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Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 2, 2016 4:20 pm

Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 2, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/02/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You've got questions, we've got answers. Let's do it right here on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown look into the broadcast. It is Friday you got questions, got answers any question under the sun. You want to ask me anything you want to talk to me about if you have a difference with me on something by all means give me a call will do our best to clarify 866-348-7884 is the number to call and through the broadcast I am going to be having some fun by opening up to the NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible and reading some of the commentary to some of the text that's here, so let me let me dive right into the Scriptures begin 866-34-TRUTH the number to call.

I was reading part of my Scripture reading last night I was in the book of Ezekiel and was reading in Exodus chapter 16 your ancestry and birth. When the land of the Canaanites. Your father was an Amorite your mother a Hittite your photos and Amorite your mother a Hittite so I looked down in the text here. Let's see what it tells me about this verse to confront Jerusalem goes from there. Then it goes through okay very very interesting and death goes through the background to the process of caring for a child. In verse four we read that on that on the day you were born your court does not cut nor you wash with water to make you clean. There were you rub with salt or wrapped in cloths the Dozier says all of the action described here would ordinarily be those of the midwife she would cut and tie off the umbilical cord which the principal sent off the newborn clean the baby skim saltwater and finally, rather than a blanket, the child would then be presented to the parents to be named. However, in this case, the child is not accepted as a member of the household and instead is left in a field where its face is left up to God.

The role of the midwife in preparing the birthing room in caring for the newborn is often attributed to deity in the ancient world, especially in metaphors, a segment of the Babylonian ultra hospice epic, the fertility goddess mommy is the midwife of the gods who brings humanity into being the Egyptian great him to Austin.

The sun got presides as a midwife of the lands of Egypt each morning. The midwife rituals involve provide for both the physical needs of the child as well as a symbolic transference from the realm of the womb to the living world. So I find fascinating is is that here God is saying that he was doing this for Israel and in the ancient near Eastern world. The different gods would say they were doing that for their lands or for their people.

But here God was the one actually involved and then verse six I passed by and so you kicking about in your blood as you lather your blessed you live in here the note to that in the cultural background study Bible says this expression corresponds to an Akkadian adoption formula and birth fluid and blood so and that he goes on further with that one neo-Babylonian Akkadian text describes an adoption procedure is abandoning a child still covered in his amniotic fluid and birth blood and giving him to the wetnurse interpreted in the light of the ancient near Eastern texts. The Hebrew expression signifies a formal declaration of adoption where it takes a child while in its blood acquires full legal right to the code of Hammurabi indicates the child so the doctor may never be reclaimed by the birth parents and God says I sent you when I saw you lay there laying there in your own blood. I said to you live I made you go like a plant of the field. Fascinating is that some of the background to the Scriptures, we come back illustrate your calls for plan by the Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown join us on the one God questions we've got answers you've got questions about the background to the Bible. We've got the NIV cultural backgrounds Bible study Bible. Again, you can get it will pay the postage on a 2350+ pages beautifully formatted, laid out, filled with illustrations also send you free Mike to our interview with Prof. Craig Keener on this very subject he is New Testament editor right to the phones we go starting in Atlanta, Georgia Dan, welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown thank you thank you for taking my call. You're very welcome. So about a week ago and online discussion with a gentleman who claims to be a retired seminary fluent in Greek and Hebrew, and his claim is that there are there is no language in the original text stating that no homosexual behavior long. Probably the best way to summarize it. I don't believe that's true I I believe that all the current translations of the Bible are accurate, but I'm not equipped to have an intellectual discussion.

Not that levels I would like you to address that you could. What does the original text day, and secondly how can I better prepare myself in the future to have it you know more intellectual discussion with people like that. Sure thing. There are plenty of good resources since I've written.

One of them. I'd recommend you start with my book. Can you be gay and Christian is written with compassion. It will give your heart for those who identify as LGBT and will quite explicitly answer the objections and tell you what the Bible does say and then link you reference to be references to other scholarly sources and popular sources so you get my book can you be gay and Christian and I go through the key tax and examine what the Scriptures actually saying give you language background in Hebrew and Greek of that's that's the first thing also. If you just go to my digital library my website.* and just under digital library. Just type in homosexuality over Bible and homosexuality. You'll find articles that I've written that summarize some of this is well. That being said no there there is nothing ambiguous about the Bible's prohibition of homosexual practice gay theologians and activists will try to say well it has to be limited. For example, yes it's true that the Bible never says anything positive about homosexual relations and yes it's true that any message mention of homosexual practice is always negative, but they would say wealth. It's always in the context of idolatry or promiscuity or pederastic bet that if it was a loving and committed relationship.

It would be fine in God's sight.

Now what that's saying is that something that is hateful in God's sight when done. Once now becomes find one done many times by the same people. Of course it's a highly absurd argument, but there's no substance to that the prohibition against a man line with the man in the Vegas chapter 18 and chapter 20 is blanket and clear in the Leviticus the 18th chapter. It is explicitly in the context of forbidden practices for pagans as well that God judge the Canaanites and the Egyptians for incest and adultery in homosexual practice, and he will judge Israel for those things as well.

That's, that's quite explicit. The manifestation of Sodom's decadence is rampant homosexual practice that is mentioned there. But that's not the only reason Sodom was judge that was just a manifestation of its wickedness.

We come to the New Testament, we see that Jesus said he didn't come to abolish the Law or the prophets, but for Phil, what is he do with the moral and ethical requirements. He takes them to a higher level that's in Matthew five and Matthew 15. He says that what comes out of our heart the files of some of the things listed is poor Naya sexual immorality in the plural that refers to all sexual acts outside of wedlock. Therefore, certainly includes homosexuality. When you come to Matthew 19 when Jesus is asked about divorce. He explains that that was not God's intent from the beginning. Rather, from the beginning it was a man and woman coming together as one and the two becoming one flesh. He describes God's definition for marriage in Matthew 19 one man one woman for life.

Matthew 15 this is all sexual acts outside of marriage that follows. Matthew five as income to abolish the Law or prophets, but to fulfill. And therefore, when you read what he has to say about adultery. For example, he takes it even further makes it a matter of the heart. When he talks about murder.

He takes even further makes it a matter of the heart. And then we get to the writings of Paul in Romans one, Paul explicitly says that men being with men and women being with women, is contrary to nature which it by which he does not mean country that once heterosexual nature, but contrary to God's design for males and females going back to Genesis 1.

That's what Romans is pointing to them first. Within six in first Timothy one. Greek words or use.

There are two that are used in first Corinthians 69 and then one of them repeated. First Timothy one and those two words together absolutely speak of homosexual practice, not just pederasty, not just prostitution or promiscuity.

Certainly not related to idolatry, by definition, they speak of homosexual acts and there even as I cite in Kenya began Christian gay theologians and so you no question that Paul was condemning homosexual practice, we just differ with him there so it's at. Let's say this Dan. If not for the counterculture revolution in the sexual revolution and homosexual liberation movement, no one would be question with the Bible said, which is why three centuries, there were Christians who are same-sex attracted but they realized it was sin in God's sight, and they knew that they were not to act on it. Now we've made it into a specific category of people and so you have the right to do what you want to do which none of us do as God's people. We have the right to do with you cause us to do. Or else we disobey so declared on believe completely what Scriptures I am in agreement with you on I'm just want to equip myself better when I'm talking to people know about this subject because I hear this argument so often you go back to Leviticus and many people will say that yeah sure, it says that no man shall not lie with a man, but also so you should wear a garment you know what two different fabrics you know those types of things yes and yes it the answer to that certain get down. I was clear, your heart and convictions run the psych. I gave the answer. Also, for the benefit of our listening audience. But there were laws that God gave Israel to keep them separate from the nations but they were not based on intrinsic morality. They were not based on all universal right and wrong.

So, for example, don't so two different types of seeds in your field. Don't wear a garment mixed with two fabrics is nothing intrinsically moral or immoral about that commandment. Rather, it was to teach Israel, principles of separation separation from the nations, even the food laws. Although a lot of them are practical in terms of good foods to eat and bad foods to avoid. It was, not just based on health there other things there so we don't fully understand, but it helped keep Israel separate from the nations. See, whereas there are other laws that were based on universal morality like don't murder or don't commit adultery. You say how can we distinguish between the two. It's actually not that hard either. The law will be repeated in the New Testament, reemphasized in the New Testament or within the Old Testament it will say this is for the nations as well. So for example in Leviticus 18 when you read from beginning to and you see that everything in that chapter is prohibited for all people worldwide and God will bring judgment because of people committing these sins worldwide.

So if it's wrong for pagans all the more. Is it wrong for God's people, and again I open all that up in the book Kenya began Christian so you do well to be equipped here, the better equipped you are the more people use it free with the truth and those that already have their hearts and minds made up. You can only pray that God will bring them to repentance time for one more question. Real quick real quick trip quick.

Oh well, I I was in a situation a few weeks ago where I was across the table from a lesbian couple and am very bold in my evangelistic outreach, but it was a setting where it was almost like being in a crowded elevator, not just didn't feel comfortable to say anything yet.

I would just not sure how to approach people and especially in that type of environment they were being very affectionate with one another and not know it was just very uncomfortable for me and really the only thing I could do was just be kind to them. I don't know if I did them a disservice by doing that.

First, God bless you for your heart your sensitivity and desire to be a witness.

When I called to witness constantly were called to witness at the right times.

Obviously if if someone's performing surgery.

You don't burst into the surgical arena there and say hey you know Jesus in other their times to share the gospel in times not to but to lesbians as a two people to people from Jesus died and it had been a heterosexual couple being affectionate lesbians for effectiveness question is rubbish anything with just the right time is not yet be gracious and pray that the another opportunity to share the gospel.

I called repentance and salvation – thanks for calling the be right back with more your calls the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire, 866-348-7884 will do. We just have a you guys have a lightning strike or something like that because our board was filled with calls. I look back and it looks like people trying to reconnect on the trip. We had an incident in our studio weather is getting pretty interesting where we are, but if you got disconnected somehow.

My apologies. Give us a call 866-348-7884 is the number to call and before I go back to the phones. This is a question from Matt not not my producer hello Dr. Brown want to know if you give me some insight on something being a Jewish scholar for musician. Can you tell me what you think of Dennis McCorkle's research on the Davidic cipher is made an attempt to reconstruct the notes of that cipher which contains the actual melodies for the songs of the Psalms very interesting in hearing them on YouTube is really stunning. Can you tell me how accurate his work may perhaps be the website is here and that is music of the Matt, I am unfamiliar with his work and I do not have any expertise in terms of the ancient Israelite music, sorry to say I will check out this website.

It is very interesting to me so I will check out the website but all I could give you is an opinion of that's interesting. Beyond that I don't have much to say because it's something I've never looked into some books have been written about music in ancient Israel, and there have been some attempts to figure out how the songs with her been sung. The Psalms of coursework were put to the tutor to music they were to be sung that they were chanted in the temple and things like that but the way that they might be chanted say in the synagogue today would presumably be vastly different than the way that they were chanted, 3000 years ago, or 2500 years ago in ancient Israel, but I will check it out. II just have no expertise in saying the yeah I I'm Jewish. Yes, I've got scholarship in the Bible. Yes, of played drums and percussion was outstanding musician in my high school share that award with the cellist. I think it's a percussionist of but that's that that's the extent of it. When I started the Queensboro community college as a music major that the last in the second semester or maybe the first there is not.

I got some skills but I don't my ears. Not good. So anyway, but good. Very interesting and folks check out music of the Bible, just I can't say yay or nay to not let me say this. If I go to the hair fits Catholic heavy metal rock that obviously I would say though that this love the way it was.

That would not be in keeping with Neary student Middle Eastern music and in history. But beyond that I do not know 866-348-7884. Greg says this I find it puzzling that you continue to bang away at if words mean anything in your debate with the same time you flat out denied the man Christ Jesus.

The only Lord and Master who bought us and replace with an impersonal human nature actuated by some kind of deity Scripture repeatedly clearly formally states that Jesus is a man. Why do you deny the human person of Jesus Christ think that is just fine. So the Lord Jesus Christ Craig log book Greg to turn this question out to you and say is it just fine that you twist what I say he's fully man and fully God fully divine and fully human. So the boy said symptom of a debate. That's what I said yeah this body is a tent, that's true. The body is a tent that he lived that he had full human nature full divine nature, as scriptures teach.

I was a friend. So rather than hammer me for something I don't believe or say best to listen more carefully. Fair enough sung certain diving say son. It's a certain is not a Freudian slip. I meant to say Sir, 866348. Remember Brooklyn, New York this coming Thursday night. Six days from now.

All my listening friends were having a listener rally for you, Brooklyn, New York at the Feinberg messianic center.

I'll be doing a talk on Isaiah 53 the rabbis in the Messiah will be live audience Q&A that you shake your hand meet and greet sign books for you.

Yeah, admission is free, but an offering will receive the help of the ministry workup of the radio and Jewish outreach and then Saturday night September 10 in Manhattan right in the heart of New York City. Yes, I will be doing a talk on Israel and the presidential elections where the candidates stand again live audience Q&A, shake your hand meet and greet sign books for once again, admission is free, a love offering will be received all the details on the website asked Dr. Brown as Katie or all right, Deborah in Newark. Thanks for reconnecting welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much Dr. Brown I prefaced by saying that I'm also going to Jerilyn and raised a Christian and privilege of studying classical languages as an undergraduate and dented my graduate work in biblical studies primarily Hebrew Bible and I just wanted to speak briefly to the man who struggling hard to fake friend could bring up the fact that abnormal fee of same-sex relationships in the classical era and the time of Paul and Ann Patchin and Bertha work say that Hebrew Bible and New Testament are both unambiguous and rejection of same-sex relationships is outside the will of God. But that but I think you may be dealing with Trent with his friend, is that in the classical literature of the era whether your reading the affinity, or much of the Roman literature, there was the normal speed that every day notes about same-sex relationships. So much so that families of wealth would literally dissident Thucydides expedition to integrate the FA that will that families of wealth the contract out their young son could be a 212 13 into a wealthy older man to be a signed contract. The function of the wealthy learned older man would be to raise up that young man in the walks of life, which included same-sex relationship and it was expected as ordinary as part of the course of what the upper Clark didn't want Paul with doing with being a radical sign of contradiction. I guess the mores of the dominant culture.

Yes, exactly.

Deborah you you have expressed this with such lucidity and with solid scholastic backing that the Bible was is countercultural then as it is today. Yet, but it's it's exactly the case. And yes I don't know if this is accurate, saying both of the pond was that the ancient Greek world. The man would have a wife or children, a mistress for romance and a boy for sex and that was the so-called mentoring relationship and even had adult relations you had Nero quote marrying his his male lover even had perversions like that.

And yet there were some assistance in of the Stoics and some data in a by nature resistance to homesick tried to guess the these things were so what I need it written down contract yeah they were part they were planning on bringing that normal life and healing.

Paul's writing to the Corinthian say send is forbidden, countercultural Deborah, thank you so much for weighing it much. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown vacuum to broadcast a 667884 is the number to call. Let's go right back to the phones and will start in New York ON welcome to the line of fire. Thank you and talk show how the right to question how a person shed. What is the parable of the niche you young man, one that out on unnamed national and that his prerogative know that when waving in the Bible did date and he cannot do that when they let Lynn for second.

What gives you the right to tell me what I should or shouldn't do is radio host that's your giving your opinion, correct. I am giving my opinion, right. Why can't I give my opinion. While I'm not talking about you but that I have. I went outside and outspoken. I've been outspoken with a all, right and wrong and estimating a lion questionnaire and I'm not talking about you and pray for them to the minor party thought that there is no buying and selling of people that is so upset. But right now I'm not here lately and I'm let Lynn Lindeman I'm not the one saying that you calling me since it let me interact with you. I believe racism still exists in our society. I believe there's some of it in the police department, but I think there's a lot of it in terms of its actually done read Heather MacDonald's book the war on polices once cops that the name where she is supplies ample documentation that black officers are actually quicker to pull the trigger against black suspects than white officers are that you also have black officers killing whites and white officers killing whites and proportionately it's it's not that one is more the other. Although assisted black officers more prone to pull the trigger them than than than white officers. Once a black suspect there are issues of police brutality need to be examined, but there the minority of what happens. Overall, I believe the bigger race issues are sometimes the way we just see each other that there may be prejudices and that the welfare system so promoted by the Democratic Party is destructive, it creates a whole class of people that is now in entitled mentality that we are just entitled to get funds and does not help self-esteem does not build up an effort to work creates a mentality of victimization all all of that is very very unhelpful and when Colin Renick wears socks to an NFL practice: cops pigs.

That's unacceptable. The NFL would not let the Dallas Cowboys team put decals, stickers on their helmets in honor of the police that were assassinated that were killed in cold blood right I would not would not let them do that as a team and you calling Cabernet can open practice with clear video evidence war. The socks are very conscious pigs and and then has used his places NFL player making $116 million over six years of outrageous sum like that and and and then to to use his position there to draw attention to the police because if that's the major poem I think I think is erroneous and I think it's it's the best place to do it. But by all means, as an athlete, let him speak out against racial injustice, but not under the influence of a radical black lives matter and seen some of his radicalizing his conscience is been romantically involved with a radical black life matter leader there better ways he could draw attention to the bigger that's what I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown say something very, very, very direct. If you cultivate an attitude of hatred for authority.

If you cultivate an attitude of disrespect for authority. I don't believe you're doing a good thing. Now it's one thing if you had Nazis say trying to wipe out a whole part of the population and we hated what they were doing and stood for their overthrow. That's one thing it's another thing when you have law enforcement officers.

The great majority of whom are simply trying to keep law and order and protect people's lives.

That's why they're doing what they're doing okay them in their saints amid their perfect of God folks close to me that have done many right along as with cops or who have served as chaplains for for the police department and these these guys some ways been put many men there they go about their job.

Try keep the peace you don't cultivate the disrespect for law officers you say where there is racial prejudice or disparity where there is discrimination or hatred or brutality. We want to expose that that's what we hate yes and amen. Let us expose it. Let us shout it to the world and expose as a police officer said earlier, showed it to listen to the interview. Just go to the line of with the latest videos we put the audio up on YouTube so the line of and just look for life interview with the policeman whose whose whose open letter calling Catholic went viral, but he said nobody hates it there, one good cop. Nobody hates a backup more than the other police officers whose names are now tarnished, and whose lives and are potentially threatened.

So let us point things in the right direction and then we can stand together and work constructively.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Michael in Washington DC.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I do love thanks Michael 120.about it. Personally I'm a believer in Jesus Christ are believing every single some of the Bible. Every second and all is a point to believe in Jesus Christ. For example, myself or anybody else fails to repent local particular sin that sometimes you may do over and over again so even though you're a believer in Jesus Christ as our first question, you accept the cross and what it means and that he rolled on the third day can or repentant or no repent still keep you out of heaven. When you confront Christ.

My second question is I collect Egyptian art are used to slam a lot of it in my basement but I collected only because you know I was back made it or how you know it looks.

The color think like that I want to know as a believer in Jesus Christ and he is on one why do warship is that Egyptian art goal to get being a Christian or blocking my prayers with Christ. My third question is if someone is amazed that I'm not but if someone is amazed at any level, is that definitely entity that the gift God and ultimate question of Dr. hydrates us will answer them in reverse with regard to Mason. I have zero experience with Masons masonry myself. I don't personally know a practicing committed. Mason is the Scituate is practicing Masons is on my circle of friends and associates who is actually a Mason, but from what I understand the things that you are swearing to the secret society that you were belonging to the views that you would have to espouse with on some level have to compromise your commitment to Jesus and therefore I do not see how someone could be a committed follower of Jesus in a Mason or someone surely scan to email me or call my office later this famous I don't know. I don't know about them and I'm not a Mason myself.

But what I do know I would say that it would require a divided heart and even swearing allegiance to things that are on difficult with regard to Egyptian art if it simply arch and its appreciate that you appreciated as art and you may look at some of it and think that it's unfortunate some of that art speaks of the idolatry of ancient Egypt. The various deities that they would worship and things like that but again it's just art of to me there's no problem with that whatsoever. For example in my library. I have lots of ancient near Eastern literature and in that literature their hams to different deities, you know there there there are all types of of Canaanite myths and things like that but it's it's literature to me it's it's ancient it's helping me understand back onto the Bible.

Have a Craun in my home and things like that. If I was dating Satanism, I might have a Satanist Bible in the home or I've got lots of books by atheists.

So if these things don't have sway over us are negatively influencing over us then it's is this what is it's it's external and is part of history so must the Holy Spirit said you you have an idol in your home. You know when it's the filing things get rid of it. Considering your prayers. I will honestly I wouldn't think twice about out with regard to repentance.

If you are a safe person the way to not be saved is to refuse Jesus. In other words to say overtly and consistently. I will not have you as my Lord just like we receive him as Lord, and bow down to him as Lord, we do have the power to reject him. None of us have perfectly repented of our sins. The moment we were saved. Or since that none of us have perfectly lived 24 hours. Loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength in our neighbor as herself, and done it perfectly to God, so in internets and in that sense we all fall short in that sense every day were being cleansed by the blood of Jesus. In that sense, a day when you had two hours of wonderful prayer you know more saved than on a day when you were so busy with an emergency that you didn't pray at all was a semi-performance data. Data determines what I'm saved or lost.

Otherwise I'd be saved. One minute loss. The next minute. If that were true, were saved by what Jesus is number saved by his grace by his mercy by his atoning death. That's what were saved by however we can reject that. So if my failure to repent, meant a complete rejection of the Lordship of Jesus over my life and returning back to sin than I could forfeit my salvation. Some don't believe that's true.

But as I understand Scripture you could choose to forfeit your salvation and reject Jesus as Lord, in which case, yes we are endangering our souls forever.

Thank you for the questions.

Much appreciated.

Hate your former Mason maybe before your Savior Mason and you want to fill me in. More about masonry not.

I don't mean to be electronic. But tell me why being a Mason is incompatible with being a follower of Jesus. I can recall, 866-348-7884 I would go to Brooklyn, New York Paul, welcome to the line of fire here to questions quickly for what he could to appear in the New York City area. I like to see like to be there in person. You bet I will be in Brooklyn gobbling this coming Thursday, so six days from now September and where are located. That's at the Feinberg messianic center, 1974 Coney Island Ave. I corrected that right. It's on the website, you are asked after but it's a nice writing center Feinberg messianic center yeah 1974 Coney Island Ave., 1930 book, yet only I have any okay I got it. What time is 30 Thursday at seven in the evening and then will be in the Bronx preaching Friday night and Saturday night in Manhattan. When we leave Friday night in the Bronx. Yeah it's on my Sinemet report with addresses that in in the Bronx. Yet, that is, harvest fields Community Church 2626 E. Tremont 2626 E. Tremont yeah I live near there are wow okay what what what time is that that is 730 in the evening that 9 September. That's the ninth and then I got one more for a case when heads Manhattan Yemen at that's the tense of 730 in the evening at Saturday yet at 2 W. 64th St. to W. 64th St. yeah and what it would have event that seven 3730 Saturday night.

Yeah cookout. Now my question.

What I never really got clear and I also want you to my pocket the money about you became a new take on the New Testament end up trusted Lord Williamsburg. We moved into an apartment.

Actually, I I remember, I believe you called and once ensure that it was an amazing story. Yeah the risk with your your question, see a person sick.

Unless you you via escort cold bite by the Jewish prophet did indicate that he Messiah is the yes I will answer that on the other side of the race director Paul, thank you Glenn. Hang in there. Your next era. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on this Friday God answers here on a partial Paul back your question about about the deity of the Messiah in the Old Testament in the Hebrew Scriptures. A traditional Jew say no.

The Messiah is not divine. I believe we can demonstrate from the Hebrew Scriptures that the Messiah fact is divine. Isaiah 96, remains a strong passage pointing to his deity and also Psalm 45 seven when others direct. It is speaking of the king of Israel, but it's really calls him divine one, or God. The only that could be explained is with reference to the Messiah so traditional Judaism sees them as highly exalted but not divine, but I believe we can use the Hebrew Scriptures, and in fact demonstrate his deity. I do that in volumes two and three of answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Hey thank you sir for the call.

Look forward to seeing you face to face.

Charles Finney preaching in 1869 on masonry all maces above the third or Masters degree or sworn to keep in violate the secrets of a brother murder and treason accepted after the seventh or Royal arts degree in the oath of this degree the candidates because he swears to keep all the secrets of the companion of this degree murder and treason not accepted all maces of an above distributor solemnly bound to do this.

The same is true of all the points sworn to in this obligation which we proceed to examine. Obviously you have divided loyalties try to follow Jesus and be a Mason, a Canon Rockland, Massachusetts yes what can you tell us about maces I Dr. Brown though. I just have a little bit of history I know that my grandfather was a Mason and long past and my dad passed away. Also, anticapitalist. It was a book of Mason so it was there book or manual or Bible, whatever you want to call it. And I remember one time that my data report referred to himself as a black Baptist, but he never really elaborated anymore and that I was really young men though.

I really didn't do much attention to that.

But I remember him saying that and I did read a little bit in the book and I don't have it anymore. It was a friend of my sons who his father was a Mason and he asked me to borrow that book and I have not seen it sent in several years at that book, but I do remember that when that was a part about them swearing an oath to the content in the secret that go on in the Mason and if they were ever to reveal the secret than they were to cut themselves throat enable so yeah yeah the degreaser of of secrecy and then the loyalty to the group and is Charles Finney was talking about things that you would have to then keep secret words, the law would require you to divulge them or your commitment to the Lord required to devote to those lives are obviously concerns and then what type of spirituality is involved with. This will hey can I do appreciate the call. Thank you so much for weighing in 866-3487 84 it's pretty serious valid takeoff. Could you well yeah Charles Finney again on this dealing with it maybe was more for prominent in his culture than today. He said Freemasons themselves do not pretend that their institution is as revealed in reliable books of similar testimony is compatible with Christianity so it must follow that first Christian church should have no fellowship with freemasonry second to the question be asked what shall be done with a great number professed Christians were free minutes maces answer let them have nothing more to do with it that it be distinctly pressed upon their consciences that all maces above the first 2° of solace want to sell his crops dealt with that third. If they stay close degrees… Want to persecute them to death. Those who violate the Masonic obligations. Let the BS they really intend to do any such thing, and I'm just excerpt in this fourth commander was taken still adheres to the Masters oath to conceal any crime of a brother that degree murder and treason accepted be a safe man with whom to entrust any public office.

Fifth, can a man who is taken still adheres to the oath of the Royal arch Mason be trusted to public office. So yeah some strong objections to free masonry, 86634. We grab a few more email questions here.

This is no name on it. Greetings my apologetics Bible says Judas from creosote so Judas Iscariot the Hebrew the each creosote man of from the village of of creosote my apologetics Bible says Judas from creosote KE RIOTH my TLV Bible says Judas from creosote KR IOT I can't find much on line my Dick's Bible also says creosote K ER IOTHR creosote and Cree oath the same place. So I guess you pronounce one Cree oath.

I'm curious to learn more about were Judas to betray was from yesterday village, just different spellings. That's all.

The TLV is using more modernized Hebrew spelling and the rest your apologetics Bible intakes with using an older form of spelling but Cree oath and Cree oath one the same place. In fact I pronounce them as the same place the holy through the from the clarify once is Cree oath in the acute same place exactly and and let's just see here as I pick up my cultural backgrounds study Bible, where I want to go, let's go to Matthew 10 where the disciples were named there, see if I picked the right place to go.

Of course there were named there, let's see. And you have Judas Iscariot mentioned by name. There and it's it's that's not the first mention I just knew it would be right there. So the culture backgrounds study Bible that would tell you where disciples came from who they were background like that. Remember when you order it from us today.

I just flip it surrendered. Matthew 417 for the two surrender pages. There is a nice note on the kingdom beautiful separate note, laid out on the page because Jesus is preaching.

Matthew 417 repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand with that mean Quicken explains the biblical languages, the term translated into English is kingdom usually meant rain rule or authority.

Jewish people recognize that God reigns as King over the world he created. Some believe that their firmness whenever they recited the Shema through his revelers or gobblers one acknowledging that there was just one true God.

So there's a nice note that no one Jesus baptism and temptation, as has a nice map with explanation to it. So yeah and and then here's here's a section right at the beginning of the key New Testament terms. Who is Josephus if there's a reference to him and and who are the Maccabees and what is Gehenna so get your copy of the macro question out. I will do that. Matthew 623 will do that.

Get your copy of the cultural backgrounds study Bible bitterly is a holiday gift will pay the postage free. My two hour interview with Craig Keener honestly subject*around the Lord.

My bottom line today.

The truth will never listen. You've got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it right here on the line of fire.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Jan like a kid in a candy shop on Friday. Come into the studio every day. Looking forward to the show and some days on burning the stuff I want to share some days I can't wait to hear what you have to say in response to a question on my mind and that some days I can't wait interview aghast at Friday's there's this fun thing there is. This is fun thing of like us to be like a kid in a candy shop because I love I love being asked questions. I love VNS questions some difficult questions, probing questions biblical questions theological practical personal that are appropriate to be asked in public, discussed in public love to sew phone lines are open on Friday and we never know which way things will go 866-34-TRUTH 7884 this is Michael Brown your joyful host and the earlier you: the better chance I have of answering your questions anything goes as long as is appropriate for Christian radio. If you want to differ with me on something if you've got some if you want to raise by all means do it. Okay. I encourage that II have people that get nasty with me online and they want me to respond. I was a slave to someone yesterday who end up being so hostile and just throw out so much profanity set up block him on Twitter but I did try to reach out to him and interact him. He was mad at me for not interact with everyone I said hey on social media got over 430,000 just on between Facebook and Twitter. We had in YouTube and other things will know close to half million seven a of of got that many friends in social media and income fans and will use the term. I can't respond to everyone so he then post this is the worst, the most Christlike first revolt dog is boasting about all those that he wanted to write you all going to Willow Street's astronomy polite and explain why I can interact with everyone and of course they wanted to return the radio show sleep actually have a few breaks along the way you two minutes or one minute and I'm really busy doing other things although sometimes even tried interact during those segments there so is it what you will go after Jesus left under one after one lost sheep. I said, I'm actually happy to go after the lost sheep, and if your sincerely seeking I'm here to help you. And of course he is a blast to me and cursing me out and all of this in anger, sort of like a Michael would anyone else uses profanity, but call me call me if if if you've been after me on Facebook and social. One response to your face like 99% of Tosca since your post and and the other one for seven times because is not time to respond.

All posts in the once I do if I don't keep responding to the next 18 hours disable what why didn't keep responding in all. Actually, there is this also other stuff to do such response that one person endlessly on Facebook so call me so still people if you got a question if you want to talk to me directly. We pay to be on the air so that you can call and express your views and we can interact house that so here we are glad to help. 8663 for 87884 and as soon as we come back I'm going to go straight to the phones. What is the NIV cultural background study Bible city.

Matthew 623 if your eyes are unhealthy.

Whole body will be full of darkness within the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness is in the context of generosity and covetousness.

Craig Keener explains Jesus place in a familiar expression Jewish people spoke sometimes spoke of a good or healthy.

I as a generous one and evil are unhealthy. I is a stingy one yet. That's why it's in this context, and then pieces like cannot be darkness. Jesus again you shocking language hold attention like salt loses its saltiness by 13 and the light within you is darkness hundreds of drugs like can't be dark exactly to make his point. The Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown dead 660 injured endeavor of city market blast that hits very close to home.

We have our largest missions team in the world in the Philippines endeavor. Now, so they have so many friends there and that's our family that's over there almost 50 men, women and children serving over the Philippines part of world missions team and of course every life precious. Let's pray for God's mercy in the midst of this, in and for for the exposing of radical Islam there that Matt let's be sure we posted on on Facebook as well for prayer 866-34-TRUTH to Bayshore Maryland Tyler, welcome to the line of fire hydrant dark your well thanks okay.

My question is, what is your truth about a woman in authority as a pastor in the church.

Yes sir, I do have a video on this if you asked Dr. Brown.Ward, and just check type in the word pastor, you'll see in the digital library, you'll see us. The video comes up right I give a brief teaching on it. I do believe that God can raise up women to be pastors like you raised up Deborah to lead Israel.

I don't believe it's the norm. I believe that pastoral authority is primarily male and that God is given governmental headship to men primarily.

However, a God does use women in different capacities and undeniably so there been pioneer missionaries that have won many to the Lord and then raised up men and they got out and planted churches and those men honor those women as seniors in the Lord and get the normal pattern is is male headship. That's why we see that is the predominant pattern in Scripture that's wiser predominant pattern in pastoral ministry around the world. That's why it's even the predominant pattern in governmental leadership.

There many things women can do that men can't, and vice versa. And then it seems that that we are just called or made or equipped to do certain things, certain ways of some of the quality issue. It's a calling issue. So are you calling this true record your personal learning and alignment, it will. Here's the deal. If you serve. If your conviction based on Scripture is that it's wrong for a woman to be a pastor and that your biblical conviction that no matter how godly she is, no matter how anointed she is, no matter how effective she is. You would say well it's still not right and therefore I couldn't go to that church and submit to her authority.) If you said hey I don't see it as the norm, but it can happen in God's hands on this woman and I respect her as as an elder in the Lord and I can easily go there and submit wonderful if you say hey God raises up women just the same as men.

It doesn't matter, that's fine.

Ultimately I know I don't mean that it's up to us to make that decision. Ultimately, there is a right and wrong, but I'm saying as far as someone's involvement in a church if you in a church with a female pastor said hey she's a godly leader is the respect of the men around her. The anointing solder. The church is growing, illustrating, saving disciple that and I feel it's a healthy church and you can be there then submit to that person like you would to a man I just don't see it as is the primary biblical pattern that no look.

If I had a female employer. Let's say I was in was a part of the cleaning crew in the building and the.

The person supervising the and of the maintenance of the building was a woman that I submit to that woman the way I would to Mac as I'm submitting to authority that God established. In that respect and a child you know a boy can't tell the mother will I know I'm not listening to figure out my father know that's the mother Reinhart and and you know if my wife shared something with our congregation or school it would carry tremendous weight because she's my wife and and she's highly respected and and I would expect people to to honor her in that regard.

But again, a female pastor. What that entails.

Some claim the Scriptures blatantly against it of his claim that there are mistakes in how interpreting the key verse that we just see the general pattern. Sometimes women are raised up, and then the evidence will be there as there was with Deborah abut the general pattern I would still see us mail governmental headship and women anointed by God to preach and teach a minister in a thousand different ways, but not primarily in a senior headship role. I thank you sir for the calling question 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Eric and Boston. Thanks for calling the line of fire hi… You have a question in a prayer request yeah okay okay thank you.

The question is about John chapter 19 verse five minute relay site 42 per state. A lot of times this is used happily, rightly so, to the to show that you Yahweh because they said that Yahweh shares Hitler with no one in John 17 52, but that she can share the glory with the father before the bar like now a lot of times of Unitarian Christians will you. John 1722 as a way to sort of argue against that night because Jesus gives glory to the disciples of the layout. Okay so are the type of God's love and using that logic started as a response and that and then the prayer request actually you you interviewed the brother and you show before the bill Qureshi yes status on your sensuous stomach cancer. Yes we weave.

That notice is been on our Facebook page and we been aware of it sooner, leaving God with them for miraculous healing.

My viewpoint is not that you have to question. Well, maybe God wants to take him home with cancer is young man.

No, I II pray for healing. Assuming that to be the will of God and of you were asking God for miracle for for Nabil God used them in some surprising ways and his his book on uncial on finding pieces has really had massive distribution and really had the blessing of God on that regard.

So first he sees a man loved by God and be careful in that regard. Also, he's been used by the Lord so we care in that respect as well.

Also, with reference to your your with reference to the excellent point you're making the way that Jesus Yeshua shares glory with his father is different than the way that we would as believers we can bear his glory.

We are glorified in him, the spirit of glory and God rests on us. First Peter four that's true Messiah being revealed.

That's all true, but there is an association of Jesus with Yahweh in a way that is totally unique and can only be explained by his deity. So for example in Philippians the second chapter.

Every knee will bow to him. Every tongue will confess that he is Lord that's of the glory of the father right, which is the way it always is the spirit points to the sun. The sun points to the father, God is all in all brought that's a quotation from Isaiah 45 that every knee will bow to Yahweh every tongue will confess to him that Paul then takes and applies to Jesus every year as I can about us every tongue is like. I confess that we are Lord, but they will bow to Yeshua and they will confess that he is Lord.

So the way that he shares glory with the father and the way that Corey comes to him is different than the way that we would be glorified or share in share in his glory so appreciate the question very much now I would also say this John 17 three is sometimes used by Unitarians to deny the deity of Jesus because it says there. Jesus says this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus the Messiah, whom you have sent as if Jesus is not God but we understand that Jesus is sent from the father. No one argues that the comes from the father and returns to the father. He is not saying that he is not deity by referring to his father is the only true God. In fact, if he comes forth from the father from his very essence that he himself is deity. But John 17 when he shares his glory with the father before the worlds began.

So he is co-eternal. The sun is coeternal that's another powerful point we do not have that standing with God.

So thank you for the question and may God's healing grace be with Nabil, either by outright miracle or with even medical event intervention plus God's supernatural grace 866-34-TRUTH 7884 quite some great questions on my screen. I'm looking at as soon as we come back I'll go right back to your questions on this Friday. You've got questions. We got answers. Have you checked out our brand-new completely revamped. I mean night and day better than night and day improvement line of our website go to the line of explore it.

Enjoy it less file share with your friends. The line of file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is again the earlier you: show the better chance we get. Of being able to respond on the year 866-34-TRUTH 878840 we go Cleveland Brandon. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I can't imagine anyone better to question two.

I am i.e. have been, I guess. This agreement with the money to the purpose of the parable, and it seems to me like the person has been basically anything like Matthew 13 1313 that Jesus was using a parable to hide information or to keep information or keep to keep people blind. I restarted your posting it on either hearing.

They don't hear. Although my idea was that he's actually just quoting ideas six with a curse was put on the people and in fact any Matthew 13 denying that this whoever has ears, but I'm Putnam. Here is the key releasing occurs at that moment that I was going to hear you had the eye. Isaiah 6 is fine question. Thank you.

Isaiah 6 is not so much a curse as much as a judgment statement that the prophet would have the effect of hardening the hardened and stiffening the staff, and deafening.

The death that this is a judgment that that his words now would be words of judgment on the hardened nation and that as Jesus is not referring that the NSA was preaching repentance. And yet it had a different effect on the people and and I'll explain directly. Matthew 13 in the moment, but I started reaching out to a guy yesterday on Twitter and he was self-described anti-fundamentalist, gay, etc. but I still try to reach out in the civil way, and the more I I interacted with in the more hostile he became, until it became just just one hostile profane tweet after another. So from the blocked him as I'd like. Anyone that uses profanity so the point was, the more I spoke the truth to him and love, the more hostile he got. It's often been pointed out that the same sun that melts the wax makes the clay and that by calling the people to repent and had the effect of hardening their heart all the more and that's what was happening as Jesus spoke to the parables had several effects on the one hand, he was speaking the truth, but in such a way that only the humble could hear those who were proud those who were religious hypocrites. Those who wouldn't recognize there indeed would not understand what is what's he talking about what set me and I don't get it. Those that humbled themselves and then ask God for help or that recognize their need or saw that they were outsiders could then receive grace so the parables have the effect of hardening the hardened because they would be on the outside and not understand.

So here there's Jesus right in front of them and they're still not getting it. It would also make truth accessible to the humble and to those who were in Jesus circle of disciples. They would then get the explanation either directly from him or by the Holy Spirit and now the words are preserved for us and we asked the Lord for insight.

Many of the parables Jesus explains or some he explains those he doesn't, we asked the Holy Spirit for insight. So in essence it's it's a dual function and I think you're right in your friends are right in that regard that there is that the keeping the outsiders on the outside and exposing them as outsiders. On the one hand and on the other hand, there is a an invitation to humble yourself and learn the truth of the gospel previously are. You're very welcome. Hate Lenny mentions one of the thing in the culture background study Bible.

I want to open up to two of the New Testament portion and to see what Craig Keener said.

And lo and behold, on page 1692 to Mark chapter 4 verse two parables.

Craig Keener has always it's like a column and 1/2 explanation for the use of parables of their ancient function in the Old Testament the Jewish world and then a picture of source Cove were many believe Jesus taught the parable of the sower. Hence the name. So in any case of here you have it right there in the NIV cultural background study Bible. Remember, just turning in all this week. You can order the Bible from us.

When you do your being a blessing to us helping us be on these very radio airwaves and you are will pay the postage which is lots 2350 page hardcover book and will give you a free CD that you can listen to on your MP3 player or your computer where we have the entire two hour interview with Prof. Keener the New Testament editor for the NIV cultural background study Bible, all right.

Let's go to Sylvia Sylvia in Belmont, North Carolina.

Welcome to light a fire. Dr. Brown, you're welcome.

I wanted it.

Can't that in our time in our day that there could be like a nap. Prolonged high individual like there was a thin marble day rights of some fallen angelic being taking on human form. I see no evidence of that. I can't prove to you that it could happen. I was literally wasting time when I left you to be. I got fascinated by one thing that led me to another Libby to another on YouTube and next thing I'm looking at. There is proof of giants you know and here's here's like a foot print out 10 times the normal size and there is a skeleton tensor is normal size and and you know here's a person leads to inroads mass of people and these are the modern-day and the filament things like that and I am in what what I will contact the committee YouTube video. There's no question that people can be demonized is no question that a human being could open themselves up to Satan and be demonized and come to a point where they lose control because they're under demonic influence and that demonic power could work through that person. They could be supernaturally strong, they could no multiple languages they could know things about past generations and and and stuff like that because their spirit beings and of been around one of my missionary friends from Europe was in India one time and the brothers, the pastors pulled them into this tent and they said they help us pray for this girl. She's demonized.

So he went to to come against the power of Satan holding her captive and next thing he was unconscious, lay on the ground and she knocked him out. This would happen. So the next day he was walking outside and the little girl came riding by on a bicycle and she said I'm sorry for knocking you out last night's TV. Hottest didn't have to be quite as embarrassed as it was demonic but other fallen angels that are taken over human beings now and copulating with women and producing a mixed race. I see no evidence of it is impossible.

I can't say, but I see no evidence of this happening. Thank you very much for asking. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire.

This is your joyful voice, moral, cultural and spiritual revolution. The number to call with any question under the sun that you want to asked me as long as it's appropriate for Christian radio 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. The Scripture says that in the presence of God is fullness of joy processes the joy of the Lord is our strength also says that that we rejoice with an inexpressible and glorious joy in our Lord. Sometimes we may be heavy because of various trials and tests within the Lord there is a great joy that we experience it is a fruit of our salvation is the fruit of the spirit and went when the Galatian believers got caught up in extreme legalism to the point that they thought they had to be circumcised and obey the law of Moses fully in order to be saved. Paul asked them what happened to all your joy, sometimes, absence of joy in the life of a believer is a sign of something wrong, like a fellowship with God. Persistent unrepentant sin, lack of trust in God, lack of believing that his forgiveness is real. Sometimes it's it's understood you lost a loved one year you're grieving. There's pain there severe trials you're going through, but let me encourage you, then the Lord is joy and even fullness of joy in his presence.

You can be so refreshed and renewed, that nothing and no one can stop you. All right I am ready for your questions. The earlier you call the better chance I've got of getting to your calls. I we started in Raleigh, North Carolina Angel, welcome to the line of fire hello are you there yes you on the air. I aborted during or if it your training.

Now, yes. How can one tell the difference between as they call it a pepperoni pizza dream in a dream from God delivered something you ate versus the dream from God there. There are a few ways to work this out and a lot of it is based on experience, I do not get prophetic dreams it in my entire life in the Lord. Maybe to that I've had, but that could have just been something that was on my mind I was thinking about and then came to pass. Accordingly, but I have other friends that for many years have received detailed accurate dreams that they have been acted on, with incredible results. Now obviously, if something contradicted Scripture. There is a blatant contradiction of of Scripture, and that was being conveyed in the dream. Then it's it's not from God to destroy mind or some satanic influence, but here are a few things if you have the dream and the dream stays with you in a way that it disturbs you or or is on your mind. Then you take that to the Lord and the Lord might give you insight. That's one thing it statement stays with me.

I dream all the time, but the stream is just as vivid and struck me is different because God has to get your attention on some level through the laws it forget it right another thing is you start to learn how the Lord works so if you have a dream about a friend at liberty.

Don't know why but in the dream there in a panic and their car Angel Angel help help think what was that, and then the next day you get an email hey did you hear what happened to so-and-so. They were in the back car accidents like when did that happen let happen. Such a such a topknot I would've been right after that dream you stretch was okay with that. The Lord so you ask God make me sensitive give me insight and then the next time it happens now was that the Lord just like Samuel. When the Lord started to speak to him. He considers Eli call after three times realize this is all that's the Lord. Similarly, know his voice yet stay there one more moment.

I wanted another principal notice of the break will be right back by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and questions read any way that I can help you answer any question you have my joy to do so today. So Angel just back to the question about dreams. This has nothing to do with adding to Scripture were were not adding to the Bible. The Bible is God's word. The final authority on life and doctrine and practice. The and in the subject can be added to or taken away from a dream is another way to God can speak to us.

He can speak to us through.

We have a sense in our hearts.

He can speak to us through wise counsel from others. He can speak to us the circumstances, you can speak to us in a host of different ways but it's not the Bible. Winston distinction. The difference with dreams though is it that they often have to be interpreted and I've never been good at that know people say I had this dream to have insight on it. I look at the northerly conference in the accident. Other friends and they said yeah this represents this this represents that and I wonder how you get that sometimes you will. The Bible of the Bible uses these images and metaphors and others to say over period of time of scene imagery what it means, but growing inexperience recognizing the voice of God how he speaks is such an important thing when I first started preaching I would hear myself preaching a message I be praying about preaching in a certain church and I hear myself preaching a message of a certain text using certain illustrations in the Navy at the end of the message is ugly. We pray before the preaching. I hear myself a calling the people for consider it when I can have enough room of her.

We need to move the chairs out of the way and sure enough when I get to the place to be. These extra chairs in the front and the message would go the way I heard it in advance and then because I heard it my spirit. I would say when I come in the front of the altar call, and sure enough we had a large response. I learned to trust. Oh that's a way that the Lord will show me things or speak to me sometimes you know there's an extreme bird I have. I know I gotta stop what I'm doing up and pray, and many times out of that the Lord will lead me in some way so dreams such as can be a random saying if you feel the Lord might be giving you dreams I would just start to Journal them. I would Journal the dreams and and see if I can start to make head or tail out of them.

I was with one friend of mine and he and his team were on an extended fast and they were spending many hours in prayer together on a regular basis and each morning they would start together and say has the Lord spoken anything to a dream and it was amazing that for five of them had the identical dream the night before, was really one of these wow things and then of the insights would start to flow out of that together. My friend Sid Roth years ago when I will be both lived in Maryland came into my office one day and and either call me or came into the office and said Mike I'm writing a book, the Lord instructed me to write a book to have 10 testimonies from different Jewish believers.

You're one of them and the listener.

Use this book to touch our people.

It was as if you just got the memo from heaven. You have do it like this, like this, like this in here the people to have in it.

Well III wrote my my chapter I wrote my testimony in it and the book has been distributed by the multiplied millions and millions of copies it to my mind it is the most distributed book in Jewish evangelism and history in terms of the millions of English-speaking juices reached Russian-speaking Jews. Let's see Israelis in Hebrew Spanish-speaking views of disconnect copy of it in Italian and that was the first prophetic dream sitter had got spoke that to him in a dream and he just knew what he was supposed to do other times is not as obvious so start you gentlemen, if the thing stays with you more. Take it to the Lord asking for insight. A lot of what we dream is just what were thinking about one prophetic brother with the real wisdom and dream interpretation said 90% of it.

This tells you about yourself and your what's going on in you.

But as you Journal it as you start to see patterns as you start to see things happening then you learn if God effective speaking to three dreams but it's 30 scriptural-year-old man will dream dreams and see visions for the outpouring of the Spirit in this age but without doubt about that but Chris Locke and her husband live and it would back the guy that has been dream and I know you name it. I think that confirmation retrain bank bank about Q and initial great rights of yours use my big question for you. If you find that you get to know each other better and you are deeply incompatible, you find that he does not have a heart for God, the way you thought he would write then would you even consider marrying him if that was the case. Okay, got it so you get your head screwed on right perfect.

That's what I want you tell me.

So what this would do for me if I was in your shoes that I wonder all right. Could this be, let's see.

And then if the relationship does in fact develop and you do five hour compatible. We both love the Lord. We care about each other, then you feel all the more confident like wow isn't that something. And, and God even confirmed it and maybe it needed like a little more confirmation if it was unusual or different mix of people outwardly or something like that but II know I know woman who was a single woman was met a man and the man was married and God said to her, that is your husband, and she wife we talk about, but she developed a burden to pray for him and it ended up that not long after that his wife died of cancer and she had prayed for him the entire time and then once you know he was ready to move on with life. The Lord brought them together in an amazing way and she saw how can spot it. Why would God tell me that. But she became his chief prayer warrior all through his time of suffering and pain of losing his wife so I've heard. Stranger things now if if it turned out that some severe that's why we divorce to just get married. None of the stuff, that's right, but yeah so you let things develop a I would say you have an open heart towards it and then use that that rightly screwed on head that you have and you'll make the right decisions. Sure thing by the way, I sometimes give a detailed answer because I'm answering the call, but I'm also addressing an issue for for all of you listening, for whom this may be relevant.

So that's why sometimes I may go into more detail that amassed so I can hopefully be of help to more of you. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 we go to Dallas, Texas, rainy welcome to the line of fire.

Sure sure you can't beat the know and I why is it because I don't see the horror of Babylon scripturally as a person is either a nation or it is some type of worldwide movement or institution, but certainly not an individual. If you asked me to Hillary Clinton be the antichrist. I would say no because as far as I can tell, the antichrist is a male and I would have no indication that that she would be this world ruler they could get the whole world to do to turn away from God and follow her, but the horror Babylon is is either a nation or organization movement's something either that is international in its scope were of international influence and is either a nation as a say or a movement or your religion or something like that, but certainly not an individual right.

I direct.

Yeah, I appreciate you asking that that we have. For example, enough of the verses about this antichrist. Figure as as a person and yet when you get to say Revelation the 17th chapter and it says, for example, you know all the blood of the martyrs is is in her or something like that. I saw this woman was drunk with the blood of God's holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus and how how she enriched or seduce the whole world with with her adulteries and or her seductions and things like that. Nancy yeah oh that's leathery to say this, I am a staunch opponent of Hillary Clinton for many reasons, but the scope of Benghazi or other things, she may have done of the Clinton foundation compared to with the book of Revelation says that the horror Babylon is like with Dave engaged in his child's play compared to worldwide construction so I'm a staunch opponent of Hillary Clinton. Pray for salvation of the reject was a political candidate and leader in that regard is not for the right to ask rainy the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I would shout out to Levee as requested. 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Let's go to Sean in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Welcome to the line of fire around you bet show are you serious. How funny. All right, that's that is really cute rock yes I guess I could just as confirmation that it was the right thing to do. All right. Thank you. Though I read the full article that the but I am also pointed Brandon Robertson drawing to you as well. I watched the video in the open form that you had with debatable orbit reduction.

He admitted that he was computed time what he believed to be all convicted confirmed that he believed homosexual marriage is completely by vendor that, but I'm to compute your interaction with each other. The pictures you got your arm around him friendly with you what happened in it, which I'm thinking in his mind that he all but disdain for you. I don't yeah because these things are being played out publicly. I guess we can address them by name at this tons of stuff written against me about me all the time. Might my team will send it to me just just for my information but I videos are put out against me so III don't read a lot of the stuff just just the time sake but often thank the person for taking the time to interact. Even if I differ with, which often surprises them so it'll make sports. I glanced at someone he wrote that when I started reading.

I thought you got kidding and it is calm, convoluted and twisting of Scripture and twisting what I wrote so that was that was that.

And you know even try to have a little civil interaction what whatever that's that's just leave it there but with Brandon hey what can I tell you so soon. We are at NRB national religious broadcasters and I'm part of this this form where Justin Lee whose leader of a gay Christian network Brandon Robertson whose young guy Moody grad that's that's become a voice you know for gay Christian voice and and then together with with them. Poke who is a former lesbian and moderated by Janet Parshall and before the night before that I had dinner with Justin Lee so we spent time face-to-face together and very cordial, honest interaction and he's got my personal email and then the day after I I had a private time with with with Brandon at the hotel. God got coffee I don't drink coffee but whatever you note some coffee place. We sat and talked and I actually gave him which are very rarely do like I give my cell phone so I mean here's some of that in that respect. Just had complete access and it a lot when he's reached out to me say hey let's talk with in text may have texted him back. II asked him of an honest question recently and honest important question which I think any believer walking openly before the Lord would be able answer in a heartbeat. He took personal offense to the question, but is again something that everybody right of most Lord would welcome a question would find it to be very positive question, but it's either the Holy Spirit convicting him and his fighting against it or he is so in embracing the activist stance that I become this arch enemy of it. It could also be a guy that that he said he's going with now.

He wrote an open letter and I responded to it and then sometime after that he will default response. I haven't gone to that yet that I hoped responsive babies personally offended I will know what my heart really goes out to him I II have a very soft spot in my heart for Brandon for Justin as as you saw on the on the video there. The NRB dialogue you saw there. My heart for them and again got it. I wish the whole world could watch the video if it existed of my dinner with Justin and of my time with Brandon spoke, but I have had this Sean. Many a time in my life that I reach out graciously that I reach out with kindness and that people for some reason turn but at that point unite when it gets to a point with with ugly it's okay, I'm on my can allow this on my feet so I'll just block it in the case of Nate was a table at just take me on the straight don't keep bombarding me with tweets because I honestly don't like 510 2030 tweets coming in on things that I'm asking someone to drop me out of it's just a distraction when they don't do it that out of this block semester's disability issue but hey what can you pray for folks as your burden to if they really want the truth, you help them to see it. I've watch though with Brandon at a consistent hardening of heart in his embracing a more more radical position and I would say you haven't seen anything yet. I would say unless he repents his position ends up will even shock him, so may the Lord grant them mercy and repentance. Yeah it's used in court. Yeah, I remember gelling with one gal who is also declined of a meeting with me or or speaking to me on the phone around on the radio broadcast, but she was gung ho committed Christian and you know just sympathetic to the gay side of things and end up and break fully embracing the fog activist side to the point that that she suggests there things.

Jesus didn't know, and we just have to accept the things he did know about homosexuality in order to preserve or permit physician but hey, as you have opportunity to challenge what people are saying with love. If you're open to a great otherwise you just pray that the Lord would grant them humility and repentance for fishermen. Thanks for calling and in conjunction with the shout out all right. Let me grab the skull quickly rods in Manhattan. We are short on time of but just wanted to talk with you before the show is out.

Are you there no yes yes you are on the air. Brown yes, you'll get this right. I yes I know now that I want you all will bless your heart, and I like you know I like it when I got back to God, by Megan Kelly Dan Irene plan to the guy got locked right yeah but I got good MMM like that you got dunking them out by now will tête-à-tête tell you what, by the way, my dear mom turns 94 later this month. So Rhonda may God's grace be with you, will do our best to have video or audio of the talks that I do in New York and then do our best to get them out online syllabus can listen and watch in the privacy of their home.

He may the Lord's grace be yours. Information on your itinerary. Good aspect about SK DR

My bottom line today.

When you walk in the light. The skeletons he thought nothing

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