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Updates on the Biggest News and Two Special Guests

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 12, 2016 4:30 pm

Updates on the Biggest News and Two Special Guests

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 12, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/12/16.


So what about Hillary Clinton's health stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown sounds real 9/11 yesterday so happened I was speaking in Queens New York in the morning in Glen Cove, Long Island in the afternoon and of course the folks in greater New York. Your listening right now. You have been more impacted by 9/11 than many other parts of the country.

The same with our friends in greater DC get some thoughts to share on that one. Talk about Hillary Clinton's health presidential elections.

Some Israel news as well. This is Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. First, to all of my friends that join me in New York whether it was our listeners rally sponsored by chosen People ministries Thursday in Brooklyn or Saturday in Manhattan, whether it was at the services right priest in Queens New York at living Word Christian Fellowship with Pastor David Harwood restoration Fellowship in Glen Cove whether it was being a harvest on Friday night in the Bronx. We exit a miscommunication about the Friday night meeting. I thought it was the normal church service so we hardly even announced it turns out the only ones that came with the ones that knew it was a special meeting so we had a fun little gathering there with my friend Ron Corbett on Long Island Shah racial mind so everyone that I got to greet face-to-face on her Israel trip Israel trip not quite on our New York trip. What a joy to see you. What a joy to smile at one another and thank you for the many kind words 866-34-TRUTH what you actually feel is happening with Hillary Clinton's health. Do you believe that there is a serious condition.

Some doctors are even on record saying they believe it's Parkinson's G believe there is something serious that is being hidden. That is being masked. Obviously, the fact that there is the initial report when she when she collapsed at the leaving the the 9/11 memorial on Sunday there was the initial report sheet she overheated and was dehydrated. She's rehydrated doing great course. The question was an 80° weather. Why would you overheat and why would you collapsed like that.

Then they said later will actually just ammonia. She was diagnosed on Friday people why she then getting real close a little girl. She's got pneumonia could be contagious, etc. this is something going on is or something being hidden. Obviously her side of the campaign is not been forthcoming. All this time. Obviously if she really has pneumonia with found out that she was diagnosed with it on Friday instead of it coming out on Sunday when there is a public crisis and as far as Donald Trump. I was I was concerned that he might say something that would be inappropriate and his comment that Fox news was something's going on but I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and then said he'll see her at the debate but yes it is an issue. This appointive concern and what I find interesting friends, but I find interesting is that the liberal media which is been so overwhelmingly pro-Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly so they don't seem to have to happy to be cut out of the process and left in the dark and not knowing what's really happening with her health.

So there's a bit of a backlash because of that one other question you feel were safer today were, the 9/11 attacks which candidate think better job protecting our nation Clinton, Donald, just simply in terms of security will be right back for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today, 866 shortly. I want to get into some thoughts about 9/11 some personal thoughts and some larger national thoughts. I do want to talk about that in a moment. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 number called again. I as you are watching video footage with Hillary Clinton. There have been concerns for some time about greater health issues. We know after her concussive episode some years ago that in testifying to the FBI. She frequently said she didn't recall certain things and that was traceable back to the concussion was that just an excuse that was being used or was that in fact the reality of obviously cause for concern. Just watching the footage yesterday as much as as much as I absolutely do not want to see was the president United States let God be God if he is purposes in raising up as president of its judgment on America wake up call for the church but God be God do as he pleases. But as much as I stand against her politics is much as I stand against her morals and other things like that, as they have been manifest over the years. At the same time don't wish her ill or harm and watching that footage did not look good enough. It simply pneumonia and she's been trying to push and keep a heavy schedule and she's run – is that she's not a spring chicken hate that that could be again. My sympathies are not for her harm. That's not my desire but something does not look right on a fairly serious level. To the untrained eye of me of yours truly. So what's your observation. What do you think, and again in the aftermath of 9/11 and recent terrorist attacks in our country if we were electing either Hillary Clinton to be president Donald Trump to be president who would give you a feeling of more security.

Who do you think we do a better job of keeping America safe.

Who would be more trustworthy.

Just your opinion as a voter 866-34-TRUTH let me just stay with this question for a moment of Hillary Clinton and the media joy grip clip number three. This is 2014.

This is Andrew Cuomo talking about the medias relationship to Hillary. Christian is doing with a calm politics freezing pockets because the donors are giving her money thinking she's gonna run a visa knocking out available money for other doesn't account for just to give it away to deciding what's exciting we could help her any more than we have is just a free ride so far from the media were the biggest one for motor campaigns over know okay I appreciate his candor. I appreciate him being forthright. I appreciate them telling the truth. That's positive. On the flipside on the flipside, did you hear those words, we couldn't help her any more than we have. She's just got a free ride so far from the media. We are the biggest one is promoting her campaign so it had better happen.

She better run giving her free ride with her was promoting her campaign now. If the reports are true. The doctor drew on CNN when he publicly opined that there was something seriously. The matter with Hillary Clinton that needed to be looked at his show was then canceled. Was he canceled for that reason only for that reason primarily popular view among many is. That's why he got can CNN may have a different narrative, but just putting that out there, so why now would still be in the media.

Now say to my liberal media. This is an issue. This is an issue, one that they can't deny certain things forever and and and to I don't think they like being left in the dark. So if they feel a candidate is not forthcoming, even if it's their candidate. They feel they're being taken advantage of their supporting her and she's not telling them the truth or campaigns are telling the truth then potentially they could not be that happy with her and then she made extreme comment. She was speaking at a fundraising event Friday night.

She has since apologized for overgeneralizing, but not for the content of the comment. So for all those rightly concerned over these months about Donald Trump being a loose cannon. I have to say as far as branding the supporters of Hillary Clinton versus how to recruit has black friends. The supporters of Donald Trump. She has said far worse things about Trump supporters. To my knowledge than he has said about Hillary supported so clip number four. This is now an infamous comment from Friday, so not a good weekend for Hillary Clinton. Listen to what she had to say no to just be grossly generally stick you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable's Ray Sestak says, follow Baghdad a fallback llama fallback. You name it will will tell you what won't play that again okay she's gonna be grossly over generally stick but but listen to what the verdict is listen to the description.

The basket of deplorable's look at the percentage she puts on a go-ahead you out to just be grossly generally stick you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable's Ray Sestak says, follow Baghdad a fallback llama fallback. You name it. That extraordinary extruder so you're talking about tens of millions of Americans whom she characterizes being in the basket of deplorable and of course the characteristic which it if not of not been a Trump supporter. If the elections were today I'm a more open to voting for him that I was in the past, but my views my conservative moral views. Therefore, she would put me in the category of being homophobic and simply put you in that category. If you share the views that marriages union of a man and woman or the kitchen of a mom and a dad that according to the Bible. Homosexual practice is sinful you be there for homophobic. If you believe that Islamic terror is a real issue and and that it does relate to Islam. It may not be the only expression of Islam, but it is a real expression of Islam than your is llama phobic and yeah they're a bit harsh things said about immigrants and and intemperate remarks about immigrants by the candidate.

Trump and some others.

And even though it endorsed Sen. Cruz. I didn't fully embrace his immigration policy. I do believe you get rid of that the bad guys as quickly as as you can and we had a way to liberal policy with that and it's it's cost lives here in America but that you do have the hard-working citizens been here for years. He came in illegally of the been here working hard for years and kids that are here that may be difficult for Jacob and Sue had a path venture minutes is my own view on the expert on this but but in any in any case.

In any case, if you just say look, we we've really gotta do a better job with immigration. We gotta get rid of the bad ones that don't belong here and we've gotta seal our borders against illegals coming at them, then you'd be xenophobic. In other words, in other words, this would be this would be very much the way that that many of you listen if you don't like Donald Trump would beat would be characterized and in her apology was the state initiative quantified say half all so maybe not have made 48% to 40% maybe 35. The thing that one out of every three Trump supporters a basket of deplorable so again this at and just understand that what Democratic candidate. Hillary Clinton is saying reflects the views of many on her side reflects the views of many and radical liberal America and and puts us in the ugliest possible light. 866-34-TRUTH the phones will start in Springfield, Virginia body welcome to light a fire comment about what had happened. I can very different than what I thought when I lay down what I thought with Hillary.

I viral and bacterial, but by the way III got hit with both when I was 28 years old at the same time it was, demonic thing so that I had when I was a young man also. So go ahead without you.

Your eyes are watery and kind.

By looking at a measurable high fever to yahoos like 100° here in your light on one occasion the work and not sure what that answer key assistance. There is one continues on the other side of the place. It looks like some type 2 disorder malfunction unless she just was hit with that level of exhaustion, but walking pneumonia that will be different if the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire again when I hear, especially Clinton. I steadfastly opposed her as a candidate. I do have concerns like many others that will be told about her health is something is missing. Walking pneumonia would be one thing you could be functioning getting around you be coughing, you wouldn't. I had that as a as a teenager. One of my colleagues may have had that recently in yet different. But if your football pneumonia. It's far as I've my experience and what body in Springfield Virginia saying something very different and look body.

You probably heard of doctors say that it seems to be something neurological to the Parkinson's or something like that again you hope it's nothing like that but that you saying it just you could having the motor have had to mow yourself in his younger woman you could relate to the symptoms she was experiencing a lot not right down the wrong you actually body that that's exactly what's happened to my mom now aspirational pneumonia and almost at the age of 94 but she's it's something we didn't even know she had and she didn't know until it with Enos again. That's a whole other thing with other symptoms, etc. that was only found through x-rays is so you we don't know if he has pneumonia. What what kind it is an and with the impact would be you.

Pray for her for her health but but obviously this is can be a major concern. The biggest thing to me is when you're walking in the light. The whole world can look in and you have no problem noticing when you have no skeletons in the closet.

Then you can say hey just go ahead. You know when when your past is clean. You will not mind people digging into it when you've got good resumes to my people checking you right now I tell the whole world and release all my health records every single one of them on thriving by God's grace and the healthiest I've been in ages and let the whole world know so we know what the whole world know it does it does raise concerns hate body.

Thank you, thank you for calling. I do appreciate.

I'm glad you survived those pneumonias as a younger woman, 8663 for 878-8400 architecture calls record your cost, but exciting news you have on the air with us later this week.

Jonathan Kohn's got a brand-new book already a major bestseller, the book of mysteries and we have a special package. You can only get through us with the book. The interview will do. And with my mini book which is not available for sale seven secrets of the real Messiah still to find out about this. Just go to my radio website. The line of the line of fire WC right on the homepage order as many copies as you want of course great holiday gifts when you're there check out my latest article on vice presidential candidate Democratic nominee Tim Kane describes a devout Roman Catholic. You would not believe how he butchers the Bible in order to embrace radical gay activists so check the article out while you're there on the website 866-34-TRUTH 878840 will go to Manassas, Virginia Walter, welcome to the line of fire, fire, ever, been able to call artwork. My garden where Riverwood is your guy, remember our guy my garlic. I use my guide to. Where the river where where in the primary.

I will been doing when the current clerk by my figure, fair Hillary Clinton, I would.

I would not feel. But her pregnant.

I mean look or people at Benghazi. Name: recruit the mayor occurred over rollover document. Don't bother me a bill and I feel more paper dump truck because he is here with Yvette here for the military nonpar military and I know what it takes note protect and stand up for those who can't. Your part will got it. Hey listen I appreciate you weighing answer and the office of concerns about Benghazi very, very real concerns. Thank you for the call. Now some would say hey hey hang on hang on to Donald Trump's volatile you don't know what he's going to do you don't know what button he's going to push you don't know what's gonna happen. Could be that's true, but is he surrounded himself with good counsel, and we do not act without good counsel.

That's the other side of things before we go back to the phones of 9/11 in our houses is a more sober day.

Nancy's brother Douglas was killed in the World Trade Center married man with two children and he used to work in the World Trade Center regularly, but he he hadn't for some time he was doing a tradeshow and happen to be there that day and perished behind his wife is with only two children sometimes Nancy will check on the Facebook page of Douglas's daughter about this time of the year and still hurting, still missing dad still asking people for memories about him and things like that because they were they were for the young children when they when they lost their dad and I spoke in Glen Cove on Long Island yesterday afternoon.

There was a firefighter there and he lost 20 men from his own firehouse happened to be some of the key. First, people, and he lost 20 men from the larger commands you lost hundred and some of you are sitting there shaking your head because your friends that that happened to as well.

God can bring life out of death.

In light of darkness doesn't mean the loss is not acute and deep means that God can do things that no one else can do. He is the Redeemer he does do impossible things, that which Satan means for evil and destruction. God can still turn for good against does not remove the loss God can bring good out of it.

I also think of what it took those suicide bombers only accomplish what they accomplish because they gave their lives for. They gave themselves unconditionally to destroy other laws they gave their lives to destroy others otherwise. The damage would've been relatively minor.

Maybe lives lost, but a fraction of what was lost.

It was only because they turn those planes into suicide bombs.

What about what about would happen if we as God's people give ourselves on conditionally unconditionally to the Lord to bring life and healing help and salvation were more concerned about God's will than our own reputation were more concerned about God's will that our personal comfort more concerned about God's will than our plans.

Lord, here I am, send me use me.

If Satan has servants that dedicated to bring destruction can't leave even more dedicated to bring life and health healing session Expo light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking to reporters and then shortly after that has to be exited and of course this is the same day that she has to exit and hurry collapses does collapse being whisked away in the vehicle with actually going on with Hillary Clinton. Many are concerned and and again it is the secrecy is the deception. It is the telling what you want to tell and not living the rest get out. That is so concerning and is so worrisome to so many and is been a pattern for many years 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

That's over Linda New Jersey Michael, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. earlier doing well thank you okay driving and rethink your program you make mention tomorrow talking about tomorrow Hillary Clinton tomorrow. Donald Trout heard Mark but and I'm wondering about Mr. Trump based on a lot of things that are being fed or to during the time off a campaign for the Republican think the way he Mark talking talk about the military know you think what you think because about Terry dipping about black people called out people to fight where I watch TV I got a black young man I feel like man punch doll and I think the way to group you support anything.

I'm wondering really where you really bad been cool.

You really choose to really stand for all Americans, not just the so-called white American America all across the board, so I'm kinda confused right now when I look at your program really you really working in red Weikel become uplifting that your faith yeah those are those absolutely valid questions to raise. I've been a strong critic of Donald Trump over the months, I have articles raising concerns about his moral character and his speech.

I have videos when the evangelicals about supporting him of this was during the primaries, I felt that we had other candidates who were much better equipped for for the role. I have great concerns about Hillary Clinton.

Under no circumstance because it can I vote for Hershey adamantly supports the shedding of innocent blood in the womb. She has put pressure on other nations around the world to support American gay activism and the like. She has deceived and lied on numerous occasions and under no circumstances can I vote for her as as for Donald Trump.

The positive I see is that he has surrounded himself with some very godly men, some of whom I know personally and closely, and they are constantly speaking into his life and constantly urging him to operate based on biblical wisdom and constantly urging him to watch his words to control his tongue and to to do to to do what is wise and he seems to be listening on some level a couple of weeks ago he gave a speech and apologize for some of the things he said, which he said of course personal pain that was a first step in people close to him said those were his own words he wanted to put that in the speech with Hillary Clinton's health. Now he hasn't bashed or made fun of her to set think it's an issue, but I hope she gets well he gets back on the trail so I still have concerns Michael, I have certainly not endorsing anyone now. However I'm hoping that he's listening to godly counsel and the biggest thing that I do know, sir. So again I'm on I'm sorting this out on a daily basis.

Just as you are.

If the elections were two weeks ago. I don't think I could vote for Donald Trump is so they can vote for Hillary Clinton. I keep watching in and seeing things and see positive media could vote for him. Here's what I do know people are really challenging him speaking to his life is not shutting them out.

That's a good sign. So be encouraged and pray that he would listen to God counsel is key. People speaking into his life and he hasn't shut them out, that is positive.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire. Each 78840 speaking Hillary Clinton, Tim Kane, Tim Kane, the vice presidential Democrat nominee and senator in Virginia Tim Kane spoke at the human rights campaign annual DC dinner. It's a big fundraising – they've had Pres. Obama speak President Clinton speak VP Biden speak and now vice president nominee Tim Kane that interestingly, even though Donald Trump has said certain positive things in terms of gay community and things like that would even want to interview immigrants to see where they stand on certain issues, including gaze, the head of the human rights campaign was large-scale activist organization ahead of the HRC, Chad Griffin believes that Donald Trump is a terribly dangerous nominee regarding LGBT people and issues sincerely believes that the Trump would go the way of conservative evangelical counsel. He surrounded himself with me that be the case and that will ultimately be in everyone's best interest if we honor the Lord into its right together. That being said, Sen. Kane, speaking to the human rights campaign, said that he is quote hidden. I don't think he's referred to himself as with entities, commonly referred to as a devout Roman Catholic acyclic.

His views changed on same-sex marriage, so he thinks that the Catholic Church is used to change so he cited to Pope Francis, who had famously or infamously said a few years back. If someone is gay.

Who am I to judge, but a Pope Francis was not sanctioning gay marriage relationships that he was simply saying of some of the same-sex attracted was reported to church with my judge, similar priest was in the priest could have homosexual relationship for sexual relations with element no not not not for split-second is not the point at all. The point was to see the judge of some of same-sex attracted women reported church five.

That's all he was saying, but look I'm on my Catholic and I am a try to predict when Catholic Church goes, but what what he did say was this Sen. Kane. He said that he quotes Genesis 1 said, I think it's going change because my church also teaches me about a creator who, in the first chapter of Genesis survey the entire world including mankind said is very good and yet it whom I challenge God for the beautiful diversity of human family. I think were supposed to celebrated not challenge all you gotta be telling me you've got to be kidding me. Wow wow wow. Genesis 1 is the one place you don't want to go to go anywhere in the Bible to try and argue for homosexual relations LGBT activists.

Aside from love God, love your neighbor yes amen visiting sanctioning things it because against country just created order. Once I show it was Genesis 1 and when God pronounces everything very good.

That was before the fall. Before the fall that that that that that was before the fall and it it was, if not talking about men having sex with men or women having sex with women and was not talking about multiple genders, Genesis 1, God creates a Dom mankind is male and female. The harlequin evolver male and female he created them and he said prove who Mozart's be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, only a man and woman can do that. It doesn't say he created them male, female, and a gender by gender third gender and every gender by gender blur gender collagen to cover gender because of gender Krista gender this agenda during gender Derek Dermer flux Don gender fist gender general gender gender cluster gender fluid gender see gender funds gender fractured in the Spartans for agenda racks, jar agenda Libra gender ugly gender pan, gender, poly gender and try gender. That's a list from the website of multi-gender options know it's is male and female he created them, and the beautiful diversity of human families is not that that's out that's that's not what what Genesis 1 is about not only so. Genesis 1 establishes that his blessing is on male and female, and only they have the possibility of reproduction in a trillion years. Just being made as they are a man and a man cannot reproduce in a woman. A woman cannot reproduce. Therefore they cannot be receive that blessing be fruitful and multiply by definition, by definition, that's about adopting children with his attempts of the same, by definition, and when Paul explains in Romans one that homosexual acts are contrary to nature he means. Contrary to God's intended natural plan for man and woman solve all places not to go. Yikes. So I got a whole article on that again to the website.

The line of and read it. Devout Catholic, Tim can purchase the Bible to embrace radical and to embrace gay radicalism. Then he grabbed one more clip-on Hillary Clinton and then out want to switch over to Israel, 866-3487 84. Do you think there is more to Hillary Clinton's health issues more than we are being told the sum of 12 between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump would feel safer with who would you feel safer with our security with if they were elected 866-348-7884 click number two ABC's Terry Moran on BBC news makes the following comments team does not trust the media.

She feels that Pres. after for 20 years and it has dishes developed a fortress mentality around all kinds of issues, especially her health out when she did stumble there and was had assisted into the van. The first thing that her campaigns are so she's got a little heat issue out there on the 9/11 memorial and yet they knew she had been diagnosed with diagnosed with pneumonia and did not level with the American people about that that is the kind of thing that raises questions about her trustworthy. Yeah. How about, that's one of dozens and dozens of major reasons that people do not trust what she has to say. I I am not trying to hit someone when they're down. I find it concerning that she may have serious health problems like I when I saw one one commenter one journalist and columnist who is very sober what he has to say and he said he thinks it's Parkinson's. I thought what seems extreme and then then so. Medical doctor. Go to YouTube video where he weighs in and shares that a look if you listen to the show regularly. You know I am not one of these guys going for the fringes and the conspiratorial theories okay but I watch one video today and read an article and it said what was the silver looking thing that came dropping out of her pant leg. When she was collapsing and I did see it initially. But when you watch the enhance video and see it there is something looks apparently like something silver is dropping out of of her of her pant leg is the right Pat leg. For recall and and she's about to be whisked away. What was that someone said well if you had Parkinson's and you had a catheter and at this that you could control your system properly, then here's worker but I don't know. I I have no idea if there's any truth to that. All I know is we need to know what's happening if if we are going to vote for someone and they have a serious medical condition that could be impairing their ability to lead in many ways it's only fair that everybody knows who would differ with that and the only ones that wouldn't want everyone to know the results would be the ones who have something to hide. So you remember when you're a kid coming home from school with your report card that we had a good report card. You couldn't wait to show it to your mommy and your daddy if you did well for you.

Whether that meant straight A's, or whether that meant going from disease to seize whatever you got good comments from your teachers. You could not wait to show them but if it was a lousy one, especially if you are a responsible over there were some bad comments by the teachers. You didn't want to show the but you had to get them to sign right that had assigned to say they sought you almost maybe some even try to fake the signature who even worse was about a month when everything is good with the whole world know sure check out my finances sure check out my track record, which are no skeletons in the closet great where blown everybody knows it's been public about yet. Let the whole world know you're hiding something that only makes you wonder Heidi makes it even worse is that everybody expects Israel to come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown, Paul and I want to focus on Israel for a moment, in the aftermath of 911. I remember saying to myself, at least, America will be more sympathetic to Israel now at least, America will understand radical Islam and what Israel has to deal with 24 seven and why they have to take the security measures that they take and I I think for a short time there was greater sympathy, greater understanding, but anti-Semitism being what it is demonic and supernatural in its nature and not only so just the reporting on Israel. The way it is. Much of the world can often be biased and misleading deserving that were anti-Palestinian means that were were pro-truth and pro-justice, but all that being said, on an ongoing basis as this terror Islamic terror unfolding around the world. Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy, Israel Sen., France eight were here to help you premise and it's on Yahoo.

What two years ago told French journalist it's, it's a TV interview. It's coming to your country. It's already there and you can see it unless you deal with it so right now the 50th anniversary of 9/11 reminded of fresh that same hatred that same demonic inspired terror that was absolutely designed to destroy as many lives as possible to cripple with fear as many otherwise is possible that something Israel has to work against every day of the week so as there is always pressure to bring Palestinian leadership is really leadership together to talk peace treaties and things like that. There are constant accusations that wild Israelis aren't willing than his rose and the Palestinians are going. We do know is that various times in the last 20+ years as as Israel offered of the Palestinians under real pressure from America times offer them virtually everything they're asking for. It was was not enough, it was not enough. It was not enough so there are about. Well, almost 2 million Arabs, Palestinian Arabs living in Israel today Israel proper. I mean, under is really leadership with Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister about 2 million right. What is a total population outside of Israel may be maybe 5 million something like that.

So, in the so-called West Bank and in Gaza and then there are Jewish settlements, there may be several hundred thousand Jews living in the West Bank and them living in Gaza and the Palestinians of said if we have our own state. There can be no Jews living in in the German term, it would be good free of Jews. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that's ethnic cleansing that can be killed accustomed some of the radicals would be glad to do that but they will be put out of where they live and they would have to live back on Israel side of the border, not in a Palestinian state. Okay, so, so, bottom line here. Bottom line Israel, saying, there are 2 million Palestinian Arabs living in in our state. Why can't there be any Jews living in Palestinian state. That's ethnic cleansing.

Why must it be free of Jews for there to be peace. We have 2 million or million have to million Arabs living in our country and peace what can you have a few hundred thousand Jews living in yours and referred to it is ethnic cleansing role the US State Department wasn't happy with that and spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau did not have positive words grab clip number five. This was the US response to Prime Minister Netanyahu referring to this as ethnic cleansing. We obviously strongly disagree with the characterization that those who oppose settlement activity or view it as an obstacle to peace are somehow calling for ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank. We believe that using that type of terminology is inappropriate and unhelpful.

I just question just a little question I just a little question, yes, ethnic cleansing would refer to forcible removal or killing of people. Of particular ethnicity understand.

But if the Palestinians say there can be no Jews living here.

If there is to be a Palestinian state. It must be uterine, it must be free of all Jews. What you call that ethnic removal at estimate what you you will have to leave you will have to be uprooted families, businesses, settlements, everything you will be forced to and I have no doubt whatsoever that of radical Palestinian leadership was given the choice, they would physically force them out those that want to stay would risk their lives so you ethnic cleansing was a strong terms used but didn't. If didn't it get the point across. Well, that your talk about removal of all Jews. We can have peace if any Jews are to live in our state. Think of that. Think of America say okay we will come to a peaceful relationship with Russia, but no Russians can live in America will have peaceful relations with China, but no Chinese can live in America, yet were were beginning to have peaceful relations with Cuba, but no Cubans to live in our country and yet that's what Palestinian leadership is and is and so we got to have 2 million Palestinians and I country where fine with that. Anyway you see the double standards there. Are you friends if you enjoyed Jonathan Kohn's book, the harbinger if you enjoyed his book the mystery of the strata. Now the book of mysteries. Jonathan will be joining me on the air this week in the Morgan package with his book the audio CD of our interview as well. And then keep you with it a special book a great book eye-opening for believers and great to give to Jewish person seven secrets of the real Osama bin at mini book is not available for sale sale will give you that with the audio interview as well. It's a great package and I got questions for Jonathan. What about Mr. this meter with the things predicted. That didn't happen about stock market crash was that supposed Avila September will talk about all that and his new book, the book of mysteries this Wednesday but go ahead and order your copies now by going to the line of just click on the resource offer there right on the homepage for all of those blessed with a standing with this ministry. Thank you for your help or support one time gifts. Your ongoing monthly support undergird us, help us do what were doing to make a real difference in this world. My bottom line today. Pray for the health and well-being of the candidates the social pray God raise up your choice of a secular Jew who finds Jesus to a Christian apologist coming your way right here it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown and I'm thrilled to be with you today.

Had a fascinating first hour talking about some the things happening with presidential politics and the like. Now about to speak.

Sorry about that, about to speak with a man that was known as author of internationally best-selling crime novels as is true crime film by Clint Eastwood and don't say a word from star Michael Douglas and Empire of lies nominated for the mystery writers of America's Edgar award 5×1 twice won the thumping good read award from WH Smith been nominated twice for the Bush Franz Anthony's from which the premises that his young adult novels into the bustling home lenders series books been translated around the world. Screenwriter and on and on and a Jew who was quite secular has now come to faith. He has a brand-new book. He has a brand-new book called the great good thing a secular Jew comes to faith in Christ, we asked the question had I stumbled on the Hollywood truth or just gone mad or that is has I had I gone mad again you may have seen him on the daily wire with his his own podcast the revolting truth is satirical online videos caught Craven on the culture and the revolting truth, and the enclave and show on the daily wire so I'm thrilled to have Andrew on there with us. Andrew, thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire. Thanks, just as first segment we just got a couple of minutes, but the house secular were you as a secular Jew be pretty hard to be anymore secular.

I would say I mean I was you I would never and I was only an atheist for about six months of my life in the sense that I declared on unbelief.

At one point in my journey, but most of time I was a practicing atheist and I just thought well you don't know these things. It is really difficult to tell people who grew up in a church setting of any kind. How completely distanced I was from the idea of Christ's divinity or Christman's Christ specialness was just the kind of goofy religion that other people have. It was something you didn't know you didn't deal with if you were really a devout Christian, you are not one of the gang you were sort of somewhere off separately on top of being raised Jewish, so that I have no sense of the gospel being important or even your spirits were regarded as suspicious as the enemy. On top of that, I was also in this kind of sophisticated New York, LA, you know, atmosphere where to even talk about these things makes you kinda sound like a yokel, like the out the odd man out. So it was pretty secular life. Yes so so it's it's being raised Jewish in a nonreligious home and then the whole environment where these these Christian fundamentalists. These Bible bashers. I think you can is nothing in you that would identify with anything in them not know and you know it's it's almost like the Bible bashers is almost the same, more than is true because they just don't deal with it is not there sort of ancient accident, nothing to do with our newfangled scientific life where all the truth is to be found in a test tube in all this and it's not the people have no spiritual iPhone oversell that you know you would do some kind of form of Buddhism more now that nowadays it yoga or whatever people would do.

But the idea that you know got on your knees and pray that you went to a church that he took communion with any sense of the real thing that you were doing or that these texts were communicating a truth directly from God… Gently, I do still exist in the size understood. I write back and say this read some of his novels see them on YouTube elsewhere see movies that are scripted from his novels. His new book the great good thing a secular Jew for cleansing the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yesterday anniversary 911.

My wife's brother killed in the World Trade Center. Many space in your TC areas that are listening lost love ones.

My guest enclave in Iraq secular Jew famous novelist, award-winning novelist, screenwriter, an unlikely person to write the book the great good thing a secular Jew comes to faith in Christ. It comes out just eight days from today. Andrew, what were your political views like that at this time because this is been a bit of a shift there. I guess to yes you know I think it in the same way I grew up in a bubble of secularism. I grew up in a bubble of liberalism.

I got my parents were Jewish liberals like went to Berkeley University. Everyone I knew was liberal when I was in the publishing industry writing novels and working sometimes in Hollywood.

Of course I was surrounded by an industry of liberal.

I will say this on the limp on that front. I was always satisfied with. I always thought the things that people say to me didn't make any sense and I was especially offended as political correctness moved in, and in the 80s specially offended by this idea that you couldn't discuss things that you couldn't question things that if you said well you know III remember seriously sitting at a dinner party in New York City during the 80s, I guess it was in making the comment. G little boys and girls are so different and the dinner party shut down with silence and and I was looking around as if I had said something terrible. When I answered what everybody can see with their own eyes and that was very very offensive to me, as was the racial politics on the night.

I truly believe it, then I wouldn't put it this way, but I truly believe that all people are made in the image of God. This idea that we should divide each other along racial lines is was then and remains abhorrent to me. You know whether you're doing it because you think you're doing it to be a nice guy with affirmative action. Whether doing it because you think you're a bad guy to be a Ku Klux Klan of minutes all the same to me and that was very offensive to me when I came up on the left was always a disgruntled liberal and then slowly when really, when Reagan succeeded at everything he said he was specifically that I start to change my mind. Interesting so that the political conversion predated the spiritual transformation very much so generally weak. Obviously there came a point when I started to come together and when one thing started to explain the other. When the religious conversion started to explain the political conversion to me, but the political conversion was easier for me to make because I was studying it unfold in front of me, have seen the Reagan set on what I'm in the Cold War and he did. I'm gonna bring back the economy. That was easier for me to grasp something very interesting to talk about being being raised in see of liberalism might my dad was reactive and the Democratic club in New York City where I was born and I gave a talk in Manhattan Saturday night. I was asked to talk on Israel. The political candidates where they stand and what would be a right way to stand base an understanding of Scripture and why Americans even care about that and there was an Orthodox Jew present and I didn't know where he was coming from. When I've debated rabbis have had Orthodox Jews there on the side of the rabbis I know where the sky was coming from. After my presentation where I just explained that the Republican platform towards Israel is much stronger than a Democrat and some of the Bernie Sanders influence being negative, etc. that he gets up he is a a physicist, a PhD in physics and a lawyer and he's running now for for House of Representatives in his district and he said to me, why is it he said I'm a conservative and I'm Republican and I'm a Jew and that I agree with everything you said.

So that is why is it that we can get more liberal Jews to see these things so it's it's kind of an interesting phenomenon with the way breaks down but it's culture, just like most of black America votes Democratic. Most Jewish-American votes Democratic and and obviously your voice a loud voice that can bridge this gap, but did you see the progress being made in that front. Boy it's really hard. I mean, you know, I I was I was writing screenplays and selling them like one after another, which is difficult to do it or not bragging to say what was actually happening to me and then when I began to speak out loudly, a politically my phone stopped ringing so that that the degree list is not really a blacklist as they almost another doing it.

Other grimaces really in place very hard to get voices out the culture that disagree and the reason I think and the reason so many Jews and black support policies that are so bad for them and for everybody else is because they they cloak themselves in the language of good intentions, and I mean I think that I frequently say that leftism is Christianity with Christ taken out. You know like instead of giving to serve to caring for the poor because it is the right thing to do. It's really because now I'm going to have this power over people to make life better and to make things improve and so you wind up with cities like Detroit that are gutted by things that sounded great when they put them into practice. I think you'll be just sounds so good. It sounds like the Jewish ethics to take care of the we can take care of you poor, but it's not really it's really been up selling their buying that getting power for the government and not really giving anything up or accept continued dependency on poverty yeah and Aeschylus is keeping your voice out. Then Shapiro's an Orthodox Jew with daily wire mean that there are there are voices the Dennis Prager's and the Michael admits that it still is still a minority will keep plugging away. The right at it before we find out about your journey to to Jesus to be a novelist and he takes a certain kind of person creative thinker and how did you stumble into that or was it something that you'd always been interested in as a child. It was something I always wanted to do once I got past the sort of childish and I want to be a cowboy or things like I really love telling stories. I like described in the book I had a very difficult childhood in many ways and I retreated into daydreams and because I have this very very demanding mind I have in mind the demands that things make sense, which is really what my story is about. I always my daydreams couldn't just be daydreams.

They have to make sense. I had to explain them know if I wanted update dream about flying. I had to make up a story about house it would be possible for someone to have the power to apply and so it was very good practice really forgot.

Putting stories together, learning to plot especially sort of adventure and suspense, which is what I write and so I kind a kind it was a very natural flow. On top of which, I didn't really know it couldn't be done. I mean is a very, very difficult profession to get into, and I just thought of what I want to do all do it as if I were you know you keep getting a law degree or something like that.

So I was I was kind of a little bit of an innocent and lucky for me I was because I actually made it neglected no yes it very very interesting in and obviously a whole other people of written novels and 99.99% of the world is never heard about or read how do you look back at the work now as a believer is someone who knows the Lord were there things that that were in you that were more spiritual than you realize that you're now just better in touch with her what those novels reflect what I wrote suspense stories and crime stories, and if I go back and look at it I knew this at the time that their fee they all have the theme of seeking for the truth. How can you know the truth and how can you know something is even right or wrong, and if if you saw something and everyone tell you you didn't see it but did you really see it I mean is, is there some kind of objective truth is always true and so all my characters were always struggling with these issues they were struggling with them. Of course, in situations of great danger, but I knew that looking for the truth was the theme that I was working on all along and I was the theme of the time you know it was that a postmodern time when you went to college and they taught you nothing is good or bad about what people think and know you may think one thing is good, but in Saudi Arabia they think something else is good.

How can you tell you who are you to say which is which and not just you know, even though I was raised with it even though I was taught it, and so for up to a certain degree I believe that there is always something in me that was saying, I don't think so and I just can't be as good to be a slave.

As it is to be free and happy is good to be cruel as it is the kind know if every single human being on earth.

And this is really the cutting edge of it every single human being on earth were a Nazi would still be wrong to be a Nazi. Something in my heart kept telling me. Yes it would and that was what the postmodernists were selling. They were selling the ideas know you know it's really it's really just an opinion what's good or bad and that really I don't even think they believe, yet pragmatic, practical level, nobody wants to live by the course of course, I mean that the line about it, even an atheist… Doctors that an atheist is something you may admit may be overstated in the when I met my wife Nancy also Jewish rumor 19 years old in 1974 she was a hard-core atheist will be met and she help me understand.

Over the years how atheist thinking. She's been a believer all these years to but there are certain bottom-line things. One of my colleagues in a Christian apologist, says that atheists have to steal from God in order to make it an argument knows if you're gonna say that the God of the Bible is immoral or evil than where you get that sense of immoral or evil from or their moral absolutes are friends become backward to find out how Andrew claimant best-selling novelist, screenwriter, secular Jew ends up finding Jesus his new book out in eight days. The great good saying second review comes to faith in Christ and to play the KLA VA and file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown yesterday and him check them out on the daily His new book coming out eight days is not a novel. The truth is better than fiction, the great good thing a secular Jew comes to faith in Christ. So just be clear, this is nonfiction correct answer.

Absolutely every word is as I recall it yet. Alright so something in you is recognizing that there is a morality that is higher than human opinion that there are certain absolutes, which should suggest that there is some being behind these absolutes had, how is your journey really begin and how you end up from there to believe in Jesus as the Messiah will at the same time what you just described is happening to me. Something else is happening is really particular to me and that is I loved literature so much I want to be a writer, and I wanted to read all the books by all the people that I loved and kept reading and reading novels and plays and poetry and studying all these things and slowly it began to occur to me that at the center of all of Western culture. The center of all of Western literature is Christianity centric.

Christianity is Christ.

Really, just as a literary maneuver just took to be an educated writer, only that reason, I began to look at the bottom and I to I tell the story and in the book, which always makes me laugh. Now that was painful at the time that I had to go out and find a New Testament there is no New Testament in our home course. So I went out and bought one at home and I went into my bedroom and I was lying down reading the Gospel of St. Luke and doing it purely to educate myself and my father walked in on and he was furious. It was as if I was reading the book of the enemy that the people who persecuted the Jews this horrible he was. He could not stop cursing at me and yell you and makes me laugh now because of course, if you walked in on your teenage son he could be reading anything.

A lot worse than that, I was reading the Bible.

It made him absolutely furious, but but as I got into it. Jesus came to the center of my life without my ever having a thought of believing and it's a hard thing to explain to Christians but simply because I love my culture and I love literature and I love certain books. I began to realize that Jesus was at the center of all of them and so he became central to my consciousness even though it never occurred to me to think that maybe it's true, you know, maybe it's all really just never occurred to him. If I don't write that out of the books that I was reading it.

If it came up.

If I read Dostoyevsky was a great Christian novelist Otis edit out the Christianity, except as a kind of symbolic reference to the fact that there is such a thing as real morality, objective morality and so what happened ultimately is this idea of objective morality became undeniable to and as it did. I began to think well maybe I will just experiment with believing in God and Jesus trust in God, a God who backs up logically without without God can have objective morality such as a believing object morale athletically ministered to pray and ask that you experiment that was my experiment. My first prayer was as I was falling asleep I will upgrade thank you God because things are going well and you have my family and I my work and I love my work. I love my family. Thank you. Gonna went sleep and I woke up the next morning and it was as if somebody had injected color like event that seen in the Wizard of Oz, which he steps out of the black and white movie and the color movie.

That was what it was like and suddenly I realized the prayer I was getting response to my prayer you know and and so I started to pray more and longer prayers and more particular present experimenting with prayers. What was I supposed to pray about what was I supposed to say and over the course of about five years.

It was obvious to me. I couldn't. I would've been a fool not to see, but it prayer had transformed my life. It it made me better.

It it made my life better and it brought joy into my life that had never been there before. It had flooded my life with gratitude. It made me understand grief when I was going to periods of grief. It gave me a deeper understanding of brief and ultimately I would try live in California is on in the car a lot and I would pray in the car and ultimately I was driving the car and just in humility. I went back to that first prayer and I said thank you God for what you done for the last five years. What can I do for you. You know your creator of heaven and earth, you're the master of the universe, and I'm just me. This was no diving, nothing I can do for you.

I wish there was something I could do for an at that moment really into my heart almost like a spoken word. It wasn't a voice I didn't hear a voice but it was so clear, came these words, you should now be… My reaction which is where it was just out loud. I sort of sputtered you kidding because I had just traveled so far without knowing I have traveled to this place without knowing that I still didn't know I was a Christian and I had to now go back to the Bible and say why is he saying that to me is with the delusion to make that voice up buttoning was it just my imagination, or was it real and and that's when I started this five month long fairly tormented. No survey of my own life and my own beliefs because let's face it was risking everything I knew my father would never speak to me again. I thought I would lose all my work in Hollywood.

II thought I would lose all my friends, you know, I thought it would be a very risky business, and I wanted to make sure on top of all of that I was willing to do all that. If it was true, but only you know I was not willing to seize hold of a God that might be comforting.

Might be beautiful or might be, you know, make it make me fit in with a certain crowd or something if it wasn't for and and so that's when I started to explore my life in a way that I write about in this book west of the site did I go wrong somewhere diagonal make a wrong turn. It is there something illogical that I've done my fantasizing anywhere and after five months. I just bought Michael know this is what I believe this is why am and and and this is the truth and I became convinced that an and in fact when I stepped onto wrote write this memoir is a little niggling doubt, you know, in my mind when I review these things.

I put them on the page will I suddenly realize all I made a mistake mistake. You know, but the that the truth was exactly the opposite I wrote down know you every step of the way this makes sense. This is really you know this makes not only CS Lewis is not only make sense in itself in excess of everything else and and so it was a very uplifting experience to realize that with the exception of the idea that there is an objective truth which is a statement of faith. Everything else is followed from that know everything else followed logically from that and for me there wasn't a leap of faith was always one step after another extraordinary and obviously some watchman save got us on this procedure which is a good thing is how folks can go out and get the book. You can preorder it in numerous different places.

The great good thing a secular Jew comes to faith in Christ, Andrew, for some weeks now. People say you have magically measure he wrote this amazing book soaps of people are talking about it before it's out and I trust it's going to speak to many open many hearts and minds and are you busy thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire is a real pleasure. Thank you for your heart. You bet okay again enclave in the book the great good thing secular Jew comes to faith in Christ all and talking about books. Best-selling author Jonathan Kohn.

His new book of mysteries is out. We've got an amazing special resource offer. You find out about it and find out. True, is it accurate he's talking about the line of fire. The line of find out more right back Prof. and apologist Dr. Richard how it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown was reluctant to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. It is the day after 9/11 talked about this. Some of the first hour some sober lessons and some words of redemption. We talked about things going on with presidential politics, including Clinton's health and the last half hour just had a great talk with enclave and famous novelist secular Jew who quite sovereignly came to faith in Jesus and now a whole other side to the story of coming to faith and the mind and heart how they work together.

Dr. Richard how he is Prof. emeritus at Southern Evangelical seminary holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Arkansas. He's a contributing writer for the Christian research Journal, the Christian apologetics Journal is considered contribute to several apologetics books. We often see each other at events at Southern Evangelical seminary. We have done quite a few debates rum also an adjunct professor at Southern Evangelical seminary will be hosting its annual apologetics conference next month will tell you more about that in a moment, but without further ado I Richard welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, thank you so much pleasure. All great great to have you on the air and Dr. how how did you get involved as a Christian in the whole field of philosophy and apologetics. Short version worked out not raised in the church saved 16 back friend of mine from high school. My church didn't prepare me for what I would encounter college and I went away to college. That's when I discovered skepticism about the Bible and higher criticism in theological liberalism.

These kind of things so as a person only three years old and the Lord ended up losing my faith in college and it was apologists like Norm Geisler, Josh McDowell, RC Sproul, through their take ministries in the end and things like that that brought me back into an understanding of not only what I believe. But why believe it, not just what that's what gave me the passion not only for what apologetics can do for the obvious application and evangelism to unbelievers, but what he can do to somebody who's already a believer but whose faith is being scandalized by the unbelief and skepticism around you and what you are seeking to face our Nike 7216 back into faith in the 71 at the age of 16, you and and I got involved in Jewish apologetics because as a young man talking to the rabbis. I didn't have any resources that answered the questions and realize that I want others to have to be challenge the way I was in their forward write books that would help.

Specifically, though the areas of philosophy. How in your review. Did these tie-ins so closely with the challenges to our faith. Well, when I was I was a student of Norm Geisler's at Dallas seminary and back in the late 70s and into the 80s there were a lot of apologetic programs. Most seminaries if they had anything apologetics were just one or two classes. This is what my passion was so I think it Norm Geisler gave advice. Today, he would say something little differently but back then, knowing that my desire was really to focus on apologetics. He really encouraged me to return to to University studies into philosophy because he understood what I later came to understand that while philosophy is not everything regarding apologetics a lot that goes on in apologetics is philosophical in nature. So he understood that a grounding in an understanding philosophy, both good and bad philosophy would give me a leg up on being able to appreciate questions that come up in apologetics like the existence of God, the nature God in questions of morality and things like that yet in instance philosophy is something that I've touched on very little, but there is such intersection in terms of many of the intellectual challenges that come to Scripture to be right back. Just a short break will continue discussing with Dr. how some the great apologetics challenges today how the church can respond to let you know about this tremendous confidence takes place of year in Charlotte's pricing of the greatest apologetics conference anywhere in the country to an annual event want to be part of it will be right back. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just want to remind you annual apologetics, place next month in Charlotte, North Carolina. The defense never rests. This is October 13-15. My guest Richard how will be part of that, you've got again a Who's Who list Jay Sekulow you Ross the Strobel J. Warner Wallace, Josh and Shawn McDowell will be speaking so to find out more go to have had the joy of speaking at these conferences quite a few times myself and folks come literally from around America like a start Richard how Prof. emeritus at Southern Evangelical seminary. Dr. how what would you say have been the issues in the last 10 years that that have been the greatest challenges to the church.

Older younger Christians in terms of apologetics issues what what shirt your top three top five list in terms of your own experience what you're dealing with what you're having to combat what one of the things I noticed Oberg since upper, Christian, and it started starting apologetics is being increasing sense in which our culture is much more comfortable being non-or anti-Christian. So there's all the social taboos about being an unbeliever, have faded away amount almost of virtue in some quarters to be anti-Christian. That's called the Christians to have to we have to sort circle the wagons and figure out how we can respond to our to our neighbors into celebrities set the challenge virtually every aspect of the Christian faith from the objectivity of truth, the objectivity of morality to the existence and nature of God to the reliability of the Bible and its historical member truth of historical events in the Bible, including the resurrection of Jesus. So, I can't think of anything that we cherish as Christians, that isn't in some quarters being under assault, either academically or more challenging some respect at a popular level where now the interstate Internet has just provided anybody with a platform to just spew out whatever kind of the hostility and skepticism and and unbelief that they want so there's plenty of plenty about job security. If you will for apologists you really, really, there is an Josh McDowell has said the things that he would encounter Sue with college-age students because of Internet. Now he's encountering with 12 1314-year-old, which also means we have to break things down because folks are so used to digital answers and everything at their fingertips and in tweets and soundbites that not only do we have to have the in-depth answers we need to have soundbite answers now as well. Absolutely untracked actually do a presentation titled answering the arguments of popular atheist, must sometimes call it bumper sticker atheism you know science fly you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.

You know these kind of very clever one-liners that that are sort of a tip of an iceberg of a lot of challenges to Christianity. And while the answer sometimes can be formulated a Jesus is the reason, or for the season.

Our God is my copilot. We have our versions of the same kind of bumper sticker dispute we have to be prepared to be able to go beneath the one-liners at the occasion allow us to be able to help people understand why and how we know that Christianity is true, yet absolutely you have the chapter summary and then that the meat of it. How how then do you help students as a professor help them to think. Obviously we know the Lord touches us and changes us and for many that's enough of the man born blind in John IX chapter this much in those blind, now I see and there's an old saying of a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument, you and I both know that is reliving God with our heart, soul, mind and strength that many times in our minds are challenged when we wonder, have I been. This led is the Bible really reliable.

Maybe the reality of my experience is is not so real to me right now. But these questions are very real. We must know how to to think, think clearly, think critically, how do you teach students how to think that think it ranges from directly dealing with things like logic, for example, in the during the break I heard from RC scroll, and he points out a person making the claim, but there are no truces is making a self refuting claim right and so when you when you study logic, both formal logic as well as informal fallacy, then you help students to try to see actual examples in the marketplace of ideas of people making statements that are self refuting our lead to things that are absurd and you can formalize these kind of analyses in things like logic let you go from back sort of deliberative frontal assault to more of the marketplace practice.

We actually deal with the literature from unbelievers and try to do it, systematic assessment of water they sand and does what they conclude.

Follow what their premises are and help students what time it just takes a lot of practice and another thing I think is important is that this is not just for seminary students are apologists but for all of us as as Christians is to never insulate ourselves from the rest of the body of Christ don't get off in a corner and think you can take on all of the challenges of life by yourself but stay connected, not only with people that are living in your community in your local church but stay connected to the great thinkers in the Christian faith of the past and and and try to be as well read as as the measure of faith that God is giving you a louse yet and and something else that's really important is that we sent. I connected with the rest of the body that when I can be able to master everything. For example, your specialty and in philosophy is the substance not mine. My specialty and in Jewish apologetics is is not someone else's.

But the fact that I know for example that there's a Dr. John Lennox brilliant scientific mind and he has answers for the scientists with. There's a doctor you Ross or that on philosophical issues. There is a Doctor William Ln., Craig is Dr. Richard how I don't need to master everything. I have a certain confidence because I know others that are on our team have answers and yet wherever I'm directly challenge I need to go get those answers for myself, but it's greatly encouraging folks come to apologetics conference again. Just knowing hey, here's someone he's brilliant. She's really smart. They've got PhD's from high-level secular universities graduated from Oxford in the present school, graduated from Oxford and their thinking people, and they've been challenged by these objections. They have answers. It just builds our faith and confidence doesn't it absolutely does in fact I think one of the more rewarding.

Think about human being in a seminary curriculum studying is that you you encounter some of these resources that you might not of been able to know about our listening to radio programs like yours and others where we can come become aware of the fact that there is a John Lennox's written book has YouTube videos and has debate to which we can avail ourselves and and and I like that because there it it covers the gamut of all Christian are our human thinking from concerns about morality took in practical issues to speculative issues of philosophy and history of the carpeting there somebody there.

In fact there's many people in each camp and it it reinforces what we already knew from Scripture about the body. Medical that all of us have a place in the greater kingdom of God, army, and we don't all have to be a William Ln., Craig R.

John Lennox or Michael Brown but whatever it is that we do. We just need to do it with the faithfulness of the measure faith.yeah exactly and then it does have a nice trickle down effect. Doesn't that that you may teach it. On one level and then the person you teaching as a pastor or maybe a youth pastor and then they're going to now translated for their audience and their people, and then those people are not in a translated for their neighbor or for the person they're interacting with on Facebook so it has that again you back it with all the intellectual rigor that you can make it as simple as you can. For others, and then it trickles down just like the bad information trickles down good information trickles down as well. Absolutely.

Absolutely. And, and I often have to remind myself one minus one heart at a time in the great commission is not something we just go out tomorrow and leave the whole world to Christ what it is. Is that whatever sphere of influence. God is put in our life that SR.

That's our field and we try to affect one mind, one heart at a time and then they do that account when it may be as big as a huge venue plenary session at a conference and a small is a Sunday school class or even just the other family member or spouse or our friend absolutely, and we just got a minute before the break.

What have you seen happen to the folks who attend the annual apologetics conference. It's been so exciting to hear people whose lives are just ignited because they realize there's no reason to feel intimidated, there's no reason to run and hide from the flying intellectual bullets in the in the battlefield, but there's a way to take a stand and be confident that what we know to be true is actually substantiated by sound reason and by sound biblical exegesis, absolutely. So friends, this is taking place one month from now in greater Charlotte, North Carolina.

The annual apologetics conference with some of the top apologists in the world coming to share speak together many different breakout sessions, plenary sessions, great resources from the speakers to find out more go to SES.ED you the said evangelical seminary SES that will be back in a few more minutes with my gas professor emeritus of evangelical cyclic account. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back in the line of fire is Michael Brown your voice and no cultural spiritual evolution. My guess that Richard how professor emeritus at some evangelical seminary and apologist philosopher and debater Dr. Howe. I've had a good number of friends or grads from places Rife taught go through SES release take some classes there and they have always loved your classes they find them to be rigorous and challenging, but they always speak well of them sought. I appreciate you pushing hard, but they love the classes are encouraged to present you tell me yeah I mean that they found medication clear that it They're interested got them really wanted to study and they told me that you made them study to witches with the sweetness whether there might keep me on my toes for sure what what classes have you taught that have been some your signature classes. I basically gone to kind of brought two areas based on philosophical thought classes and then collect the dealing with the Colton world religions.

So for example a got a class coming up this October call classical philosophy which is, in effect, and intro to philosophy for apologetics and we just start from the ancient Greeks and follow through on some major themes and how they play into basic truths, particularly the existence of God and the nature of God is one of my concerns as I see it evangelicalism that the classical attributes of God under presentation title God fading away where the classical attributes of God are gradually kind of going away and a lot of evangelicalism so we try to reinforce how it is. We know what Romans 120 tells us. Romans 120, says that the "quirky, Turk language here the invisible attributes of God are clearly seen, yeah through the things that are made of general revelation God tells us about his existence and his nature and in Romans to talk about how the works of the law written on the heart. So we try to emphasize intro tease that out in our philosophy class and I do some on the new religious movements. We deal with things like everything from Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses to the cult. Probably the area that Dunmore start more studying than any other outside my formal studies in philosophy has been empty a call so we unpacked the flossy difficulty is and how it manifests in various groups like Satanism, witchcraft, New Age and B's, things how how much is really happening.

How much is simply psychosomatic or simply imagine how much is really happening in the demonic spiritual realm. I think a lot of times one encounters are when people are Christian start talking to me up and asking the question they have what I call a Hollywood view of the occult, so they end up ironically almost having an occult view of the occult today. Start thinking in terms of hauntings and they want rituals to drive out demons.

I go… Even a biblical approach to be spanked are not like roaches. But you gotta put some pet pesticide around the run them out. These are intelligent beings whose who are malevolently disposed towards you and so the nature of the warfare I think is best captured in second Corinthians, where it talks about war being a war of truth, if that's what Satan is again sees against the truth any so he tries to divert people from the truth or deceive them about his own nature in his own workings and then course, everything else about God is his creation. So it's a matter of tearing down arguments and bringing calls into subjection to Christ. Interesting.

Interesting so you don't have like ghost traps that you put out market, market sound now on, I'm not a ghost buster in the conventional turning out and not it out someday. One where Foret together at another conference. I'll tell you some of the stories of people what they tried to get me to do to come exercise their their mobile home to drop out demons who are turning on vacuum cleaners and stuff and and I knew what's gonna happen is this person who so worried about appliances coming about themselves and shadow skulking around in the night. What they'll do is bail will go to some kind of process and then those symptoms will go away and Delta dental think their problems are solved and they will never have taken an inventory of how they stand before their maker and what they've done with the gospel. They will never consider that because they're worried about all these other manifestations that although Spencer distraction is trying to keep you from paying attention to the one reality that really matters. And that's your maker – that's what it's all going to come.

He's going to be the judge. Not Satan is really not part of this equation when it's all said and done God the ultimate perspective there in such a how are you going to be teaching any classes to any seminars at the apologetics conference next month yes got to got one titled basically cuddled rethinking the moral argument. You know how to start a morality connect and I've got one that's provocatively titled why I don't have a biblical worldview and you shouldn't either. A mess order deliberately and being a little suspicious hopefully to get people to do okay what is he gone off the resurrection. What happened to Richard and stuff. So after I get to do to session for this go around. Excellent, good, good. Some friends that's taking place at some evangelical seminary in Entech.

Where is this going to be held. You obviously have a larger facility with with the size right is going to be held at Calvary church fair in Charlotte on Pineville Matthews Road and and the corner complement your gray Road. So if you go to and click on the links for the conference. You can get directions bear and in all kinds bank. So yes we gotten by God's grace is just grown year after year. So now I we need the biggest facility church that we can find in the city were not right now is a Calvary church in Charlotte. Yet these. These are great events friends. Whenever I've been there.

I love just walking around and running into colleagues and running into so many believers who are really serious really interested wanted to grow in these areas so again is just one month from now Southern evangelical seminary host during hosting the annual apologetics conference of the Calvary church is called the defense never rests. And this would be October 13-15. Find out more.

You can hear Dr. how face-to-face and asking your toughest questions and get you heard it. If your vacuum cleaners going on in the mobile home. He will be there this Ghostbusters, Quicken, namely the Bible five toilet alright so to find out more. Dr. how great talking to you. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you so so much. All right friends sorry unable to to take calls to date. Because of my special guests want to give them maximum time here, and if you're in the greater Charlotte area. If you come in from out of state. It's it's worth doing. I've got some new videos off and if you want to find out about what I've got to say to some counter missionary rabbis, one a good friend to claims that have been answered his objections and of course us.

Of course I have many different ways to address them on the video and then another counter missionary rabbis cut me off over 20 years ago and is refused to debate me again and all the narrative as to why we finally got all the truth out in video form so if you just go to my website.

The line of fire that were just click on the digital library and you'll see those videos latest articles as well. And yet we've got got some comments on the latest cultural madness tampons being given out in the men's room. It Brown University what so latest videos are there in my latest article Sen. Tim Kaine vice presidential Democratic nominee, which is the Bible embrace gay activists. It's all there is a lot of fire.or my bottom line today. Truth is nothing to be ashamed of nothing

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