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Thoughts on the State of the Nation; Answers to Your Calls and Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 15, 2016 4:30 pm

Thoughts on the State of the Nation; Answers to Your Calls and Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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America continues to shake and quake.

What is the church's response to the chaos in today's society stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown, protest and violence erupting again in Milwaukee. Demonstrators firing shots, throwing objects and setting cars on fire weekend violence began on Saturday with demonstrators torching several businesses overturning cars and throwing rocks at police Gov. Scott Walker activating the National Guard to assist police in declaring a state of emergency miss family and friends holding a vigil marked by prayers with his sister calling for peace and all right right now. Turmoil in Milwaukee and even that clip that you just heard the media, not necessarily telling us all the story as it's happening this is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you serving as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos and church. All too often in compromise is a recall to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as we are once again faced with racial tensions here in America. If there's something to learn from this. What can we learn if there's something redemptive to speak into this. What can we speak if people are being incited to violence and anger on false premises based on false information. How do we respond to that or people being used as pawns in larger cultural battles and where should our concerns really lie as followers of Jesus.

Now let's just review what happened in Milwaukee over the last couple of days there was a young black man early 20s who shot and killed by police officers.

Same old same old. Have a white cop killing an unarmed black man for no reason. Actually, according to all reports. The man was armed. He had a lengthy criminal record. He avoided police there was a chase and according to police reports. He had this gone when he was shot. Now everything filmed by the.

The policeman's body camera should have more details maybe in the next week or two that are released to the public, perhaps even before that, but was not as widely reported is that the officer that shot him was also black and the sheriff of Milwaukee is also black and the fact that there are now riots against them, or whites being beaten up single out their cars being beaten up as has nothing to do with white, black as far as we know and could simply be a policeman doing what he's trying to do.

You've got an unarmed suspect running away. Turns out infected had a criminal record, but you have an unarmed suspect running away and then confronted with a gun in his hand, refusing to put it down. Did he start to raise it. Those are all other questions but from what I understand this has nothing to do with wife versus black.

This has to do with larger issues and the fact that the that cities and inner cities of America can erupt so easily. That's what concerns me the most concerns me the most is perceptions here concerns me the most is is the larger inequities in our society and the fact that somehow since the civil rights movement has grown and gained so much ground since the 60s that things have gone in the opposite direction for more black families than not in America little words that things are worse now.

In many ways than in the days before the civil rights progress was made, and I'm including things like family structure and overall well-being violent crime.

Why is that and what about the comments of that sister at the end come back to it right here, on fire for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown, will you victory people are going to with Bill, that is the voice of the new Black Panthers leader addressing the issues in Milwaukee. My view, my view is that people are being exploited right now for other purposes. My view is that tensions are being exacerbated without good reason. There are things to address in terms of inequities in our justice system. Without question, those need to be examined in an ongoing way.

We need to ask the larger questions about the high percentage of black Americans who are incarcerated, and in it the reason they're incarcerated is because of larger problems in the inner-city and the family structures we need to address. That is the reason they're incarcerated is because of inequities in the justice system.

We need to address that we put all the issues on the table for open and honest discussion. As followers of Jesus, but it does not mean that we go along with violent protesters because there may be injustice.

Somewhere we recognize when people are being used. We recognizing when tensions are being inflated. We recognize when wrong mentalities are being played into as followers of Jesus were we all just go along with that 866-34-TRUTH to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 7884 limit.

Let me give you an example of the of what I'm talking about this quote from the sister the of the man who was killed by police when she says look we don't want to be burning things down really burning things out. That was play that clip was played on the air at CNN.

For example plated to say that she was speaking against the violence which she was actually saying in her grief and anger was the whole quote is don't bring stuff down here bring it to the suburbs burn stuff down the suburbs.

Why we bring our city will were upset, burn down the suburbs. That's quite a different sentiment, would you not agree and then and then listen listen to this.

I want to highlight something. It is a wrong mentality that is being played into it is a destructive mentality is a mentality that helps no one. And please understand we had 16 out of the last 24 years with Democrats leaving the country correct eight years of Bill Clinton. Eight years of George W. Bush. Eight years of Barack Obama's 16/24, at times with the Congress that was strongly behind the president at times of the Congress was hesitant to go with the president, but still allowed most of the major policies to go through wire things in the condition they're in today wire things in the state there in today. I believe there are policies in place.

I believe there are things that are put forth that are supposed to be for the help of the inner cities and the poor that work in the opposite way that instead create a mentality of entitlement and that play into a mentality of victimhood, rather than helping to empower people in ways that are constructive, but let's grab clip number three and Witchel here speaks for itself actually bringing out our land, Jackson is 24. He lives in this area.

Just to give you a sense of young people in this area and to watch your neighborhood go through this right now just going through your mind is to say because you know this will happen because they not helping the black community like you know the risk of leaving all this money and ending. I like you know trying it was nice to say is like you know in place… This crazy like that, was W TMJ TV in Milwaukee. What's very sad is to hear those thoughts to hear that mentality quote. It's sad because you know this would happen because they not helping the black community like you know the rich people. Bigelow's money and they like you. Note trying to give us none the idea. I don't care who, speaking your black-white green, yellow, purple, dissemination, the idea that there's something wrong because the rich are not giving the poor money first.

Everybody's being taxed in the rich are being taxed more than anyone and tax dollars are being used for welfare and other things that do directly affect the poor, but the idea that that's the way it's supposed to happen the rich people come over and give their money to the poor in the that's going to create equity know it's not that that money will be gone that that money will not be invested.

Long-term white because there has been proper training and empowering to do these things instead. There's been the cultivating of an entitlement mentality. I stand for justice. I stand against that mentality of victimhood and and entitlement.

I stand for equity I stand against the systems that keep people in bondage through the generations, and that even encourage fatherless homes for the purpose of welfare. Yes, there are needs to be met legitimately.

But this system that's been in place. Whether it was intentionally put in place by leaders to keep black Americans down or whether it was compassionately put in place but but well intended but wrongly executed. Either way it's hurting people or their larger issues to consider, yes, are there questions to raise again about the criminal justice system. Yes, but the mentality that is leading to riots in Milwaukee is destructive. It is based on falsehoods. In many cases, and it contributes to a mentality that we don't like the way things Romberg are start setting fires and things like that work and where are right now the major civil rights leaders of today, the major African-American leaders who will appear on the scene immediately if this is been a white cop shooting an unarmed black that they'd be there. Where are they now speaking into the larger situations where they now speak into the communities and say listen that we are we are people of decency and honor. Let's work hard. Let's get our family strong. The bigger issue is why. Why do so many young men are ready have a criminal rap sheet. I look at that and say something's wrong.

In the larger society. We need to look at it together. What I mean is yes.

Everybody's responsible. But somehow there's a system in place that makes it very difficult for people to overcome these obstacles in your city what you think. Your group may disagree, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Greg and Brockington, Massachusetts to get the conversation started walking to the line of fire don't really demand a very correct in your butt product in the home of Rocky Marciano crockpot was just as just put put it correctly in cyanide and I thank you for taking my call and I want to speak to an issue that gets no currency in the media and and I'm speaking. Also as a Christian, personally gets no currency in the church and and we look at these writers to a man you see that they have no fathers. When you go into the prisons to a man you see that the violent offenders. The drug users, etc. have no fathers in their life know many of them some of them I have fathers who abandon them. The fathers, I'm talking about are the ones who are thrown out of the lives of those children in the courts. We have created a system that has views the father is the enemy of the family. I have been a volunteer activist with an organization called an Arab national parent organization for the last 18 years, and I would ask you to have our founder. His name is Dr. Ned Holstein is that a medical doctor with Harvard credentials who started our organization 18 years ago, and he will tell you about this phenomenon that I've labeled court ordered fatherless where and sit situations whether a separation and divorce. The father is regarded as the enemy of the family and the courts. I've been standing outside of court houses this summer holding a sign that says dad lives matter to, and I can't tell you how many people approach me. Men and women and I wind up praying for these people untucked by the way are our organization is national. We have tens of thousands of members, 40% of whom are women were talking about mother's who see their son lose their children, and by extension their grandchildren.

I was just talking recently to a mother who came outside of the courthouse.

Frustrated because her son and lost his kids that he was away on a tour of duty we have. We have military fathers who lose their This is it this there are millions of men in the church has turned a deaf ear to the family, leaving leaders like a Focus on the Family and the family research Institute. I have made over chores to these organizations. For a long long time since it was great how was the insole on the sound of your organization is looking to having him on the air.

This raises, this raises the larger issue of fatherlessness which soon.

On the other side of the break file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown all of a sudden got pathogen doubly about that will work. It just came out of nowhere a little while just we won't help to know that's all you can know with shut up when it was 50+ she was in Chicago a few weeks back.

Where were you, nowhere to be found few weeks later of 47 draft back in one weekend. Where would you nowhere to be found when little Ray Ray killed little loopy.

Where would you nowhere to be found okay when little girl was shocked when she'll ride a tricycle in the front yard and stray bullet to her. Where would you nowhere to be found yeah that is a black American voice speaking against the black lives matter movement speaking against the civil rights leaders were hypocrisy and form to my current leaders for hypocrisy and for stirring up dissension and strife and I could not agree more.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. I firmly believe that racial tensions are being stoked.

I firmly believe that things are that the emphasis that's being put where it's being put the results it's getting are destructive, not constructive.

It's the opposite of how positive change came in the civil rights movement it stirring up the opposite types of sentiments and its weight. When you end up with violence and riots over remember from what I understand now a black officer who serves under a black sheriff shooting a black man with a criminal record, who according to all reports was armed. Right now we have to see the full footage to see what happened but to now turn that into a black versus white conflict NAPA poor versus rich conflict is to completely miss the point and to me, the bigger the bigger question is why did this young man ready have such a criminal record. Yes, he's responsible for all responsible for our actions. But in what environment was he raised and why is that environment so prevalent in the inner-city across ethnic boundaries and color boundaries. Why is it so prevalent. Listen to what Dr. Walter Williams said Prof. of economics at George Mason University, himself African Americans versus 2050 2 AM, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and remember who's talking here. I am not some conservative talk radio host who's always exalting the white Republican position far from it. As you know I'm always going to raise things that are going to be controversial and unpopular in certain circles. If I believe there truthful Walter Williams said this today. The overwhelming majority of black children are raised in single-family headed families as early as the 1880s, three quarters of black families were two-parent since shortly after the Civil War. In 1925 New York City 85% of black parent families were two-parent. One study of 19th century slave families found that up to three fourths of the families. All the children of the same mother and father.

Today's black illegitimacy rate of nearly 75% is also entirely new in 1940. Black illegitimacy stated 14% and risen to 25% by 1965 when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote the Negro family. The case for national action was widely condemned as racist by 1980 the black illegitimacy rate had more than doubled to 56% is been growing since both during slavery as late as 1920 teenage girl raising a child without a man was rare among Blacks.

These these things are grievous and painful to read.

My point again is stirring people up.

The riots, the anger is unproductive and in many cases it is based on falsehood rather than truth and it continues to buy into this victimhood entitlement mentality that is destructive and if if my main message to you. Let's see your fellow Jewish person and my main message to you is that were victims in society owes us and everybody's taking from us. We been persecuted through the centuries and that is not given power anybody as I can to help anyone to overcome and if my argument is a list of start burning down buildings and set in setting cars on fire attacking people is 100% counter productive art. I'm about to go to phones about to go to the phones.

A few quick announcements a few days ago a liberal rabbi wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times is God transgender.

I responded to it, both in a detailed article and in a very clear video we be getting a lot of questions about it. We responded immediately. You can read that article or view that video at my website asked her to Brown a SK DR Brown dog work also.

We got such a great response to Ray comfort's atheist illusion movie last week that you can download and 1/2 of the proceeds are being donated by core ministry. We got such a great response, we extended it one more week, except we added in the entire school of cultural engagement six leading teachers. Each teaching about seven hours on audio.

You can download that it's normally the list price like $150 you get it for $20 download. So take advantage of those resources I didn't want this half hour to escape without me announcing that all it asked her to Brown a SK DR My question is what positive things can we do as a nation as a church to address these issues in a constructive way. We go to Manhattan. Janet welcome to light a fire hi I want to the amount of black male Irwindale does not compare to how it was 40 or 50 years ago, legitimacy, and everything that you spoke about specially among the poor and I've traveled among the poor. I meet is among the poorest parts black who conferred very little marriage. Marriage is not made an important but at the same time of also travel to places like Colorado and where there are lot of the poor, Caucasian, yet they come onto marriage. But at the same time there was a hot high rate of abuse and alcoholism that are so I really can't go even though the unmarried bill were married. There was a severe bear dysfunction might be working in social services and I've seen it, but the bottom line is we could just blame it on moral degeneration where where were not being lined up with the word of God. And when that happened, got we lose protection you lose protection when you're out they are and you are not caring whether what Shaji but when you're bringing this challenge the world and what could you offer that child walking the father off when you don't know yet whether that child is given the home at the life happened to you when you lose God's protection and you going to get what what you desire in your heart in it. What you desire in your heart is a flawless, just that you know your children your thinking more about your flesh rather than the life of these children. These children are going to go up and reflect that the family and the community.

As you know this is all kinds ugly things a lot of density would Janet stay right there.

I want to continue talking with you on the other side of the bridge when we do constructive solutions. What we do. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This consider consider this one that 1960s is an article of respect.

Psychology today 1960 only one child in every 350 live with a mother who would never been married. By 2012 22 out of every 100 kids live with a single mom and only half of those moms had ever been married while that is just unreal. Alright, so Janet back to you constructively.

What do we do, how do we help people, especially in the inner cities that have grown up without a normal mother, father, home they've grown up with immediate family members in prison.

They've grown up with a lot of drug use surrounding them. How how do we as Christians help address these problems that are so glaring and I on number of charges, conviction, and sin no longer preach that much anymore and let out that the truth is not selling people for you know you brought it to the charges and and it got that full conviction of about heart have to be taught have to be taught around the streets that have to be preached out into the street. You people have to get out of the Trojans and administer to people the way God wants us the minister without that full conviction I'm talking about your heart, believing and realizing that something has to be changed that in all this world is going to come to the come to the point where we have to we have to change before Christ comes back.

I need without that for a number talk about the mentoring I'm talking about being convicted. I understand it is not being taught and when a person doesn't feel convicted. There is no change. Got it all right.

So, since we know that black Americans on average attend church more than white Americans.

Since we know that spirituality the gospel is is much more embedded in the black American culture than the white American culture distant in so many different ways.

Just by tradition and background and things like that and we know that family is still a very important concept as much as families are broken up which are saying is if the pastors and leaders would begin to preach and and you since. Also you've got in an inner-city of white America and I'm sure Hispanic. It's cross Bumped my rights was across pounds of raisins across bounds of ethnicity, but we go back to the pulpit. It's the same problem we have in America as a whole, the same problem we have in the suburbs. It's is manifest in different ways. There that a variety would preach truth from Scripture, if we would preach it anointed by the Holy Spirit and living in ourselves. Those were intrusive penetrate hearts and then people's okay what do we do have how to okay we want to respond to the how. That's where the process of discipleship comes and that's where the process of of walking through and again.

It's challenging when we have few spiritual fathers and few mentors. But if we weren't just preaching kind of an inspirational feel-good message for Ralph it or look at how bad society is, and what role or the whole meaning of the gospel is just that I financially prosper with MRI if we went back to preaching the truth. Preach it with conviction and then seeking to model it within our local churches. We could see change.

Come, Janet. But when you talk like that in many ways you're talking my language.

That's what has to start us out. The whole of the answer, but that's what has to start. Thank you so much for laying in Allen West said this little platoon of the black community is the church. Our Christian faith is based on individual freedom from sin and the personal decision to find spiritual liberty that leads to a better life here on earth and for eternity, unsolicited America, the most conservative people can be found in black churches. Yes correct.

I will be right back with your calls for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for again friends.

It's easy to point fingers season criticized. It's easy for me to sit here and say this is wrong that's wrong it's easy for you to sit where you are and say yeah this is messed up. That's messed up. The question is what we do. Question is what are redemptive solutions look up before I go back to the phones.

It's very easy to look at the same problem and propose the same solution for years.

Where's it doesn't work that we do it over and over and over again and it doesn't work at a certain point you have to circuit this is not working. I got bit by some bugs of the think fire ants of pretty painful bytes are you getting only known but I had on about five bite marks on my legs over the over the weekend and they they get pretty ugly. I mean, they swell and they get ugly and they edge so we are putting on the anti-itch cream stuff to Scott online. Look at how to treat it. Chatted with Nancy and silicas put on some of us at the itch cream and I my tendency as I was putting on it. It has helped a little bit. But the funny. The funny thing is this. The funny thing is, is this of my mentality as I keep pretty good argument of doesn't work. I keep putting it on an end that can be commendable and sometimes it takes time just takes time. Keep doing it, you'll see results are reported, but other times it's it's were deceiving ourselves.

It's the old definition of insanity from Verizon doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So if we keep say okay you gotta fix this society is to fix this we need more money put into the inner city.

We may be those not the solutions we try them over and over again, and they've failed over and over.

In fact many ways they've made things worse. Let's go to East Orange, New Jersey Jackie, thanks for calling the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown what I wanted to think is Iran's microphone at the Fingal divorced mother and my mantra has always been self empowerment plot the gospel.

I personally don't look for anybody to do anything for me. I tell my friends I plan to get rich. One day I work hard I want something I work for it. I would think that those what became a positive message and I never ever want that to my son. We are victims of some kind of racial and old white privilege, but by now even talk back up in my house. I think Dave got left of the be born in this country going to work hard and get what we want and Dr. Brown.

I was raised in the Bronx housing project I lived in Harlem nominate Doris. I mean, I bring my thumb wherever I go, I don't let myself get caught up into mentality. It's about working hard for what you want live by the Lord bantered. This is what it's been for me. So Jackie, how does someone who had someone make that adjustment in their own minds. If they have been raised thinking the world is against me, society is against me somebody owes me something right and and that's just the way they been raised and they see what appears to be injustice and inequity around the let's say your next-door neighbor, speak to that person to help them to change their thinking while I will count by mentioning the gospel that God made you and his image, and it is his client. You cookbook be Patrick talent we all have talent lack white, rich and poor.

Let the Lord guide you and show you the way you were not born to be a failure.

There is no such thing. Failure is not from God's yeah those are those are powerful words to speak to help everyone recognize created in God's image and and therefore that that makes us people of value.

People of potential. With God's grace and and with God's help Jackie how old was your your child when you were divorced about three years old are as I write my primitive Boy Scouts. My brother Deacon was also fair to be a positive male role model, and I depend around positive role model by taking to museums. We had different museum membership and I showed him you know you know the world. You can have whatever you want to work for it.

Friends were of different ethnic backgrounds in the fourth and we never bought into this mentality of while you know your black and the world is against you.

I myself just cannot. With that kind of negativity go up in the work hard in school and the you know now even college and where living on in life and we give thanks to the Lord every day for what we have and I do support people. I think people on the street that are homeless.

I could give them a kind word and a couple of dollars. I did that yesterday when I thought that the bank on the way to church. I gave up woman laying in the appeal of the bank. I just don't let the giver to dollars and a Bible track and for God bless you. We don't look down on people that don't have. We we blessed them, but they make it clear like I raise my fun you know you are wherever you are.

That's where you plan to be whether you meant to be there or not and less question Jackie since he mentioned some of the places where you raised your son via urine. Obviously you you you were around others who didn't share that same mentality and who looked at themselves as as victims.

How pervasive was that from your experience well when it came to people I associated with like primitive I went. I made sure I went to college and graduated. I only like I can only record described Dr. Brown.

I think it will eat look to I want to have more I want to do better.

You know, I respected every body that I met. I never argued with them about point of view, but I knew what I wanted out of life. That's why I think felt empowerment. I knew that I wanted to do well. I would let the people what it was radio or television on how you could improve your spell.

My mother was one of my greatest example. She grew up very poor and she became whittled very suddenly.

When I was in high school and my mother. She did not want welfare. Even though some family members that all you could be on welfare. This was the early family from others that they know she's going to work and support her family which she did and my little Fitbit severely handicapped. But hey, you know, she went to school in the day and my brother would pick her up. We just work together as a family to have whatever we wanted. We never lived on the mind that that the government owes us anything we work for everything and we had nice thing I don't know whatever Jackie Jackie@yeah that's that's very powerful, especially when you mention some of the challenges with your mother with a sibling. So what a great story. What a great testimony.

What a great attitude. Thank you for sharing with our listeners. God bless you and your family got to thank you all right 866-34-TRUTH listen, we must have homes with active dads involved.

It's absolutely critical for the well-being of the next generation. Billy Graham said only God himself fully appreciates the influence of the Christian mother in the molding of character in her children Billy Sunday don't believe there are enough devil devils often in hell to pull a boy out of the arms of a godly mother for single moms listening as much pressure should measure under your influence can be absolutely massive. Let's go to rock Hill South Carolina Melissa Wilkinson want to fire a round yes I feel great.

Everything that Sarah shall acknowledge that opinion collar on my company and write out on having Leonard Brett in their earlier aggregation here, but we were always high you respect other hot tech people on their character cannot recharge them on the earth. It found that white people hated her had a pet door directly. Don't like that and defined it really bad that many of my fellow Mr. have such a way that men are lack of unity. What are white, but the third in regard to things that happen and hat and fell on it really breaks my heart that my forgiveness on that there being planted in the next generation. At the but the writing and that is currently happening and that we have things happen and we think that I'm gone, mainly in an ER in the front of that occurred after bleaching, but I think a lot of it come back to unforgiveness. The lack of unity, a lack of fact or authority, a lack of strong father figure in the home. Contact that you actually know the value of respect for authority, rather yes to steroids and Melissa one minute you decide to stay with us to get to see more calls as well. What if that was the whole emphasis cultivating attitudes of forgiveness, respect for authority and calling on the church as a whole. Unity just as you would have them.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire or talk about race riots in America Milwaukee today were talking about fueling wrong fires feeding into wrong attitudes, instead feeding into right attitudes so Melissa if if within the African-American community and emphasis was put on forgiving the pastorate hasn't been forgiven because it manifests itself again in the present and teaching respect and honor for authority and doing whatever can be done to get black men involved as fathers and examples in their home at the same time calling on the church as a whole to look at issues where there may be injustice and inequity and things like that into work together to solve those issues. Do you think that that would make a positive change of in in the. The actual atmosphere and and lifestyle of the inner-city fathers are not how that family. Family is very and I think a lot of young people are there angry and there they built a branch from the American dream and anything that they have not been given the right targets on their own family unit. I body it causes them.

What at work toward. I worked for someone or something to blame and barrel it.

Even if you the race issue assessment data and our media is very strategic at using it to the front of the fire. And with that without narrative.

No, when you have people who are angry and who are looking for a youth and are unlike applying for this situation had a media outlet that it invested and divided and create off narrative people angry writing that create the perfect storm starts mentally hot people out of my company and over the lie that that working yet I Melissa I couldn't agree with you more on every every point that you made point after point I'm with you.

Thanks for your voice. Thanks for your witness appreciate you calling it brown. You bet you bet all right 866-34-TRUTH 487884 Richmond, Virginia Ray, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call and have a cup of viewpoint I read, but inner-city Puerto Rican.the bra and I agree with that with the lady that was on the coordinate the law.

There is no quick situation right now but I do believe vehemently that the lack of teaching your children character. Not big and also there. I think that that be. I think that the Catholic Church had been the one put that out. The fact that poverty and not go together and are are you is that you want to think that like you want to be, well, what a wealthy you know it can't be because they think will be something that that more not on our end through it all. The big thing of the Bible about it that you can beat that one in every way and I think that that the great out there and the big bully that already. If you are a you know involved in being your or whatever. This is a limit the store thought a hearing on the one hand, I understand how the Catholic priest think about poverty and there to be the mentality that the poor you are, the holier you are. No, that's next to be felt throughout churches as a whole. On the flipside, when you counter that with a a prosperity gospel, which is different than what you're saying. You're saying you can honor the Lord work hardly buys principles and be blessed and be financially prosperous and and and cared for in this world, but there's a mentality that says that the gospel is a means to riches that Jesus died to make us rich and what I find in many churches in poor areas rather than teaching biblical principles about hard work and rather than teaching biblical principles of about honor and things like that they teach how to use the gospel to get rich which Melrose is completely avoided.

So I'm not different with what you're saying but there's gotta be a happy middle ground that does not go the way of the gospel of poverty or the gospel of prosperity follow him say yeah I've sent it but I did. The way up coming rich but I definitely need that you know all the different bear and I had a friend long ago that he thought after one of the local church is writing a poor you know and think about what went wrong. Now I can date back throwing up after driving aboard, not like the type of car you like the type of car you know but I noted how people you know are offended by that you know God and so if he was if he was driving a rundown car that's that had to be repaired. Every other block that would've been more freely.

Of course it would be wrong if he's driving a Porsche because he extorted his flock.

It would be wrong if he struck the driving a Porsche because he preaches a prosperity gospel, people give sacrificially to get some exorbitant salary but to say that a Christian leader can have a Porsche right does play into that mentality and in real I hear here's here's what I want to emphasize there's no one emphasized there a lot of wrong mentalities that we have when it comes to the gospel and there's the one mentality that if you follow Jesus you can never amount to anything in this world you follow Jesus. The only real calling is to be a pastor and you never really have anything in this world as opposed to followers of Jesus should have a positive impact on every year society and education media entertainment that that godly people should be raised up by God's have a positive impact everywhere as well as serve the hurting and the poor. So you have a wrong mentality that needs to be adjusted.

You go the other way. The other extreme, which course Ray difference was well which is that the gospel is a means of a financial success that the Jesus died to make us rich, as opposed to middleware for treasures in this world we follow Jesus and and live in the light of eternity, but hard work, generosity limit by God's principles honoring him does bring blessing in this world just does.

And so my friends were telling in India where the gospel has has spread through tribal regions. We were in those tribal regions over 20 years ago in your time at incredible poverty in your time of people living in these little grass huts in an dying just when the waters flight and there is a bad nutrition and stuff and and now this is hard to find a hot the people a better housing in their care for because the gospel spread that you extolled dirt poor compared to most of us in America but it's made a difference because of the principles of life. In it he thank you for the call.

I listen friends. Please visit the website asked Dr. we have an amazing special resource for this week. You want to misplace my latest articles and videos. My bottom line today, God's ways were and produce life not is not America continues to shake and quake. What is the church's response to the chaos in today's society stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Alex to believe in God's existence. No I do not leaving anything I would say probably think I was about 15 years old so you don't believe any exist, of God not matter what have when you're 50 I started questioning things and I really just started to think about the logic behind everything some clips from the important Ray comfort movie. The atheist delusional to you more about that in a moment, 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call and were talking about what's happening in society today we want to be constructed not destructively want to be helpful, not harmful want to point in the right direction expose what's wrong with point in the right direction and that ties in with the issue of God ties in with the issue of God, the greatest single lead in America today is for a greater God consciousness beginning in the church and then spread into society greater consciousness of who God is greater consciousness of our relationship to him.

A greater consciousness of his ways and his principles and his triggers a greater consciousness of the fact that we will give account to him a greater consciousness of the fact that we reap what we sell a greater consciousness of the fact that people ultimately don't get away with anything there ultimately consequences to our actions to our words to the lies that we live, and that God through his mercy in Jesus can change things if we don't turn to him, we fool ourselves by thinking that well we just got away with whatever it is that we think we got away with what I bring this up now. I bring this up to say. As we look for solutions to the racial tensions that are here in America we dare not make this only a political situation or only a social situation or only an economic situation or only the criminal justice situation. All those things are issues, but ultimately it's going to take the church rightly taking hold of God leading the way with constructive holistic solutions for the re-building of our nation 866-34-TRUTH 784 is the number where you can weigh in script clip number two. This is the mayor of Milwaukee.

Commenting on the shooting that took place a couple of days ago. This was his comment on. I have not seen the video.

I have however seen a still photo extracted from that and that still photo demonstrates without question that she had a gun in his hand.

Yes, now here again to repeat what I mentioned the last hour for those that missed it. We have a situation with young black man who, according to the reports was armed was running from police who was then shot with a firearm in his hand.

Other question was told to put it down to return to the point did he do any of that. All those questions remain to be answered by the body cam by the. The video that was shot but what's not as widely reported is that the officer shot him himself as an African American and and that the sheriff is also African-American, and from what we can tell, this has nothing whatsoever to do with white cops killing unarmed young black men is nothing to do with that whatsoever. And the riots that are being stirred up are being stirred up under false pretenses and or destructive more than constructive question is how do we move forward. Listen, whoever you are, Democrat, Republican, black, white, rich for Hispanic, Asian, whoever you are, don't allow yourself to be up on somebody else's political agenda right back with your calls.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire, 8663 or truth. How do we move forward. How do we bring about positive change in the inner-city in race relations with with the Democratic presidents in place for 60 LS 24 years with the first black American president finishing up eight years in office. If the Democratic policies were helpful if we were moving towards racial harmony and a deeper level I would I would dare say I with dare say that things would be very different today. I am deeply concerned, deeply concerned that, in point of fact we are heading in the wrong direction and many of the reasons for that are the policies we have in place in our nation. I was here in Richmond, Virginia Craig, welcome to the line of fire director Dr. Bernard, the law thanks good good good record with regard to tubercular the green.

Plainly, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you freak big a lot of times what happened.

We have are listed idealistic views about what we think should be the case that is not always the case. I love what the first thing about how that they have a positive attitude it'll look at themselves the victims of all others in the end that many of us who don't live don't look at themselves as victims, but that make any left victim. I think like this do happen, and is your one person speaking against racism saying that I feel like it should change, and we wanted to be different and limited bill, but there are many of those that Ronnie don't care. I don't care there people that are still pregnant there still people that are still racially biased if there people that practice racism in this world and it affects many of his African-Americans because of the job to work because of the community we live in. There's a difference between a Food Lion and inner-city in a Food Lion within the suburbs is a different of no cause of libido placement that have experienced both the frame of the McDonald's name of the hardest thing with a link with their different in different area things do occur their differences on the literature treated on job. Is that unfortunate reality, but it is a reality when it doesn't change into people come face to face reality and make a determination. We sit in our church and Sunday and this time the outgoing Ptolemaic Lord blessed me Lord strengthen link what will ultimately with their Lord and all of those things but don't change me don't challenge me thinks Charlie Brown change the experiment. It may be willing to do something different than you've ever done before. Don't just come into my neighborhood and say they were reaching out. Come sit down beside me and my favorite restaurant be my friend come to my barbershop come to my pool, welcome to the places that are frequent.

You know that we frequently have people to become an understanding we are as people reach out and embrace it to become a good thing is going to take more than just simple dialogue and conversation is going to take action real active in the church should be leading the way. It's unfortunate you know, I know it, but the church is the most segregated place in the world Sunday morning and that is shameful. Absolutely shameful and thin. Craig, I understand that sometimes if you have a community that is primarily Asian, Hispanic family, black, primarily white and you're going to church in your community that it's it's likely that the racial makeup will will reflect that community and many times you know people move into an area may be Asians moving to an area there for their first learning the new language here in America it's actually building community ever church and and it's it's mainly ethnically centered. I understand that but that the larger unity must be there and felt. You know my own life. Craig has been deeply enriched by by traveling overseas and being in many different nations and having many internationals in our school, then even see how America is perceived good and bad in other countries. The influence we have good or bad. There is a diversity of culture learning to appreciate respect and then see how God's principles work across the board, but look here, here's the simple fact most of the media is going to be reactionary so you see the riots in Milwaukee reading I have the race painters who are using this to further exacerbate tension and an illegal trip on others or even have the other say look at how bad things are. The inner-city was the matter with these people as opposed to say okay what we do what we do constructively and what you're talking about. The first thing is caring right so that's that's the big I see this in the first and comes to mind is okay, here's another young black man with a long criminal record. Why is it so common, why is that happening. Okay fatherless this okay so how do we work together as a church to address that.

And then there can be inequities may be in the court system or sentences passed on to things like that's what we have to bring to attention, but with the can is so all this that's happening around us has to stir us out of apathy has to stir us and I say, I asked the body together to get involved and like you say, don't we.

We gotta actually get involved in one another's lives in and understand each other and see the world through each other's eyes and then be able to make positive contributions to. That's a look Craig we can do is keep talking about it and do what we know how to do on a practical level, and pray for others to catch on as well and try to use these flashpoints in the media constructively rather than just a euro building audience and get more people listen, because it's controversial so I can let you know the last word answer. Her dark brown or cooking order granted to me. The big issue quite a bit, but we can't be deceived into thinking that only the issues projected in the media are the only issues exist.

Yes, there many things that the media will never Told her that many think that people experience on a day-to-day basis.

I went through something on my job where somebody said something but hammer back, not knowing that I was within earshot is shameful because this is 2015 Ms. shameful because now the United after the history that they went through with the Native American history went there with with enslaved African Americans. After that history we got to the point. What have African-American president that could have been a shining moment for this country but admits that it turned out to be a debacle.

In a lot of ways for a lot of people because a lot of people work ready because they had it not just the black that have to let go of the path of light due to ice and so I said last word that you reticent also talking to the minute, let's let's do this through.

I much, it's very possible very possible that there were many white Americans who went really have a black president. Although it took the majority white vote, or large percentage of the Y thought I should say to get him elected just because of the numbers here but my my impression.

This is my impression. Okay, so what would you compare notes here from from the rules that we live in. My impression was that the nation was ready to come together celebrating the first black president feeling that this was in a major statement against our past and against her fairly recent past Yankees when that segregation ended, and it still exists a certain level.

In some places.

My feeling was that there was a lot of race baiting or or the president emphasizing things and wrong ways that ended up being destructive rather than constructive or playing into a victimhood mentality and then that further gets each side inflamed.

In other words there there. Donald Trump is a very divisive candidate right II found present Obama to be somewhat divisive as a president so that I feel week we could have done much better.

That's my impression.

Entirely different with me that's fine I just give you my impression on on things. So I got under granted it and you don't believe it or not. Pres. Obama was elected. I was talking to my older brother on the phone America adjective be prepared to see Obama backlash because the people that are ready before the man took over and took off because it is just knowing that having the knowledge of the figure.

People are really good. Here it took felt reluctantly volatile that 12% of the population did not elect Pres. Obama like that didn't happen okay yeah that there was a lot of white people were ready and an eye upon them, but there was enough good to pick the blog and put it realized. Okay this is a different world and nothing that is big if there's any strength of the Democratic Party. It would be that it would be that the bear there, there more accepting of people of different backgrounds, different ideological thought and everything of the more accepting of the bank where the deliverable closemindedness amongst Republican. Unfortunately, it benefits what I've seen in my career in the truth you come from a different outage. Recommend you see things a little differently and but to me those are not the ugly part of the bottom line, it will all Americans that we all and we all speak the same language of love with it. We allow our hearts to be open to it yet. And by the way II don't I don't differ with your assessment of Republicans and Democrats in terms of demographics and things like that insensitivities.

My concern is that the Democratic policies. In many ways, have heard rather than helped, and that the Republicans have have maybe ignored some of these issues or or hardly treated them and the Democrats have focused on the more but not in it and help for the listen Craig what we're doing is part of what needs to happen and hopefully we can we model this brothers but again it's got a have a proviso that will be sit down, that you're open to be offending you and I'm open to offending me, but we can hear each other out because otherwise it is not just if we just really can't say this to customers will never make progress so as committed people we love Jesus and we love our country to sit down together and find ways to bring healing find ways to bring justice find ways to acknowledge wrongs and correct them. Find ways to help each other not hurt each other on the same time, same team. Craig, thank you.

Bless you brother error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I have a question out to get her impression, 866-34-TRUTH one. Get your honest opinion on the Middle East. When come back to America all right if you know the history of the refugee situation in the Middle East. It is quite unique. You have refugees who been displaced by war in country after country over America. What happens to them. They become assimilated into other countries. They are in refugee camps. They suffer because of terrible hardship over period of time within a generation. They are normally assimilated in other countries they begin new lives in other countries.

In the late 70s early 80s. That's another part of the congregation that was super super active taking in refugees from Southeast Asia, the Vietnam boat people fleeing their country when America pulled out the North took over and said the South had to flee terrible suffering. They went through perhaps 50% of them dying at sea. Other suffering atrocities at the hands of pirates as they traveled and or church open stores and we began to sponsor refugees in all of us open our homes. The great majority of people in church open our homes, we began to have yet to be southeast Asian refugees living with us for years to become part of her family's many of them you know English and only came over and had to learn that we work with them and raise their kids in that environment.

This went on for a little problems five years, Mr. living in Ethiopia, refugees in large numbers at that point. Our houses were refilled so we then and there were so many refugees coming in that we then work with local apartment complexes and got them situated started the English second language classes and things like that because we saw this we Christians do art. Enough said. With that's new testimony to the glory of God. But with Palestinian refugees early on the surrounding our nation said we will not assimilate. We want this to be an open sore against Israel. So they have continued to exist and live in refugee camps listen even under the Palestinian Authority, there are refugee camps in the West Bank. You can go to countries like Lebanon and Syria, and there are Palestinian refugee camps, even in an Arab speaking country and a pre-Democrat only Muslim country, they are still not assimilate. Why because this is a way to make Israel look bad. So you keep the refugee crisis going why you keep the refugee crisis going. The goal now being that Israel looks bad. Their numbers keep growing world aid relief he comes into them, largely goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians and into our armaments and charitable buildings in a place like Gaza, but what's happening as you. These people are raised to be refugees and raised to be underprivileged and raised to be upset with Israel as opposed to hey listen let several state. Let's respect Israel as neighbors will work together will prosper or let you his businesses coming to the so-called occupied territories and start businesses were Palestinians can work and make more money and you better or let's call on the surrounding Arab nations to assimilate the refugees and put it into the refugee crisis is as happens with all the refugee crisis are art here, here, let let's go back to this.

Come back to America in a moment but ask yourself this question, refugees from World War II. How many displaced peoples were there. After World War II, I don't know the exact numbers but very very high.

Where are those refugees today. Where are the refugee camps they don't exist. Why because the people have been assimilated into other countries. Once the new divisions of countries and that's where they now live so you don't have second and third generation refugees in large numbers from World War II. What's the refugee crisis when the beginning in Israel. 9040. Just a few years after World War II. Why are there now, second and third or even fourth generation refugees. Why does it exist because it is a problem that is is is exaggerated is exacerbated is encouraged by surrounding Arab oscillations rather than looking for way to solve okay so why did I make that point. There are some who believe that there are political leaders who want to keep the black community. Poor they want to keep the black community poor so as to make them dependent on the government and to vote for a particular party and they are pawns and a political war to believe it.

Jubilee there's either political party or political leaders, whose goal is to keep black Americans entitled, excuse me, dependent on a political party dependent on government assistance so as to have black votes.

Listen, I read that from black leaders. They said that you used to have free black labor. Now you just want free black votes is any truth to that is an outlandish ugly claim is there truth to that, 86634 of us go to Decatur, Alabama Carl, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, Dr. Brown, I'm booked, or are you on the radio. Lot start here true blessing tonight all of your comment and discussion of what I want to talk about 111: you can thank you know a target and what you just said about about the basically there's a class of people and look at what the Booker T. Washington loaded his book mind. Modern education is mentioned how there was a quote wanted to keep the right pinky vision going now as they asked her. I have listed below will message you can about a book in the last box that actually goes to the hardware store now in the Bible you see the story of the woman at will not and problem that had been between you and Martin. On 22 years. He solved the problem and that that 30 hour trip and our problem is no one context that it we are leaving true. I was raised in a purple but they how it was the thing I think my minimum grandmother with microscopic family at my grandfather who was a pastor I may very lately little bit carpooled with a script of education and put up in school that a minute was all me about getting it. Love you. Not much, but I eventually had to pay my way, but that there now you know when it came to Obama. A lot of people were disillusioned about, you know, maybe some people voted because the white guilt or whatever, but he was in all a disappointment to me like you.

If you look at the obviously saw he was at the moment may be called on knew that it was gonna be what some have termed them to be a agitator you know not really a person for to try to bring us together because his religious background or easement on the out that promotes what we have done and not why you know it you know it hurts me out of the American with you know I'm a Christian at an American I don't want to, you know good additive in front of the mouth taste just under 60 right here touching your sons. They think he's very kind words. I'm glad… He is and analyze just asking tough questions. On the other side of the break we think Pres. Obama could've done better. What he feels he's been it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is said because you know this will happen because they not helping the black like you know the risk of leaving all this money and ending. I like you know trying it was nice. This is why it's Taking Pl. in Milwaukee after young black man was shot. As I understand reports he was armed. He was shot by a black officer serving under a black sheriff.

Nonetheless, this has been reported as a black white conflict. There is a young man interviewed on TV expressing the sentiments that it said the whites of all this money on giving it to those in the inner city black community to me that points to the exact opposite of the solutions to the problems that we face very real problems that we face points to the exact opposite of the solution into the very mentality that is so destructive to black Americans and other poor Americans than at the Ritz just need to give them their money and everything will be fine. Would to God. It was as simple as just a share the wealth and of course if you share the wealth you take away from those who are making the money moving forward ridiculously simplistic solution be put for that one that's encouraged by a lot of government policy and mentality.

So how do we address this constructively. 86634 right before the break before some of you Johnny are speaking to a pastor in Decatur, Alabama talk about his upbringing talk about the importance of of education. In the examples that that he had and also mentioned disappointment that he had as as a black American with Pres. Obama so much. Your brother what you feel are ways that Pres. Obama was in agitator what he think he could've done better as our first African-American president to further racial unity will out the outline looks to be not about to what you bring.

His upbringing was about.

I just based on a lot the problem and victim a young man or might expect, but it does give us divine. My grandmother taught me that you know there are no victims in this world unless the state of the closest that a victim is only Victor challenge close in other words, I grew up poor and I didn't want to stay cool. I didn't want to be rich but I will be able to humble business, corporately in the work according to that I find out about the Bible about that truth that you can apply. You know in your everyday life.being giving them react to everything that you hear people. These articles learn you know of Ronald Reagan that may be part of their upbringing was not I'm not on St. because that I'm not ignored by bill of the earth, an individual I don't have to go in front of Micah saying about you know something of that nature, but a lot of us with. But you know if anything hits. You know our gifts from mom, something that I've learned in Alberto's best money being made in this being the victim has been made in you being offended and also you know both the bank that the Christian would have the will, not on right now here in our state. We don't have a whole bunch of our problem demo here and there served with the governor what you list over, I'll learn the truth and I learned woman world. Well, 722 years. They struggle with the probably do, and indent our unnamed American could get allopathy. The problem a little bit you know we put rice culture and knowledge base, and that's what our president has done these been divisive and a lot of that and that that the party has been doing fine thank one party is not doing any thing. I guess that this so-called chaos and, yes, yes I thank you, thank you for the words of wisdom. Thank you for which she thank you for Christian words. Yeah I would say the Republicans very little address incident problems the Democrats exploit them right back. Her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown of the Lord being murdered were the ward.

You go toward.

That is the voice of the leader of the new Black Panthers addressing what's happening in Milwaukee, I would say quite plainly quite plainly that is missing the point of what's happening and missing the real issues that are going on I just tweeted out. Republicans tend to overlook problems in the inner cities. Democrats tend to exploit them. Neither making much positive difference 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I we address racial tensions constructively. How do we avoid using them just to confuse the word exacerbate on the show today to to stir up to provoke anger and hostility and greater division and to play into a destructive victimhood mentality. I've had an hour and 1/2 with some fabulous calls thus far and many of the callers saying listen listen we we are not going to heaven victim mentality I group or a group single parent with superior home.

I am a single parent, and here's our raise my kids.

People say I refuse to bow down to the victimhood mentality is very very important, very important. Listen, don't let anybody, whoever you are, don't let anybody usually support for the political agenda to which party unclear which person. Don't let anybody use you as a pawn for political or social agenda stand with those who care about what's right and who care about you as well and there are many black voices that differ with the tactics and the spirit of the black lives matter movement. There are some videos online.

Likewise, black voices against black lives matter, but script quit number six and listen to another of these voices also minigolf copy first. If this is something to be done.

This is happening because all this is to believe this is the sum black person just be another black person I honestly find fire was like 20 people just find each other, just magically change homicide about SF really went black lives matter.

We want to stop broadcasting immediately to broadcast people and black people be people and enjoy the script seven plated earlier in the broadcast. But here's another black voice protesting the exploitation of their own community, protesting what they believe is wrong in the black lives matter movement and these proofs have course, black lives matters her own people are allies of course the matter, but this stuff is exploitative, and destructive. So let's listen for number seven again after the stop the civil rights leaders. All of a sudden Black Panthers NAACP come out.

The world works. It just came out of nowhere a little while just us.

We won't just help Jeff for pathology signal for this with shut up when it was 60+ it was in Chicago a few weeks back. Where were you, nowhere to be found few weeks later, a 47 draft back in one weekend. Where would you nowhere to be found when little Ray Ray killed little Lukey, where would you nowhere to be found okay when little girl was shot when she was riding a tricycle in the front yard and stray bullets hit her. Where would you nowhere to be found.

These important points. Yes, there are larger issues we need to address together as a society, but there are people who want to use who want to use you for their political purposes who want to exploit you for their social agenda who want to use you for their own empowerment. Don't be a pawn in anybody's in anybody's social or political agenda don't and don't let somebody stir you up to ungodly emotions and to ungodly actions is never God's way. The wrath of man does not accomplish God's righteous will. There is a holy indignation and a and a holy anger and certainly it when Martin Luther King and the civil rights leaders in the past addressed injustices and inequities. There was a holy anger.

There was there was a righteous indignation, but whether that lead to it did not lead to more violence or anger or hatred. It led to positive solutions in challenging and confronting and exposing injustice is a right way is wrong way 866-34-TRUTH at Emerson this is been a white officer that shot this young black man in Milwaukee. I imagine you have some of the prominent voices that Jesse Jackson is the Al Sharpton's the others there in a hurry and say this is got to stop. But as I read reports is a black officer who shot a black mat. Perhaps there is enough evidence that he was ready to pull a gun that he had a gun on him and he refused to drop it in the offices of his life.

His wrist perhaps is enough evidence of that, that this can't be exploited so so does that mean then that you only emphasize the death of it can be exploited that that you cannot just say okay let's look at all the shootings in the inner city of Chicago and say black lives matter what we gonna do about it.

Chicago's murder rate of 72% 2016 shootings of more than 80% and and who you think the majority of the victims are all those lives matter as a previous African-American voice without the three-year-old girl Shauna her tricycle is that life not matter, does her life only matter if she was shot by a white cough does her life not matter if she was hit by crossfire and gang violence that's that's the issue we say okay is it that the life matters and we and we need to talk about why this is happening and we need to ask larger questions and we need to say. Are there reasons that you have a disproportionate number of African Americans in jail are they getting disproportionate criminal sentences. All we ask all those questions but we asked him in the car in the context of all black lives matter, not just those that are taken by by white cops and in the alleged unjust uncalled for shootings, 86634. Let's go back to the phones will go over to Des Moines, Iowa John, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown it out. Dr. Brown people in general.

All of us. We follow leader in whatever community is, wherever our lifestyles are and my question is where are the leader, especially in the back black community.

I really believe our country is in dire need of black pastors and leaders to stand up and point out the errors that the media that the poor and we also need white pastors to join together with those black pastors. But here's the thing people need to first of all believe and and live the fact that we are Americans first and once we stand together as Americans regardless of our color, regardless of our race to where we came from. We can overcome that only the gospel in the love of Jesus Christ. Help us do that. We are Americans first and the problem is everybody wants to put a color or something before the American we are all American. Yeah, and John of previous callers said this, which lease which is very important that there must be a recognition of the issue. There must be a concern, and in other words there. There must be an understanding of needs within the community. There must be a feeling of concern and pain and empathy for issues and then your hundred percent right is the gospel. It has to bring the issue where white leaders that are addressing this were black leaders as faculties is across the board as followers of Jesus. This is our problem as a body so we first need to be aware need to be aware that there are issues that we need to get involved in one of his laws as much as possible and as I say over and over we sit down second look. I give you the right to offend me you give me the right to offend you. Let's if if that happens, the let's talk plainly in the woods. I like a pussyfoot around in such a way that all know if I said it. You might know I commitment to do this like a husband-and-wife right sums wrong sums going on, let's address it be. Please be honest with me. That's what we do and then if you say submissive when you get a boss but you don't see it. We have a gloss but you know Sarah, let's help each other see and yes then as followers of Jesus we bring lives together. We address injustice together and we bring hope together right John, thank you for weighing in a little back to the phones before this broadcast is all wrong.

I gave a very very brief comment about the elections but were staying focused on racial division in America and what we can do as followers of Jesus to bring a solution hate we had a great response to the atheist delusion video to download that from a website last night about last week.

We've extended it when next week, but we decided to do something crazy or entire school of cultural engagement over 40 hours of audio by top teachers on cultural issues. Only $150.

You can download it for 20 the entire 40+ our series on audio. So get the video get the audio on the website today asked I could run a SK TR Brown Southport will be like that with your class file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown is not a giant tomorrow is only the start telling us that's the voice of the brother of the victim in Milwaukee. The man who was shot of his statement.

You're the ones killing us. Were not the ones killing us. He's obviously in panelist brother. This is perspective accurate.

Well that's that's the grievous part. The big situations are the ones that are not being addressed. Let's go to Fort Worth, Texas, Michael, welcome to the line of fire.

Hello how you doing today doing well thank you sir. I want a goblets that I think I want to, not in every time I put on his uniform. You know, I know God would. I'm an investor forgot out here and I'm willing to put my life on the line everybody that got in the matter what their country probably run into is everybody so focused on color what color we can find. I recollected that if anything about… Wrong. I will love and serve God. I think that if there is no doubt that there's options out there that do stuff that they shouldn't do not deny that on. Bad apples in every group.

The matter what it obviously but for the most part were out here trying to do a job to help. We get frustrated and aggravated. We show up to a caller. People getting shot here to get shot. Nobody but yet were the one to blame, because nothing happened. It's hard for us to do something and do our job. People don't cooperate and and if you're doing something that you not supposed to be doing. We have to do our job. We can't just let you walk around angry let you walk around because of how you're feeling. You got a gun in your hand, you're doing something we have to take action without responsibility is everybody and Eno given the circumstances that everybody would take effect and walk in the shoes. One day, even just one day be a police officer they would understand overcome a firm is not that we want to do anything, but there's something that people put in a position we don't have a choice take actions that we take and we are here enforcing the laws that God created and if you're coming to get caught, who I believe this is a calling from the Lord. Do not discriminate against us in Malacca. He stated we go against him and he is from God when I go to get it going to give God and in that's what you doing Tom you don't respect and obey the authority that God placed over people. There's a reason why authorities placed their it's for protection of people and people need to realize that community need to come together in Christ. It doesn't matter what color you are. We are all to unite in Christ as one body because it yeah and Michael is the first appreciate your service and I appreciate you putting your life on the line I was working out with some some friends yesterday and one guy was running with and working out with with.

I asked him what to do analysis is working in the Sheriff's office and so it is a coffin and I said how you like this is good but scary and slow situations you walk into a domestic violence in almost 1/2 minute message got even rougher now with the public perceptions of police obviously authority can be abused.

We understand that you can have abusive parents which we do you have abusive government leaders, which we do homage your always good to have that in the rear of society, but authorities established by God and you remove that you have social chaos so you remove the.

The influence of police let's let's just say was 10% were bad apples. Maybe it's only 1%. Let's just say 10% right. You pull out the hundred percent. You and I can have complete social chaos, you're going to have all types of of tragedy and upheaval you have people say where the cops really the cops here doing their job because without authority, societies, and completely collapse.

Mr. any notices amazing thing is the people get scared and allow officers get scared because of the situation where I'm not going to get scared because I wanted do what I'm placed you to do because on-field and the Holy Spirit not covered in the blood of provided it is it it that the turmoil in his soul that is know they're talking about were killing like this but 90% of the calls that go to work asserted by the town to build it to each other and try to help.

Exactly. And yet you're right when you remove that chaos. You know anyone you that ability chaos does happen and I get more people coming up to me that our government from the black community that tell me thank you for what you do. Thank you. No matter what's going on. We appreciate what you do and I stay with you because I know anybody dispelling note is just a handful of the population that's creating this and that Apple is one that doing the not supposed be doing it. Yeah got nothing done anything wrong, anything legal about monitoring by the not out there to back. Both Fleming or Raster Inc. if you're doing something you're not supposed to were going to do our job playing a simple if you don't want to mess with.break the law and yes if someone learns that authorities authority. So even if you don't like the way the authority speaks to her looks at you if you act with respect 99.9% of the time you're not can have a problem if you comply I can have a problem.

So even if the officer is gruff. I've been pulled over by gruff officers even if they don't look at you right whatever it is if you comply and honor the request 99.99% of the time and I can have a problem and that's an end when a problem does occur, everybody's upset over it. I don't imagine that if if you was a policeman ever saw a video and and it looks like the cop acted wrongly. I don't think you guys are saying, hey Asser, I think I deserve you all now that's terrible and it makes us all look bad and it hurts the cause. So it what if the media played day after day after day, not just in some reality TV show, but on the news heroic efforts of cops and families thanking coughs. We have we have a different view and then where there is injustice.

We have the bad apples man. We have much willpower to address that together. Hey, I got a run.

Thank you for calling. I know others one away and, as appropriate, will continue to discuss these things out during the next few days right so I'll be able to take some more calls but but out of time here and us want to sit again. Don't let anyone use you as a tool as a pawn in their social or political agenda sinks yourselves be clearheaded, think through what's right and wrong as a white American I don't stand why I have this perspective on Jewish no-no. II do my best. As a follower of Jesus to say Lord what's right what's wrong who's right and who's wrong what's good, what's bad, what's just what's unjust what slight what's darkness and then from there we can act accordingly. Remember, check out my latest videos, latest articles, the Esther from website ASKPR Brown job for my bottom line today. We are first and foremost followers. Let us give ourselves to justice and righteousness and faith

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