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Thoughts on God and Country

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 30, 2016 4:30 pm

Thoughts on God and Country

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 30, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/30/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

God and country, they always go hand-in-hand kingdom of God.

Allegiance patriotic allegiance how to work these things out stage. The line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I got a question you think the early disciples had a vision of her making Rome great. Maybe if Rome was on the decline. After a while, let's make Rome great again. Would you say no, no, no, they were they were in this world but not of it.

They were they were living for God.

Citizens of a heavenly kingdom and seeking to make disciples and they did not have a nationalistic mentality or let's say believers living in communist China and the height of persecution was their prayer.

Let's make China great again where they see themselves as people of the kingdom of God intersecting with this world and yet not primarily Chinese citizens, primarily heavenly citizens was that there mentality. What about us in America. We talk about things like bring America back to God.

We talk about rebuilding the nation.

We talk about making America great again are those things fully compatible with the gospel or those things in harmony with the gospel.

Do we have any type of conflict between God and country. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. It is a delight to be with you today and we can explore these issues of patriotism and the kingdom of God.

When do they intersect. When are they a crosshairs or I should say loggerheads, one with another.

At what point do we compromise our allegiance to God by being patriotic at what point are we truly patriotic because of our allegiance to God. What should our attitude be what your attitude be to the flag yes the flag we had some lively discussion yesterday regarding calling Decision to sit out the national anthem quote until things change with his focus on police brutality and I said I advised his courage of the sender takes no courage whatsoever, but I said I admire his courage but question his judgment. I am all for challenging America. I am all for calling our nation to account when ever is necessary to do so.

I'm all for that. I believe it's our role as the church to do that to be the words about Luther King.

The moral conscience of the society. At the same time. I absolutely oppose certain radical mentality that in many ways is fundamentally anti-American that in many ways rejects anything that's made our country great over the years, or most of the foundational things that make our country great over the years and because of that I take issue with the nature of the protest, not raising issues not saying they're still racial injustice in America but I take issue with focusing on police brutality as say a major, major issue. Yes, an issue, but certainly if those giving a top 10 list. It's not in the top 10 in terms of real major issues in America. Despite the way things get played on the media. I believe there larger issues of racial injustice that need to be examined, but my issue is when you do things in a way that seems fundamentally anti-American and do you know you know the common Mother is not happy. His birth mother. She's not happy with what he did, and energy.

Do you know the black smatter website says about the nuclear family that were used to here in America to take that up but you get to weigh in today, 866-348-7884. Should we have the same attitude.

The disciples did in acts last Lordy at this time restore the kingdom to Israel before Jesus ascended to heaven recently comparing apples with oranges America that Israel is not a theocracy take all that number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us about patriotism of the kingdom of God were talking about our allegiances should be for God and countries that how it goes. God and guns and country, and that's our allegiance or is or allegiance to God. Gonna put us at loggerheads with allegiance to our country out of these things work out. When Mohammed Ali refused to be drafted to fight for America as a black Muslim was also being true to his convictions and by the way, that's me, was a massively more courageous thing we call in conflict. It Mohammed Ali in the prime of his boxing career as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Perhaps one of the best-known athletes in the world or maybe even the best-known athlete of the world at that time to tremendous personal financial loss would not step forward to fight the Vietnam War. Now, of course, I support so much of the teaching of black Muslims course I disagree fundamentally with Islam and yet what he did was a tremendously courageous thing and he he's suffered greatly forward.

In fact, was found guilty of immediately. I don't believe that was that was right that he was found guilty first notice he was stripped of his title immediately is supposed okay. Let this be properly investigated and let's see with his legal rights are and what his heavyweight championship. Responsibilities require etc. side, I'm no problem saying an athlete did something courageous at it. Like the Vietnam War tremendously controversially. We were hardly even there to win.

Sadly enough, which makes the loss of life.

All all the more terrible and tragic.

Now II know that there were black men and women who fought in World War I fought in World War II. Despite living in the midst of segregation and things like that. They said they were still fighting for our country and that's tremendously admirable, but there are ways of doing things that produce more harm than good. There are things that join us with not the kingdom of God, higher spirit, but in anti-American lower spirit follow him say and in other words, I will stand with anyone who standing for justice.

Truly, but not someone who has their own agenda that is ultimately an unjust agenda or a questionable agenda or radical unproductive agenda, 8663 freight 7884 Heidi Russo, Birth mother who gave him up for adoption.

As said this on twitter.

There is ways to make change without disrespecting and bringing shame to the very country and family were for you so many blessings that's Heidi Russo and and then then you get to this, the Eagles linebacker Mike Tavarez was going to sit out the anthem as well. They said this place for the Philadelphia Eagles. I want to apologize for the distraction of been to all of Eagle nation. I feel passionate about racial issues going on in our country and I thought that sitting during the national anthem would bring more awareness to this issue and courage were constructive discussion to find solutions but I feel it only made things worse. I will make change in this world, but sitting down during the national anthem just isn't the best way to do it.

With that being said, I do plan on finding a better way. I'm young and I still have a lot to learn about saying and doing the right thing for now I will stay focused on football, but I'll definitely for opportunities to do what I can to prevent injustices. I'm supposed to be an American. I just feel responsible to do what I can to make things better. I don't know him at all, but that gains my respect right there that massively gains my respect. Yes, he put the statement out through his agent, how much of it to the right that secondary to me.

That's what he wants, said that's what he standing behind and he say hey I've got a responsibility to my team and I distracted from from the team that's not why I'm here and NFL football college as well. Although was it's an intensely team oriented sport with tremendous dependence on every player to do their part and not be a distraction. So you see I want to bring awareness to the issue but there better ways to do it even says I'm young have a lot to learn.

That's you humble yourself and if you get lifted up to me. That to me is something commendable to have that attitude to say those things in. In that way, but it again to me I can be loyal to God and patriotic to a certain level but my ultimate allegiance is still going to be to the kingdom of God. And if that means standing against something in my nation I have to do that now. I believe ultimately to the extent that we honor God.

America will be blessed in our nation was founded on many Judeo-Christian principles and from day one in our nation as a nation. There was opposition to slavery and controversy over this was something inherited from Great Britain ultimately abolished and yes there have been ongoing racial injustices through our history.

And yes, the treatment of the American Indians continues to be a genuine issue and concern that has never been right. If I'm not arguing with any of it. And even as of yesterday so so many God-fearing respectful African-American listeners have called the show and told me about what they face the injustices they face. To this day as black Americans and I take them totally seriously.



In those conversations will continue to have her on the bonfire to raise awareness and he acts and yet there are things to me that are fundamentally destructive, anti-American, as opposed to a loyalty to our country because we are loyal to God because of which we must stand against certain things in our country knowing that's the extent America turns America can be blessed and great to the extent America doesn't turn and do the right thing America will not be blessed and great right one more point and then I'm going to take your calls.

All right, this was sent to us by a listener much appreciated and it is from the black lives matter website and when you click on black villages.

This shows you one of their goals on I'm looking at it from the link on the website and it says this quote. We are committed to disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure required by supporting each other's extended families." Villages that collectively care for one another, especially quote our children to the degree that mothers parents and children are comfortable we are committed to disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.

This is a group with a lot of radical views and ideas. There are African-American women across the country who have said yes black lives matter may America feel that more deeply, that are not affiliated with that movement but if it is true the calling Runic recently converted to Islam and that his fiancée is a leader of Muslim and a leader in black lives matter than that would further explain why his actions were so inappropriate. Although he does well to draw attention to true racial injustice were does exist. I believe he pointed to a fairly weak example overall to the phones we go, 866343 start and Mike in Montevallo 10 New Jersey house the right way to pronounce, relive your dirty AI. I knew I and you are the X and slightly off yes go ahead sir when you open your show concerning about the make America greater make room greater something going specifically to what died down from about when when you think America was great and he referred to around the turn of 1900 and then shortly after our world war was over because of manufacturing and other things. But I think that was a time when there were no integrated schools and graded neighbor through Jim Crow thought all a lot of bugs that were there were terrible and that to me it is not America.

America. America great God, you all. None of the nations are great role like a bug report on a pail but a nation can be better, but rewarding summer rights movement or control after 9/11 overcame Tim together you all human life as as being a valuable and big, big breakfast. I disagree with Woodward: Are you not choosing the right venue to make his is it is known is not like Mohamed Ali work if you use having a personal sacrifice by going yeah got 100 and something million dollar contract rush I think he's a young guy like like that. But like the Philadelphia linebacker, Eagle linebacker, but the total fugue linebacker has had recognize you know what it is, better ways to do this and in our nation has made a lot of progress okay there there there police officers who were being killed is never a case of a prognosis for no or yes that psychosis is to say the defendant is the answer I hate making weighing in, get back with her other callers on the other side of the brakes and we had to jump in here that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire, eight 664-8780 your calls momentarily. I find this so so interesting.

Some people were critical of the meme posted on Facebook yesterday cancer this Dr. Brown.

It's a shame you're offended by guy who's refused to stand for the national anthem national anthem is not a ticket to have nationalisms become your God, your brother, you, you couldn't be more wrong. How many times sir. Have you gone overseas and apologize for things Americans have done many times. Just a curiosity. Many books have you written that called for deep repentance in America.

How many hundreds of hours thousands of hours have you spent focusing on calling America to repentance for Americans and and grieving over nations and render judgment.if nationalism is my God, sir, I would be doing that perhaps my issue with Colin Renick is far more nuanced than you realize.

Are Daniel so this this coming from the man… Speak about at about anti-Semitism it can seem to recognize the same thing going on here guess why people sir where you been how many broadcasts of you listen to how many articles have you read every article by Kohn And it writes about the very real injustices that do exist where you been, sir.

You just based on one meme another Siegfried. You can protest Mr. victim of it. According to Dr. Brown. No, what is I'm told I can take issue with it was a victim of it I can take issue with the position wasn't a victim of that same position when it's this weird concept usually speak out if your directly persecuted if if you stand with those being persecuted or mistreated. You can't speak out. That's all know he can speak out.

All he wants of the saying is it's this hypocritical that's all course to speak out, even if you're not a victim stand with victims so I other no place for profit with people different with is when they 100% miss the point of what I am saying. That's that's my issue and they miss it quite willfully because we post things day and night dealing with all these issues and in a righteous way before the Lord 866-34-TRUTH all my friends in Brooklyn, greater New York you have September 8 on your calendar you meet me September 8 in Brooklyn.

Special talk I'll be giving on Isaiah 53 the rabbis and the Messiah and really live Q&A it's can be a meet and greet for Alina fire listeners greater New York this in a WSA mission is free but just on your calendar Thursday, September 8 right and then put on your calendar.

Saturday, September 10 Manhattan yell Gabby in the heart of New York City come from all over friends in Jersey all over the New York area island come in for that event will be doing a talk on the political candidates in Israel all yeah and then taking life Q and A into the meet and greet there as well. This these are special rallies for our New York line of fire listeners, 866-34-TRUTH we go now to Montgomery County, Maryland. Patrick welcomes the line of fire. I doing very well thank you sir.

So Ali commented that no part with mom and Ali was on a lot of people felt like this is not the right venue for this type of thing at that moment, and we look back in your heart 2020, but we can celebrate Mohamed Ali and what he did and I think that became in danger of making a minor mistake not invalidate. I think that we are fortunate, spiritual perspective is a little bit dicey because your car carpet is not not right now and being on what I missed something or a spiritual standpoint of Christian tenant and thought it's hard to kind of mix but she cannot take on the merit of of what he what he saying is better than justice. I think we all can agree on the fact that were talking about it now is a lot about what you did, this is Patrick. I actually respect what you say. Have we been talking about the stand night for months now for for even a couple years now since earlier this since since the in particular the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and regardless of what happened was right or wrong that I don't think are the weeks gone by, but we haven't had issues about this or another another video you know or shooting here or something so I do believe we have been talking about it and you know and in my I was raising a couple of different issues together.

Patrick, one being how we relate to the flag as Christians. And when I take issue with what he did like those because I get attacked is if I missed your super patriot and you know that's that's my whole thing would scratch on I'm not. I appreciate her country, but the other thing is the that I think there are other ways to draw attention to an issue and then for him to make the whole focus on police brutality then to misstate things, you know that there were there were black offices run Americans and hate it, can't come in the summation Mark my shoes for for for week buddy and engine of the trauma that we live through. If someone is shop and engine of the investigations and you know it all just go through all the stats you know that that's even been documented that black cops are more likely to shoot black suspects than white cops are limited got all these other issues. To me there so many bigger things. I think the court system is a bigger issue.

The sentences that African-Americans receive.

I think the way that the welfare mentality put forth by the Democrats will put minima African-Americans in a decimated position to this. I think the larger issues we need to dress as a nation and better we have to do it but I respect what you're saying and and that's not a you know that insert God, but I think that you know there's a large majority of the day of the African-American community doing very hurt and oppressed by what's going on in our country and delete the African-American speak out against a good Christian mother calling out to be loving and compassionate in the moment that we can disagree with the venue but I just noticed that we only find you want to pick my friend regarding the children but is a pattern of notice of where we can look at the nuances of the situation Brown you feel like you know what my brother is a fellow human being are going through a lot of pain right now and I need to try to be understanding. Even if I don't get secretary agree Patrick, you must be well II remember three specific cost just like this but probably more with the main call was for empathy. That was my main call sick this year's lease give you the other side of it when we don't believe that the hands up don't shoot thing actually happened that that's a misstatement of what happened and that the officer actually fired in self-defense and that the heads up. Don't shoot. It was actually a lie.

When that's the big case presented, then immediately and then you have Sue you know. And now Sharpton or Jesse Jackson as I get to use that for certain. Think your your always going to get a reaction to that, as opposed to when you have something that's a legitimate issue of injustice or violence and and that's so was calling Her neck when if it's correct. He's recently converted to Islam and his fiancée is a radical member black lives matter then you get that kind of pushed back so I am 100% with you and shouting from the rooftops. Even if what he did is wrong.

Let us continue to talk about racial injustice absolute and let us recognize the pain that apply crimson sisters are experiencing.

To this day.

Yes yes thousand times yes and all the different with Catholic as a thank you sir. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I live I've got question got a question for all of you dear listeners right 866-34-TRUTH 784 about to go back to the phones but I got a question for all of you, my dear listeners right there is a question I am willing to have my blind spots exposed. I am willing to have my viewpoints challenged. I am willing to have my perspectives expanded.

Are you willing to have those things in your lives as well. In other words, can you say to me, Dr. Brown, I believe you're missing something here you need to consider XYZ Mike, I think you're off base here. Would you consider this I say yeah thank you. Let me chew on it, or good point. I see what you say are you willing to have me do that for you because unless we have a conversation you might like me with that I can't lighten you solicit light one another. All right.

And, in any of you been listening for period of time know my heart and one of the things that has blessed me. I hope you know my heart. Anyway, one of the things that's blessed me over the years is a lot of people listen on radio and they've never seen on TV and they've never gone to my website or some I haven't seen my articles with my picture whatever it is, and it's happened to be quite a few times where I've gone out to speak and in African-American listeners, to visit. I know you will white so somehow just issues the way I presented them and sound of my voice whenever gave them a certain impression.

But what blessed me so much was that we've walk through all a lot are really controversial issues on the show and and I've taken stands again be controversial to some, and yet I was perceived as being a black American and other words that much in harmony with or sympathy with certain concerns or issues as much as I take strong issue with Pres. Obama's much as a taken issue with the method used by calling Her neck, etc. so that that means a lot to me but I I keep being willing to be challenged on a daily basis. I hope you do as well. 866-34-TRUTH the over to Franklin Marilyn Michael, welcome to the line of fire right now. I'm very angry. If you are Michael and Franklin you are the man. Go ahead okay thank you Michael Brown I we got to make it reasonable this time. Please, opt.

I would like that. I want to talk like a football player up or not she would my mind heard you talk on XP… Correction.

Expect better, cheaper Blacks. I could already put down the progress being clinical changing and oppressive system and basically what it shortly. Research on the way back from World War II until the 75th district concentrate on corrections reforming people now conserving his body a punishing and picked up on Kari until the 70s and eligible hundred 20 peak predictors per hundred thousand but excuse me Coppola 1932 chemically went up to over 5×20 button 2007 or so look like three percentage time over 5% percentage amount of the Honda used to be run when the civil rights movement, and it was concluded when I got the right back to the neck, addicted, but basically family to be incarcerated totaling 500 many kinds of energy for any extra big upper you do like now to put away and bought in prison. They just must click click question will come back to seek and continue this have have you read. I'm assuming Michelle Alexander's book the new Jim Crow know I'm not certain I'm not okay will that's she very very strongly argues that it's the prison system that is new Jim Crow in America.

It was it was a very very controversial but tremendously well selling book and I haven't finished it, but I started it raises a lot of similar issues and questions of nestle challenge the accuracy of various points. To think is fair but it points to the massive numbers black Americans in the prison system and questions. How does this have causal spirit. There will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us at six is all so Michelle Alexander and her new Jim Crow book believes that the war on drugs long, specifically was introduced and it was a way to get ultimately more black Americans in prison and it struck there with certain inequality and suddenly minor offenses became major offenses, etc., and not only so that no submissive way. The second way to second if you go, it is instead this historically, there were black leaders of the other cities calling for the war on drugs and pleading for upping the standard to sing was destroying their communities. Nonetheless, there there are major issues that arrays that need to be addressed. So it Michael just like you form your word. So what what you what you believe you believe there's something intentional going on sir. I introduce structures country. Our soldiers are the poppy field and its impact are we basically were nonproductive using drugs against our stated that is real work. That is why every population clock white static you to see percent use drugs could report kind of minibikes are arrested and content hundred many docs are in jail for drugs that W report on is much more behind why you get what you commit a felony and whether or not you you're not getting jail I Been totally innocent, and the yogurt but was Jimmy called it the better life in jail because we are on for the public system which meets all about making money over to management about your controlling other people and on and got money and collect when want be to put in jail for no reason any conservator gets overlooked victims any better than the police, who basically are used as tools of the powerful enforce was important since it right correction right. Since you feel ensure that this is being done intentionally to black Americans down the Americans finding another.

When do you hate the owner feels that way. Nothing feel so where there is injustice. We address it and where it's a figment of our imagination. We address that with summer between we address that NBC analyst, retired NFL player Rodney Harrison said this. If you think sitting during the national anthem.

A lot of people really sir before his time. Now try to give them the freedoms and the liberties that he had and I tell you this.

I'm a black man and he's not black disease mixed parent right.

He cannot understand what I face with other young black men in Black people face or pray, or people of color face on and every single day basis. So that's interesting. Another perspective 866-34-TRUTH Mitchell in Washington DC. Thanks for calling the line of fire. You're welcome talk about a lot.

I think your initial issue will clear it knocked. I was trying that into even before that time and into our relationship to America's believers, your God and country one and the same. As far as allegiance is the American flag something that should be venerated by Christians, do we have dual loyalties go to the kingdom of God into our nation and it was in that context that we return to, Any of just for listener questioning, it's about to hope that the rhetorical question.

Like you, God and country are not in the Bible should know that but regards to this general and I think that he had every right to protest by flaggers and enduring mathematical and I think that athletes should be encouraged to protest, and therefore because of athletes and entertainers. Those are the only people that the light in Jewish media will listen to. They make money off of them and so they're concerned about their behavior.

There are people who are fighting a right to them in the trenches on a daily basis who are not recognize you are not listening to whose opinions and research and work isn't given any type of a recession because they don't listen to my home Tuesday Tuesday when a day when you said they will listen Tuesday. I just spent the light in Jewish media. The powers that might involve Jewish media control.

That's right, Sam said the same media that blasts Israel an ugly terms that that that miss reports things that give my favor to Islam that's Jewish controlled media. I guess shooting itself in the fund that it no pictures controlled media engage in a game of manipulation and exploitation. While Israel is not blasted Israel.

People believe that it will have the right to murder and kill Palestinian children told her that told you that sent that on the news on a regular basis.

Who told you that is real how I will see here is my problem, you disqualify yourself you disqualify yourself every word you just set up to now intelligent thinking listeners are now saying what's this guy talking about just shot yourself in the foot. I have no problem with you agree with, I disagree with them. I am 100% for athletes speaking out.

I am 100% for athletes being role models. I am 100% for athletes doing things that are unpopular because they have a conviction goal for an for better or worse benefited by it, or suffer the consequences.

But when you come out and spout out and out lies, no media, no major media is reporting that Israel has the right to kill Palestinian women and children Israel has the right to defend itself, sir. Israel has the right to defend itself. Israel carries out warfare more carefully than any nation in recorded warfare history Israel loses soldiers on a regular basis because of the guidelines by which it must engage itself. I've talked to the soldiers I've talked to the parents. Are you aware that if you're an Israeli soldier. You can even leave base without your ID card and your ethics card. You must always have your ethics card as to how you are to conduct yourself as an Israeli soldier and when they begin training.

They begin training by talking about ethics or are you aware of that and I'm I'm going to let you talk a minute, but is much as were talking over me at Sica happen something in a let you talk again in the minute but in the war in Gaza, Israel was fighting Thomas Terrace.

This is a recognized terrorist group that is destroying Gaza, Israel took out terrorists.

Unfortunately is in every war there were civilian casualties, Israel avoids them strenuously, and no media. No respectable media, be it liberal or conservative says that Israel has the right to kill Palestinian women and children, but Israel is the right to defend itself, which it seems to do so. I know I've tried to figure out.

I'm glad to stand with you for racial justice in America. But I'm a chemist and with with myths and fables.

I guess questions MMI part of the Jewish extreme what you talk about to treat black people in Conway Jewish media like Callaway was the Jewish media.

Am I the Jewish media, I'm Jewish my refrain.

I would say probably 90% of the country is somehow control or owned by by Jim cell is owned by black Masons or its own by black Masons from Mars okay what I just said this is crazy is what you're saying. I'm trying to wake up to reality and trying to out me an example of Jewish controlled media that says he lacks how you treated in any way to start you can't. If you have a conversation with me, you have to honor the fact that I have the mic here.

Okay I'm trying let's talk right I'm trying to let you talk.

Give me one example of major media allegedly Jewish control that says you can treat flax anyway you want. Give me a quote from CNN from NBC from source plywood and actually ever make it okay to give an example. Example media can exploit and manipulate give me and give me Breanna Mitchell. One example you cannot tell you when my son the inpatient with the brilliant getting Melissa give me one example of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, any any any and give me one example of major media say you can treat flax anyway you want skinny one example ice example pick out protest. I give me one example I have. Give me one example of the major night with the Taylor friends.

Trust me, trust me, trust me on this. Mitchell spoke for Mitchell.

He does not.

If you have a cause and understanding for cause Mitchell's identify with you because he disqualified himself. He doesn't disqualify you.

All right this just want to say that when you have someone that they get it that biased that misinformed. They disqualify themselves. That's it. They don't disqualify anybody else. So you can call in sick ethical teleconference. It was right and you have hundreds Mitchell all right fellowship compasses electric benefit of the same nonsense. All right will be right back with Paul's error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey check out my latest video is a little different note that it asked the question what point do we branch something heresy. You can also watch a recent video where I asked the question. Are Christians trying to take over America is very much relevant to talk about what our attitude should be towards our country.

Good asked her to run as Kate DR to watch these videos and read the latest articles, 8663 for 87884. Let's go to Nuri's in Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire.

I am clean your hard work and I you're very welcome varies. I want to make out point into guy down 29 of planar you and people don't realize is a spiritual battle and then guy had a privilege to be adopted by believers in Christ and grace by believing in Christ have Kill it with the Scriptures and on his body. So now he meant this girl to me.

That girl is like Delilah and Samson Leon Delilah Dulac and now he succumbed to old dance training to of the Legion to follow Satan, not God. Still, even thou backsliding commission and according to the word of God. When a person turned her back on God.

Just like the prodigal son we turn worst and disguising and falling apart in his career as a football player. They are considering letting him go right so is in the downfall and and not pray for him because he needs he needs to come back to Lloyd bled. He won attention in he going the wrong way because he's leaning his own understanding him that he's not leaning in the understanding of the word of God anymore yeah Lisa I yeah I appreciate first you coming at it with a compassionate viewpoint, sing a he's a soul and he needs our prayer again. I don't know what his relationship with the Lord was but yes he did have a scripture verse tattooed on him believing that God was no his strength and so on, and he was he was raised in a in a loving adoptive home and if it is true that that he is engaged to this woman who's a strong black lives matter leader then yeah it's what's influencing him what's radicalizing him. It's interesting that an earlier coach that he played under said that he was totally shocked by this.

This was not that the guy that he knew and he also said that it was a wrong way to do this because you rather drawing attention to your cause.

You draw attention to the way that you did the thing which then puts the that the attention in the wrong place. But yeah for sure. He's a soul love by the Lord, and if it's true, again, there's something say it's not true sought. I don't know factually if he did convert to Islam if he did send out Ramadan greetings on Instagram as was reported out was that bogus or real that then there are larger spiritual things going on.

Again, the issue is not does he have the right to continue to to discuss racial injustice in America.

No problem. More power to you and enjoy the constructive way.

Also, do it. Recognize your place of privilege.

Every could you imagine a contract for student for extra reviewers for hundred million dollars. About $4 million and almost was can even imagine anything like that so yeah valid points but thank you, thank you for focusing on the spiritual and and on his own soul. Let's pray that the Lord would really get hold of him and radically save him or radically bring him back to a faith if he wants want to thank you so much. Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Barbara in Oahu, Hawaii. Welcome to the line of fire alarm. Yes, I found hey how you doing wonderful at all. Well I met you on the weekends now.

A simple thank you yellow lab, Carl got a call from Baja California and now all along. I have here show 2009. At that time I was walking to Mill Valley. After going complex can't.

So I went back for about seven years and after that I went to work after Gala: enter an all of that year I have been in a valley ID number about the light of Christ only by you, each and every day allowed me to walk back down and he said in his 23rd Psalm as you walk through the valley of the channel. Anyway, I feel that I came out of that camel fall I came out of that coma in January 2015 and you know I got back again.

I thought I graduated high school in 19 all the things that are going on when it comes to late in our country today. I thought I was having what they call it flashback back but it like everything every day.

I'm thinking, how can it be. How can that be have come IN America from Richmond, Virginia bawling and top breaking.

So I think I have a feeling about what went on when it comes to black country on about being all email and 30 year retired retired officer L Mustang because I went into the military. So here we have a block with a high school education Lane to affect endocrine like the eight and I tell you I believe in that role. Three strike your app I had to strike, but until I come. God called home trying what I'll be doing years we, Blanco leader, our country gone to chin when it comes to light, please help me understand because you think Yemeni citizens are not the first. God bless you for your courage and your heart and thank you for the incredibly kind words. That's deeply meaningful to me to know that we stood with you through thick and thin. Help him out side of this trial.

Yeah that's that's a privilege and honor to your sister limit me just say this and I've got just a few seconds before the break, I believe unfortunately that our president and some of his ministration have been guilty of race baiting in certain ways or been guilty of of siding with issues prematurely or unfairly, which rather than rallying us around the very real issues that we should address were deeply divided us again. There are real issues, we must still address the question is done in constructive rather than the construct that I've gotta run the blessing of the Lord. My bottom line today. We can pull each other down another work together God and country that they always go hand-in-hand kingdom of God. Allegiance patriotic allegiance how to work these things out stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm holding in my hand. Big beautiful Bible. The NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible holding in my hands and I have it open to Romans chapter 13 let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authority that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, because the wrong she want to be free from fear of the one authority than do what is right and you will be commended for the one authority is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for the reason they are God's servants injures agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.

Therefore is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them if your taxes pay taxes of revenue than revenue. If respect and perspective honor than honor this is Michael Brown. I mispronounce my own name that I say round other than Brown could that happen in a simple name like that. Oh come on Jeff instantly.

That's the feedback I get from my team. All right, this is Michael Brown.

There you go. Pronounce carefully, articulately, your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Here we are slow them reading from the words of Paul as he talks about our relationship to government and we can we can honor authority, honor our government and be loyal patriots, but our highest allegiance is to the kingdom of God. And when the two come in conflict we say we must obey God rather than men. We must obey God rather than man.

That is our great focus that is our that is our priority and if we find ourselves in conflict.

We are not America bashers, we don't burn the flag because that would be contrary to the Romans 13 attitude. Instead, we with respect for our government.

If I take issue with Pres. Obama, or before that was President Bush with respect for our leadership honoring their authority as those whose ultimate loyalty is to God. We say I love my country. I pray for my country but I cannot agree with this. I love my country and I pray for my country, but I am ashamed of this there right and wrong ways to do things, but ultimately we are dual citizens. We are citizens of the heavenly kingdom and of this earthly nation.

Whatever nation we live in, therefore, is different than if you lived in ancient Israel, and that nation being a theocracy meant you could be 100% loyal to God and your country. Here, that may not always work in the same way.

However, here is the same thing to the extent Israel turned to God. Israel was blessed to the extent America turns to God, America's blessed, and that role is constant. We as God's people should be helping turn our country towards God rather than away from God. All right, got some questions for you to weigh in on a lot to discuss today. 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 if you want to weigh in on the calling Controversy yesterday and didn't get an opportunity to go minds are open. We had some lively discussion last our 866-3487 80 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown study notes here in the cultural backgrounds study Bible. He's the New Testament editor John wall the Old Testament, or if I had to pick two people in the world wanted of the Old Testament when the new for cultural background. Those of the men I would have picked to Craig Keener's is this on on Romans 13 seven. He's got notes on this the every verse in this chapter just about where it says pulses if honored. If you owe someone honor the government honor than honor. He said those custom and prudence demanded, honoring officials and others of higher social rank Jews refused to sacrifice to the Emperor but the temple honored him with prayers and sacrifices to God in his behalf.

The Jewish Temple suspending such offerings in the temple roughly a decade later quickly led to war against Rome and he cites Josephus and wars volume 2409 so again just interesting. There the tension of where you go with honoring the Emperor where where do you go with honoring authority.

What if the Emperor is viewed as a God and you're supposed to sacrifice to them, what you won't do that. Can you offer sacrifices on his behalf, praying for him yes but what if that is perceived as a sacrifice to him.

You then need to stop it. These are real questions that come up now. I've got a bunch of things I want to discuss with you. But let me meet is slightly changed here it's it's partially parsley changing gear as we talk about our allegiance to God along with our allegiance to America allegiance to God versus allegiance to America, or perhaps we could say we are totally devoted to what is best for our country as children of God. We are wholeheartedly and totally devoted to what is best for a country in that sense we are good citizens. In that sense we are the best citizens because we want what is best for America, but often that means challenging the status quo. Often that means going against what is politically correct or the prevailing view will we do that hopefully will open well but his kids are going back to school basically kids around America are back in school now.

Maybe a few places still another few days before they go back but his kids are back in school first gives us 25 surprising facts about religious rights in public schools is another question where the intersection of liberty and patriotism comes into play or the question of separation of church and state. A widely misused phrase in concept how that comes into play. These things obviously are all interrelated. Severe 25 surprising facts about religious rights and public schools.

Parents relisten hey kids, mom, dad maybe just picked up from school and this is your daily routine to listen to the live fire will a shout out to all of you. Hope you have a good day if you had a rough day. Hope you have time to recover. The night before you go back to school tomorrow. I know for some your real challenging environments so parents, kids, listening educators, listening from first Here are 25 surprising facts about religious rights in public schools. One students and educators do have First Amendment religious rights inside public schools who still have your freedom of speech and freedom of religion inside public schools.

Students can speak about their faith. Even when their teachers must be neutral so if something is coming up and maybe there's a discussion about Islamic terrorism is that represent true Islam and samosas.

What about the Crusades. In Christianity you have the right to speak freely you have the right to speak freely about your own faith.

If the teacher is to remain neutral schools cannot treat religious activity differently than any other activity. So if students are allowed to say congregate outside maybe in playground area around the school, they can get in a circle and and and talk when they get in a circle and pray perfectly legal perfectly fine for them to do that if if there is a group that meets hey we want to have a special group were into building rockets and and we want to have a rocket building group great hate. We love riding horses.

Whenever the question group great hate. We are really into the word really into the word we want to have a Bible study group great. Whatever the rules are for one if you needed a faculty sponsor in the room. Whatever applies to the one has to apply to the other four students can pray during lunch recess or other designated free time five students can pray silently during the school's moment of silence six students can read the Bible or other religious materials at school teacher has no right to tell the student can bring your Bible school. You can read the Bible school that the kid is reading the Bible. During the class. The teacher asked tell you can't do that.

Just like time to read a comic book another class or don't don't read a textbook for another class in this class. Same things would apply.


Students can share their faith with those students during free times when they could discuss other topics, like the movie they just saw, or their weekend plans eight schools can acknowledge religion. What exactly does that mean I have to find out from them nine students can pray either individually or as a group at school athletic competition student assemblies or other extracurricular activities when school officials not involved. So if the football team says hey let's pray for protection. Nobody get injured or hurt great if the cheerleader say hey let's writ really shine.

Hopefully their dress modestly.

Hey, let's really shine. Let's really pray that the Lord will bless the game its great they can do that yet, the students can do that students can pray graduation ceremonies or include religious content in their speeches. 12.

A public school can refer to Christmas and have a Christmas party. If the intent is not to advance Christianity 13 public school can display Christmas decorations. If the intent is to teach and not part of a religious exercise 14 a public school can include religious music or drama in a school play or performance if it is used to teach history of cultural heritage and not advance a particular religion. 15 students can give our Christmas gifts with religious messages and school parties because their students are free to do it. 16 students can incorporate their faith or religion in classroom and homework assignment so long as the work meets the requirements of the assignment. 17. A public school district cannot be hostile towards religious beliefs who cannot read that one again this is all at first 25 surprising facts about religious liberties in public schools. 17 on the list a public school cannot be hostile toward religious beliefs. While 18 teachers and other public schools employed at public school employees can discuss religion with students is cultural and historical education, or when asked by the students. 19 teachers and other public school employees can discuss religion with other teachers or other school employees salutes a look at that when they're asked by the students. They can discuss religion is cultural historical education and among themselves they can discuss religion validity through the school employees set saying that if you ask a teacher. Hey will you believe personally off-campus. They can tie everything means that a public school or teacher cannot limit religious speech by students, unless they limit other speech what's good for one to be good for the other 21.

If students can have a secular extracurricular clubs and students can ever religious club at the school at concluded that an earlier .22 religious students, student groups can meet on campus when ever other non-curricular clubs can meet you get a chess club that meets here. You've got a vast computer programs club that meets here. You've got a fantasy football club that meets here. You've got a Bible study because of the meets are good and by the way can have a stem lacrosse club's by the way, see religious clubs can use the same school resources available and on the discomforts of the school facilities will invoice public address system to promote public address system to promote or facilitate club events. 24. In most cases teacher teaches, or other public school employees may attend religious students group meeting in a supervisory role 25 members of religious student clubs can distribute flyers about meetings and events just like non-religious clubs important to remember that ad you actually down but I just read the list as to what I needed clarification of the clarification is all here you can actually download a free booklet religious liberty protection kit for students and teachers at the first website 8663 for 87884 is number to call.

Yeah I'm to go here next Clemson University. All you got it God here.

This whole boil boy right back on file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I you ready for this 67884 Clemson University ready for this campus reform is pointing this out Clemson University ministry to Sean Jones demanded that a local man who was praying with students leave campus last Thursday because he was, not in a designated quote free speech zone so on campus. You have free speech zones and presumably much of the campus is not a free for speech zone. Should the whole campus be free speech so should every classroom every every grassy knoll every administrative building. Shouldn't the whole campus every street that you walk up and down to those be free speech zones. It is one thing to break the law say that if the speech is prohibited by law, then you don't engage on in the campus but shouldn't the whole campus be a free speech zone. Am I missing something here. What if he was just going mobile blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that he was not a free speech so what if he was saying.

I do not like Donald Trump and he was in and not in a free speech zone. What if he was talking to other students resting about Islam and he was, not a free speech zone with which he would he have been ordered to leave comes maintains a university policy requires nonstudents to preregister on campus to preregister on-campus activities outside of designated areas, but student proud students protest that the entire campus should be open to free speech. If I could see if you have people coming onto campus in ways that are disruptive. I could see that and you have to monitor that. But this crazy is it not by the University of Chicago University of Chicago has gotten little bit of pushback because they have they have said no safe zones in the old won't give your feelings hurt over here and now enough at this stuff gets challenged on campus to view views challenged you ever thought process.

Ciao it yeah that's that's part of what happens on campus now another wall on-campus result from children.

Schools to campuses, so also on campus reform hub have about this you're ready and ready friends Amber asked the reports and this was that just today campus or your visit there regularly. You will have your eyes opened you will really have your eyes open a Vermont College is handing out pronoun pins to incoming freshmen. Of course freshman is the term used by campus reform because you don't want to call it freshman right if fresh people, fresh people that freshman's cassettes man get the Mandarin member Princeton University human resources got a video up on that. Scott asked Dr. Click on digital library to watch it yeah Princeton University.

They want to ban the important man, as in man may all yeah seriously man can say man-made artificial.

How about man no no no no man's person hours and an awning on it goes is as I wrote about that an article nominally catches a man oh man.

After some impersonal person or individual all individual and you can say con man up, no, maybe you may not know that has the member to suck it individual up that's come up.

You need to individual up, but the Mafia as if if it spreads from Princeton beyond the Mafia will have to hire a hit ahead individual yeah because you have a hitman and on and on it goes with the cultural insanity. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid in an effort to become more inclusive for gender nonconforming students. Champlain College handed out hundreds of pronoun pins during first year orientation advertising the wearer's preferred gender pronouns. Options included. She her.

He him and press XEXER Sieg, Sir, why pick such a difficult one. Why not go. Some of the easier and even hello my flew up pronouns or fluid. Please ask me yeah yeah so you could wear that pin.

You can wear that pin Josh could help these confused young people want their young people be confused but for all college to be confused for administrators to be confused for the faculty to be confused reverently goes along with this. This is nonsense.

According to the Burlington Free Press. The pins were created by the official residential life, which explicitly decided to accommodate students in the LGBT community. Now, on another note on another. I have time tonight after teaching at night school teaching art school ministry. Five. School of ministry.

First, your students tonight five time tonight. I will write up an article on separating the value of black flies from the black lives matter movement and and as someone pointed out to us. One of her listeners pointed out a thank you so much for doing so pointed out earlier today.

This was passed on to me if you go to black lives guiding principles and click on black villages starts missing were committed to disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure required goes on from what it means that extended families and villages. The collectively careful and that's in the black lives matter movement but hang on, you know, it's also in their career affirming the black eye/matter movement under principal says it is clear affirming. That's part of like us better.

That's why you get a separation, the value black lives from the from the glycoside, a movement it's not only clear, affirming its also transgender from so clear doesn't include transient know you now need something else. We committed to embracing and making space for trans brothers and sisters to purchase brightly recommended to being self reflexive doing the work required to dismantle cysts gender privilege means heterosexual and uplift black transfer, especially by trans women continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans antagonistic violence. Yes, so this is this is some of the radicalism that I oppose this is some of the misguided. Ultimately, antisocial, antifamily, anti-cohesive society radicalism that I oppose and try to separate these radical causes from the educational system from the justice movement from from the value of all their lives because this is the very type of stuff that is so foolish so destructive. It's one thing to say we are to protect every body. They are colorless things with value*recorder for more transgender affirming and and now here for the black lives matter. You also destroy the Western nuclear family disrupted licensing oil Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on the line of fire date 866 I I've been talking about the difference between having allegiance to our countries are met as Americans and having allegiance to our country. As believers, so we we honor our country. We appreciate our country we work for the good of our country, but we are God fearing people first. We are citizens of the heavenly kingdom first and then secondarily citizens of this earthly kingdom of some political leaders recently said they are Christian first and conservative second. That's a disloyal that's that's what our attitude should be. That is the right attitude and Paul in Philippians 320 says our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies that they will be like his glorious body. This is Michael Brown you are listening to the line of fire and a couple minutes I I want to talk with my friend Rev. James Robison of Bausch being kind to each other in the midst of our passionate differences even political differences and things like that so be speaking with James Robison in just a few minutes but let me reach you and Craig Keener says in the cultural background study. But remember, you can order this from our website for master to Brown website this week when you do, you'll get a beautiful 2350 page amazingly packed study Bible that gives you the cultural background passage after passage in verse after verse with beautiful charts and and images and is just amazingly well done. I was thoroughly impressed with it when it came out so much so that ever had cranking around me last week as to what Craig let let's record which you had to say will force record let's let's let's offered along with this Bible she can get my exclusive to our interview with Prof. Craig Keener the New Testament editor for the study Bible, along with the study, but when Yorty throw website you'll be helping us with this radio broadcast getting the ball.

It's a great early holiday present as well. So Philippians 320, Craig Keener says this in the study notes, our citizenship is in heaven. The Philippians understood what it meant to be citizens of a place that had never yet visited because Philippi was a Roman colony, its citizens were legally citizens of Rome with all the privileges that came from that status of the Philippian church included resident aliens such as Lydia from thigh attire.

In acts 1614 many of its influential members were likely citizens. Perhaps Clementon Philippians 43 philosophers sometimes declare themselves citizens of the world rather than any mere city state. So what he saying is that the, the Philippians knew that there were Roman citizens, even if it hadn't been to Rome. Paul say hey our ultimate citizenship is in heaven. So here's here's what I want take up we come back after the break with my friend and colleague Rev. James Robison.

We are not just conservatives because as Americans were part of the conservative movement.

We are conservatives because of our biblical foundations. In other words, it's not just God's and God and guns and in God and country, and it's all one of the same rather we are moral conservatives because we believe in the vice of Scripture we hold to certain economic viewpoints because we see those laid out in scriptural principles. The problem is it's so easy to get caught up in partisan politics.

It's so easy to get caught up in the crossfire were even believers are shooting at one another and and we even treat those we differ was a Pres. Obama or candidate Hillary Clinton in ways that are un-Christlike. So how do we put our faith first and then live that out with kindness and grace. This is ridiculous. I'm not a right wing conservative talk radio host, even though I may agree with certain things that other talk radio hosts were considered. I am a follower of Jesus airing these biblical issues on the rating for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us today with God or allegiance to our country.

How we view the American flag.

What a righteous things for us to do and not do, but what we do. Ultimately, we do is citizens of the kingdom of heaven living here in this world and knowing that as we advocate for God's ways in this world. It is for the best interest of our country so want to pursue this with my dear friend and colleague James Robison and James.

You know all too well.

Having been involved in is longer than me how easy it is to get caught up in partisan politics and either compromise or testimony or or have an unchristian attitude.

We get so righteous that we bash others how Sir we keep Jesus and his principles first and foremost in all that we do regularly very important for all of us to recognize that in order.

You know you love our enemies are supposed to love our labor, which is the subject of the two great commandments and always considered fulfilling that Karen is all the lawful word or something about this father love this.

This God love unconditional love just needs to flow and reporting streamers professing Christians often times to slow very much of that love toward other professing Christians amazed and shocked. Horrified at how quickly professing Christians can begin to attack one another. Just as I have even a disagreement discussion questions tight right now, we're replacing the most serious election in my 72 about a month or so 73 years are not members imported pretty rough and not so much better. Miraculously, 1990 which First American I really do believe that I don't think America played out crystal as it could because the person reading Mr. Reagan was been affected by the Republican establishment Caracol Republican guard and he will continue to receive the wise counsel that his heart actually long are you always responded positively to. So here we are now in a situation that is just indescribably but site unexpected, especially the choices that we can. Here's a situation. Even people who say to Christians okay you don't have a perfect person but we never have one or so many of you now so I'm been so frustrated you get angry another person might try to find a reason to find some kind of hope Christians. Many of the platforms in the Democratic club on should be our other pint should be totally unacceptable.

Dancers question you don't keep destroying in the sunlight below tremendous article about that you you do not support of ever consuming federal government that consumes the resources of the people in and create an entitlement society.

Pretty soon the people in bondage will be as Israel, might bricks without straw. Nobles want to have the wherewithal to be productive and effective anymore because of that dominated by strangers. And you also are being told that as a Christian you gotta change your beliefs about abortion and then we can permit all I probably do not months, even for sexual gender preference and that good but if you do not support that the degree threatened by talk to Mark great, a couple of buddies Elder about all the way to Hobby lobby. I'm hoping to visit him in a week or so to me that you will be our last, and that she takes on the journey. What happened with Hobby lobby when they were being find one vision dollars but they would not be appeals to kill little but that was her conviction so here we got a platform now.

On the other side. You got a candidate to keep them look at the past and you know they might say, will it even likes of Saul of Tarsus or Ireland and Saul in the Old Testament. Taylor, mother of the kings they would talk to hail, but they don't seem to realize that these great men of God kept speaking the truth to these individuals. If I opened the door. Sometimes it was as though God forced the door open but they didn't stand outside the room discussing up bad the individual bonds between them wise. Love you counsel to try to benefit all the people that gobble up today.

You realize I'm actually being scolded Dr. Brown because Mr. Trump has asked me to surround him with wise counselors, even economic counselors, unable to discuss immigration about two hours of some of the greatest minds in the country to try to help them get a handle on something Congress never listing the handle. I got loose part. It's not that tough to get a handle if people create an image of God, who love God and love their night brass will sit down at the table agrees and have the civil discussion that can lead us to a way out of despair and immigration is a serious problem.

The United States has contributed to the problem is much as the illegal we have enabled we have fun.

We are putting in welfare, so to speak, and now been where discussing what we do to protect our borders, we are inviting people in your thousands at a time. You would never let in your home would let me shut the we don't know we are bringing in so many that they are impacting the culture when everything in their culture and mindset is against everything that made America great. We have reached a point. Dr. Brown of workers to be total insanity and Christians now are standing back just like Jesus. He hangs out with sinners easily line their knees with these wicked people doing the mouth of the Pharisee' to the site and they never shut up picking on one another is to you in one of the most brilliant man I have ever known in my life and I'm watching every week that you live might the most incredibly bold, profound transforming statements, but serve your delivering those you love, even for the individual that you're correct, why can't Christians try a little of that you and I are both to strong individuals and yet God has given us a love and respect one another will we not only listen to each other. We seek wisdom together in a spirit of love and compassion and genuine interest in all her might understand the Christian quit finding a reason to argue the body and divorced part of the store the other person. Please, please, Christians, let's behave like the family are perfect.

Robert is encouraging us to be.

Please Christians. I here feel loud and clear and and and thanks always for your for your very kind and gracious words but my dear brother I I was actually examining my heart and I may be writing on this in the next few days.

By the way folks have you been to the stream lately. I went there as I'm there every day and was blown away by the new look. I mean the graphics and the clarity of it.


So you're getting the latest news and you're getting godly commentary on what's happening in James Robinson that there the pioneer publisher of the so go to if you haven't Avenue you'll stay there for a while.

Once you're there, but I was actually convicted of that and I and I may ask the questions others do we have the love of Christ for Hillary Clinton Barack Obama because it's so easy you know, if you listen to say conservative news and maybe just conservative talk radio or TV. There's a certain level of bashing is a certain rhetoric that's acceptable in name-calling and so on. And I remember listen to Rush Limbaugh many years ago when Bill Clinton was president. He used referred him a slick Willie and I thought you know II have real real grave issues with many things of President Clinton but I couldn't call him that because of something unchristian about it so we we can have these attitudes and somehow we justify because after all were Reisch were right were right in our doctrine were right in this view, that you and that somehow gives us the right to have unkind attitudes towards others so I can completely oppose the policies of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton still have a burden to pray for them and I know if Hillary Clinton open the door you you be there tomorrow to talk to her. No question about it. And the thing about it is I open but talking about things that people and parties of candidates support that are simply totally 100% against Greeley sound banking and an envelope for your fellow man wanting to care for and I pointed out the problem was the practice policy and the principal was being violated. I didn't even attack the people who seem to be promoted promoting that I stated scooters for candidate to tell us to get over this Christian and now you know just leave your site but we want to get in the door. Here's the problem. If they don't open the door. You can't know him. I knock at the door.

If any man opens, I will coming out to eat with you.

I'll take whatever's on your shoulders. I'll have your burdens, but one of these days I will set a paper before you because I'm coming in with Laura Benatar going when Mr. Trump asked me to come in and speak to them. You have to wonder about what is James Ross. I promise you with all my heart. I'm showing the purest, most consistent with the word of God sleeves of transforming to type only fearlessly bowling and I have to wait and see what, soil received Bill C MC before but it bears and by the way I said this before your program. We may be looking at a very visible person right now who happens to be one of the candidate who may actually be similar to Simon Peter. He may not change in 12 months, in the presence of Jesus in person. Look what condition he was in. After three years boasting about how strong he was.

He denied Jesus three times.

It is our greatest me so will we as Christians all or any patients or somebody else who did at least open the door and I was on a meeting on the phone a conference call with 30 of the most powerful Christian leaders in the country this week will modify the was yesterday talking to Mr. Trump. I'm about to talk of what it usually devises about how is just as Johnson says, if I can keep you on notice of the brakes want to talk immigration and then I have one very specific eligibility question that you could help us with. If you can stay over through the brace. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends, into the line of fire visited the stream lately beautiful new upgrade to the whole site. I am super impressed and I have the joy of working with the editors at the stream, sometimes three, four, five times a week is on publishing articles. There give me feedback and were sharpening things together. This is this is a great website to go to know what's happening in the news, but then to get godly perspective and wisdom on what's happening in the some of the best thinkers out there. Some folks are familiar with some you haven't heard of. So check it out.

Stream org James Robinson is the publisher of stream certain James choose to things and thanks for a few extra minutes you were talking about immigration moments before. Obviously, Donald trumps making a major speech. What tomorrow so are not there.

So is it is your understanding that he wanted that he genuinely wants to hear from you and other faith leaders to eat to get your perspective on this issue. Well, I think you generally want to serve God serve the preclear and someone is concerned about is imperative that it was an article I think was big Bird bowling department with great compassion, your conviction, so that's what we do and for whatever reason, I've been invited back.

Like Sandra Rodriguez you will be on the compensation overseas. 41,000 Hispanic churches here United States and that he sing amazingly many available Hispanics are now saying that you like about what's coming about. Here's the thing that I'm saying has to happen that you don't get the one who always these people who are really website dedicated to not get scared and determine and trustworthy and not capable of being productive and dependable, and I actually care about the right things and I respect this.

You see, the people who pay them an important and often times terribly, but will get them papers that are illegal to try to make them look weaker towards the employer knows that and so values them that they would be willing. I think I out to help you determine the right person.

How would you even adopt people to court. If nobody can identify the matter and no one can knows them better than the people who love them so much because of the work they currently valued so much want to come to the type of reason on this on the Savior's family absolutely. We have helped create this problem. Now we don't have to help stop and that means that the people who are employing them for the reasons many times they can't give someone of another race to take that particular job and be commendably dependable, but found people are dependable they found people reliable. They're gonna be really bad to to pay a fine to keep good workers to be willing to bet you to send the people back to the border to get legal work permits coming. In other words, we gotta sit down upon the people that really bring bring back may have children here may have been through the school system in our discussion after the years we have we have literally created a welfare program to take care of these people coming here all along. They don't come in your work. They coming to get them tied what they've been taught and be available because we might. So what we will sit down with a timer reason dark brown and and literally hammer these things out.

We can solve this problem and we can have the best people you're helping us and the employers that know their value, standing up for them. Even paying necessary penalties part a meeting with Dr. secure the border and stop the monster but we've got other borders other than our southern border right now are allowing people to come to this country that are pledged to destroy everything any of us have ever believed is important destroy this nation to support freedom destroy our future and were bringing a man by the thousands.

So I stomped up to really ceramic the customer table and say enough summer but also with my fist going through and hammered out at the table of reason were not wisdom would not have conviction were going to have compassion and were going to do it right and don't tell me people at the table of reason, especially those who pray and seek wisdom and work together.

Don't tell me we can solve the problem. We absolutely can and we must yeah so friends pray for grace and favor as easily to speak with Donald Trump and pray for years to hear God's wisdom God's plan.

So last question and were almost at a time so gonna be real quick. You're getting attacked as if you were in the and culture camp of in Trump we trust that what you're doing is is completely give your trust is in God you have endorsed never will endorse a political candidate so what what what we are. Seven. Try to get Christians understand is how can they be upset with you speaking godly things into someone's life. I'm sure in private really calling him to get right with God is the fault of them. It is completely different than this. In Trump we trust her. He's the man to change America.

You're saying he's open the door you how can you not go through the crystal. He resets Emily first, but God. Every person must learn to trust and if you don't want to trust you better, except the walls because you do if you rebuke the law of gravity readable all the consequences about mom changes gonna bring you crashing down.

If Mr. Trump gets up tomorrow night and sent a bunch of brains that appeared on chance you won't hear me shouting up on the rooftop. Mr. Trump go back to the table of reason you're not listening to good sound bite think I have already said that to him in some areas where I know he was listening to sound reason I watched you doing about paint listen.

Christians don't start calling someone weak when I do an about-face. God calls that repentance. Yes, you get truth to transform your mind, your heart in your direction you making good correction and update understand the gospel like were supposed to preach transforming truth that causes people to change their direction for good reasons, like Dr. Brown right alongside you on Barbie shouting true for mousetraps, but I'm gonna shout and well it's for Hillary Clinton for Pres. Obama.

It's for everyone in Congress are one of the Senate guarantee you this, if we don't get Congress to the table agrees and click there monster and passing a bunch of stuff on that. We got a plastic bubble. We can see what's in it. Stop speaking on Santa Monica monster clear that's for everybody and for Christians. Pray for the kind of miracle I'm talking about ears to hear constant need hands to help. Amen. Amen. And I trust zero blockage 73-year-old grandfather and great-grandfather better but I'm watching people to and much of America's thing it would be just about all the people there were Trump's journey, and I may not know the Lord.

I want you to know a lot of Americans are fed up with people talk about Jesus and I don't live like Jesus talking about biblical truth and I don't believe biblical restrictive time for us to begin to live like people of another kingdom and impact best kingdom right here right now use my legal but I can't get over it in my bones like a fire that will limit Lamy's let me say this is a fellow fire breather. You'll never have to excuse for your zeal on this broadcast. I look forward to seeing you soon and talking with you soon. God bless you I love you Sir love you too man. Thank you all right testify, we need citizens of another kingdom impacting this kingdom that's what we do check out my latest articles. The latest videos go to the line of and just look at them there.

There beautiful new website. We are thrilled with it and you want to search for something else. Just click on digital library foam there you go.

If I've spoken about it. It'll come up there if if we got a video out on a forgotten article out boom you'll find it right there and be sure to check our special resource offer is him holding a ticket of fear yeah the beautiful massive incredibly thorough cultural backgrounds study Bible that were offering with an exclusive interview with Craig Keener for your standing with us on this broadcast my bottom line today zeal for the house of the Lord, you consume us bring that seal America

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