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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 22, 2016 4:20 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Got my closing comments on the Republican national convention and your calls.

You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, beginning on January 20 of 2017. Safety will be restored. What was from Donald Trump's speech last night national convention. It we could do a whole show we could do many shows on the content of the speech and on your responses to speech away in an and say a few things about that but it's Friday so that means you got questions, we've got answers the phone lines are open as of now anything you want to ask me any question of any kind.

Anything you want interact with me on, be it political, be it moral beat spiritual be a cultural any subject whatsoever that have any expertise and or even a strong opinion on give me a call 866-348-7884 is always the earlier in the broadcaster call the better chance we have of getting to your calls.

Okay, before I talk about Donald Trump speech.

Let's just finish up a couple of things with regard to Sen. Cruz's speech now.

I've read reports that said number one, it was understood that when he accepted the invitation to speak at the convention that he was not going to endorse Donald Trump and certainly the whole speech was submitted in advance to Republican national committee leaders and Donald Trump himself said that he sought some have suggested that if he simply if you gave a speech and then when he said don't stay home vote your conscience, etc. if that had been taken in a positive way because you really congratulated Donald Trump and it really reinforced some points of commonality with Donald Trump terms of war on terror and and stricter immigration policies. Policies and things like that. It is been suggested that if he simply said, a vote your conscience and get out the no vote November, then close with which unify the party in song that offended been taken positively and people had applauded rather than boot.

There would've been a totally different feel. Of course, Newt Gingrich thought to say have a look. After all, a look at what he said it was kind of an endorsement. Well… Militant crews had to say us subsequently. Clip number seven and this is to cruise the next day and he's he speaking about why he did not actually endorse Donald Trump click number seven Alitalia last of the latter-day St. I asked every candidate there. If you don't and will you support the nominee. I raise my hand. I raise my hand enthusiastic with the full intention of doing exactly that. And I'll tell you today that pledge was ever a day that was abrogated was the day. This became personal and I set the time and I'm not. I'm not getting into criticizing or attacking Donald Trump about this. This I am not of supporting people attacked my wife and attack my file. I said that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go slander attack high that I'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog to thank you very much for maligning my wife wanted my father know what we got another clip to play with your response to the idea will is this just politics going to say these things in politics response to that event Donald Trump today after the more presidential last night in terms of sin not going after cooking Hillary but referring to my opponent. Things like that. Not mention would have the night before to cruise today for leaving Cleveland really did go after to cruise not by name, but the quite explicitly and quite negatively continues to think in the right back home eyes are open, 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, got answers. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, to the modifier 8667 84 got questions and answers. By the way, for all those listening to me in greater Charlotte North Carolina or throughout North Carolina. I put a video on Facebook yesterday and then an article and then spoke to local news about the NBA's decision to pull the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte, and potentially relocated to New Orleans.

You can read that article by going to ask Dr. Brown.or go to see it is the latest article and all way around that in the next hour. When we like it so much of North Carolina with many of the great station so you can read the article by going to ask Dr. I another clip from Ted Cruz and this is when someone is say look this is this is politics. You got to get over it. This is a Trump supporter at a cruise meeting with with his people in Texas so clip number eight again this is to cruise this response.

I will tell the truth. I will not malign. I will not insult. I will not attack.

I will tell the truth. This is not a game is not politics right and wrong matters. We have not right so that was to cruise or speaking to Texas delegates and explain why he did what he did and I have read reports. I don't know if they're accurate that because it was known what to cruise was an essay that there were Trump supporters who were told that when he says the line vote your conscience start to brew and that would then trigger booze, of course, throughout the entire the entire convention and of course he was welcome to the stage with thunderous applause and booed off the stage with thunderous booze security even how to pull his wife Heidi out of the way for her own safety of was the right thing along saying I would an article just laying out both sides of it and others will have to weigh that and I know people who are so proud of him for it and I know others who are ashamed of him for other saying that's why we hate to cruise of the sin, that's what we love to cruise what I do know that was a Donald Trump went after him today and even brought up again.

The National Enquirer story alleging that that that Rafael cruise. Ted's father was complicit in the assassination of JFK think oh, not what you want to do the day after accepting the presidential nomination. Now go back to one of the most unfortunate moments in Mr. Trump's campaign and citing that the National Enquirer and praising them again for accuracy, not what you want to do in my humble opinion the night after accepting the presidential nomination also. Also one of the thing that happened of real interest was that the cofounder of PayPal billionaire openly gay was given a slot sis on the last night.

This is a major place and he makes clear, look, everybody has their identity. I happen to be gay. I'm proud to be gay. And I'm also Republican, but I'm in America above all them and then mocked the idea that you were still fighting over who goes to what bathroom as if radical transgender activism is, is not an issue to Americans is not an issue we created is as Americans is not so that we tramped up.

It's a came knocking at our door that we take an issue with an NDE mentioned the fake culture wars send redefining of marriage. These things don't matter and then also slick. I don't agree with every platform, every part of the of our platform. Well, I am in the platform three clear about marriage that the puffer is very clear about a number of issues that pertain to things that he be passionate about. Let's not forget that PayPal pulled out of Charlotte pulled out of bringing new business into Charlotte because of North Carolina's HB to which is something that that most North Carolinians are happy with and and glad to see enacted. I I am one of those people like as I hate people because I care about fairness for everyone, and indeed you don't turn the world upside down because of the struggles of a select few. So getting loud applause for this from the delegates to people even know what's going on and then Donald Trump making clear that that he is he is here to protect LGBT is what I certainly hope so protective from hatred, murder, discrimination, things like that.

On the other hand, on the other hand, does he understand there is a conflict, a serious conflict when you say here's our platform. I'm standing with evangelicals I surely under particular liberties, whereas those in the LGBT community feel that our liberties are an attack on them and then we who are evangelicals and conservative Christians feel that that there activism and it is an attack on us. Does Mr. Trump not understand the conflict of living play one more clip and then went with what to do it.

But listen to Donald Trump clip number five in the Rachel Maddow them will go to your calls a Donald Trump speaking about the protection of LGBT Q citizens and then Rachel Maddow openly lesbian, of course, well-known news commentator on MSNBC clip number five president I will do anything in my power to protect our LG BT Q citizens from the violent Russian foreign ideology.

It is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said thank you. It will, of course. Amen to that. Absolutely amen to that. Speaking about ISA speak about radical Islam yeah of course I want a president it's gonna protect LGBT people from violence attacks or hateful attacks. Of course, wherever they come from.

Of course, and in particular, here he speaking about Islam that the question is does he not realize does not realize that most of those in America identifies LGBT notice even added in the queue so just picture him saying that lesbian bicep lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, clear this got at the queer acronym queer part in now. Your average gay lesbian person. America feels much more threatened by conservative Christian beliefs than by Moses going over kill them. Does Mr. Trump not understand that there is somewhat of a conflict there. All right, Rachel Maddow weighing include number six. We talked about protecting the LGBT Q community from foreign dangers which is fine, but there are domestic dangers as well and again his running mate is a lot of people believe one of them exactly exactly. I don't think personally that Donald Trump is intentionally intending to to play both sides against the middle in a duplicitous way. My own opinion I don't think he recognizes how impossible it is to be the champion of both sides is my opinion 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Boston, Massachusetts. Eric welcome to the line of fire truck around. My question is about a character.

31. But I do believe that one Pocket card from the fate and in a discussion of friend of mine brought up to the counter may not exactly. But a compliment and Jeremiah 3240 and I know you are in a commentary, and Jeremiah and you and I macchiato ionic tissue and many other issues, but in particular the start, the ending of the person that I will put my fear into their heart that they will not depart from me. Speaking of the new covenant though on I just was wondering how we can understand that because it seems to be putting it on God that we want appear apart from him because of the fear he flicked and fell. Some yes it that's been the case, then, that there would not need to be constant warnings about apostasy. In that case they would not need to be teaching about it and examples of it. Examples given from the Old Testament, the answer is that we are in the transition age now the new covenant has been instituted but we don't experience it in its fullness. For example, the fullest of the new covenant. According to Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34 is that you don't need anyone teaching anymore. You don't need anyone say no Lord because the all know me, from the least to the greatest at that point, when the new covenant is fully realized among the people of Israel the end of this age, no there there will not be backsliding returning away. But when the transition age now where the were experiencing the firstfruits of the new covenant, but not not its fullness. If we were experiencing its fullness, we would need to be teaching anyone. I would need to be on the radio instructing people, encouraging them to to get deeper in God, we wouldn't be praying about backsliding and things like that even even if you put aside the idea of forever falling away, there wouldn't be any falling away at all and your Calvinist friend does believe that someone could temporarily fall away and then come back so you have to ask, Revelation 2 and three, where Jesus warns the churches in Asia minor and tells them to repent. One naturopath of their enjoying the fullness of the new covenant so were in the transition age that has been instituted but are not experiencing the fullness when the fullness is experienced will be no more\error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just to reiterate once more.

My understanding is asked has been inaugurated. Yes, God has written his laws on our hearts. Yes, we have experienced forgiveness of sins and the one scroll wave meaning that as far as our salvation. We don't need to go every day or week or month or year and get resaved and re-forgiven as far as her salvation is concerned at the same time, it's clear from the teaching.

The New Testament that we are not yet experiencing the fullness of the new covenant, and when that is fully inaugurated or I should say fully brought to pass through the entire people of God.

There will be no more backsliding will be no more apostasy.

The fact that the New Testament warns the fact that the New Testament skews me gives instruction for repentance among believers and for turning away from sin among believers that indicates that we are not experiencing the fullness of the new covenant because every covenant has goals and their ultimate goals in this and we are in a transition age, the Messiah has come, were in the messianic era but were praying for the coming of the messianic era in its fullness, the kingdom of God has broken in the kingdom of God is not yet fully arrived. We pray for the coming of that kingdom as he continues to spread around the earth.

It's the same with the new covenant so it's a fair question. Your friend asked project to say okay. Based on that than what you have all of the New Testament teaching this and this and this and this. That would presuppose that we have not yet experienced the fullness of new covenant we are in that already and not yet stage in this age 866-34-TRUTH one other note about the speech last night. It was known that it was going to be long. My biggest problem, try to watch it was that Donald Trump is much better speaking extemporaneously just speaking freely what's on his heart. What's on his mind. That's one of the things that makes him as popular as he is the way that he does that.

The problem is in a setting like that. There's no way that you just can get up and speak from your heart or mind numbing. I got I could easily see doing it if if you're seasoned that particular way or been speaking here for decades in certain settings and you put notes together in your head and get up and speak to me. I can do that. The preachers and teachers can do that but in a setting like that if if I had been spent speaking at a convention like that you let's have some local politician they would want the speech submitted in advance so you have to write the whole thing out and that's the challenge. Notes written out how to deliver a present Obama is a master of use the Teleprompter. He was a master orator with the Teleprompter and often struggle sometimes the stay still struggle with without it will get stuck on words or things like that but a master orator with the Teleprompter and not destroy Scott much better. Of course, but not a strong without it.

Well it's it's the opposite with Donald Trump. The Teleprompter it's it's was a very slow delivery and it was difficult for me to listen to draft author in all this regal transcript later but watching the reaction on twitter watching the reaction on twitter was really fascinating. I mean you had people appalled as if it was Adolf Hitler speaking and you had people loving it as if thank God. Finally someone standing up here in America and it I would imagine similar responses with Hillary Clinton speaks. I would imagine that that would surprise middle and I would imagine this Democratic convention is going to be unbelievably far left in many ways shockingly so it will point to the stark contrast between the parties and the candidates and the challenges that many have been able to vote for either candidate. Again categorically vote for Hillary Clinton remains impossible for me and I would urge you to think that three if you plan to vote for her. I would urge you if you follow Jesus not to for many reasons.

That's ultimately between you and God.

What I'm going to do. I'm I may never even announce this may ultimately be something private because if I don't have a deep enough conviction for others. Why should I share what I'm doing privately and influence others. But right now I honestly do not know what I would do in terms of what I vote for Donald Trump or not this to be totally candid with 86634 let's go to rock the Massachusetts can welcome to modifier guardian welcome so I called comments about cruise the streets and stop in. I am somewhat really difficult. In the outcome of that age. And so I just want to give my comment on why during the speech.

Made reference to the Baptist Church of South Carolina that openly gay person went down there and committed the murders so being a Christian who to crude claims to be, and I understand the comments that happened during between trumpeters, why can't Ted Cruz exercise that turning the other cheek.

In this circumstance, and tried to unite the party because this isn't about Ted Cruz. This is about America, yet so that's one of Mike what one might comment anyway yeah so Sue can you among many who feel that same way. I had a Christian leader on the phone with me yesterday say that very thing with is Jesus teach about forgiveness and and how we respond to other others might say the son did do is forgiveness has to do with intake precise Donald Trump disqualified himself from being an addressable candidate.

In other words, let's just say that there is the the Republican primaries ended up with the election of David Duke in a white supremacist David Duke and David let him come up with some else, let's just say, God forbid, the Donald Trump once he got the nomination said, I now have a shoot to kill policy with all Muslims in America.

McGaughey been horrible words to say right to Chris without a dorsum because you would find that amount addressable in other words, say all support of the candidate. This is when the context of them being normal candidates holding to normal values and things like that is something changed along the way. Then the position could easily be could easily be I can't do that in conscience so is there forgiveness on a personal level. Only God knows on that Donald Trump apologize. Only God knows. Many feel it would have made Ted Cruz look very bad and show no integrity after what was said about his wife about his father, and if it's traced back to Donald Trump about him with the alleged sex scandals nonsense with National Enquirer publicized that without a public apology for Donald Trump. It would then dictate Cruz look like he had no integrity but on the forgiveness level. I fully agree with you on the level of could I do this in conscience before the nation now that that this person has acted a particular way that's that's the other question that would would come up and look you can you can forget taped to it real quick. We were almost at a time, one more comment that you okay well he could've done it a different way.

He couldn't figure out. I don't agree what was said and could've explained something that way but for the good of the country, I will. I was honored to play yeah I can.

I understand that many agree with Lisa. Many absolutely. Others think he feels Donald Trump selection will be for the bad of Anglesey to take reasons right to countries like fresh it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to modifier 866 is God answers and with that we go right back to the phones in New York. Roger welcome to modifier. I was wondering with so many court cases having to do with gay rights as anybody ever pointed out that the Bible in the courtroom that people take the oath on condemns homosexuality you know I don't I don't know that that has been pointed out, but I would say that many people would say that they shouldn't be swearing on the Bible you have atheist to say why we swearing on the Bible you have people from people from other other faiths or non-faiths that don't want to do it don't agree with it yet. People totally second who don't agree with it. So I think the larger question is why are people required to swear on the Bible and what is actually in our society today.

Once meant something, but in point of fact, but it wasn't me today when may be most people's were not going to believe what Senate yeah right yeah I yeah go Hatcher I think the church should bear witness. Said that he accepted his law as God's will. As a believer but does he believe does he believe that was what's his theology is is is the theology that if Hillary Clinton wins that it's God's will or is that God revealing the sinful condition of the nation. I don't I don't know his theology is on that, but that's that's a great point if that was his conviction that he could say that doesn't mean that he would endorse Donald Trump. But yeah, that's a fair question and I've asked the question of Christians who oppose Barack Obama when he was elected to do so.

K was God's will that he was elected or did people not do God's will. Do we say whoever is elected that's God's will or the Democratic Republic do we say God's will is to let the people decide or is that completely pushing him away from sovereignty or does he work through human decisions and end up accomplishing his will that some of the discussions we have had a but thank you, Roger appreciate okay listen listen someone called in and wanted me to know that the Q LGBT Q stands for questioning Aqua non-it stands for either or. Trust me follow this very carefully for well over a decade and to many use it for queer and and some use for questioning. Okay. And when Donald Trump used it last. And if you asked him what the Q stood for. I doubt he would've said questioning all right but I hear from people at time probably in the queer community to queer studies at colleges and universities are there vocabulary cards for kindergarten or I should say, for elementary school children teach them the meanings of queer and gender queer and things like that. So the Q camming questioning some use like that, but it certainly means queer and could mean both an either or. By the way, so I could've said the cute means queer or questioning, but certainly queer was included in it 8663 for 87884 let us go to say what I've got only a few seconds before the break, so stay right there. Jason Jeff Haley coming next to you folks. Yeah, cute means we are close to the outlet close SSC not acute but will come back to that. Listen, friends, my battle is not with gays and lesbians my battles with the devil who hates gays and lesbians who hates conservative Christians who hates Muslims who hates Jews that's in my battle is with the devil who wants to destroy human beings and stands daily to insult and blaspheme the name of the Lord.

That's my fault. That's a lot of fighting against this one. I hate everybody else. I have loved like that for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown so much.

7884 member call you got questions, we've got answers.

Let's go to Jason in Miami Florida. Thanks for calling on fire by calling regular minister, Dr. Brown. Will thank you I would put her on degrees of I know that they exist by another Scriptures where specifically in the New Testament the defendant will be more tolerable.

That judgment and burst indicating strike at our last you so my question is how can you. Is there a way for us to tell you what things are worse than others, and particularly in our medical environment received more focused on Princeton's sexual issues or life issues and distorted quality issues and rights of individual alchemy actually discern what should we should focus on and what should have our priority is our fighting for causes or crying out about injustice.

When you note about our attention to Sir that it's never in question. Jason, because even now, the parties would divide over that with with say Republican sing with a party of life are pro-life. The Democrats, a but you favor capital punishment. You startle these wars and the Army goes back and forth like that in those those are valid questions to raise. I do have a video that addresses the larger question or are some sins worse than others. So folks go to my website, asked her to asking your and then adjust if they search for the sins or worsens will find it in the digital library there, addressing the larger issue. So yes, of course, the Bible does make clear that some sins worse than others.

Jesus speaks of the weightier matters of the law and rebukes leaders for concentrating on the minutia and not giving themselves to to that the more weighty issues we know of course that when when Jesus is the pilot that those that turned him over to Pilate committed to greater sin than than pilot was committing and we also know that throughout Scripture certain sins would have say death penalty or severe punishment, and others lesser. So for example if the question was asked which is worse to to eat shellfish or to murder. There is no question about that in Old Testament times, so the bigger question now that you ask is how do we know which is worse on a personal level, Jason in our own lives. There are things that we would have to harden ourselves to to a certain degree, in order to commit particular sin. In other words, if the sin that I committed was I thought something negative about my neighbor and I thought that there were parking the car in a way that was getting with my car pulling out of the driveway and I thought a negative thought with their just stupid and selfish. Let the sinful. That's wrong but it would take a lot more hardness of heart, to get to the point Ry would murder my neighbor right you can imagine what would someone gets to to get to that point.

So in that sense you are harden your heart you are going further and further. It's one thing for example if if you're in your neighbor's wife is attractive and you look at her lustfully when you send committed adultery your heart that would be far more severe to actually go over and try to have an affair with her. However however that that being said, when we look at social issues we have to look at a couple of factors. One is what is the Bible put an emphasis on what when did God judge Israel. What were the things that cause them to judge Israel. You have to look at those idolatry was always at the top of the list so America's idolatry takes on different forms, but it's it's on this obsession with earthly material things or carnality or narcissism. That's a serious issue or addiction to the entertainment and sports and earthly physical things. That's a form of idolatry. That's a serious issue.

Sexual morality is always something that was major in the Old Testament that was normally associated with idolatry. I think we see the same in America. The more materialistic we get the more immoral we become.

But then one of the issues that was hi hi hi on the list was shedding of innocent blood. Another was injustice towards the poor. So these are all major issues in God's sight and in Jeremiah's day, God told him that he could not forgive which you had done because the shedding of innocent blood. In particular, offering children up to idols killing of babies. So that's why we say abortion is so high on the list in something very important.

God's sight, and then when you have something.

For example, that fundamentally changes the foundational structures of society like the assault on marriage to the redefinition of marriage. These are things we must address. I would say the church is been hypocritical not because it is stood strongly against activism, but because it also didn't stand strongly against no-fault divorce.

That's right would say there is hypocrisy and we are we allowed a foundational institution of great importance to the nation to be trashed in many ways so that's how I would look at what is has the greatest emphasis in Scripture and then what leads to the greatest harm to society those I would say the things that we must emphasize and if someone points out, a blind spot to me.

Let's say for example I was I was smoking and drinking, but I was trying to get my diet in order and some of severe hypocrite smoking trick you can kill yourself why you focused on your diet is the right answer all thou eat whatever I want know the right answer is okay. I'll also focus on my smoking and drinking along with my diet so someone says you Christians have been hypocritical because you have emphasize this we have emphasize that it's okay right we should add that in. That's how I would approach hey Jason, thank you for the call and the good question 86634. Let's go to Jeff and Woodbridge, Virginia.

Welcome to light a fire.Marco sure thing I wanted to start by saying that I love you and what you doing on your appreciate you greatly and have the utmost respect and reverence for you, but I called earlier when you're talking about the voting situation when it said how you couldn't vote for Hillary. And then you know that you were ready.

There I guess. Yet they could poker him and I don't figure I could say from the get go. I was a Trump guy I knew and she was a possibility that it didn't matter who the Republicans put out that that that cannot be vote for it running literally, it would matter and not enough to stay that Christian folk by her platform shouldn't or in good conscience couldn't vote for her. I really don't see any other way.

You know like us to be an American. There's people who are walking around here main door aren't here anymore to give us the right to vote, so I feel like as Americans we have to and then to look at the situation realistically. He may not be if I had my pick of the carton. But that's not our reality that you are preferred from the get go. I like to teach all of them and some stuff I didn't like from each candidate you not like you copy and paste are all one. One perfect one, but now that were left with him about staying home is voting for her, and then not Butler voting third party is voting for her.

I feel like we we have no choice but to vote for him, in turn, or were helping her or escorting her in and just by her abortion platform and I'm not affiliated with any party on issue order and so I don't I don't feel like I have a choice as far as it should just be abortion platform alone and then, yes I know I heard on secular the other day that the Republican pad that out any statement about Israel and being wholly more pro-Israel you it's it's tremendously strong just on his roots tremendously strong on religious liberties is tremendously strong on the pro-life, profamily, Republican platform just jumped again so I can research on before the break.

At first, thank you for the very very kind words. I deeply appreciate that.

Take it very seriously and and secondly, I fully respect where you're coming from. You are speaking from many, many, maybe even a majority of those who were not for Trump at the beginning us and yes we have to vote from five I fully respect that and I fully respect the importance of voting. The question I would ask is, what if someone felt what if someone felt that if Donald Trump was elected he would do more damage in other ways he would get us into reckless war, he would say things that would be great America internationally, he might end up doing things the opposite of what we expect one selected and, therefore, in conscience, we can't be the ones to put him in and so can we were to vote for other offices and let the church be the church and maybe the church in America needs Hillary Clinton as president before the church wakes up because Mr. Carla, materialistic and backslidden so look a little more done but that being said, Jeff. That's why said I may not announce well to do it all is less of a firm conviction.

I don't want to try to end of the thank you sir for the kind words. I fully respect for you coming from file to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, answers to Jacksonville are Carl welcome to the line of fire. Hello are you doing well thank you what's up I think you got a week I might not be payment to the subject. Anything you want. Anything you want to ask me that pertains to the show go ahead that foursquare. I like that. Many question question is where my viral truly very we don't know, but you can make an excellent case that the word they appear among the believers there doing with the other believers are doing and as a result of them dropping dead. It says the great fear fell upon the whole church so the believer yes so the believers that the believers certainly took this to heart like we don't want to mess with the Holy Spirit so they were probably no notice of believers in the Mishnah. Does that mean that they quote lost their salvation or does that mean the God judge them for that sin and a diving judgment could still be saved that can be debated but we don't know we just have meager information and ask five I will all talk about. I lean toward right but it seems to be that the most evident okay so next the question Jesus. You know when the people.

You and think they are all glad That many devils just nearly 11 AM and and think like this that they had these say I happily love those people that babe from the faith that Jesus would write right side while I you I never knew you write some some Matthew seventh chapter, Jesus is many will say to me on that day, boys. Didn't we drive out demons in your name and and for many marvelous works in your name, etc. and he just said in verse 21 that everyone assist me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom and only those who do the will of my father and Jesus says in response to them. I never knew you. I never knew you. So here's the question. I never knew you. Does that mean that you were never among you never among my followers so that would've meant that they were doing counterfeit miracles or that they were deceived. They thought they were prophesying in his name and driving out demons in his name, but they really weren't so that's one way of reading.

It is that I never knew you but the only Carl would be in harmony with the idea that they once knew the Lord and were operated by his power, the Jewish excommunication formula of that day would say I never knew you when you are excommunicating someone you would say I never knew you and we know that from centuries after we we believe that was used in Jesus day so that could mean then that they knew the Lord operated his power and then turned away in his responses were to fix communication.

I never knew you. What is clear to me, sir, is that the New Testament promises God's keeping power that no one can plexus out of his hand and that we are eternally safe in him. In the New Testament also tells us that he will not force us to stay in his house and that we cannot lose our salvation like I lost my glasses are there were other progressive thinkers and can't find my glasses at home. I lost them somewhere this place of no do that with your salvation, not just misplaced it rather is a willful denial, a willful walking away. Do we have the power to say no to the Lord and forfeit our salvation. Yes, but if we spent our last of his promised to keep essay I got a run to the cost with thank you for the questions. If you got more pieces will it will try to get to them another day. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Germantown, Maryland Michael, welcome to the line of fire Iraq around although about all go ahead and ask about the group called 12 tribes of the Commonwealth of Israel. I don't know if you ever heard of the group, but if you have a lot of get your take on that group and if you think that their effect or not. I never heard of them, but the title which would certainly make me wonder. Can you continue tell me. In short, their distinctive beliefs.

Yeah, actually I first heard of the group this past weekend that the reset together out in Washington are never there was a group set up an arm. I think that their basic beliefs are that they try to follow after the first charts and that all of them lived together in one Christian community and they were handing out literature and things like that they feel like they're the remnant that any other Christian denomination that doesn't do the standard is not walking according to the Bible got it.

I silently I just just type tenants on their websites was 12 we all live together like a big extended family owned almost looks like.

I mean almost kind of Mennonite issue except the guys have longer hair but you just kind of very simple this way because we follow the teachings of Joshua. So they got the Savior's name wrong that's that's not uncommon if they say listen, this is a way that we find New Testament community we live together we live communally, we share everything we have, we feel it's a New Testament pattern. Many have done that through the centuries and that's great I've ever friends that that is live like that in the mission field for decades like that so do they hold go to other biblical truths that they believe in salvation through the blood of Jesus to the believe that that he died and rose from the dead to the believe that he is the divine Savior. They believe in the absolute authority of Scripture, etc. if they hold to those things and then just say like we we we believe their problems with the organized church and we come together, that's one thing if they believe that they are the only legitimate believers then either they don't know the Lord in all her interception or they know the Lord but just have an exaggerated view of their own importance, but there are plenty of groups like that over the years. Some of them have been sincere and godly and in honorable people and that's what they see in Scripture and they feel that's the best way to live my close friend Scott Voelker you've heard on the air with many times facts will be with me next Thursday Scott lived in community for like 9 1/2 years where everything was shared together. They had everything in common and they were certainly part of the larger body she really have to see exactly what they believe, but it's a probably slim group of people. That's all it's it's not some spreading group that's growing all over America with 50 branches from from what I can tell because there was okay. God bless you sir appreciate the call this if you're on hold right now.

Stay there because shortly after the six-hour start going right back home to the first visit the website. Check out our special resource offer latest article. My bottom line today said it over and over again, but if you want to avoid the walls. What got my closing comments on the Republican national convention and your calls. You got questions, we've got answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I would like to thank the evangelical and religious community because I'll tell you what the support that they've given me, and I'm not sure I totally deserved has been so amazing and is had such a big reason for me being here tonight. Yeah I I very much appreciate Donald Trump's tone in saying that last night. His humility in saying that doesn't know if he fully deserves the support they Scott, I appreciate that.

And certainly he knows what his life's been up to now, and he knows it's been very different than many evangelical values and he is listening to input from evangelicals, have I seen changes I desire to see not yet.

Still praying and hoping one more click.

This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire. Yeah I'm spending a few minutes talking about the Republican national convention, but it's Friday, which means you got questions, we've got answers and therefore anything want to talk to me about be at the elections, be it moral cultural issues in America be at the NBA announcing in my view, it is a bigoted, discriminatory, close minded, intolerant decision to move the All-Star game out of North Carolina out of Charlotte next year to away and on that, but any question you have of any kind. You got questions. We got answers on the be going to your calls shortly one more clip from Donald Trump's speech last night at the Republican national convention accepting the nomination for the Republican party nominee for president could number four is outcome continues to talk about his relationship with evangelicals to contribute to our politics. Yet our laws prevent you from speaking your mind from your own pulpits and amendment pushed by Lyndon Johnson many years ago threatens religious institution with the loss of their tax exempt status if they openly advocate their political views their voices been taken away.

I am going to work very hard to repeal that language. That's great to hear that, by the way, as you noticed Donald Trump is not the best speaking of the Teleprompter, that force slow speech. But it also keeps him on target in terms of not going on tangents and say things that he might regret afterwards, and the overall listenership holes and have done were very favorable on his speech that I've I've read others who said boy. The speech was was really good. If you read it when you heard it.

It wasn't. And then I've heard some trashing it insane there there shaking the boots of what's coming. Others think it's great on any given my larger evaluation, but I will say this, that same nice in his speech to attack our before his speech to have openly gay billionaire Peter Teal of PayPal cofounder of PayPal to get up and talk about the fate culture wars into denigrate the effects of transgender activists in America right now and to say, look, I don't agree with everything on the platform, but you know I'm gay Republican American yeah by all means welcome everyone, fellow citizens working together for the good of America year we stand shoulder to shoulder in that respect, but is us in the first I will repeat. I don't believe Donald Trump understands the nature of embracing complete freedom and activism on both sides. The conservative evangelical conservative Christian gay lesbian activists.

There is conflict there. This McAfee neighbors tightly set her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice it moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today on one fiery good questions.

We got answers. We go back to the phones John in Charlotte, North Carolina looking to the line of fire. Thank you Michael able to listen your program again state for a couple of month going around doing errands and listening to enjoyment. Thank you.

II wanted to Liliana Imai on on Trump not Anna gone through a lot act like everybody else about the guy all I initially was Carson guy and then a cruise guy like you. I like about the problem and anxiety about prompt. I was thinking about clearly calorie clinking is what you got what you stand for and I think there's no doubt about that, within the Christian community. Trump, on the other hand, most of the criticisms about him other than the obvious craft not very nice big speech about other people but they're afraid of what he might do.

I'm in, pondering that and I still there. John Taylor I knew your ponderings. Your thinking but simply cut off their wealth will find out what's going on Joe Agrippa number two again. Here's run at just I want to know emotionally dismal state of mind. I want to be able to vote for Donald Trump. I would like to be able to because I would like to vote for someone who I believe will be good for our country and also at the same time vote against Hillary Clinton coming in but I can only do that. I can only do that if I could do it in conscience.

Alright so let's let's listen to two without Trump said last night in terms of this this particular moment in history convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country. Yet there's no question there's no question that women critical our crisis, our in many ways. The question is, what will the next election bring in terms of moving us deeper into crisis further from crisis is the best thing whatever wakes up the church that was best for America is that a small minded one had a way of looking at it. These are all questions that that rescues believers. Some say okay if Donald Trump is elected, then he's got the nuclear codes and he could he could recklessly launch world war destroy civilization for God. Summary it happened.

Understand this the discussion that's going on the back-and-forth so there are certain things that thou Trump would have to do church to earn my trust as as a voter and I'm not about laying them out in detail right now right. Somehow we got cut off job it back to you were pondering the potential of something dangerous or wrong that Donald Trump would you or something destructive that he would do if elected, so that you will thank you. I looking at their monthly became the rear. Are there to be running for president I icon about it and prayed, and I believe what I received from the Holy Spirit is weak and be afraid. We shouldn't be anxious.

We don't have to worry. We know what Clint we know what she's done.

We know what she stands for biblical principle such as wasting money and going into debt are all part of that old platform that liberal bill or his company understand you very frugal with me believe he does have some biblical principle. Betty abide by. Even though he thinks he's God himself, but that doesn't mean baby.

You're going to blow up and most of the stuff that I care about him are are just fearful what he does this and what does that well we don't know and I and I'm going to trust God and yet I heard the other grant pump you know that that's fine. Let me just jump in and and I am a lusty cutting out for second so many dissidents talked first. Welcome back to Charlotte so glad you could be listening to to four hours, which is is only in the greater Charlotte area so okay the third question would be what if he just continues to be who he is.

For example, the day after receiving the nomination, he went after Ted Cruz, not by name but explicitly pretty aggressively this morning and raised again the possibility that could take cruises for the raffia was involved with the assassination of JFK because the National Enquirer reported it's that type of behavior that many feel degrades the nation could easily alienate other leaders in countries the recklessness to it and other decisions can be made along the way that could be equally reckless and destructive. So it's it's not saying he would use in the out of character, but that he would stay in character. That's a concern if the Holy Spirit later in your heart not to worry, and you feel confident that was the Holy Spirit than hate you shared that and you go walk with the Lord and act accordingly. The last thing I would do is is discourage you from that. I'm simply clarifying some concerns that people have nothing to do something out of character for that he stay in character, but thank you sir, may the Lord demonstrate his power in the coming months, 866340. We don't know we don't let's go to Los Angeles Don walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you I was almost to the Republican national convention and I was listening to the beach by Ted Cruz within and Anna and I don't know what I am wondering if a lot of people criticize them, listen to the entire speech because of first of all, you congratulate down Trump on victory in being chosen as the Republican nominee folkie really wanted to just throw down Trump under the bus altogether probably would mean that that also you're not voting for just one candidate. I think one thing that was very important is that we were trying to get away from the Republican national convention of the past which are which really work suitable for conservative Christian and I think the platform that I understand the most conservative in a long time and I also will I do like my pimp with the vice presidential candidate and I I agree with you in terms of down Trump himself.

I know I'm in it and Chris Porter and so forth. And I really do have my reservations with Donald Trump but I but I'm trying to look at other aspect of like the platform is by presidential running mate and things of that sort, and in the fact that you know down Trump would like a lot of politician is obviously making a lot of promises. And the thing is that you can live up to them.

You know, I know in the you know when I voted for George W. Bush that I'm a born again Christian and nine in the do this medicine, you know. And then we thought would happen later on that he pretty much not to the Christian conservatives to the curb. Once he got reelected, and so forth. So yeah, I mean that my teeth and exaggerations thrown to the curb. Let's just say we tend to fall into the same trap white evangelicals in particular of expecting the Republican candidate to do all these things. He gets our vote, he gets us behind him and then once elected. Either does none of it or does little of it but disappoints one another and frankly to the degree we put our trust in a person to do that we deserve to be disappointed.

So yet I mentioned this in the first hour, sir, but there are some who claim because everyone knew the RNC in Donald Trump new RNC leadership in Donald Trump knew the Ted Cruz was not going to endorse Trump and it was going to be speaking.

And they saw the speech and had no problem with it in advance that it could have been taken away. Newt Gingrich put it, which is well.

This wasn't a tacit endorsement without actually endorsing and and since he said you don't stay home go out and vote, vote your conscience okay support you conscious that I was I was like old word meaning I'm not averse. Donald Trump, but it's alleged that when those words were spoken.

The delegates were told to start doing at that moment and then to turn a certain way. What if when he said that they had all cheered right just that's the what if some of asked you would've thought hey that was a positive speech he he congratulated Trump he talked about key issues that Trump also talks about Lisa go out and vote is going to close with. Let's unite this Republican Party. So if they had applauded instead of boot. It would've been taken in a positive way. In any case, Jesus is the Savior that Barack Obama is not harassment here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I've been waiting for more information. This air but don't have more information yet so in case you didn't hear within the last hour and 1/2 or so breaking news that in Munich, Germany. There was a shooting. Apparently multiple shooters with it still unclear.

Shooting in a mall in Munich at least six dead others wounded don't have more details. I was waiting to see is is this going to be associated with Isis or some Muslim immigrants or things like that was just a local German shooter were shooters. The only thing I've seen is that Isis is celebrating but don't have more information yet tragic, though. In any case, and another shaking event in Europe. These types of things are even more traumatic in that they have been less mass shootings in Europe than they happen in America. Traumatic enough here for the families of the victims. There is there is no measure of the traumas agony, but late May God move. May God's kingdom advance on the earth in the midst of human sin and suffering of okay 866-34-TRUTH before go back to your phone calls. The MBA announced yesterday that they're pulling the All-Star game from Charlotte, North Carolina 2017 to punish the city for HB two hospital to which the state legislature put in to law in response to radical bill passed by the city Council, Charlotte, North Carolina. We did not have all types of major, major problems that had to be addressed in the city right there is a crisis that had to be addressed. Instead, a radical bill was passed, despite outcry from tens of thousands of citizens and don't do it don't do it don't do it don't do it and it was pushed through by the mayor and the city Council and ineffectively rendered all public bathrooms and locker rooms gender-neutral.

That's with that effective, so HB to reverse that and put in some other provisos as well.

Now when the MBA agreed to bring the All-Star game to Charlotte. The laws were basically what they are today. So there's no problem bringing things here before. What changed when basis is about fairness and respect and tolerance of this is not fair. This is not respect. This is intolerance, and it shows no respect say for the 15-year-old girl who, based on the city Council ruling to let's issues and she's going to the local fitness club to work out and it said it would say it's it's a public facility or something like that.

She can have to be there and in the shower stall and and and locker room with a guy, a male who walks and who identifies as a female. Where's the fairness and respect to her what about the implications of the schools.

The federal government is putting pressure on North Carolina about what's happening in the schools unit you impose on children in schools is ridiculous. It's absurd not not only so, but the MBA does not show no difference between gender in fact they have the MBA in the WNBA with Lebron James identifies a woman with a let them play the WNBA. I think not.

I think not. And I think the other ladies with think it's fair and yet that's what you're saying hey 15-year-old boy identifies his girl he can plan the girls basketball team that fair to the girls course not. Course not.

So and then they symbol that the most likely city to move into his New Orleans and the root of the laws in Louisiana the same as in North Carolina and and the the facility that there were to hold it in New Orleans is the same same bathroom privacy laws is as we have an end with the Charlotte horseplay so it is so hypocritical it is. It is an example of bullying and I read that a co-owner of the Charlotte Hornets has put the blame of the summit on the city Council of mayors and you start this whole thing. You provoke this whole thing you say the look I support the right of Christian bakers and if they you come there gay couple menu that you want your wedding cake your to man you say hell would like to do wedding cake. You know for Jimmy and and Johnny and Satan so sorry that violence might my religious convictions, but if you go across the street. The great bakers there if you tell them we sent you get a 10% discount of that's a whole lot different than bullying is city and states if you don't comply women pull our business out of you try to hurt you very very very different scenarios. Let's let's compare them as if they were equal right of Gov. Pat McCrory said this, the sports and entertainment elite Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper and the liberal media have for months misrepresented our laws and align the people of North Carolina simply because most people believe boys and girls should be of the school bathrooms like rooms and showers without the opposite sex president. Thank you Gov. McCrory. Thank you, target you know the target stores and their ridiculous policy change that the man identifies as a woman he can use the women's dressing room ladies, how you feel about that. Well guy was arrested recently at a target store for what for that very thing.

He went in there identifies as a woman goes by woman's name dresses as a woman he went in there and was caught videotaping the ladies changing.

He gets excited lied to him. It's like pornography.

Obviously one step closer because you're right there.

I thought that wasn't happen to those that will North Carolina can't stop short of target is a private store from doing it wants to consider this a pocket. I have that as our is a statewide policy, public facilities, ever doing that the NDA is punishing North Carolina. Talk about bigotry. Talk about intolerance. Talk about exclusivity. Talk about discrimination talked about lack of fairness and lack of respect. So what you do you stand up to bullies, the NBA is become the national bullying Association and I I saw a statement from Steph Curry committed Christian. His wife committed Christians. Charlotte's his home city member of the leading church here in Charlotte and he dearly hurts and that the All-Star game was really played hearings excited about bring it to his home city and all these players coming and it's kind of a festive celebratory week which now Commissioner and silver, the MBA said bullets cycle work, you know, maybe we can bring it again back in 2019. I was comply, comply and and and will bring things here in 2019 compromise your convictions a put dollars.

Beyond a commonsense safety and morality and will will bring the game here but this that the whole issue that we come back to the long and short of it is you got to stand up to the bullies got stand up and say when I can sacrifice our soul terms of our convictions in terms of what we believe is right in terms of commonsense safety in terms of not opening the door to heterosexual predators or to homosexuals wherever they are related to its right for kids for families let the MBA try to punish but if we honor the Lord God will bless in the long run right will be right back with you calls. Yet some witnesses are saying that the shopping center in Germany the gum and scream on German and blank foreigners for shooting solicitor try to kill foreigners resist now German ultra nationalism taken out against foreigners associate hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into any many different ways join our team become a torch for asked to run a SK, click on donate.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire. National tension now over.

Next, the Democratic national convention. I ministry all next week. God willing, in Korea, leaving very early Sunday morning.

Appreciate your prayers. I got some special interviews that I'll be airing I'll be broadcasting from Korea give you updates catching up with the news as well.

So what will have a neat week of broadcasting will be hearing from me every day every minute of the hour. During our broadcast so we appreciate folks got guest hosting from US and Australia but will be only me and that will be broadcasting from Korea and we got some great interviews that which is putting together now with some of my friends and colleagues that I think you're really going to enjoy and be blessed with so will will be on top of what's happening in the world will begin you updates from Korea and will be sharing some of these neat interviews with you, but it's Friday you got questions, we've got answers, 86634 and will go right to the phones now starting in Cedar Grove, North Carolina Todd, welcome to modifier well thank you Dr. Brown several years. Her teaching about the millennial professional prophecy equations for you or the how far back to this teaching go wasn't a treaty network that widely accepted by the church or not, because about reading of Scripture. I'll say how they can validate that a particular trait yes, so the omelette of the just for the sake of listeners not familiar with it when you put more a front of something it it's that means negative or not. So, for example, a theist is a believer in a personal God. An atheist denies that path us that something feeling apathy is not having feeling gnosis. The Greek word for knowledge and agnostics is you can't know so millennial says there is no literal millennial kingdom on the earth.

There is no thousand year reign where Jesus literally rules and reigns on the earth, after which we go to the eternal age. It is certainly not taught Todd by the earliest disciples you can make a good case for the earliest disciples holding to what appears to be a premillennial view that Jesus would return not not dispensations, premillennial view with the pretrip rapture and things like that that would've been thoroughly unknown to the early believers as best as I can see the rather that there was a millennial view that there was going to be a literal thousand year reign of Jesus on the earth and then the eternal age and all the Revelation is full of symbolism. Revelation 21 of them pointed to is a key text, speaking of of the thousand year reign and then passages like peters sermon and ask the third chapter raises everything. The prophets spoke of past it come to pass.

The restoration of all things that the prophets spoke of, so that does speak of a restored Earth and in an earthly reign of the Messiah over Israel and the nations so that's that seems to be the earliest teaching, but certainly within a few centuries.

Millennialism is being taught and it seems to be that is the church God more spiritually oriented in a non-earthly way, meaning made religion or made Christian faith more ethereal you might say more spiritual in a way that separated it from the earth. Again, this is an exaggerated statement, but that's how the concepts begin to come that that you have just a heavenly kingdom, a spiritual kingdom.

Now you can make an argument you know when the sage is over we go right right fraternity and second Peter three everything comes to an end, etc. but overall no III don't read Scripture like that and it is not earliest teaching those in the church certainly find it there for centuries defined as far as I can tell. Thank you sir.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the son reading what I can about attack the mall in Munich.

There are reports that there are three shooters at large six dead 10 wounded again things still unclear as to what was behind this, who was behind this, but certainly great upheaval and pain in Germany today, 86634 let's go to Durham, North Carolina Wanda.

Wanda is not there. I let's go over to Des Moines, Iowa John, welcome to the line of fire arrows monitor call the center everything is good.

Thank you John wanted a warrior on the GOP convention and you actually played out from some really good principles of good points to consider molecular reading Proverbs couple of months ago and then trump emerged from the front of the paragraph look at the man everything. Proverbs says we are to aspire to use the opposite and so for me yeah I know how bad Hillary is based on biblical principles but is very difficult for me to support someone who I think is not only incompetent but is such a Trojan horse yet so many evangelicals are almost bewitched by the fact that you now claim to thumbing our town, so I'm worried that we are in a solar birthright for a mess of political pottage and it's gonna take your focus away from what Christians are called to do be salt and light in the world and the gospel documents. I couldn't agree with you more. Now let me clear that when there were other alternatives to Donald Trump to cruise was when I had endorsed the weather when there are other alternatives.

Donald Trump I sounded strong warnings about concerns I had and urged evangelicals to reconsider voting for him. Once it was clear that he was gonna be the nominee. I I raise the question is see a National Enquirer candidate for Jerry Springer generation. Is that what we are dealing with.

But then I said I hope I'm wrong.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope I get to eat my words. There were there others who said that God showed him prophetically back in 2011 at Donald Trump is going to be of the present United States and can be used by God, I hope they're all right. I hope my concerns were wrong and that remains my position so I am not actively discouraging voting for Donald Trump as I did during the primaries and emotionally. As I said earlier in the hour and I've said repeatedly on the air. I am looking for a way to vote for meaning. I'm not dead set in the never Trump camp.

I haven't I haven't drawn a line in the sand, but I have grave concerns as well.

I could not possibly vote for Hillary Clinton and could I vote for Donald Trump. While the concerns are as you say, what would happen if elected, if he continued in character with that alienate other countries that we had relations with with there be rash things that were done, things were said just this last week about NATO that got people very considerably with what you're saying that if if these nations aren't up to date. It would paying us or covering our help for them militarily that we backout you know of covenant critique. Tea tree organization that we stand with in Europe and you know someone has. There was a rookie mistake another political leader board actually happen if if elected, you might say luck so far.

Gov. Mike pence strong evangelical of conservative hated by by many the liberal side for those for reasons that was a good choice of slug. He is listening. I do believe is listening and I can always tell you that that I become closer James Robison over the last of your and 1/2 or so and he's told me about the different leaders.

He's been with because he's had opportunity to to get with almost all Republican candidates and some quite a few times and some for hours and he tell me like I'm Trump Triana to get this one to see this point, but they're not seeing it.

They're not listening.

And then he tell me Donald Trump is listening now.

We don't we. II don't's see clear evidence of change and I'm hoping for.

I have no idea if Donald Trump prayed and asked the Lord to his heart and is absolutely brand-new baby blundering his way around, or if he's as far from God's suburban God knows that I am not standing in the way John were untenable and don't vote and it may come down to all do what I do privately must have deep enough conviction to shared publicly and therefore influence others why should I influence others to discuss. Give me a platform must have a conviction so right now I don't know what I would do, but I I looked at the Proverbs issues before. In other words, with Proverbs gives a description of the wise and of the fool. I trust not been nailed by the full stuff enough times over the years with speech and other things and you take it to heart. You know, but there warnings in Proverbs and and they're there for good reason, and then a king would King should be like you just got a wisdom for everyone. Right foolishness and wisdom for everyone, and a lot of it has to do with speech has to do with forethought lot has to do with temper and temperament, especially for King so that remains the concern and the biggest thing the biggest thing that we can all agree on is that we cannot put our hope and trust in a political party or person so black evangelicals largely vote Democrat.

I think it's a mistake. I think that the Democrats ultimately enslave more than empower that they do show concern for needs of the University they do show concern for some historic needs of black Americans and often Republicans don't show that concern at all and and therefore neglect key citizens of of American and key voting block white evangelicals tend to vote overwhelmingly Republican. Which makes sense because of the core platform values that are important to us in terms of family marriage and economy and security and things like that but we often do it in a way we sell our salt. We often do it in a way. And here's the James Robison said that when the moral majority.

He was there for the founding of it, but said it's a bad name. It sounds arrogant and once it got attached to the Republican Party was self-defeating, but we have to do as believers is okay.

Here's where we stand. These are our values and if you want our vote.

You have to come over to us as opposed to us coming over to you, but I fear that for the most part we go over to them just as black evangelicals go over to Democrats when evangelicals go over to Republicans and it's just the way we end up normally voting and I think there's a real problem. I have a deep deep concern about the very same things you do listen somebody wrote an article I don't know the man personally and I won't even mention his name at the moment but Jew Jewish man is now a believer in Jesus and he explains why Trump is the man and then basically puts Trump in the place of God quotes from Isaiah 40 with those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength to mount up with wings as eagles. The run up to where the walk and not faint. And he bases with Trump we can we can store we can run we can win at some, it's nearly blasphemous to talk like that and and now I know others who say though, Trump is not a Christian and and there thousand things. I differ within Trump, but James Robison said to me, I show the same concerns you do, but he's had the opportunity having audience and extended conversations and and close relations with some of the family and others in the campaign to say that there were there listening to listen carefully, not whether getting in or not is another question. But there Somerset of course is a Christian and now it is, then he does understand what we believe or anything, but we believe God is raising them up and got you use just like God raised up Cyrus was a pagan king that that's easier for me to understand and accept yeah but I am with you.

Share the concerns or I but like I said I I'm hoping that there would be evidence of change in certain key ways that would enable me to vote for Donald Trump right right now not there. I'm hoping between now and November that would change those my sentiments I cycle my man Cruz accuses him of my man cruise that was there. This shows try to be as impartial as I could throw everything but as I will.

I know it's not that it's what's best for America and come back to the last point you made. The church is to be the church.

Yes, who is in an office is important but the great great great emphasis has to be on the church being the church and society that is far more important than whoever selected. Although whoever selected is very important for better or worse, it is far more important that we go about doing our job being people of prayer living godly lives reaching out to the lost fulfilling the great commission making an impact on the society fighting against injustice, helping the poor, doing likely were supposed to do if will give ourselves to that, with the same energy that we give ourselves to the political campaigns, America would be shaken so I echo the concerns I agree with the perspective and gives us a lot to pray for in terms of awakening in the church and God's mercy on America and of course pray for the repents of Cody Clinton as well. All right. We got time for couple more calls will be right back. Thank you again soon. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so I was very disappointed with me – basketball Association's National bowling Association what what they've done is bullying, not name-calling. It is an apt description what they've done is bullying by pulling the All-Star game next year's All-Star game from Charlotte. I've seen some sportscasters there shock. They didn't think it was going anything and and their pro-LGBT activists a real article article to Esther to escape your and you see the latest article NBA's national bullying Association and also also note that I've got articles in various aspects of the Republican national convention and things going on politically today the soul and asked Dr. Brown dog org all right we go right back to Winston-Salem, North Carolina Terry, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown regarding our government could prevent Barack Obama but him to write you got a man like Dr. King 20 arch page black America and blame Kate that she be playing there with Blair on here.

He said that we did not. We did not want the pregnancy, but it was a bit looking G 100. He was a Christian may now how did Barack Obama tram on the back of Jeter.

Tittle with the what Dr. Martin Luther King said what do you keep one in the Democrat, how do we get to the point where you can frame in my life. I really believe that King Fayette that he was free at last, great.

You want to hate but he could not guard free to take now how do we read Barack Obama, feeling out just the way yes sir, I will not populate me. I will yet I bring all the hatred and outgoing medical. Right now I you don't let me be lonely to leave it alone yeah Terry. Let me just written response that you use even a major nail on the head, which is sadly that race relations in America now or worse than when Pres. Obama was elected as much as I opposed his presidency because of his radical views on abortion and homosexuality and some other things and I was concerned about where he stood on Israel. I was excited to see a black family in the White House and I thought this is a major moment in American history. This undoes so much of the past was work at a local gym and a fellow trainee for a little while there, a black man said he never saw the thought he'd see this in his lifetime uses in his 30s.

He said he never thought he'd see this life, I thought what a great moment in that respect and taking the limitations often and everything is possible.

If enough American to be present United States than anything is possible. I thought that if Barack Obama could have been a strong leader and and could've been a unifying force that would've been so great for our country and yet from early on I felt the there was almost race baiting and so the answer is that those who have led civil rights movement since Martin Luther King is let's say, most recently a man like Al Sharpton date they have not fostered unity they have instead fostered the victimhood mentality of African-Americans. Al Sharpton is been a very, very frequent guest in the White House. I don't believe that Jesse Jackson has done better either.

God knows their hearts and God knows their motivation, but I have plenty of a black friends and colleagues who believe that government policies and mindset keeps black Americans down rather than empowers them and and that the policies that Barack Obama would stand for. Keep black Americans down rather than empower them and help them up so there is something at fault throw whole systems are, I believe, and whatever the motivation was of those who helped institute some of these things in our system.

The fact is, it is keeping people down in entitlement victimhood mentality that I believe is played into and then the race baiting and the string of hatred I believe it's it's terribly problematic. How I wish that Barack Obama could have stood higher as a statesman in and brought Americans together because I believe that's what we wanted, when he was elected. I believe that's what we wanted and now things are a sorry state.

Now every every individual is responsible to keep your heart and sir, it's troubling to hear what you're experiencing right now and and that you are feeling a backlash of hatred. What a terrible shame. May God use you. May God raise up leaders black leaders white leaders, other national leaders who will help bring us together will not be guilty of race baiting who will not be guilty of of inflammatory words and actions, who will not simply do things for their own political or even monetary gain or whatever side of the issue they are, but who do what's best for the people as a whole. They thank you sir for the call.

This is a subject you to continue to address and as always I'm always looking for blind spots in my own life because of my limited experience, just as I seek to expose a bigger life because of your limited experience in this way, together we have a full perspective. Thank you for the call and thank you for raising the questions I listen friends, we are out of time and if if I got you on the phone you just be able say your name and that's about it please me in prayer.

Next week be in Korea through the week at special meetings to help stir the young people in the nation truly go after the Lord because there's been a massive decline in church attendance and devotion to the Lord for the older generations.

The younger my massive decline in there must be a fresh movement of God in Korea which is been so mightily touched by the gospel in the last hundred plus years and they'll be speaking some significant churches a week from tomorrow before flying back week from Monday and you'll be here for me every single day no guest host, so be sure to tune in and I'll be broadcasting from Korea as well as airing some special interviews that we are recording these very days or ensure my heart with some friends and colleagues that will bless you and steer you next week and remember we are on the air through your support. We are on the air through your faithful help without your help. We can't be on the air because this is a team effort together will make a difference. I just want to appeal to each of you through the summer for many ministries things can be more challenging. It would be a great time. If you could help us with a gift, a one time gift or become a monthly supporter, but if you stood with us.

It would really mean a lot. I want to say personally would be encouraging to me because your health lists a tremendous burden off of us and helps us focus on changing this world through the gospel. So to stand with us go to Esther Gibran ASKGR ask Dr. If you make a significant investment in this ministry like to speak to someone you know exactly where your funds go give us a call. The contact information is right there asked the ground the Lord may the Lord with my bottom line today, regardless of who gets into the White House.

The church must go about the business of the church

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