we model coming together because friends this is this is not to get better on its own. This look you have a number of vicious cycles that take place. You have the vicious cycle of, say, for example, in Baltimore, where there seems to be no question that in zeal to convict cops of wrongdoing. They were wrongly brought to trial. That was a miscarriage of justice in the other direction. They were wrongly brought to trial and now they're being exonerated. While the courts are stacked all in this case, they were wrongly brought to trial, from everything we know of this far with the death of Freddie great, especially season of the first ones who were brought to trial.

In that case, so you have now.

From what I've read in Baltimore that you have the police force is shrinking somewhat in the homicide rate is rising so how how is that then helping anything. Ultimately, you have more bloodshed and perhaps even more black blood shed so we we really need constructive dialogue is much as possible and that means if I've a blind spot five of bias if if I have the wrong attitude and a wrong perspective then needs to be challenged, however uncomfortable it is but the same for you for for each of us and and right now, by the way I'm I'm not pointing fingers in any direction. Obviously the video from Louisiana was there any basis for shooting that man held down shooting them multiple times. Video evidence note I get a lot of policeman. I wasn't there. What about Minnesota. Was it a matter of this. This man who good track record is pulled over for the most minor violation denotative a light broken tail light something like that yes of dad was because he was in a largely white area profile that part of it or was it simply miscommunication that he was telling the officer he had a gun and the officers telling keep your hands up and somehow he thought he supposed to produce ID and he was going fry his ID and he gets shot out was it that this officer who from picturesque early from his now I think he's Hispanic and listless and getting stories confuse that's what I saw earlier of so when you hear him screaming out until after shooting we still hold redundancies to be shaky is that I told would keep his hands up. October keep his hands off it was it was communication was it was it a matter of cold-blooded murder that he looked at the guys to get your get your idea. When it reached.

He said how can shoot this guy because black.

We gotta get all the facts. The man's mother, the victim's mother said that she always taught her kids whatever the cops tell you comply comply comply comply and we have no indication that this man was a suspected troublemaker anything of the kind so the these are horrifically painful situations and and we need to get the facts up. Conversely, from everything we know the best evidence we have. There was no such thing as hands up don't shoot with the killing of Michael Brown my namesake in St. Louis in Ferguson last year from everything I understand what investigations have confirmed eyewitnesses confirmed there is no such thing as hands up don't shoot in that case right so is that good and knows if that's can be the poster boy wrong posterboard turnaround has there been inflammatory rhetoric. Now that led to the intentional cold-blooded murder, a placement at least one of the wound. It was it was a a black officer with the transit officer, police officer, not sure, but she was shot in the stomach and wound this we know must be denounced, renounced in every possible level. From my perspective, the statements from prison and Obama have not been helpful. From my perspective the way he's waiting has not been helpful and is not in constructive and further inflames tensions from my perspective. All right now when I asked on Twitter.

The question of who or what is primarily responsible for today's racial tensions and I put them listed for items like police brutality.

The Obama administration black lives matter systemic USA racism mental imitator responses yet doesn't want prejudice. Your call but I also put on another questions help me sort out my polling data.

Please tell me if you are white, black, Hispanic, other so 77% respondents of their white 7% black, 11% Hispanic, 5% other over that we play into factoring in response to my question but we've got to do as people who are one in Jesus as people whose unity far transcends any differences between us. We need to do is be sure that were having conversations. Be sure to say we must work together against violence and injustice wherever it appears whatever color it is. However, the victims are.

We are committed to working together for justice and working together against violence, and hopefully every God-fearing citizen every God-fearing policeman ever would say absolutely. That is our heart as well.

Kelly model that for the world to see.

Can we come together, not in anger, not a name-calling but his brothers and sisters in Jesus can we have a difficult conversations can we pray for reconciliation is right now, the hope of the gospel is the hope of the nation. The very message that the nation is scorning the nation's mocking that is the hope of the nation, and that's what America needs more than anything again to come article. All eyes matter share with others asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Click on the historical tobacco get your calls and then anything you want to talk to me about any question you want to ask me to get your questions for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is Friday so if you got God answers the phones now give me a call 8663 for 87884. Any question under the sun that she wanted to ask me talk to me about get clarification on my joy to do my best to be of help to you but I want to give you an opportunity first two way unit we been talking about and the statement of you making that all lives matter unity we need to find out in Jesus as believers and as leaders in the body to help model ministry of reconciliation and a ministry of understanding in a ministry that recognizes deep needs in many different parts of our society that only the gospel can truly address 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we go to Richmond, Virginia. Craig welcomes Alana fire a good afternoon, Dr. Brown, Howard doing well thank you sir. Good following and a little bit on the topic to know him better statement than anything in a difficult right now is an African-American male practicing Christianity is pretty difficult not to watch the things that transpire and be joyful, but epic. We all know it's tough but I think one of the things that have to happen because there is no change of government, without challenge will be challenged.

We have to stop a challenge and I felt a bit different at different the respondent different pick different measures and steps in order.

Eliminate the problems that persist in the one challenge I haven't got up into the white Christian community.

Inevitably draw can't be disengaged, disengaged, gotta be involved in the were your brothers and sisters this backwardness. We don't want to be alone. We want to know that it matters to the statement earlier about that charge and hear from a black perspective please visit that you know things happen and you know that outrage in the black community by medical community as well. I'm not like you got an outraged someone in the front, daughter, brother or sister should be an outraged all Americans.


Everybody not just the black community. Yeah what happened with the white community IT on herself. Leo embedded nitric particularly well extra but you you glauconitic you get out and go about your business.

You don't I drive down the street and it happened I drive down the street and out. I don't want to like I have been poor for absolutely no reason, no reason whatsoever, just because the neighborhood I was driving no other reason I wasn't speeding. I was swerving I had my seatbelt on that pool just doing a routine check really think that we have to do what you do not do it different perspective, did this cop go broke suggested it.

It just happened multiple times over and over and over and over again. When I look at the like what our goal broke brothers your son your nephew your friend partner to somebody you know sometimes built to help you find about the people and Eric to filing a complaint that they take complicity and little thing for the white community. If it's important to stay bit the land of liberty, love, freedom, and all of it lightly mom the other day. Stu Epperson was already up to 4 July address of the type thing here and we hurt shrug our shoulders that we have Christian brother Africa in Asia and other parts of the world that don't look like but we love ultimately who are not Blacks in America. Not black Christians in America who in good to bit the thing that hurt because electors know that you detached your detachment removed from the problem or suffering it on the table without you can expect black tingling not discussed but that was distrusting at this point is Craig yet. Let me just let me just jump in first.

Thank you. This is the very reason the phone lines are open okay because like this I mean that from the heart and as I wrote in my article. I've learned a lot listening to African-American callers because I've never been racially profile of you have never been in that situation. So the only I can understand the specimen talking to me about because I believed right so that's that's why asked the questions. That's why say let's make each other uncomfortable. That's why I'm I mention earlier in the show. I posted the video for Minnesota on my Facebook page and said this is Apsley awful to watch and immediately III saw responses of his I see the faces I could see their African-American faces. There saying thank you for posting this is impolite why Christians don't care about these things may happen so my goal is not to prove that somebody or supersensitive or anything, but I asked the questions in my all eyes matter article how we respond to certain things. In other words, we have to ask ourselves why does one thing grievous and another thing doesn't is it only when it's someone I can relate to physically or I can relate to ethnically or I can relate to social salsa Craig. Listen, I want you to continue to chat when I say us right. I mean our listeners because we got from all backgrounds and when you hear something that's spoken in a way I don't mean that we get supersensitive in all this micro-aggression stuff but yeah I if if I'm speaking like a white American and I don't identify the such then yeah could make it seem as if the only people exist are white Americans so Craig I I would welcome. I welcome calls like this.

I welcome your heart, your perspective and look I used the instance of the OJ trial years ago to me. Of course he was guilty there's no question what I wondered was what some of the black Americans question the courts question the justice system I said to myself. Obviously their experience with the courts and the justice system has been very different than mine. I need to find out why I need to understand that so that continues to be my heart and it's only if people going to be blunt, like you said you can't change without challenging each other and some of that may sit with you and challenge you, but today is the right day for you to challenge me and in challenge of the listeners and I welcome a call and I appreciate which apps are get a break coming up in a phone line stand but I want to be as much time as possible.

Thank you for calling and speaking plainly. I appreciate if you got the last word real quick. Go ahead and simply. I don't think that I hate remembering that I appreciate and love you Dr. Brown for all that you do on the radio airwaves and how you help people with different perspectives about that relevant opportunity to call. I'm just saying time for everybody to get involved nobody to spit back if faith is not our problem anymore because sooner or later it will continue to grow and get worse, notes are problem it's it's our is our problem as believers is our problem as Americans and and I hear your plea to the to the white community get engaged because this is somebody's brother or son or husband. So thank you thank you for the call and thank you for your kind words might really continue this discussion as long as we can. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (modified around glad to be with you. This is the day of honest candidate interaction.

One with another local or previous callers that if this can be changed challenge each other, so let's do it. Let's do it and nothing you say can offend me personally and hopefully if you disagree with the caller. The thesis can offend that person.

Personally, if we determine to listen to each other to find out what one of those perspectives are find out how we understand and see the world as were both agreeing that we see justice that we seek equality that we seek peace. So let's hear one another out 866-34-TRUTH we go to Catonsville, Maryland, T. Welcome to the line of fire might start your browser to call and I appreciate you having a very candid conversation. Thank you, can I I get happening here.

I am working at happen to come across program and I'm just really glad that you're having a Cachet with regard to your twitter question yes absolutely say that institutionalized break that down on had shaped molded and developed our country for anyone who can honestly say that that's not the key is really delusional. I mean it. It's written out the library for them.

It's from every every legislative bar began legislative body on any get carried across all aspects of America held an active matter is I guess the people are on fire and having a conversation with the Latino grantor several years ago I tried on Michael Carol initiatives are on it. What you need to do it really take a deep dive into American history and I want you to look and see where you find African-American history so people are on it and make table etiquette.

I will need to take technically can come to the conclusion that people honestly take a deep market street and you actually literally can't think because about a minute, within the last 50 years African-American seminaked inching thinking] probably the current can always occur on so you know the police. Unfortunately, I have had this replica. I had Frank people in my family who served in bracketed military XYZ like if you look at our history, even when you have African-American door at that time people during sleep are recruited into the military and or comic freedom and things like that and those that were currently didn't follow through for black people always been patriotic to the country laconically always aggregated that night. It's basic right onto the fact of the matter is that people are on it on if any do a historical perspective, not luck, and you'll understand the fact of the matter is black men and women but we followed Lavalley have a family that we have our children love our children just like everyone after when our children are hurt. We cry were upset, you know, I think at the turtle to and so you know and previous callers baguette. Unfortunately, white America really really can't even identify. I can even identify with that level pressure African-American on Derek and ended my last thing I'll say it were unfit Christians in America. Why are there even to separate church there a black church in a white shirt that African-Americans were not allowed to worship with white writing electricity on a cookie all the way on all the stuff and you do a deed and I will be honest you know you, you have the people and play for years on people experience traumatic event, get counseling, you know, if you have enough money to count and get support, and you're still contacted what hyper psychological treatment, African-American sense is not to say sentences as well. Slavery that in 1812 that segregation right to left generation really in some parts that have a couple comments to what he said he would. Thank you and thank you light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown when I looked over at my screen a moment ago, every single Maryland to get to a bunch more.

Marilyn calls with reviewer around America. Mr. time to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH, for the most part Alana Alana listen to what you have to say to one another and to me all intractable here and there. I just will make this comment about churches and racially segregated churches there. There may indeed be a history to it. Blacks not allowed to worship together with whites, etc. I think there's another issue though because you have it with many ethnicities that we somehow like to worship together around in ethnic culture.

Your Korean churches you have Hispanic churches you have you have other churches that are marked for particular ethnicity, language. Sometimes it's it's a language issue and other times it just kind of a culture thing that you have a culture that you share and you enjoy that culture together but ultimately the goal is the goal is that the body is multiethnic because that is the truth of our unity in Jesus and if it just works out that our assembly is mainly one color or another and there's nothing we can do to the simile change that the let's do our best to fellowship with one another across racial boundaries across ethnic boundaries.

It's spiritually enriching and it it stretches you as well. In many ways because cultures can be so so different in our ways of relating to one another and even to the Lord can be different within the family. God were talking about the horrific of spate of shootings. The challenges this this week that were facing and my theme all lives matter, but I said let's speak truthfully to each other but speak candidly to each other.

Even if we make each other uncomfortable. Can we do that, so let's go to Silver Spring, Maryland a repeal welcome to the line of fire Brown Arielle doing well thank you know I wanted correct. I hear your by Mark L. Your lack about how we work rate everywhere. I got hurt and hurt that it predominantly American but the welcoming street. Now that are now and get on to encourage and welcome people about every culture and buildout ministry end up growling the hammer driving. Three. Where email people on the direct language it and feel comfortable and more Turkish it happened at the welcome people on Arielle rated a call.

Everything people don't worship a wannabe aggregated a market in a rich, white, black, what Internet they go to the church when you're comfortable anywhere. Maybe this is the neighborhood but sometimes neighborhood yeah and and bundling thing that so interesting is that a lot of times when I might think is welcoming is not is welcoming to another culture and no fruit.

For example, one of my friends white pastor was meeting with Hispanic pastors and African-American pastors in New York and they were talking about, like, what's the most important thing to them when they gather together in the white pastors is that what's the bottom line. Let's get to the bottom one was the bottom line. Let's focus on that for the African-American pastors. It was honor to assure that there is proper honor, etc. and in the Hispanic community was let's have a party notes fellowship with the record what was right after that that I spoke for friend and I was.

I think the only white person in the church since all African-American basically and I counted. I think the word honor was used nine different times and we want to honor a speaker.

We want to honor a guest when honor of visitors and I was very conscious of it. You know what I thought you know it is an and in the and in a white church like this is called the service stuff. In other words, it's late and it exact not your original reason why all out on Yahoo more blame on Lake Elkhart, if not already clear in America and wanting our area and we have an area which is very multicultural and multiethnic, multiracial might be different than what your honor) who are in a or heater area at our rack racially and culturally art.

I know maybe a little different but I agree with the prior caller at the diffusional rate in our country is predominantly Lane or you can point a finger if you are employed here at Black matter movement is very relevant and ordinate a work performed Buckeye people are, people African-American black people feel and out like their lab and our support meeting. All they'll you for your work and your contribution and everything, but I feel that a monitor that Leon colored community.

That way the color of the company in America 88 people and everything in any colored community and be people and make it all out. We agree. But you know what it all live by.

If you're a white lab being gone down in the street in your car pulling out their driver quite like it would probably be a different story and having all that matter should replicate black, black matter, and all not matter should be a 5 acre lot got a lot on and let me just jump in and let you something ask you one question okay I have worked together with other black leaders because of the extraordinarily high percentage of abortions in the African-American community and said that this is a black genocide, and I've rewritten articles black lives matter. Beginning in the womb and then I have others that are outraged with me. This is what about the fact that the vast amount of violence is not a white cop killing a black man.

Blacks killing whites in the give me all these massive stats and other was that the feeling that there's no concern about white blood being shed so I'm always you I 100% percent now predominantly white people, white people. You are married to a white one agree you kill her teacher white light. If you are a God Elkhart network with other lacking out. I want at work. You don't get it. The current layout looked at it in a little bit more talent across the board. People commit crime air quote for our graphics don't pick it to an abortion know what white people have an abortion outdoor eight people are having abortions across the board and how it light on Christianity by that you start a conversation about people who are in authority like Dr. Lee killing people of color hire rate scale people who are focused.L when she tried it changed the subject and pay all relevant BlackPlanet matter and when you kill each other in the street it white, black matter.

All that matter usually have people going to yell right. But just jump in real quick and make two quick comments okay but but thank you for sharing your heart and thank you for this is the very reason that the phones are open and trust me, here are you I'm here to listen okay to comments yet only two, so want to make real quick and I got a bunch for the full student to get to, but number one when I bring up the issue of abortion, the African-American community. I point out that this goes back to the eugenics of Margaret Sanger that this goes back to the racial issues there and that this to me as an assault on black loss from another angle, so I'm not minimizing another I'm standing with you and Sandra right you more right now lady that are on birth control. I know dominantly white neighbor typically out in Maryland and there were more 12-year-old on birth control ever ever know people who work with the daughter white daughter and collect 12 or 13 years old, wearing black and unfortunately have younger people having abortion in America because at the culture all use these explain. I heard you had to say it again.

My issue is to stand with stand against.

So thank you thank you for weighing in much appreciated maximal calls is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the lawn for 866-34-TRUTH were committed to having serious gushing and makes one other uncomfortable will do it, but I'm committed to to listen carefully. Now let me be totally candid. I absolutely affirm the cry that black lives matter and I grieve over social injustices. I grieve over apparent discrimination in the courts. I grieve over situations where it's clear that a police officer has is killed an unarmed black man for no just because I grieve over the disproportionately high rate of abortion in the African-American community. At the same time I find much of the rhetoric in among leaders of the black lives matter movement to be unhelpful and unhealthy and exaggerate. For example, II can't agree with her hands up don't shoot mantra when that's not what happened. So I'm a system that offends you, but under senses of a friend and colleague all right, but the only thing I wanted to say two or less: I didn't get to was that percentage wise in terms of the number of of arrests among whites and among Blacks, percentagewise. Blacks are not killed at a higher percentage than whites by police just wanted to mention that statistically doesn't doesn't downplay one act of injustice, or 10 or hundred doesn't downplay effect right back to the phone so we go to Baltimore, Maryland Victoria, welcome to the line of fire. I thank you. You're welcome. I did have experience. I was driving at night and have Afro American have my two teenage car with me and to the office. Hold me over and you can catalytically complicate the window. It started out, I wanted you could see the shock when your faith and fill out all joking.

You know, you tell light without so he figured out and get a big cabinet nice day and so he left and my fence at me know why we got knocked mom to tell light turnout might really like. So when I got home we checked it and it was true whatnot out there and lied and so I think that we need to understand each other. Clearly, all covered by midnight FIP ticket program and I cannot work with white guy a Christian and he was talking about work and walked with Eddie to help you know the inner-city kids in, and may record as you know how they are the happy issue with the fact that the M. Wait a minute you know I just went on a camping trip with a group of outbreak is my daughter with them any Issues as well that this is now like even as Christian we don't get you ready that you have a problem and it ended at history of it because explainable in his 60s doing even more workers to human XO that Monistat will lingered on in the back. The people of mine and people don't know Hitler directly blame it on their own history because it it taught that well in the school system so I think we just don't.

As Christians, we don't really know each other may not fit down with each other understand each other and climatically do at the yeah Victoria, this is the way that we we overcome the meat we listen to each other expose blind spots and we go to the Lord and ask and ask for sensitivity and ask for insight see what I realized in some callers help me with was that most of my African-American friends, coworkers, ministry, and things like that that work within the states of her much more integrated in different aspects of white society or conservative politics are different things like that that than others might be, for whatever reason, and their own view of the pastor say the past is past. It's all forgiven, we move on.

Someone wrote to me and said Dr. Brown. Consider this if you go from the beginning of American history with slavery up until the end of segregation. That's the vast majority of of of African-American history and you don't recover from that overnight 30 kn. That's a totally fair perspective that I missing because people I'm with telecare, the past is the past we move on and it's just a forgiveness issue, but the.

The fact of the matter is it's it's much more complex than that.

And again, where were we make statements we don't even catch like Mutt Mike note dear friend: radio host find Gaia definite lover of of people of all races made a comment about people of the parts role may not look like us in Africa or something to spit out as Craig Frisco city whose us.

Okay Fairpoint so those are the things that we don't we don't catch but that I have to be able say hey here's what I find unhelpful and in rhetoric from black lives matter that I find unhelpful someone stand in solidarity by funds and helpfulness. We have a conversation with. Thank you for calling. Thank you for the listener. Much appreciated. God bless you 866-34-TRUTH listen so you hold for a while. I will continue this discussion into the next hours if you can stay there when I get to as many calls as possible.

We go to Oxon Hill, Maryland Bernard with only a couple minutes of go forts are sure your heart please find my car program our of driving along I thought that I have to respond to it.

Please yes okay, you're all log matter and light job about black lot better black log matter came about Bob. How black male the particular drug, but only golf the lock. You can't really fight all log matter black lot about payment. Baby talk about how black people be predictable. That is exactly what it would respond black male.

You know all though converted black male.

The last three or five years WHERE I have been on the player to player altered by only go to court all the court they don't actually thought golf all all log doing. I am a veteran of the military 20 year note there why my credit regret that I ever burp in the military now military and the court dropped the weight back looming class people here in America `zero what they got what they won't, I would call upon all people of color out of the military, out of the pop that is directly on black people, but Michael you looking for North and hopefully to keep listening. We been having conversations like this for about a period of eight years and thanks for sharing your perspective it's it's important to recover from. Obviously, I agree with some of what you're saying I disagree with others, but I'm not here argue. I'm here to let folks have their voice. So thank you sir for the call and I do hope you able to continue to listen as we point people to Jesus. The only whole of the nation white friends rather time. The website asked Dr. Brown toddler don't keep this conversation going for another hour. Listen online investor My bottom line today.

We need Jesus. Otherwise we are about to explode.

The phone lines are open today on the line of fire, and I want to declare to you plainly. All lives matter stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There are some who say when I make the statement all lives matter one little article last night all lives matter that is racist. That is, downplaying black lives matter that is failing to respond to injustices against black Americans in particular against black males.

From my perspective, this is the way to say yes black lives matter, but it is by working together, not by inflaming racial hatred in any direction that we will overcome and bring unity wrote the article last night grieved it was until very late last night that I saw the news of what happened in Dallas and I already posted old wasn't the day before that I had posted the video from Minnesota were woman sits in the car next to her boyfriends just been shot to death by police.

I posted that on Facebook. It's not that I'm only responding to one issue in those even listen to me on the radio for years know that were constantly addressing all of these issues candidly and send it speak to each of us communicate to one another. Honestly and clearly, even if it makes us uncomfortable. Let us do it.

Let us do it. 866-34-TRUTH 784 is the number to call, but let me let me just say this, I saw headlines after the sniper shootings in Dallas that said blue lives matter and earlier in the week headlines were shouting black lives matter, and I felt as a follower of Jesus, I must shout out all lives matter and and it is only by coming together and by listening to each other and by working together followers of Jesus. Somehow we've got to set the example we go set the example showing my blind spots.

Show me what I'm missing. Show me where their biases or prejudices in my heart.

Allow me to do the same for you and let's go to the Lord say God. We only want your best. We only want your will. God help us to be ambassadors of reconciliation and peace, and stand together for justice.

Can we do that. Are we willing to do.

It's not always easy. I've had the great calls the first hour of our last caller just tuned into the show saw to know where he's coming from Susa follower of Jesus, and not as a black man said he served in the military and regrets that he did and called for all black Americans to get out of the military and to get out of the police force so that the Krups institutions that just want to keep this the ruling class and power. I differ with his perspective, but obviously he has a reason for sharing it. We want to find out why.

So the phone lines are open 8663 for 87884 and if phone lines are jammed. Just keep trying to get back to us when you call will do our best to get this many calls as possible and on the other side of the breakers were cut short, don't want to cut anyone shortly to start in Texas actually with Denise and Kenneth and we heard from a ton of folks just so happen from Baltimore Virginia area earlier today but of course what I hear from you from around the country. 866-34-TRUTH 784 and in my article all lives matter, which you can read Michael asked her to and clicking on latest articles I see we've got to ask the questions.

Is it true the black males are discriminated against in the courts and are unfairly targeted by police. Is there still systemic racism in Americas may have argued, conversely, is there hypocrisy the black lives matter movement is prominent by Kathy Ray Lewis is argued, since the vast majority black test with the hands of other Blacks is true that some police officers are trigger-happy, especially when dealing with life's offices have just cause to fear for their lives. What about charts the charge of his only concern.

There is white on black violence is supposed black on white 53 Krista let each of us. Do we respond publicly only when some of our own skin color or ethnicity or religious affiliation suffers apparent just the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire are committed stations on this broadcast. We have been committed to doing that now for eight years and we will continue to learn from each other so I just want to encourage you when I get you on the air speak candidly right speak candidly, honestly because were here to listen and to interact to attack one another.

Oswego used in Denise.

Thanks so much for holding over from last hour. Welcome to modifier Dr. Brown talked to a couple month for everything but what about probably not going be well and that I am African-American and I'm female. The boy, I'm female and I think it is time for African-American to all the criminality in the black community. You cannot sit by and say if the cop fault the profiling of well profiling blackmail because of the crime in our community like Me, I greater profiling.

I absolutely agree that Syria is profiling blackmail. But when you look at the news every night in the first 10 minutes is tell you about a black male who killed someone who locked the line who raped someone it gets into the back of your mind that these are people I have to watch out for in the cop just like everybody else. They feel blackmail and may remember that all yeah there's criminality in this environment. There's criminality in the neighborhood and I have to be on guard and it's time for black people talk all that long black man. There is a criminal element and it is due largely in part to the breakdown in the black family. We'd like to gloss over it.

A lot of people do we want to hear about it when Bill can't be withheld and I highest being several years and he made comments about the black family and what was going wrong. People almost annihilated him with negative comment because he was erring dirty laundry, and we have get stopped at. That's really all I have to say yet Denise bought black and started black lives matter I cannot report them. I cannot support it with the only time a black light matter.

There killed by white police officer. The blonde blowing streets of Chicago all black children who have been killed by other black and not one time use a black lives matter coming out going to that mother's house and say your childlike matter, it only mattered if you killed by a polite person that abhorred Denise of course Ray Lewis that famous Baltimore Ravens football player put out a video saying that the very thing that he found hypocrisy in the black lives matter movement and II cited as a question that needs to be asked in my article.

So here's here's my larger question for you Denise, I agree with your perspective and in fact, unfortunately, when there isn't racial profiling.

The crime rate seems to go up and then you end up with more people dead and every community that you want to protect and defend. But then of course with racial profiling you get the incidences of the college alluded to in the first hour law-abiding citizens that happened to be black males get pulled over for no good reason and make it treated in a discriminatory way in the courts of their other assist you with.

I agree with everything you're saying.

My big question is this the breakdown of the family had that happen.

And is it solely the responsibility of the African-American community, or is this a joint national problem that we have is the welfare system the way that was set up is that another way to keep people down rather than a way to help people so I agree that the biggest problem is the breakdown of the family. My own perspective is a white American is it's us it's a problem that shared because somehow this is our national problem.

I don't think the breakdown the black family happen in a vacuum in my own view I just don't have the solutions to the larger issue, but I believe it's an issue that all Americans need to face together. So what what your take on that. Well I have long other people that the welfare I Don't do that. There have been at that after black family. I do not believe in my heart apart that Lyndon Baines Johnson who created that system. I do not believe in my heart apart that he did it all poke breaking up the family are hurting black people not believe that but that was the result and you have black leaders who always going around talking about what the government can do. The government cannot solve the problem that's going on.

It is a heart problem. A conditioned number of Christian the government cannot solve it. I become the other individual that black and white Christian need to come together and following our faith before God admit that we have fan and their work together to resolve the issues are going on in the inner city because sooner or later what goes on in a city will go out to the supper. Yeah it will impact white and anybody else out there yet even got a government issue. Yeah again Denise. I'm totally with you on that I did.

I just feel it's important. While affirming that yes, the breakdown of the family is is the greatest issue the greatest problem is not happen in a vacuum, and somehow we need to work together as Americans from from every ethnicity and color and just get on our faces a God we need help. This is our problem. Even if nothing in the inner city ever touched the suburbs. This is our problem as Americans and all the more as fellow believers in Jesus and it's it's grievous.

I don't know that there are easy solutions. No man that I worked out with today a white brother is working with an is the Indian brother.

I think with tape. They've got this amazing prison ministry and he was telling me the status of children of prisoners. How many of them end up in prison cells so that what they're doing is they're targeting the kids of prisoners. The kids of convicts reaching out to them with the gospel bringing them to a place of wholeness and discipleship than they in turn are ministering especially to their dads in prison. Things like that and they're seeing some generational breakthroughs but somehow is the body of Christ. We need God's wisdom to address these problems. They are our problems together. Hey Denise, thank you for weighing in. Much appreciated. 86634 let's go to Waco, Texas, and here we go Kenneth welcome to the line of fire. Go forward. Place dart around the mic on grade got what you doing today I got them Mexican-American, doesn't mean I know exactly what like to be African-American or a member of any other group, but I certainly development of solidarity with African-Americans and other minority group.

The Jewish people and Asian American. I'm also politically conservative, and I'm working on my doctorate of theology in my personal bias of the court actually make me a favor when conservative laypeople are right and with dollars are our rock. But looking at research on race in America over the past hundred years. I can't get going on that really does seem consistent that were finding a racial biases in the in the job market comes promotion.

The computing hired when it comes to sentencing. Right. And yet when it comes to police violence be really interesting study by Cody T Roth people can read other talk about the shooting of unarmed black American. And of course in the abortion industry. The return is really clear there. I which is equally upsetting to me that my question is I see my Christian brothers and sister.

They fight alongside with me on issues of morality like abortion and sexual morality approves the reason racism comes up.

A lot of them are unthinkable to have the way to the Lord impact or yes, but we can't know as pretty government intervention or Richard McGrath is a vital issue culture and think about them.

In my opinion it sounds like their teeth are taking moral issues, but not written consistently so on is on abortion, they sound like me but on the issue of racism sometimes sound like they're addressing abortion like a little seminarian out I'm in my being unfair here or you think of the fair credit is for criticism. To the extent you run into say what what you think I'm having a show today if I don't think we can make progress. What is not assisted to fill airtime right as you understand it's it's because these these as were on the air to to bring the kingdom perspective to what's happening in society and my call and my all lies matter article is, is for the body of Christ, to lead the way. So I remain committed to sitting to talk. I'm a minister around the world and this helps my perspective.

Some I spent a few years of my life cumulatively outside of America. In many many different cultures and you constantly have to realize because the American perspective is one perspective of the American Christian perspective. The American white perspective know that whatever background you have is a Jew have unique perspectives so I'm constantly trying to listen and learn and understand and see the differences and see blind spots, but without question, sir, we have an answer in the gospel, I don't think that the solution is going to be found in the government, but I believe the solutions can be found grassroots people of God working together against racism wherever we find working together against injustice. We can make a difference for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown not written yes read my article all lives matter. These do so just take a couple minutes to do it Esther to Click on latest article, I begin by saying after the fatal police shooting of two more black men in Louisiana and Minnesota early this week. Headlines glared black lives matter now after the fatal start protruding five police officers.

The wounding of seven others headlines player blue lives matter. As Americans we must come together and declare that all lives matter, regardless of color, ethnicity, social or social status. Every life is precious in God's sight must therefore be precious. Our site is well together. We must condemn all acts of cold-blooded murder. We are having the uncomfortable conversations today. We have heard from a wide variety of perspectives and many callers extremely respectful wanted to share perspective that might challenge my own and this is the day for but my goal here is not in the argument over to debate my goal is to allow you to voice your feelings just as I get to on the air as I get to in writing articles want to give you an outlet to express your feelings, not just to vent frustration we can do better than that, but you share perspective that maybe not everyone has.

Maybe that comes directly from your own unique background hate to be candid when we've had a policeman call in. That's been tremendously helpful as well to get that perspective on the conversation 866-34-TRUTH we go to Baltimore, Maryland Jason, welcome to the line far. Thanks so much for holding a round. Thank you very much Michael. I really enjoy your your ministry really blessed me a big lot and at an African-American man dictated kind of a difficult place to be, but I think a good opportunity really to call. I think every man to Christ that is the old. He is the only answer Christ is the only answer I thought about this question for a long time. Why why this racism that that racism the only the only answer that I really got came out of the Bible back another call to action to every man listening to this to Deborah Brockett get a Bible and read it it said in second Corinthians 5 quoted Scripture quick thing. Corinthians 5. So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view, this worldly point of view all brothers and sisters and everybody uses the terrible brothers and sister, if we truly believe that we are brothers and sister back coming from the Bible worldview bait that comes from Christ coming from God himself created us male and female. That's not the world point of view were not brothers and sisters to the world in God we are brothers through Christ, your brother of her thinking that all the God, who reconciled to myself through Christ who gave us the ministry of reconciliation reconciliation. In another, many other way through Christ. I was wondering if you could if you could voice your opinion on matters all that, Jason. I believe that there are people of goodwill who are not followers of Jesus who want to bridge racial divides and who wanted to write but ultimately the church must lead the way here, we must be the ones to model unity.

We must be the ones to show a passion for justice. We must be the ones to cry out to God for grace and for biblically-based solutions. That's what I appeal for at the end of my all lives matter article and what I say is this, we must do everything in our power not to capitulate to anger or fear not to allow racial or class tensions to escalate, not to combat perceived violence with intentional violence and not to turn this week's tragedies into a political football was the B River blood flowing across this nation. Those of us were leaders of the church must set the example. Having the difficult conversations challenging one another's perspectives, calling on the mercy of the Lord, being God's prophetic voice informed society as well as his agents of redemption and reconciliation. Right now, America needs our help. And yes calling all Christian men in America to listen to one another to come together to to put aside racial divisions which only exist in our minds cousin. In fact, they don't exist in God is your pointing out where one in Jesus and all created in the image of God, and we somehow got to bring healing and hope and reconciliation. So I'm with you totally. Thank you for the call and thank you for reading the Scripture to establish appreciated 866-34-TRUTH we go to Boston, Massachusetts, India. Welcome to the line of fire Brown. Hey, the question why you are or what is responsible, racial tension was that the question get you right at the beginning of the first hour I put this out and put that on twitter who wash is primarily responsible for today's racial tensions and I can only get in for choices on twitter for my pole so I gave these choices. White police brutality.

The Obama administration black lives matter systemic USA racism and of course you can say anything other than that, but that was the question. Can we identify who or what is primarily responsible for today's racial tensions and Christian believe that it is behind the spirit and the spirit of hate and when he can get in the back door of the cops grew a lot black men throughout anybody. He's going to rule. So yes, you're right. Barlett believe it goal we should all be praying we should all be on our faith. We should all lay before God for the answer for the solution getting instruction from him on what to do about this tragic case tragic crime, what have been among you know the black. It's just not predominate upon the black community, but it's happening everywhere but it came by. Every time turn the new that it's the young black man getting shot by the cop or you know maybe it even black man she would like me but it's still pain is behind it all. In first Peter 58 be sober, be diligent because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walked up about speaking home, he may devour. Though he doesn't care who he's using hedonic care how we billing it back to my aunt fit so you know your clocks back behind it. Hate, and if he can do.

Thank then you they know it's a powerful to India, you know, I can only list for choices, but I my my other choice. Obviously was going to be. It's it's spiritual that doesn't mean there's not responsible. Of course you not saying that the way you send it behind it. There's a devil who was a murderer. This devil divider, so in Jesus we must do better. We must put down the hatred the anger divisions and find true unity in Jesus as a whole nation. Thank you for calling right back to the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire, where we are committed, having difficult conversations to making one another uncomfortable to challenging one another's perspectives and biases as we welcome in our great stations in Dallas, Texas, greater Dallas-Fort Worth areas. We welcome many of our listeners to the broadcast. Now we been having is difficult conversations for the last hour and 1/2 as I read headlines earlier in the week black lives matter headlines late last night.

Blue lives matter. We are a nation in mourning, and a nation that is shaking right now. When I proclaim is at all lives matter and it must begin in the body of Christ, we listen to one another not talk past each other.

Take the time to enlighten one another to a different background perspective expose blind spots say things that are not politically correct stand together against injustice and inequality. I'm committed to doing that I've been committed to doing that for years now and by God's grace. That's what we continue to do phone lines are open 866342's. We go to Richmond all right present folks holding for a while. Hopefully we can get to as many as possible. Let's Go Bruce Bruce Airline Rd., North Carolina. You are on the air. All you doing well.

I was without having to discuss the literary subject with Weber here and swallow a little earlier and she was a vital part of the doctor later called back will also do premium service. I was a career law-enforcement officer and Abdallah think you said was true and a lot of you gave them to be employee is wrong with everybody listen up to things all lives matter that have nothing to do with these movements you talk to the Scriptures because I think that ecclesiastical glaciers one because you asked you what you all to repair for all can live after Jesus asked. They want all to live our lives matter asked this question, black lives matter matter to artificial medical black community to vessel skillet also documents from our community. Next after that I guess is what I want to go to the world but with this trouble in this problems going on in there shooting in the neighborhood was rushed to the disabled people get shot.

The police who live might live matter to matter to the police. I guess I was prejudicial cop because I mounted some of the people I wrestle black topic of the people in the towel black guy with the Pedrosa light only because it would come in and tell the problem we have out here today as we keep using this word racial profiling three types of profiling. Everybody needs to start something everybody.

You have call – so you have racial profiling have the wall. What prejudicial. The majority example, if you walk out your car from the mall 10 o'clock at night. The two got caught in the parking lot got a stop just take a look will score multiple just walk but they could change the tire o'clock but because it didn't look like look like that's called self-preservation. Following yet. Now, I told him in the project all black, but I feel like I want to feel in the morning. One of the build with a fellow gets out he walked over to the building come about a minute later with that sound like drugs so I go to the dialogue illustrated why will be here all my friend Bobby is the prophet to see if you can come in the work tonight. I needed a flat chocolate pewter. I came to pick that up and get that year. Everything turned out fine but because he was white. The glass I got a break. There is there. I want you to finish these categories we come back right and get as many calls as possible. Stay right there. Thank you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much candidly about the followers of Jesus before we get back to Bruce in a moment African-American career law enforcement officer as he was explaining the nature of profiling different dimensions of what I just will remind your friends that all be speaking in Greensboro, North Carolina area Sunday and Monday of this week, together with my friend and colleague Dr. Alex McFarland stand with courage, compassion, clarity, conference been be tackling the tough moral issues at life Community Church in Jamestown Sunday morning 1030 Sunday night at six Monday night at 730 so for all the details, go to my website, asked her to and you'll see the itinerary. There are Bruce already cut off at the break, but you were explaining the different types of of necessary profiling that are done up of logical profiling that are done both as individuals and then what a policeman would do so back to use her wasteful what it was called private burial that I did, where Y got pulled up in the car, get out, walk to the building I get out and go wild applicability to back just because you might humble but that is not that is not that is not which would call proactively gone racial profile in the fall. Proactively, that have to be done even to a Y alt in a white neighborhood but talk about them when things don't look like they don't look like have to look at the situation and colored belts play a role in the other thing I want but you beat people.

I which units were about the Christian goodbye X how about the Christian you get into the Scripture drag.

Because yes, you believe in God you believe in the Lord, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ called faith, but does a lot more to it than straight in the script tell you faith without the works of a cricket fan on the Christian going out, could be a Christian and not doing what Jesus Christ asked you to do faith without works with the Browns. What did thank you. If you're not doing what she told you have the Christian hematocrit 1 everybody at the rock to holler, Christian, client, I believe in that better be descriptive because if the work that is involved with all this talk of Guatemalan audit quota lot of stuff and everything. All I know where my 11 call we could get into the city. It got too bad, we called a soldier, military brat, I'm not disrespecting the soldiers of the worshipful Bob in a situation where eight of us cost 275, 200 people fight for the body from the military store every time of that happened the military yet keep people think abroad of all peoples listed who keeps you safe ground that you walk on the 20 not the military to military base would call the police about beer, please alter the country. 12. I got out I might have to follow American everybody what direct people in the country didn't know well, which I will agree to kill it had one on everything but you got that.

I know this country faith is not the military, the backup you collect people to want to please look what they look like the military at all about literature. The police are a quad military unit look at the length portal start Said she told her the same length in the military all the weapon that the police have extra weapon. You know, come from the military block 32 3000 people protested were you going to get to file the cost know that you going to get the cost of the firepower and protection, chemical damage, the way the world works.

Everything you see that ultimately falls the lit, the Atty. Gen. and the police commission of the state. Okay for the department to happily weapon the people complained about the fate people to do that complained diminished up and have a beta for one of the lot, 11. The other night everybody was jumping around talking and militant violence.

I thought the people shouted doing all that. But when the shot rang out. Please bid with baby and ran toward shot people did what they do, ran away, waiting for the police to fix it again to solicit III appreciate your service. I appreciate your passion.

I appreciate you calling out Christians to live like Christians because if all the people going to church and professing to be Christians really Christians, America would look very different, very differently free living things out. We've got to hear these perspectives. We've got to hear these perspectives and here is her perspective that a black cop can bring many to hear like this are the one thing I never thought of in terms of Army versus police the idea that that you may have to shoot a fellow American. It's obvious. Just something that I never processed in terms of the challenges you face contrary to the unique challenges of a soldier, thank you for calling. Much appreciated. 86634 let's go to Greensboro, North Carolina Erin, welcome to the line of fire, and I am well thank you not to cry usual… I got for you and Apple Inc. right what you do for the body man. You know the young man for you though you know what today is an argument with Matt about African-American you know what a lot of people in my age group's reaction. It kind of frustrating.and the reason why could everybody what the fark up movement for the wrong reasons but the really not doing anything you know you don't audit and out-of-pocket in August posted. You know the rest of the guys who have been done wrong and it wrong you know that that that the fact that it's wrong, but to try to spark a movement and report different movements like black clouds matter. You really don't know the reasoning behind what you started in on my perception of the black clouds only matter you get intermediate to distract you was really going on in the world and assist like what had. How do you not you know I'm an expected frustrates me because it just like if you do something about it. Do something about it you know and like you know like everybody in the family for me a lot of the college you all a lot enough to stand up for not only people if you look at the picnic, why people get killed by Black people every year that affect better today all I expect that people not realize it was just like you got out of the question. People, why do you think the people in the meat like another clever though the media body think that spotlighting they want you to react.

They want people to go smack in The reason you know it is just like as a black man when I when I hear what I hear about these things happen. I question people. Why did you you will wonder why walk out the library target.

Could you be Minutemen stopped being them to do something the right way, you know, I mean it goes back to the classic Grey's Anatomy. What was he doing situation and I think I think people really need action you know it. Now what what is black black, not weblike large black clouds matter is not what it is president? How can I apply that to what I have on the date the make a difference in this world because you know I mean you know me personally, not here. I hear so much man that it really does frustrate me Mama could like like the bigger picture.

I mean the bigger picture is this world is slowly but not even slowly, which is fat, we're moving closer and closer, back, you know, and that of a think that will make a different but really big bag of apples not think of video pray for this person or pray for this country are are poor or black clouds met a post-Christian the harpers. He described push yet and I just got just a jump jump in here. The key thing is there is injustice there are problems there massive problems can we bring something constructive to the table. That's the big question is can we bring something constructive and can we bring is your same. Can we bring the gospel to bear to bring about constructive change. Thank you for laying in 866-34-TRUTH we go to the West Indies, Morris, welcome back to the line of fire. Thank you for having me over greater thing speaking with you you you pretty when I started funding you would be to killings of the young people of African descent, i.e. could identify with it because here in Trinidad. The 40 basically I involved in similar situation and the Ike I cried when I saw the woman for streaming.

The with the 40s and the boyfriend up with Kim Jessica. I cried after I cried because why I realize that something has gone wrong and that I told my wife I said that you know this is going to through a problem and this is 40s nice finish is that it was still in their service discovery right back and Randy Winston-Salem will get you next Harry Des Moines stay right there by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends line of fire continued to hear from you. Our listening audience 866-34-TRUTH so just want to give me another minute to finish up in a Trinidad West Indies. Pastor Morris, welcome back to the land far, go ahead going. Thank you very much. You see I was saying that any good you suck.

It was 12 when that fever when the evil against an evil look is not carried out speedily the art of man in them to do evil and this is what we are seeing when injustice wedding to call all wherever it is perpetrated, then you're fine because judgment just not going.

And we have the union would be different killings in the front and the United States know that the lease or the military or politicians.

All of these different people. I have a higher than that we expected.

We had expected to be held at the highest standard in the criminal element below is for the loan. If we expect below left people with the that we then reviewed with them in such a way that we can bring them what the police cannot be going about and executing people you know taking justice in their one on the them is different. I just wanted to be a note to say that you know that we need to realize that you know because of man's condition and because of what the Bible says about mine condition is desperately wicked monitors.

The evil and wicked on the amount of money even desperately wicked and because of that we know that.

But God and what is required is for your IP said to bring in all of these discussions.

That is the book difficult than it honestly, I'm looking to feel we can bring about irrelevant changes that is needed.

Thank you very much for giving the opportunity I'm going with you for your you're welcome appreciate it and appreciate that we can air this broadcast in the West Indies to all of you listening.

Thanks so much, are in Winston-Salem. Randy, thanks so much for holding welcome to the line of fire letter all hurriedly go through what I think you some of the problems were created all and about like this is right and dramatic problem or collect on and also a likely comment.

This that black and white you are really concerned with their and get all our culture like this.

Comment and the bottle water courier. We are not at first light president or alteration.

Galway product and up like probably really don't like from might be God Bible largely goals are met? What order, but are preachers politicians are the problem.

Back when Billy Graham preached in the 50s and 60s the break plan failed and we don't have that anymore. I'll start going to want a weakness really just a functional book is not really preachers are preaching the word of God. I really don't care about anything. Audience number we can also look at what happened and we talked at meant become more hands but we do not start off office for politicians that were key. They walked down the street may come up with all the progress of the father so that they can keep themselves in our I don't think do not want illiterate or have a much broad monitoring program does not answer.

We will see that all out on 50 gusting directly what we all also collect about you so much. The church and the church is the you want financial boy of the chart is the term the nomination, what is it but I know the church I go to the fundamental back door and we picked up over 500 riders a week. We have picked up 12 were mixed. We have mixed couples weekly auction are we having a wonderful, manic and extra notifying wars, the black church is what our congregation. What happens when politicians, go to the black churches wife politicians and wash up with another doctor what they're doing and try to get the book. Despite a we have the answer yet just just jumping in other words, a lot of the government programs which are meant to help those that are poor in the inner-city. Ultimately create a cycle of greater poverty and greater dependence on the government.

Is that a way to keep people down the bottom line we must come together as followers of Jesus. Listen to each other and say here's how we do reconciliation in the gospel. Here's how we fight against injustice in Jesus. So thank you for the call Dell and Charlotte time is really short but if you could dive right in, go for it had. I cannot make a phone cut. I clearly and I accomplish my little world. I got my car and I can never understand why a fairly small player, I only like an iPod. Black vinyl crank affected all kinds of even got to go down but that part I people feel the top down and I have today open up and talking their family. I hired them and help out like a bottle left by Johanna.

I just got a jump and I know you have much more to share but getting involved with people's lives with insane color, different color doesn't matter. Getting involved with other people's licensing. I care because God cares makes a massive difference. Thank you Adele for calling so we have drunk friends. I want to thank you for making the broadcast. What was today I want to thank you for weighing in. I want to thank you for raising challenging perspectives and challenging me personally I love it. I appreciate it a lot thank you all for your candor and his Adele said we need to set this out to megaphones the country that's what we do on this airwaves and redo it with your help to thank you for standing together with us this whole broadcast you can listen to all two hours of just couple hours from now will be online just good asked her to and click on line of fire. You'll be able to listen to today's broadcast.

I encourage you to take the time to do it.

These conversations, we need to have and remember, remember. I look forward to seeing you this weekend in Greensboro actually Jamestown right near Greensboro life Community Church will be ministering together with Alex McFarlane Sunday morning Sunday night Monday night, all the info the itineraries on the website asked Dr. My bottom line. Today we are all created in God's image. Jesus died for all of us. Those who know him must clear that unity to the world

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