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Reflections on the Terror in France, and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 15, 2016 4:30 pm

Reflections on the Terror in France, and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 15, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/15/16.

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More terror in France.

The nations continue to shake how we respond as follows of Jesus. All that will calls and questions to stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

It is Friday, and Friday the questions we got answers and I want to get your calls only get your questions last week. Last Friday I preempted the normal broadcast because of the assassination of the cops in Dallas in the aftermath of a very difficult week in America and we discussed all of the related issues black lives matter blue lives matter the racial tensions in America last night.

The tragic Muslim terrorist attack in France. The number of casualties continues to climb. Last assault with 88 dead, including 10 children.

So I want to address these things and then I want to get your calls. Questions of any kind, whether they have to do with how should we be living at this time will they have to do with the biblical question you have what they have to do with moral cultural issues. Some of things we been talking about over the days racial tensions and issues of whether it's a judicially question. I can only take on Thursday. The phones are open even now 866-34-TRUTH 8663 foray 87884 so feel free to call in now and I will be getting to your calls shortly.

Did you see any of the pictures from last night. Maybe the the one that is getting the most attention.

It's so little girl's body. She's in a body bag. You can just see the tip of her head next to her.

Her doll so picture earlier today, a man with his 10-year-old son American over in France. This is France's equivalency of July 4 celebrations and Prime Minister had earlier lifted the state of emergency in France with that if there had been a state of emergency ongoing with that have stopped this terrorist from doing what he did according to the reports a 31-year-old Tunisian Muslim. According to the little information we have not extremely religious but alone and angry. What what kind of person does this, and then Isis is rejoicing over these death is is that not the very nature of Satan himself. In reflection of the. The attitude of a cold-blooded demented murderer. What we must realize though is these are days of great shaking the please understand if we lived during the days of World War II every day during those years would have been more traumatic for the nations than what we are experiencing day by day here the same with World War I. The Civil War were the casualties over 1/2 million Americans at the time of the population was a fraction of what it is today. My point is, don't just say all this must be the end of the age. This must be the end of the world over. It's all over. Don't don't just say that because there's no basis for that conclusion, but would you can certainly say is this, you can certainly say is this. This is a time of great shaking and a people and if we just look here in America. Yes, there is the fear of ongoing terrorist attacks and in the wounds of those who lost loved ones in the Orlando massacre. Those wounds are fresh and open just weeks after that tragic event, we see the racial tensions and pain, and division in America. Today we see the tremendous uncertainty with the presidential elections and the level of divisiveness that's here we see the ongoing questions with the immigration issues and what is right responsible is a wrong response.

It is a time of extreme and in 10th shaking will be much, much more 10 shaking in the future before the Lord returns, how do we respond to this as below. Today I wrote about it last night. Want to give you some courage. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown this sounds sounds from France last night. The tractor-trailer plowing into folks who have gathered to celebrate the equivalent of July 4. The rough equivalent of course in in France the steel day and fireworks going off. It so happens that in the midst of this apparently a truck with fireworks.

Something happened and next thing the Eiffel Tower is in flames so their reports initially you cut the tractor-trailer apparently driving from mile before the police are able to shoot him that the the Muslim Tunisian Muslim truck driver and he had all kinds of explosives and weaponry, with one account that a man pursue them by motorcycle.

Think of this type of thing you see in the movies and then try to climb in to through the window to get to the driver, but ultimately was unable and and fell and was crushed by the tractor-trailer again. People just out families, young and old alike celebrating the day that the holiday and that the picture the Eiffel Tower burning. It was just one of these things.

It felt like apocalyptic. It felt like the end of the world is you seeing all this happening. God only knows how it's affecting the people France so so apparently the Eiffel Tower burning was unrelated to a terrorist attack. Quote the technical fault with fireworks planned for later in the evening to celebrate the steel day but instead of the fireworks.

The people ended up with a slaughter with a massacre. I sat down to write last night. You can read my article asked her to run a skid your asked Dr. and you see it as though it were my latest articles. There I felt less than I had to write.

I was in the midst of some of the writing projects and had to share my heart and it seems that this article that we posted is his reddest resonate with many so many get to it in one moment, but but here's an eyewitness report is aired on BBC clip number two is that eyewitness of the massacre last night. Listen to how he describes things and works on the monogram where enjoying the works of creation coming from conduct like five minutes after ending it on the window and moving again in the middle of the beach time, we always hear screaming loudly, and I thought truck coming towards me. I was up in front of the truck and became implemented three neon from other people around me and I sold some people undercut much authority still up in front of me like 1 m 1/2 m.

I could see him through the window I saw him picking out of gun and stopping short of the window and I bet moment pretty oatmeal way talking to run, keeping fading information be judging, judging, so I back like for me.


I bet moment I don't doubt my own mind I thought individual special thing and what's going on. I didn't run my frozen and the I everything you killed the priest killed him one account and again families absently ripped apart wounds that in many cases must deal the rest of this world for them. The rest of their lives. How how do we respond to this. What's what's the answer yes there pressing questions that France in Europe and America need to answer regarding immigration regarding the radicalizing of Muslims in our country and then those that come into our country with evil intent.

How we respond pressing issues. Yes we do have a major presidential election ahead and all kinds of uncertainty with that. Yes, we must address issues of justice in our country and issues of racial reconciliation and ongoing way. Yes, yes, more and more Americans seem to be buying guns and I understand the reason for all the guns in the world will not give you ultimate peace of mind Jesus in Luke 21 spoke of the day in the future in which quote people will be fainting from fear and from the expectation of what is coming on the world for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 2126. In other words, people will be will be fainting for fear of what's coming, not even what's here with her experiencing, but fear of what's coming next.

That's how devastating it will be that what is Jesus tell us is as follows. Two verses later, but when these things begin to happen. Stand up and raise your hands because your redemption is drawing near. So our prospective friends is always different from the perspective of the world. All we feel pain like everyone else. We mourn and weep like everyone else, yet we know we always know that this world will be shaken that everything we see is only temporal and that our hope is an eternal God gives us eternal life and eternal hope they can out last the hell of this age, so the psalmist Psalm 46 God is our refuge and strength help who was always found in times of trouble. Therefore will not be afraid. The earth trembles in the mountains topple into the depths of the seas. Those waters roar and foam in the mountains quake with its turmoil.

Cella there is a river.

Extremes delight the city of God, the holy dwelling place of the most high God is within her. She will not be toppled gobble helper on the morning Dorrance dawns nations rage kingdoms topple the earth melts when he lifts his voice now friends is the time for those of us you've taken refuge in the Lord to shout out to the world. There is a better way turn away from your sins and your fleshly plans and put your hope in the living God. Now is the time for us to raise our voices save the world. No matter what you're putting your hope and no matter what is bringing you life and joy in this world. It's all temporary it's it's all fragile, its foundations cannot last without God turned to him in the midst of good times in the midst of bad times turn to him and take refuge in him sit what is it mean to take refuge. How how we take refuge what what is that actually mean to take refuge in God means that you really get with him to take refuge in God means that you call out to him and you put yourself in his care that you literally put your life and his hands follow him say that there there's just like if it's a bad storm and its terrible rain and wind and you run into a building and it's quiet and calm in the building. That's how it is when we run in to the Lord. Proverbs 1810 the name of the Lord is a fortified tower the righteous run to it and are safe. This has nothing to do with how we respond militarily to radical Islam radical Islam is radical Islam's attorney from its ways, it must be dealt with and in the most severe possible and if you have people who are terrorists and wanted to slaughter men, women and children. You do what you can to render them ineffective and to take them out. All the best thing would be to see the mass conversion of radical Muslims and the repudiation of radicalism of Islam and its violence. We continue to pray for that and missionaries continue to work towards that.

But the reality is that that is one thing that we are called to do as followers of Jesus, issues of national security remain issues of national security.

Vetting people better than you do that, just the same fighting against your enemies.

You do that, just the same. Yes, we need to aggressively do what we can to take out these radical Muslims militarily. Yes, of course, of course, but what we do as individual believers. When we do with our lives with God.

When we do about the fears when we do about the uncertainty of tomorrow when we do about all the rising emotions, intentions, and anger and hatred. We take refuge in God. This is not a way of escape. This is way to stand. This is then how we come to know him. We cast our calves or anxieties or worries or fears or desires or hopes we cast them all the Lord we unconditionally surrender our wills and say, God, I'm here to do your will on here is your servant, whatever the cost. Whatever the consequence here I am, send me use me to make me fully usable. We do that from the heart without reservation and then with allies submitted to God we going to this world with a message of hope with the message of salvation with the message of repentance. Jesus said, John 1633 in the world of trouble and suffering, but take courage. I conquer the world to read more by going to my website. Asked Dr. citizen. The latest articles will be right back with your call wide open phone lines are wide open subject matter vital 866-34-TRUTH for it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking Friday should some things in my heart I do have some more things to share, but I do want to go to your calls.

As always, Friday, or as almost always you got questions. We got answers anything under the sun. You want to ask me about any question you been wondering about the personal spiritual growth issue be. It's something you're working through Scripture be something you've heard on radio or TV are you ready you're wondering about the at having to do with dealing with Muslims. Radical Muslims phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH telephones in the moment I saw a chilling video interview.

It's just about all on a low of 30 smell over minute long.

I guess being circulated on twitter and probably elsewhere, where Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2014, is speaking with a French journalist and telling her all, it will come to friends. The terror text will come to France.

Basically they're ready on their way and they will come as friends do something about it and think this is not is not our problem is was from this is this is the world's problem. Radical Islam. So terribly. Sadly he was right.

You think how the world is associated Chuck truck out of county people what you do them and is rusty with at all time nationstates come to Israel and say help us deal with terror and instead of criticizing Israel understand what Israel deals with 24 seven. And that's one reason that people feel safe going to Israel because they know Israeli security 866-34-TRUTH that let's start in Charlotte North Carolina.

Jeremy, welcome to the line of fire are Dr. Brown hello boy what a difference from my youthful days on the strict spirit of New York City, but I remember about their black regiment from the Revolutionary war, black robe regiment and I brought one pastoral projector from Ecclesiastes is a time for peace and a time for war, with the sword. After he took his black robe thought and the cowardice that I see you today on the news everybody running away, but I should be trying to acclimate a sheepdog mentality get trained and learn what to do when the fan because it's just just underwear your turn with gun free zone, which is running current like roaches on the light goes on. People have to know what to do when our sharia law comes here because you know this, the physical religion, political system is beneficial. Sharia GG sink help jamming out that Jesus, when you say when sharia law comes here. This is what happened here already, but right and saw it there deftly some communities that in American Muslim communities that are operating with their with their own leadership and with their own standards. For example, if you live in an ultra Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish part of Brooklyn and there is a dispute that's going on that will be handled by the rabbinical courts and and the religious trees with the rabbinical courts rather than the secular courts is much as possible, and they will adjudicate based on their laws, but it's a very different philosophy. It's it's ultimately not saying that we are exempt from the laws of the land that we start executing people where sharia obviously has the goal of spreading Islam does want to read and take over. So are you saying that the biggest thing is for Americans to be armed or that I have to put back exhaust longer not be responsible recommended as they are not for hunting and audio target shooting. There's a fight. What about the levels of what about the levels of weapons that are now available to the general public weapons that didn't exist in the days of of the founding fathers start were now you have the police out armed by the criminals and the potential of the let's just say that you have people who have rights to arms that now get provoked for the wrong cause I get all kinds of blood… I'm not. I'm not arguing for for the control side.

I'm just trying to probe this within a see what you're thinking like that are going on 35 years and everything out there semiautomatic as fast as you can pull a trigger. People look at a weapon and they are all alike on the politicians are what IR should strike to a cop best to say hello… If we put that aside you.

Do you think that there any issues with the ready access that so many Americans have two weapons, is there anything we need to do more carefully to vet who gets weapons and and not to be sure that they don't line up in the wrong hands to easily criminals don't get better. I understand that I was kinda but lately I would like an oxymoron question, the court, the citizens have to have access to the right.

That is, that is the art either at citizens that needed to be vetted more carefully, or have more national databases things like that that was described like a sharia ground… Notion of the clear what lie do you want so that we spoke about like a solid. There is where the good guy that was a bad and but as far as access to weapons of everything is out there, but the mental state of the person got it down, understand this: I just just get a jump in here. Note for for midterm because his time short joy grab a clip number three.

This ties in with some of what Jeremy is saying a clip number three let's listen to what Newt Gingrich proposed on Sean Hannity's broadcast Western civilization is in a war we shouldn't frankly test every person from here who is and who is of a Muslim background and if they believe in sharia they should be deported. Sharia is incompatible with Western civilization, modern Muslims who have given up sharia. Glad to have them as citizens perfectly happy to have the next-door we need to be fairly relentless about defining our enemies are anybody who goes on a website favoring Isis war Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups that should be a felony, and they should go to jail any organization was how such a website should be engaged in the family should be closed down immediately when curious about is the first part of what he had to say which is that you interview them if they said support sharia law you deport them. The question would be break and get honest answers to the questions Evan anybody Muslim or not the didn't want to tell you truth you can get honest answers I I agree that people that want to undermine our country or overthrow our country that are immigrants have no business being here not let someone in to destroy your country. How do we sort these issues through great question before us will thank you sir for the call will have a full-blown gun issue.

Discussion one day here and quantify with with this never done that that we will one day and get folks swinging from all different sides friends if you appreciate this broadcast. If you're blessed to have this voice on the air you say Mike we we are so thankful to God the trauma year. We do need your help.

We really do need your help.

We have been working hard for over a year to make up the loss of our most major supporter business class and Valliere give them exact prices with you partner with us to stand with us go to ask Dr. Brown ask a DR Brown, double-click, donate, help amplify my voice around the nation. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown connect friends to buyer.

You've got questions, we've gone answers and the let's let's be in prayer for the dying for the families who lost loved ones, that God would not only bring comfort in the midst of the agony, but that that comfort would be found through people turning to him. Their moment of pain and grief and and sense of utter lostness that they would turn to the one living God, who expressed his heart to us through his son Jesus. I've read stats between 8488 that including 10 children hundred 88 hospitalized over 50 critical so those numbers could continue to rise.

That being said, anything you want to talk to me about be it the issues of terrorism be at the shaking that's taking place in the world and in America right now or be a just a normal matter that we talk about on a Friday you got questions, we've got answers, 866-34-TRUTH remains the number to call. Let me just grab some email questions here and this is a relevant one. Thank you Dr. Brown. The encouraging work that you do.

This is from Brooks is truly a blessing to get to listen to the podcast as I'm driving around different parts of Texas that helps keep me awake while driving and keeps me thinking and praying for the topics that you tackle on air click to hear that Brooks stay wakes taste sharp.

If you're listening now, my question is, how come within the messianic community. There is very little emphasis put on the kingdom of these for my experience and I know this is small compared to larger pictures. Compare with the church community with a pretty huge amounts of emphasis on the kingdom.

If there is a lesson to teach on the kingdom, what with that sound like Brooks. Your question is really interesting to me because in much of the church roll often I hear very little about the kingdom of God are often I hear very little in terms of the implications of the kingdom of God and many times it's much more individualistic if you and Jesus Jesus as your Savior and Lord in your walk with the Lord. And there's not a larger consciousness of the kingdom of God or even why we pray your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven really understanding of what it is so in reality. In reality, you could be right.

You can be right in terms of the circles, which travel but on the large-scale II would say there's an absence of teaching on the kingdom and understanding of the kingdom.

The messianic community boy in the circles in which I've traveled. There's an understanding of the meaning of that because of the emphasis on how this ties in with Israel and the church and things like that but perhaps in your experience you haven't heard.

So in short, what I would say is this, that God's purpose has always remained the same, which is that ultimately the entire world would be blessed by his presence, and by his kingdom. So for that purpose. He chose Abraham so that through Abraham.

He could have a nation Israel, through whom the Messiah could come and be a light to the world and that that message of God's rule in God's reign is extending all through the earth through the coming of the Messiah and when he returns.

That message will then dominate the entire world. So the kingdom of God that is is announced through the prophets and and it has its groundwork and foundation through God raising of the nation of Israel now is formally announced and inaugurated to the coming of the Messiah into the world and we are in a transition age now and already and not yet phase where the kingdom of God has broken in and is continuing to advance until it's full and final manifestation of course many Christians have seven messages committed to it exactly the same as I can share the right will be back because they file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown about terror attack in France, less than the shaking were experiencing in America's redemptive article can be by going* and just clicking obviously right on the homepage in the latest articles there. 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers. Let's go to Anthony and Charlotte.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. I was working a day when I heard you start out earlier you mentioned about picking out Islamic terrorist extremist by any America's necessary numbers one at a Christian nation should we render it script not doing what I am especially made a very good at a strict picture of that we had like to check out. I guess our enemies if we consider territory under dilemma. We do dynamic nurses actually like that M yes an excellent question, and I'm so glad to have you listening regularly when dealing with is our attitude as individuals towards those who persecute us and hate us and attack us and our responsibilities as a government dealing with with terror and things like that so you actually have it at the one chapter after another in enrollments so if we go to Romans the 12th chapter. Paul is talking here about our attitude is individuals. So, for example, verse 14.

Bless those who persecute you. Bless and do not curse them. Verse 17 repay no one evil for evil to give thought to what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you. The peaceably with all the love, never avenge yourselves believe it to the wrath of God, for it is written, vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. To the contrary frenemy is hungry for you if it's thirsty, give him something to drink. By so doing will heap burning coals on his head.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. So that's exactly what you're saying.

That's always telling us to deal with things on a personal, individual level as believers. Now the very next verse that every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God is appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad.

Would you have no fear of the one who is an authority than do what is good and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain.

For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. So for example if, if that. Let's say your neighbor slandered you and maligned you because you're followed Jesus and maybe he was a and a mocker from some other faith slandered you and maligned you will you and turn would not go slandered and maligned him right and and if it if you got nasty to you personally.

You wouldn't you know smashes mailbox or something like that. However however, if this man say threatens your interest to break into your house and a policeman comes by and sees what he's doing. That policeman's can stop the guy and if you resist arrest my children, so the one thing is the enforcing of the law and the other thing is personal retaliation and there are really two different things. And as far as is been quoted Christian nation of theirs that were majority Christian terms were profession. But it's hardly like we can just say God fight for us and even in ancient Israel God would have his his people Israel fight as well so personal retaliation. Nope.

I get slandered Anthony all the time I get attacked nasty ways all the time we have death wishes and death threats. I just pray for the people involved and I don't do anything to try to hurt them. However, if thought if our nation was under attack and and some is and try to kill our wives and her children, things like that you better believe we defend ourselves we try to defeat the enemy. All right.

Thank you sir for the contrary are the only one who was wondering 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Tampa Florida. Mike welcomes the line of fire background.

He recommended a good did you have a particular version that you use regularly. The new American yeah it if that's your preferred version then there are several study Bibles if you just look up new American Standard NTSB study Bible you'll find several that are well produced. If you want to make a change, but one that's not totally different than the NASB, then the ESV study Bible is highly recommended.

If you're looking for a particular type of Bible, the cultural background Bible is coming out soon with the key editors John Walton, the Old Testament cranking on the new test method.

This can be out a few months and that, or maybe that may be even less. And that gives him massive detail the cultural back and then you have apologetic study Bibles and you have archaeological study Bibles and things like that but for it for a general one other. There are probably several that are study Bibles using the NASB text but one of the best newer study Bibles is the ESV study Bible and ESV is fairly close to the NASB.

Reese, just a little bit more freely than the NASB selected letter like our buddy Bible did not. Although there is no there there plenty, but with all respect to pastor MacArthur II would I would rather have one that is is by a team of scholars in a lesser like a total total John MacArthur guy and you want to get his take on everything. I'll bet if you just if you just get online and just sort got any Christian bookstore and just look up NASB study Bible, you'll you'll see several using that in there there's one by that exact title, the NASB study Bible. And again, this would be by a team of scholars that are adding notes about language in background and culture to the Bible that would work very very well and that they they normally do their best to to give you a to give you a picture that is what most scholars Christian scholars would agree on or most evangelical scholars would agree on so young without the Bible will have value, but I'd rather get one that is a a a broader base one and assisted the gap.

Yes, if you just if you just check NASB study by the fee if you just get online and search for that, you'll see several options okay okay great thank you, sure thing. This is such a simple answer.

Some say hey I want to study both the NASB, but that's is the simple answer in that regard, 866-34-TRUTH of Virgo back to the phones. Margie Guzman now was British activist author, columnist and politician is liberal democratic parliamentary candidate for London's Hempstead and Coburn constitutions that cut constituency squeeze me in the 2015 general election and that he saying please stop saying the nice that Paris attacks have nothing to do with his law. Please stop saying that 86634.

It may not be the type of Islam that you practice as a Muslim that your friends practices Muslims but it is certainly reflective of radical Islamic theology around the world. Let's go to Lakeland, Florida Corbin welcome to light a fire.

Dr. Brown you welcome? In regard to parent yeah sure okay are our questions in regards to Matthew 24 and a bit about. After you are correct in kind. Eureka letter imply a lot of that what happened and that I picked up a little bit weird.

You know interpreting it. Some of it. Like there are none of this will happen until the generation gap away. I'm not yes or so.

It's easy to get confused because at first glance you would think okay Jesus is speaking about things that the disciples again experience in our lifetimes.

As you read is a wait wait wait a second. This is clearly speaking about the end of the world and that the question is, is both an answer is yes. Just as there were Old Testament events having to do with Jerusalem and the Jewish people ahead. A partial fulfillment of the profits day and wait a final fulfillment to the end of the world. Almost like layers you know if you have like a picture with layers on it or the old days of using slides and overhead to put one layer over the other layer see you got the first layer of what's going to happen during the lives of the disciples and then you got the second layer of what's gonna happen at the end of the age, which now makes much more sense with a Jewish Jerusalem and the nation of Israel standing against all return to that. On the other side of the break and in yes yes don't need to call to say I said nice Nice, France, fully aware I did it want to interrupt call to say yes her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is talking now Matthew the 20 chapters Friday. Just as we got answers. Of course we've address the agony in France right now. We've address the terror attacks we've talked about the shaking in America is going through to read my thoughts and I could* you see that the second article from the top dealing with these very issues, but a back to Matthew 24 assault Corbin Matthew 24 is paralleled also.

In Mark 13, and Luke 21 it was called the Olivet discourse because Jesus deliver this teaching on the Mount of olives and the chapters are not laid out identically. Some feel that there is the clearest break and Luke between what applies to the days the disciples what applies to the end of the age. But we have to realize is that many times when the prophets of the Old Testament prophesied they prophesied is if the end of the age was coming almost right then where is it was not the end of the age. It was another momentous event and then that would parallel the final event or for example a chapter like Jeremiah 30, which speaks about the time of Jacob's trouble, but Jacob being delivered from it. On the one hand, it had to refer to the Babylonian exile and destruction of Jerusalem, which took place in Jeremiah's day, but on the other hand, the final, Jacob's trouble, for which Jacob will be delivered still something to come. So it's not it's not as if it's going to be neatly divided through all the text.

This is for this status is for future day as if it's all going to be said, together, and then once you get through the destruction and seven you can see okay this happen this happen.

This happened but the rest didn't happen and therefore we can expect the rest to take place. Those who are called full credit wrists, which would mean everything already happened in the past, they would say that all of the prophecies of the return of Jesus and even of the resurrection of the dead and of the establishing of the new heavens and the new earth have already taken place and they come up with to me at what is a monstrous interpretation to say that when Paul said that was looking forward to the Lord's appearing release can appear a second time for us and things like that that he was some of the destruction of Jerusalem.

As if that was the appearing of the Lord that would bring our deliverance or freedom, or when we would be resurrected and caught up together with him and be changed.

Six minutes. It is a monstrous misinterpretation of the text maven had a gentleman very, very well versed in these things written a couple dozen books just on these issues. Try to argue in a couple debates that that we we have on the air out run on Skype that are that are online on a YouTube channel.

Dr. John Preston that the resurrection that Paul spoke of in first Corinthians 15 first Thessalonians 4 that it's ready taken place that were ready, resurrected in new heavens and the new earth. So I find that to be a terribly wrong misguided interpretation and then there are those recall partial credit risk who believe that that many of the end time prophecies were fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 and that there still things that remain, but that this was the great turning point of their many problems with that interpretation as well. Although I respect that for more than a respectful predator's interpretation. So in short, Matthew 24 has happened in Matthew 24 will happen. Thank you very much.

You are very welcome. Thank you for the call 86634 trees make maybe one day will go through these texts in greater detail on the air, not the debate format which is going through them and greater detail.

Let's see calmly try this from anonymous government laws in the Old Testament. The questions are based on the comments I heard Stephen Anderson send the clip that you responded to me. Didn't necessarily rip since abuse of Stephen Anderson.

So this is a pastor who was rejoicing after the Orlando massacre in terms that I found very vile, ugly, and contrary to the gospel and address them on a video you can watch that by going* Just type in the last name Anderson with an O at the end of July. Karen I think you touched on this topic in your recent video in response to Stephen Anderson. I was hoping you could elaborate on your response there one how to respond to someone who says that the government laws should be based on the Bible including the Old Testament that includes capital punishment for certain sense. I would say that I differ for many reasons.

We use scriptural guidelines and many many cases. But we are not a theocracy. God did not appear to the nation of America take us out of Egyptian slavery bring us to himself, communicate his laws to us from heaven and hold us to a certain standard in less you want to say that those who break the seventh day Sabbath should be put to death in less and I would imagine if Stephen Anderson is present, ascended, and he does not observe the seventh day Sabbath so best that he should be put to death. Most my listener should be put to death and found that strictly observing it on seventh day every week that I should be put to death. According to the thinking that adultery should be put to death etc. not not only that, that if you have a stubborn and rebellious unrepentant child, that child should be put to death. So God did this with ancient Israel. It was a theocracy Americas now theocracy. So we use Scripture for guidelines. No wheat we don't endorse will be called the autonomy and living by Old Testament law today and I don't see that are taught anywhere in the New Testament either a similarly question two how to respond to some of his species.

Who says the capital punishment punishments in Old Testament not to revoke should be enforced by the government laws the government righteousness. The Bible is his model again that answers that same question on what basis is modern America trying to be ancient Israel. On what basis can we require all of America. Most, many of which many Americans don't know the Lord at all don't have a background with him. I on what basis are we now going to require that everyone lives under Old Testament law, may take this one step further. Why didn't Paul call for this in first Corinthians 5. Why didn't he say if you got a brother in your midst, claiming to follow Jesus and living in adultery what Lisa Kellum recorded Deuteronomy which should put the evil out your midst. In Deuteronomy it meant execute that person right in most cases pulses excommunicate them. There is a difference. Things are now being fought spiritually and there is a difference and there is forgiveness and mercy offered in a way that is impressive the Old Testament if we take the John eight count is indicative of how Jesus would've handled us. It didn't put the woman caught in adultery.

Death, he forgave her and told her to go and sin no more. So that's that's some of the response and yes I would then emphasize the teaching of Jesus in more depth and I think this would interest your email that that's the direction that you are going also to get more this watch my debate with Theodore Shabbat about the same things as I get into those issues little bit more there so just go to Esther to and little search icon. There type in Shabbat SHOEB a T and you can watch that you see more how I respond to those kinds of questions.

All right if you like calling for the next hour. Phone lines open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and stand with us if you're blessed and encouraged and helped by this broadcast on the air through your gracious giving and supportive publicity for years never helped us today go to the website it was eating a lot to us.* will help us in this critically important work. My bottom line. Today there is a real refuge, place, person went to him and find hope more terror in France. The nations continue to shake how we respond as followers of Jesus, all that will take your calls and questions to stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I would not allow people to come in from Paris nation I would do it three matting I would call it extreme bedding to add our country has tremendous problems. We don't need any more of the problems right now we have more investigations of this kind going on than we ever had in the history of our country and would allow our didn't intend that thousands of more people coming in at UCLA situation like in these brand horrible thing yes Donald Trump speaking with Bill O'Reilly last night, this is Michael Brown you got questions. We got answers. That's what we always do on Friday 866-34-TRUTH week ago. In light of the attacks in Dallas and the blood should during the week we suspended our normal broadcast and talked about the issues we're facing here in America the beginning of last hour the first 15 minutes I weighed in with thoughts about France about the tragedy in Nice and I want to encourage you to read an article that I wrote as I was reading the news reports as my heart was grieving as many of your hearts are grieving as well and then as the Eiffel tower was burning us what is that is that a terrorist attack to apparently system mishap with fireworks, but what a picture and what reminder of the fact that the whole world will be shaken.

One day that there will be worldwide, and shaking and that we live in the light of the fact that every single one day be shaken that we have an unshakable kingdom that will remain so to read more to get my thoughts go to Esther to a.s. Katie or Brown the right to see it in my recent articles right there on the homepage and I believe that in the midst of it you'll find the message that is relevant and timely and biblical. As for the ongoing refugee issue. I wrote about it months back for thoughts on the Syrian refugees.

I said let let the church focus on doing works of compassion.

Let the church focus on helping Christian refugees as much as possible of the Bible does tell us to to help everyone, but especially those of the household of faith.

In many cases the Christians are not inflamed to the refugee camps where they can get the help that they need because they get persecuted in the camps. Many cases they are just being totally displaced and are not even getting to a place where they can get out safely with sponsors to other countries so it behooves us to do our best to help them let the government focus on security that the government focus on security with the government do is is in this case I agrees with Mr. Trump to say much, much more careful vetting they were doing right now.

Much, much more careful and we should give priority Syrian refugees their oratory to Christian refugees is a that's that's wrong that so there okay first is a church and his and his family's we can sponsor refugees directly want to get involved.

Those that are burden to do this when I get involved with refugee programs or consequent relief or contact world vision or others. Samaritans purse to say is this, and we can do directly to so we can do directly that to help those in need. Work with organizations that are supplying food and clothing and shelter and things like that of the late 70s early 80s. My wife Nancy and I took Vietnamese, Cambodian refugees in our home for. About five years so this just a regular part of our family to have others living with us and what it meant was a set of the each of our daughters having a bedroom.

They shared a bedroom and then the refugees got another room that we had another rumor that refugees could get you just made it work is joy and elation, consider practically while the government focuses on security. Also, how about the Muslim nation stepping up, taking refugees same language, same religion as a speaking part. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is rejoining his friends online truth remains a major question about sponsoring refugees you have wealthy Muslim nation, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Dubai nations like this. Why aren't they opening their doors wide to the refugees fleeing from Syria. Refugees who fled from Iraq or Muslim refugees fleeing from upheaval in Africa or Afghanistan. Why aren't they saying come here come here, in many cases save from Syria Iraq same language and same religion. I know you got Sunni, Shiite differences, but certain places you got silly refugees go to Sunni countries and Shiite refugees instead of the Sunni countries where there is a Shiite minority one is the most nations. Opening the door. Why wouldn't that solve most of the refugee crisis right there in my being too simplistic.

Is there something that I'm missing. Aside from lack of desire to do it.

Just wondering does make sense for people to go to an entirely other culture other language, especially in a place where they don't want to get assimilated with a different with the values and have a nation like America. Why not concentrate on bringing in Christian refugees there plenty want to concentrate on that and when we can sufficiently vet Muslim refugees.

Then of course welcome into our borders as much as possible, with the goal of helping them to assimilate into our culture and becoming worldly or narcissistic or greedy or something like that. But your best to do that 866-34-TRUTH you got questions. We got answers. We can talk about what's happening in the news. You can ask me a Bible question. You can challenge me something upset or guest is said phone lines are wide open. Before I go back to the phones I just posted this verse tweeted out he was 1228 therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken must be thankful and so worship God acceptably and with reverence and awe for our God is a consuming fire news item. Oh, just posted maybe two hours ago on advocate.calm now is significant that is posting this because this is a flagship gay website right this is not right wing website. This is not conservative activists website. Now this is not their opinion but there posting with the FBI said about the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando and according to the FBI. This nightclub pulse wasn't targeted for being a gay club FBI claims there is no evidence Omar Martin the gunman who murdered 49 wounded. 53.

In a June massacre at the pulse nightclub in Orlando targeted the club due to its LGBT clientele. This is as reported by the Washington Post. So this is on the advocate there posting the information. And, of course, the Washington Post broke loose with a can be no denying the significant impact in the gay community investigation has revealed that he targeted pulse because it was a gay club US law enforcement official identified by name till the paper according to the post. The assessment is based on interviews and examination of his computer and other electronic media if used for the paper.

There is nothing to suggest that he attempted to cover up his tracks by deleting files and that he did not make gay slurs during the shooting spree inside the club based on witnesses. You would've thought he would've done that.

Now that would've made sense if he was targeting gaze and lesbians night read other reports that he scoped out other places like Disneyland and things like that and and so there was too much security, so those who claim that he was there in an in the bar and sitting by himself in was he scoping the place out, as opposed for two looking for a hookup in the days following the attacks of witnesses came forward, saying they'd seen a tenet post previously on gay dating apps such as grinder, when men came forward to say he had a sexual relationship with my team at the FBI told the post. None of these claims have been substantiated. Stiller to commit his crime team travel nearly 2 hours from his home in Fort Pierce, Florida to in order to reach pulse accordingly out there just 11 gay bars. The Orlando area compared to 1969 gay bars could target a gay club nearly 2 hours from his home really be a coincidence, that's a fair question. That's a very fair question, and obviously that's with the applicant is a racer out Orlando city councilmember Patty. She had expressed frustration with Republican Party Rick Scott and Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi who were both quick to dismiss the act of violence as a hate crime. The supermarkets are about guns like until I gaze this is an attack on all Americans. The gentle the post.

That's why they want, and that this what they want and that are to be in. That's nonsense. We need to have hate crimes of the books for LGBT and we need weapons wore off our streets. However, Atty. Gen. Ray Lynch also spoken after the attack, and recognize that Oji people LGBT people were targeted to people often act out of more than one motivation. This is clear act of terror and an act of hate.

My assumption, my assumption of since this man that carried out that the attack since since he did this as a Muslim. It would make sense to me that he targeted gays and lesbians.

Yes, he would hate America absolutely hate America.

He would hate the American way of life, and he would hate homosexuality, so no surprise that he would do this.

This is what the FBI sang so far but to me it would make perfect sense that this was an attack on America. Yes, and particularly on gays and lesbians, and if he was not targeting the club because because of that, then questions as to why that particular place. Those of her questions and I think advocate is fair to to raise them but again the error here, and what I will absolutely shout my disagreement with this idea that Christian views on homosexual practice have anything to do with radical Muslim going and killing gays and lesbians 866-34-TRUTH all right Adrian I will take some key questions hello Dr. Michael Brown hello I'm wondering about your view on the organic church movement. I realize you talk with Frank Viola and there are many more sessions you have with the men. So can I listen to them. Frank and I got to hang out once we talk by phone at different times and have emailed many times, but we hung out at length face-to-face. One time Frank drove over to meet you. I was in Florida. We had a great lunch and extended time hanging out together. He's a dear brother, whom I respect and honor, but we haven't had all kinds of discussions and things off record tapes and sorry haven't had is a rebellion to the past many years of church just because it's new and branches away from normal church. "Organic church movement. I think it's more about the heart of why they're doing the organic church which your view is it a dangerous route even consider this thing that was too much focus on paganism instead of Christ. Okay, I can only read between the lines in terms of some of what you're saying Frank absolutely advocates house church movement as the vehicle for growing in Jesus fulfilling the great commission being closest to the New Testament model.

Frank is not an opponent of non-house churches, and perhaps things that that he wrote to get attention to some of the questionable roots of some of what we practice today and his pagan Christianity book. Perhaps issues that he raise concern in terms of overbearing spiritual authority perhaps those were raised in such a way so as to wait raise awareness and awaken people to real issues that Frank has many friends like me who are not part of house church Massimo Ryan Lisa house church planted another believes that's that's the big wave of what God will be doing in America in the coming years around the world. I work with many active in house churches and I work with many moderate sized churches and with mega-churches and with with all kinds and fry file would have the same heart honoring whatever the Lord is doing throughout the body. You can read some reviews of pagan Christianity by Ben Witherington, a prominent New Testament scholar at Asbury seminary, and he took strong issue with a lot of what Frank wrote in terms of code pagan Christianity and found either found difficult reach for many things that were done were frankly not of I think it I think it's great church read Frank's book and to read Ben Witherington criticisms then to see the back-and-forth there, but I would not do anything a reactionary way if you feel that house church is is a more authentic or genuine model closer to a New Testament model more practical for growing in the Lord in building relationships and making disciples and having funds to disperse to the poor and the needy, then by all means get involved in a healthy house church.

If you find that the leaders are constantly railing against the traditional church or Babylon assisted less on health is very unhealthy that I would not want to be a home and flip side of your home and is the commendation and 80 joy the other studies that meet homes during the week that's that's another way. There are many many different fresh. Line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown is one in Orlando and of course we go on right we go on with life here about the tragic attacks in Nice, France children children mowed down in cold blood.

One report can just one eyewitness reports that he got close enough to see the tractor-trailer driver apparently 31-year-old Muslim from Tunisia that he got close enough to see this bearded man who was smiling seem to be enjoying himself as he was slaughtering men, women and children, we hear that that was yesterday announced today and start another day part for the families of the victims and for those hospitalized the same with Orlando this this is not just news today and tomorrow.

This is news today and tomorrow and next month and next year and next decade, and even beyond.

Many cases and so III don't want to make anything into a political football.

I don't want to engage in anything, simply for the purpose of radio commentary but just reading some reports that the FBI is saying that there is no evidence that Omar Martin, the radical Muslim slaughtered gays and lesbians in Orlando gay nightclub pulse last month that there's there's no evidence that he targeted the club because it was a gay club right.

The only other comment I will make is this what we do know for sure is that he did this in honor of Isis pledging allegiance to Abu Buck pucker up of a study. The leader of Isis that he wanted that known that he made that 911 call that he said those words.

If this administration will be quick to call this a hate crime because it was targeting gays and lesbians, or they were the victims, whether targeted them. Certainly, they were the victims and I think it's doubtful that he didn't know what kind of club he was going into think that's highly doubtful but that being said, what we do know for sure is that he did this is a radical Muslim. He did this to honor radical Islam. He did this in allegiance with ISIS. That's what we do know in our administration won't refer to this as radical Islam or radical Islamic terror but they will refer to as a hate crime. That's what we concerned that's where my issue would be that make sense 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers. Rachel dear Dr. Brown I have confusion over the issue of Sabbath healing in the Bible.

The Pharisees were upset with Jesus every time he healed someone on the Sabbath. I've been told by an Orthodox rabbi. The healing on the Sabbath is allowed. Why them with the Pharisees so upset with Jesus. The first thing is this the normal Jewish teaching with which this Orthodox rabbi would tell you is that it is permitted to save life on the Sabbath, but normal medical work that could be done on another day should be done on another day. In other words, a doctor is required to keep the Sabbath like anybody else. Let's say that you are in the synagogue, and suddenly you're an Orthodox synagogue, and it's the Sabbath, and suddenly some collapsed to the ground with a heart attack in your there is a doctor maybe affect her cardiologist will is in it work for you is that your job to run over to that person should check their vital signs to do what you can to save their life. Yes, you are saving life on the Sabbath right. Would it be right if someone sister and… I like to make an appointment get a physical to get checked out.

I'm not sure if so funny in my body or I may have a hard palpitation, or can I come in and say yeah sure I'll make sure I squish into the reform x-ray from extra squeeze your aunt would be right instead the doctor say well today. What lets I know it's a Sabbath, but after the services just come over to my office and get a checkup that can be done. If there's nothing critical if there's no emergency that could be done another day of the week then Orthodox Judaism would say do it another day of the week. Surely that that rabbi knows that to be the case. So for example if you are a miraculous healer and you can heal someone of that is blind.

Don't do it on the Sabbath that would be working on the Sabbath.

Do it another day. Now notice in John nine when Jesus heals the blind man. He doesn't just say to him, eyes be opened. Something like that right F, I, like he says in Mark B opened some of the deaf mute. What is he say here. He takes dirt, spit sonnet turns the dirt to mud puts it on the guys eyes and says go wash now, according to rabbinic law that certainly in writing within two centuries and probably existed at the time Jesus violated true Jewish traditions. Nothing in the Bible, but Jewish tradition one. He was meeting with KK and Cayenne EA DI Angie he was leaving he was turning dirt into mud that would be considered work and then he was applying mud medicinally to the man's eyes that would be considered work on the Sabbath. So Jesus was intentionally violating Jewish traditions that he felt got in the way of the true meaning of the Sabbath understand so if there's an emergency.

Traditional Jews would say yes to save life on the Sabbath. You break the Sabbath were supposed to do that.

However, if it's something we could do on another day. So for example you want to get your physical exam your annual physical to get on the Sabbath. No the dock as I'm free now. Sorry the doctors orthodoxy doesn't work on the Sabbath.

That would be the traditional Jewish view, and therefore Jesus would be criticized because he could've done it on another day. That's also with the Pharisees were saying Blake my name is Blake your works have greatly blessed me from the start of my faith. Half a decade ago to now.

I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you for sharing that a question which I hope he ponders you think your view of Israel is what hampers you from embracing monetarism. Calvinism specifically, do you think it covenant theology would violate God's promises to others is a promise to a biological geographical people. All I really appreciate that question, but actually no, when I was a Calvinist for five years, 77 to 82.

I question whether my views on Israel were correct as well and I put all that on the table and was was quite willing to turn away from my views that Israel today was a fulfillment of prophecy that was a totally separate thing though for me and what would got me ultimately to reject Calvinism with all respect for Mike Calvinist friends was that I felt it went against the larger revelation of the aquatic, the character of God that it went against the larger revelation of the cloth shoes that is put forth throughout the entire bladder was on a separate track entirely that I reaffirm my views that Israel today, prophecy, and there are some of the greatest Calvinist works great future in gospel.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire brought an spiritual revolution when I began to talk about Jesus revolution in the late 90s. It was in the midst of great outpouring in Pensacola Florida was called Brownsville revival, and by the way, if you were never there and just heard reports about it and reports you heard were negative. Trust someone who was there for more than 800 church services and more than that. In terms of other meetings and services, and classes and who is a leader in the midst of it and it was seeing the fruit of it worldwide.

Now since 1996 began in 1995, but in the midst of that move of God in the midst of the prayer and the crying out for mercy on America. It was so easy to see how the church just going on with more of the same would only produce more of the same that we needed something more radical is one of my friends said there has to be revolution in the church first before they can be revolution society, not meaning the violent overthrow of church with split meeting radical sweeping change in the church so that we radically change people could bring radical change to society. So I have written about the tragedies in Nice, France last night. I have written about the Shaking Taking Pl. in America and how we must rise up in the midst of the chaos in the confusion and the pain and say God has a better way and in the midst of the ashes in the midst of the blood and say everything in this world is ultimately going to be shaken but you can have an eternal hope, all hope that is an anchor for your soul in this world and an absolute guaranteed glorious stream of life in the world to come is not pie in the sky. It is not everything is going to happen here. It is in this world, which is a very real world.

In this world, which is all that we know because this is where we have been born and where we live in this world there are eternal realities that we can take hold of and by taking hold of those eternal realities we have vision we have hope we have clarity for today for tomorrow and for ever.

So we mourn with those who mourn the same time we say God has a better way. Flee to him for safety come to Jesus and find rest, leave your guilt behind leave your fears behind leave your sands and self will behind look to the one who paid for everything we ever committed on the cross, maybe even listening to me for years and still don't get what it means to be born again, born in new born from above.

It means we recognize it in the sight of a holy God were guilty we fall infinitely short. We deserve his judgment recognize that rather than God destroying us in his mercy he said I will exact payment for your sins. And I will pay it myself.

I will put it on my son getting just sweep it under the carpet because that would be in a sense unjust because there must be a payment for sin. Jesus took the payment so that he could be just punish sin, and yet justify whoever puts faith in Jesus and thereby show mercy to the world so we come to the end of ourselves we say God I sinned against you. I deserve judgment. I know I'm separated from you.

In reality, and I ask you to have mercy on me and give me a new heart and a new life and change me so I can live the rest of my life as your child pleasing you. When you do that from the heart.

He forgives you he wipes the slate clean. He declares you not guilty even declares you righteous and he brings you into his family become his child to live the rest of your life, not as an orphan. That is a child of the devil or child of your desires child of God. That's the new birth, 86634 questions will be back with answers.

Hey friends, this is Michael Brown. I want to encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all.

Every month we sold back in human many many different ways join our team become a torture asked Brown a SK gone donate the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown back to broadcast writing about tragedies in these France and then how these things relate to us here in America. In the midst of the shaking and divide the division that were experiencing here. Please go to the website asked her to and read the article front right on the homepage Francis shaking Eiffel Tower's burning.

There is a way of escape, apparently, is resonated with many who have read it so far. Yeah early in the show. I said nice France.

Can you believe that Nice and you know just to see the pictures and then the children killed in the little girl in a body bag with a doll next to her in and then then you read how Isis is rejoicing over this.

It shows you when you give yourself to sin.

When you give yourself to the worship of other gods that it it really takes away your humanity takes away that which is in human beings as the image of God. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to the phone.

Starting in Addison, Texas Carl, welcome to the line of fire while you you're welcome sir, regular biker, Bejarano White and RA long remotely and one major revocable voice or no better definition of a good Journal of modular levering officer I know a good Rev. Peterson with dominant arm of the carbon will… Does not does not doesn't have to know 100% open. You could you could make a completely unrelated okay okay great art just one day.

I believe it what what you're saying is a standard unit.

She will leave when you graduate from level only and open the door for a lot of destruction or applicant animated on his agenda which is initially surprised nonbelievers and people who are don't know you and Greg are Apparently directly down the mound opportunity to make it. It will America social questionnaire about the dark gadget on the date all of what were going to make the date. I want to express.

This is not the police are gone. Endorsed the hate I don't endorse but business as usual were no people of being victimized with the long-term.

Absolutely not have to stop and I have to be an investigation into what, all these officers are to be linked with that of arbitrariness is not all though, sir.

If there's no there's no one group there part of their just not treating other fellow human beings correctly or there abusing their authority or their corrupt for some other reason other under pressure to fill a quota or they don't like people of color and non-color whenever their response to whatever it is with whatever the reason these be looked into the just jump in and then I'll go back to you. We do if if you're listening. For example, in the greater DFW area on radio your Greg in the last half hour over to our broadcast of listings in New York City are getting the first half hour and if he was in Charlotte North Carolina.

You can both hours, but unless some of listening by podcast to the whole show or listening aligned to the whole show. I understand you may be getting 20 minutes driving in your car and for example on the the Wednesday broadcast the first hour I had Janet goings-on she's African-American minister of former lesbian and she just wanted her perspective as a black American to be heard is most of her friends are white. But she is constantly treated differently in a negative way because she's black and I had many many callers share those same experiences with me and these are these are people who are God-fearing, churchgoing, law-abiding talk about racial profiling. Talk about how to raise their kids to be aware that their minority society, etc. so I try to bring that viewpoint of constantly special because it's not my own upbringing. Still cannot. I'm a market that that's that's the expense of many Americans and that's undeniable and we've got to address it at the same time that had driven Peterson on who is obvious he can be coming from a different angle raised without a father grew up in a plantation during Jim Crow laws and his thing is he feels like Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton supply class matter movement there exploiting things in a destructive way by catering to rage and anger instead of, say, hate, forgive, and overcome and let's rebuild our families and that's the key is to say certain things like said racism doesn't exist.

Obviously that's a bombastic statement and scan it and we had a fine strand. I just couldn't get everyone to select desolate lower bring him back on and let let my listening audience interact with him on that. So I understand you know some things you said in the way out and try to nuance's okay do you mean this. You mean that in that case. Let's this list have the conversation so I actually believe he's right about dealing with an entitlement attitude. Sometimes we find it's it's across the board in every sector of society that we've got a conquer that anger and rage with love and forgiveness. While we pursue justice. We must pursue justice in here of injustice were exists 100% but I think there's a lot that he saying that's of tremendous importance. The way this can be said host Cliff provoke a lot of of opposition and that's that's what we have the discussion on the radio but if you listen all the guests. His perspective is the most unique in terms of what he was bringing our agreement. At least it was all unique. The Marie down without a loved one regard. There, got the retort. I look back at it plain and angry like Rev. got more primary him in the neck at the love that about James, I think, was James from Dallas that the lesson was it one of my gracious gentleman James if you listen man sums up to you buddy. Are you absolutely. But what we gotta keep in mind there.

There, if we concern our computer.

The relatively way off to the left of the right and the other side order of the gray area that made its expected statement daughter. The gray area between savings alignment treated no awful and distantly given them the basic right of the constitutional source what what happens with every stock. What the writes the a lot of times when you look at one of the important codes of something wrong or not.

After grandma drifted to the first of the drip almost certainly the order was in the military for our dinner by accident just to get education.

I wanted to but I believed in the very multiples of the Constitution, but I know some of the militant painter there is a document printed by the white black Rio Grande of America, the dark form that have the right, so it bothers me when the officer's duties. Applicant just the color thing bothered me. If they did that to someone who wasn't correct because what they're doing is they're just totally discarding things that are the forefathers nation that in the Constitution which is what I'll probably informed. I hold it dear hold it very dear you to just blatantly glossed over there for the member right and it lead to the death of someone will let you know listening like the font of Beckham economist, but we were gonna be down to the motor worse than any other enemy to the Constitution are just special act intimately dislike about and what a student develop black lives matter `you cannot get no critical perspectives going on there, but I actually said was right as far as the black community. He said it was worse than than KKK, but his oral intercourse was that the trying to negatively influence the souls and minds of people and and cater to anger and hatred and just jumping because we have a break first thank you for your service to protect my rights and freedoms and the rights and freedoms of others that we could say was statistically it's been shown that that black cops pulled the trigger against Blacks at a higher rate than white cops do in this and that we give the stats, but when people have so many examples from personal life where they feel I was just not treated fairly, was not given the benefit of the doubt or I was treated in a dehumanizing way because of the color of my skin to the extent that does happen to be addressed in NJ Walla Walla stone apologist, the former cop said that that good cops hate bad cops do so, we stand together fighting against injustice fighting for racial reconciliation. This first thank you for your plan and Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown from condolences to the entire French people submit happened in these last night's reminder that we cannot defeat Islamist terror through words and not through conciliatory gestures need to stand strong against it without blinking, without hesitation, Israel has much to give Mr. Bielby have experienced intelligence in the methods of operation. France knows that we stand with the there is a short video that I re-tweeted sought earlier on YouTube. Little over minute interview premise and Netanyahu speaking in 2014 with a French journalist saying terror Islamic terror is coming to France. It's on its way. It is coming in less you deal with it.

It is coming. God have mercy. God help us 866-34-TRUTH that Winston-Salem North Carolina bill welcome to the line of fire Brown thank you you're welcome.

I also am calling about Dr. Evan Peterson on Wednesday.

That was a very electric power that is was a wonderful interaction and exchange and not appreciate also that you mentioned with the previous target today about the coloring in from Dallas who is who is full of grace and its conversation with Graham Peterson had out and let me just say that that my Michael, having driven Peterson on is not to to provoke a controversy in his book the antidote he really deals with key ways to rebuild black America believing that so many government policies are destructive and that folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. In his view play into that. The end likewise matter. In his view plays into the anger and hostility which in his point of view and I'd certainly agree does not produce lasting change.

So the best way to do it is to say, okay, how can we overcome these obstacles to buildings better families and through not depending on the government and through not being pawns of someone else's political agenda. At the same time. Of course you and to address injustice, of course.

And if there's something systemic.

Of course you address it, but you don't make progress by getting people in a rage and protesting and burning buildings down or something like that which you do so could hear it. Here's the problem, and here's some of them address it and overcome it together and you call the rest of society and account to account. The right way, but hopefully it will yield further constructive discussion yet one more thing. I got you bill you said that the video and it was a must read and it going great for me right now.

I was listening to the doctor. They're not currently the site I found him listen to a short and now he's just so much about getting rid of anger and and I realized that I was listening to the conversation that Katie complex debate… It's just a message for black that's a message for all of us I think is absolutely right about the importance of that yeah and thank you for the young people that you get bring on the show that we would never know about you or your very welcome and listen bill if you don't catch all the show Winston-Salem to get the second hour, live on radio so the 3 to 4 Eastern standard Time, our but of course if you go scrub a podcast or listen online, you can get all two hours to just check the archives afterwards.

Will said Prof. George Yancey on African-American professors talk a lot about transcending racial barriers. I fully understand that some of the statements driven. Peterson makes could be incendiary could get people upset could be misunderstood. I believe the overall message of personal responsibility, love and forgiveness and rebuilding the family and working together towards those goals is the key for transformation wall calling injustice to account yet is it just the Peterson quote you become like what you hate that can happen if her attitudes are not right 866-34-TRUTH High Point, North Carolina John, welcome to the line of fire around my call.

We were committing years been involved.

There are nearly revival in Toronto. I've been concerned about some of that I've heard or read about them that all that he morning and I just wanted you to address both things that are mentioned in that. I'm sure you're wearing them, but some names that have been mentioned in Matt who I know I'm familiar with and I just thought I had heard to respond to that because they have been Toronto warning now revival and also revival in Brownsville low sternly mentioning that you like.

Absolutely not. Only a three minutes in which to do it. Go forth of Andrew Strom, who himself is Pentecostal charismatic and his lived for some years in America otherwise was what Australia, New Zealand, Andrew Strom has issued strong warnings to the charismatic movement worldwide and in America into the prophetic movement and has warned about what is called the kundalini spirit KU NDA LINI kundalini and you can watch his video. If you just type in kundalini is name Strom you'll see it as PROM. I've interacted a little with Andrew over the years I began to interact, because was criticism of the Pensacola revival which you'd never attended and I challenged him and said I can send you 500 good testimonies of life changed him an eyewitness to the message preached his message of repentance and holiness based on Scripture pretty people to Jesus, you're going to dismiss it as is wrong are counterfeit because of the testimony from one person to be math so I I had issues back then.

I want to say I agree with many of the of the concerns that Andrew Strom has raised II commend him in many ways for calling us to holiness and repentance and true revival, and I agree with many of his critiques.

However, I believe he's definitely off-base in in certain key ways as well and gladly have dialogue with him about to get my full take on this. John go to line of fire line of fire or fear of the Esther Cabela website. Just go to ask Dr. and click on line of fire when you're there.

Type in the word kundalini KU NDA LOI and I did two shows about it years back when the video was circulating more and I wrote about it, not by that name, but in the revival answer book, but Brownsville was totally different than Toronto was a restaurant over there was much more of an emphasis on the manifestations and unusual things in Toronto than in Brownsville just to say conscious, but we were thoroughly charismatic, and the power of telephone people would be dramatically touched and yesterday can fall those things happen that the error though that end, Strom is making is to say because there's a pagan counterfeit. Therefore, it makes the that the true unreal is dissipating conference. Thompson three times in a riff is a pagan counterfeit to prophecy or to falling in a shaking know they're always paying counterfeits that proves nothing. The fact that people in other religions experience demonic things that look like with the Holy Spirit. Does that proves nothing other than the fact that Satan is a counterfeiter so check out the whole shows of the line of fire type in kundalini KU NDA LOI NA and I'll explain why in Strom Vulgate he does is wrong here.

My bottom line today. Now is the time will you bring the message life and

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