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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from New York City

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 9, 2016 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from New York City

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 9, 2016 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/09/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

It's Friday you know what that means you've got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I can still see the smiling faces from last night we had a packed house in Brooklyn and so great to meet many of you face-to-face for the first time get some pictures together. I was just looking at my twitter feed and there I was with a picture with Russian Gypsies raised here in the states. Followers of Jesus, you guys just saw your picture posted on Twitter so what a joy to meet so many of you, and thanks for coming out having such great questions after the presentation. Isaiah 53 the rabbis and the Messiah. I'm sitting here now in Queens, New York. Broadcasting live number to call is always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 any question under the sun. You want to ask me as long as it is appropriate for Christian radio. Let's do it.

Phone lines are open 866 the four truths. With so many questions last night were unable to get to many of face-to-face and then as I was signing books and greeting folks many Camel Pacific I just asked questions of circuit and get everybody then.

But by all means give us a call with any question that you have with its biblical wethers theological. Whether it's moral waters culture with its political if we can be of help.

It is my joy to do so.

Also tonight coming to the Bronx. The other Bronx, New York. So if you are anywhere near the Bronx join you and I'll be preaching and ministering at harvest fields, community, church, 26, 26 E. Tremont Ave. in the Bronx right that's tonight in the Bronx and big meeting tomorrow night. You don't want to mess that's right. Special listeners rally.

It will be right across from Central Park to W. 64th St. in Manhattan tomorrow night. Yeah, I can't wait to see you met some folks are gonna be at every meeting that I met in the city so when we talk about Israel and the US presidential election, comparing the positions of the candidates with the Bible, Walsenburg, and have fun same same good live Q&A afterwards book signing breach of face-to-face. So we got plenty room tomorrow not come with your friends and from Long Island tomorrow morning.

Join your congregation generation Myron at 27 Martin 2740 Martin Ave. in Bellmore on Long Island.

All the info is on the website asked Dr. Brown a SK DR a one news item. If you have not heard this US military Academy is reports and Associated Press is distributing this US military Academy removed a video clip of the football teams post game locker room celebration efforts upset when over Temple is investigating whether a team prayer violated the religious freedom of the players. How dare they pray has Derek coach pray.

How dare he pray in Jesus name that may have violated through its freedoms of some of the players. Mikey Weinstein was always broadcast. Yeah, memorable presidents of the military religious freedom, religious Freedom foundation said that coach Jeff Monckton crossed the line after the game last Friday night in Philadelphia when he asked the staff assistant to conduct a prayer that ended with Jesus and he wants an apology. Yeah, we want three things an admission that there was a mistake in apology and assurances that this won't happen again. Welcome to the latest cultural madness boil boy, 866-348-7884 number to call. As we come back and go straight to your calls and be sure to check out my latest videos you want to find out what's happening in society or cutting edge cultural commentary archives of the show. The line of is your place to go you I get my latest biblical theological apologetics teaching articles aspect place to go and I neither want.

Click on the digital library for comprehensive list of our resources and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown you so much for joining us day on the line. The farthest Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church.

All too often compromised friends.

This is the church is great opportunity in a time of darkness and apostasy and confusion.

The world needs what you and I have let us offer it without shame or apology right you got questions, we've got answers phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTHs will start in Clinton Mississippi as Mississippi or Missouri, Mississippi. All right yes and welcome to the line of fire, really enjoy your show and I am delighted to get to talk to him.

There my question is about a book that you might recommend to someone I recently had a conversation with an individual who questioned the authority of Scripture by Barry goodhearted person who goes to church, but now I'm not sure where he got the idea that he got maybe from the da Vinci code or some like that but I know you wrote an article reviewing Kurt I can wall a while back and I was wondering if there was a ratable book that was available that really talk about the real reliability of the manuscript that you could recommend I want to tell him that if I could find a book I would buy give it to Ms. Biggio and thank you so much for contacting us.

Did he seem to focus on the whole Bible or the New Testament more of the Old Testament more I hate it really excite them to talk more about the New Testament and I just think it would sort of a lack of understanding of how everything was compiled Old Testament and the great things he mentioned were more thinking than I perfect here's a great simple book for him to read. Okay it's it's very readable. It was written by one of the top New Testament scholars of the day and it's it's it's current and it's relevant.

It's called the New Testament documents are they reliable, okay by FF Bruce.

The New Testament documents are they reliable by FF Bruce. He was one of the scholars who had tremendous knowledge, but was able to write in a simple clear way for people to understand, so he'll talk about the manuscript evidence code talk about the historical evidence.

But in a in a simple and clear way and if your friend is sincere. This book alone could could provide adequate answers for that person to then take the Scriptures more seriously and take the accounts about the death and resurrection of Jesus more seriously.

So it's it's a great place to start and I I'd recommend it highly great perfect thank you that my you are you are very welcome and and let me just mention to everyone on a broader level, you can get the cultural background study Bible that we are offering all through this week we offered it last week and extended the offer and in that in that Bible you will have extensive cultural background, extensive historical background on the old and New Testament, but in my view, the two top men in the world to do it. Prof. John Walton for the Old Testament Prof. Craig Keener for the New Testament Nordics were ministry. Not only will you be helping us but will pay the postage on the Bible and also give you free with it. My exclusive to our interview with Prof. Craig Keener dealing with these very issues.

So take advantage of that 866-34-TRUTH number to call to get on the air to order your copy of the cultural background study Bible. Just go to my website, asked her to Brown a SK DR let us go to Beverly and Boston. Welcome to the line of fire… My call Mike at all my life at my parents that Pat and Carolyn Babbitt but the Bible have a heart and anything and I want to get close to God, but I don't know what the best way to retain Anthony again. Did you know that how argument to give back. Can I get like Adam had shared by yeah will Beverly first. Nothing to be embarrassed about every one of us has different ways that we learn in different ways that we grow and for example, many a time, my wife Nancy has pointed something out to me in Scripture and challenged my understanding of it and I assured her she was wrong, only to dig deeper and discover she was right, but she does know the original languages I do and she knows the word well but you can't quote chapter and verse. The way I do.

So we each learn differently. But many times she's had a better understanding of something that I haven't in the knows the Scriptures well I have I have a friend who is an ultra Orthodox rabbi or brilliant man but he does not want to debate me orally because he feels at a disadvantage because he likes to process things sit down think about them, read them and then respond in writing us and I love to do that.

I just don't have the time, so we we each have our ways where we learned Marie interact so he doesn't he's a brilliant man but he doesn't want to be put in the position where he has to respond on the spot. You'd rather think about it. Look at it in writing and then responsible the fact that you don't immediately have an answer shouldn't trouble you. The biggest thing to do is this first really immerse yourself in the word for your own growth read it, pray over the words that you're reading. Ask God for understanding our read it in several different translations when you're really studying to kind of get the real feel for I recommend the Birdseye and the worms I approach that every day read a few chapters of the Bible. So you're always reading through the Bible and then and other times of the day or special day or two week really dive into a subject of real interest when you do that, write down some notes about the thing I put your thoughts together. Let's say someone is challenging you want to point in your frustrated if you just don't feel you have an answer for a lot of things that I've learned, I've learned when I've been challenged and I then went to study it and then I then had to teach it and then going through it enough times speaking it, writing it, hearing it, it really starts to sink in and settle in.

So the biggest thing is that you have a solid relationship with the Lord and that God is speaking to you through his word and your growing and that this number one but as far as being able to answer others I would say that the subject comes up give extra study right down with the issues are. Look of the verses. Think out your thoughts right down. Okay, here's how I respond to this look back at the Scripture. And when you do that enough, you'll be amazed at how much gets deposited in their this that that steady repetition over and over it, taking it in asking God for wisdom and say Lord by your spirit bring things to to my remembrance. Help me to recall things by your spirit and God will help you as well. But those are also simple, practical things that you could do and don't compare yourself to anybody else you know when we've built houses. I have no understanding of building and my wife knows every detail. She can talk with a builder and discuss every every nut and bolt and knows what's right what's wrong. She knows every ton of medical stuff.

I don't know when, at the time of stuff with plants and flora and fauna that are completely ignorant of it. I got a PhD in Semitic languages of conflict of conflict like in other areas of the so everyplace everybody learns differently and is different spheres of knowledge. So find out what your strengths are and build into those and then we feel there is a weakness.

You're some good ways to address. It's hope that's helpful for you. Thank you. Study Bible. I can get out what it when you study the Bible what you looking for the most are you looking for, you know what of these verses mean what will help me understand the meaning of these are like you I like. I don't know where.look for that particular topic all right. The simplest thing that Beverly is just to get an naves topical Bible NAV ES which breaks down everything by topic and gives you. Verses four it's been around forever and forever. But for many years and any Christian bookstore.

What will have it or readily available online. Just look at naves NAV ES topical Bible. And so it's I can I give you interpretation of a reverse as much as to hear the verses on anger through the verses on the subject that subject and it's it's good to listen a real excellent practical way, and the you did get on those verses in the three jot down your notes and your thoughts on things like that that's that's a great great place to go and I will just get you it back in the word of the key pointing you back in the word hate to thank you for calling and having such a heart to honor the Lord and be a good witness. I appreciate it all right other side of the break we go right back to your calls so you call and better chance we have of answering your calls on the line of fire today file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, the line of fire member Bronx tonight. If you New York area ministering on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx and then Saturday night Manhattan special listeners rally on the presidential elections in Israel. Oh yeah, so check that out and also speaking a messianic interrogation Shari for my Saturday morning Shabbat morning on Long Island. So all the details on the website asked her to run SK dear you see it right under itinerary to the phones in one note, we don't go to Washington DC let's go to old Bethpage, New York fill welcome to the line of fire. Michael and Betty yeah want to go for medical, different, and it eventually thought that the prophecy of the week was perhaps the most important of the old, but they did not want to play and it could you speak briefly about connection to the modern state of Israel. Yes, Daniel chapter 9, specifically verses 24 to 27 are very important.

Daniel is in exile in Babylon. He is he is fasting and praying and looking to to God because he sees that the 70 year exile that Jeremiah prophesied is coming to a close and God gives him a revelation that tells him yet seven years is is is coming to close, but on the table a period of 70×7. We understand it to be 490 years and it says begin in verse 2470 weeks of decree up about your people, your holy city to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision profit and to anoint the most holy place know therefore and understand, that from the going out of the word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there should be seven weeks then for 62 weeks shall be built again with squares. Note that in a trouble time and after the 62 weeks anointed one shall be cut off and have nothing in the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Essential, the flood to the end. There shall be war distillations are decree is to make a strong covenant with many for one week and for half of the week he shall put an end to the sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate into the decree that is poured out on the desk later that some of the language is admittedly difficult in terms of understanding every detail with Scott's cleaners this that before the second Temple was going to be destroyed. Member and it had even been rebuilt at that point before the second Temple was going to be destroyed.

That these momentous things would take place and that atonement would be made for sin in everlasting righteousness brought in so something really quite extraordinary and some would argue that if you can identify when the word went forth, restore and rebuild Jerusalem and count your come right up to the time of the Messiah's crucifixion of you say what you can't be that exact but for sure these momentous things had to take place before the second Temple was destroyed for us.

It's clear that the Messiah came and died for our sins and brought in everlasting righteousness, made atonement sealed up vision and prophecy that he did the things that were spoken of in those verses, and therefore the Redeemer came, the Messiah came, and he finished that part of his work. Now he will return. He will return at the end of the age and establish his kingdom on the earth, but this is only possible because he did the first things first. So it is highly significant. If you go to my Jewish outreach website, real and scroll down to answers. You'll see this under messianic prophecy. I think you'll find more information, or so it is highly significant because it speaks of the Messiah coming in dying for our sins before the second Temple was destroyed a great record time.

Bryson is looking for that website Kevin or about possible real under answers just look under messianic prophecy. You have both video and audio exclamations there.

Thank you for the question.

By the way, every so often you might hear some sound and it sounds maybe like a truck, roaring fire, some outs of those I am broadcasting live from Queens, New York.

Even though I'm in a a quiet separated room but still under the city's you might be thinking. Did I just hear Cargill. The carpenter cars go, but maybe you did fascia force where you are, 866-348-7884 we go to Reese and New Brunswick Canada. Welcome to the line of fire. I are you doing well. Thank you.

Yeah, I ask one biblical question on down if possible. I didn't call the call screener this but I won a personal question. I don't have yet so the person one would be unjust.

But with your diet.

How do you maintain your diet when you go abroad to Italy or India conduct my first question on the Bible question is about a exited or verses 24 to 26 about the bridegroom of blood. What a grand have been eliminated made a complicated one idea yet there is a very interesting question for sure, and one that the cultural background study Bible will help you to understand the need, let me just make this one programming note, listens and then I'll begin to answer.

Hey, just a reminder friends that were on the air for another 90 minutes so we come to that half-hour break will be on around the country for another 90 minutes, which means you can call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and get your questions answered.

Even if you can't listen on the air that also means that you can keep listening via the website. The line of just go there.

Any time between 2 and 4 PM Eastern standard on any Monday through Friday in case you didn't notice if you can't listen on your radio station where live in different parts of the country, different hours, so go to the line of and when you're there, you see.

Listen live phone click on on your cell phone, tablet computer, and you rent okay cerise let me answer the personal question first in the book that Nancy and I wrote that comes out January 3 freaking stronghold of food. I address those questions had on and in the chapter, but no excuses and I lay out hey look anybody has an opportunity. It said I can't do it, it's me because I didn't like the healthy foods that I eat every day. I only like primarily the unhealthy foods and I'm traveling constantly at an overseas and so what we do what we do simple, number one, we notify the folks were going that I'm on a special diet and to make sure they can get salads for me and fruit that's their responsibility. There and even in India. Our friends are able to find salads forming things like that. Then I travel with bring a certain amount of organic raw nuts and seeds that I travel with. I bring boxes of beings have a cup and have been for protein every day mixed into my salad and Nancy makes these amazing super super nutritious with every good thing in them freezes them and that I travel with a thermal container in my checked in luggage and I put a few those two sentiments along the trip.

I squeeze in everything that I can and of disseminated free-trade direct travel and I am around every possible meal that I used to eat that love, but say no to that live the super healthy way. Let me tell you it is absolutely worth it.

Even and preorder freaking stronghold. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends, the line of fire. This is Michael Brown electric with you.

Come your way, live from New York, so let me just get back to Reese and New Brunswick Canada so Exodus 424, 26, a very interesting passage. There that says is Moses is on his way's going back to Egypt. Remember he's going to be telling farrow let my people go in the course of the covenant is a covenant of circumcision and if you don't let my son go God saying to Egypt and then your son, your firstborn sons going to die so it says in Exodus 424 and a lodging place on the way the Lord met him Moses and sought to put them to death, thought what well apparently, even though the whole covenant was based on circumcision.

That was the one thing that God given to Abraham and passed on to Isaac and Jacob, Moses had not had not circumcised his own son. So then Sapporo took a flint and cut off her sons foreskin and touch Moses feet with it and said surely you are bridegroom of blood to me. So he, God, let him alone. It was then that she said are bridegroom of blood because of the circumcision so as we as we look at this as we look at this text.

I'm gonna read to you from the IVP Bible background commentary to the Old Testament and you'll have the same notes but in condensed form in the cultural backgrounds study Bible verse verse 25 bridegroom of blood. One recent study has plausibly suggested that circumcision in many cultures was done by the man's in-laws extended the protection of the family over the man and his children. If such was the Midianite practice.

This could serve as an extension of the refuge that Moses had an Indian from the Israelites are the dabbing of blood. Verse 25 is seen also in the Passover ritual. Exodus 12 seven and offers protection from the slaughtering angel Exodus 1244 to 48 supports comment that Moses was a black bridegroom bridegroom of bloodshed with indicate both his need for protection by the family and his need for XP aiding blood so we don't know hundred percent but those are some of the exclamations that are that are given at the very least she's just saying that being married to you is become a bloodier fair because we have to circumcise our boy and at the very least. But there could be more to it. As suggested in the commentary there okay great director come across every time I read the Bible and I overcome it from you like what exactly does that mean that that's a helpful start. Thank you very much yet divert you very welcome and certain things you know will write a distance.

They're not essential for faith in life we do our best to understand them, whatever it can do cultural context often helps that come alive. Thank you for asking 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's go to James in Boston. Welcome to the line of fire.

While thanks if you can help me out in the book of Scripture the court to create an agreement agreement to became a living soul man.

Soul and body of Michael living soul just means a living being. That's all that means okay because the problem without looking at my already explained it elegant yet chapter 3 of the land goes up in. Goes down, so that animal got there.

It also means that just means breath. In other words what that at first it's it's a question that's asked of us in a skeptical way like asking on behalf of skeptic who knows for sure if the spirit of man.

Because of this greater of these goes down.

But it's really saying there is a difference between them and come out the breath the same word can be used for breath or spirit. And that's really all the animals breath goes there gone.

Goes back and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is give you a is is Michael Brown you are listening to the line of fire is Friday which means you've got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 number. Call 8664 truth okay a useful tip. If you run into a passage that don't have an answer to the troubles you, that raises questions for you. By all means look into it, study it, pray over it reading driven translations to cut commenters whatever means you have but don't get stalled there. Don't get stalled or what you may do if you're reading something sick while was at first me but I never noticed that someone asked you a question. Think of an answer will jot it down. Make a note of it however you you do it. And as you have opportunity go back in and study and look the don't get stalled there. In other words, don't stop feeding on the word don't stop meeting with God. If you have a question because a lot of these are very peripheral.

How thanks and I never saw that wonder about you but it doesn't really affect anything in terms of your life in terms of your walk with God in terms of being responsible to him and others. So don't let it cripple you or paralyze you say okay I will look into this more on a call and ask a question on the radio final romance.

My pastor I don't need to stop but don't get paralyzed by his role was gonna run into things like pictures I sent no original study it more.


I was so want to dig deeper. Great.

Just make sure that that doesn't stop you from your general feeding on the word and growing in God, 86634 let's go to Matt summer in Massachusetts.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown actually idea. I'm a brand-new record. I get turned on the radio and you work… I have a question about that. Yeah out.

I was raised Electorally Christian and amateur. When out dunking.

I asked my heart and now I'm I thought it but I getting more into the word find what by and I was that I as a Catholic, but never as a Christian I know that the outward commitment and I've gotten mixed messages that do yet you should now it doesn't matter and all the more personal vision board yet. Let me ask you this.

Glad to have you as a listener and yeah five this week, Monday to Friday to 3 PM Eastern standard Time, you can listen on W ECE are great station in greater Boston.

Also what you understand the purpose of baptism to be not to wash away dinner. I'm a bail and failed or what though. Darrell and not wash will not let but I understand it would be be almost while the student is here that you requested.

Did you want to stand that that is a public profession of faith yet. I do understand that it publicly symbolizes that you died to sin and that you now live to God. Yet, and it publicly symbolizes the washing away of sin.

That's what symbolizes right this member were perfect but it means we've been forgiven our sins washed away right so did you do any of that as an infant.

Did you make a public profession of faith was always there, a declaration that you were dying to sin living to God that happen. Units certainly not right yet so I I would highly recommend that your baptized as a believer because now you can have the full meaning of it the full significance of it know it's interesting, but in many countries around the world where the church is persecuted you can talk about being a Christian I talk about coming to faith in Jesus and your family doesn't turn against you. But the moment your baptized. That's the turning point. That's the big thing and and really that it's because it is a public declaration so absolutely whatever fellowship you're part of I would say go to leader and say had I like to be baptized of in a believer X number of years, but as as a believer of government baptized and it'll be a very positive faith strengthening event in your own life as well. Alright God bless you Matt drive safely and thanks for listening. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we go to I hey Patricia, here we are. I'm in Queens during Queens. Welcome to the line of fire capital Dr. Brown thanking Michael up.

Yeah all that helpful.

It will read the Bible help me help me God revealed that concrete can chop the water and Bert Bennett eight" if admitted.

Got a hard on David Jeter, Frank the bottom growing grandparent, under regulation are looking at guys remind me again let me know what it will open up on what I thought, praying that prayer before we actually read the Bible very helpful. Could I possibly. They start to mutely not reading it at the book.

Yes I'm on an irreverent Lord yeah Patricia, I think that is a wonderful recommendation for every listener. In fact, in Ephesians in the first chapter and then the third chapter, Paul prays these amazing prayers for the Ephesian believers then he prays prayers for the believers in Philippi or in in Colossae and I have friends of my who for years every day would take those prayers that Paul prayed over the Ephesians of the Philippians of the Colossians, and pray them over themselves so absolutely here's here's here's how we would do it.

So thank you thank you for calling and sharing that. So I'm I'm in Ephesians chapter 1 I reading Paul's words were he's saying. I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. Number 17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father going to give you the spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him so I would then pray this prayer is Patricia say for myself. Father God, give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, Lord opened the eyes of my of my heart of understand that I may may know what is the hope to achieve called me and what are the riches of your glorious inheritance in the saints what is the immeasurable greatness of your power toward me toward us who believe, and you pray that prayer over yourself or you go to Ephesians the third chapter, Paul prays where where he says that for this purpose he he bows the knee and prayer for beginning verse 14 and he says that he's asking the father.

According to the riches of his glory. He may grant you to be strengthened with power through spirit, your being. She prayed for yourself. God according to the riches of your glory, glory, grant me to be strengthened with power by your spirit in my interbeing.

So yeah by all means pray for spiritual revelation inside the opening of hearts, the opening of minds.

Lord, give me a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

I can know you better of Psalms 119 verse 18.

The psalmist prayed open my eyes and cover my eyes that I may behold wondrous in your teaching. So yes, great advice. Thank you for calling in.

Much appreciated.

866-348-7884. Right before I go back to the phones. What is mean to pray through your expression we got pray through was at meal. I did a short video teaching on it can watch it by going to ask Dr. Brown AES Kate DR Brown.Ward see right on the homepage and over in our line of fire page.

You can check out my latest video on I Cal State combats micro aggressions with segregation. What in the world. Yeah got a video on that over the line of fire.Ward to check those out and then click on digital life is a digital library and search there and you will find all of our videos.

All of her articles all archived there so dig in. We have it for you digital library is a treasure trove of information review our listening audience more of your calls come back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire. The questions we've got answers if it's appropriate for Christian radio. By all means call and ask and have added 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Washington DC. John, welcome to the line of fire.

Yeah, I can actually, yeah, are you speaking right into the phone. I am right okay it's cutting out a little bit. That will give it our best shot.

Go ahead okay so the regular calling is because I had a couple questions one the work that you dispelled the Eli, Eli Lama Aleman is about 25, little or not. I came across the book that those words do not into that form Nazarene wanted translated it in there and they couldn't translate it directly and another what what that judgment, you know, I can't remember the name of the book an iPod touch that is signed but I just dispelled that we know exactly what the words are is a quotation from Psalm 22, one partly inherent partly in Aramaic and we we we know with the words are. We have the text we have the equivalents of the text was called the Aramaic Targum. The Aramaic translation of Psalm 22 so it's it's pretty simple it's it's Hebrew/Aramaic putting Greek characters than from Greek characters into English Greek didn't have a shush sound. The Aramaic would have been shot by Tommy and that's how it reads in the in the Aramaic Targum. The translation that that we do have an in writing so what Jesus was saying was, was so significantly set on the cross and because you understand that when he said that they thought because he said Ailey Ailey, my God, my God, just as it is in Psalm 22 and Hebrew.

When he said those words, people, here's a crucified man dying and people are alien analyzes Eliahu so there you have it written out seed is even a better understanding of of why they had that that misunderstanding but you know I felt words mean and and we have the original text that verify that all I did I'd heard that the an alternate translation of that was from Eli, Eli Lama, Shabbat day for this purpose will like For this purpose, sir.

Forget it okay and referencing the last caller that… Note referencing the first part of Ephesians where it says that Jesus had a God, right. So how can that be an object that interop line.

I appreciate you Sherman that the Scriptures are full of references to the God and father of the Lord Jesus because Jesus is the son of God in earth in earthly form that he is both God and man. So that's why in John, Jesus can refer to my father and your father. My God and your God. And yet Thomas can say to him, my Lord and my God. Jesus.

That's why Jesus can pray to his father in John 17 and say this is eternal life feeling that that they may know you the only true God and Jesus the Messiah, who set that's why first Timothy two considers one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.

So yes, the God sends his son into the world and the father is the father of Jesus and the God of Jesus to be praise. That's because the sign has taken on human form of the word became flesh.

The father is not the God of the sun, the father is the father of the son but the father is the God of Jesus was the son of God in human form. So that's the simplest explanation I could break down for your 866-348-7884 we go to Lynn, Massachusetts Miguel, welcome to the line of fire around. I don't do well. Thank you.

I would actually turn our proper.

I got the take of the Christian on the black light matter movement. I know that your position is that all live matter and you know we should not having all live matter, regardless of gender. Regardless of the New York read and I'm all for that but I think that the thought of you that live between all live matter in black light matter elected, be often overlooked and I would not want to be. I get grossly ignorant. Judah and I have to question it is not target the way that when the black light matter movement described that they're not trying to say that all life does not matter but that there is a group of people that have obviously been dealt with, and justly, in particular, and not my thing. Black live matter they're not there trying to highlight themselves, but at the same time they are not alienating the rest of the lives that matter, right and just jump him because we coming to the end of the hour and I will make sure I can respond so I was how little I thought about although I appreciate that we only have so much time so I just my my response and and and hopefully be able to get back to you okay, the mansion three levels number one.

I absolutely affirm the need to stand with my black brothers and sisters in black Americans in general over issues of injustice, inequality, prejudice, and I want to shout from the rooftops, black lives matter. Beginning in the womb on the south that out as loudly and clearly as I possibly can. And as I have done consistently on the radio and and in writing that some that's one thing.

Second thing is when there is injustice against others. For example, when we have the slaughter of cops in Dallas. We better be shouting out blue lives matter. Those we we been at the solemnity of and are outraged. And thirdly, my concern is with the the specific aspects of black lives matter. For example, when you end up with a movement that starts with the hands up don't shoot a narrative in Ferguson Missouri was that was not what happened from everything we know that was a falsehood in them and you have radical elements in the black lives matter movement that are they just were queer activist and transgender activism. The disturbing of the nuclear family.

There was can be a benefit in New York which was canceled over over anti-Israel activity that by because matter is siding with radical Palestinians, so I wanted to distance myself from the formal black lives group and from the radical nature of their protest while standing in solidarity with my black brothers and sisters say let us address injustice where it does exist if there is systemic racism. Let us address it together and yes, I affirm that. So if if someone says no were raising money for leukemia nice of all cancer is is an issue.

While that's a silly response so I agree with that. That when you just respond with all lives matter, but so was his black eyes matter right that can be a superficial response. On the flipside, often their selective outrage and and my bigger issue is okay since the vast majority of Blacks are not dying at the hands of police at our anodyne because a breakdown of the family in the inner-city and high crime isn't that where we need to put our emphasis and work together. In that respect.

I listen Miguel, I apologize a lot of time but if you have more to say shooting know through the website aspect of ground out alike shooting a note asked if my attention. I'll be sure to see what you have to say.

So please do that and thank you.

It's Friday you know what that means you've got questions, we've God answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown can really live from Queens New York had a great first hour lots of excellent important calls and I'm ready for another hour of broadcasting joy. You got questions, we've got answers. Anything I can do in any way possible to provide you with solid answers my joy to do it.

866-34-TRUTH 784. That's 866-34-TRUTH and I'm going to go straight to the phones. The earlier you call the better chance we have of getting to your call. We started in Peoria, Arizona. Jeff welcome to the line of fire around 11 or so, a quick question, a living breathing study Bible line me 1.6213 were talked about how do you not know the judge the world goes will also judge first for me. Thank you yeah you bet. Thanks Jeff and thanks for the kind words. Well, since you talked about being a a a a walking study Bible is to remind everyone that that we have our special offer this week which we sent from last week. The cultural background study Bible and in it it it answers these very kinds of questions so you would find in the cultural background study Bible first very interesting that the context of first Corinthians 6 is as lawsuits and the believers were taking each other. The court, and apparently the, the, the ancient Roman society and he reflected, even in car the Greek city. Was it as crankiness is extremely litigious. The rose had A lawsuits against each other, shades of America today.

I once heard the story of of a rich lawyer who was in his house one day and he any took a bad fall. He was in the kitchen. He took a bad fall and cracked his head and was screaming and yelling and is really angry and people came running around this. What's the matter with the matters article bad fall is what you slagged recent. I got nobody to sue submit it's it's almost the mindset of of today. That was reflected back then as well.

But what about what about the idea that the levers would judge angels don't shoot know that you going to judge angels that you can adjudge the world so we know what's written here that which Paul tells us is going to happen and somehow they should've known it either. He had told them this or if these Corinthian believers had been in the synagogue. Maybe they had heard some teaching about it, and Craig Keener explains in many Jewish traditions, the righteous would judge the nations. This judging could also imply the judging judging the Angels, who are believed to rule the nations soap.

That's about as much as we know about it that there are other traditions that pointed in this direction of of of the righteous judging nations and by implication angels who are responsible for nations or perhaps for what other activities they had a does it mean that we will stand with God. And when he condemns we say amen or will we actually be evaluating things in terms of of of nations entering the millennial kingdom and were standing with God to judge. We don't know much beyond that. But it's it's an absolutely overwhelming concept and whatever it means for the future and I wish I had a more definitive answer, but that's seems to be about the limit of what we know it it it's something that tells us that we should act with more responsibility now that we should act with greater wisdom.

Now, and that when it comes to conducting issues and controversies within the body. You should say hate one day we I believe you have listed God coming back and going straight to your call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for being part of the line of fire. Late night Brooklyn last night I gave a talk on as if it were the rabbis in the Messiah would be set up wonderful time together.

Great Q&A got to meet and greet afterwards Saturday night Manhattan New York City yeah if you can come in and join us right by Central Park. All the details are on the website. 730 in the evening.

Find out more and asked her to Brown a SKDR and you can find about my meeting in the Bronx tonight mess in interrogation among on Saturday so join us for as many meetings as you can to make sure you come up with your regular listener. Let me know I would go to Richmond, Virginia Steve, welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. Brown. My question was kind of the years that she found her insight baby at a high level from our group a later study of belt any thing that you gleaned from that well the the Apocrypha is of great importance for the time between the Testaments. The, the accounts that deal with Old Testament or prayer of Manasseh, or things like that which which may have beauty to them are not necessarily to be taken is historically accurate that they may be, but this is important literature that bridges the gap between Old Testament and New Testament. If you're a Catholic. It's part of your Bible.

If you are Protestant several centuries ago you would've had the books of the Apocrypha in between the Old Testament and New Testament. It was understood you didn't preach from them or draw doctrine from them, so you know the history of the Maccabees is very important of the wisdom of Ben cera Ecclesiasticus is is important in and edify. And the way that Christians should read these books is in between the Bible and a really good book of their beyond really good books because they been recognize the sacred pipe parts of the professing church over the centuries, and many of them are important documents that they bring a central role that we otherwise would not know as much about. For example, reading about the Maccabees and the courageous uprising against the Greek oppression at the same time we don't take them as Scripture.

We don't see anywhere in the New Testament were specific formula is used that is used for quoting Scripture elsewhere like as it is written over as the Scripture says that is not used for the Apocrypha anywhere in the New Testament.

So if you have concepts of the Apocrypha.

The final into the New Testament is not as sacred Scripture. So we read it with respect to the early church would've read this as part of the Septuagint to Greek Bible that they use, but ultimately these have not been accepted by the Jewish or non-Catholic and or at least Protestant Christian communities is being Scripture so of great value and interest in importance, but not so much from stem in the Old Testament better, rather for for understanding between the text. The Testaments better.

Thank you for the call and the question 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Don in Kingston, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire Brown thank you for my call and deal with Mario.

I wanted to get up from like more from like from your life. I was wondering if there is your life where you did something you know what rock baby from before your credit and you had now wrecked you to get a make it right again. Click. There are certain things that like obedience was really hard for you to do and how like how did you encourage it up to do it to make it so that you would be disobedient, but really just kind of pushed sport that you would elevate even though you really want face the consequences or make it no Don that the biggest factor to this day would be really pressing into get closer to the Lord, and the more quality intimate time you have with him, the deeper your worship of him. The more his words in your heart, the harder it will be not to do the right thing would still be that holy push from heaven that holy impetus of the Holy Spirit in your own heart convicting you of what's wrong convicting you to go in the direction of what's right when when I came to faith.

We didn't really have a concept about restitution. For example, a friend I had broken into a doctor's office. It never dawned on us that we should go back and confess to him what we did just really think of it out. We were we were not conscious of that. The other things though that I was conscious of, for example, there is a strained relationship with our next-door neighbor and somehow my dad in the neighbor had his restrained relationship is do you know who's Bush was was on which side of the property or what the little property that we had and I was going to go knock on every door and in the neighborhood and share the gospel and I was convicted that there is a bit of a strained relationship with the next-door neighbor. So I went over to apologize and then share the gospel and my dad heard. He said I know he felt convicted because of what I did. He said I should've done that before. When my dad asked me as a new believer fight stolen money from him this last particular time when there was a big conflict went when he realized that stolen money can, and I lied about it. So now that I was a believer. He's sitting down talking one night he said Michael I just want to know did you steal that money and I thought how can I tell him assessment data element to Alcatel him and I said note know that I didn't and I felt so miserable set out to go to my room said okay so went up to the room and I was smitten with conviction smitten. I got my knees and I said, I'm so sorry I lied forgive me and the conviction left I thought all good, good. I don't have to tell him it came back like a dagger.

He said okay okay I went downstairs and immediately I told him I said that you stole the money and he said something here was it not a believer. At that time, in any way. He said to me the moment I saw the money missing. I knew that you stole it and I for gave you on the spot that would hurt me was that you had a need and that you have a need and you didn't come and tell me with that divorce and that was the love I have for my earthly father, but over the years, you may be they get messed up in a certain way that was embarrassing and I want to tell Nancy, although I forgot to do this thing and because of that there is negative conscious of healing.

Embarrassed by his rather, hope it doesn't get noticed, but all I have to do is spend quality time with God and immediately sick. Okay, I gotta fix this I got a make it right. So to me that's the biggest thing really spend quality time with God.

There's an old saying, even though the word will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the were the same as Prairie. The prayer will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from prayer. So really get with the Lord spend quality time with him.

And you're either have to quench the Holy Spirit which case you have to draw away or you can obey. And then when you do you'll be blessed it'll be for you. Good. There may be a little bit of a storm. Initially the long term. It's always for your good to make things known to make things right. You are very welcome 8663 for 87884 we go to Winston-Salem. Kim, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown. My question is from chapter 5, verse 27 when it shares is supposed to watch his wife and cleanse her with the word that look like an electric intimate relationship going on between a husband and wife only husband washes wife with the word yeah Kim, thank you for asking that specific question. In point of fact, the only way that you can really carry this out as as Paul is writing is in a husband and wife weight certainly father raising children is gonna cost you try to nurture them in the word and strengthen them in the word here is speaking of of Jesus gave himself up for the church that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word and and then obviously that's what he did for us. We want to do that for wives, but in the sense that that this is speaking of what Jesus did for us. Obviously, every time I minister the word I want to strengthen people in it and and through the preaching and teaching of the word help them be washed and cleansed and refreshed as it is a father I would want to do that for my children is teaching a Bible school. I want to do that. But there is a way of of the responsibility that the husband has, to the wife, which just going to look different, so Kim what I would say ensure it is this. It's not so much how we do it is different but the responsibility that a husband has towards wife in the relationship. A husband has towards wife is different than any other relationship different than parent-child different than siblings different than minister and congregation and what it looks like to me is being that the priestly leader and being there to encourage being there can nurture being there to cover the loss of sensitive tax file meant to really love my wife is Jesus loved her I would get a break.

Thank you for the quest. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 8788 or be sure to check out my latest articles and videos that the line of fire board. My latest cultural commentary campus madness. Other things going on. Check those out. You want to dig deeper in the word and get my latest insights on the Scriptures go to ask Dr. under their ticket latest video latest audio be sure to take advantage of our special offer which ends this week. The cultural background study Bible, we extended it one more week because of great response when you order it would pay the postage and we also give you free to our interview with Prof. Craig Keener on cultural background to the Bible, also an order from our website. We always do our best package things in an attractive price and cover the postage book and give you some extra special. It can only get through us, but also helping us when you do so. Thank you for ordering through her website enables us to do what we do.

We don't make profits whenever money comes and goes right back into ministry to help us do it were doing so you're helping us as we help you all right. Let's go back to the phones in Brooklyn, New York. Jeremiah, welcome to the line of fire Brown doing well thank you I appreciate your regular program I try not.

I'm glad that I think you do have you save them on your website. I have fire. I think you just go there. I have a situation I know your your your privies and learn culture of acquittal, not culture, but. What's happening even more. Getting my style to the Scripture in the Bible and print District was smiling where one of the parts that Paul is.

But using the word stemming now I and a Bible, a life study Bible and types of homosexual partners are dominant on the Dutch lubricated Greek word used at the end of igniting my luck was an honor. No QT is right.

My locales can sort or effeminate.

The term was used to describe a person out and as a young boy in a passive role in fixed relation of the spectrum work. No consequences, right-click it is less clear.

But it could be used to refer to the dominant bone strength extension. If these basic definitions are correct and note to John Duncan together, making him think my point is it in every race you have children and are very raised by the mothers are not allowed a lot I think any parent to grow up manner yes is that the I understand the question and where you going here okay the translation effeminate in the King James is unfortunate. It is misleading for that very reason that you you could think but say a boy raised by his mom and his and his grandmother with no brothers and tends to be sensitive kids to start he could grow up and end maybes got several sisters, and he could seem effeminate to people even though he's minds totally heterosexual male, and there no same-sex desires in them whatsoever that or some guys just the way their hair looks for the way their face looks they they look they look more feminine than your average guy does. Even though there their normal heterosexuals so it is correct.

The Greek word mala because basically Microsoft it can be used for example for soft clothing and hence from there effeminate could be a meaning, but it's really meant in in in the terms describe there.

In other words, if there is anything effeminate about it had to do with the way a guy might dress to say that he was available for gay sex. Not someone that may have effeminate mannerisms. I had a good friend years ago with the Lord now, but he came out of homosexuality. He was committed believer and a solid heterosexual guy in a solid marriage yet he had effeminate characteristics because when he was raised so it's best to understand that though the two words together, especially our Sukhoi case is even clearer about men who sleep with men that the two words together are absolutely condemning homosexual practice.

It could be referring to that the passive and the dominant roles in in it in a homosexual act and that's why the two words are being used are two different classes of homosexual behavior, but together there is no question that it is a blanket condemnation on homosexual practice just like there's a blanket condemnation on adultery blanket condemnation on drunkenness and fornication and those who live like that will not inherit the kingdom of God. The good news is, Jesus died for all of us met who we are. The matter what her background we can find salvation a new life in him. In my book. Can you be gay and Christian Jeremiah can you begin Christian I get into this in more depth. I give more background on the words and I quote quite a few gay scholars and theologians gay references that say yes.

Without question without question. Paul condemned homosexual practice. You'll also see some translations. For example, the ESV puts the two words together and now says men who practice homosexuality know with the treats the two terms together and you could make an excellent case for doing that as well.

The NIV says men who have sex with men. The HCS B says anyone practicing homosexuality the complete Jewish Bible says anyone engaging in active or passive homosexual homosexuality. The NET passive homosexual partners practicing homosexuals. The NLT male prostitutes or those practicing homosexuality so those with a firm what you read there except our Sukhoi case is even clearer about men sleeping with men in the two words together deftly speaking of condemnation of homosexual practice, but not saying that if someone has effeminate characteristics they don't enter God's kingdom no-no.

Absolutely not. Thank you so much for asking the question on radio and friends that if you can catch her. Jeremiah said if you miss any part of the broadcast from among two hours a day live across America. I know that many of you don't have two hours. He loved to listen to John have it put maybe you get 1/2 hour or an hour on your local radio station without the rest of it. If you can catch it live. It's all archived for free on the website. You can even subscribe by free podcast, have you do that you go to the line of the line of and you just look up just look up the which is listen you click there and all the shows are archived, archived, for he, Jeremiah, thanks for the call.

I will get right back your calls.

The other side of the break having a blast doing it like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown look into the line of fire Michael Brown your moral cultural and spiritual.

Yes, enjoying the mercies of God, which are new every day. We have life and breath and hope in Jesus, Yeshua, regardless of what confronts us, regardless of what we experience day or night. There is life in grace and mercy in him. Over the course of the last week one dear staff member part of our congregation grad from our school and now newly on our staff and his wife suffered a miscarriage. They've had several, and so yet another blow so maybe lost baby gone and then yesterday during radio. I get a note had to me for my faithful assistant Dylan also grabbed for ministry school that his his wife's dad suddenly passed away so we sent them get out of here.

Get back to North Carolina immediately to be with the family. So here are a baby lost in this world are lost to this world few days back and now on the other side. A parent lost. It reminds us of how fragile life can be reminds us, even when all is well for us. How much pain others are experiencing reminds us that that death is inevitability for every human being, but there is endless life and hope in Yeshua, he rose from the dead and our friends or coworkers would be the first to tell you, even grief, even paying God's grace is there in a real way.

So if you find yourself going through hell on earth I want to encourage you that there is resurrection life and resurrection hope in our Savior and our God and that God's grace even in the midst of hopeless situations can give you hope I can give you sustenance courage. I can give you strength. Many times you look back years later and have no idea how we got through it, but God.

God's grace is real all right any question you have for me. Friends on any level, any question on any level.

Anything you want to talk to about as well as it suitable for Christian radio.

Give me a call 866-348-7884 and with that we started in Houston, Texas.

Chris, welcome to the line of fire Brown very well, thanks. God, nature and impact ability. Yeah so regarding a or any and nothing is perfect but that God would be happier and rather than projected.

Another demigod capping and I family dependent upon our action yes I I do believe that you can make an excellent case for God who is eternal and unchanging, yet having different desires and things that grieve him things that bring him joy.

So for those who are not familiar with the concept of impasse ability.

It would say that impossibility but impasse ability would say basically that for God to experience in a real way we would think of as joy or grief or anger would suggest that he can actually change from one moment to the next and would suggest is Krista saying that in some way he can be affected by the outside world that he created which would somehow lower him or lessen him as God.

I appreciate the theological argument. But I don't accept it myself and one reason is that Scripture says were created in the image and likeness of God.

And when the whole Bible communicates God's grief God's joy which pleases him with this pleases him when he pours out his wrath, the tenderness that he feels while rebuking disciplining these in every way I can understand speak of who God really know he doesn't have human anger human joy but the joy and anger we experience is just the earthly representation of joint anger. He had her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire limited number to call 86 God answers any question you have any kind. It's appropriate for radio for Christian radio. Give me a call. She's going back to Chris and Euston Chris. When God created the universe and particularly created human race.

He made a choice and that choice was now to involve himself with us. Which would mean that we could bring him joy. We could bring him grief so tip to make all of these theological statements simply into or it's easy to make all of the statements about God's quote emotions I say quote emotions because it's not emotions like ours, which which are flawed and are not always related to truth and reality worries God's quote. Emotions are perfect in every way and perfectly measured, perfectly righteous and perfectly based on truth, but I cannot see all the statements about his emotions as merely being theological analogies by which we learn what pleases God and with this pleases him, but he remains constant in terms of perfect joy, perfect, perfect peace and everything all the time. It would seem to me that Jesus saying if you seen me you seen the father would would underscore that that there were times he was grieved did not reflect the father's grief. There are times he was overjoyed, did not reflect the father's joy so there is nothing in God that is fallen, he doesn't worry. He doesn't fear he has no anxiety. It is never short fuse. Every desire he has is a perfect desire in every way. It is the height of perfection.

Him being God yeah II see the statements as being very real and very true, and therefore, while he remains unchangeable, he God 100% who he is perfectly for all eternity with nothing added to him or taken away from him yet. He made a choice to interact with us to bring us into the world because of which there is pain in his heart, and there is joy in his heart, based on how we respond. I can't see it any other way based on Scripture.

Okay yeah I agree with you. I actually for my Masters at 8 o'clock be on Mormonism and critique that they make, try to have that guiding light change not fallible or that he is no longer God, but that it has some type of an effect on his intrinsic property is emotional response think I got.

I just want to get your thoughts on yet again. It absolutely has nothing to do intrinsically with who he is for sure and and we see that he in fact is being consistent with himself by responding in certain ways that when he responds with with anger and punishment. He is being consistent with his holiness and end with his love, and with his justice and when he forgives and has mercy he's being consistent with his love and his holiness and justice that that these are valid expressions and that again were created in his image. What is that tell us what insight does it give us Jesus makes the father known in Outlook there are brilliant theologians, whom I deeply respect who are far sharper than me in areas of theology is systematic theology and philosophical insight, and they will give strong arguments against what I've said. But to me that that simple reading of the Scripture leaves me no conclusion and I believe that, just on a personal level, I can bring joy to God's heart. I can grieve him just like my kids or grandkids could because the relationship that we have. My love for them is constant and unchanging, and who I am in that sense remains the same, but they can bring me joy. Or they could bring me grief. I can see why it's not the same in a relationship with the Lord and and therefore oversimplifying how people speak of impasse ability. I'm simply doing so for the purpose of communicating what we differ. Thank you for for the question and thanks for your good work in the midst of your masters research, 8663 for 87884 Jalisco, Dallas, Texas Stephanie, welcome to the line of fire. Now on whenever we're meeting thing that are outside of the Bible. It and it can be a bit airy and catchy and you that you and make sure you have your discernment all lined up that and I've been reading conduct regarding the end and it really put things into perspective that allows me to understand holistically who he is on a different level that maybe picking game version out and often allowed me to help discuss things with my plan to include and met those different historical version and kind of bear and protect as well felt whenever I try and and Edith went down, I can relate who he had that they know and tied with wanting to have your opinion on why he story may have been left out. Okay that you want the real truth.

Yes, I dare lately even as it burst your bubble a little bit. I love my velvety birth. Okay, the reason you left out is because they were never in these are fictional accounts written centuries after the original with all types of mystical elements that none of the eyewitnesses and apostles believed Rachel to they were written by other groups. Maybe a century later, maybe two centuries later, and some of those wrong traditions were then passed on Jewish traditions and Muslim traditions to Mohammed and he didn't know any better. He thought they were accurate in what he felt he was getting inspired messages from the angel Gabriel. That became part of the information. There, but it's not that they were lost or excluded.

They were never found.

They were never part of so that the reason you have this missing information that people decide if they're going to fill in the gaps look there a Jewish traditions that were just written out of hostility to Jesus because of a conflict with the early church that claimed that he went down into Egypt and he learned sorcery and magic there and that's how we got the power to deceive so many Israelites. It just is just another myth is not a shred of evidence in it whatsoever. No historical backroom whatsoever. I've I've interacted with people. He told me about. Oh, did you know that Jesus went to India a studied Buddhism is to have all these different myths got written at different times and that's why they're not in the Bible because they didn't, they weren't there. Originally because they weren't written by the apostles in the eyewitnesses.

I think I found interesting life. I don't member of the gospel, again I think that talking about Mary and her parent dedicated her to the temple and quickly about how she had been had died from the beginning and then talk a bit about empathy and different sure from touching him. You know, waddling on all myths all stories but see, it's only natural that people would start doing this because you know Mary the mother of Jesus was highly esteemed.

So now they can start creating all the stories and legends about her and and I Like undercounter merit here. What about that I didn't really pay mind and nail yet so so here's just a book that will encourage you write. It's by Darrell Bock POC K he's a leading New Testament scholar when their end of the Gospel of Thomas probably has some actual sayings of Jesus that were passed on, but most of those really have in the Gospels anyway without the Gospel of Thomas as part of another group called the Gnostics, and they had some very odd beliefs so the these are now every body writing their own stuff about Jesus. They've all got two different traditions from their different groups. So that's why what became part of the Bible was that which is written by the apostles with her coworkers because they were there they they were the eyewitnesses.

They were the ones that Jesus entrusted things to work for those that encounter the risen Jesus like like Paul, but Darrell Bock has a book called recovering the real lost gospel recovering the real lost gospel saying that the real amazing news is what we have in the Bible and Darrell also has some other books where he tells the truth about these other so-called lost Gospels living to see if I can grab you the title of one other Darrell Bock book hang on. I'm almost there, but that this is a real good one to get recovering lost gospel Casillas I hate let's open the Scriptures and again and see which really that year ago.

This is the one I was looking for the missing Gospels unearthing the truth behind alternative Christianity that would be the good one to start with the missing Gospels unearthing the truth behind alternative Christianity by Darrell Bock. You know what's really an interesting is that as a Jewish person I look back at our Jewish traditions, and the rabbis fill in all the blanks and tell us all these things about the ancient people, but every evidence for those that just fascinating traditions and then the more legendary the person, the more myth is associated with self, get the Dow bath look on the missing Gospels.

Thanks for your honest file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, one background study Bible through our website will pay the chock-full of amazing information background tell me honestly reading through myself. I'm learning stuff.

I didn't know before and it's it's an amazing resource all in one Bible when you order from us. We pay the postage and we can meet you for your exclusive to our interview with Prof. Craig Keener can listen to it on your computer, your MP3 player to order go to the website*Brown asked Kate the art I would go straight to the phones mark in Fort Worth, Texas, welcomes the line of fire. Thank you Mark all dark brown. You hired a dark here.

Are your views on. I've heard quite a few other believers.

The their reluctance with the upcoming election with what's been termed the voting between the lesser of two evils and I know I heard a lot of church leaders very well, but for the may do the least damage and I like to get your perspective on that because I really don't feel comfortable with. With the background and the nature of who the two candidates are Martha many millions of Americans feel the same way as you do on the one hand, there's the Charles Spurgeon quote when choosing between two evils. Choose neither and I understand if you have a choice between Hitler and Stalin. You can say hey I I can't vote for either. If you have a choice between okay this road you crash into the sea in this road, you fall off the side of the mountain, then you don't go anywhere. If that's the case, and there are some for that reason, who were either going to vote for third party candidate or not vote at all when it comes to presidential elections. At the very least get involved in local elections in your state and find out he's running for what I get involved in an informed way. My perspective series. This I knew that under no circumstances could I vote for Hillary Clinton unless she repented became a totally different person so that remains the same. Under no circumstances can I vote for Hillary Clinton.

I absolutely oppose her militant pro-abortion stand her radical gay activist push in recent years I have deep deep questions about her character, her honesty, her integrity and under no circumstances can I vote for her to me. I'm complicit in the shedding of innocent blood. If I do my stance against Donald Trump had been very strong. I often warned about him during the primaries, the concerns that I had a because of which people thought I was saying if it was Trump and Hillary I was single trophy from the house and we had other alternatives to Donald Trump. I was advocating voting for one of those other alternatives in person had endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, however, I've been watching very carefully to see how much Donald Trump is listening to the godly counselors around him how much he seems to be seeking to act on what they're saying. While I still have concerns about his character about his depth of commitment to things he standing for about his willingness to humble himself and listen. I'm feeling better each week that he seems to be taking steps in the right direction.

There obviously still things that concern me there other things that are encouraging and positive so if I felt okay that he was going to do the right thing in terms of Supreme Court justices at least getting some of it right that he he might really take a strong stand against illegal immigration but have an openness to an approach that that might more compassionate to those who've been here working hard for years, but came in the wrong way. If I felt that he would listen to good military counsel and and that these godly leaders would continue be able to speak into his life that I would be inclined to vote for him. My hope has been that I would be able to. I still had misgivings of months ago. If the election was held.

I would not have voted for either of them. But I continue to watch with interest. I think okay I could vote for Donald Trump because he'll do better in certain ways and Hillary Clinton but bigger thing is, the church has to do what it's supposed to do so. That's right Matt right now.

To be honest and I think the biggest thing. The biggest advantage of might have over others is that I do know some people well who are really speaking to his life on a regular basis and who are regularly in touch with me sharing what's happening and is much as I was disappointed Ben Carson.

Certain ways Mike Huckabee in certain ways. I do respect them in many other ways of course and there there actively involved in his life. For some of these other godly leaders and he's not shutting these men out when when one of my friends in particular, Connick gets in his face, respectfully and challenges and he's not shutting him out so that to me is giving me hope but that being said, if I did vote for Donald Trump. I would absolutely not be putting my trust of the White House.

We need to pray with desperation, just as if everything's going in the wrong direction. The worst thing we could do is get complacent, so that's is is my take for whatever it's worth, then let everybody work it out on their own. I am try to get another call in Arlington Texas Chris were real short on time with your questions or background, part of your regular care and I will of course never got along and wanted to work or whatever you believe about.

Thank you.

Between the left of the one who does not condemn them so order your crew, notice chapter particular deals with strong faith only gives examples of articles that certain people donating weaker credit strong. They know there are other meaning, spiritual meaning behind behind this chapter, and particularly the bird.

Yes, in Japan. I apologize surfer interrupting my apologies, but no one answered your question.

So thank you so much for asking this is talk about disputable matters right whether it's nice at the start stay aside is holy and you don't whether okay I can eat these foods and you can't it's not talking about life-and-death matters of the faith. It's not talk about fundamentals by which we are saved is not talking about God's requirements and are for example one. I don't feel I have to honor my mother and father so I'm not going to know that's a command, Old Testament, New Testament that remains the same. So in disputable matters when it comes to disputable matters, then the big thing is okay if you can do it with faith before God. Great if you can't don't do it. I'm not sure I don't know if I could a server report on the fly can eat it all right then don't then don't.

If you say is not here. They serve me this visit and wash their hands first.

I know if I could eat it. If you not sure front that if you sure it's okay great, no big deal.

So when it comes to disputable matters doing faith and clean conscience rate, go for it and it's five before the war. Bottom line today those who seek wisdom find it. God is our ultimate source

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