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Answers to Your Questions and Thoughts on the Term “Racist”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 23, 2016 4:20 pm

Answers to Your Questions and Thoughts on the Term “Racist”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 23, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/23/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

All right. You've got questions, we've got answers all got some comments about racism as well start for the line of fire with your host activist. All international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown well oh well we are here on this Friday on the line of fire.

I am ready to take your calls and answer your questions anything under the sun. You want to ask me about as long as it is appropriate for Christian radio. Give me a call 866-348-7884 that is the number to call again.

Phone lines are wide open. I've got some interesting email questions to deal with. I may even take some via Facebook and Twitter will see also encourage you to check out my latest article I wrote it last night saying yes go ahead and use the racist word just be careful how you use it. Be careful where and when you use it a mere disagreement is not racism and I address that because I get called all kinds of crazy names all the time from Hitler to homophobe and from pathological to pitiful. I don't get called racist a lot that interestingly, when I tackle radical Islam. Some people accuse me of being racist, as if Islam is a race and is if there's something wrong with criticizing people murder in the name of their religion something racially insensitive about this course is completely bogus, but as we were posting a team and I different comments different links on social media, especially on Facebook basically say look, let's dance together for justice but rioting, looting, violent acts, those do not help the cause of justice that some people deemed it necessary to call me a racist because it addresses a bit later in the broadcast of the comments were were quite interesting. One, one woman said this Brown is a racist and that is clear and she have me speaking as an African-American you are getting called out to be a racist. Your proven time and time again with your post to see racist comments and or you do nothing. That is because is in your heart. Repent.

Leave got out of the foolishness of forcing Mr. woman needs to repent and leave got out of her foolishness because she is falsely accused and falsely judged got no animosity towards her just feel bad for people like that and we did remove those comments because that are there.

They're not appropriate that a given drug responses and for the fact I might see what out of 100 comments on Facebook or social media might see 1/1000, depending on how many come in.

There can be on our post at the end of the week as many as 100,000, so obviously I I don't I don't see plenty of these are all the time. That being said, that being that being said, the idea that in less you go along with the latest PC narrative. The idea that unless you immediately condemn the police that if you call out violent looters or put emphasis on what is obviously wrong. All of the things being investigated.

That makes racist them and that's that's dangerous thinking is very dangerous thinking and it probably indicates a wrong attitude and that person's heart. Be that as it may be that as it may II may address that a little later in the broadcast.

But it is a Q&A day and you can read my latest article by going to the line of the line of You can read is there along with my most recent videos as well. All right, 8663 freight submitted for you've got questions, we've got answers will get right your questions. We come back on the other side of the break right here on the line of fire broadcast add and have a wonderful time digging in learning, growing together. Hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast a lot of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into many many different ways join our team become a torturer asked Brown a SK Click on donate her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to the line of fire. 887884 is the number to call. You've got questions, we've got answers all right.

Let's see David ask this question to your doctor. Brown I love your post on Facebook. Thank you.

Thank you.

We work harder team to to be edifying and keep you up-to-date challenge and equip a question that's been nagging at me for some time.

I believe the Bible is God's word means what it says.

Dennis is nigh to us as an inferior view of the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every Falvey hit Aaron upon all that move upon the earth, and puddle the fishes of the sea at your heavily delivered clearly see the seated carried out nature with the exception.

As far as an of the Galapagos Islands. There the birds evidence no fear whatsoever a man walk right up to them and they just look at you that technically yes there delivered at your hand if you want to eat them or harm them in any way. There's no evidence of the fear mentioned in the passage above, could you please clarify thank you and God bless you and your ministry sure if that's the case with birds on the Galapagos Islands to the places it would be because they have become use to the people there. There are animals that in the past were afraid of people that become use to people because people feed them and things like that but number one that once the people would begin to hunt them again.

They would return to their old habits arise that are in danger number two.

This is certainly a statement that is universally true. The animal world was basically afraid of people and that your average setting. Animals will run from people you have certain cases a hungry animal attack or threatened animal attack, but it was the run so so and especially if you're saying when this was first instituted Noah's day. It certainly would've been the case so I would say sure thing. Sure thing exactly what God said is the reality, 8663 for 878 a for the earlier you call the show, the better chance we have of getting to your questions of Chris hi Mike: thank you for your hyper grace book, the church age to attend the hyper grace. Teaching crept in my spirits.

I was greatly troubled.

I now know why. Again, thank you like to ask if you would give me the name of a commentary book on Romans, that is not written by Calvinist is not a five or six mindset. If you know of one that you recommend I would appreciate it. Sure, Craig Keener is not a Calvinist is one of the world's top New Testament scholars has a short commentary on Romans, that is typical of his wisdom and insight into the Scripture and breath of scholarship, but here in simplified form and then there is longer commentary but still one volume very accessible, which is written by Grant Osborne Grant Osborne of who's known for some of his books on hermeneutics.

Famously, the hermeneutical spiral and he has I believe two commentaries on Romans all right two different commentaries on Romans, so you can you can look into that grant our Osborne OSB all are and E all right solution be commentaries on Romans, and of course their fine commentaries on Romans by Calvinist as well. 8663 freight 7884 I get asked this constantly, but I'll answer it again. Mike you pretrip mentor post to the extent we believe that there will be a future tribulation. I am supposed to believe in the 70th week of Daniel now know 73 Cabela's understanding was completed before the second Temple was destroyed or with the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 of this error.

Okay, let's see. Do I want to answer some social media questions. I normally don't get to do this just because were so swamped with with emails and calls and things but let's see if I can answer okay, let's just see here make it to someone just take a look and see what I'm being asked as we sort this out.

By the way, Charlotte, North Carolina, right near my home base was much more peaceful last night.

Hopefully, the worst of the riots is open. I am to answer some Facebook questions here, here we go out.

Why do you hate Muslims so much your educated doctor there Muslims like us, the world want peace and love. The physis is being bad and spun there was lawn the Sutter fault. Why do you think I hate Muslims. What gives you the impression that I hate Muslims, God forbid, I love Muslims even love radical Muslims pray for their salvation. But what he think I talk about radical Islam. Some people get mad at me.

The signal all Islam's radical ultra Islam is radical in his murders, no I believe there are many peaceloving Muslims some more religious than others. Many less religious, but I believe there many peaceloving Muslims in the world and that tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of Muslims hate what ISIS and Al Qaeda and Taliban and other groups do. That's why refer to radical Islam. Okay so you're mistaken very much mistaken.

But thanks for asking.

Absolutely. Thanks for asking and net one or more and more pastors. Those of us who trusted going over to the gap theory and how to refute them. First, unaware, and that of this being a growing trend.

I'm I'm not aware of it being a growing trend it all that more more pastors going over to close the gap theory which would say that between Genesis 11 and 12. There is a gap so this would say in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Then there was a race of human beings created on the earth, and Satan felt and this whole race rebelled and God destroyed the earth as it was left adjusted formless void and the human beings.

This pre-Adamic race, which would explain archaeological finds that go back hundreds of thousands of years that this pre-Adamic race was then wiped out in the spirits of those human beings created became what we know as demons.

These these fallen spirits which were previously McGinnis visited for bodies to have it. I know some of the sounds far-fetched, but not enough to buy into that part is to say that there was a previous earth, and that God then judged it.

Hence, Genesis 1, two, and the earth was or they would say had become formless and void and darkness was upon the face and even other was someone wrong someone wrong. There was that there was a fall and there was judgment and there was destruction. So I understand the reason for it is not impossible. Based on he was unlikely and then some of the points was a 45 if God did not create the world formless void and urgency with the means is created to be formless or to be void. In any case. In any case, it is not the natural most logical reading of the Heber and I don't see anything else in the Bible to support wire, some going to try to get on that we are major trend.

I would imagine they just think that there is compelling scientific evidence that the human race goes back several hundred thousand years and that the earth goes back several million years and because of which there there must be another way to read Genesis 1 and this is how they're reading it, I don't see any need to read it in that way, but I would imagine that would be the case and to me it's not the end of the world, some police knows this is not a test of orthodoxy. This does not determine whether someone is orthodox or heterodox okay but I would simply say that the plain meaning of the Hebrew, the most natural way of reading it does not go in that direction and that the rest of the word speaks of God making heavens and earth in six days, which would six days and rested on the seventh and that is including that the creation that's that saying everything there for everything concluded that another question is is it six literal days six metaphorical days fricative days that would that with us.

It's a metaphorical but put figurative days of speaking to some set time periods, or a counselor that's that's the debate you could have, but since elsewhere in the Bible speaks of the creation take place in six days and it's clearly talking about everything in Genesis 1, not just like the second time around, then I believe that's the best way to refute it. It is interesting though that Genesis 1 is a picture of of redemption and restoration.

There is light out of darkness there is order out of chaos. Their shape out of formlessness, so in that sense God starts in the beginning state was darkness and chaos. And so there in essence is a previous spiritual fall that may be pointed to Satan's fall, but out of that he brings life and life and order here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome 866487884 is the number to call you got questions, we've got answers received many Twitter questions that I want to get to. Let's see okay is theology spiritual thereon I believe good theology is but was told it's not, please define theology and spirituality. Thanks.

Thank you for the question okay number one. A lot of this has to do with what kind of theology were doing and the attitude of the heart behind theology is the study of God and spirituality has to do with the aspect of our inner life being worked out in every area of life, a relationship with God. How that affects every area of our lives now you can do theological study that gets so abstract and intellectual that it ends up having nothing to do with your relationship with God. It ends up with having nothing to do with how you live as a believer it ends up producing spiritual and intellectual pride rather than draw you closer to God draws you further away a picture like this, let's say in a husband and wife relationship that witness a spirituality is the equivalent of of the of a solid marital relationship. Okay I'm using the human analogy now solid marital relationship and to flip it around to flip it around the theology would now be the study of your spouse. Now it could be that you really get to know your spouse so well that you understand your spouse what makes your spouse tick, what your spouse is interested in what makes your spouse happy sad I spouse likes to spend their time that knowing that deepens the relationship because you love your spouse so much you really know how to bring pleasure and joy and fulfillment satisfaction into the lies in your sensitive to them right by it could also be that this just becomes this abstract thing. Yes I know this makes them happy. I noticed my subsided, but you don't act on it and it ends up that you become cold like your robot as if what I'm doing a survey to see him doing computer program service infinitely compatible marriage. It is opposed to building relationships so people can do the same thing with God.

Follow they can do the same thing with God. They can really understand who he is. That inspires praise and worship and adoration and and greater desire to spend time with him in prayer and in the word and to worship him and to make him known so they can be healthy theological study or we can get so caught up. Will the interaction of dogs Troy unity and the question of the terminology of God and what is it meant to be eternally begotten, we can get so caught up with potentially abstract questions know there is that there the old saying about theologians debating how many angels can dance on the tip of the pen or did Adam have a naval because he was the first created being that that we could get so caught up with with these things that we don't reread the word just to learn more information or to decide which doctrine is right. This happened to me on a smaller level.

The late 70s early 80s. As I was in grad school to pursue my Masters and PhD and study some of the languages that instead of devouring the word out of hunger for the word love for God and wanted to apply it my own life and have the word in my heart to share with others.

I was concentrating so much on learning the biblical languages, especially Hebrew, and then it became much more of an intellectual pursuit to study more and learn more. The commentaries what are they saying back and forth and it ended up that that I left my first love, even though as a committed believer in many ways the intimacy the passionate devotion is to have wasn't there so that can happen so hopefully thereon that that explains things so healthy, theology wonderful. It helps you worship God rightly follow him rightly believe in him rightly make him known to others rightly and it should cultivate worship and desire for him. If you find that you're getting more hungry to read theology books than the word if you find that during worship instead of really worshiping the Lord your critiquing the theology of the songwriter and that your main focus, then something is wrong and the emphasis and that's what can all too often happen to us, 8663 for 87884. Let me go back over to Facebook questions. Let's see how should we read the Old Testament in light of the New Testament. Reread the Old Testament through the lens of the new you interpreted chronologically old to new. Yes, Steve. You know the saying. I'm sure that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed in the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed obviously as followers of Jesus we believe that the New Testament is the culmination of the old, in fact, some like to say first and second testament or Hebrew Scriptures and messianic scriptures don't like to say, old and new, because it would give an idea of something being passé and in fact to a Jewish person is believing Jesus is of the Old Testament. Since the Bible but if we believe that the New Testament authors rightly interpret the Old Testament that the writers of the New Testament and pointing to Jesus. She was the Messiah, rightly understood with the Hebrew Scriptures say if we believe that's true, then we will gain constant insight into the Hebrew Scriptures by reading the New Testament writings. However, the New Testament writings of the fan are built on the foundation of the Old Testament right so I look at it like this.

On the one hand read inductively so story in Genesis read through the entire Bible, learn, grow, when you get to the New Testament, it will now tie things together. It will now open things up.

It will now give further insight and now make it like a constant loop as you reread as you reread as you start again to be reading the Old Testament with more insight from the new, but you're also been the New Testament with insight from the also a constant circle of one feeding the other.

I often find me the Hebrew Scriptures that the light goes on. The New Testament passage and in reading the New Testament alike. Osama the Hebrew Scriptures so start in a sense, literally or inductively from beginning to the end that one bill on the next and then keep it as a constant loop all right undertake calls for another 90 minutes and start taking call shortly and I'll take your calls for the 90 minutes regardless of whether the salary or not you can still call in 866-34-TRUTH 784 and remember.

Check out our special resource offer at the line of one take advantage of it will be blessed and put together is always a terrific package just for you. We will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael walk. If you want to fire 866487884. I am taking some email questions on taking some questions that are being posted on Facebook or twitter so that Facebook that is Esther Brown a SK DR Brown on Facebook and then on twitter DR Michael L Brown so dearly. Dr. DR Michael L. Brown that's at twitter 866-34-TRUTH we go to Louise and Bayonne, New Jersey.

Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Thank you Bill.

It took somebody a question about the difference between theology and spirituality. And yes, if plaintiff fairly well find Denmark drunk the theology book vented.

The problem for you. I find that that's what happening with me so I love the Lord so drawn to everything. Everything came right, and I know that I have to be capital because I don't want to have the publicity of the Scripture, but I'm trying to everything Mike I mean everybody in it. Thinking about and it all down good. Dr. Brown and I don't know how to fight for it that when you sin all sounds good.

What exactly do you mean what what sounds good to you what it what is it that that pulls that you right now what happening and I'm questioning it about praying and in no thinking on my night and I would expect all of the people that that I know I love about their data probably hearing me right now, I'm concerned about the open portal indent in the heavenly I'm concerned.

Theology is that I don't I got okay that Nick is a little been hit yet. Louise, I would encourage you to major on the majors. Okay, I would. I would encourage you to focus on the basics and not the things that would be more esoteric. So I would I would focus on really building myself up in God, so spending quality time in prayer and the word and not listening to a lot of other things that are maybe a little bit more out there not reading a lot of things a little more out there. I concentrate everything on having you knowing the Lord better be more solid in his word, living a godly life of reaching other people with the gospel, majoring on the majors and questions like no open heavens open portals that I would only think about that that's that's not a major theme in Scripture. Whatever you mean by this and that a major theme in Scripture, if at all.

I it would be like someone who's in rehab. There they just had a car accident and again to be in rehab for a few months. They just work on the basic basic motor skills and ketchup walking and moving and using your limbs again and things like that and sometimes we can get distracted and what I've just done. I'm just about finished.

I did this reading the Bible and in 90 days program. I think I've got maybe five days left or something just to get me to read through the whole Bible in a short period of time to get it all in front of me in a short appear carcass as I and I was running, Changzhou for a few years was focused on that that I can be studying other passages I thought, you know, let me just read through the whole Bible again fairly quickly so I did this so I'd encourage you just reread the word a lot and to see God speak to me.

Help me to grow. Pray about what you're reading. Sometimes it's good to pray as you read the word for the committee insight.

Help me to live this out.

Share your faith with others major on that and stole anything.

Some stress to distract you from the basics, step away French okay that will have to wait and then is your foundations even stronger be able to better sort out what's important and what's not a middle-aged grace be yours. Thank you.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown I just saw a whole bunch of John twitter from Wam.

I am can be a leader worship ministry etc. still be smoking or drinking the real life what you hurt yourself and hurt others.

If you are smoking cigarettes is that the biggest issue in the world but it is the destructive addiction and if you're drinking heavily Bible is clear on that. So read first Timothy three and Titus one requirements for elders and use that as a guideline you know which version of the Bible is best read and study go to my website.*Nebraska dear Brown's artwork and just click on digital library and type in Bible or Bible verses actually undo that line if I want to Bible Bible versions. You see whole programs that we've done on that is consummately God is given a vision to be a leader hasn't lived the serenity life is Christian that he can't leave until you surrender to the Lord is for believing gay marriage, your brother, you want to help them again. Go to the light a digital library and you can just type in marriage or gay and Christian. I've got many articles about what Scripture says, got YouTube videos about it and in point of fact and points of fact of that whole book. Can you be gay and Christian so that would be helpful for you as well. 8663 freight 7884 of its go to Hurley and Boston. Thanks for: the line of fire. Our church where Herman about what happening the country beginning out like like like going back in back of our current and police killing people. Are you not only giving and illegally and in the thing that I am guided and controlled, not wanting it got permission gardening until I see that the enemy is in the Lord and any neglect to do lab work and and in my my point of view at but Dan is the one control and and also that we Christian what we should be doing not confirming and thinking that God is in control, but we should rather be praying for the nascent and and for humanity in upper people and repeating the enemy that out there doing no robbing and killing and destroying energy writing what you think. Yeah well up. I affirm much of what you say but I would not affirm all of it number one to say that God is in control and not to factor in that he is given freedom for people to choose evil and that there is a devil working out trying to destroy give the wrong impression.

I don't believe that that God is pleased with the looting and the rioting. I don't believe that God is pleased with the bloodshed he grieves over those things and is calling us to work against them, and that since it's the devil who stirring up trouble and the devil who wants to divide and destroy selects on one hand, it's not that God is still king.

In other words, God in his sovereignty has given us space and edit and he is working out purposes in the midst of this note says in Daniel to he sets up kings and remove kings that the Psalm say that that he rules as king over the world and remember Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. So there is truth to the fact that God is king and ruling and raining but many times he looks at the earth. These displays like in the days of Genesis 6 the flood. He looks down at with human race is doing and he's grieved over a destroy so it we need to be working for reconciliation.

We need Terry bringing different sides together. We need to be listening and speaking truth. We need to be praying we need to be working against Satan's devices rather than having a passive attitude of God is in control's on the one hand, yes, God rules Aransas King, but he has given certain liberty and freedom to human beings, and there is a devil at work under whose power. Many people are our operating revenues influence many people are operating. Hence all the sin and confusion of the world. Just look at this when when you've got some the latest strip club just opened up and and you've got girls that are sold into human trafficking and are being raped and prostituted. We don't say God is in control.

We say that so far and we need to work against that. So right, so it depends on what someone means and how they say it, but if it creates an attitude of passivity if it stops us from from engaging the enemy. Ephesians 6 we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and spiritual forces of wickedness. If it stops us from saying we need to be agents of change in God's hand, then it's a wrong concept that can be destructive the other hand, if we think that God is just sitting around hoping that we get things right them were missing out who he is and what he does. So that's why said I would nuance what you said that obviously wouldn't say it with the pastor that so thanks thanks for calling. I appreciate 86634 let's go to Charlotte, North Carolina, Raleigh, welcome to want to fire Dr. Brown appreciate you have me read well or in response to your video about the book behind you being real or fake. I actually commented that I would love to build you a new better bookcase with the man you are the man. Okay, Jewish. A cabinetmaker carpenter for you, but my question comes down to be speaking at a large apologetic conference in a couple weeks and have the opportunity to share about Jewish mission and ministry of the Jewish people.

I wanted to get your take out you had a short period of time. What you would think would be most persuasive in unapologetic audio that you know it's not always the most Jewish minded yet so you want to bring in the negative and the positive and my book, our hands are stained with blood, unless you've read that that that you okay so the negative. I would want their eyes opened to the horrors of anti-Semitism in church history. The what Luther said and broke is at such a shocker for for many of apologists who are theologically sharp or don't know about some of the bed history and a Christmas Tom and Luther and just in short, make people to understand that this is part of what is driven Jewish people away from the gospel. So let them understand that part to have a heart like this is Messiah's own people and and and yet is France.

Daly said that I quote in our hands are stained with blood.

You know we we have damaged this field to be thrown rocks audit damage that you know and and and wondered you know why more Jewish people come to faith and then there's a marvelous quote from Eugene Barlow. It's a reform rabbi in our hands or same with flow, which I wrote what 24, 25 years ago where he says that that Jews would be much more open to Christian claims. If they saw a little bit more Christianity out of us so I would hit that side then I would turn around and say but look in God's sight. This is super important because the purposes of God will not culminate in children and to the Jewish people welcome the Messiah back that Jesus will remain in heaven until the Jewish people repent and I would open up passages like the end of Matthew 23 in a negative context with horses. You won't see me again to you welcome me as king Messiah or or ask three where Peter says that you repent and turn to God the times of refreshing may come they may send the Messiah so he's gonna wait there until this Jewish repentance or Romans 11, which may explain that this is that the culmination of the ages and and that many of the people may have a strong grace theology to make them understand. Listen, if God can keep his promises to Israel, even when Israel fails what you think is going to keep his promises to the church when the church fair and I would hate you hammer in Romans 1128 and 29 with that so that's that's I would do it. I'd make them to sit have a prick of conscience and then I will. I would then lay out the future hope and why it's so important if you want to see Jesus return and you need to reach Jewish people with the gospel and say look ultimately Romans 116.

That's right. What what what is being said there is a mandate I was reading through that today when I got Romans to and pulses, trouble judgments can become unable and the Jew first also Gentile and Blessing Lori Armitage reversals to dental is not talking chronologically. There is talk about this the way it's going to be set up. This is a priority right so that's that's what approach it will thank you for March stand. Dr. Crocker about the great awesome tape to do it when you you stay right there and thank you for your gracious Raleigh. I appreciate it. May the Lord usually with the sky conference and limit is mention then Howard, if you give Raleigh Dylan's email address.

Raleigh just say that that that we sent you that would be a blessing. Thank you so much 866-34-TRUTH all right. On the other side of the break were going to go to James in Boston. You're up next and insular social media questions right here on the line of fire.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I request Don social media S.Brown on Facebook. Can you explain the connection between Isaiah 2011, 12, and for scripting's, 14, 20, 22, actually read that last night and thought about it again. Yeah the context there is tons to a nonbeliever's judgment tongues to a nonbeliever is unintelligible. Where's prophecy will speak to them and convict them so if we speak in tongues. Let's start speaking in tongues now gone for 10 minutes to the outsider is that the visit to the believers I can edify them to the outsiders gibberish to the outsiders there. There is another on the outside dislike when I'm in a foreign country and or speak another language that I can understand it.

It puts me in an outsider negative status.

So when the people of Israel would hear say the Syrians of the Babylonians coming into their country and now the fleas foreign armies in their streets speaking a foreign language that was a sign of judgment. So Paul says tongues in that sense is a sign for the unbeliever. It's a sign that they're in unbelief. It's a sign that they're on the outside and they're not hearing a message where's if there's tongues with interpretational prophecy. There hearing a message that speaks to them and leads them to repentance, so that's that's the application of Isaiah 28 tongues in cells are a gift from God. Paul speaks well of and only well if it's the abuse of the gift that he addresses all right. Let's go back to the phones in Boston. James welcome to the line of fire doing well thank you's are great if you can help me out on the method of many scholars think at a graph of different people at their stated that you could commit suicide and labor and go to heaven. However, I know you're a believer you had your mental problem commit suicide.

Not out of willfully true God, but just to take your life. Because of that were the case, Paul could've taken a life in many incident because of the suffering now looked incorrect. In chapter 1 of the 19 that the body of the Holy Ghost.

And if you destroy the body, and God will destroy you. So does that say you kill yourself what what is that thing to me that thing if you destroy the body one or the other.

Below yes sir, those are serious questions and your you're asking the right questions and trying to think it through. So first let's let's agree that ultimately God is the only final judge on each person. We understand that and if someone had some legitimate mental disorder let's say there is tumor in their brain and it was growing and it cause them to think irrationally or they had some drug reaction and there was a chemical reaction. They were thinking rationally and they killed themselves. Obviously they were in control of their faculties so that's that's one category. We understand that and sometimes when you hear about suicide someone suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome and that you know they think you're being attacked and hunted whatever and they kill themselves before the enemy gets them, God is there judge. I would not be the one to say, well, they must be going to hell because of that and and I also don't believe that just because someone died while committing a sin that that damns them to help with damages to hell is walking away from the Lord denying his Lordship, refusing to follow him say no to his grace as opposed to doing something stupid and your dying and in the in the process of it so that being said, what about the Scripture that you raise and in first Corinthians chapter 3 verse 16 do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you. If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him.

For God's temple is holy and you are that temple now in the sixth chapter pulses.

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, but is talking to us individually here in first Corinthians 3 he's talking to the believers in general sin that you, the believers are the temple of the Holy Spirit. In other words you the church, the body of Christ. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit dwells in your midst of some of destroys that temple meaning tries to destroy the body of Christ. That's the context tries to hurt the church gobble destroy that person.

So that is separate from saying if you take your life that you have therefore committed that the ultimate damnable sin now affecting said James, I would be under no circumstances could I ever tell someone it's okay, go ahead and end the Mr. misery in that sense they're playing God and usurping authority.

It's not. There's an it is a serious act and there are plenty of people that are lost in sin and commit suicide are lost forever, but I would not automatically damns someone to hell. Based on that verse because as I understand it, it's referring to the body of Christ, someone trying to destroy and hurt the church in the context what will okay love the Lord, but want to make impulsive migration efficient… Make a good witness. So what if I want to commit.

Don't grace of God is good enough for the believer. Yet that let listen there.

I don't want to be insensitive because right now I'm not in agonizing pain. I'm not losing control of my faculties.

I'm not hopelessly depressed. I don't want to speak for someone that is. But James, you are hundred percent right.

There is never a legitimate reason for believer to commit suicide. God can help us do anything through acute pain through horrific loss. He can help us through anything that the more that we loosen laws concerning physician-assisted suicide them. The more crazy.

It's going to get in Belgium, a 12-year-old boy was just euthanized that he was in a lot of pain and they deemed that he was young enough to decide for himself and there now in the Netherlands can have an Institute for euthanizing children that if they feel the child may be 10, 11 years old, as is able to decide for themselves to take the lies that's that's a horror I talked to a man who was married at least 37 years from the city couldn't take it anymore and he went out to clear that he was actually a woman and had sex change surgery and I said what happens your marriage used city was a believer. So what happens your marriage is that I effectively destroyed a marriage of 37 years and rendered my wife a widow and I said but Jesus says love your wives the way Christ of the church. Give your life for her and he said it was either that, or suicide. I said so right. I don't accept that I don't relate to the agony he experienced but I don't accept that because God's grace can get us through anything and people who live through hell beyond anything I could imagine they've testify from the hell of the Holocaust to the hell of of horrific loss to agonizing cancer and debilitating diseases that God's grace was sufficient and insufficient to keep brothers and sisters suffering, imprisonment, beheading in countries like Syria so I say this dear brother I'm amount of time.

This is a very serious question though. Let us do this if someone is suffering. Let us be such a friend that we pray that grace into their lives so that they experience it for themselves. Thank you for the call. My bottom line today.

Good theology is practical theology. It affects our intimacy with God in relation all right you got questions, we've got answers all and I got some comments about racism as well.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. I think I started the first hour by saying welcome welcome your but either way you way excited blessed to be with you got questions. We got answers any question of any kind under the sun.

You want asked me as long as it is appropriate for Christian radio phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 7884. There is news that Ted Cruz is expected to support Donald Trump was asked on Facebook. Am I disappointed that he's said he's about to endorse Trump if this is accurate, and I responded, not at all by the way, this I did respond to on Facebook annoyed.

I pocketed on their press submit privately and Trump apologized for tax increases, wife and father prep screws simply forgiving of police Trump is best for the nation is convinced he can have a positive impact on Trump but know that that doesn't trouble me at all and I think it will overall play out fine for Ted Cruz. Just my opinion, because he still is sticking to his guns and all of his major positions and those that were disappointed that he didn't endorse at the convention. Perhaps, perhaps the they feel that okay look he's moving forward. And yeah, just look at this article Trump is moved closer to cruise in recent weeks, hiring key allies such as Kelly and calmly as his campaign manager Jason Miller as a spokesman Cruz met recently with Trump's vice president for candidate Mike pence. The tickets bridge the conservative base on Wednesday, Trump's campaign expressed support for Cruz back Internet related proposal and government funding talks in Senate and Friday, Trump released a new list of conservative judges likely to appeal to the Supreme Court clerk including perhaps Clute Cruz's closest friend in Congress. You taught Sen. Mike Lee, so yeah that's that's that's good. Now here's the thing Ted Cruz did last Donald Trump on on the last day of his campaign basically and very, very strong terms very strong terms and I you you can say well that's that's a lot you know how in the world that can be overcome what he said what he said and maybe feels that Donald Trump is changing. Maybe or he feels that even though his problems with his character.

He thinks it is listening to the people that he could be a good president. Anyway, either way previous question, and we shall see how things turn out. Let's see here.

Jessica I'm triggering the new Israeli student who moved to the US only months ago after the developing rapport with his family. How would you broach introducing Yeshua any tips for conversation starters ways I can connect relation or things not to say them in their words like crusades and cross in Christ that annulling a positive words to Jews and Israelis as the whatever the worst construction on those, even those that are neutral or those that are positive to be misunderstood.

Crusades obviously could be a very negative conversation, there was a Weinberg gospel present with me but the best thing to do is say it was a Christian, you have a special interest or sort there is a Christian you think it's so Nice that you're able to to no tutoring Israeli or get to know the family and explain why Christians have such love for Israel and then from there yeah you know Jesus you associate with the juvenile now the pricing was issued. This actually Yeshua but is Jewish uses one of yours is an ancient Israeli couple thousand years back Israeli so that's that's on start and then if there's interest sale. We want to watch the really interesting is this debate with a Jew who believes in Jesus and a rabbi for my debates with that I will be right back for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that I haven't this video I just moments ago and the family of Keith Lamont, Scott shot by police Tuesday in Charlotte. The family has released a cell phone video which was recorded by his wife showing the moments leading up to his fatal shooting of the police have their video dash cam video.

I believe the officer shot Mr. Scott did not have body cam on but the family wanted the video release they sought said there was no conclusive evidence that he had a gun in his hand because he didn't only gonna regularly carry a gun, but in any case, the police know when I can release the video footage is an investigation going on others of sentences clear.

He had a gun of the said that wasn't clear. But other witnesses affirmed what happened and a gun was found, but here again I haven't's watch this but I'm reading the transcript, so his wife says don't shoot them. He has no weapon of the first portions of the shaky video. Remember police officer on the vehicle in the parking lot, a man repeatedly yells for some apparently Keith got to drop the gun so that's repeated he doesn't have a gun, yes the TBI. His wife says he's not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine. She was on to say, Keith don't let them break the windows, and out of the car. Keith don't do it. Keith get out of the car. Keith Keith don't do it, don't you do it.

Keith Keith Keith Alice's and don't you do it to the police. Gunshots are heard as his wife and says don't you do it to, then yells did you shoot him, did you shoot him. He been out the blank, dead two people kneel over the figure with the press. Apparently Keith got a line on the ground and TBI apparently is traumatic brain injury. That's what she was referring to his family said he was in a near-death motorcycle crash last year. That left him disabled. Now if it turns out. If it turns out that there was no gun again police of the gun was found peace and was reading a book for citizen. A book found. Turns out there was no gun and you've got someone who is disabled, waiting for his kid to come up from school sitting in his vehicle when the skids waiting for the call from school, then obviously this would be the one of the worst examples or horrific example especially if is disabled and was not able to to follow the react properly. A real horrific example that would add to the rage and the grief felt by many black America that are not treated fairly by the police and that they can trust the justice system to to give the right information, etc. if he had a gun fell. He knows carry gun and perhaps because of the traumatic brain injury didn't respond properly. How would the police know that you guerrillas please again shot left and right. You go to your your job as a doctor you go to your job as a computer program you go to your job is as a teacher. Your job is as a clerk in a grocery store whatever you don't think that I want from them to come home today where is cops every day leave their family and the families they can come home safe today. Daddy, mommy.

So how would you know if if someone had a gun and was not respond properly because they didn't have the mental facilities to do so either.

Either wait mental faculties to do so either way it's it's tragic, and especially if the guy posed no danger if in fact there was no gun.

Although all the official evidence of herds of horses.

There was, if in fact there was no gun that makes it all the more tragic if there was a gun in the police do with her trying to do and thought, okay, it's his life for ours right now, then the other the other.

The other question other question is then Jackie's lethal force is there another way to do an amount of police officer and I have no ability to comment on that aspect of things. 866-348-7884 is the number to call and before I go back to the phones.

Let's see here some other Facebook questions. Let's see what we got. Okay, not that okay Sean, what are the inconsistencies with post tribulation up into a pre-tribulation from understand the church's posterior ablation for the first, 1900 your soul and must hundred 5070 be accepted preach review her duct watermark but I like to hear you because also charismatic.

You know Dr. Martin wasn't that he was great men of God to saw things a bit differently.

It Sean I'm actually not pretrip. And if you just go to my digital library. Go to the line of the line of

Click on the digital library for tribulation or for dispensationalism than you'll find complete explanations. There as to why not pretrip by clicking on with me. The two of us discussed together.

Why were not pretrip and inconsistencies coming pretrip as you have. Their arguments are distinctly there any that that really stand they would say lucky. Disability tradition begins, seven years, and that's the day of Jesus return on those daily out that it is the falsity to get to know all of this is the beginning of the tribulation. We can date the date it.

I don't people surrender tribulation outlets were obviously not. And if there is a specific seven-year fear is more just a metaphorical number that's another question. All right, let's go to the phones and will go to Kim in Winston-Salem.

Welcome to the line of fire around a course from object. Scripture 318 first Peter 31 and Ephesians 524 way shares give the reference to all, could you explain it and when you couple that particular scripture in 524 which is why should it wipe me that he is supposed to watch his wife quit promoter is always given her spiritual knowledge and understanding. Most of that should come from him and not another man or another past. Okay, just give me the verses going first. Three. When I was clearing over the other verses you mentioned 318 okay chapter 5 verse 20 got it all right yes three. There is a strong reference that was on my screen there okay Colossians 318.

Why submit your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. First Peter 31 speaks again of the why submissive attitude to the husband. I believe this can the ultimate responsibility for the well-being of of my wife.

The spiritual being of my wife. Aside from her own relationship with God that ultimate well-being for her nurturing for strengthening for her protection is false. On the south side of her own relationship with the Lord. I do have a role as a protector I I am not her spiritual master and that since she gives account to God not to me. She doesn't go to to God through me in many ways my life is much more spiritual than I am. And of course she has her own walk with the Lord.

But I am more responsible for her spiritual being.

Then she is from. I should place a critically important role in my life and ministry.

But I'm more responsible for hers because of the way God made men and women and the leadership role that God put in men that's and I were talking today Kim and there was something came up with the check number last night and she said would remember to check us yeah I told her and she said she was try to remember as you can remember even though she was try remember less that it didn't come back today and we were joking about me being smart in some ways but not smart. Otherwise, when it comes to practical wisdom.

She's got me in a hands down and talk to my mom as it was 94 yesterday and Nancy and my mom were laughing that I'm not my moms were very domestic.

It is practical wisdom. So Nancy sees man that but in other ways I I I have the upper hand in terms of my guess that the point is we can't we can each have a role to play.

We can each have a place but it's more my responsibility to nurture her in the Lord and to strengthen her than hers to nurture and strengthen me so by all means, the shepherd, the pastor, that leader of the congregation.

Their ministry to both of us ministry to husband and wife together.

Okay, building us up in the Lord, challenging us to go deeper in the lauric teaching us so their ministry because that's great. But on a one on one level on a daily level.

In the course of our lives that should be the husband building the wife up and certainly she should not be in a spiritual mentoring relationship with another man outside of her husband with this guy spending a lot of one-on-one time with her and pouring into her life. That would be a dangerous setting where strong emotions can come together so you be the one to wash your hereby with the word. At the same time. Whatever the pastoral ministry is this for husband and wife and woman alike file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown running a similar question with and she with any thing it's appropriate for Christian radio phone lines are open 866-348-7884. Let's go to Ray and Raleigh.

Welcome to light a fire truck around doing well thank you have a question very good Christian giving truly recruit the true believer's life that he obviously was born again and all that that one day he defied just go back to the world and that you know what I want nothing to do with the Lord. I give up is not for me.

Now what my question is this what happened to the Holy Spirit and what happened to the regeneration process and what awful happens to the deal of the Holy Spirit and eventually to the effort to lose their salvation. According yeah I like the way you you you make it specific in terms of all of those those so aspects, the Seawright Holy Spirit regeneration and being indwelt by the Spirit, things like that. They first and I've addressed this many times in the air, but with the specific question to ask. It makes it worth you being addressed again. We know in the New Testament, there were promises that God will keep us safe, and that no one complex of God's hand so I asked since we rest absolutely secure and don't need to wake up every day worrying although although I lose my salvation. On the one wrong move doesn't spit me out of his mouth can be lost forever.

That's unhealthy that some biblical and and we need to drink in those promises until they're real to us. On the flip side there many warnings about apostasy many warnings about turning away and those warnings must be taken seriously. So I don't use the term lose our salvation. I would use the term forfeit our salvation. So right now the words that that I give it up that I walk away from it is right. It's a ridge it's an active wholehearted rejection as opposed to God, I'm really trying to follow you, but I'm struggling okay right that's really lean hard on God's keeping power and we realize it's it's God's work in us more of it is more important than our best efforts, so out.

Yet so when we have for example in second Peter two. Those who knew the way of righteousness when they turn away. It's worse for them than it was before. When crisis is plainly if you deny me. I'll deny you when when Hebrews says that the punishment would be more severe for those who were were washed in the blood of Jesus and knew him and were sanctified, it will be more severe for them than the Pettus penalty for rejecting the law of Moses.

We realize my great privilege comes great responsibility that so basically, at some point. At some point if someone walks away from God and denies him and renounces him at some point the spirit leaves that person the seal of the spirit is not like a seal in terms of we got attacked and sealed except yeah deposit and us a stamp and that's actually been sealed with with this and given this, so at some point the Spirit would leave someone and we have a picture with Israel where we we see in in the book of Ezekiel, that the spirit, the presence of God represented the glory of God leaves the nation and and then Ezekiel 10 showing the restoration us to come there is a we have a leading nation and a promise of a returning so okay you can look at that, the same way on an individual level now.

Philosophically, we can wonder okay if someone was born again had to become unborn notice and ask your change but you could say the same process by which someone is lost in the first place, which is choosing sin and say no to the Lord which which we all do outside of him right that's that's something I could happen again. Another words, eternal life could be forfeit and eternal life. This doesn't speak as much as time is much as it speaks of quality in and in the Greek so it's interesting in second Corinthians 71, Paul urges us light of the promises we received. To cleanse ourselves from everything that defiles body and spirit telling us that our spirit even our born-again spirit could be defiled and are therefore in that sense we could again reject God and thereby forfeit our salvation exactly what happens, how it works. God knows but that we could pass from death to life and then refuse God and go back to the ways of death.

I know people theologically say how can that be God does not make sons and unmake sons I just say this and force you to stay in the house exactly that. Okay I got it that I truly get that way myself and I was faced with quality question on lately have been studying right there on the committee with that that the doctor to being a bit odd and I'm working that last day yeah and and it is just the other thing I know plenty of people that are tormented by the thought. Although I lose my salvation. Although I and I blew it all. I thought a wrong thought I and they need to just be so raised in the grace of God and the love of God and become aware of God's keeping power that that that fear that anxiety disappears. On the other hand there are other people think about what I do them or not highlighted in a matter exactly and and went when we lived in Pensacola, Florida, sir. We had students for ministry school that sometimes you have a few hundred out on the streets during outreach times this message a big school and invariably every Friday night or Saturday night because it was a heavily Christian-based area. You know tons of churches in the South like these to say that there are more Baptists than people were relived and yes so every week, our students will encounter people coming out of bars drunk hi you know about to go sleep with their girlfriend or boyfriend and when where our focus was witness to them they so I'm safe I'm saved. I prayed when I was four years old and a once saved always saved, and a lot of them could quote Scripture now I've asked or heard of heard people say look I was away from God.

For years, but I'm telling you. God never left me.

The Work in my life will maybe God's patience is unbelievably long and we could be walking away from for years and he still hasn't abandoned us or It could be that he was working on us to bring us back.

In other words, he was working to pull us back.

He was after us rather being in us in that sense, while yeah it sounds sounds clear rate of gunrunning a break that that you got your head screwed on right with this. So we rest in the promises but you better believe we take the warning seriously and I was just S1 right if this is never how can that be to say you take those warnings seriously are not but have to okay. Great. Good. Then there were five so she taken seriously were fine and to someone else that's paranoid and hate. Just think about the promises for wall and be sure God can keep you want to serve mutant. Don't worry about his promise to keep you all right God bless you man appreciate it will get right your calls. On the other side of the break and yeah I think I just want to make a few comments regarding the issue of racism that it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown working the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and I am delighted with the blessings and grace to 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers and I do want to make a couple of comments regarding racism.

My latest article you can read by going to the line of and you see it right on the homepage, which is yet go ahead use. The races were just use it carefully. This agreement is not racism agreeing with many points of of conflict, but not with all does not mean that there is racism all right before I get your calls and answer some of the questions clock is ticking and we are almost there. Coming specially down to Dallas Texas to be with all of you are listeners Wednesday night so Wednesday night be speaking in Dallas at Gateway church were special equipping service dealing with the difficult moral and cultural issues in our society that having hearts of compassion back on some steel and then here's the very special announcement for all of you that are listening in the Dallas-Fort Worth area September 29. That's a week or six days from now week from yesterday Thursday night I'm doing a special intimate meet and greet at Gateway campus at North Richland Hills 7501 Davis Blvd. that's North Richland Hills, 7 to 9.

I'll be answer your questions to give your short inspirational message take a little bit behind the scenes in our life and ministry. You will get a picture together sign some books will be doing it so put that on the calendar of the phone back that day after speak every Gateway bested note we want to have a special night to meet all of you face-to-face if you listen and when the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Join me for my itinerary discredit Esther Gibran ask ADR and there you will have it all right.

You just see on the itinerary. Let's go to Steve in Manhattan. Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown good afternoon.

My question deals with translating the Old Testament.

I was wondering if you think that scholars people at their native tongue better job differently. Yes, yes and no. The fact is that modern Hebrew is very different in biblical Hebrew.

And if you think through the lens of modern Hebrew. You will not act accurately translate the Hebrew Scriptures. But your average Jewish scholar who speaks Hebrew is also very conversant with biblical Hebrew and is conversant with other phases of the Hebrew language rabbinic Hebrew and things like that so that being said, you will see differences between Jewish and Christian translations you, you will see differences and you will not just on Christological issues. You know versus that could potentially apply to Jesus or theologically suggest different understandings of of the Hebrew for for generations now. There have been fine Christian scholars who have become Hebrew scholars and have also mastered the relevant literature so it's it's both.

And now II studied with Jewish scholars who spoke modern Hebrew fluently who were fluent in rabbinic Hebrew and were geniuses in understanding the language and yet I did not guarantee all of their understanding, so I would just say that you sometimes have different, different feel for what it's more the living language to an end, not to be positive or negative. Each have different traditions of interpretation that subconsciously play into things so I would. I would just say yes there are advantages that some Jewish scholars have butterfly Christmas college and scholarship there that she should just compare the different versions and I and I did not put one over the other Christmas college.

Thank you for asking her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just of Donald Trump and he posted on his Facebook page. So on the one hand, he said he's he's after months of careful consideration of prayer, searching his own conscience.

He's decided to vote for Donald Trump so one.

He said that he would support the Republican nominee and a citizen to keep his word said he would do it and when any city was released from it went from CrossFit lines, but he citizen to keep his word and second is that even though his head. Areas of significant disagreement with Trump by any measure. Hillary Clinton's holy and acceptable.

That's why he's always been, never Hillary and that he gives six policy differences of Supreme Court Obama care, energy, immigration, national security, Internet freedom is hundred percent against Hillary Clinton's view and feeling good about were Donald Trump is on this piece of equipment. As we know is 100% certainty that she would deliver on her left-wing promises with devastating results for our country. My conscience tells me I must do whatever I can do to stop that and he goes on with other issues a severe guy pledged to endorse Republican nominee in our modern commitment. If you don't want to see Hillary Clinton presidency. I encourage you to vote for him for Donald Trump so that is breaking news 86634 let's go to James in Manhattan. Welcome to the modifier high Dr. racketeering.

Yes, I can okay good, thanks for coming up to New York, by the way, I was able to come for you to meet you in person. Awesome. It was a great joy thank you so I was reading through a Bible commentary, statewide study Bible, and I recommend her interest in going through the chapters in Isaiah 40 to 48 where he constantly saying there is no law there.

I am Yahweh. There is no other, basically saying that it's not actually consistent that when they refer to Elohim in the older parts of the OTHER part of the Old Testament text referring to Yahweh, but also referring to the gods of the heavenly council to God before nation demon spirits of dead people.

Angel have you ever heard the third for the department be accurate. ISO so you just open up a can of worms spent that a big subject, and I'm smiling because Monday. I'm scheduled to have on the program, I forget which. Our schedules have Dr. Michael Heiser to talk about his book came out last to the unseen realm, but Dr. Heiser oversees the academic work at at Lagos software, so he's is his degree for University of Wisconsin similar to mine near Eastern languages and literatures so Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages, but he's also strong in Greek, which I'm not.

I'm weak in Greek and she he is responsible for overseeing the academic work at Lagos offer which is massive. Now that being said, faith life study Bible I believe is produced by Lagos and therefore would have the information of a Michael Heiser just got a built right into it and Dr. Heiser is always careful to explain the reality of the spiritual realm that you have verses like Exodus 15, who is like you among the gods. Yahweh right okay yeah right at all. You will have no other gods before me or or God sits in the Council of the gods right so and then in Isaiah. There is no other God beside me so those are true and you have an and also if you go to my website.

The line of and just click on the digital library search for Walton John Walton. I had him on as a guest and we talked about this in the context of the cultural study Bible as well and the. The difference between monotheism and the knowledge tree and Hennessey is him and basically if we focus on monotheism and manometry manometry would be the superiority of one God compared to the other gods monotheism would be. There is no other God except one. So I both are true in this regard, there were other spiritual beings. There is a spiritual realm. Okay area right that there is a spiritual realm and there there are are other beings that in essence or divine beings there.

The spiritual realm they have power they can influence things on the earth and people look to them as gods. For example, Satan, insignificance for force called the God of this age and first arrived 19 says that the whole world is under the power of the evil one. So I Old Testament times, he might've been worshiped as as bail or he made a might've been worshiped as Margo according to one of these other women's other deities.

So in the context of saying yeah there are these other spiritual beings. There are these other entities that are worshiped as gods. But Yahweh is superior to all of them. There is no one like him then that's true through one lens through the other lands. None of them are actually a God there's only one God in terms of a creator, eternal God, and if you want to define God as to be a deity you have to be eternal, and you have to be able to create will then he's the one and only, so it's basically the best way to understand it is that God made these things clear to Israel over period of time and that it's primarily with the end of the exile that a lot of the worship of other gods, gets burned out of them and that therefore those later passages the Isaiah prophecies whenever they were delivered or prophesied about the time of return from exile, and hence none of this note there is no other being the key will be called deity. Now that interestingly in in the New Testament you have this this very same concept. For example, if we go to all this to see that's that's it we go to first Corinthians 4.

He says, for although 85, although there may be so-called gods in heaven, on earth as indeed there are many quote gods and many quote boards write the culture to clarify if rusted down God and one more like sarcasm on the part of the form of mockery.

Like when Elijah having that competition to see who can benefit the other pilot was on fire. Like why don't you call out to him more. Why don't you know it's going to say it's not real you're gods are not actually real but discordant quote. God let Russia so right that that's again there was actual spiritual being that they pray to and and that that they knew as as ball wheel which is is is master Morris right so yeah there there is that actual being, but is not really a God. He's he's he's nothing and and then Paul explains that these these so-called gods are actually demons. Okay he says in in first Corinthians 10 verse 20. No, I am plywood pagan sacral and pagan sacrifice. They offered to demons what they sacrifice. They offered to demons and not to God, so these other beings, angelic beings, demons, they were considered gods in the ancient world and God presiding over the entire spiritual realm rules and reigns.

So the one here know they're not gods at all, they're not worthy of being called God on the other hand, they were worshiped as gods. They are spiritual beings and they do exist in the spiritual realm. And God rules and reigns over the so the older texts would be more manometry us.

The later texts would be more monotheistic, but with the same ultimate message that the ultimate one that can be called God in the truthful sense of the word is only one and one only okay I typically kinda unpacked out about looking forward to your interview with the Michael Heiser that coincidental that you're having it on Monday. Monday, so I but in fact, let's just see so I can I can let folks know here Monday. It is going to be strengths if it's the first hour or the second.

It is first hour yet.

First hour. So if you're listening say live in Dallas you will hear that first hour or listing us in Raleigh, North Carolina will hear the first hour, but if you just go to the website line of you can listen live there or just catch the archive later in the day. Thanks for the question appreciated. Thank you all right 866-34-TRUTH I will get back your calls. On the other side of the breaker.

Please read my latest article where I say look, by all means, by all means use the word racist when it applies, but don't go consummately racist because they don't embrace a report every narrative and the fact that that people could accuse me of races I get cost of day and night.

That's fine, but accuse me of racism because I called out looters and violent protesters in Charlotte saying this, this does not advance the cause of justice what he called police that Helen there's an investigation going on.

We don't know what happened.

Sure okay please are assisting members on and and the police officers life with potentially threaten family same question was on testing investigated there's injustice dish you Cheryl Colletta but Cecile, racist call out one thing that is latent oil boy. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just reminder your unable to call during the show, you call them were super busy can't get to your calls. Remember, you can get lots your questions answered on the website go to the line of and click on digital library. She read on the homepage and type in what you're looking for Sabbath ties divorce Bible versions. Tribulation, in whatever question it is you're asking about type it in and and you'll be surprised at how many things come up could be passed. Radio shows could be articles could be videos disregard how Moses of ours and free resources for you waiting for you to take advantage of some of said you know why you always bring up issues like abortion and welfare are things that Terry, black America, because I believe there's a satanic attack on black Americans is what I believe that's much those coming over recently from Africa, but that those black Americans who've been here for generations. I believe there's a satanic attack to destroy black Americans.

I believe that front.

Yet God's a Redeemer. So many Africans came to faith. Hearing Jesus in our country been assigned to bring people face kidnapped them and killed a lot of them. It's even with the torturous conditions and keep in slavery and the unsaved logo share the gospel them in Africa. That's the goal or offer them a better life in America and share the gospel with don't kidnap them and enslave them brutalize. So there's been a satanic attack and then even after slavery keep Blacks down in different ways and unequal treatment under the law for so many generations and still are many Blacks who believe that they still have equal treatment under the law, and in that that racism exists in many different ways and that's why we talk about the issues all the time on the radio.

That's why many black Now Also Brown but I Guess That That Will Challenge Some of the Standard Talking Points Narrative and Anything That Contributes to a Victimhood Mentality against an Entitlement Mentality Don't Care If It's a White Young Person Living in the Suburbs or Black Young Person Living in the Inner-City or Reverse. It Doesn't Matter to Me. Anything That Breeds an Entitlement Mentality Victim Mentality Is Unhelpful in Our Own Lives and Are in and out in Every Way. Okay, so, so That Being Said, I Believe That the Disproportionate Number of Abortions in Black Homes. It Is the Enemy Trying to Wipe People out.

I Believe That the Attack on the Family Semitrailer White People out and That and in Many Ways. Although Welfare Has Helped People Okay Welfare Has Helped People That in Many Ways It Hurts More Than It Helps and That This Is These Are Government Policies. Some Believe There Instituted by Whites to Keep Blacks down You Once Got Free Labor and I Get Free Votes to Say That's Ridiculous. These Were Well Attended Policies, but They've Hurt More. They've Helped David They've Put a Woman, a Situation Should Get More Money If His Father There, and so on and so Forth. Whatever It Is I Believe the Satanic Attack Is My Black Brothers and Sisters Not Grease Me Concerns Me That That Doesn't Mean That I Got Accepted Every Policeman.

Justin Is Therefore Guilty and Am Presumed Guilty and There Plenty of Fine Cops out Pops Wristed Allies Every Day. I Believe the Bad Cops Are and That the Very Very Small Minority Okay and and I Raise Issues like Other Black Americans Rely on White. I Raise Issue, Say Hey, Wait a Second Way to Second One about the Bigger Problem That That for Every Everyone Black Person Killed by Policeman and Statistically in Terms of Who's Quicker to Pull the Trigger. From What I Read about a Black Officers More Quick to Pull the Trigger on Black Men and White Officers in the Plane of Whites Killing White Civilians. Some Reminded Blacks Time Trauma. Police Officers and with the Spasms of This Is Some That Happens across the Board and Then You Have Investigations and If They're Not Fair Investigations of the Spies in the Cordless Address That Together but but II Get Concerned When There's Not Outright, but Why Wasn't There Outcry. The Second Night When a Civilian and Caught Just Random Shoots God and Kills in the Civilian Men Now Died, Where Where the Protest of the March of Those in the Midst of a Protest. That's What Seems to Be Inconsistent, Hypocritical, and That's All Address so I Asked This Question I Asked This Question on on Twitter the Welfare System I Pose This Statement. The Welfare System Enslaves the Poor More Than It Empowers the Poor, and I Gave Four Choices. I Agree I Disagree. It's Too General It's an Offensive Question Okay Only 2% Said It's Too Offensive Question.

Only 3% Said I Disagree That Even If Demographically Black Americans Make up for 13% of My Twitter Followers… It Was Equal to the to the Population That Still Saying That He Was the Only Ones That Said Too Offensive a Question. I Disagree. Black Americans Still in the Minority 15% since Two General 80% Said They Agree, Which Would Mean My Twitter Feed. A Majority of Black Americans Say That the Welfare System Enslaves the Poor Notice of the Poor As a Plexus of the Poor Because There Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Others in the Same Boat More Than Empowers the Poor. That's Why Talk about That. That's One of the Things I Believe Is Hurting like Americans. And We've Talked. I Mean We've Had Weeks of Discussion, after Say Trave on Martin George Zimmerman Incident in the Michael Brown Ferguson Last Year and an Autonomic Goes, but I Speak the Truth. I I Do Not Believe That the Way to Move Ahead in the Society Is Is by Just Taking on Latest PC Narrative and If Someone Is Going to Be Biased, Small Minded Enough to Brand Your Racist over the Act. As You Know, Here I Close Mom Articles Saying It's Time for White Americans like Me to Stand Side-By-Side with Black Americans like and Foster Ben Watson Is Enough of the Flawed System. We Stand with You against Injustice and Discrimination Want to Empower You Not Enslave Your Medical Not Thrive until Your Thriving. I Say That Although This Not Enough Because I Called out the Leaders and I and I Didn't Because the Police Were Shooting an Unarmed Black Man in Charlotte Where We Still Don't Know If He Was Armed or Not and According to Police Reports Are Hundred Percent Sure He Was Armed and They Said Their Eyewitnesses Who Confirm It and They Found the Gun.

So While You Call Someone out When There's an Investigation Going on When Right near Where I Live Is so Many of Us Live Right near Charlotte, North Carolina. Listening Right Now There Comes a Crazy Riots Going on Gangs That You Want.

That's Representing about What We Almost Had to Get Announce That so Listen I Get Called Names Constantly Constantly and That's That Is Not a Big Deal Right and I Had on the Air with Me Two Days Ago Pastor Gave Rogers Who's Who's Holds a PhD He's a Professional Counselor Seminary Professor and Pastor Pastors African-American Church Right Charlotte and He Came on the Air and Address These Issues.

It Was Some before the Last Half Hour. The Show and He Said He Still Believes There Is This Racism in America, Even a Systemic Level It That Certain Places Was a Ceiling Put on How Far He Can Go Because of Skin Color. I Believe It Still Exists in Some Places and We Went out but Because He Also Took Issue.

Other Things and Then Referred to to to the People Committing Folsom Street's Monsters You Doesn't Matter.

Skin Color Wherever They Are. So Now He's Not Reliable. Now I'm Racist. You Gotta Be Kidding. So Here I This Is Not Personal for Me This to Help Others If You Don't Want to Disqualify Yourself and Push Away People Who Try to Help Them Stand Together Whatever Side of the Equation Are on. Be Careful, Careful How You Use the Word Racist Right. Be Sure to Check out the Special Resource Offer.

The Line of Hey Olivia, Little Rock, Arkansas This Sunday. Little Rock, Arkansas. Join Me There. My Bottom Line Today Speak the Truth Speak of Love about

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