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Dr. Brown Weighs in on the News and the Elections and Takes Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 23, 2016 4:10 pm

Dr. Brown Weighs in on the News and the Elections and Takes Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 23, 2016 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/23/16.

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Won't get caught up in a whole bunch of interesting news here in America and full 10 procedure calls stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Well, it's an exciting and busy day here. It's our first day of classes.

The new semester at fire ministries always need to greet our incoming students and see our returning students. Again, look forward to our first night class tonight. I spoke to them in chapel this morning. Also a busy day. As soon as radio was over head over to the hospital where my nearly 94-year-old mom is scheduled to have a procedure to check out some problems she's been having. If you think of it, just pray for grace on my mom Rose Brown. She's old and frail mind is sharp but old and frail, and anytime you have these types of procedures it's it's it's important thing to discover through it properly.

So yesterday I wasn't able to take calls right before the broadcast I I specially recorded the shows for you on things on my heart to edify you blessed you just look at a common someone ascending me at thanks for word for the word of encouragement yesterday but foam eyes are wide open. Phone lines are wide open 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Anything under the sun. You want to ask about you wanted you to do on Friday you got questions.

We got answers.

I'll take some your calls if you need my input.

I would like my input, be it politics, be it society, be at morality be at Israel be at spiritual life. The Scriptures give me a call 8663 for 87884. There's an article I wanted to get to yesterday. I plan to. And then I ended up going in an unexpected direction. But it's an article that was posted a couple days ago on liberal website and is summarized on a conservative website.

The GOP must dump Jesus or risk irrelevance." Post-Christian America want to interact with that one interact with an article from a few days back in the New York Times by Deborah Sykes FI KTS. I assume fights a challenge to my fellow evangelicals.

One interact with that and my latest article which I strongly encourage you to read. Good asked Dr. Brown ask if you're Click on latest article how gay activists respond to a major scientific report that refutes their talking points how gay activists will respond to major scientific report that refutes their talking points. In short, they going to shoot the messenger's they can shoot the messenger's old there will be some there will be some who will interact with the data and will raise their questions about it or say will they believe the data points in another direction. It will be some that will do that but I'm just telling if it hasn't happened already because of the everything that's been going on this with family and extra time spent with my mom. Nancy has been hours yesterday. The doctor than getting her checked into the hospital and things like that.

I may have missed some reactions ready from gay activists, gay activists website and their allies but I'm just telling you what's coming. This is a major study. It's getting major headlines like almost everything the media tell you about sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong and Johns Hopkins shrinks warned against kids going transgender yet major headlines reporting this people writing to me, Mike.

Have you seen this report, its major yes I'm telling you it's gonna happen rather than interacting with report hundred 43 pages discussing over 200 peer-reviewed studies in the biological, psychological, and social sciences through IT engines as painstakingly documented scientific research shows and does not show that sexuality and gender. I'm telling you it's gonna happen. Yes, the attack the messenger watch and see. 866-34-TRUTHful lines are now why. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire or 87884 number to call. Was really cute to eat earlier a Josh Buddy or Felicity keep listening. You learn grossly often I yell shut up when I hear Dr. Michael Brown on the radio. He does nothing to edify the church section reached out to Mike decided to respond anyway and then a few seconds after that I saw someone else posted this note. Where was it all refined.

It is area. Dr. Brown is the reason why am a proud Christian that was to a YouTube video hate your guy get blasted if you're public figure, especially if you're standing up for the truth and lifting up Jesus for you to get blasted get misunderstood within the church and outside of the church and you have people appreciate what you do best thing all of the Lord for everybody listening. Stay humble, stay listening.

Honor the Lord and do what's right and don't be moved by criticism and don't be moved by praise be grateful when you're able to help people make a difference.

And when people don't like what you do hey you can't please everybody. Best to please God do with a humble spirit so that if someone has a constructive word for you. You're always ready to hear that but but you don't believe the junk that comes your way and it is vital instead night I made standout we get blasted day and night. We get appreciate it day and night.

Thank God. People are listening. 866-34-TRUTH 784 before I go to the phones. Let me interact with this article on it reflects what others have said America's post-Christian nonmember hearing that 30 years ago wasn't Francis Schaeffer talking about that war were others talking about that 30 years ago longer than America is quote post-Christian and in in many ways it has been post-Christian in terms of who we were post-Christian in terms of our heritage post-Christian in terms of many values that played a a more major role in our in our society. In the past that are now marginalized in many many ways true. On the flipside. Still, the vast majority of Americans identify as Christian. Still, you have thriving churches, thriving ministries make an impact and still there. There is there is definitely definitely a major role with the church is playing in the big issue is not so much that America's post-Christian.

The big issue is that the church is not acting in? The big issue is that those who believe are doing very little to really press into God in prayer to really evangelize their their friends and their neighbors to really be disciples and make disciples to really stand up for godly issues list the debate on abortion would look completely different completely and totally different. If 10% of all believers in America got actively involved in pro-life work if just 10% did the abortion debate in America would look radically different. The pro-life movement would make massive progress and we would see progress and change throughout America. This is a 10% got actively involved whatever 20 or 30%, this if 10% of believers. So, like this one a little higher if 25% believers prayed seriously for awakening in their own lives in their local church communities and in the nation, America would soon be shaken with the move of God. If if 25% of believers unjust time of those who are genuine believers. If 25% of those who are genuine believers would really give themselves to the great commission and really seek to win the lost and make disciples. America would be rock. The problem is not the declining numbers which are there that that instead of 80% of the population are 85 identifies Christian out 75 or from 80 to 70 and and that's why Matthew chef feel proclaims in his salon article that the GOP must abandon it's it's it's Christian values. It's it's it's alliance with Christianity, I should say it like that.

Otherwise will become irrelevant. He points to the pew research study by the 23% of Americans say their unaffiliated with any religious tradition up from 20% just three years earlier a bear in mind and not become atheists or agnostics. Most of them just that they have no religious affiliation.

So, according to Matthew chef feel the fact that the to cruise didn't get the GOP nomination of this is a perfect window into trends that will set the pace of American politics for decades to come.

Americans moving away from Christianity, including people most likely to vote Republican which interesting is that the Republican platform ended up being very very Christian in terms of key values about marriage and family.

You can debate how Christian it is in other policies and that that's a fair debate and discussion how the gospel works out where it intersects with society but the obvious things like marriage and family.

It had very very strong Christian values. There and a strong emphasis on religious liberty that still end up being there in the platform. Why, because still important and I think Matthew chef feels reading things very very wrongly Ted Cruz getting in would've been amazing.

I mean we know he would've been the best candidate. I endorsed him. God only knows what kind of candidate he would've made for for president or what kind of president he would make. But it would've been amazing. I mean, in that he is so conservative, he is the most consistently conservative senator that we've had running for office in decades running for major office and and he was considered to be have no possibility of making it. He was too conservative is too radical. He was too isolationist. He was too independent. He was too anti-establishment. And yet it appears if you didn't have the phenomenon of Donald Trump.

He probably would've won the Republican nomination.

Matthew chef feel skin is completely wrong. It's we did not have anyone like Ted Cruz, last election. The election before with George Bush you want talk about someone nearly as concerned with the fact that he almost got in the fact that he was as competitive as long as he was was delivered to the Donald Trump is pretty amazing.

Could it be that Matthew chef of this reading things incorrectly but but not not only so, not only so it renewal movements come out of times of decline revival movements come out of times of decline.

There have been times in American history and I alluded to this yesterday where it look like the church in America was sunk it look like things would never turn in the right direction again and God moved with great awakening and God moved with holy upheaval.

Yes, I know that the younger generation is overwhelmingly liberal and the older generation overwhelmingly conservative. If you haven't break things out orů He largely made up of woman largely in their still joke. If you're not a liberal when you're young you don't have a heart if you and I can serve you when you're older you will have a mind filled same with you agree with that. Just throw that out that many of the younger people once they get married.

Once they start families was to get established will change some of their views. That's one thing. On another thing is this another thing is this God can move there. There are Christian families and demographically they're having larger families, then many non-Christian families or many nominal families and that can bring a demographic shift. There are so many things that could happen to bring about change that basically what you need to do what would you need to do is simply this, you need to to have a party come together based on what it believes you need to have a a party come together based on the polices right. Otherwise, why even have a party this okay what are the people want what most people want. That's what our party will be know that it has no values and it stands for nothing picture of you start a church, but you don't really know if the people in your area are more into the Bible or are they like the book of Mormon. Or maybe they prefer Jehovah's Witness teaching. Or maybe there into new age so you kinda see where the people are coming from and then base your church or your religious establishment that what kind of nonsense is that no no and you know if if you're committed to helping Italian restaurant in the city and people come and say we prefer Chinese unsinkable start to serve Chinese you're not equipped to do that all the more we talk about convictions all the more we talk about values, so the Republican Party needs to do is needs to be true to its core values. Whatever those are okay and if there if there largely Christian and wonderful needs to be true to its core values and then it needs to effectively reach out based on and the key to turning America is simply forget politics now forget that Republican Democrats the key is to do what is for the church to wake up this is for the church to come alive and go after God and infer the remnant that's going after God to pray for awakening for the whole executor. America's future all right.

More news recalls we come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends with a lot of far your voice of an clarity delighted to be with you today.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call. Let's go to the phones and Ohio evangelist K. Welcome to the line of fire: I like your mom or my look about it (longevity L at, help meeting (that allow I know that I met the doctor and the anointing of get back to Hungnam. Being all quiet. Amen hate that that is so sweet of you and so kind if you call I'm so glad you're blessed by the show, but that's very kind of you to call in and offer that prayer for my mom on the earth. Thank you, dear sister and me the grace the Lord flood your life and I look forward to giving everyone a good report among mom and the next a couple days thank you that's that's very kind. I appreciate that hate let them eat, let me just say one. One thing our sister is absolutely right in reminding us that the first commandment in the Bible with the promise is what Paul points in Ephesians 6 is honor your father and mother right the first commandment with a promise that it may go well with you, that you may live long in the land and prosper. So God was telling Israel that honoring father and mother was a key to their longevity in the land.

My mom actually was raised by other than her mother and father, and of course was was honoring of of those authorities growing up, but when she was seven years old. Her mom died of a brain tumor, and her father abandoned the family. She was born in England and then was sent over to relatives here in America who raised her and it all that to say that you have a lot of adversity minister office and it your mother dies when you're that young and father abandons the family.

This is fresh to us because we were at the hospital yesterday and then at the doctor's office filling out some family history information, we just asking her a couple questions for clarity and what her father died of and how old she didn't know. He abandoned the family after she was married at at my dad's initiative.

They reached out to him and I'm I'm saying this for purpose. So stay with me. They reached out to him because my my father thought.

Look, he abandoned the family, but there's got to be some good in this madman some desire to reunite with his daughter, but he was he was very distant, very distant when they reached out to how how said so all that to say that that my mom was the product of a terribly broken home because of the death of her mother. Mother was just in her 30s when she died. So the death of her mother and the abandoning of the household by her father and then comes over to America raised by the relatives that she never relationship with before their life's very stable life in that regard.

A very normal life and as long as she is my dad were married 30 something years before he he doubts of May 1977. A wonderfully happily married life. You may have a lot of adversity in your background and that's why bring this up was just struck by that my mom is the sweetest. The calm is affirming as they come existed and everyone near the hospital the doctors they all end up like her because she's just her personality and things and was as frail and old as she is, but I don't look at her is like this really tough fighter type never saw it that. And yet, she was able to persevere through the hardships of life and end up having a very normal life.

In other respects. I think that something that God's putting us in human beings, that strength that tenacity and all the more than do we want to help those in difficult situations overcome as a church. This is we want to be there for those with broken families, we want to be there for those who have the odds stacked against them want to be there for those who are marginalized and put out to bring them into wholeness in Jesus and then we want to prioritize healthy marriages and healthy families want to know how America can be changed. Solid Christians having solid marriages solid families raising up godly kids for the next generation. That's how America can be changed, 86634 let's go to Brooklyn, New York, and Joyce, welcome to the line of fire. Thanks so much for calling us rocker I had dropped a bomb primary strength and guidance that gender public market. Out you baffled about that point granting a nationwide injunction sought by a group of 13 that biotech real contrite judge for the northern district of protective that an active vision late on Sunday that the Obama administration did not follow proper procedure for notice and comment and explained the guideline. He also said the federal guideline comparative backup ignore and contradict existing legislative and regulatory yet the young is yet Joyce and Justina jump in thank you so much for sharing that with our listeners.

This is major news that that I didn't get to yet but yes, the Obama administration sadly has been guilty of massive overreach in ordering all schools to allow a boy who identifies as a girl to use the girls bathroom or play on the girls sports team or share the girls locker room or shower facilities and things like that complete overreach complete reinterpretation misinterpretation of previous laws that made reference to sex meeting biological sex and absolutely outrageous. A total of 24 states Joyce have been involved in fighting that, but in that particular lawsuit that you mentioned. Yes, exactly. 12 other states.

So a Texas judge right now has said no to this. Now what can happen next. The battles going to continue, but this is yet another indication just as target stores has has discovered that there are lines that Americans don't want to see crossed and there are lines that ought not to be crossed, and there is going to be pushed back in less the church completely throws in the towel and Americans completely throw in their critical thinking there is going to be more pushback hate. I got a run, but thank you for sharing that news report Word for Word with us.

Much appreciated and it is major important news right choices in Brooklyn are you in Brooklyn is September 8 on your calendar. I give you more details about location, but September 8. If you live in Brooklyn you want to join me for a very special night on Isaiah 53 the rabbis in the Messiah and Q&A live Q&A on the meat to sign books with admin September 10. This can be a blast in Manhattan look at Israel and the presidential candidates, and evaluate where they stand take classes meet Saturday September Manhattan, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I was able I was able articulate this just boiled it down into a tweet.

I knew what I wanted to say and just was able to communicate it during the break, which is this. I am not so concerned with a post-Christian America.

I'm more concerned with an unchristian church that that's my real issue. That's my real concern concern. As I've said many times is not so much with the presence of darkness. It's with the absence of life as I just tweeted out moments ago. Looking I'm not so concerned with a post-Christian America.

I'm concerned with and on Christian church 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Never hear the joke that said church fundraising joke that the pastor gets up one Sunday morning, and he says to the congregation. I've got bad news, good news and bad news.

The bad news is that our air conditioning units are a shot. The cooling system in the building is shot and the size of this building. It's gonna cost us $400,000 to replace everything before summer comes. Bad news that's been just good news is the good news is we have all the money we need people to praise God. It's wonderful is of the bad news is it's in your pockets what that's kind of the same situation here.

The bad news is the nation is really in a mess morally spiritually so many ways were in a mess. Presidential elections are highlighting a lot of that. That's the bad news.

The good news is we have everything we need to see America radically wonderfully turned around. The bad news is up to us. It's up to us. That wasn't bad news because many believers.

Many leaders, many Christians have been going in the wrong direction for so long that which is used to this agreement is to say, the church has been subnormal for so long that one of the farm becomes normal. Everyone thinks it's abnormal when the words of watchman Nee. By the time the average Christian father, Tommy Christian, this was an average normal weight. Everybody thinks you got a fever."

That one exactly yet, but by the time the average Christian diskettes to normal. Everybody thinks the person has a fever. I spoke to the students or incoming students and returning students.

If our school of ministry this morning and I I told him that what the world calls fanaticism. Much of the church because extremism God calls normal America will be changed, not by Christians becoming superstars.

No it will be by believers Duma Jesus called us to do by believers living lives that according to the Scriptures are normal on the Trinity some radical home might Brown your radical arms radical and sensitive of biblical yes radical sense, to the root yes but in a radical tourism and Dr. Brown Garrett strain nonattorney extreme just Trinity biblical describing normal in that respect.

Notice like you look at pictures from Americus in the 50s you notice while people were a lot thinner is not interesting. Men and women look much thinner and part of it was lifestyle more active lifestyles that oppose diet food choices. The food options and things like that and you compared to say we get used to certain things we think there are normal because there were around all the time and we forget what normal really looks like. How do we know what normal really looks like we go back to the word go back to work. So how about this challenge. I want to be normal. I want to be a normal believer in God's sight only be someone that has a life that's consistent with what I believe the way I live is consistent with what I believe and what is written.

That's normal God site that my friends will rock this nation for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Russ Donald Trump trust Hillary Clinton. If yes, why, if not, why just curious, 866-348-7884. Do I suspect there's all types of collusion with Clinton foundation and the presidential politics of Bill and Hillary Clinton sure evidence seems to point clearly in that direction should be investigated thoroughly. Absolutely. Are some of the outlandish sums that were paid to Hillary Clinton to deliver single speeches part of larger favors and things like that could well be when we read about more emails yet FBI finds nearly 15,000 more Hillary emails never turned over to the government going to the Washington pot times officials are facing intense pressure to release them ahead of Novembers election Colin Powell say hey, don't blame me. Hillary said she got this idea, it is a private survey no way no how do I have great reasons to mistrust Hillary Clinton personally absolutely absolutely nothing I trust is that she will have a radical liberal agenda.

She gets it something I trust because that's who she is and that reflects Christianity.

I believe she is a serious liberal Methodist so I believe that she believes that what she's doing is is is according to liberal Methodist teaching actually believe that that wrong but I believe that the trust is that she would be radical liberal radical pro-abortion, you name it down a list about Donald Trump to I trust Donald Trump of I I do believe he wants to be a champion of religious liberty. I do believe he's more conservative now than he was a decade or two ago. Do I trust his word. Wendy's says is going to do something that is going to do it on all now I don't know.

I know that I do not trust Hillary Clinton in that respect at look, I don't fully trust a human being is a human being elected to office in those with pressures thereunder. Who knows what goes on. So it is not absolute trust in that respect, but you know when when I met privately with Ted Cruz very briefly the first time around and and I said to listen you know if your elected mental don't betray us. He said you know the stakes are too high.

I give you my word.

I believe mentor. I believe that his his convictions are very serious and that he's lived them out for number of years we like him or not at and that he would have kept his word on quite a few fundamental issues.

I believe that I don't I don't notice about Donald Trump. So I asked the question after he he gave his speech in which just one passing part of the speech he mentioned regret that he had for certain things that he had said regret that he had and said that especially the things that cause personal pain. I think he really meant it. I think he did. The way he delivered it the way the crowd responded and he could have easily gone the different direction. I I think he he meant it. When I asked my twitter feed to get is not that big it's 22,000 and change your Facebook pages over 410,000 sets.

That's much bigger but the it's very easy to do a poll on Twitter so this just reflects those people who follow me on Twitter and that took the time to respond. So it's it's a very limited response. It's not some scientific poll I see what your take on Donald Trump expressing regret for some of his past hurtful comments choice when he was sincere choice to he didn't mean it. Choice three.

Only time will tell. 21% said he was sincere. 17% said he didn't mean it. 62% said only time will tell. I'm I'm leaning to him being sincere, but fully accepted. Only time will tell. Because it's it's just a matter of what couple days go by and he's laying into some MSNBC reporters. It is 20 feet and Kelly and Conway now campaign manager who work closely with Ted Cruz before earlier in the election.

She was asked about this by making Kelly. She was asked why is he attacking these people know so much for turning a new leaf. My words wisely attacking these people and she said she doesn't like it so she forthrightly said that she doesn't like it. She's a mother of four children should be hypocritical of such like, and in his mind. You know he's in a major tennis match and rather than focusing on his opponent.

He's is getting upset with some fans. So what is a tell me. All right, here's what he tells me he's a human being like you and me who makes mistakes even when better judgment tells you don't do it. Have you ever done that. Have you ever said those words that you ended up regretting saying and then you did it again sent out that email.


Should I should probably meant to do it.

But is it the send button. I remember I will not make excuses not excuse. I'm just saying I think he knows better sometimes but decides he's going to do it to some of this one after him. He's gonna lash back out that I could easily be his undoing that that could stop her from being elected to so keep that in these petty wars and his critics keep all them against them instead of focusing on what he needs to focus on if he's going when the election I remember some years back. Oh how long ago was it tell you what it was about 15 years ago there was a close friend of mine 10 years younger than me) we been close for good number of years and we ended up on different sides of the fence on some important things that were happening in our local spiritual community, and we were passionate with each other.

Speaking from the heart to each other and I blind copied Nancy in one of the emails for those that don't know what that means me to send it to the person they can see it but the person that's getting it does not. He copied some of it I might do that with a correspondence and try to get some customer service and taking care of and that I I blind copy my assistant said he'll see it and that he can follow up with me a note with it from there, etc. so I blind copied Nancy so she could see what I had sent what I had written. She thought I sent it to her first for input.

She thought I sent it to. Because the situation was so volatile that I was sending it to stir her saying hey hmmm what you think it is what your opinion on this now actually it's-ites. I sent it to her copying her what I sent to him and she emailed back and said all right we got to go over this before you send it out through a lot of stuff we got a look at and I said hi and I I resent what yeah my words really hurt him at that stage in life. My words really hurt him and inflame something that didn't have to be inflamed at that point you ever done that while the difference is that Donald Trump is now a ferry for a very public figure. What of the most public figures in the world, if not the most in certain ways. In terms of whatever he says is getting instant attention for better or for worse. So in that situation all the more all the more do you need to guard your words all the mortgage you need to wait your words such as words now III get to a larger life lesson. Allow me to do so for a moment, is not just words. It's it's also actions this one verse in the Bible in the King James that starts with it starts with the word dead flies. King James dead flies. Some of the translation starts with words dead flies and it says this will refer the ESV dead flies make the perfumers ointment give off a stench so little folly outweighs wisdom and honor dead flies make the perfumers ointment give off a stench so little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. Think of Ryan Lockey decorated American Olympian if if he didn't live in the Michael Phelps error he get even more attention, but 12 Olympic medals, several gold medals get the exact count of the 12 Olympic medals so note nominal level. Michael Phelps Hall, but still very, very significant decorated swimmer and in an inebriated state he gets into a conflict with some security guards in Rio and Brazil and then the report that leaks out is at the least greatly exaggerated, largely wrong. Some say there is truth in it as well either. Either way, that ends up being headline news for several days, musty, and the other the other swimmers, and even though he is now come back contrite and and asking for forgiveness and acknowledging his error. All of the contracts that he had with these different promotional companies. He's now lost them think for companies which would cost what millions of dollars in athlete at his level and you think boy, it doesn't take much doesn't take much listen. Please very carefully. Figure on the verge of the fair value something suicidal or morally takes many years to come up that mountain fall off. It and it careful file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is joining us. Our is out new report from the FBI.

Looking at crime data from the first half of 2015 and according to this the most violent cities in America number one St. Louis with 88 point 1 Violent Crimes Taking Pl.

For every 10,000 residents.

Number two Memphis, Tennessee number three Detroit, Michigan. Number four Birmingham, Alabama number five Rockford, Illinois, was looking for Chicago but nearby. Number six Baltimore, Maryland number seven Stockton, California eight Milwaukee number nine Cleveland number 10 Hartford, Connecticut just for your information 866-34-TRUTH so let me get back to where I started earlier in the broadcast. How gay activists will respond to a major scientific report that refutes their talking points the report was co-authored by Dr. Lawrence S. Meyer, MAYER Mayor Mayer and Dr. Paul McHugh all right and it was 143 page report, which discussed 200 peer-reviewed studies. So what they want to see is a peer-reviewed article does not mean someone publishes a review about the seller peer-reviewed means peer-reviewed means before it is published in a journal. Whatever the setting is that it is reviewed by peers in that field and that they would have to give approval before it's published.

They may say doable week when we don't want to be published unless the author backs up this claim or we have an issue with this we we don't think the papers argued clearly whatever I have five submitted articles, sometimes for peer-reviewed journals and is rigorous you think you submitted this great article and you get all this feedback will differ with this different with this what about this.

What about that clout wasn't expecting it, and that ultimately it makes which are doing sharper now, there are peer-reviewed journals that have such biases that the peers involved have ever ready set the tone of where the thing is going and it's very very difficult to get something published there. That difference, but ideally it's going to be dispassionate it's going to be dispassionate academic that whatever the field is via geology be at psychology. Biblical studies, whatever it is that the reviewers are simply going to look at it in terms of a work of scholarship. So Dr. McCue and Dr. Mayer or Meyer in the new Atlantis. That's where this is published hundred 43, page report, they look at 200 peer-reviewed studies having to do with LGBT issues. That's what they look at. So what do these studies say so these are that this is a OD called meta-analytical because it's looking at all of these other studies in analyzing what the studies have concluded all right. A study of the studies and they concluded that it challenges the idea that gays are born that way cannot change it says non-heterosexuals are about 2 to 3 times as like you have experienced child sexual abuse when compared to the general population, not heterosexual subpopulations or an elevated risk for a variety of adverse health and mental outcomes. The idea that a person might be a man trapped in a woman's body or woman trapped in a man's body is not supported by scientific evidence. Okay, so no carefully disclosing words which are theme of the entire study that that the arguments there are not supported by scientific evidence. So this major stuff vertebrae major and listed here are some of the bio Dr. Dr. Mayer is a scholar in residence in the Department of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University school of medicine and a professor of statistics and biostatistics at Arizona State University. He started at universities including Princeton and Stanford is full-time and part-time appointments have been and 23 disciplines, including statistics, biostatistics at the Molly Epp at the epidemiology Sartre public health, social methodology, psychiatry, mathematic sociology, political science, economics, and biomedical informatics notes in those fields are what's biomedical informatics. Dr. McCue is University distinguished service Prof. of psychiatry and a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University school of medicine. He was for 25 years. The psychiatrist and chief of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was elected a member of the National Academy of medicine from the Institute of medicine in 1992 from 2000 to 2009. He was a member of the Pres.'s council on bioethics. Among his many accomplishments.

How are you gay activists going to respond to this major study by these major scholars sample as well with the article title is coming, they will attack the messenger.

That's what they will do. They will attack the messenger.

They will say Dr. McCue is a well-known trans phobic bigot who is out of touch with the times. There are articles that have come out against them in the last few years, accusing him of clinging to a dangerous past saying he endangers the lives of transgender youth, referring to scary science Johns Hopkins University, etc. claiming him community justifies anti-transgender hate what was his crime with you. That was so bad, but he did was when he was the chief psychiatrist psychiatrist keep Johns Hopkins Hospital.

He spent years interviewing people at 16 surgery before and after and and concluded that quote we psychiatrist would do better to concentrate on fixed junk trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia, and he told me before I appeared on the Tyra Banks show.

As he emailed me November 18, 2009 and said I hold interfering medically or surgically surgically with the natural development of young people coming to be transgender is a form of child abuse. So he's hated but transgender community and accused of being out of touch with science in reality so here he reviews with a colleague 200 peer-reviewed studies is as though the evidence is against their arguments and Dr. Dr. Mayer Dr. Meyer I my guess is that he will be discredited as was not his field is not qualified. Some of the stone events.

It's a major study is an important study.

It's a study that will be talked about. That should be talked about, but I can assure you I chemistry with McCue and with both, I can almost assure you response the immediate response. Look for the headlines. Look for the articles of that are coming out already is to attack the messengers shoot the messenger's watch and see for yourself.

Good news is truth will ultimately triumph. Good news is light will shine in darkness, and ultimately light will triumph.

Disney will reach out to everyone with compassionate means that we don't believe false talking points all right. Do you want to be equipped to reach Jewish people with the gospel. This is the week to take advantage of a very special offer we have on our website. All five volumes of answering future cases plus an additional DVD at a great discount of Chrysler asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown's alert. Check it out. My bottom line today. Don't fear don't be discouraged. Keep propagating it will also file won't get caught up in a whole bunch of interesting news here in America and phone lines are open to take your calls it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will here we are again my great joy to be here on the radio with you. 866-34-TRUTH 788. Now I want to do three or four different things during this broadcast number one if you're any question which one asked me like you normally call in on a Friday.

You've got questions, we've got answers. I'll take some calls as we squeeze them and fit them in on subjects that may otherwise be random but took no calls yesterday so I will make up for it by taking calls on any subject you want to talk to me about will figure out a way to make it fit 8663 freight 784 secondly want to interact with an article in the New York times by Deborah Fike's a challenge to my fellow evangelicals. It is from four days ago in the op-ed pages I want to interact with that article. Second thing that I want to do want to give you some perspective on some other news as well take place worldwide and give an update on my dear mom, who's about to have a medical procedure done today in the hospital almost 94 years old, so anything like this.

It's got a really really careful.

So what talk about those different things never call 866-34-TRUTH all all right right also.

Also, I do want to answer some your email questions on the squeeze some of those in as well's will have an enjoyable, edifying show today is America more polarized today than eight years ago in certain ways. Yes, but I'd say that we were quite polarized eight years ago and those polarizations have just been exacerbated. It's not so much that we have new polarizations except that they have somehow deepened the divide has deepened and and and yes yes I I do believe that in certain ways. Things are worse and and yes, here and there. Here and there. There are some new features.

I believe racial divides are deeper now in America than they were eight years ago. I think many would agree with me on that and the current elections have have heightened the divisions in America. But what's interesting. What's interesting is that you do have a true blue liberal and Hillary Clinton you have in many ways a woman who is radically to the left many social policies even in international philosophy and certain things like that Donald Trump is obviously appealing to conservatives but he is more appealing to nationalists is more appealing to a patriotic American then to conservative values and of themselves, not only those two would overlap only the nationalist appeal would be based on conservative values but Donald Trump is appealed more than nationalist level of concern about immigration concern about security and things like that. Yes, those related to conservative issues, but he is not. For the most part being looked at as a champion of conservative values at best. People would say will little by little.

He seems to be changing and and we believe he's become more conservative over the years certainly hope that's the case because I believe it's the right direction terms of moral and cultural issues and economic issues and things like that but all that being said, if you had Ted Cruz versus Hillary Clinton you have a different dynamic of heightening the divide, heightening the the the ideological differences in America, so it's now kind of a different divide. Yet it is very very intense. What would it take for America to all come together will not all be everybody but to unite the national security threat. Hope doesn't happen, something that we have to work together from massive spiritual awakening and apprising the likes of which were never seen it with God all things are possible like that. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us 884. All right, but let me interact with this article New York Times by Deborah Fike, some assuming that the pronunciation FIKES she previously served as a board member of the national Association of Evangelicals and is the executive advisor to the world Evangelical Alliance shows a graduate degree in international law from Oxford University. Let me say up front that she is interact with different people in the world and I have. She has experience in areas that I don't see has background areas that I don't at the same time, I do believe I have a good understanding of what evangelicals believe in many different countries. I have spoken. Probably several thousand times overseas many different settings of more than 150 trips to other parts the world outside of the United States, overseas trips, including auto 45 trips to Asia. How many 5060 trips to Europe and so many countries so I will work with believers around the world. Although I don't have all the experience that she has in these ways so want to take issue, I do so respectfully. She says many well-intentioned evangelicals have been drawn to the Republican Party platform with the hope of making impact on culture voting, their values, but instead of actually help helping fill in the whole of the Gospels. Richard Stearns describes in his book of the same title. Registrants of world vision this focuses had the opposite effect, helping to create the imploding blackhole of evangelical politics were now sitting in the Republican Party as painful as this is going to watch this may be the best thing that is happened to American evangelicalism in a long time. She says for the first time a life I feel compelled to reject my communities unquestioned political want with the GOP and challenge my fellow evangelicals to reconsider.

Okay, first thing in responding. Speaking for myself, I'm an independent, I have largely voted Republican for some years since presidential candidates I've not been able to vote for Democratic candidate in memory I would've voted for Jimmy Carter is a fairly new believer in and he was known as a born-again Christian and my dad was a lifelong Democrat, so he was by likely candidate and that I was disappointed with Hammond voted for Reagan, but I do not put my trust in the party. II have over the years, many times, sounded warnings raise concerns about putting our trust in the political party and James Robison frequent guest here on the line of fire has spoken of the error that the Moral Majority made of pitching itself to the Republican Party as opposed to the the better rolled to the plate is is to simply be a voice and to tell the parties if you want our votes. Your you're going to really have to stand for the things that are important to us and that that we represent this this large constituency of people you have to have to show that you really standing for these values that they did that on the one hand, but then became wrongly hitched to a party so by all means reject your communities unquestioned political alignment with the GOP but I would say Deborah that you're ready, speaking primarily for white evangelicals because many black evangelicals look Democrat. The vote for the Democratic candidate that still baffles me when it's pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage candidate and things like that that evangelicals could could vote for Democrat and then turn sake vote Republican. For this reason that read this week we had friendly dialogues on the area, but all things said yeah by all means challenge challenge that unquestioned political 15 pieces over the past 16 years of volunteer my time helping evangelical churches around the world began his work by leading religious freedom advocacy for evangelical churches in the hometown of George W. Bush, which gave me unique opportunity to observe the importance of who sits in the Oval Office. I also saw how easy it is for American Evangelicals to be a politicized subculture attendance ESC is detrimental to authentically living out our faith is Christ model for us to do. Yeah, I agree with that.

To that our primary identity is not Republican or Democrat.

Our primary identity as followers of Jesus, our primary identity is not attachment to a political party. Our primary identity as being counterculture people that bring about godly change through the gospel agree. From 2007 to 2016.

She writes I work with the world Evangelical Alliance right representatives 130 national alliances with constituency of 600 million members. I travel to many countries of Soho evangelicals engage politically over the world. These observations come from that work and she lists 11 points here now let me say again that that's an experience I haven't had. She said nine years working with world Evangelical Alliance representing 130 national alliances with constituency of 600 million members. That means that she was much more connected with many evangelical world leaders that I have been no question about that in the 11 points that she raises here is that all of the stances are viewed as being pro-life and profamily in her point is American Evangelicals hold to these things. Whereas evangelicals run the world don't necessarily hold to them. Maybe this is more of an American expression. Maybe this is more Americanism than evangelicalism. So one of the 11 points one. Only the United States is climate change controversial and politicized issue evangelicals 129 countries support their governments efforts to face this challenge to evangelicals, other countries do not consider a national healthcare system is a controversial issue and in fact see it is highly desirable. Three. Or the highest priorities for majority of evangelicals around the world is for the governments to combat poverty and hunger, improve public education provide clean water for all citizens, even if this means paying more taxes for evangelicals from other countries once either governed by fewer weapons and invest in economic development, peace initiatives five globally evangelicals disapprove of torture being used by the governments in any form. Six. Majority of evangelicals around the world you capital punishment is barbaric, seven are evangelical brothers and sisters cannot comprehend an American Evangelicals are so overwhelmingly opposed to any gun-control reform a nuclear disarmament and the eventual abolition of nuclear weapons is not in question.

Among the vast majority of evangelicals. Other countries nine except for countries with high populations of Muslims protecting vulnerable LGBT citizens and other social justice issues are not viewed as being part of the quote liberal agenda 10 with abortion is legal or illegal, a majority of evangelicals and other countries have not prioritize this in their politics were abortion is illegal event. Evangelicals were concerned about the high rate of maternal deaths that result from quote bedroom abortions, 11 evangelicals and other countries working to help refugees and internally displaced people of question, if an American to support Mr. Trumper reading from a different Bible because there is is very clear that welcoming the stranger is a Judeo-Christian priority and and she even says this consider evangelical brothers and sisters on the road cannot understand how or why the majority of American evangelical support ultra they have coined a new word American ideal evangelicals to describe those in the US were voting more for the political ideology than for their faith values. Evangelicals from all Regency rights, but particularly in Africa. Consider Hillary Clinton, a sister in Christ and some of the lives of the golden rule of all the good she's done for women and children.

Many affectionately call her sister Hillary and she goes on.

She says it's also my hope that the Democratic Party will seize the opportunity to reach out, particularly younger evangelicals recognize the importance of healthy parameters for church state separation and are exploring where they can vote their values for more pragmatic, holistic, less politicized gospel.

We need to listen to them and help lead a path forward if we truly seek to live out our Gospels or gospel faith's greatest man of loving one's neighbor as oneself will let let me ask first. Deborah if that includes the baby in the womb at this one asked that question. I know that's when you're points you in your 11 but love your neighbor as yourself is is the baby in the winter. Neighbor then if that's the case, and under no circumstances can you are young or old evangelicals, black or white evangelicals, Hispanic, Asian evangelicals, Native American evangelicals where you are. You cannot support the Democratic Party with its open "flat out war on the unborn this radical pro-abortion policies. You cannot use it unto him unless you have blood on your hands. They have a radical pro-abortion policy and the Democratic candidate, the Democratic candidate is one who is said that abortion is needed right up until end of the ninth month when the baby is about to be born Planned Parenthood's never had a better friend. As a presidential candidate and Hillary Clinton doesn't have any better support than she gets from Planned Parenthood. There is reason for that. So if you want talk about quote holistic if if you want to. If you want talk about less politicized, more pragmatic about starting with protecting life of the baby in the lives that let them start their yacht.

We have many friends working in China living in China and the Chinese church has been somewhat oblivious to the issue of abortion, the Chinese church has been somewhat oblivious team into the one child policy, why ignorance.

Ignorance vessel as the church deepens as the church takes hold more and more of God's moral values, it will grow in these areas to and it will bring about change. You watch and see if the church in China continues to grow continues to have an impact it will bring about change. One child policy is not strictly enforced down but still there. I can drive a lot more to say. I don't disagree with everything you say. But there are some fundamental misses here that in my view, I wanted to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I'm interacting with an article fights accounts.

My fellow evangelicals. August 19, 2016. I believe she raises some fine points that I agree with challenging the degree that evangelicals white evangelicals primarily relate to the Republican Party and I've often said that that is a misplaced trust and that we need to do is hold to our values and yes will devote primarily for Republican candidates and pro-life issues and profamily issues and and various economic issues and things like that but we are not looking to the Republican Party do with the church is supposed to do 866-34-TRUTH take your calls on a wide range of subjects today before we go to the phones. Let major on a few points here. Okay she says .31 of the highest priorities for majority of evangelicals around the world is for their governments to combat poverty and hunger, improve public education provide clean water for all citizens, even if this means paying more taxes in America. We are very suspicious of big government. In America we have a history which is revolting against the crown.

Hence the emphasis on being armed okay and by the way I'm I'm not a member of the NRA. I don't make a big deal about gun issues on it have some for the first time I got a bring on a guess this can be pro-gun rights of number there at an anti-gun rights for just haven't focused on it. Okay oh over over the years, but the churches are active doing these things, and in other words, we don't think that it's so much the government's role to it to be doing a lot of this this is what the church does in most communities it gets involved with helping needy and poor and things like that and we are suspicious of government programs that try to provide this to people we don't feel it's done in a good way we feel. In many cases it is not empowering. Whereas you can. You can't. You can't compare situation and other countries with dynamics of American with the size of our country and of the things like that so it's not that American evangelicals don't care about ministering to the poor and needy. It's something that only comes through the church and not through the government of majority evangelicals around the world you capital punishment is barbaric.

This division in America about that among evangelicals quite sure that I wonder if that's the case, you've got what 25% of of the Christian population.

The world in Africa right now. How is capital punishment viewed in Africa to the evangelicals. The vast majority of evangelicals or majority view, it is barbaric of same in India we got a growing number of Christians. I'm just wondering I don't know that to be the case, I'm questioning that out loud questioning that out loud and then I'm apps. I'm absolutely 100% first-hand experience questioning number nine except for countries with high populations of Muslims protecting vulnerable LGBT citizens and other social justice issues are not viewed as being part of a liberal agenda mythical liberal, but it's it's considered an anti-Bible agenda country after country after country, I've spoken in these countries of of of met privately with government leaders in these countries in Asia and Latin America and and and in India and I have colleagues working all over Africa. I will respect their right. I've no idea where you're coming from on this is no, not just countries with high populations of Muslims protecting vulnerable LGBT citizens that they don't want to see people rounded up and beat up God for videos-say parts of Africa were lesbian woman is raped in a ligature of a lesbian as well.

What a horrific barbaric thing to do but that's as far as gay activist agenda that they recognize it's coming in their countries. They are deeply concerned about what America is exporting in this way. I I've met with businessmen. I met with educators and then leaders. I know in different nations and in Europe the same thing deeply concerned and yes you better believe the evangelicals recognize this is a is a nonbiblical agenda is a worldly agenda and to the extent that leaders have looked at this they recognize a lot of it's funded by Americans like the George Soros and others and ends.

Gay activist groups in America behind a lot of this push and get activist emphasis in in Hollywood and in education sought yacht. I flatly differ with that, based on lots of experience I have in that area and then write you. You've worked ever in Africa for more and I have a moment after couple times on relying on what my colleagues who lived there for decades of said and African believers that I know born and raised in Africa and and others that I know in other countries who work with government leaders in Africa.

The idea that that Hillary Clinton is viewed as quote a sister in Christ, and many affectionately call her sister Hillary's release of the Golden rule like obviously you've run into that.

Deborah obviously you've experienced that I'm not denying that. All I know is this went when she made plain to African nations that there would have to accept American views on homosexuality. There was outrage across the continent across the continent and that the feeling from leaders was how dare she seek to impose its values and and some of the leaders upset when not even Christian and many were quite Christian and were quite upset over this so I don't know how she's viewed by all.

I do know how she was viewed in this particular instance, and she was viewed as anything but Christian in her position and to the extent she may be viewed as someone living at the golden rule all the glitches are for women and children. I don't know how much good she has done from the field. Maybe she is known from a distance. Maybe she's not known, as well, as we know are so II think there's some major holes.

I just pick on these two.

I think there's some major holes here and it was for things like climate change and how evangelicals in other parts the worldview that versus American evangelicals. I don't have a comment in that I've never interacted with evangelicals and other countries about that national healthcare systems. Again, the Americans have a great many evangelical Americans have a problem with Obama care is it's called, not with national healthcare. If if it can be fair and right. The fact is, most of the countries you talk about around the world do not have healthcare. That's anywhere near even in the same universe as American healthcare and therefore whatever they can get is something they're grateful for which we already have some very strong what can we do to improve it and help others get in on it.

That's the bigger question is a lot more nuanced your sister than you're making it be into the extent your St. leader Republican considered Democrats. I think you're making a massive mistake if if if if that is what you're saying you are now going from one overreaction to a completely wrong reaction right we come back I'm going to go to the phones, so thanks for being patient, a member of the phones as some of your emails as we continue today on the line of fire. Have you signed up yet for Israel tour, but I should mention that Joey will will play in Israel clip in the next segment. Have you signed up courage and do it change your life. I sure you will be impacted. Hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience.

Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Space is limited to accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is great with you today on the line of fire. All minds for anything you want to talk to about today. I was unable to take calls yesterday because of some medical needs with my mom almost 94 years old, my dear sweet frail old mom and Nancy and I had to take her to the doctor's office and ultimately get her admitted to the hospital for procedure that should be done a couple hours from now systems regular silver tongue and head over, but yesterday late morning.

I recorded the order. The night before recorded the broadcast yesterday, so I couldn't take calls but I trust were edified blessed and helped by the broadcast of phone lines are open and hopefully the procedure today will reveal the source of some problems that have been troubling her for good number of weeks now 50 just pray for graciousness, 94, just to be put under anesthesia so you just have to be very careful with this, that the God would bless the procedures and bring healing.

I do appreciate it so much. Thank you for being part of our extended family 866-34-TRUTH on the right to the phones Brandon Florida guilt welcome to the line of fire. Hello Michael Brown I appreciate all the little bit off topic and you were wide open today so go ahead Dr. I prepared and know that I will be praying for your you.Luxembourg thank my question is that my wife recently purchased jewelry, the company that you, like an honor. We were thinking a little ride in the trip this weekend and she had decided research the company while we were driving it catastrophically. You when you went to the website and saw that they were basically openly a new way and that they infuse a lot of new weight open their jewelry bike. They say that they held their jewelry infused with positive energies and stuff like that which is obviously knew anything at all thick and even they that they you positively and you charm and they didn't bake politicians on their jewelry feet and we were both under the conviction of the fact that the defendant, you know, waiting for us as Christians and stuff like that but we decided that we wouldn't have any jewelry from the company and she didn't back you got it from and and got her money back from it. However, we do know about it and convert jewelry and basically nothing wrong with that. Though I was wondering what your thoughts are. Wearing stuff like that are getting in like that as any type danger to Christian and I can get your thoughts and your wisdom on that and I appreciate it. You bet soon so there are a couple of questions. One question is, in principle, because they say with a say about the jewelry there upfront and overt about it in principle. Should a Christian by and where the jewelry that's one question. The second question would be, in actual practice is there danger could there be some type of demonic influence settlers is is there something real that is happening with this truly because of these spiritual forces that are being attached to it. So I respond to that. On the other side of but I appreciate you raising the question.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire, 866487884. Anything you want to ask about any subject under the sun in any area where have expertise opening the phone lines wide in this last half-hour of the broadcast today.

So back to Gill in Brandon, Florida. First thing I really really appreciate what you and your wife did I believe you acted in accordance with your conscience and regardless of who agrees with you or not. I believe that is honorable in God's sight. Okay, that that you felt that the people were overt about this and even if there's no actual imagery if there was imagery if there was stuff that that was clearly wrong imagery.

In other words, that was known to have satanic associations or things like that are worth sending out anti-Christian messages in oh a may for example if someone have a cross with a slash across said no I'm not, obviously, but let's assume it's it's more subtle than that.

The fact that they are outwardly saying we are infusing these with energy, etc. that to me is like first Corinthians 8 about eating food that was sacrificed to an idol that if someone you go to someone's home to eat right and I just serve you some meat to eat it. You give thanks for it and eat it. If he says this was offered to an idol than you donated for the sake of that person's conscience. You don't do it.

So even though you know it's just food this food. The fact that there there say hey this was offered to an idol in the because obviously I do listen eat it. It's and sold in in the meat market so there telling you you don't want to participate, you know that the food is still food. It's going to go in your mouth and it's can exit your system later. You understand that, but that person doesn't understand it. So for their sick. You don't do it now. In this case it's one step further, which is according to them, they are actively seeking to impart touch some type of spiritual power to this now. It is totally 100% possible that your wife could warn that jewelry the rest of her life without ever having a negative effect without ever having any type of demonic oppression without ever having anything happen. It's possible it's also possible that it's it's mixed. It's also possible that that there aren't demonic influences look that the fact of the matter is anyone that works in the occult anyone that that lives in these areas. Open themselves up to demonic spirits or other powers realizes there there is a real spiritual realm and that I had things can be demonized that that places can have high levels of demonic activity when people talk about haunted houses going up, leaving ghosts the way people do, but there could be extreme demonic activity. So is it possible that something could happen that there could be some oppression or something negative or you know so much is on the why whenever I wear this thing. I get a bad headache and it's like it will look like it that you don't know what this imagery means knowledge this and that and you don't know this company.

There into the salsa Tano I didn't know and he throws the hog and the remnant of the headache.

Those things can happen so on.

On the one hand, my normal faith attitude is go ahead and try to curse me go ahead and try to attack me. God is in the God is with me.

Gracie was in me than he was in the world and that is right. General mindset. But if if I know that something has been dedicated for unclean purposes or something like that. If I know that it is been someone is trying to infuse it with some type of demonic power.

Why would I want by what I want to do business with that company a and B. Why would I want to have that on me notes Miss Elizabeth Wigglesworth, who lived from 1859 to 1947, head of the Mason ministry faith and in healing.

He would not even where the sea want to put a rose on his lapel or something, he would not even where it now.

I'm not advocating the side of planets are speaking overseas they give me this little thing with some flowers and they put it on the universal wreath or something like that.

But she wouldn't wear it because he said it's dying.

It's already dying and I want anything with death benefit. That's how extreme he was. But if you have a love for the Lord and just not one to be polluted hate genes do you think it makes sense in God's sight that because the jewelry is pretty that we as we support a company that's aggressively New Age and trying to infuse their their items with either other spirits and powers that to me would be compromised if someone else does it, though it's between them and God. But I fully agree with your decision, and again it's not like we know were not here in our authority and we are yeah I yeah but my concern is that even though we have that we are to help vulnerable by art aiding it.

And giving the enemy right yes yes I fully understand that you look you look at the principal in Deuteronomy the seventh chapter.

Okay and it it's it's not as extreme because, which I met outright idolatry there but in Deuteronomy the seventh chapter God told Israel. You know, don't intermarry with the Canaanites, don't worship their gods don't bring a detestable thing into your house. Talk about an idol or you like it will be cursed so soon again were were not talking about something that extreme. Gaza can Gaza can curse you for wearing New Age jewelry or something like that but you shall not bring abominable thing at your house become devoted to destruction like it so is the thing itself is dark, demonic. If the thing itself is a participation in other spirits know you were supposed be children of the light yeah I'm with you totally.

We know our authority in Jesus. We don't have fear or concern, but I read years ago when I was in Africa I think it was in Africa was Mexico I got this really interesting chess set and you know it had. It didn't have your typical chest looking pieces they were they would kinda look like warrior characters and MF's.

It was so interesting looking. I I had it out it like in one shelf and like in a bookcase. There is some behind glass and I headed out there and some friends came over there like this some demonic thing in your house. There's a some wrong your house that we talk about in this that they found this at that. That's demonic, can itself might look at it like this to reflect back never sought like that secular characters like Ali was little dear thought, you know what I brought it back from Africa, but it does look a little funny that a look@it.ii will we had no change before and after it's all like things were dark and Kirsten afterwards. Everything I write is just like yeah why do I want that in the hapless that I think of Axa yeah I'm with you on it again you don't judge the others, but in an and conversely you don't let them judge you and to honor the Lord in that way to say yeah I like to truly recoup but who cares. This is something mourner curtained is honorable and and then paint may be garbage open order reach the people. The owners with the gossip. You don't have to buy their stuff to do so. So thank you sir for it for the call to requested bank here got elected.

God bless 86634 to all right. Let me answer email? Since we have just deviated from latest news and politics, and moral cultural issues. David hey Dr. Brown just finished talking about the alleged missing portion of Romans 81 is not just. Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, but apparently it should include to those who walk not according to the flesh but according to the spirit. I was recommended the NASB as a student, but it does not contain the full Romans 81. I'm struggling because it seems like it is a necessary component of the verse, and it is reiterated in verse four Great help me to make sense of why the modern English version has it, but not the NASB okay this is a really easy one, but it's very important question.

The long and short, is there are two primary families of manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. The Byzantine also called the majority text or the text is receptors in the Alexandrian the, the Byzantine text is the represents the majority of the 5000 manuscripts that we have of the Greek New Testament represents the majority the Alexandrian text represent the older texts and the King James translators relied on what was the text of their day Byzantine or the majority text.

The text is receptors they relied on that and that has the words who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.

According to the flesh but according to the spirit that those the words there in the text is receptors of the majority text for the Byzantine text of the King James follows that in the modern English version, the MEP which is an adaptation of the King James that also follows that right so so you do have the King James new King James MEP all following the same text in relying on it.

Over the last century, many other scholars several item ethical the Byzantine the Alexandrian text which is here the older manuscripts. Hence, the closer to the original so if you read the NIV or the ESV or the NASB or the NET. The majority of modern versions rely on that text feeling it is the older texts. In that text does not have those words work out according to the flesh but according spiritual. How then reevaluate his right is wrong. My thoughts on the other side of the error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us.

8662. Listen to the line of fire. This is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown sold Romans 81. How we ultimately decide what the text is saying should have that additional comment. There is therefore no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but if the spirit in my view, that's not the original reading while I sent scribes tend to add on. Rather than take a week.

Generally speaking, and this a common kids could've easily been added on.

Because of the repetition verse for now, it's possible it was dropped out because it occurred later and it was accidentally dropped out. But radically changes the meaning whatsoever. I don't believe it changes the meaning whatsoever to say what you mean to be in Christ is to walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh, that's what it means to be in Christ, NEI, any notion that you can be in Christ while living in the flesh, and living in the world and living in rebellion is not with the text to say so there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Why the law of the Spirit of life set them free from the law of sin and death and and and now by the spirit we don't walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit and that's was now reiterated for the verses that follow. Verse seven. The mind set on the flesh is hostile to God this and submit to God's law. If you cannot restate those when the flesh cannot please God. Verse nine you ever not in the flesh but in the spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. So I don't believe.

Personally there is any change in meaning it it is it is what the text is saying so. The addition of those words to me is perfectly acceptable as far as reinforcing what is said later, but the right understanding of the text does not require those words.

Overall though, you'll see the variations end up being this minor that if you read the text.

Overall, they tend not to affect the larger meaning or context. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Glenwood.

Marilyn Carol walking to the line of fire not cracker Anderson that's all right Dr. Brown but you got letter a letter.

Very good, very good cop.

I think people should marry very good on our eugenics on China Donald Trump talking about a workshop on heart character] bent at the creek right first toy car greatly and experimentally here apparently think that Kurt, when you drink it, people. I'm sure they're doing it three or like God has Really gone and control all week developing yes and let them yes to this question.

You make a great point in saying we don't know what God has in mind that's one and two Donald Trump has people like Mike Hansen, Ben Carson, who are committed believers.

From what we know with him in any has some very solid evangelicals who who are standing with him and counseling him so God might use Donald Trump. Despite his weaknesses and failing ship could be. That's my hope Carol.

It's my hope is what but just a question for you but what when we say God is in control was God in control when when Hitler was leading Germany or when Stalin was leaving Russia or when Nero was leaving Rome. In other words, we had terrible leaders leading countries and and hurting many many people over the centuries of what is it mean if we say God is in control all character. I believe very quickly. Eric exactly what coming back where I had a stroke I was wrong crowd and that was right in your being and QuickCam carefully to walk right great great got it right.

He, Carol, I appreciate you weighing in and and I appreciate your perspective. Thank you so much for calling and for the first time, 8663 for 87884 the skin, Fort Worth, Texas Maddie, welcome to the line of fire them all.

Thank you creek my car and go back and forth with Barry by a ladder lottery. I mean, we're not like Larry darkening update.

The plume will buy that we keep going back and forth a bit if it okay that not a real quickly. It will have much time.

Why would you think it's not okay.

I think it I think it okay right right so here's the big thing to make whatever you do, even something that minor you want to do in harmony.

In Romans 14 says whatever is not of faith is sin. So if if he had a problem with it then. For his sake I wouldn't do it if are you if you had a problem with it than for your sake I wouldn't do it if I were him okay just general press audit approach anything in life like that. I always encourage folks to go for the higher ethics between them.

Now if you're if you're married some. It's a total legalist and everything is wrong. You know you everything is dangerous, that that that's different, but I would not make a major issue of it. Okay it.

What would definitely be wrong would be number one doing it to try to get rich. That's deafly wrong Stephanie foolish us of the un-biblical and and that that desire. That would be behind it would be wrong and anything that would take away responsible living which is obviously not what you doing it for it would take away the deposit by right right you know I have to work we have to make a living. We have to do this and then anything that could potentially be habit-forming and and and still where your money. You don't want to don't want to do that's that's the whole gambling thing you know, can you gamble in faith, but I've never bought a lottery ticket.

I have friends that are believers. That'll tell me it like once in 10 years. I hear the Powerball is left like 300 million so I bought a ticket the other day, that's only lottery ticket I bought mellow. I don't think it's it's a big deal in that respect, but but I've I've never done it.

One reason being, like I said it would it would be looking for a get-rich-quick scheme to me.

I'm contributing to something that takes a lot of money away from from other people and and and then and then also I if you did win then you know you obviously want to give most all of it away. If it's that kind of money invested in good causes, but you want to say we got the money from them and that is an example to others, or are not, and then you are to me. It's so easy to get addicted by things so easy to have summits habit-forming, don't do it but again sucked into the world, obviously, but those reasons I wouldn't do it anyway thank you for asking yet.

My opinion on that. All right friends I got a run for one of the hospital mamas letter procedure so you can update trusting God for everything goes well and smoothly check out our latest resource offer specially if you're interested in and asked her to round out with my bottom line today.

Hey, whatever is not of faith is sin. Faith

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