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From the Unseen Realm to Christian Legal Challenges in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 27, 2016 4:20 pm

From the Unseen Realm to Christian Legal Challenges in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The first big presidential debate is now history. When we make of it, and where are we going to stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown soul did you watch the debate last night. The big presidential debate watch it surprise you in any way wasn't what you expected it sway you one direction or another was the moderator fair about the poles.

What about the mainstream media's reaction about the person on the street. There reaction will talk about it.

8663 freight 7884. Is your person. Hillary Clinton Donald Trump.

If so, how do you think they did. Undecided.

How did the debate affect you. Either way, if asked. All I got a bunch of thoughts, but things the way on this is yours truly Michael Brown your voice of moral clarity, moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise and what if what if Hillary Clinton became the next president with a mean for the church of Donald Trump became the next president, would that mean for the church.

What would these things mean for the nation. Bunch of things to talk about today and as a debater myself. The missed moment you look at you think of this stood up and said all this could have been said that can be a little frustrating but thankfully we get to weigh in today on the radio so gamma given number 866-348-7884 is the number to call to get involved in the discussion. It's will start with did watch it rethink one. Did it sway you in either direction. Something I'm wondering about. We look at policies. Trump is pledged to stand for this and this and this and the Republican Party platform strongly conservative key issues values to me that the Republican Party platform is much more in harmony with my thinking and a biblical meant a biblical values as I see many of the key ones that have the person you have the that the person and can you separate the person from the position. Should you is the person a reason to have concern 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is that number to call right of where I want to start. Let me let me tell you the results of a Twitter poll that I did and were still getting results in considerable little pole for 24 hours and Lester Holt. I asked the question, did he do a fair job of moderating the debate again. I'm going to have mainly conservative folks follow me on Twitter. This is hardly a scientific poll of 1% said he was pro Trump saw a handful of votes with them and 32% suggest he was fair. 67% said no. He was pro Hillary my own perception.

I was unable to watch all of it I was flying back from Arkansas that I want some on my phone. Once the plane landed once I was waiting for luggage and then is still in my sister and I drove back to respective houses at the phonon watching and listening that I got home and so some of the other footage with Nancy and that I been reading extensively since then through the night and this morning it is interesting that Lester Holt asked.

I believe six follow-up questions Donald Trump challenging him but none to Hillary, which people took exception to Sadat. The moderator was the third person in the debate and challenge Trump on certain issues that would be sensitive but didn't challenge Hillary and other issues that would be sensitive because of her criticisms, but nonetheless debate stands as it stands, to think that your feedback 866-34-TRUTH 784 will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown went better than I am. You know I love it I love interesting.

Now I read a lot interact with a lot of people who watch and debate. They were folks who were very much pro Trump that felt a certain way and my from what I can tell you and I get to see all of it because of travel. Basically seem to be a consensus. Donald Trump did well.

The first half-hour and then thereafter did much more poorly and that Hillary Clinton was able to effectively base him. Another was all she had to do was bring up something that had to do with his personal record taxes or something like that and next thing rather than staying on point. Next thing, rather saying hey here's the issue in this is what the American people are concerned about think it is about me or defend myself. It's a matter of winning this election and getting voters that he was Jesus easily sidetracked and on both Fox and CNN when they pulled individuals their underside uses tiny focus groups with eye 20 people or something, but apparently carefully chosen for certain purposes that overwhelming like 17/20 or 6920, so they were undecided, but fell Hillary Clinton did better without leaning towards voting for her. In any case of the poles that were then done on major websites and networks. A couple of them. You have to discount the Drudge Report poll you know and I posted couple days before on twitter to be silly. I predict that my what happened. The debate that the Drudge Report poll overwhelmingly says Donald Trump, one of course, that was the case when I checked it was 90% said Trump when I may have leveled out 80 something. But that's just what can happen is it is a heavily pro Trump website.

The same with conservative websites that have very clearly been strongly pro Trump appointed Ben Shapiro who is a key writer and editor it. Breitbart switched over to daily wire of one strong reason being that that he felt that and destroy itself and with triumphant loss to the principles it was standing for that was like 80% said the Trump lumber was fascinating was that there are other polls on say. and That would be known as liberal or very liberal sites that both had Trump winning and then on another liberal site had Hillary winning but by a small margin. So this is fascinating as well with her perceptions of the masses different suggest that the Trump people are voting more online. Very, very interesting to see now again watching the debate myself.

I didn't get to see all of it.

The first part. I started to see when our plane landed we had a signal and I put my computer on my my cell phone on I could watch a live stream.

I was surprised to see Donald Trump interrupting during Hillary's time at the don't do that and maybe she did some, but from what I understand he interrupted much more thought we all do that and you don't need never want to provoke a response from some of you want to have a reason reaction urging everyone to be able to get somebody's gauche beginning to react a certain way and it seems that Hillary Clinton although her answers may have been clearly thought out the way that seemed robotic to some, she obviously stayed in control again, maybe she did stand in front of the mirror or does the smile was certain whenever I critiqued it until it looked like a better smile because you don't want to have a good coating smile and evil looking smile or something that yet on that level. She seemed to to do better at it again. Look, you don't want to be able to get under anybody's skin so these. These are big issues, which to me so I didn't see Trump's best part, but to me those were those were weaknesses that people say well there was an assigned expectation. Hillary Clinton's been debating for many many years and is used to this kind of thing. This is the first in a one-on-one for triumphant and yet maybe hold you better. He deftly improved in many ways. In the. The primary debates as they went on, there were moments that we were we were driving back to the car. Some assistant Dylan. I would drive back in the car and the issue of cybersecurity comes up, and Hillary Clinton begins to talk about the importance of it. All this and were laughing or smiling. He is going to so nail her. He is going to take her apart so you of all people talk about security. Know your emails a private email servers or cell phones that use of other things that have been smashed that he did mention to her people taking the Fifth Amendment and and obviously if there wasn't something undone wrong intentional. This would have happened and that's a great point me that earlier but we're waiting like okay this is the time when you knock it out of the park and and make a major major point.

This can be played over and over and over because I was in a debate you want to convey the truth, you don't.

You don't just want to use your showmanship and things like that but you know, in the midst of it.

If you can score a big point that is a truthful point tunneling showmanship point a truthful point if you can score a big point at the right moment in the debate you you better believe you better believe that this can be played over and over and over and that one moment, I can really really have a lasting impact.

So where is this yet adjustment is neurotic. Writing so a colleague of mine was talking about what Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz might have done in that cybersecurity moment and he suggested was that this how dare you of all people even mentioned that you broke the law violated the rules of any government safeguards us, and classified materials photo on the Internet which who knows what countries use and attract our friends and allies. Merlin, your underlings are all hiding behind immunity in the Fifth Amendment and you barely escaping put in handcuffs and arrested because you intentionally destroy the evidence. You're the Al Capone foreign policy, except he got caught in a technicality what you managed to escape maybe had some friends of the Justice Department that I witness it exactly like that the John's exactly right. We're waiting a minute Dylan. I we're driving the car think it okay is to do it now and and he didn't and it wasn't a matter being nasty. It wasn't a matter of saying things you shouldn't have said the things it could've been said in the debate on the flipside, some of the extreme viewpoints of Hillary Clinton were exposed some of her some of her radical policies were exposed and I believe even in positions that she took that there more race baiting than helpful and I did feel a Donald Trump showed that he could even know the issues and the ease you can learn the facts and control these things in any way because I I would like him to be elected and to be a president that listens to godly counsel and does good things for America even if he himself doesn't know the Lord. I'd like to see that happen. I see that is more possible that happening with Hillary that since I thought he could've done much better, but may be played out differently for the general public. So really interactive got a bunch more thoughts and interact with you will start in Fairfax, Virginia, Colleen, are you there I tell you what a Howard. Let's see if we get her phone set up properly.

Let's go to Boston. Barbara, welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Barbara and Barbara's gone all right.

We go to tent Falls, New Jersey Mike, welcome to the line of fire Cabrera how are you doing doing well.

A very good Hillary Hillary Hamburg okay I'm a week from noted he continued to to go on with it with the ridiculous birther bag and try to blame but okay. One of things of the really spooky about crop is you will never to submit all okay you know what it looked like rejoin the human race but are you know you're wrong about Iraq garrotte about the birth of thing. Whoever wrote about the email about Iraq were also made me made a date okay. If you are debating the date of know it would be different indefensible position to keep doubling down on on on things is what like you some omnipotent God of world and and an elder. It turns me to echo like you have a candidate that you are supporting before or that would've been your ideal candidate you know I mean I I disagree with the abortion policies of the Obama and and and and the Clinton administration, gay marriage and so forth.

But I mean I do want some personal curricular wrong and I talked to a person who is is not a five year birther run and then try to blame it on on Clinton and not apologize… It didn't do a good market and not about your friend in it and will not landing and KKK land. I love them and that lasting and not a bunch of friends neo-Nazi in Cambodia because it is is a bit extreme, but that this is not yet in all candor's are icily respect what you're saying in terms of just the hay. I blew it I was wrong, and wrong operation whenever however if I if I get scales here. Okay, the fact that someone is stands for the shedding of innocent blood in the womb for the radical redefinition of marriage. I don't care how wrong the other person is on the stakes of the person is under no circumstances will I vote for the one revocation shedding of innocent blood. So if I was undecided whether I can vote for Trump or not I still be undecided, but less Hillary Clinton announces those policies.

Under no circumstance. Hell freezing over. Even then, what I hold some stance with the extent file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is claimed showed five times the thickness of six showed for his equipment at first debate. Others felt that he was fair and yeah holds the never escorted a better email scandal about then gauzy about the Clinton foundation's dubious dealings with Dennis Trump about his tax returns, arguing that asking that they might be questionable information in them that the American public deserve to hear John's Merrimack asked Donald Trump postdebate what you point out that your tax returns don't affect America's security did not result that Americans launch wave of dangerous Muslim immigrants like her amateur hour meddling in Libya then you could've reminded Americans how Hillary wants to increase the number of unavailable Muslim immigrants into America to cascade motion from Turkey who was a Hillary supporter state of thinking about reams of boring tax filings. Americans would have been wondering how many more pressure cooker bombers. Hillary wants to resettle in their home towns yet again.

Again, these are important points that I'm sure Donald Trump's handlers would speak to him about it he not noticed before, this is just who he is. These are further questions, 866-348-7884. In a moment I want to play clip for you. We had a great interview fascinating interview. The first hour yesterday. Many of you heard ties in with a special resource offer will make sure you know about it because as much as were looking at the natural here is a spiritual battle around us spiritual forces at work that we need to consider and understand. Let's go back to what we can see and hear with our physical eyes and ears. The debate 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Brooklyn when Fred welcome to the line of fire. I good. Thank you. I'm glad I look at the debate last night.

I learned from God debate that Donald Trump is nothing but a refit on the reason why I said I did, because I did not know before that Donald Trump had refueled Doran Backman in his building. I found out at last night but you're saying that this is not disputed that Donald Trump would not rent to Blacks and that that is that is known. And that's not disputed right got it all right will tell you what I don't believe that that is known and not disputed that that obviously a hearing that would be very very substantial if if that is true. When Fred why do you think he has a growing number of black supporters that are standing with him. Some spent a lot of time with them and and like you like what he stands for what he think that would be the case that you like him coming friend would get from blackboard. I am want to be on your side. Okay, that's fair enough Janice answer hey I appreciate you calling in and getting straight to the point and will will get that exact exchange and what was said and what Donald Trump's response was 866-34-TRUTH the thank you sir very clear. Let's go to Woodbridge, Virginia Mickey, welcome to the line of fire doing well thank you and get my car out of her number, I was actually on looking at the double friend of (I thought he was trying to get handed a lot of follow-up because Tropicana Babylon and not answer the initial question okay that's not what I'm trying to redirect the talk and you wouldn't understand of drug okay kind of thing that's there is a fair point instead of laying out clear-cut plan idea Trump birth and he would tell you how he felt about his plant debate at the outlet of thing but we never gave you nothing about what he did eventually after being redirected and I don't think of you have been redirected. I don't think we would've gotten a big plant working with big accounting plan, nothing about what he wanted to do economy like the best defense equipment that I sent little bit of a loose cannon before it was trying not to have things deteriorate into a shouting match but because you know nobody wanted to get done out enduring and shout back and forth that I wish at a certain point, Mickey. That that the micros turn off whoever it is time and as I turned Mike off turn the mic on that think you can make America great again.

I need to define that estimate and write when we had the effect of the great racism and Gentile. I need to know exactly what that it and end block supporter and account people like Don King and that that pastor that put out confidential claimant. He graduated from school he attended one semester that right.

Even if Don King, the boxing promoter is is not know the number one icon of the good track record of business dealings and things there.

Still, look you get you get like black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish people of all stripes, so yeah, I mean different ones have heard more grassroots, but in any way. I understand you question the credentials.

I think everything sings refer Mickey and I think you got a fair criticisms and issues… All black people. I don't know. I was so not some no trust but like no one is representative of all anybody you know, obviously write them in every like II pull people online and overwhelmingly African-Americans told me that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, do not speak for them, so everyone know there's there's different there who speaks rural whites is not there's no such thing, but make your comments very fair and and I appreciate you sharing them and this is where having a discussion. Very fair comments. Indeed, 866-34-TRUTH hate friends keep taking calls for another 90 minutes so ever.

Much time you have on radio. Don't worry about it and stay alive. We can continue this discussion and you keep listening anywhere in the country anywhere in the the line of and while you're there, check out our digital library for any subject you are interested you'll be amazed to free resources we have waiting for you on that website. A Joey grant for me clip number four clip number four I want you here with two scholars Darrell Bock and Gary pressures have to say about Michael Heiser's book the unseen realm scholars because of the rationalistic Western mindset are detached from talking about these things intend either not to see them or time to try and play them down or not sure what to do with them what unseen realm does help people understand that the world is Scripture is a deal and it can give us a way to bring these together under the rubric of a God who screen in the spiritual realm as well as the physical world. So what we make of passage of God seeking the counsel of God's order for God to bring judgment on the gods of Egypt are how we understand references to Leviathan on things like that in the Bible unseen realm really open things up for you order the book. The website also give you with that package together to complete class XII hours on angels, demons, and biblical and practical to take advantage of this line of fire.

Not it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown but I'm just looking at the fact.calm desponding to the charge that Donald Trump would not rent to minorities or Blacks in the past is any truth to it, and according to put a making 73 Trump is a 27-year-old so you're talking about over 40 years ago was president of his father's realty company, Trump management and operated nearly 40 apartment buildings, mostly New York City. By all accounts, including his own. Trump was a hands-on president, reactively managing the day-to-day business operation that your federal government filed a complaint against Trump's father, Fred Trump and Trump management. The complaint alleged that the trumps violated the fair housing act for the Civil Rights Act of 1968 by discriminating against tenants, potential tenants based on their race, the defendants through the actions of their agents and employees have discriminated against persons because of race in the operation of their apartment building.

Complaints read black people to government founder often told Trump management complex adult availability when apartment apartments were available for rent.

A Trump vehemently denied the claims, which he called absolutely ridiculous.

According to a 1973 New York Times article, Trump and his company follow the countersuit defined December 7 the government made baseless charges and asking for hundred million dollars in damages.

The court dismissed the countersuit of Trump's campaign did not respond to our request for comment that he did offer an explanation of the debate quote as far as the lawsuit yes when I was very young I went to my father's company had a real estate company, Brooklyn, Queens, and we, along with many, many other companies throughout the country was a federal lawsuit pursuit we settle the suit with zero with no admission of guilt. It was very easy to do so. He says plain and simple. We weren't guilty we were falsely charged and the case was easily settled without problem.

Others, he said yeah looking, a law professor saying come on these suits and only settled quickly and it doesn't mean there wasn't lots of evidence so in any case is is there clear proof that Donald Trump in the past would not rent to minorities. There's a claim and in any case, he disputes that. But that was what Arcola brought up earlier. Let's go back to the phones will go to Silver Springs, Maryland Larry, welcome to the line of fire. I watched debate yesterday to my question 2000 08 when both candidates were for president Hillary Rodham Clinton in now. Pres. Obama didn't she bring up the Rector name for Obama will hurt her campaign distances her from that. It was as part of what Donald Trump said looking someone your campaign. That put the information out it was simply blue Sidney Blumenthal who actively pushed it and try to get others to look into it. Hillary Clinton herself never made the charge, but Donald Trump's issue was hate your campaign started in your campaign circulated the picture of him dressed in in the Muslim garden in Kenya or Indonesia wherever it would have been to say, look, the guy was actually a Muslim. So afterwards that people from the campaign on CNN, saying that we had nothing to do with it. While there was someone just a volunteer that we fired when we we found out they were put in this narrative out there is there is a former aide named Reggie love, who says that the Hillary campaign did spread the Obama Muslim rulers of rumors and Hillary Clinton did say this not the bursar but basically she said well he's. He says he's not a Muslim is supposed to know. Of course, is not a Muslim who says he's not a Muslim. So do the Hillary can Clinton campaign on some level people close to them.

Help spread that the bursar claimed that the Brock Obama was not born in America seems so although Hillary Clinton herself distance herself from that they put forth the narrative that he was a Muslim course put seeds of doubt, the question seems that way doesn't justify Donald Trump doing it does make it hypocritical of Hillary Clinton accuses him without acknowledging some level of her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown chance to inform policy, Clinton emails came up briefly, but even really go there too much. What about the deplorable's the basket of deplorable's we never heard that it also for some real missed opportunities for Donald Trump from a debate. Standard performance by Hillary Clinton, one from traditional standards. This is not a traditional election, so who knows.

As David Brody on CBN wing and after the debate the words that I think we all agree on. At this point. Those last two words who knows that limits it is finally Donald Trump could have gone into a raging fit, punching the air, screaming, using profanity so that a carry them off the stage and I was still in full for Hillary Clinton. I'm suing for for Donald Trump of enough of really Clinton.

There is no choice in my mind to vote for. Under no circumstances under no circumstances and I just want to say this plainly, even if you would never vote for Donald Trump if you want to vote for Gary Johnson or someone else, even if you want to just vote for Senate races or gubernatorial races were local officials or whatever this when you have someone with the most radical pro-abortion candidate in American history. You have someone who has insulted almost all of Africa by telling African nations you are going to have to follow and submit to, and agree with our gay activist agenda or scanner hurt you nationally that in effect is what happened there was outrage among African leaders have someone that radical and with a history of extreme corruption. Under no circumstances with the person of my vote. Under no circumstances so Donald Trump still has to win my vote and convinced me to vote for him. But no matter what he did last night did that no matter how well she carried herself, or how well she policies okay no policies well of their destructive and ugly policies and even as I've watched in the recent race riot so I see her posting is is inflaming racial division rather than bringing harmony, reconciliation, or justice, 8663 for 87884. Let's go to Rita and Brooklyn.

Thanks for calling the line of fire, welcome II watched the debate. I'm a Democrat and when I vote in November.

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton. I don't think that Donald Trump campaign nor last night presidential I have trouble with him because he had never been able to say I was wrong I think is very important for credit to be able to listen to all side and taken information and make a judgment not just based on how he personally feel that they have me that got me. I'm a born again Christian and I am really trying to understand how Christian have been able to embrace Donald Trump as the candidate we talk about abortion which is a horrible thing yeah and we talk about you know they say Hillary is cricket and horrible etc. but what about Donald Trump character. What about the fact that he's been married three times in an adulterer.

What about his comment about when I lived in Brooklyn. I remember one essential part by were arrested for raping the Central Park jogger and Donald Tom plan after those. Mercilessly, and when DNA evidence proved that they did not break their Central Park jogger. He didn't even say I was wrong. Think about him that this really bothered me a dozen. As far as I know he doesn't think that having a church attendant as far as I understand it, never said that you Lord and Savior, and yet evangelical and Christian are embracing.

I do not understand that I want to help me understand how how we can get comfortable with Donald, as the president, a very and in I'm concerned about him taking us into war because he wasn't out and I know that might analytically but does not.

It's not something we all got under his hand, many, many, many people feel that way. Rita and even if it doesn't lead to war. Might he make statements that could be inflammatory, might he meet with world leaders and and and have crazy reactions or or or alienate allies. Those are all valid concerns so let me divides into two parts.

Okay, first I believe you have valid questions about Donald Trump's character and valid questions about why evangelicals are supporting so that's that's that's one part and I'll try to explain why many are okay. However, you just heard my sentiments expressed strongly that under no circumstances can I vote for Hillary Clinton. Is she the woman has blood on her hands in the Bible God hates the shedding of innocent blood. If there is one sin for which he would destroy nation. It was the sin of shedding the blood of children.

The blood of the innocent and that's what she stands for radically and militantly and does it as a professing Methodist Christian and then as I said, she has insulted the continent of Africa by by pressing when she was the Secretary of State get a famous speech in Geneva and I've spoken to friends who have or are friends of African leaders and they've told us the pressure, these countries are under and and I have spoken, the leaders, political leaders in other countries and they told me the pressure Americas putting on them to accept activism to have gay activism taught in the schools to have marriage redefine that they will lose American funding unless they change their laws and embrace gay activism and Hillary Clinton is is a driving force behind that and could be far more aggressive than Pres. Obama was. She helped lead the way as Secretary of State. So yes, you have fair concerns about Donald Trump and the last thing I'm trying to do is convince you to vote for him because I don't even know that I can okay is the last thing I would try to get you to do, but I would implore you to consider whether you want to pull the lever and my pulling that lever you are sentencing babies to death that could've been saved, with right people on the Supreme Court, and write legislation. That to me is more morally abhorrent than than Trump's basket list of concerns and I'm just being candid again. Your concerns are totally valid about Donald Trump's lineage that quickly and give you the. The last word. As far as why evangelicals are supporting Trump some, it seems to be read out there supporting him blindly there there just for their there sold somehow that he's going to be the man and he's gonna get everything done. He's gonna be the champion of religious rights in Canada.

The new hero to lead the way and I think they're being naďve. I think there there making them into something that is not.

I think they are looking at his private persona which is humble and gracious looking his family and say hey that you look at how together his kids and failure have a love him and say okay, but what about the track record.

What about the public person. What about the thin-skinned.

What about what would happen was thought that as president so that scares me. There other evangelicals who say look, the guy's flawed.

He's terribly flawed.

He does know the Lord. Yet, but he surrounded himself with godly people and there helping him draft all the policies so if he was going to be elected, he would elect strong conservatives to the Supreme Court. That's massive if he was elected stand really strongly with Israel if he was elected he would he would really stand for religious liberties in America and would go against the Johnson amendment that is muzzled Christian leaders and speak about political issues and things like that so even though the man's terribly flawed.

Seems like God might be using him in an unconventional way by surrounding them with godly people who are helping them make right decisions. But then again, I appreciate your where I got under article because of a partner who doesn't have a church attendant to record it with me.

After thoroughly have to put yourself in a position to be advised Lord in the company of people are Christian later you are going to play the Christian boat. I don't I don't have any arm reason to believe that Donald Trump is going to do any of the things that we as Christians are going to do in the last thing that I like this. I think that Christians need to get on their knees and pray more fervently for our country and for the choices that will be made in the corridor that will be appointed to the court and that our leaders will come back to print real Christian by that year, and yet read it. Thank you and thank you for listening graciously to me and and responding so calmly when I'm so passionate and strong as I responded calmly but passionately she was well sold to less things than one. My wife Nancy is just as cynical as you are about Mr. Trump so I faced that issue we discussed all the time so I fully understand your cynicism. I urge you again to reconsider sharing in the shedding of innocent blood with Hillary Clinton and what can we absolutely agree on 100% without pray the matter who gets elected we better keep playing thank you so much for the call. Can't the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and the know my heart. God bless the USA at the same time my greater prayers larger to kingdom come to the US. In other words, sometimes we hear God bless America. We think make us bigger better stronger. The greatest way for God to bless America is to bring us to repentance the many wonderful, amazing, incredible things about America travel the world you appreciate a lot about America also grieve about the many needs in our nation and the weaknesses in our nation and the sins in our nation. Whoever is elected president. That person will not be the Savior do not put your trust in a person to be the Savior, by all means advocate right principles call candidates to stand for right principles vote based on biblical values vote pragmatically vote with your conscience before God. But remember whoever selected that person, that party. They are not the Savior.

86634 let's go to let us go to Karen in Westchester New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire Eric Dr. Michael Brown hey I'm praying take me you are here you are, and I wanted just to think critically and align I'm addressing to everybody who is African-American in and looking and Hillary Clinton as somebody who has experienced. I've got to tell you that you need to Google Margaret Sanger believed that founder of Planned Parenthood. You need to understand that Margaret Atwood that you wanted to control the black population. So if you're looking Hillary Clinton as not being a racist.

I really believe you need to re-examine that because Donald Trump is not promoting eugenics okay promoting change in America to bring us back strong. But if you don't know anything about market founder of Planned Parenthood. You can connect. You want you to shoot you, people had to pick Kalli allied that would put print and parent loping on the Empire State building in 2011, 2016. I can remember. But if you don't know about that Google Kelly on the Empire State building read about it number one number 202, Trump is going to be used by God because God said think you need the full to get himself glory praying for to charm the Holy Spirit comes into his heart and he kept revived God. It hey I appreciate you and is there anything that concerns you about Donald Trump. He didn't react last night was deeply appointing diabetic tell you that I'm a nurse, I located him and there is something wrong with his energy level know what it is I don't know if he was extremely quick.

He looked. He looked exhausted with interest him and he was still strolling around talking to people afterwards which you know seem to indicate sense of energy. Okay what one of the questionnaire nurse all the questions concerns with Hillary Clinton's health I get on the nurse and a doctor but got Parkinson's. We get MS if you got something else going on neurological at serious could you stand up be that strong not show any signs of a problem.

You know, for a couple of hours. This is it really feasible that the debt put to rest concerns about her health and how it did not put you wrecked my concern to give her a height here right it would decrease information profit that might be going on and give it that actually need okay to get back to help got it all right.

I appreciate that and yeah someone just shot me a note thank you Karen for for Donald Trump to be revived. Seed needs to be saved first get things in life that hasn't come to life yet but I will hear from you and I'm interacting a few points. Many want to hear from you.

Let's go to John and Manassas, Virginia, are you there John are you all right, go ahead sir Mike Dr. Michael Overman have me on. I wanted to, go back a little bit address of the fact that I don't believe that Donald Trump is racist on my watch the debate last night and I think this point about the Democrats know every four years, the black population and pandering for votes making promises and not our inner cities are crumbling, so I thought he had a very good point last night with God it all right. So aside from that, you have concerns about Donald Trump. You know I what I like about Donald is the tell the truth I mean he doesn't sugarcoat it.

It's it's uncomfortable form and I passionate about what you believe them. I think it comes through. Probably more so than most people are comfortable with.

I think you know I mean no use. He's had bankruptcies, but he's come through that. I think our country is very close to being bankrupt right now if it wasn't for the hard work of the American people.

Our government is bankrupt, so I think you the man that actually brings up from that he is here is an opportunity for America to want to put in place somebody who's ill proven entity and who's not a politician so I mean we have an opportunity to do this.

I gave Chris not to make that happen, you don't go surround himself with great people. I think Mike Penton is a great guy. He is a Christian and you know like Dr. Dobson said you know Donald may not be a Christian but he has benefited and I like a lot of American path from Heidi so you know there is that backdrop got a job that you just get a jump Inc. is not a time but thank you, thank you for venting and I'm sure they're there to you speak for many, as well. By the way, the

Check yourself 2003 video shows Trump not Holt right on candidates Iraq war stance solicitor holds a moderate oppressed them as if Donald Trump is not telling the truth about that and according to this 2003 video shows Trump not Holt and candidates Iraq war stance also about the Central Park five and the jogger according to everything I'm reading the five who confessed never retracted their confession.

They were absolutely guilty and atrocious life that someone else was the one DNA was found on her primacy never retracted their confession all right.

The truth try out my bottom line today that prayer truth try the first big presidential debate is now history. What we make of it, and where are we going it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown wanted debate change a lot of minds last night we had in our discussion so far and I don't know the answer is yes may have confirmed how people felt for me.

There is only one possible persuading that could happen and that would be Donald Trump persuading me to vote for him is the thing.

Hillary Clinton could've done short of renouncing the Democratic platform renouncing her past stances on key issues becoming totally different person that would even open the possibility be voting for her, but I wonder how effective others. It is interesting that that folks are said look the early primaries. People would score a Trump didn't do so well in polling people thought he did great.

Or maybe they're not looking for the same thing in a traditional debate. Or maybe the fact the Trump did better. The first half hour than the rest of the debate is disfavor because that's all casual viewers only watch as the first half hour will get your feedback today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and the fact checking is going on than you have different websites veto the liberal conservative in the fact checking comes out the biased ways we got a fact check fairly will do our best to separate myth from fact today on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you and looking forward to flying out to Dallas got home from Little Rock Arkansas last night flying out to Dallas Texas tonight and doing live broadcasting Wednesday Thursday Friday from Dallas with a special meet and greet Thursday night ministry gateway church was that I took it talk to more about that in a moment I want to go straight to the phones will start in Belmont, North Carolina Linda, welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown hello your blessing because you are near the utmost to bring clarity to every issue that you got on your program and you allow every opinion to be boys and allow an NU address them all which respects no matter how diverse the opinion might be from your.thank you so much for your program on my view about the debate over talk I don't I don't think any election has ever been won by debate debate don't really have much to sway the opinions of people who have already made up their mind and be 18 or 20%.

That may be have not made up their mind. A lot of the money by watching the debate. I don't really think it really makes that much different as far as the election goes, I believe I listen to your program. Throughout this whole process and I used to stop at the people you were saying all God is using Donald Trump. Donald Trump is going to be enough. And now I believe maybe they got something because ESI link is there a lost the primary reason he was the most unelectable of all of the 19 or however many Republican candidates and he won.

Okay, so something is on your side and I don't know what that something but I believe there is a force at work and to the only alternative.

Really that's viable is Hillary because any third party candidate is not doesn't have the backing to win enough of the majority to win the election. So you have only two choices and is 530 Hillary evil, evil, evil, and the other thing is you have to ask yourself is our country better off now than it was eight years ago before Barack Obama was elected and I think the overwhelming answer to that is no. We are more divided. We are less safe.

Our economy is crumbling in our social or cultural atmosphere isn't declining beyond any belief that if anybody at 15 years ago we would be at this point in our culture they would say no way to take a look at it horrible and I believe that this lot size and I was never on his side. Now we cannot have this continue. And I got a jump in the event said a mouthful. Thank you for getting it all out this response. I think it is time for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown if if I was rooting for Hillary Clinton last night. I think it's yielded to because I was traveling back from Arkansas.

During it, and we supported and read more than saw clips afterwards and then Nancy and I talked afterwards and other friends gave me input that seemed the rest never try to catch up to the night in the morning but if I was in her camp. I would've thought she did great. I would've thought she did as well as could be expected would've thought that she properly baited Donald Trump and got him to respond and get off track. If either the Donald Trump camp, I will. I would've been concerned that he was so easily baited and got off track. In essence, thin-skinned and on the other hand, I didn't get to see his best part which stools the first half hour or so and I want them to do better because I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstance and alert you not to seconded. I'm saying I want to urge you not to because his she will forward the abortion agenda in America press like no other Pres. with the volatility in the current Supreme Court could push things in a way that all but seal Roe V Wade for decades ahead and could have OF implications for religious liberties and for its judgment on America the cow would bring to her and let God bring.

It is supposed to be voting for and you have to explain to your kids and grandkids why you allowed certain doors to be open under your watch what you participated in the opening of the stores. Nonetheless, II understand the great concerns about candidate Trump understand the reservations.

I don't want to offend him. I share those concerns and in fact is much as I am sick, and given the benefit of the doubt and believe that the money he is guaranteed. Who would appoint to the Supreme Court that that he means that in that one is really said he wants to staff religious liberty city means that understand his reason for cynicism. My wife Nancy is always bring up just who he is, as his character and what that would mean in the White House and what that means for America and obviously out of want him to to be more presidential in that respect their hand. That may not be the pulse of many Americans. Many Americans maybe look at it very differently and said thank God he was into some stiff candidate up there and thank God he interrupted and did what he needed to do and simply want to say was just himself and us what we want again how this plays out with the implications are is a big question look when John F. Kennedy debated Richard Nixon.

What made it the debate so compelling and in Kennedy's favor was the TV optics that one look better on TV than the other.

If you got bad makeup and bad lighting that brings shadows and makes you look sinister that a person looks better and is more telegenic to start that follows a lot of people said to say you think that's got influencer, they vote for president did did not just that did all right.

Let's get your take on things.

866-34-TRUTH let us go to Boston vina, welcome to the line of fire. Hello hello you're on the air hi wanted to make a comment on it? Thank you. You say that you can't find it to vote for a molecular clinic and who is pro choice and I'll be thinking out caring. Maybe then you know the marriage and what I met at the same time. He said that you can help to vote for Donald Trump who really know the Lord think I'm here for you.

I know right now.

He surrounded himself at his running for elected events surrounding himself with people of God. And that's great. And that looks great and hope that that gun at Rubloff and really think in damp at the same time hoping that he'll be a change that he'll be affected by these people of God. He battled with you hoping for that.

So why can't you also hope for the same thing for Hillary, who believe associate Prof. Christian she does go to church regularly at the same time you know she is pro-choice, which goes against you know God wants for us. So why can't you vote for someone like her who again to the believer. Although she is exercising rights of people that you know you not really believer in God and practicing the word in the Bible would not want to do this like a candle in your heart to look like her and we'll pray that God will use her to help change the thing over time, faintly thinking about Donald hoping for the Donald, but he only if not a believer right now. Hoping that he becomes hoping that you hoping it will take on the idea that not only that, but think about him which people are talking about nontender questionable being racist and people he talked bad about people I talk to people. I think people in other countries how he right now he's got it going. Meeting people I want to tell you how can you, I am wondering like he might be think about about my copy.

I like Donald. I'm not going thing I don't, I normally vote Democratic. And you know I am like Donald you know throughout his limited print is not going to talk with you into thinking I do find on it but I like it I like the person at the same time think he'd come out in this situation. Putting himself out run for president. I do have to look at you differently. I do have to critique I said so to limit limit on the responses I just got a bunch of callers that I want to get to and and I will give you maximum amount of time to expressing so allow me to respond.

Vina first in terms of reservations about Donald Trump. Your questions are 100% valid 100% valid will make that clear and in point of fact, I have not yet decided that I can vote for it is not yet my confidence and my wife Nancy so she could not vote for him. So in that sense part of what you're saying is, is preaching to the choir right within my own household.

Now in terms of meeting with leaders is meeting with the president of Mexico was actually a success and very stately. His meeting with the president of Egypt general LCC and then Hillary Clinton met with the general, the Egyptian leader said that they were much more favorable of the meeting with Trump, then Hillary and they both met with Primus to Netanyahu and I would I would dare say that there is more confidence in Netanyahu's heart towards a Trump presidency because of Republican platform than it Democratic presidency presidency based on their recent history. But let's put all that aside, why might I vote for Donald Trump. I could not vote for Hillary Clinton is very simple.

Hillary Clinton has shown zero openness to change her position. She is a progressive liberal Christian, which means denying many key fundamental truths which makes her even more dangerous part of a Christian expression that is anything but truly Christian. She is diehard pro-abortion right up to the last minute before delivery if need be aboard that baby. Planned Parenthood has never had a better friend. She is militantly pro-gay activists and is putting other nations under pressure, including African nations to to their absolute outrage that she would dare push the American gay agenda on their children and their nations threaten them with lack of funding unless they comply.

She is not open to these other voices she is showing zero signs whatsoever, so vote for her is a vote for murdering babies in the womb of a for Hillary Clinton is a vote for putting other nations under pressure to submit to radical gay activism, or lose their funding and and and go against their own best judgment, and values for the kids and their families, and she is up to now a serial liar from everything I can say she is up to now serial liar who should have been indicted by the FBI and even lie as far as I can tell last night about emails and things like that so if she were showing an openness if she was surrounding herself. I got the Council if she was at least saying the right things. If her party's platform was different then I could hope for change, but the platform in terms of marriage and family is horrific.

Her track record is horrific and she is diehard committed to following it and it would be a violation of everything she is and stands for. Why am I open to giving Trump a chance because he keeps listening people are in his face and challenging them and speaking to him truthfully and lovingly, and he's not shutting them out and he has said that he will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court, and he has said that he will go after the Johnson amendment that no candidate said that before the major party candidates and any has said that that he would stand for religious liberty. So even though he doesn't know the Lord for everything we can tell he's listening to godly counsel.

He I saw grave concerns about his character. What he would do as president not denying that okay Oakley was a racist by the way Mount love you, but in any case, because here looking like this.

You have one building with a foundation entrench hundred 50 you have the other with a dozen of the foundation is try to move it. Which one is more pliable White House clearly there's a far better chance of Donald Trump being pliable and Hillary Clinton. That's why I might post can't say that a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. Hate to do my best to give everyone a hearing and I want to speak as candidly as I can.

I am not here to defend Donald Trump or Doris Donald Trump still has to win my vote. I am here to warn against a vote for Hillary Clinton that I've been steadfast on for a long time. Look before Barack Obama was elected on these very radio stations. I said he will be the most radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual president in American history. Once he was elected I said for eight years. I hope I'm wrong.

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope the couple change, and even in the closing months and grant them repentance. But sadly I was right. Take a rocket scientist to know that, no, no, I just believed what he said when when he didn't tell the truth as we understand it and said that he stood for marriage is the union of a man and a woman violating what you put in writing earlier saying that he stood for same-sex marriage and with David Axelrod's campaign manager, suggest he always stood there and he was chafing at the bit to get his true feelings on the light to get elected because he knew many African-Americans would vote for them in 2008. If he said overtly that he was for two men or two women called Mary to take a rocket scientist to know what his positions would be well. It doesn't even take an elementary school child who is just learning to close to us for to know where Hillary Clinton will go. Yes, God can do anything and bring radical repentance and salvation, but I am not going to have blood on my hands by voting for. I would gladly in a heartbeat not vote for either presidential candidate look for third party candidate vote just for governors vote for Senators and House representatives vote for local city councils. Whatever in a heartbeat. Without the slightest hesitation I would do that but not for for Hillary Clinton so I can vote for Donald Trump. The memo for the coming of course not know circumstances if that alienates all of you, so be it. These are precious issues. These are life-and-death issues.

So it makes me feel bad about why I want you to want you to reconsider my trauma talk into voting for Donald Trump.

No no no. Zero. Not at all my trauma urge you not to vote.

Really, could you back. You bet you'll hear it again on his radio show.

Just want to let you know.

And that to me is that of a burden before the Lord.

If I offend you find out if I offended you personally or if the truth offended you talk just as plainly to me as I speak to each of you. That's what we do here on the line of fire. This go to Berkeley, Massachusetts. Brian welcome to light a fire. Dr. Brown across that I just wanted to point out in the same basically voted you pretty much running I contradicted what Leiter said 11 rocket scientists.

Although many people in the church into a mess that what what what Barack Obama became what you're going to get the agenda that he pushed in all these other things that you have been through much shot. He said he was against the beginning.

It turned out, but I wanted to guess what I see this election. One of the key points is what were dealing with someone like Donald Trump and a lot of like to include. It was my man.

Most five and now, but Donald Trump is for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

That's what I see and that gives us as a church, as individuals like Stabile. Brief speech for further work to be up and going to the house of worship. Not to worry about, well, I feel BGG coming across an outdoor thing is that you can't do this anymore. We don't want your kids to church here in violation this is what I've been most of rate of web Obama and it's happening right before us and if it will go on you. She is a leak globalist you not for judicial search for America but you really for the global community is not for the Constitution. The Constitution gives us individual rights. They are not all that they do not want you to have a gun to be able to protect vote. About a mile a minute. I would love to throw up what the church and medicaments about plowing feel like about this, but that they are going here, but I'm a bit she's a globalist tooth with a global community. She's going to think like a transpacific treated that's going to as many have said what's left over in manufacturing from NAFTA, which sucked right out in a transpacific.

She loved America she would not do that she's going to open the southern borders. You said in California that you don't plot us with immigrants and if I was an amendment I come up here to I want that to an American citizen that is going to 215, black American citizens to help me in my job perspectives would now we got. It goes on and on.

I said yes just visited who Constitution versus globalism I think it's very very fair contrast and in again yet another reason that I couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton was done was, but is it is there. It is major so I preaches perspective. Brian, thank you for thank you for weighing in.

Want to give each as much time to talk to. With respect to the fact that when you get to as many calls as we can, Charlotte, North Carolina read welcome to the line of fire call appreciator are public. I want to point out just two quick things first think is up one finger was surprised about is there a lot of people on this colic Critic Bill that called him unpatriotic on America's best about saving for college that but with Donald Trump last night. He sparks about paying federal taxes should have that same outrage towards Hill also hold the highest office that our lead paycheck toward a colic Of the upright lack of patriotism and trust me I'm not about filler double-click up absorbable foot truck. The other issue is that I hate that they don't break up the abortion issue left but I am I have a seven euros.

So what was pregnant with Dr.'s told her to told us to terminate the pregnancy because it would be in concert with Cuba life dorsal abortion like Vespa heart project which allowed cable but Donald Trump is antiabortion people at the state of this great exceptional support, just like other Republicans, so is my world. Before or during 100%.

Regardless, it is sacred to great exceptional support and help what you think is going to get you to hold both mixed up on a couple of further over so I cannot get over don't know that I can. Just something about write a cake that I think Republicans about budget nothing to fill full sensationalism of case it was the gossiping never voted for Republican as a president about a local level book about a boy but for me I was all, you don't think that unaffiliated technically about affiliated but but I just really important whatever people talk you little baby Phyllis not far behind.

I read thank you for the comments. Thank you for weighing in too many agree with you and I and I respect someone said they can't vote for either respect that. Hey, thanks for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I like to think of it this way if we had an ancient Israelites sitting with us here in the room and we asked each other and we asked that fellow.

What does this or that passage mean how do you read what goes off in your head when you read these words. His answers can be a lot different than what our answer would be especially when were in some text that we think is either really strange or just plain weird or even scary because of the supernatural presuppositions behind that's what I want readers to get had a fascinating entry yesterday with Dr. Michael Heiser that was Dr. Heiser speaking just there.

If you miss the interview here so you get one hour.

Fascinating folks recontact and even staffs. And while wanted to be just fascinating material that we covered together about the unseen realm even opening of the Hebrew Scriptures is in them. The mindset the worldview back then. So when you get the book the unseen realm. You also get the interview for free with it and package together.

My 12 hour teaching series on angels, demons and deliverance real eye-opener.

So go to the line of to find out more.

We've had 90 minutes of great discussion about the debates last night and about the candidates and right before the last break I was speaking to read ensure that I had to go because we got cut off, and I would welcome many of our new listeners joining us at this part of the hour and read made the point that he could not vote for Hillary Clinton because of her pro-abortion stance, among other things with that and and I echo that and I urge you, under no circumstances to vote for her because you are then complicit with the shedding of innocent blood and with real threats to religious liberties and freedoms that will surely follow. Because of other policies that she has, however, I fully understand people every grave reservations about voting for Donald Trump is yet to secure my vote, but I am very open to the possibility of it. He's yet to secure my vote in the debate last night did not help him secure my vote, but at the.put things in the realm of impossible.

That being said, Reed rightly said that Donald Trump says that there should be. There should be abortion allowed in the case of Ralph incest or the health of the mother. The Republican Party platform does not include those exceptions and he has pledged and the plates to take cruises well that he would like to Supreme Court justices in the model in in the mold of Justice Antonin Scalia and is put out a list including a close friend of Ted Cruz in the Senate Mike Lee is potentials for the Supreme Court said that the heritage foundation would help invent people and that it's 100% is integral with people on that list so reinjure your point is well taken that Donald Trump seems to have evolved from being pro-choice, pro-life, and that this happened with with many people is the is the go through things in life as they get older. However, he is not as fully pro-life essay Ted Cruz would've been a remarkable review event, no question. The flipside Republican Party platform is very strongly pro-life. Therefore, he is said he will back that platform now again lastly I'm trying to do is convince anyone to vote for Donald Trump. I am trying to convince you not to vote for Hillary Clinton. For moral reasons with politics it is righteousness issues. These moral issues spiritual issues. These issues have to do with our accountability before God and the good of the nation. However however I do understand the concerns the reach points were well taken and of that the that paying federal taxes. If this is what helped American other ways. But if I can avoid freight paying taxes on all of us avoid paying taxes righteously. We do correct. Not not in achieving way. But if we pay less taxes, use the money for other things we do not. If you president you haven't paid much federal taxes that is and I've got Fairpoint's Fairpoint title I took James Robison get is impacted in put and get your input as well. So stay right here for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire broadcast 866-3435, 90 minutes of lively calls folks weighing in about the debate and discussing the elections after the show tonight. I get on the plane and fly down to Dallas Texas.

I cannot wait to be with all of you tomorrow night at Gateway church. This is a special equipping meeting for Gateway, and this will be at their campus in great find their main campus issues in Southlake and I'll be speaking on moral and cultural issues.

The call have hearts of compassion and backbone to steal, and then September 29 at Gateway's Richland Hills campus. That's North Richland Hills, redoing a special meet and greet an intimate meeting with the radio listeners of assurance of inspirational words with you to a live Q&A with take pictures together sign books for your all the info is on my website.*Brown ASKDR I'm coming to Texas to see you so don't miss the special meetings. It's my joy on Tuesdays when ever possible to connect with my dear friend James Robison and James thanks again for joining us on a lot of farm sure you were focused on the debate last night. As someone who has been speaking into Donald Trump's life as part of key national Christian leaders speaking into his life, or your thoughts post debate travels interesting regular over my discussion about straight people in parens of the dollars for the area. Be sure and call him, go to Gateway church.

We were just there last week for an all night prayer meeting my housework, Dr. Tony Evans urban alternative Cliff Bible Fellowship first African-American to graduate with a doctor's degree from Dallas theological also send Roderigo Sue is the most powerful force for Hispanic I want. And anyway, we just had this meeting at Gateway which were 35,000 barrels a week. We always that way with 30,000 be speaking there tomorrow night 7 o'clock Gateway and stoplight Highway 114 to be a good year if they care about truth Dr. Brown can deliver Dr. Brown. I will be introducing you tomorrow night. It's my privilege.

I asked for the privilege of actually coming from a funeral of a of a very dear friend I am outpacing landlord back in 1990.

So it's a very important funeral because of what God gave them a life of the spamming miraculously, but I'll be coming straight from buyer to introduce you to Gateway's autobody list of all their friends about us, for their sake at Gateway at 7 o'clock because I know you're going to bless our people so in light of the divine. You know it's it's really office. We we continue as a people to elect candidates in any office who support the termination of innocent life. The shedding of innocent blood, which Isaiah 59 in the whole Bible from the Old Testament through the confirm the value of life.

The preciousness of life and when we use the salt of beer tolerant the shedding of the blood of the most helpless innocent human beings on this earth. We have asked the image of God's protection to be removed.

We basically say knowing inspection answer our prayers and aunt. We continue to redefine morale and and Benny.

We raise up another form of Pharaoh upon which we teach people to the player for their sustenance and their future and their security.

Then we we originally said that but true. Your protection is no longer necessary for America and bring on the consequences of the fine may choose godlike law and go ahead and let her see the consequences of rejecting your accounts. Time and again God and and and really changing into a lot and then as Romans one chapter 1 concludes, applauding, cheering, supporting wholeheartedly approved of those who do these things and to think that we have an running for public office, including the housetops who have committed themselves to supporting that which God so clearly says is wrong and then I went straight to the church. However, immediate candidate. Maybe no one would run if they knew every skeleton in the closet or every past year was going to be broadcast to the world of some of greatest character straight in the in the in the crucible of human behavior and learning from our lives will not even going to allow that person or persons who opened the door to truth of the church to go ahead and walk through that door not slam the door not only because we can so easily find somebody even one another micron rating that that the ones who realize the things I just said are so well must be aborted or not supported with the same time. Site let's go through the door as light and salt and let's see God change. People need to be changed or not. In fact, perfect.

But at least I opened the door to hear weird stuff which they desperately need to hear and we won't like it is a nation we don't receive wisdom and wisdom advice and counsel yeah and I was I was speaking surtout two other calls earlier and someone someone asked me why would I potentially vote for Donald Trump with the hope that he would do the right thing and not have the same hope for Hillary Clinton.

And obviously you pray if she was elected we would pray for her and and hopefully pray fervently for her but everything understand these are deeply held convictions for many years and the convictions of her party and she's not surrounding yourself with people speaking other things.

So we have every reason to believe that that that candidate is set in motion in a certain direction when I felt he wasn't thus part of the shows are not trying to convince you to vote for Donald Trump. I am urging you under no circumstances can vote for Hillary Clinton will make that clear. Whereas Donald Trump has moderated position in recent years has embraced the Republican Party platform and has surrounded himself with people speaking to his life and and recently reaffirmed his Supreme Court commitment to take Chris privately and and assured him that it would be people on list and I know just because behind the scenes things that you shared with me that that they have reiterated to you if if some rumor circulated will maybe this one would be elected to the Supreme Court are nominated in their rank, liberal, and they said no, no, no, we are emphatic.

This is our list so we have reason to hope that Donald Trump would do the right thing yes what about his character. What about this that volatility all at fair issues for question. We have reason to hope he would do the right thing, but that would be stick your head in the sand to hope that hilly client would do the right thing. Well somebody will track record of embracing debris God exposes is not appropriate and not best as a matter of fact damaging to the point of reprobate biking.

We can't determine right from wrong, good from evil, light from dark and light. Put that in their plot and supported in ways the bountiful you how to use problem supporting are you gonna stand against we get one more just something we basically say five people can change the direction of freedom and redefine it for everyone but the truth is one more right now can swing the pendulum about what and yet we may have people sign for the next 40 years in that position to totally redefine everything of Mr. Comcast talked up privately about the need for religious freedom rally around people, religious freedom, women. If we lose religious freedom all your fault all you {would end up in the end we just simply as Christians must understand freedom is under assault any thieving beginning with religious freedom being under assault. I talked to David he was being find $1 million of bank holding companies biblical principles. It cost me my best because the stock market. We will not wait. My bike told me he would love to speak at a religious freedom, emphasis, rally, because were in the process of losing it. If we lose it. We lose all we are actually very close to losing yeah and you do not overstate the issues at all. Hey one less thing first.

I'm honored to know that you're running over for the funeral to be there to introduce me up truly honored that the really means a lot to me. So, so, thank you so much. A real quick. I guess you feel good about what Ted Cruz did endorse and shove simply based on the principle of forgiveness, yes, but what I wanted morning to get drunk so you know I appreciate that. But even more than your endorsement.

I want your wisdom and love to know more clearly how are violating the Constitution on the consequences of it so we can share that with everybody in America, I will build a relationship. I know perfect right now. Mr. Trump is opening the door but my opinion, to the greatest minds.

The greatest hearts. The people who understand freedom's foundation benefit anybody on this planet.

He wants to hear their voices and I'm blown away by the side of his heart to listen to the people I consider and you assess the latest. My latest heart place.your wisdom clearly meant for men your brother. Thank you again look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Yes I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire calls before I do. Interestingly, Michael Moore, who has since left wing liberal anybody in America or not anybody but quite left-wing liberal. He claims that complement debate last night. Interesting.

He got on social media twinning to Clinton supporters to stop dancing in the end zone.

During the debate last night. Since Trump was going to win totals for liberal, submitted it used a Trump when also said that now is the time to some to try to stop her from when the election this is interesting coming from Michael Moore this is a town hall mat, Vespa reporting, then there is another article on town hall, Guy Benson, overnight holes, debate viewers give Hillary Clinton the clear when theaters pull on time and some other places that gave Trump the when it seemed to be more left-wing websites and say Drudge and Breitbart that overall he gave Trump's will beginning this can happen anyway because that's that's where the vote.

But a lot of undecideds and independents said that hilly Clinton one and again will will see obviously that it was just it was just one debate. We do understand that but I actually was invited to a small meeting with the with certain key leaders from certain backgrounds who were not yet in support Donald Trump to meet with him this week to discuss some key issues but just in it unable to attend because I'll be down in Texas. Otherwise I would've been there would've been privileged to be there was a meeting was to hear we have to say speak to us in a way that would move us to to potentially vote for him alright let's set let's go to the phones in Richmond, Virginia Ralph walking to the line of fire Mike Brown very well thank you okay, I'm blessed. Thank you.

Okay I like don't throw anything away for part United States and the governor chemical government work for the United States to bulimia down will talk about Trump Trump has always been, and yet you bring people from other cognitive work here when people in America need job that he stated that they have good know I have none to give nobody because when I read about what I read about a God only made to people he made adamant intimate that he and about that that the mother of all live in regard to what college are you appalled me this is what makes it this or so we all and I thought Molly thought about it. We are in America and we can look up well country, the one that the people that will leave them did work for the people he got invented they may think that up and they don't know about it.

Laura give them and their children what they deserve for being in America. Give it to Bella.

People come to our country. Note that been done yet. These are around these is certainly concerns is had, and talk about people working for Donald Trump's hotels and resorts in Florida and there there immigrants getting jobs, non-Americans, etc. but none of them know that I just sent excellent standards just would seem to be a contradiction in his position or the Primerica here and Ralph first love your spirit.

I love your spirit is about color is not about political party so II love that, and yet let you know I was thinking that just I was it in some multiracial meetings and in sitting next to a brother turns out to be a Christian and black brothers were financer Arkansas on Saturday. I'm thinking why is there striping.

We are all the same. Are all the same family of diversity and differences with the same family same blood same human race so grievous to see and I blame you, and I'm to say that we gotta come together seriously and just now with the enemy when universal savior. Ralph erased the response of many others. Race ends and thank you for sharing that.

Thank you for your spirit.

Above all, all right, let's go to Bob in Midland North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire and very much enjoyed your article about why you would not Hillary. I have answered that myself and I lifted similar article. My fifth black cadaver boat, but Hillary is a Christian. My wife and I went to a black church last Friday and we just we managed by 1/3 enthusiasm that church and we are planning to go back to that church coming. Wonder bread greatly. How do people justify their Christian and thin that it would vote for Hillary yeah Bob you just just to say this.

I've had folks say that they have to both of those importantly cancels the Trump and whoever is elected we had Reagan and we had Bush and that didn't affect abortion there other policies that are important. Democrats abettor on the poor Democrats and I can lose wars lose lives in war is much etc. so it's a matter of whose blood is shed and and no abortions.

I can be changed by governments can be changed by the people that I concurs you Bob. Under no circumstances can I press the button pull the lever fill out the form to vote for someone who would appoint justices that would support the shedding of innocent blood would support would appoint justices that would support the radical redefinition of marriage would support justices who would undercut religious liberties and OB Hillary Clinton. So again Donald Trump could be the worst candidate of all time and I would vote for him that I would vote for Hillary Clinton. So we have to vote no vote for someone else that vote for the governor's vote for the Senate and House and those things hate Bob, thanks for coming in and I'm so glad you got to experience a different culture of of worship you hands down for me just generally speaking I want to offend anybody.

But if I could preach and turned on by gospel church computer turned on by gospel church given the turned on by gospel church admits it is just this just more feedback in life and that I dislike that culture that I preach every around the world of the whole body that I just share that I get a kick out of it.

Subs have been a big white church people listening to their listening, but there's no reaction about the preaching of black churches that is just for the culture. The responses is kind of a key thing we often laughed about preaching administered the thank God for the whole body think of for the diversity of the body hey friends, I'm so sorry. So you hung on the we are we are out of time. I try to get this many calls and give folks an opportunity to connect will keep talk about these things.

Feel free feel free to call in the coming days and will continue to discuss the elections. Find out about the unseen realm go to my website a lot of check on the resource offer and one night everybody joined the gateway for special equipment service.

My bottom line today is humble ourselves before God and for God only wants

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